Grain: The Digital Credit Card

4.5 (36.2K)
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Lenders cooperative
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2 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Grain: The Digital Credit Card

4.54 out of 5
36.2K Ratings
3 years ago, mikecin
Honestly I was very skeptical at first, but after doing a ton of research grain stood out from all the rest. I was in need of some cash to pay rent and was looking for an app that would do a paycheck advance. All of them were horrible! THEN I FOUND GRAIN!! Not only did I not have to do a paycheck advance and deal with all the horrible fees all other apps/ cash lenders were offering, but Grain extended a helping hand and gave me a opportunity to fix/better my credit. I don’t have the best credit nor the length of credit history most company’s require to get a line of credit. Grain checked my bank history and recognized my cash flow into my account and gave me a chance. I was very quickly approved for well over the amount I needed to pay my bills and was able to transfer the funds directly into my checking account. The process of the funds to get to my account took only 4 days (during that time I was freaking out not knowing if it would actually work). I haven’t had any issues and can’t wait to not only establish a well documented relationship with grain, But also to get my credit score back to what I know it could be. I would give this app 10 stars if I could & HIGHLY RECOMMEND this application to anyone who needs anything from a line of credit to get out of a struggling situation or to someone who just needs to be given a chance to build/better their credit score regardless of their credit past or credit life span. THANK YOU GRAIN. =)
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4 years ago, germaindiop
Best thing I ever experienced in my life
I don’t even know where to start on this review. I’ve been trying to work with these folks for the past few weeks, but I wasn’t able to because I live in WA. The company was only working with 5 states at that time and now they’re going nationwide. I got approved in a matter of seconds for actually a real credit account. I highly recommend this for people who trying to work on their credit score because many banks won’t work with you with a 600 or lower unless you apply for the secured credit card. These folks are giving people like me a chance with a real credit card which is going to be your regular daily basis debit card. UNBELIEVABLE! I did have some technical issues when trying to connect my bank info, because I applied with a different email address the first time. I called customer service and it was fixed in less than 5 minutes. It was a black dude on the phone, did an awesome job man. After you get approved for a line a credit, people please make sure you’re responsible of your account and make payments on time. Stuff like this ain’t easy to find. My name is Germain by the way. This company deserves some LIKES, SHARE, THUMBS UP, and GOOD REVIEWS. ❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Southwestair
Can’t get a hold of customer service
I have been trying to reach Customer Service, in regards to setting up my account, verifying my email address, both, emailing them, and calling them. With no regards to getting back to me in a timely manner. I need help, financially, that is why I’m trying to set up this account, and order also to better my credit score, I am not able to verify my email address. Sense, I would have to go through my bank, there is no way I can send them screenshots, I am totally blind, and, I wish that their app would be a little more accessible in regards to setting this account up, I thought I signed up a while back, and I cannot find the link to change my password, without having to verify my email. I have tried to email them, twice now. Last night, and it was a message sent to them that I sent, after business hours, so it sent me the automated reply to that, and now, who knows when they’ll get back to me. I would advise people if they want to sign up, you can, however, Customer Service is a little sketchy. As far as not getting back on a timely manner and so forth for help. And also, I would definitely be careful. Because if you are having tech issues, who knows when we’ll get back if ever. So good luck to everyone, that’s trying to improve their credit, and needing help. We’re all struggling financially, and this is a very frustrating process to go through.
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3 years ago, TayyTae
If I could give 0 stars, I would
Once again, I cannot login to my Grain account. This has to be the worst app I’ve ever used. I’ve contacted support before and it literally takes months to receive a response. I have autopay setup so I’m not understanding why do I keep getting notifications from credit bureaus (not Grain) that my payments are late. I have yet to receive a notification from Grain stating my payment is past due. Yet, I received an email from Experian notifying me about a 30-day late payment. Tried to login to check and see why and of course, I can’t login. The money is NOT WORTH IT! I’ve emailed multiple times and just receive an automated message. This is affecting our actual CREDIT! You have to do better. It’s so freaking frustrating. This is like the 3rd time you’ve disconnected my bank account and NOT NOTIFY ME!!!! I don’t understand what’s so hard about emailing your clients/customers about any changes made to their account. This isn’t a simple checking account. This is an actual CREDIT account that reports to the THREE MAIN BUREAUS. People are working relentlessly to build their credit and make on time payments only for a company with EXTREMELY POOR customer service to destroy it over a technicality. FIX THIS!!!! I really should report this to BBB. Because this is absolutely ridiculous. I just logged in and decided to pay the card off and never deal with this company again. My credit score literally dropped 15 points because of YOUR mistake.
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2 years ago, moevans1994
Worst experience ever, stay away!
I never write reviews however I felt appropriate for this app. Stay away from this app and this company. The app does not work like it’s meant too and customer service is absolutely a joke. I set it up a few months ago and made an initial security deposit and I was able to utilize it when needed. So far so good. Then I did the unimaginable and changed bank accounts. I know, GASP. I then tried to go into the app to update it. Nope, had to reach out to support. That was basically impossible. I sent an email and then waited a few days. Sent a reply. Waited a few days and finally reached out on Facebook and they replied to my email support request! Shocker! Then I got ghosted again for a few days and was finally able to update my bank account. This then generated a new credit offer for me, a higher credit limit. Sweet! Then it requested that I complete and additional security deposit and that brings us to today where almost two months later I’m still not able to click the button to pay that security deposit due to, what support told me in their last email, a developer issue. Since then I’ve had crickets from support, no app updates, nothing. For a company providing credit they certainly have absolutely the worst customer service I’ve experienced and don’t seem to care a single bit about the consumer. They’ll care when the FTC steps in, maybe. Just take the advice and stay away.
