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User Reviews for GoPro Player + HyperSmooth Pro

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2 years ago, KsiEtaZeta
One missing feature
There seems to be no way to seamlessly continue a view from two separate but seamless video files (GoPro separates files at 4GB size threshold). This is obviously not a problem with regular video but in the 360 mode there is no way to tell the first frame of the second file to match exactly the last frame of the previous file.
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2 years ago, Vectorzebra
Terrible UI and UX
Not consistent in usability; tools disappear and I can't get them back, keyframes constantly change to freeze frame option, then warp option, and I can't get back to the main edit. Absolutely no solid instructions on how to operate... I found one video online that **seems** GoPro-branded with logo, but flies through edit procedures with goofy music playing and abslutely no time to see how the edits are done. I only hope I can bring the raw files into Premiere Pro and have a chance at editing with keyframes. This app makes me seriously reconsider my purchase of the camera, but it was company money. I only hope I can get some use out of it to justify the purchase. Get a clue, GoPro! Have some online documentation, some downloadable instructions, and a better UI/UX. I'm blown away as to how bad this is... maybe it's not compatible with Mac OS X Monterrey?? Do I need to use Windows to work with it? That would be absurd, but quite possible.
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2 years ago, TboneSTL
This app does not work (update- Like the other app Quik)
** Update** They have a login aspect on this app but it is not used like it is in Quik for logging into your GoPro subscriber account. You download the app and you can then download your media and edit in this app. So you don't need to login. They might make this more clear for users so that confusion doesn't occur. It also doen't work with media you have in your subscription unless you download it first. For that reason I might stick with Quik. I hope that they provide a desktop app similar to Quik to make the process seamless. ***previous confused complaint*** I downloaded this app. It asked for a login and I put my login for my GoPro Subscription. It doesn't work. The support team for GoPro is beyond clueless. I'm many emails, calls and screenshots in and they have no clue on the process. I had expected and activation screen prompt according to the directions but got a login instead. There seems to be some disconnect on if this is a paid application or not. On the App store it is a free download. Do I need to pay to activate it? I don't know. The SOBs and GoPro can't advise. I'm going to try to contact someone in the United States that works for GoPro because their oversight of the offshore support team is terrible.
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2 years ago, DrJones694
Not worth the download
the tablet experience is what you want on pc / mac... you want to be able to load your sd card add the speed and gps and etc stickers to your videos export to laptop deploy in your projects.... but..... this software does NOT let you use the most important part the stickers.....!!!....??? so in all honesty just dont use it..... just deal with the mobile pain... you will have to connect camera to phone / tablet wirelessly which can take a minute... import / download each 4GB file to tablet / phone walk away eat a snack and wait... add stickers... export new sticker video each to tablet internal drive... walk away eat a snack and wait... plug tablet / phone into pc / mac.... import tablet / phone files 4GB each to pc / mac.... walk away watch a whole movie... come back... walk away watch another whole movie.... then hope start using the new sticker files.... you can imagine how long this takes life would be so much easier if you could just use your laptop to do all this from the start....
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4 years ago, lchbomb
so hard to store and manage the files that won't even share anyway !!
not user friendly at all, it only makes it worse when all the tutorial vid's they empha out about how easy it does it self, but not one of em says what ta do when it doesn't do it istself, files going all over my mac, automatic almost like an infection, lol and what about connecting devices is that a joke I have stuff ta do and my phone cam to do it with way qiuicker and it sounds better !!! and yeah I tried to get help from your button but again I don't have that kinda time, in fact that sums up your gopro it is a fun thing to fidgit with when have time to FIDGIT !!!! P.S. Almost every vid that I WAS able to finally share, had an awful sputter to it !!
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1 year ago, jdubs26
Total nightmare
I loved Reelsteady when it when I purchased it and it was simple software on my computer. Ever since they merged with GoPro I haven't been able to use it. I've spent months with GoPro support attempting to get a resolution. They got my account email wrong even after I repeatedly told them the correct email on my account. It seemed after month of trying that they either didn't speak any english or I was actually dealing with a bot and not actual humans. It has been over a year and I still have not had a resolution. I would not recommend this purchase to anyone.
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1 year ago, Dragorean
Excellent stabilization tool
I use Reelsteady for almost all of my work. In my opinion, it's way better than gyroflow, the only benefit of using that would be if you wanted a smaller and lighter camera at the expense of image quality. For me, I'll take the extra weight of a GoPro but am looking forward to some smaller and lighter ones (lighter than the 11 mini)
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3 years ago, DocAuch
Great Editor For Non-Professional Projects
Sure it's not packed with features like scenes, transitions, audio mixing, etc. But really I'd be looking at doing that in a secondary program anyway. What it does great is edit 360 footage from a GoPro Max. Keyframes are easy to use, and frame transition styles work well. Cropping and building a video is just straight forward and an overall good user experience. A feature that would be a huge timesaver is automatic keyframing based on the front of the camera at a set interval. Sitting there and keyframing the shot on something like a winding road can be pretty tedious, and by keyframing on the direction of the camera 90% of that work would already be done.
