Governor of Poker 3 - Online

4.7 (21.1K)
214.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playtika LTD
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Governor of Poker 3 - Online

4.69 out of 5
21.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Mak 3!
Don’t get sucked in because you win for awhile.
You can win a lot in this game. But it will eventually break you down with bad beat after bad beat. It is obviously designed to make you feel like, if you play good poker, you will be rewarded. That’s when the rigged part of the game kicks in. It becomes impossible to win to the point of absurdity. No matter how good your hand is, others will get the perfect cards to beat you. This goes on long enough to drain your chip stack. So, it continually puts you in the situation where you can get bored to death playing tiny stakes, or spend a bunch of money replenishing your stack. This is the 2nd time I’ve come back to this game, had fun for awhile, then end up spending more money than I ever thought would be necessary. I’ve now deleted the game again. Hopefully, I’ve learned my lesson for good about this game. Once you start spending money on this game, the win some/lose more scenario will have you spending at an ever-increasing rate. So, be warned.
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1 year ago, AFOLmaster
Only 4 STARS due to…..
…. this is easily my fave poker game. I love all the variations available to play. Fun!! Then why only 4 STARS? 1. In blackjack when you are dealt 2 aces, you can split them. You then get one card ONLY on each of the aces. You’re not allowed to hit again on either hand. But GOP3 allows you to continue hitting on each hand. Fix it, please. 2. The CHECK/FOLD button in poker does not reset properly every time it’s used. There are times when you press it and it doesn’t reset thus automatically carrying over to the next card or hand as the case may be. Fix it, please. 3. Please,please,please stop popping up the available chip packages when moving from game to game. It is annoying and then some. If this wasn’t my fave game, I’d delete it just because of this. Stop it, please. 4. Lastly, the only thing missing is a true tournament where however many who wish to sign up are allowed to (can have a max). All the entrants are spread out 9 to a table across how ever many tables it takes, balancing the tables whenever it’s needed. Add it, please EDIT: I forgot to mention another blackjack error. You are not offered insurance when the dealer’s up card is am Ace. That’s bad. Fix it, please.
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4 years ago, mehfacebookyuck
Very manipulative pay to play
This game is absolutely manipulative and rigged in multiple ways. The slots have been adjusted to almost never pay when they used to pay constantly. The black jack also appears to move back and forth from too easy to win tons of money to suddenly locking and you wont win ever no matter what. When the game is in give mode you get poker hands that are not mathematically possible and cant lose for hours. This is followed by hours or days where you never win no matter what. So if their “RNG” randomness includes 4 flushes, followed by 3 straights in row followed by a bunch of 3 of a kinds, no other player getting a chance in a high level tournament in row.... ok whatever. There is no explanation for the types of silly hands this game generates. It also will give one person or the entire table the same cards over and over again. Like you get an A6 for every hand 5 times in row. How is that random? This is an extremely addictive and manipulative pay to play. They are in Amsterdam to avoid taxes and regulation on the huge profits from playing with your head. Do not buy money. They will lock the game so you lose until you get desperate and buy a “few” chips just to have a chance to win it back. They then remove cheap options and raise the price until you feel pressured by your team to continue to compete for points and dumb rewards. You were warned. Stay away.
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3 months ago, Smellz0524
Profit focused game
I have been playing this game for a while. It has been ok, but recently they changed a daily reward format. It now almost requires you to purchase items weekly to complete them. They must have changed something in their algorithm for cards also. Myself and friends I have been playing with are all complaining how hard it has become at the higher levels to just get a decent hand in the recent weeks. If you finally grind up through the lower poker tables and save your chips to start playing on higher tables you get beat by ridiculous hands that show up constantly on these tables. Like flushes losing to full houses much too often. The blackjack tables are even more unbelievable. Constantly losing when holding 20 to dealer 3 hitting to get 21. It happens a lot. Read the other comments. The developer says they use a random card generator, but that is not true. I don’t care what they say. Too many users all say the same thing. That being said, this game is good to take a little time to play for fun and realize it will take your chips from you. Prices are way too high for what you will receive to play with. Too bad they have changed something cause I have already noticed some friends/players have quit with more on the way including myself.
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5 years ago, 111*dont update*000
Fun game but the algorithm isn’t the best
I’ve been playing this game for maybe a year and a half and it is fun, but you will get frustrated a lot. Strangely when you get someone to go all in with the worst hand they end up winning probably 90% of the time. Then there are other players who seemingly never lose. They have profiles full of trophies and rings and huge bankrolls and they somehow always beat the odds. Once I go broke in this game I’m moving on to something else. Added note: a lot of folks complain about donk players just shoving all in with any two cards. I believe this is a result of the overly abundant bad beats that are available in this game. People get frustrated with losing to junk hands over and over and over again so they just start pushing all in with anything. I have gotten frustrated and been guilty of doing this myself. The robotic responses to people’s reviews are a big clue as to what’s going on here. “We use the best......we favor no one.....better luck next time...” Also the spins are a joke. No one ever wins the higher amounts. I’ve done thousands of spins and it’s always bottom of the barrel wins. DO NOT waste your money buying them, they’ll ask you every time you log in.
