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User Reviews for Grammarly: AI Writing Support

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2 months ago, KaitTheGreat37
As a writer using Grammarly...
I think this is a great tool. I've used Grammarly for 4-5 months now and it is VERY helpful for pointing out spelling and punctuation errors when I'm working on something with a lot of words. I also really like the counter arguments and tone insights you can do. It is SO helpful, especially when I'm writing something I'm not entirely sure about, to get that feedback when I need it. This being said, I have also seen many negative reviews saying that Grammarly does not let you write what you want to, but that's actually not true. While it will make comments if you ask it too and it sometimes won't give any improvement suggestions because of "sensitive content" (which is one thing that I don't like about Grammarly), you still have the freedom to write whatever you want; there is an option to turn it off for a while if you'd like. And yes, there have been a few more things that I haven't been so pleased with over the course of using Grammarly, but they are very minuscule, and truthfully I can't think of any other problems I've had off the top of my head. With all this said, I give Grammarly 4 stars, because it is a very good resourse for correcting mistakes and pointing out things in my writing I otherwise wouldn't have noticed, but also because, based off of my experiences and the apparent experiences of many others, there are a few changes that should be made very soon.
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3 years ago, Foot's Tunes
Great Extension
I have found Grammarly funcitons as advertised It is a lot faster than the spellcheck available in most apps. I like the suggestion for different words to be especially helpful. I write a lot, including current work on a book, and it is so easy to get in a rut and use the same words over and over. At least, give it a try. There is nothing to lose and you might decide you have gained a new writing paretner!
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7 months ago, UweK968
Most of the time, it does not work
Grammarly was recommended to me by a writing expert. Hence, I installed it with high hopes and got tricked into buy their Premimum subscription when they had their 40% off sale. Let's say, 100% off would have been more approriate for the quality of the product. The Word plug-in does not work most of the time. I suspect it gets thrown off by elements such as tables and text boxes. It will show me that it has hundreds of suggestions, but when I scroll down a few lines, it suddenly tells me that everything is o.k. This is likely the most buggy software I have ever used. Spending $86 on the discounted subscription was a complete waste of money. I cancelled after 15 days though I will not get a refund. But it is better to cancel now than forget later and get charged for another year of subscribing to a useless product. I had submitted my review already, but was so unhappy that I really got worked up. Now I am reading the bogus developer responses to other customers' complaints. Do you not test your product before you release it? This product is in no way ready to be released, and tricking customers into useless Premium subscriptions is frivolous and unethical. After cancelling my subsciption, they send me funny videos of grizzly bears waving good bye at people. Really? Don't you want to use your funds for improving your product, sorely needed, rather than funny "hate to see you go" videos, which you will need plenty of?
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2 years ago, telepati
The new feedback window is terrible
The new feedback window is terrible. I don't know who thinks of this, but extremely annoying. It is never helping, extremely slow, you don't know what's wrong with your text, it's just terrible. The previous version was to give a very fast response and was much more helpful. I could see my spelling and grammar mistakes (wordy sentences, passive voice misuse, etc.) much better. Now I have to open the app to see them. It causes a huge waste of time. I hope you will give up this stupid idea as soon as possible. In addition, why Grammarly does not find the Capitalization mistakes? Edit: We know which letter to click we are not new to this app. We are aware that your goal is to sell the premium subscription. That's why you have removed the features we use from the extension. We are not stupid and do not try to make us fools. I found a better solution. Deleting my Grammarly account and going back to LanguageTool. At least when I type lP (it warns me that it should be LP.)
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2 years ago, NFG8619
Improves my novel writing
Really love this app and its integration within all the software that I use. I dont know how well the engagement and clarity guages make a difference buts its a fun visual aid to see how well you project is going. But I do love its ability to make everything much more clear and accurate. Although it does need some help when it comes to recognizing common phrases we use in our everyday languages. But all in all this app is a mist have for ANYTHING you do that has written words involved with it. Although I do wonder just how much better the premium features are. But do not feel like you need the premium feature to get an excellent value out the free app.
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2 years ago, CowboyMarine1982
2021 Updated Premium is Useless
With the 2021 Premium edition, all the various Grammarly recommendations are not highlighted, bolded, nor underlined within the document being reviewed. Thus, a 30-page document with 63 recommendations is entirely useless by page 3 as you cannot find where the revision is in the original document so I cannot tell context. Actually using Grammarly requires MORE timeand gives less useful review guidance because the recommandations are only on the right margin and NOT linked within the document so that it stands out from the original. Two Stars - to be read and not tossed out. Customer Service with this vendor is ABSENT and Cancellation is a matrix of impossible actions and getting AY response except "This Query is Closed" -which is IMMEDIATE when you ask how to cancel when the Prompt does not present on Safari or Google Chrome ...