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7 months ago, Maxwelll Muller
If you are looking to edit multiple files together, as nearly every single video creator on planet earth does when making a video, be aware that this app does not allow you to do this; so my current workflow is: (1) go through every 360 clip to timestamp the angles I want, (2) export the timestamped file as an MP4, (3) upload to Premiere, and unfortunately (4) repeat for every single file I want to use. GoPro, this seems like a pretty straightforward fix that your entire customer base would appreciate.
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4 years ago, Phlipped
The recent updates are much welcomed
I originally left a 3 star review. There were many glaring issues that made for a very frustrating experience. Recently Gopro Made some updates to this app and most of the issues appear to be fixed. The most important one to me is the Batch Exporting option, that makes life much easier. Thanks for listening.
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7 months ago, vr360
Great App just needs one more thing
This is a great app for stabilizing the video but you need to be able to reframe in vertical mode. I can do this in FCPX but I would rather be able to do it in here as the same time as adding the stabilisation, it's just one less step and saves alot of time.
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4 years ago, IslandSunset
Great for Oculus Quest 360 video
My main use of the program is to convert the Max's .360 format to an MP4 so that I can re-live and share my favorite ski experiences using an Oculus Quest. It's a game-changing, truly excellent experience. I'm using GoPro Player on a 2012 Macbook Pro running Catalina. The disk is SSD. Although I have no hardware HVEC support, the GPP program outputs in a reasonable time - minutes, not hours. GPP is stable and produces truly excellent, visceral results in an Oculus Quest.
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4 years ago, From: Eric Cartman
Okay but not great
Please add more funtionalities other than the exporter that the iPhone app doesn't have. Like the lense curve option and hand adjusted bezier curve option. It takes too long and too much space to export videos to MOV files then import to Premier Pro to edit. I should be able to adjust what the GoPro Fx plugin can do in here, export a 1080P video so that it can be incorporated into a normal workflow in video editing softwares easier. Please get better!
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4 months ago, Mossybank2000
What a rip-off
I had purchased reelsteady for 99$. Bought a new laptop, downloaded the software and now it is telling me I need to buy a premium PLUS subscription. Gopro is a big scam artist.... DON'T upgrade if you have reelsteady or you will loose it. Looks like I'm heading to Insta360 and ditching GOPRO. Second time an upgrade from them has burned me. First time was when it made you have a subscription to get into the pro mode for my Hero 5 cameras where it was free before the update. NO MORE. I am ditching this company for good.
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3 years ago, CHARLIEDOGGIE
Updated to the Quick iOS App gGeneration
This app is time consuming Crashing constantly upto 5xxx trying to connect my GoPro Fusion, working fine wiht my Go Pro Hero 8, that I completely change to the Quick App for my vids is fast and reallly useful, anyways I cameback to check hoping there will be an Update for my Macbook Pro. Is my workstation and it would be really helpfull if you guys updated the version
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2 years ago, RonC512
Not for the GoPro Max
I know it says you can do the 360 editiing but lets be real you have to find your spot then click another button to rotate. The 360 files are horrable. You can't see any data like the date and time you filmed. It was a complete waste of time to even try this app. Gopro really doesn't support the Max at all. A software change tripled the download time for any 360 file. I use to get an 8 minute clip to my ipad in 10 minutes now it is about an hour.
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3 years ago, Singing Chicken
Bait & Switch This is the same Junk on Fusion 360
Bought this new Max touting that it stiches on the fly and saves in mp4 format. Truth is it STILL USES EXTERNAL SOFTWARE. SOFTWARE THEY DO NOT UPDATE. Spent $700 on a fusion, 1.5 years later the renderer doesn't work. Bought a fusion but they don't tell you you need a file exporter software to transfer or the go pro app just that requires you to still convert files. The camera should just export to MP4. Especially if you plan on discontinuing every crappy software you fail to ever support.
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12 months ago, Windguy303
Constant crashes on Macbook Pro
This app is super unstable when using with Gopro max 360 files. I have used it for a couple of years, mostly just to export .mov files in batch mode. Whenever I try to more closely examine or trim a clip it invariably crashes my Macbook pro (running macOS Big Sur 11.6.8. I was previously running verion 2.0.10. I uninstalled that and downloaded the latest 2.1.8 and it still happened almost immediately. JUNK!