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1 month ago, Fanny_Desu
Great app to play with friends
Great app to play with friends. My friends and I recently got into poker and one of them discovered this app. This game has been mostly fun, with some frustrating gambling moments. One bug which I have contacted support about which has occurred to me at least 5 times. When entering a tournament, there will be times where the room isnt filled up. You need 5 players. I would leave the tournament before it starts. If someone is joining and you leave at this exact moment, your chips are taken and you are placed as 5th in that tournament. At least that’s what I thought. I stopped leaving any tournament even if it hasnt started. The pass 3 times ish it kicked me out when the tournament started and I’m placed as 5th. I have contacted support and it is in fact not a connection problem which support defaulted to. Other than that, there is in fact times where one player is the favorite. There has been times where I will constantly go in with the worst hands and continuously win, and there are times where I go in with pairs (even with pair As) and lose continuously.
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5 years ago, Therealchita
Fun Game-sometimes feel cheated
I absolutely love playing GOP3. It’s a fun community of gamers. The poker games itself are fun with levels and prizes to work towards including team incentivized prizes. My issues are a bug with the blackjack game where when playing a higher limit room, the screen will freeze and then you get bounced out to the low limit, and my BIGGEST complaint is that each time I’ve purchased my piggy bank, half of the chips go missing at some point shortly after purchasing and/or gaming. It’s weird bc when breaking the piggy bank I’ve found I’ve received double the chips, an then after playing they go missing. The customer service has been little to no help addressing the matter. Basically just saying it’s not them, it’s me, despite all of the same complaints from other gamers. It’s been so frustrating that I have set up a camera to record the chips I receive and then the loss the next time I purchase my piggy bank. The most annoying thing is that I’m paying for this to happen. I’ve considered not playing and I’ve shared my complaints with other players and on other forums.
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7 months ago, Allyyy woo
What a Ripoff
They are so proud of their RNG and that’s all they talk about. This game has been around for many years and never anything but negative reviews. I play the game regularly because I like to play and unfortunately it does seem to be the best poker game out there. But when a review is left with negative comments that are true to the mark, they have a canned response that they use regularly, which is nothing more than a complete way to ignore your negative comments. Not to mention the fact that their so called “specials” are so ungodly priced and the payouts are so unreasonably low. I understand they want to make money, that’s the name of the game, but if they made things much more reasonable, it would be easier to spend a little bit of money on this game. You would think that after all these years and all these hundreds of negative comments, the developers would begin to realize, you’re doing it wrong. But then again, there's a lot of stupid people out there that will waste their hard-earned money.
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5 years ago, Ken rater
Pay to play; Terrible customer service
Edit: Note in their response how they only address my comment on the RNG. They know the rest is an issue and it's pay-to-play now and they don't care. Don't know how their rating is so high - check the feedback on the posts on their FB page for the real story. Been using this for a couple months. Was pretty decent though they have had an ongoing issue with spins/chests not working, and their customer service does nothing to rectify. They recently made a feature change making it much harder to earn chips in their challenges, making the spins even more important (unless you pay to play), but still haven't addressed the bug. That change also has resulted in many more players who play bingo and go all in at the start. That's fine heads up, but your odds of winning with the better hand are seriously compromised, and you end up having to take people on short-stacked all the time. Also their Random Number Generator (or implementation thereof) is a joke. It's set up the same for each player so there is a high likelihood of you having the same cards as someone else or if you're playing multiple tables, having the same hand in multiple tables.
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3 years ago, MelonnaBanana
I love this game and think they do a great job keeping RNG standards. It’s poker, you’re not always going to win but that’s the nature of the beast, it’s a gamble. Don’t expect the game to just let you win. You’re playing against individuals who also have their own strategies. Some are call stations some like to go all in immediately every hand which is annoying and can take away from the experience of the rest of the players at the table who want to utilize strategy. But that’s also the nature of the game, in real life people do that as well. I have yet to spend a dime on the game and have won up to a million several times. This game gave me more confidence to get out there and play the actual tables and I’ve done well. It’s definitely comparable to IRL to me in a lot of ways
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2 years ago, Pomaroo
Rigged - You are warned
In blackjack the dealer wins 83% of the time and 6 out of 10 times gets a 20 with a face card showing. People say, well the blackjack is rigged but the poker seems fair. Are you serious? So you think the blackjack cheats but they’re not going to cheat in poker as well? There are many tells in the poker game. Bots are inserted on all the tables to check you to the river where they always get their card. More often than not if you fold bad cards, The flop will lay three of a kind or a straight down, effectively teasing you and encouraging you not to fold. Fall for that and you’re 7–2 and ends up losing, as it should. On the higher stakes poker tables it is clear when two players are talking to each other and basically robbing you of your chips. The bottom line is, if you don’t like playing real poker and don’t mind a rigged game, the graphics are nice. This game is built beautifully and runs really well. If it was 100% legit, and don’t believe the RNG certification that they just make up, it would be one of the best apps ever made. I am not kidding. Unfortunately all it will do is make you angry. Who knew the Dutch were so dishonest? Find another way to play poker.