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3 years ago, liz118511
incredibly frustrating at the moment
So while up until recently everything was good with this app/line of credit, there has been a major glitch that needs to be resolved. I opened my account last December and was approved for the full 1000, i took it out for some Christmas shopping, and left automatic payments on. This has been working perfectly fine but apparently sometime in the last month their app DISCONNECTED from my bank and stopped processing payments. I never changed anything nor did I receive any notification. I logged in today to pay the loan off in full to see that the account was late, fees assessed, and marked 30 days late. Because their system disconnected from my bank and stopped processing the automatic payments? This is absolutely unacceptable. I am waiting for a reply from customer service, but honestly this is the kind of issue that will break this service. I don’t think I’ll be doing business again with them any time soon. Not unless this is resolved smoothly. EDIT: I am furious. You’ve reported my account as late when it was your system that disconnected from my bank and stopped automatic payments. This has to be fixed
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1 year ago, theyreforcingmetomakeanickname
you are gonna end up so mad at yourself if you use this app
1. i had a $700 credit limit, finally got my usage to under 50% by bringing my balance to around $300 so my credit was over 600. they out of nowhere did a sweep on everyone’s accounts to lower our credit limits to whatever our balance was, so since i still owed $300 my credit limit was made $300 which made my credit usage 100% which brought my credit score down 30 POINTS 2. i made a lump sum payment to bring it down to below 50% again like $150 which is a LOT of money for me, and they reported to my credit that my account is a FREAKING COLLECTION AND CLOSED. AND I LOST ANOTHER 11 POINTS ON MY CREDIT. HOW DOES THAT WORK. LITERALLY HOW. they also reported that my payments were late for months when i’ve literally been paying them early for months because they take days to actually withdraw the money from your account. i paid $150 when my minimum is $20 a month and they freakin reported it late. i hope whoever’s responsible steps on a lego because this has been such a setback for me. I FINALLY HAD GOOD CREDIT AND Y’ALL TOOK IT FROM ME. i’d take responsibility if there was any to take but i literally did everything RIGHT!! 3. also had these few months when i first started using the app where i couldn’t get them to respond for weeks at a time, and i’m not exaggerating in the slightest. you’re just screwed with this app fr. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP USING THIS APP!
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3 years ago, GoodCustomerTreatedWrong
Use to like this Company!!
I’ve been a customer with this company for over a year and never missed a payment about a month ago they’ve been having severe issues with their app updates and for some reason every time I’ve tried to reconnect my bank account even after going back-and-forth with the customer service over emails nothing or no one will help me fix my situation and it’s very frustrating they have a customer service phone number but you can never get through to an actual person on the phone I’m really starting to wonder if this company is a legit company or not they say they’ll get back to you in two days through email and who has time to sit here playing tag on email messages I really hope something can be done soon or I will have to report the issue to my bank and to the credit bureau so they don’t mess up my credit!! #Wish somebody would help me
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3 years ago, Matt Hubbard
Don’t fall for it!
I took a $1000 unsecured credit line with them in May of 2020, mainly to decrease my credit utilization and get a bump in my score. Ever since then, it has been a maddeningly frustrating experience. In October, I wound up closing the checking account that I signed up with because I switched to a bank that had branches closer to me. Grain does not allow you to change your connected bank account yourself, instead directing you to email their customer service team or call their office. When calling, once you finally get to where u can be out thru to a customer rep, it immediately tells you that no reps are available call back later and disconnects. No option to leave your number or wait on the line or get a call back. I’ve called literally 30-40 times during business hours and no one has ever answered. The email is just as bad. It auto sends a reply that someone will get back to you, but it never happens. I have sent a total of 34 emails over the course of the last 6 months and literally not a single reply. In the mean time, they continue to report my payment as late to the credit bureaus and dole out multiple late fees to me, despite ignoring my pleas to pay using any other method. They literally have no other payment options besides using your connected account. I’ve never been more horrified by a companies negligence.
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2 months ago, kwatkinsjr
AVOID! Do not use!
Majority of the positive reviews are fake. They do not respond to emails and force you to use a third party to log your bank account information. That third party tracks your account and gives Grain your private information. This is not right and unfortunately the only way they handle business. Don’t use them at all. Trust me. Additionally, I made an attempt to make a payment to my account on April 23 but my bank account was disconnected from Grain. To ensure my account was paid I requested a one time payment link since they have been provided in the past. Representative Diksha told that my bank account must be reconnected since they do not provide one time payment links anymore. I made connected my account and received the deposits. Once I attempted to verify the deposit amounts but I received an error message. In order to get assistance on this matter I have reached out over 15 times to get assistance. Every ticket I submitted has been closed without response. No one is answering the phone. I left a voicemail and have not received a response yet. It is important that I get this resolved so I can make my past due payment so my credit score doesn’t suffer. The longer it takes me to get this resolved the more it hurts my credit. This has been going on almost a month now.