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2 years ago, jkhywd
Horrible UI, Cant Login for Reel Steady
GoPro continues to get worse and worse with software. Not user friendly, frustrating, and the only reason I downloaded was to make use of Reel Steady. Tried to acrtivate and the Login does not work (invalid email address and/or password). I tried my GoPro login (which works on the website), my Apple ID login, and neither work and it is not clear what it is asking for WRT a Reelsteady account. Online help just takes you to sales page. What a waste.
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4 years ago, Fghfdrtu
GoPro is a joke
professional video editor, this softweare is a joke as is all gopro software. I cant undestand how a copany that makes such good hardware can not make a single piece of software that works. ive spent thousands on cameras i never use because their softeware makes it impossible, and looks like my christmas present of a go pro 360 max is the same thing. nmothing will export, nothing will render, the files are unusable i any other appication, no plug ins for adobe PP working, serioulsy how is this company still aorund, i know i sold my stock a long time ago. what a joke.
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3 months ago, BKester
Better Than Quick Time Player
GoPro Player is so much more versitile than Apple's Quick Time Player. It can clip and store short clips for editing in what ever video program you use. It has picture capture that is great!
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4 months ago, tonyleeglenn
Works great with the GoPro Max video
I like how this works to postition, reframe, zoom, pan, etc. when I'm editing GoPro Max video. The output options are pretty robust. The resultant video looks nice when imported into Premiere for additional editing. It's basic - but effective, and the results are quite good.
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4 years ago, Riv123456789754322
Great app, very easy to use!
I've own GoPro's since day one and by far this time around has been the easiest straight foward way to trim/edit videos. The app is well made, extremely helpful with the 360 videos can't get any simplier than this.
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5 years ago, Logic_Loop
Fantastic 360 Editor
Having used Fusion Studio before, I can happily say the new process for producing sharable content from Max is way easier and faster. The new Reframe mode is very intuitive and robust if you have any prior experience with keyframing video. The export times are also much better. Great job, GoPro!
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4 years ago, meandering_man.
Needing Features
The software is great but there's not a ton in the software development for changing color hues, messing with the speed or collaborating clips, at least from what I've been able to find thus far. It's great for just messing with the angles and reframming, then you gotta export and use iMovie or Premeire Pro to do everything else.
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2 years ago, I'm 24 and tech savy
Seriously, every setting I create exports to a weird 360 format even when I select and try to "set" the area I want framed in the video. I used the go pro to film my engagement with my fiance. I filmed it in 360 because I didn't know where I would be exactly. Tried to edit it to get the film set up so it's oh you know, LOOKING AT US. What happened? It exported in a weird expanded full 360 panorama video. WTH?! The worst thing is - I'm a freaking product owner for a consulting firm and tech savy. This app is AWFUL.
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4 years ago, Jimmyslegend_
Easy to use!
Easy to use to reframe go pro max footage or event export it into useable file for final cut pro or or any other program for your mac. For my go Pro Hero 7 this has helped me give me instance access to my videos 4k or not. I don't know what I would do without this program
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1 year ago, Pintozozz
Zero clarifty on activation for Reelsteady
I want to utilize the Reelsteady option but there's zero clear indication on how to do this. App asks to login to reelsteady account - website says to use the GoPro PLayer App. I see zero details on how to create or apply for a Reelsteady account. What an absolute mess. If they put as much time in managing their software as they do releasing cameras every 3 months with minimal updates it would be worth it.
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11 months ago, TiconHeomoi
Good but can be better
I wish it can record however you move it instead of part by part.
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10 months ago, Vcjkjxjhxgj
Switched to other gear
Seems like GoPro is just good at advertisement. When it comes to real life situations the reelsteady does not work at all. I have been struggling with a shaky shot that stays very blurry after editting in ReelSteady and makes all shots useless. I have been requesting help from them but got no response. My project is delayed by 2 weeks just because of this impractical app. I'm very dissapointed with GoPro and would NOT recommend GoPro gear and softwares to anyone.
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3 years ago, Danny~G
Playback Error Color Bars across middle Activity Mode
All of my footage in Activity Mode has color bars across the middle of the screen in playback. The footage is fine in other apps like QuickTime and even the Quik App, but only the GoPro Player App shows these color bars across middle? It's strange, all my Standard shot footage is fine. I'm assuming you need another update. Please fix GoPro- We don't pay $350 for top dollar equipment to get low tier performance. Unacceptable.
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1 year ago, planet16
Cross platform compatablity issues and subscriptions issues.
There seems to be an authentication disconnect between the iOS version and the Mac Version. The iOS version allows you to login with Apple ID whereas the Mac version does not have that option. Also if you subscribed via Apple subscriptions for Go Pro there is a backend database issue that the Go Pro support staff will say talk to Apple to fix when it's their DB thats messed up. WTH.
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2 years ago, TheUnknownClonePhone
GoPro Player is a great tool for video review.