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3 months ago, lilblondegirl007
Terrible update - do NOT play!
I used to love this game, it was so much fun collecting my activity points and opening my chests for the week. NOW, they lowered all the activity points values and even took some away so it is IMPOSSIBLE to open your chests for the week! They “claim” on their facebook page that they’re giving us “more options” to get our activity points- what they added was scratch off cards and piggy bank- both which you have to pay for! They’re clearly money driven and only care about forcing people to buy their stuff. Everyone has stopped playing and is deleting the app, how are you going to make money if no one is playing?? I keep checking back hoping that they will change the activity point values back to what they originally were. If they don’t change it back I’ll have to delete the app also- very sad. And as a side note, the blackjack is completely rigged. I used to only play it to get my daily points at a loss. There’s no way that when I get 20 the dealer will consistently get 21 by hitting 3 times. Read the other reviews if you don’t believe me….
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2 years ago, GOP3=satan
Blatantly manipulated with multiple shady tactics
Very obvious bots will go all in on nothing and beat you off of the last card at a way higher rate than you would ever see at a real poker table. Always happens on hands when you get an amazing start/flop too. Blackjack is even worse. Dealer will start out with a 10 about 70% of the time and hits 20 and 21s off of low cards at a much higher rate than real blackjack. In addition, you can predict if you will bust/be safe based on what happens with the other 2 players, as the game usually has one person bust, one win, and one lose by 1. Bots also join for one hand and change the hand where you would have gotten a blackjack, you lose, the bot wins and immediately leaves. Way more shady tactics are also used but I would have to write a 10 page essay to cover them all. Also the developer, if he ever responds, is just gonna state how they are “rng” certified. But if you go to the itech website, you won’t find the game, nor the developers name anywhere on their website. Such a joke that this has been allowed to stay up for as long as it has.
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4 years ago, Kisgryf
Fun but rigged and intrusive ads
Updated: After my review I had another incident where a video ad started at the same time as my tournament and covered the screen for the first two hands, forcing me out of the game. That is beyond unacceptable. (Also, the developer’s response, as predicted, is their stock lie. I am absolutely not saying game play is rigged because I don’t have enough data. All of the spins, however, are clearly rigged. They say random but you never win the higher amounts.) Original review: The game play is fun and some of the games/missions add a new dimension. Just be warned, the ads, which are already over the top, become completely intrusive and video ads start interrupting the game play unless you spend money. Also, the spins for various things (e.g. the hourly free spin and the Spin & Play) are completely rigged. They have responded to other reviews with claims it is not, but it is the most obvious aspect of the game and it makes it hard to trust the legitimacy of the rest of the game play. The fact that they even try to respond when it is so readily apparent suggests they are not competent programmers or they are frauds. Either way it’s bad.
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4 years ago, Loverkitty2
Rigged, Just like every other “pay to succeed” game, DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Please do yourself a favor, and do not even start to play this game. Everything I have read in every review is so true! Bad beats, spins that only give bottom of the barrel wins, crooked af blackjack, piggy bank that when purchased with real money only disappears with support being of absolutely no help. I took screenshots before and after of the missing chip issue which I sent to support... Their response 11 days later was, “Sorry, but I can’t do anything for you because we only keep the last 10 days of history.” And this was on me spending real money to buy their fake money... eff them! The only way their greedy ways will change, is if they start losing players, period. There are far better ways to spend your time than wasting it on this game, especially if you are looking for a fair game of poker. Think about it, all these reviews by people who don’t know each other, that are saying the same exact things, can only be because it is all true. AND, THE ROBOTIC REPLYS, TO EVERY SINGLE REVIEW FROM THE DEVELOPER, SHOULD BE CLUE #1... JUST STAY AWAY, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...!!