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1 year ago, CEO of the Year
I utilized the app for a few months starting about a year ago and things were fine. I always paid my account in full within a month or two…nothing drastic or out of the ordinary. A few months ago I paid my account in full and then my credit line was locked…never a late payment whatsoever or any thing else to arise suspicion. It’s been well over 4 months now and it’s still locked. In the 4 months or so, I have reached out to customer service numerous times and it hasn’t been rectified. I’ve only gotten one real legitimate response in trying to rectify things but that’s still ongoing. In the other instances when reaching out to customer service I’d get an initial reply and then I respond and then nothing. This is beyond weird. A business model such as this can not sustain itself. I’ve written 2-3 reviews my entire life which were all positive but I needed to share my experience as others may be experiencing the same thing and in this day and age no one should have to endure this especially if it will negatively effect your credit. I read another review where someone had their credit line decreased for no apparent reason and it dropped their credit score significantly. GRAIN, take some internal accountability or shut the doors!
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2 years ago, GoGator
Buggy garbage app. Don’t trust them!!!
The application collects a huge amount of personal information but is extremely buggy. I definitely shouldn’t have trusted them with all of my personal information when they can’t even operate an app that functions as designed. First time I gave them all of my information and the app said it could not verify my identity. I tried again a few days later. This time I had to restart the app 2 or 3 times while completing ge application. Then I finally got a credit offer. I electronically signed the agreement and terms. Then it asked me identity verification questions (not the same step as the first time). None of the questions applied to me so I answered them accordingly. Then it said “we are having trouble connecting to our identity verification provider, please try again later”. I tried again as instructed and then it locked me out and just says they can’t verify my identity. I got several emails stating my bank account was linked to their ACH provider and I can’t even manage that. They just collected all of my information and connected themselves to my bank account and locked me out of their platform. Will definitely be reporting to the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Credit Protection Bureau!
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2 years ago, cdalen16
The worst support I have ever dealt with
Ok. So let me start by saying I love the concept of this app. The idea is great and at first it worked perfectly for me, I loved it. Then, I ran into some troubles when I ended up switching banks. Since your credit offer is based on your cash flow it’s obvious that changing banks could cause some issues. So I waited like 2 months so that I had some purchase history and direct deposits with my new bank. I then had to reach out to support since there is no option to change banks in the app. IT WAS A MESS. I didn’t hear back from my initial request for somewhere around 2 weeks. They then ask me to provide some details why I am changing banks etc. I provide them and never hear back from support again. So I make a new ticket and again same thing. After months of this I just decided to close my account cause I never can use grain at this point. BUT I HAVE TO CONTACT SUPPORT AGAIN JUST TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. Same issue. Support never closes it and i’m here months later in the same position. If you integrated some of these very simple features in to the app and actually had a support phone line or a live chat, then I would love this app.
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3 years ago, Ebothegr8
They NEVER get back to you!!!
Update on the update: of course no one from customer service is responding again. I’ve decided to file a formal complaint with the CFPB and will close this account once they update the past due amount to current! I sent them a money order b abuse my account/bank is still disconnected! No one is responding to emails or calls! I’m closing this account! These people are crazy. Update: Someone from Grain finally got back to me and provided me with an alternative payment method. I’m glad I can remain in good standing and continue to pay my bills on time, which was my main concern, thank you! This company started off very good, but it’s gone all bad lately. They never get back to you when you email them, and forget about them answering the customer service number during business hours when you call. The app frequently disconnects from your bank jeopardizing your payment history, and so far, no update or word from them regarding the money order I mailed to them using the address on the monthly statement they provided. As this point, I’m going to file a complaint with the BBB to see if I will get a response from them that way. You will NOT be messing up my credit for your inadequacy!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Ajr3710
Used to be good, nightmare now
For a while, this app was great. Easy to use, quick responses from customer service via email, no issues. Now, it’s turning into the biggest headache and I can’t wait until I can pay it off and close it. I’m having major issues with my account and cannot get a helpful response from customer service. What’s happening is, my checking account keeps disconnecting from my Grain account. Previously, I’ve received an email notice or have otherwise been able to catch it and reconnect it before missing a payment. That didn’t happen this time. It disconnected again, after I just went through this in September, and now October’s payment never processed and I cannot get to my account details in the app in order to get it reconnected. Now I have a missed payment, I’ve been trying for almost a week to get a response from Grain, and the one response I received yesterday was completely inadequate. I’ve worked in customer service; I’m always very polite and understanding when I have to deal with customer service. But at this point I’m angry because this has the potential to negatively impact my credit. Seriously, unless this is your only option, don’t do it.
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3 years ago, MattQuincy
UPDATE Paid my deposit, now app doesn’t work
UPDATE 6/12: I contacted the CEO of Grain via LinkedIn and now I have access to my account.. crazy how I have to go thru certain measures just to get answers. I’ve noticed people talking about Grain , done some research and went on ahead and bite the bullet. I downloaded the app and went thru the process flawlessly until I paid my deposit. I checked my bank to make sure Grain deposit come off my account which it did and also checked Grain app to see if they received funds which they also did as well. Few days pass and I wanted to use Grain to make a purchase but couldn’t access the app. I kept getting a error message, I’ve tried this for a few days until I finally decided to contact Support via phone which goes to automatic system(YES, I called between the operating hours it shows on website) I got no answer. I contacted via email to support and got a automated message sent back saying due to a high volume of Support requests that I’m looking at a 7 business day response time. I’ve played the waiting game and still no response so I tried contacting again and there was no response again. Honestly at this point I just want my deposit back.