I work on a mac, and gopro player easier to use than Quicktime. Especially when I want to take a still frame out of the movie.
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2 years ago, Tophatjosh
Works very well
It works better than the horrible horrible mobile app. Plus it has a 4K upscaler which makes everything look really good.
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1 year ago, dutchbmx
Outstanding editor for 360 footage
I use FCP and a few other editing programs for 360 footage. Those are clunky and seem to downscale the resolution. This one is refreshingly easy to use and reliable. Well done GoPro on this one.
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2 years ago, JManZX6R
What Happened to the old GoPro Video Editor?
Years ago, when I had bought my first GoPro, a GoPro 3 (I know! I know!! I was late getting into the action cams!), it had me download a GoPro Video Editor. It was so much easier to use that Movie Maker or any Adobe video editor around. So many features and so easy to use and quickly upload!! Please bring that one back!! These newer ones are players. :(
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5 years ago, C'monApple,yourbetterthanthis
Works, but has problems
The video slightly lags the audio, which is very anoying. Also there is no rewind/fast farward, so you have to drag the little timeline repeatedly to do this which is unusable for long segments. It would be good to have a feature where you could have it rotate around continuously as you play.
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3 years ago, noahse
this app doesn't work on latest software
I have repeatedly reached out to go pro for their software not working on the latest apple software versions. No Response. I cannot view or edit any of my 360 videos on this app or my iphone. Regular mp4 i am able to view and edit (but only on my phone) Brand new mac, new iphone, and latest software, and firmware all around. GO PRO... STEP IT UP...
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3 years ago, namelessurfer
Hot Sh*t!
This editing app makes it super easy, to do initial editing pass for all 360 footage. Make sure your Max Camera is set to record in 360 mode and not hero9 when filming. Then bring your footage in, watch a tutorial or just dive in. Super simple 1st step solution to editing small clips and gathering what you want for your second pass in another editing software. Simple, Easy to use, Great for processing footage! 25 years in Editing Experience...
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4 years ago, Jay fault
where is slow motion at?
i like this app but i cant edit my videos in slow motion. which is kind of weird becuase it'll let me put the video in slowmotion on my gopro. But when i send my videos to gopro player. it plays the video in regular speed which i do not want. Can gopro player inc. fix this problem.
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3 months ago, HoosierLover-CatHater
Does Exactly What I Need It For
I use it all the time at the beginning of my video editing process. Use it to review footage, clip segments, and take snapshots for thumbnails. It's a nice little program.
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3 years ago, Cosmosist
I am having very good control on 360 movies on Mac only
I want to give my complain that I can not use 360 video editing software of GoPro Max on Windows 10 Pro. It starts and then shots off. Is there any help on that. I am happy on my MacBook yet
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4 years ago, mark.kahn
Utterly broken background rendering
The app currently has critical issue -- It is impossible to render videos in the background. After the app has lost focus for one minute CPU and GPU usage both drop to almost nothing, meaning a 360 clip that would take ~8 minutes to export now takes ~3 hours. As soon as you refocus the app it starts rendering again. So you can literally only export footage when you're not using your computer...
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1 year ago, Anonymous0123456701234
No way to save edits
There's no way to save the keyframes, so you have to make all the edits at once and export or you'll lose it. You'll also lose everything when the app crashes. Edit: App has now crashed twice in a row after making all of my edits and completing the final review before exporting, so now I have to do everything for the third time.
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2 years ago, patkd04
Don't waste your time
Downloaded this app to recover videos from my Hero 9. It doesn't work. Period. When I connect my GoPro to my computer, the appliation doesn't recognize the camera and the user instructions are nonexistent. The troubleshooting they provide on the website doesn't work for this application either. If I could give it zero stars, I would.
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4 years ago, bokeh man
Better then editing on the phone.
Only drawback is I can do tin pan and rotate without having to press the keyboard? Oh well may be I should use a touchpad instead of a mouse. Overall great app, good job GOPRO!
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4 years ago, Dino NY & Miami
Good preview need controls to FF and REW
I really like the frame by frame movement to get an image capture, but there are times when you need to go towards the end of a clip and the only way I can see to do it is to advance the "frame bar" at the bottom.
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2 years ago, -good-
Working Here...
Still got work to do, for myself. Finding the app makes it a bit easier and smoother.
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2 years ago, Shupshe
Completely useless
Can't connect to a Hero 8. Has a login for a service called ReelSteady, but has no information on how get started or how to get a login. Best it can do is open video files that are already downloaded to the computer with no way to get them from the camera. Completely useless. Don't waste your time with this one.
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4 years ago, Whatever135890
Very slow export with computer locked
The app is getting better with batch export, but for some reason, the export process gets really slow if the computer locks, which defeats the entire point of having a batch export process. To be clear, the computer isn't sleeping. Just locked.
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