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4 months ago, garbagde
You will get beat by the dealer constantly in black jack when you bet more then you normally do 9/10 the dealer gets lower cards and hits 3 or 4 times and gets 18-21 or just has 18-21 or you’ll draw with the dealer, every once in a while or if you’ve lost over and over the dealer will bust a couple times in a row and you’ll win. Seems like the dealer is using a normal deck and the players have a deck with 4x the amount of face cards in it it’s almost like low cards don’t exist some times you’ll just hit 10s or face cards 90% of the time, only when you have 12 or higher tho, when you have 11 you rarely get a face card same with having 7-9. The algorithm is obviously tilted in the dealers favor not just a little bit either, there is times when you literally don’t want to play because the dealer is just a wizard dealing himself 17-21 and you literally can’t win. All in all unless you play for fun I seriously don’t recommend this game, you will laugh at the way the cards are dealt and what comes up on the board, it is beyond unrealistic…..
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3 months ago, Jaceysky
This game was fun back in 2018 and 2019. I was actually able to win chips back then. Now this game has completely changed. Everybody goes all in constantly so you can never even play the game how you’re supposed to. You will ALWAYS lose. You will lose 9 out of 10 times to the other people playing. Even if you play for hours. Somebody else will always have a better hand than you. I think this game is now rigged to make you lose, so that you want to buy chips with your own hard earned money. I was able to win over 10 million, and keep it years ago. And I was able to make more consistently. Not to mention now, I will witness the same two people around me win EVERY SINGLE TIME. Please fix this game to how it used to be.. and get rid of all the little kids who just go all in right away. They obviously don’t play poker for the fun of it. And please make it so you can purchase chips with your gold.. literally all you can spend it on is hats… that’s wack dude. SOOOOOOOO RIGGGGEEEEDDDDD
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5 years ago, Slater224
Starts as poker, ends as roulette
This is a very fun and addicting game but what starts off as enjoyable poker where skill meets skill, it quickly turns into roulette as players with the tier level VIP, and High Roller (they have over 3 million chips) come in and Consistently go “all-in” before any cards are shown in attempt to bully the table in donating their chips to them. The blinds are a drop in the ocean to them so they just consistently keep doing it until they bust the table or everyone else leaves. My suggestion would be to keep the tiers playing with the same tiers to keep the pots even. Or have a higher blind for VIP /High rollers on non high roller rooms tables, or auto boot someone from a table if the go “all-in” 3 times consecutively. Just some thoughts. Overall a really fun game and glad I downloaded it.
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3 years ago, NetProphet1976
Needs a player review system
Like all poker games without real money, the biggest problem is other players. Poker is a skill based game, but it seems like every table has at least one guy that wants to make it pure luck. I’d love to see some way to avoid bad players who go all-in over and over again with nothing. Blocking players would be ok, but hear me out. I’m thinking some kind of player review system, and when a player’s review scores drop too low they fall into an idiot’s bracket where they can only play each other. Update: we’ve got to talk about the x2 xp tokens. I have over 400 of them, and I use one literally every time I need one. The game gives them away about 400% more than it should, they’ve become worthless. Maybe an exchange program? Update: the game NEEDS to address the kamikaze player problem. They ruin the game for everyone else. Slowly lowering my review score until this is addressed.
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5 years ago, BWAScrazy
Just another greedy app
I had no problem until I bought a chip package. I don’t know why I did it because I feel like games target people that spend money on them. It seemed like every single game after that was rigged. I get I won’t win every hand with the best hand, but it got ridiculous. Players calling raises with trash, just like every other poker game, then calling bets on the flop with no pair or draw, but they get runner runner to win so often. I was losing continuously. I lost every single chip. What really rubbed me the wrong way was after I lost at one point they had a thing pop up that said “REVENGE!!! Get back the chips you lost.” They were trying to play off my emotions and get me to buy more chips. That is insanely crooked. But that is what a lot of people do. They get mad, then buy more chips to win them back from the crappy players they lost them to. I honestly think it is rigged. I lost so much so fast. It was like they knew what cards were coming. I would not recommend this game to anyone. I am extremely aggravated.
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7 years ago, Bobaaganoosh
Great Game, Horrible Wheel Spins
This game overall is a solid poker game. Lots of different tier tables to play at. Some customization options for your character. My only issue with the game is the free money wheel spins. So you get a free wheel spin every 4 hours. Every wheel spin I’ve done so far I’ve only gotten about 1,000-4,000. Once you out do like 5 spins, you get a jackpot spin that’s supposed to give you the chance to win some really big bucks. You know what I got out of my jackpot spin? $2, kidding me? Which, it’s obvious they have the RNG set to you not getting crap from these spins so you’ll spend real money on wheel spins. Which god knows people will do. The odds of you getting anything significant is obviously really low. And it’ll stay that way so that people will end up spending money on the game. So, these free wheel spins are a joke.