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4 months ago, ItsAlexAnthony
Used to be decent, RIP
Pros: This app helped me kickstart my credit rebuilding journey a few years ago after I hit a plateau. I had been laid off a couple years prior to that, and although I eventually got a good paying job & paid off my existing debts, my credit score wouldn’t budge since I didn’t have any lines of credit but also couldn’t get approved for a CC. Now I have 3 major cards that I use responsibly, and Grain helped me get there. The app itself was also pretty easy to use, I liked the screen that showed your limit, balance, APR, minimum, and credit score on one page. Cons: The app had no clear way to contact support, no email or phone number. You have to jump through a bunch of self help links to eventually find the “submit a ticket” option. As far as the service, they slowly whittled away at everyone’s credit limits over the last year or so due to “market trends and risk assessments from investors”, dropping me from $800 to $100, then a $13 limit, and finally a $0 limit since I had no balance. As of last week my account was closed for the same reasons I mentioned above and now I’ve got one less LOC on my CR.
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2 years ago, Ciara Noire
Once a great app now extremely frustrating with costly consequences
This app used to be great! No issues until some update or glitch or whatever happened which needs to be addressed ASAP!!! I withdrew from my line and had the automatic payments on. Everything was good to go when I happened to realize that I haven’t seen a withdrawal from my bank in a while. I go to log in and the app says I have some terms and conditions to agree to regarding their update and that their app DISCONNECTED from my bank and stopped processing payments. I never received any notification at all nor an email! I went to pay my “past due” balance with my debit card and see that the account was marked late and assessed fees. Including reporting this to the credit bureau !!? All from their system disconnected from my bank and provided no type of notification! What makes it worse is that I have sent at least four different emails to change my bank (as I relocated and opened another account for better accessibility) and it keeps disconnecting my original bank but won’t allow me to reconnect to another bank. This is absolutely Ridiculous!! I’m just going to pay it down and be done with it 🤷🏽‍♀️
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2 years ago, Peace_Love_Curl
Stay Away!!!
This app worked great at first. I was able to access my account and it made auto payments. Then it stopped taking payments and I could not log in. It had me reapply like a new customer when I needed to log in. Then it asked to verify my identity and said it couldn’t. I sent an email to support in August and never heard back. I then sent multiple emails and never received a response from support. Then all of sudden last week, I get an email saying you are 1 day past due. I go into the account, it says verification pending. Then I get an email saying 60 days past due immediately after. I have talked to support and they helped me log back in. Now they say they I do not have access to anything because they sent notifications through an app I have not been able to access for months. Put a late payment on my credit for 23 bucks because my account randomly disconnected and they would not allow access. I think it’s interesting they can ignore contact emails for months, not allow you access to account to make payments, then put a late pay on your credit. I have all emails and will report to BBB.
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2 years ago, cmonae1
Must be a scam!
Once again here I am writing a review in hopes of getting some help since there is no live person to speak with and apparently your support emails aren’t monitored. I wrote a review in May about my experience and my credit being marked when it should not have been since I have auto pay and was told to send an email for help as I should not have derogatory marks with auto pay, here it is November and still haven’t gotten a response and here I am again with another derogatory mark because you all lose connection to my bank account nearly every week! I’m unable to get reconnected and unable to get assistance. To anyone considering signing up with Grain stay away from this APP! They give you credit and claim they will automatically take the payments but they don’t they say they the lost connection which is hard to believe this would happen so often, you’ll keep getting emails and interest added with no help. With all the updates that have rolled out since I have joined grain it’s extremely frustrating you all haven’t figured out how to stay connected to bank accounts. This is a huge inconvenience.
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1 year ago, Reeme92
Only use if really needed
So I will say that Grain did come in handy, especially during the height of Covid. I was able to use cash from my credit line that I needed. However, I find it very troublesome to pay them because when you initiate a payment, they never take it out right away and I’ve had numerous times where it still didn’t take out on the day it was supposed to so, there will be other things drafting my account and by the time Grain does it I get hit with a check return fee from my bank because Grain tries to draft the money on days other than the one I intended it to so that proves very troublesome, and keeps my bank at a constant flux I really wish Grain would offer a way to pay and they pull out the money the same day there’s no reason why in the 21st-century you aren’t able to process payments at the time it is initiated
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3 months ago, Prettytiggyy
Don’t not get this app!!!!
If i could give zero stars i would please do not get this app!!!!!!! It glitches the app disconnects your bank account on its own so you won’t be able to use it and you won’t be able to make payments it will make you late on payments because you can’t pay through the app. You can’t speak with anyone over the phone. You have to email with customer care While your trying to get reconnected to the app which takes days even weeks and your issue may never get resolved like mine. I had excellent credit history before getting this app this app has single handeldy ruined my credit because it would not let me pay my bill. They’ve had a technician “manually” enter my banking and routing and it still didn’t work. This is insane they gave me a one time payment link to pay my bill the link didn’t work now they are making me get money orders every month to mail in just to pay my bill because they canot fix their own app. At this point i want them to close me out send me to collections so i can just pay the remaining balance and move on from this nightmare which is crazy.