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3 years ago, DrPeril
Great... everywhere else.
Let's be clear, Grammarly, for all it's annoyances and privacy issues, if you use it carefully it's pretty great. In Chrome and FireFox it runs as expected and aside from the premium nag and some rich text oddities it does what it's meant to, and doest it well. This is not true in Safari. The extensinon, essentially, just doesn't work. It loads. It injects the java and cute icons, but it doesn't actually evaluate text. I put a doc into WordPress's editor that I know to be full of mistakes as a test and it said the doc was 100% correct. I mean, I intensionally left out vowels so... I think the bottom line here is that if you want to use Grammarly, use need to use Chrome :( Honestly, it feels like Grammarly peaked years ago and since they've stopped updating or improving their tool. It still has a chinky, memory hog, UI. It still does odd formatting to your text and really doesn't play well with rich text. It's like they got intrenched in a bad wrapper for their text analysis tool and just won't give it up. I don't know if it's the investment fallacy at work but there's no excuse in 2021 for a well established company to still be this rough around the edges. They're basically begging for some startup to disrupt their business model.
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5 years ago, gcarola
Worth the cost!
No one wanted to edit my college papers as I earned my bachelors degree. One of my instructors recommended Grammarly. I have been a fan ever since. I write a lot of genealogy research papers - they are often "past tense." I have to ignore the hints to change wording. Also, Grammarly won't always know when you should have used a different word - that is a user error. The service cannot fix every problem, but it makes editing a whole lot faster! I continue to pay the yearly fee so that my children can use it. Last year I showed a college age daughter the benefits of Grammarly. She no longer asks me to review her college assignments. It's a win-win situation!
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3 years ago, BROWNEE137
Good when it's on but annoying when it's off
Grammarly is good for catching most of your incidental grammatical errors; I'm really good when it comes to grammar and spelling, but I still make little mistakes that Grammarly catches me out on, and even without the premium version, I can usually guess at where the mistakes are once I know they exist. There are a lot of documents, however, where it just wouldn't be practical for Grammarly to be on. So you can either keep it on and have it highlight every not-actually-a-mistake, you can turn it off for this session and have it immediately turn on five minutes later when you've taken a break, or you can disable it and have it keep bringing up pop-ups to tell you to enable it again. SO annoying. Really making me consider un-installing it.
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6 months ago, ekhs231
Works 1-2 Weeks at a Time
Listen, I love Grammarly; I use it every day for work, as a lot of my job is proofreading content. But in order for it to be helpful and efficient, it needs to consistently work. I can't have it not available and need to copy and paste 10 documents into Grammarly and back into the work doc. Every time I download it, it works as needed for 1-2 weeks, and then it will suddenly stop popping up. I need to close out of Safari, completely delete the extension from my computer and re-download it. This always works, but it takes unnecessary time and effort. Looks like this has been an ongoing issue for a couple of years now, which makes me think it won't be fixed anytime soon.
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1 year ago, traci donnelly
I keep giving it a chance, still a dud.
so I got a new computer because my old one continued to freeze and constantly load. On brand new computer it was great, then I installed grammerly. Same exact issue. I looked it up and its the main reason why people uninstall. I wouldn't even purchase this, because I can't meet deadlines if my computer is constantly loading and crashing. I tried the free version. I would have subscribe if it didn't literally disable your computer lol. I tried it again due to emails saying the lagging and crashing was fixed. Once again constantly freezing my computer. If this actually worked, I would buy it. But even the free version with limited features crash. Don't waste your time. They definitiely didn't fix any bugs.
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5 years ago, Dnev1551
SAME ERRORS as the Desktop App (MacOs) -- Going back to errors fixed and more
It will revert back to errors that I previously dismissed, acting as if I didn't dismiss them already. They then will randomly appear in a anywhere from 30-60seconds. It's very annoying. Also, if I go back to a place where I already have accepted or dismissed all errors, and insert something, it doesn't re-check the change; for instance I purposely intserted a "th" in a sentence instead of "the" and it didn't catch it. PLEASE FIX. These EXACT SAME ERRORS also occur in the Grammarly Desktop App (MacOS)! Please fix these! It's taking 10 times longer now becuase I havre to keeep dismissing previous errors I already dismissed and if I insert something in areas that Grammarly already has checked. It will not re-check those changes made; it acts as if anything inserted doesn't exist!!!