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10 months ago, Dr. Teed
BEWARE! Lost My Account & Customer Support Has Been Down for Days
Hundreds of hours into this game. VIP status. More than 120M chips & joined a great team! Then, my account just vanishes. No Customer Support—just a message that it is down. Went in on a friend’s device with a new avatar to start over. Had to get to Level 20 to even contact my team members and convince them who l am. None of us can figure out how to get my account back and there are only 40 players on a team. They can’t keep the old “me” inactive much longer. So, watch out! (Purchases won’t save you either.) Everything you put into this game can disappear in a second and you are locked out at level 1 with no chips and no team!
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6 years ago, Flop it like it's hot
Fun but engineered to get you to spend $
This is a decent poker app for online playability. Interestingly enough, unlike the original computer based GOP, this app does not have offline playability. It’s designed for online play and is very customizable w/ characters and tiered levels. It’s also HIGHLY geared towards soliciting real money from its players. When I originally downloaded GOP3 I paid for the ‘ad-free’ version. 4 months later and the app prompted me to purchase something in app to avoid future game interrupting ads. So, I spent $5 to get some chips during a ‘special’ it offered. No more ads for now. All in all not a bad app but just like most of these phone apps they will solicit you for real money one way or another.
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2 years ago, pokkergrinder
Algorithm seems fixed
I saw a few comments which I can relate to now after playing this game for a few months. Win/lose ratio is absurd once you reach a certain level of chips. Lost over 1 billion in chips over a couple days, losing in bad beats that are pretty much statistically impossible. Not even a computer can generate that much bad beats consecutively without it being intentional. Spent more money that I should have and it’s geared towards spending more if you play more. Have better variances playing the games with worse reviews and ratings. Game is great in other ways such as the format and incentives. But chips are EXTREMELY overpriced, and the amount of bad beats taken over a 2 week span is absurd. Numbers speak for themselves. Playing medium stakes (5 million buy in) and losing over a billion…..mathematically states an unnatural algorithm geared towards us spending money for chips. Deleting asap.
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5 years ago, Gardinak Loki
Experienced Poker players
If you’re looking for a poker app with sone of the best players from around the world joining the table.. And, if you’re like me, willing to spend a few dollars for chips (even if it’s just okay money) because you truly enjoy the game of poker when it’s played correctly.. then you do NOT want to download this app. Not only is it blatantly and obviously rigged but there’s no grinding it out to reach a more prestigious sly ranked level stakes. There’s constantly donks and bingo players at every level.. and again, the bad bears and computerized boards will make the best hole cards look like a 7-2 off suite. Even if you’re fortunate enough to flop the nuts, somehow there is always someone retaining and catching a winning hand with the turn and the river. I’ve spent a few bucks hoping that maybe I was simply unlucky but the odds of what I’ve seen happen (tone and time again) have literally made me sick. Do not waste your money time or even curiosity on this crap.
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1 year ago, ONF21772
GOP3 is Rigged!
Rigged is all I can say. Especially the Blackjack tables. It’s unreal how often the Dealer will get a face card showing, only to get another face card. He rarely busts which is statistically impossible. I’ll double down on 11 and almost always get a 2 or 3. But when I hit on 12, 13, 14, I almost always get that face card I don’t want. But the cards fall perfectly for the Dealer. Statistically impossible = Rigged. Things got even worse when I hit the 5 billion dollar jackpot on the slots (keep betting $50 million on each pull and you’ll get there). It wouldn’t let me win ANYTHING after that. I lost nearly 100 hands in a row at the Blackjack tables. Before, I would win a few, lose a few, and my chip stack would stay about the same. Good way to earn team points for the chests. I finally deleted the game, because It stopped being fun. Don’t bother with this game. It will frustrate you with its unfairness.
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4 years ago, milehighdjguy
In app purchase rip off.
GOP3 owes me $200. Once about 2 months ago I purchased a 4 hyperspin package that hit a glitch and did not give me my hyperspins. I gave them all the documentation and receipts they asked for and they gave me the run around until I got frustrated and went away. Like an idiot I purchased another $99 package of 3 hyper spins which hit a glitch and the same thing happed again. My card was charged and I did not get my in app purchase. They are again giving me the run around, hoping I will go away. Well, I’m not going away. I’m going to complain on every platform they occupy or go through. DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF! THEY DID IT TO ME TWICE! THEY WILL DO IT TO YOU TOO!
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1 year ago, LRF opinions
Absolutely Horrible
The only good thing I have to see is the numerous freebies. The spins you get very seldomly if ever generate the max or close to max bonus. It’s the same way for the spin and plays. If you enter a 250K tourney you 9 times out of 10 it will be the minimal prize. Never in my life in the many years of playing poker which has been a lot have I seen as many 4 card flushes and other nearly impossible outdraws. I had too set and move all in with my chips at the table and get called and get beat out by runner runner suited cards. It may be random draw but it seems to favor the donkeys that call you down with crap and seem to win the majority of the time. I have deleted this app even with a club membership and will not download again. If you choose to play good luck at the tables, I like to gamble but some of the gameplay here is ridonculous so beware, it’s not for the faint of heart.