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2 years ago, Jrtandr
Wish they would actually contact me back
I used to love this company and credit account. They used to be responsive, quick and just all out great for when I needed it. Now, it is just ridiculous....let me elaborate....I have had this account for nearly two and a half to three years and all during that time, everything ran smoothly and never was I once asked to upload any documents to further verify my identity. Now I know things can change and requirements can change...I totally get that, so with that said, I received an email a week or so ago saying for my to verify my ID. Well I went about doing just that. They wanted me to take a picture/scan my ID and then take a selfie. Did that all and the app claimed it was sent successfully. Barely a day later, I get an email saying verification failed and they have blocked my account totally. I can log on, but I can do much of anything else. I have tried contacting them more than four times now to resolve this and they simple just don’t respond. Maybe this review will make them respond finally....doubtful though.
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2 years ago, Nrvsbrkdwn 1801
Been an amazing waiting experience!
After applying the app says that I have been placed on a waiting list which usually takes a couple weeks to get the other customers ahead of you taken care of. It says, “once your application is complete and identity is verified you will have access to your credit with Grain in seconds!” I checked everyday after two weeks for about 10days. I stopped checking. 2 months has gone and pass with still the same message. It’s now Dec 13,2022 I applied on Sept 25, 2022. Fantastic experience for those in need of some financial assistance and can wait months possibly many many months to get any answer! Hopefully, my day will come where I can have credit with Grain in seconds. Everyone’s reviews are that this is a spectacular product so I really hope I’m able to use it soon!
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2 years ago, Jen&naa
It used to be great
I’ve had a line of credit with grain for almost 3 years. Never missed a payment and always on time. The app was always user friendly and convenient but a couple of months ago I got a notification that I needed to be “verified”. Ok sure, I’ll send whatever needed. My account was completely locked and hidden, I submitted all documents including my driver’s license. I was notified it would take 5 business days to complete verification to be able to log in again. It’s been over a MONTH. My account is frozen due to “not being able to verify” but they somehow have all of my correct bank information AND identity and still withdraw payments out of my bank account. I’ve sent several emails because there is no phone number or live person to contact. I used to love grain and told people about it, now I can’t talk to anyone about these issues, haven’t gotten a single response on why or how this can be resolved but my line of credit is locked “no longer able to withdraw” and still taking payments out. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Stay away.
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3 years ago, EJTEXAS214
I haven’t read anybody else’s reviews on here about this app but I got scammed out of 252 dollars. I thought this was going to be a great way to help out during my transition between a new job and my new home, seeing as how I had so much happen at once. Instead of being helpful during this stressful time Grain took my money and has failed to make themselves available for any assistance. If you call there is no one to answer, and I’ve called several times. The recording will tell you no one is there. I’ve sent an email and thought I got a response back, instead it was an automated email stating that they would get back to me in about 7 days. Took my money and now all the app says is that they can not verify my identity, I uploaded my state ID, social security card AND a selfie. No help not at all, I’m in a deeper hole now until I get my first big check from my job, thank god I’m going to be paid well. Still no excuse for they way Grain operates. I would not recommend this app or company to anyone else, quite the opposite - I’m going to be warning anyone I know avoid these people like the plague.
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3 years ago, MishaNp
The worst app and customer service
How does a reputable company approve you then ask you to upload documents to prove your identity? I even uploaded my Drivers license, social security card and tax info and the company says they couldn’t verify my identity and the decision is final. How can you not verify my identity when you use plaid to link your bank account. I had to have the passwords for that. You have all my documents and still can’t verify me, something fishy is going on with this company. I have never had an issue with a company verifying me. I went to look at the reviews and I see so many other people have the same review with grain. You can’t even reach anyone to speak to, all they do is send you an email in 14 days. Maybe you could verify people if you can actually talk to a human but that is not an option at this company. The customer service is nonexistent. If you are not even going to attempt to verify people and collect their sensitive information to not even look at it then you don’t even need to be in business and I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau.
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3 years ago, Simplydeb
You took my money and did not give me a credit line!
I am so frustrated and from reading other reviews, this is a common problem. I downloaded this app and was approved for a $500 credit line. You took a $250 deposit from me and several days later I received an update that I would not be on boarded due to the fact that you could not verify my identity. I gave you everything you asked for, you took my money and did not make good on the contract I signed. I have called your customer service, emailed you and I still do not have this situation resolved. I don’t want to have to involve my attorney about something so minuscule as $250 but it’s the principle. I signed your contact you said I was approved, you took my money and then told me no! I need this resolved ASAP! I’m not going to send 50 emails and call your recording over and over. I’m going to sue you if you do not resolve this immediately. People don’t take loans or apply for credit just because. They do it because they have a need. This is a service that you agree to provide and you have not delivered on your end.
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1 year ago, JAY.G14
Horrible Customer Service
I’m not one to ever write reviews but stay away from this company. The app was great at first until it came time to update my new bank information. It was very difficult for the new account to be added. Reached out to customer service multiple times trying to fix the issue with little to no help. They would stop correspondence. I finally was able to have someone send me a link to fix my account just for the link to not actually work causing my account to become late. I have multiple emails and screenshots of my account being “fixed” just for the app to still not accept my payment from my new bank. All in all, I understand mistakes happen, however this company does very little to actually support you once you have an account. A simple phone call and a little customer service would be all it took to help me fix my account. Instead I was ignored and they toyed with my credit the entire time blaming me for the lack of payment when it was in fact them. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the headache!