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1 year ago, Melissa98765
Great, when it works
Grammarly is a great program, when it works. Recent updates seem to have created issues. I use Scrivener for writing and unfortunately this program never seems to want to work with it anymore for more than a few minutes at a time. It has become frustrating as I do like it and paid for a subscription, but now I have to copy and paste my stuff the online version because it won't stay running. I hope they fix this before my subscription ends or I will find something that is more efficient. Until they do, I don't recommend getting if you use Scrivener.
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2 years ago, William M S
So far, give and take on usefulness
Technically, it seems to work well enough, but it does not get along well with Open Office. That might be a Java issue? Devs should look into that. I rated it a 3 because of the crash-lockup issue with Open Office. Otherwise, I would have rated it a 4. As for grammar and such, it does well, but Grammarly has a style that it wants to enforce all the time everywhere. It does not seem to be able to discern quick notes from lengthier writings. In particular, it is somewhat helpful in legal writing, but it has an issue with articles (it wants articles all the time, in every situation). All in all, it is helpful, but not astounding. It does help with pointing out words that don't need to be there. I will keep using it, but, unfortunately, I've not seen enough "wow" to entice me to pay for it. I should qualify all of the above with this caveat: Grammarly says I write better than 97% of whoever it is comparing me to, so it may not be doing as much for me as it could for another writer.
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2 years ago, nordical
Helpful, but annoying
Definitely a helpful tool, and I'm only using the free version, so I can't complain too much! However, it literally feels like they want me to update by closing safari every week. It's almost always when I'm in the middle of something too haha. I get release train practices, but this doesn't feel like that kind of product to me. The needy updates are annoying. Also, I feel like it always wants me to log in on a gdoc, no matter how recently I logged in. Only lasts like a day or something. That said, it's super helpful and I've become a better writer just from using the free version.
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2 years ago, TheBlissfulDog
THank you! Thank you!
For most of my life I have fancied myself a decent writer. I signed up for Grammarly thinking it would help on rare occasions. Was I surprised! With just a tweak here and there I could see my writing steadily improving. My little secret...I get REALLY eccited to get my weekly scoresheet from Grammarly. The Type A in me flies my grammar nerd flag when I'm in the 90s across the board! Keep doing what you do! Every single update has brought at least a few things I could use. My sweet English professor would I appove, I know it.
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3 years ago, Kevlar1
Great help but very slow
Grammarly is an excellent grammar checker. As a non-native English speaker, Grammarly's advice is clear and allows me to learn from my mistakes. Unfortunately, this is also incredibly slow, especially on Safari with Gmail and Google Docs documents. After using the service for a few weeks, I found myself turning on the service on Chrome and only using Gmail and Google Docs there. For some reason, Grammarly doesn't slow down Chrome browser as much as Safari. In all, it is an excellent piece of software, but one should be fully aware of massive speed hit.
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4 years ago, Leigh Clayborne
Doesn't work for Safari/ Work in progress?
I have the Chrome extension on my Mac. Perfect. But the Safari ext. seems to be under construction. I am communicating the issues just in case this is a finished product and I'll change the review when fixed. Sadly, It's missing the side bar where you look at readability and can choose to view one type of improvement at a time. That's critical to effective editing. Also, any change I make in the Grammarly pop-up is gone once I return to my webpage, either by "return to webpage" feature in the popup or by clicking off of the popup. Chrome ext. saves these changes even if I just click off the window. I cannot figure out how to save the changes when I close the popup. Also, i don't see where I can report incorrect suggestions so that Grammarly can continue to improve the app. For example, "fast-food" with a hyphen is correct, according to Grammarly. I have never in my life seen fast food hyphenated. I regularly report things like this to Grammarly on the website and in Chrome. Thank you for taking a look at these issues.
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5 years ago, Practigal
No More Excuses
I have been a Grammerly user for over a year. I am a very good writer and know grammer rules by heart BUT, I always lost an inordinate amount of time proofreading because I am a crap-typist perfectionist with ADD. Grammerly points me to all those errors and saves me buckets of time. Anyone not using this (or a similarly robust app) is simply lazy and I am sick of reading their errors! Journalists, editors, bloggers hear me now! This will save you the embarrassment of publishing something with missing words, wrong words (it can detect context), and make you a better writer! Use it, PLEEEASE.