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3 years ago, $$$$$Poker
The algorithm is trash !!
Thank god this is not a real money poker site ! I don’t buy chips just play w the free chips but I’ll say coming from a 20 yr real poker player and 16 yr poker room director this is the worst poker I’ve ever seen !! Ive never seen so many 2 and 3 outers consistently hit !! The statistical odds do not matter on this site ! As Ks Qs you will get destroyed by a 7/3 or J4 all in lol everytime!! AK vs weaker A the smaller kicker will hit !! Can’t even count how many all ins w J4 J3 etc 10/5 K2 hit and win !! This makes people just go all in majority of the time preflop w crap and funny thing is most of the worst hands come from behind to win ! I would encourage people not to waste money on something you can play free ! Despite the terrible joke algorithm it’s definitely a boredom killer when you in a waiting room or killing time !! Has entertainment value but if you actually play real poker this will aggravate you over time lol
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4 years ago, Daxchunjae101
It’s been crashing ever since the Tiki spring update
I didn’t have a problem playing on my iPhone 6 Plus for the winter events, last years halloweeen and ever since the tiki spring update coulple days ago it just keeps crashing whenever I try to enter a sit n go, or try to collect 5k chips on the upper left hand corner. Strangely, I don’t crash when I play the spin 3 player or blackjack which is weird. I’ve tried exiting the game completely, restarting my iPhone, and even tried deleting the entire gop3 and reinstalling but still crashes. Please fix this devs!!! I had no problems playing on my 6 plus before this tiki update!!
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3 months ago, Munson0531
New daily activity updates are unfair
It is impossible to now meet the daily activities. This is one of the better poker games out there but the developers focus on profit has now ruined this game. I hope the developers read the comments they will be getting. I have met 21 of the 34 daily activity events and I have only 80 out of the 100 points to fulfill the challenge. In the past I would have met that goal. As a team leader and a player of over 7 years. This is the worse unfriendly customer update to date. Just my team alone about half of everyone is frustrated and angry. You will be losing good players and players that may be spending money on your app. This needs to be fixed. This is totally unfair and hit people with NO notification that you would be making these changes. Please fix.
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11 months ago, saltysharkyy
Cash grab
Game can be fun but there comes a point where it’s a little to much for them to offer you a $100 bundle everytime you leave a table, and not only that but multiple times has it tried to buy the bundle by itself and try to use my Face ID to purchase in game currency that I have no desire to purchase what so ever. I also think it’s rigged, they get you wanting to play by giving you win after win after win and then when you’ve lost everything they push the $100 bundles at you, will be deleting the game next time it tries to purchase something that I didn’t even click on and then after I wrote a review I havnt won a single hand in the last 18 hours of trying to play off and on, just not fun to rig a virtual currency game to get people to buy more everything’s a cash grab
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4 years ago, Arminak, coco
Obviously Rigged
I don’t care what they say about RNG algorithm. Just look at one example(which happened in other occasions with similar story) I had 66 and pushed for all-in then and now look at other players hand who called it: KK , AA , 55 How can it be random? How likely it is to have 4 pairs on one table in real poker game? Just think about it. I also feel like some of the players are not real. Probably robots designed by developers to collect the chips from players. No matter what their hands are but they always win. Don’t download this game, after a while you would think that you are the unluckiest person in universe.
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4 years ago, Rick18492749
Completely Rigged
If you like to constantly lose with Aces or get sucked out on runner runner you will enjoy this game. It is not RNG as they claim. I have played the entire year and let me tell you it is programmed for you to get bad beats so you spend more money on chips. Think about it, it is a business... and what are businesses in business for??? It’s not to make YOU money it’s for THEM to make money. When you spend real money you will temporarily do better and be given good hands then BAM cooler after cooler until you have no chips left. I promise you I have played this game all year over 50,000 hands invested in the game and it consistently has done this over and over and over again. It is taking advantage of your emotion so you spend more money to try and chase your loss... take notice on how many people are saying the same thing. BEWARE OF THIS GAME
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6 years ago, ktren88
App update!