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4 years ago, Arlene Whiting
Not Enough For Me
I tried this option after reading the reviews. My credit score isvover 600 and I have several bankvaccounts. The account with the most activity doesn't work with the software that Grain uses to verify an account. The account with the least activity the Plaid software works with. After waiting I was offered the $150 line of credit. The catch is I need to deposit $150 into my checking account. I responded with No Thanks the first time and gave my reason why I would not accept the offer. Signed back in and the offer of $150 was there again. So this time I clicked accept. That is where I saw I would have to deposit $150. I declined again and gave my reason why $150 was unacceptable. Finally, I tried this option also because I thought the offer was for a digital credit card. Not a line of credit to go to your checking account.
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4 years ago, Hay_hopson
Fast, easy, excited to build credit
I love this app. My husband and I are trying to buy a house in a year and I’m hopeful this will help us build our credit to where we need it to be. Income has never been an issue for us but credit always gets us denied even if our income is high. I’m so glad this app isn’t like that and bases it off your income. I have a question though and hopefully someone responds because I can’t find the info anywhere. I got approved for a 400 dollar credit line but have to pay a 200 dollar deposit. I don’t mind that at all, just confused on the process. If I put 200 deposit does that mean I’ll only have a 200 dollar credit line to withdrawal to my debit card or does it mean it’s 400 available and the 200 deposit just sits there in your grain account until you make the consecutive on time payments to get it back?
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2 years ago, never sgain!!!
I had this app for 6 months now and that’s only because I can’t get in touch with anyone to close my account! There’s no one you can talk to if you have issues! Customer service….forget about it because there is no customer service. The number provided is an automated system that refers you to the website in which they require you to send an email which NEVER gets responded to. I have literally sent 10 emails pleading to close my account with no luck! After 2 months of them not reporting to the credit bureau I sent in the 1st email requesting they close the account and the directions specifically said to withdraw all funds in which I did and what happened?!?! They reported to the credit bureau and my score dropped 55 points because I had used 100% of my credit limit!!! Once I put the money back the app required an update and once updated kicked me out and prompted me to make another security deposit as if I had never opened the account! I’m so frustrated at this point I feel I have no choice but to take it as a loss!
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9 months ago, Chris757757
can’t make payment on account
This is a great app but recently after trying to log in to pay off my account, I received this message. “ Our system reviewed the identification details you provided and are unable to confirm your identity, as such we’re unable to onboard you at this time. Our inability to onboard you was not based in whole or in part on information obtained in a report from a consumer reporting agency and no credit score from a consumer reporting agency was obtained and used in making our decision. A consumer reporting agency played no part in our decision and is unable to supply specific reasons why we have denied to onboard you. Our inability to verify your identity was based in whole or in part on information obtained from an outside source other than a consumer reporting agency, which was not acting in the capacity of a consumer reporting agency. “ I have tried to reach out to support multiple times and have not gotten a response. I would like to make a payment and close my account!
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2 years ago, mrberry93245
Grain Technology. Grain provides a revolving line of credit that you can access through your existing debit card without issuing a card. This approach empowers you to use what you need for your day-to-day, builds good credit in the process and ultimately, gives you more ownership over your credit. What this company does not tell you is, how they are keeping personal information and not allowing you to pay your credit bill. This company has kept numerous people personal information including, SSN, Addresses, DOB, Bank Accts and most of all dropping individuals credits tremendously. I have requested to make a payment to this company and was blocked. Grain will kick people out of the system by unlinking the bank accts to make payments and drop the customer's credit score. I have called customer service and emailed Grain numerous times without receiving a response back. The company will store your banking information to debit your account but will not allow you to make payments by unlinking your account which is a deceptive practice that can ruin your credit!
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2 years ago, Kia0820
Customer service is TERRIBLE
Took us forever to speak to someone regarding closing the account. When someone finally responded back 2-3 weeks later, we had questions regarding an $80 annual fee. The representative didn’t do a great job explaining why or what the fee insisted of. I then requested to speak to a supervisor. Supervisor emailed me days later and was able to submit my request to close account, however, I have not received any confirmation of this being done as of yet. I have tried to sign back into the app to verify this and I only get the message “Almost There!” Well we have been “Almost There!” For going on two days 😒 Update to whom ever responded🙄 They respond quicker on the review rather than if you contact them regarding an actual issue! In addition I didn’t agree to any annual fee, also no one could tell me the exact date of when an annual fee would be drafted from my account. I assume it was when ever they felt to draft my account. I still haven’t received confirmation of the accounts being closed, maybe the email will suffice.
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3 months ago, ivorytc
From good to terrible
I have had this app since its inception and thought it was a great idea to build my credit. I never missed a payment. I did notice that they took their sweet time posting when I would pay off the balance sometimes taking up to 3 months to post but if I used the credit that showed up darn near immediately. An annoyance but I got just took note. I was approved for the largest credit line which was $1000 at the time. I have never missed a payment and yet in the last year they have continually reduced my credit limit and the answer I get is pretty much bc we can. Thereby making my utilization look high. Recently I paid the entire balance off and then today I go on and they have reduced my credit limit to zero. It’s insanity. I reached out and got the same bc we can type response as before. I closed my account because I am just fed up. And I know this will have a negative impact on my credit. It’s frustrating to even try anymore. It feels hopeless. If you decide to work with them proceed with caution.
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4 years ago, NupeKid
Denied Secured Card Approved By Grain
I have a 619 middle fico score. I recently applied for a Citibank secured credit card. To my surprise I was denied. I spent the last 3 years paying off debts and now I had no way to build positive reporting history bc I kept getting both inquiries on my report and subsequently denial letters. This app solves that issue. The approval process is based on your ability to manage your checking account and not your credit history. I was approved for a $1,000 unsecured line of credit!! This will allow me to build positive reporting history without another inquiry on my credit report. This app is a GAME CHANGER!! When you apply they ask to connect your bank account and it will give you results instantly! You can accept or deny the offer before they even ask for your social! The payments report to all 3 credit bureaus so its a huge bonus for anyone building their score or new to credit. This is a great starter account for anyone new to credit! This app will also allows you to see your credit score and gives you tips on how to build your score up! I love this app, it came at the right time and a few months from now I should be a home owner!!!! I’m excited to share this app with everyone I know who is rebuilding!! RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE!
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2 years ago, FritzPup
Great concept, flawed delivery and too expensive
I really wanted to like my experience, but sadly it did not work out. I had a $200 security deposit, which gave me a $400 credit limit. I withdrew $400 shortly after opening, so that I could start making payments that would show up on my credit report and help to boost my score. Eventually I paid off $200, but discovered I was still being charged 15% APR interest on the remaining $200. But that $200 is my security deposit! So I’m being charged interest on my own money! They should be paying ME interest on MY deposit! So, I decided to cancel. This is where things really went south. As others have reported, customer service is a disaster. I sent at least 10 support requests over a period of 21 days, to get my deposit back and close my account. Only today did I finally get a response. Requesting a return of your deposit and closure of your account should both be things you can do on the app. It’s been a very frustrating 21 days waiting for help. I won’t be returning.
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7 months ago, Phoeinxboi1246
Ruined my Credit
I had this account for a very long time but after several changes the company made, I made the decision to close my account. I wrote in to request the account closed and the security deposit returned to me. I believed all this to be be completed but the company never closed by account and because my security deposit was returned to me I couldn’t login without paying it again. I reached back out to Customer Service and found out that my account was late $4. I personally requested a link to pay and an address for corporate to dispute the late payment with no response. This $4 late payment absolutely ruined my credit and I am now reaching out to the BBB as the company won’t hold itself accountable. 1) I paid the account to a zero balance 2) the company provided me my entire security deposit back and 3) never closed my account when I requested. Work with them at your own risk but I will escalate this further until the late payments are removed from my account. I would give them 0 stars if I could.
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1 year ago, Miyah E
Once great app
I was a big supporter of the Grain app prior to about one month ago, when I was informed that I’d only have access to the credit that was secured by my invest. This was quite the surprise and a big disappointment because the reason I applied for this line of credit was the benefit of doubling my security deposit. Overnight I went from almost 30% usage rate to 100%. Grain’s reasoning was “they reserved the right to change their policy”. Now, that I’ve paid the remaining balance, and am attempting to withdraw my security deposit and close my account, the app cannot connect to my bank account. I’ve never had this problem before but now I’m realizing I cannot even get support on the phone. It’s an automated system explaining topics already covered in the FAQs. I’m now awaiting a message through Zendesk to access my money because Grain decided to switch up and not offer the service that I initially signed up for. If you have money to blow or that you don’t need right away use Grain, if not use another app like Self or Kickoff.
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2 years ago, Tyetye2009
Love the concept but not the customer service!
I am new to grain and submitted my documentation as requested to take care of an emergency situation. I sent several requests asking if they could possibly expedite review of my account so that if I am missing documentation I can submit it right away. I did receive a response back saying that the process takes 5 business days but most accounts are done in 2 days. I tried to call customer support to speak with a LIVE AGENT/Human to fully explain my emergency situation but when you call the 833 number you only get a recording. That has been the most frustrating. If it weren’t an emergency I was dealing with not getting a live agent would be fine. They should at least have a live human that you can interact with over the phone or via email verses a voice recording makes me fearful giving my banking information to what feels like robots or electronic customer service.
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4 years ago, Capricorngyrl18
Initial deposit stuck
***UPDATE*** Patrick responded to my concern and fixed the pending initial deposit. I was able to withdraw from my balance. This seems like it will be a great program for those who are building or in need of rebuilding credit. I downloaded and opened an account on July 16. The initial 1.01 has been pending since then. It's been 2 wks. I called customer support the Monday after I started the account. I was told that it takes up to 3-4 days. It's been well over that now. I called customer service again a few days ago. I was told that tech support would contact me. I haven't heard from them. I tried to call myself and after waiting on hold for about 15 minutes, an automated message comes on saying no one is available. I would like to be able to use this service but I can't seem to get any help.
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2 years ago, Bre Sutton James F
My experience with Grain started off great, I received a $750 credit line, accessing it and maneuvering the app was seamless. There is now and update requiring an ID check consisting of a social security CARD. I have NEVER had a social security card and I have been contacting them for MONTHS to make a payment because they have prohibited me from even accessing my account until I pass this “identity check”. Several emails and no response, my credit is currently being negatively impacted because they refuse to let me access my account in any way. Can’t make a payment I can’t even see my balance, and they won’t respond to my emails and there’s no other way to contact customer service. It’s a nightmare and I’m wondering if I’ll have to just let it go down badly on my credit or send them an email everyday in hopes that I can get some assistance. Long story short use your best judgment before signing up for this app and know that there’s a possibility that they will pull the rug from under your feet.
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3 years ago, J from al
This app is highly questionable.