So I updated the app last night and ever since I keep getting booted off!!!!!! I have emailed support twice and even took a video from my phone so I could show them what’s happening. In total I have lost one million six hundred dollars s d sit and goes Because it won’t let me stay I the game now. This is bowing happening on. My phone and I updated it. And I can’t even email support from the actual game now at all it freezes and boots me and I lose more money. I can’t play with my team and help with challenge s d I’m extremely mad about this right now!!!!! If this gets fixed the is 100% awesome and I love it
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3 years ago, ~*~Mariposa Verde~*~
Overrun with pre flop spammers
Update: their response to this has nothing to do with my complaint. I’m not talking about number generation. I’m talking about promoting a play style that defeats the entire purpose of the game. Excellent mechanics, potential to be the best poker game in this store; BUT it’s severely overran by spammers who bet all in every single hand pre-flop so they can collect all the antes when everyone folds. It’s literally every single game aside from blackjack. It’s in tournaments too. No where is clear from it. This is something they apparently encourage because it’s even a mission on at least one location. It makes the game not fun and frustrating when you actually want to enjoy the game and people just want to end it 2 seconds in. I’ve tried contacting CS I was told they received a lot of complaints about this but refuse to do anything about it.
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2 years ago, JeffreyBtw
It’s great.. but
First of all I’d like to say if you’re good at poker you probably shouldn’t play this game because it’s a raging headache to see how people play, what they bet and go all in with… you’re really facing kids and it’s obvious. Secondly, stay away from spin and play it’s dumb. The devs really need to reconsider only having 10-A in the rotation as it allows for no good poker and ignorant people to run away with tons of chips they shouldn’t have. Lastly , considering all that I’ve mentioned if you like playing poker and don’t care about things like loosing to 8 4 unsuited, while you have a pair of jacks. Or, if you don’t mind the pay to chip aspect go ahead and kick back and play a few hands of good ol Texas hold ‘em or blackjack :)
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6 years ago, PandaGyi
Rewriting Legendary History
I used to play this GOP since it was released in window games GOP 1, then even better GOP2 and it made my childhood environment very memorable funs along with friends. And then this version 3 with world wide players came out, and i was expected alot, i bought the game even before the game was free in itune store. But after years playing of the game this 3rd version, i finally considered this game is just about the money that is trying to squeeze from our pocket. Fair Play policy? huh.... i know, i know. I m just playing only often, as GOP 1 and 2 are part of my fun old times.
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1 year ago, RockingRuss
Rip off
They say we believe in fair play. They the say the game is based on algorithms that are top notch. Don’t believe it. The blackjack portion of this game is a joke. I have better luck at a real casino than I do playing on here. On the blackjack portion the house wins 90% of the time. Between the constant 20s and the 3-4 card 21s the dealer smokes the player most of the time. Let’s talk about the rewards, the rewards are a joke…you would think the higher bet the higher rewards…what a joke. Whenever the wheel spins I guarantee 95% of the time it’s going to land on the lowest reward possible. That with all the special spin tokens you get as well. It’s pretty sad that with the tickets the spins end up on the lower tier prize ALWAYS. Stay away from this game unless you want to spend real money which I won’t do!!!!
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5 years ago, Es330td
Great play money poker!
I’ve been playing this for about a year and really enjoy it. There is something wrong with the card distribution; pat 5 card hands simply are not this common in live poker. That said, good players adjust and play accordingly. My biggest complaint is the fast blind structure of higher limit sit&go tourneys. The pace of increases negates skill and makes it a crapshoot. It would be nice to see some 9 handed sit & go tables or even a two table event. The game could also be improved by adding Omaha/8 or Seven stud games. Lower limit games find the same bad players and sloppy play but when a sit & go has a ten million chip buy-in the game feels every bit as serious as a real money game.
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5 years ago, Murf4104
Fun for a bit... Then boring. Bonus stuff rarely hits high, more for show...
I played for a while into the 40 levels. I notice anything relating to bonus wheel or amounts awarded to matches is always on the low. Never even after over 100 matches did it give above 6 mil... they flash the higher stuff (100 mil, 1 Billion etc) but it never shows. Funny thing too is they redraw the wheel prize levels dynamically... so you see 2 mil, 2 mil, 2 mil, other spins it’s 6, 6, 6 with a flash of 100 or 1 billion... always landing on the bare minimum when they do it. The game is better then other ones I tried but there are way too many flush draws and don’t even get me started on the River... overall a good app/game. Deleted from my phone now.
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8 months ago, antiochpc
Gameplay is great but...
I've spent a lot of money on this game. It's that addicting. But I've had enough. I'm about to quit this game altogether. About 6 months ago they made a change where I cannot see what the last hand played was at the end of a game. The only way to do that was to start a new game. The developers told me that they were implementing that back into the game. That was 3 months ago. Now the newest pain that pushed me over the edge. It's bad enough that every time I switch games I get the ad for packages but now I get a revenge screen offering you a pitiful amount of chips for a lot of money. And then I still get the other ad screen. It's too much. Not spending another dollar on this game and you shouldn't either.