I downloaded the app, but kept getting an error message when trying to accept the approval offer. After customer service took a while to get back to me, they finally wrote back. Apparently, there is an issue with some customers where if the app doesn’t ask for your address up front, customer service has to enter it on their end. Otherwise, you’ll receive an error. So, I finally get through and their system is unable to verify my identity with the details I entered. Probably against my better judgement, I uploaded their requested documents (driver’s license and social security card) to their Dropbox for a “manual review”. After a week of not hearing anything, I followed up and was told I could not be identified. Now, its one thing to be denied based on credit, but having an issue with legal documents that are good enough to be verified to obtain a passport, but not pass their identity check? Very odd. They won’t even provide the name of the outside entity they use to identify consumers.
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3 years ago, JustAnotherLady
Horrible service
If I could give this zero stars I would. I have input all of my information, correctly three times since I was told that my identity could not be verified. I was then asked to upload a copy of my drivers license and social security card or tax statement showing my full social security number. These items need to be uploaded to a Dropbox folder. Few issues. One, I have never been married, never changed my name, never had any fraud protection on my credit file or anything that would cause me to not be verified. Not once has any institution have any problems verifying me. Secondly, I do not see how uploading any of those sensitive forms of ID to a Dropbox file that I know nothing about is safe. Dropbox has had numerous breaches and I am not comfortable with that. Third, I emailed support 2.5 weeks ago and have yet to receive any communication back. This is all just horrible. Being told that I am not who I say I am while not getting a response for help. This app and company should be deleted off of the App Store!
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2 years ago, Sambam0531
Great idea, bad execution
To sum it up, customer service is virtually non existent, and that takes this from a great idea to something that could easily tank your credit rather than build it. It takes an average, that’s AVERAGE of 21 calendar days for them to respond to each *individual* email—so a complex issue could easily take a month or more to resolve. There is no phone-based customer service. I’ve had problems the last 3 months because their app is bad, and thankfully I have the ability to just throw more money at it rather than risk the possibility of a late payment. When they first announced annual fees like 6 months ago I said I would pay off my current balance and then pay the fee ($100, or 10% of my credit limit), but after all of these problems with no way to speak to someone in any sort of expedient manner, I have absolutely changed my mind and will never use this service again.
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3 years ago, Bxrlvr
Waste of time and information
Thanks Grain !!! You have to gain access into my checking accounts then you need me to send a picture of my drivers license and of myself. You keep all of this information for 7 business days and then tell me you can’t verify my identity??? Same checking account for 6 plus years , my drivers license and my Ss number. Something is completely shady and no one can reach you to find out why my DL IS NOT Verified. Thanks for the aggravation, waste of time and now I’ve had to change my passwords and put fraud alerts on my credit. Thank god I was not counting on you and needed the loan. Do not give them your info. You can’t even reach them. After all of this I changed my password on my bank account because I saw you were checking my account every 6 hours you had the unbelievable nerve to email me and say you lost contact with my bank. If you can’t verify me, why are you still in my checking account ?? That’s exactly why I put fraud alerts on everything and changed passwords.
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2 years ago, morganlc3
This app is a scam!!! Beware!!!
Have had for about 2 years now. Almost a year ago they decided to make you upload your social. I refused, and now I’m locked out of my account and haven’t been able to access my account in almost a year, yet they’ve continued charging my card. I reported them to the BBB, they responded a couple times and I let them know it’s locked out and telling me I’m locked out every single day for 24 hours and won’t let me reset my password, and all they did was turn off my auto payments so that this card could trash my credit!!! I still can’t get in my account and they’ve stopped responding again. Reporting them to the BBB AGAIN!!!! Stay away from this nightmare company. They’ve made it a game to ignore you and trash as many people’s credit as they can. I’ve reported them to the credit bureaus as fraud as well and sent them all of my daily emails they don’t respond to, and I’m currently looking to see if there’s any way that I can file a police report against them.
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3 years ago, Mellow Yellow_Persuasion
Screwed up my boyfriend’s credit score
I have been helping my boyfriend build his credit the past 2 years and brought it up to 740 points. He opened a Grain account about a year ago and the payments are set to automatically draft from his account. I just received a credit alert stating his credit score dropped 40+ points. He logged into the Grain app and it says his bank account disconnected from the app. The money is and has always been available. He has not received any notifications from Grain to notify him the payment is past due or there system issue caused the payment to not draft successfully. This is absolutely unacceptable and consumers should not have to pay for this company’s mistake. This can make or break one’s credit worthiness as he is in the process of trying to buy a home. The delinquency needs to be reversed to the Consumer Reporting Agencies ASAP!!! I work in the Compliance Department for a mortgage servicer and will be filing a compliant with the CFPB. They will have 15 days to respond.
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2 years ago, JaeJenn23
How do you get in touch with these people??!
I’ve been locked out of my account for months. I want to have access so I can pay my debit off in full but I’ve uninstalled the app, tried to reset my password, reached out 3 times via they're support email… still nothing. They’ve sent me a link before to pay my bill but now I can’t get in touch with anyone. I can’t even change my bank account with the because they’re want to be able to dip into you account to take a monthly payment but it’s just like paying the minimum payment on a credit card every month. I thought it was a great option at fist to be able to take money when I need to but not being able to pay my bill has affected my credit and no one will answer so I can have it paid. They’ve also overdrafted my account pulling a monthly fee when I had no available balance and I had to pay fees! What started out as a nice idea for an app quickly turned into a predatory credit company!
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