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4 years ago, just rating games for fun
Suckers Only
First and most importantly!!! Do not buy spins for this game. They don’t post the odds for winning because you can’t win the big ticket items. I have played for two years. I have hit the daily point and weekly point totals as long as the have been offered. I never won any more than 100 million. While that sounds like, its not. When you give 2 to 5 hours a day to something you expect a little more. This game will make you feel like a GOP slave. I did. They count on you getting hooked to your teammates so they can continue to take advantage of you. I look forward to having my days back and not developing the daily anger of bingo players go all in and winning with their 9 2 off suit. Nothing more frustrating at some jerk laughing at you because he is an awful player. Don’t be a GOP sucker!!!! Move along!!
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3 years ago, Albert183840
Winning are limited loses are extended
Ones you play this game long enough you’ll realize that the system is set for you to lose you get a good run I my self got to 2B but after that I just started losing always said bad beat constantly I decided to uninstall the APP an try to find a different poker game, I just don’t want for my skill in poker to be dictated by a system that lets you win a couple hand and then just make you lose over an over again. Every time I showed a screenshot about the hand I lose to they just kept telling “The game is RNG an certified by ItechLabs” The diamond/ruby/sapphire ticket spin aren’t rng you’ll get the minimum chips 80% of the time.
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5 years ago, Hey you should smile
Game quits all the time. Waste of storage
I used to love this app, but recently, as in the last week, it’s been quitting on me. I connected with my Facebook, it worked fine, but then it quit. I thought it was no big deal until I tried opening the app again. It disconnected my from my Facebook, and it started me off as if I just downloaded it for the first time, asking me my age and such. I tried connecting my Facebook again, but the app froze my device all together, and I had to restart it. I tried launching the app again, and connecting my Facebook. This time, it just froze the app and it quit. It was working kind of well while I was playing as a guest, but now it’s just quitting on me before I get past the loading screen. Do NOT download this app
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2 years ago, d2o sarzin
Their anti-cheat engine doesn’t work.
Word of advice don’t go all in when others do it on the flop. They know they are going to win before the flop. Pretty sure they have a program. I have seen some players go all in blind four times in a row and win all four times on the river. When you find a regular table which isn’t hard though it’s pretty fun and it’s not hard to get chips in this game. Update: I know there’s programs out there and when you start betting at the fifty million buy ins or more you can see them in action. I have seen this games rules on what hand wins or loses change at the same table in back to back hands.
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6 years ago, Hsjsjsndnsjancmaldn
This Game Is Amazing
I Remember being at least 8 or 10 When this game was on the computer I would play on my moms and couple years went by and I started playing casino games and this game popped in mind, next thing you know I was trying to find the game and it was know where to be found, today I saw an advertisement with a casino game and it looked very familiar couple hours later looked up the game and it’s the same game I remember only by the cowboy hats that they wore and how speak on here brings back so many good memories
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2 years ago, LlamaDreams6ixGod
The developers are liars
There is no possible way that they use these “RNG” calculations or whatever to shuffle the cards on blackjack. The blackjack dealer will consistently get 18-21 hand after hand and never bust while he deals you out terrible hand after terrible hand. I swear there are times were I can literally guess the dealers hand, since every-time I know there is a 99% chance that it is better than mine. I have been in games where the dealer has had 21 more than 15 times while dealing himself at least 8 cards, and then every-time the player hits you are almost guaranteed to bust. I would recommend staying away from blackjack and play poker, it doesn’t seem very fair either, but it’s definitely better than blackjack.
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4 years ago, Jlaylwa
The Reviews Saying it’s Rigged - Are True!
I’ve seen several reviews saying the same story. You win heavily to begin with, then you get hit with bad beat after bad beat all in a ploy to get you to spend $ to buy chips. I thought it was just sore losers being salty. NOPE. Exactly what happened to me. Shot up quickly then wham, losing high percentage hands to random junk hole cards that get lucky on the River. Over and over again. Don’t waste your time with this one. It’s a money grab. Watch for the developer response to this review.. “we only use the highest quality yada yada RNG algorithm... better luck playing poker”. Which shows you how often they have to address this complaint. Enough that they have this canned response ready to go.
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1 year ago, MakinThroatsGag
Designed to steal your money
I cannot believe how insane the pop ups and prompts to pay for everything are. Not to mention the information you need to know from challenges isn’t laid out and you can lose all your chips by one mis tap on the wrong challenge (bought me into a tournament without telling me the buy in cost). If you accidentally tap the 100 dollar wheel spin (yes you read that right 100 real dollars), good luck doing anything in the game for a while cause when you hit the x to not pay 100 dollars it locks up. Bombarded with pop ups everywhere. It’s sad to know people she’ll out so much money because games like this are designed to be addicting. As a developer myself, I’d be ashamed of this.
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