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1 year ago, gggggfggyfydufdtgyfufigydfy
why do you have to pay??
so why do you have to pay 30 dollars a month just to know what else you need to fix in your writing. and what makes it worse is it will highlihght what needs to be fixed but you don't know what is wrong with it because it won't tell you. or it says "you have 10 thigns you need to fix, but you can only fix it if you fay 30$ a month 60$ every 3 month or 140$ every year! which one do you choose?" I CHOOSE NONE BECAUSE I AM NOT PAYING 30$ A MONTH FOR THAT. so could you pleaseeeeee fix it or make it a one time purchase, or cheaper even.
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5 years ago, Mezimm7656
Battery Hog and Takes up Too Much Screen Space
The program is crippled and I wish they would fix it. First, the program takes up WAY to much screen space. I like to write with the app in 1/2 of the screen and safari on the other 1/2. I'm on a 15" MBP. But Grammarly won't let me reduce the screen below 75%. It's stupid. Makes no sense whatsoever. Second, I don't need it constantly checking my work because this kills the battery. Let me write, then enable a feature when I'm done to have it check my work. That would save so much battery life. Until these features are implemented, my review stands at 3 stars.
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4 years ago, MarkKimoto
Cannot log in to extension
This extension is available to download for Safari 12, but once it is downloaded, I cannot log-in to Grammarly to use the extension. This is very misleading because if I am able to download the extension I should be able to use it. I have been using Grammarly for years and it is a wonderful application, but the extension simply does not work. I originally had the older version of it, which worked great, but Grammarly Support had me remove that version and install this one that does not work. As the extension is the most important feature of Grammarly for me, this is very disappointing. If you have macOS 12 and Safari 12, do not download this.
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5 years ago, Jboriophft
I love it - until it updates.
I love grammarly. I use it regularly as a communication student, I am ALWAYS writing. It is especially great when I send emails to my bosses and it fixes things I may have over looked in a rush. My only issue is that I primarily use Safari (not a big Chrome or Firefox fan because I have a Mac). Recently grammarly update and when I have gone to update, the program won't download onto my extensions and now I am sadly without grammarly. I have had this issue everytime grammarly does an update - I just wish I didn't have to go through this stuggle every time. Grammarly, can you please fix this?
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11 months ago, Eric E Britt
Grammarly is amazing!
I’ve used Grammarly for about a year now. My identity and social media are all in the public eye, and I understand that I need to present myself warmly and without typos. Grammarly’s tone reader (the most underrated aspect of the program, IMHO) has been beneficial in the first respect. The features Grammarly is known for clear typos in my posts and emails. Lastly, and newly, the AI feature allows me to draft legal agreements to send to prospective clients. That alone makes Grammarly worth owning.
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4 months ago, Hank LV
Very buggy and stopped working
I paid for an annual premium subscription. I spent almost a year asking Grammarly to fix the bugs. I’ve gone so far as to send them screenshots and videos of the bugs. Nothing was ever fixed. Grammarly’s inability to remember dismissed suggestions and corruption of the document forces me to waste too much time trying to complete a clean document. For long documents, it is entirely useless. This week, it stopped working altogether. When I reported it to product support, they said my installation is no longer supported and I had to use their web version of the product. Sadly, their Firefox plug-in doesn’t work so I’ve been left high and dry.
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1 year ago, CaribouSprings
I'm impressed and the danger of some reviews...
I downloaded and have used the app and am impressed. Clearly a strong offering. After reading some other reviews I can only wonder if they are from competitors or someone who is such a grammar scholar that no one could ever make them happy (in my experience grammar scholars are mostly unhappy people). Anyway - thanks for the great app - I am always striving to learn and to improve my writing - Grammarly helps.
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3 years ago, Hawaii Domino
Better understanding of how well you should write and able to see and notice the what I call BG and
Better understanding of what you and how you should be writing and able to see and notice what I a call BG and AG Meaning Before Gammarly and AFTER GRAMMARLY I believe your science beats any one I am so proud of GRAMMARLY applied Intelligence that I have no Idea how people could afford not to use it. Thanks to all those briliant MIIND at GRAMMARLY and keep the GOOD WORK COMING Hugo Gregroio Hernandez a more than satisfied customer
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8 months ago, Paul Lavigne
Really great app for Essays, not so much for the computer itself
Grammarly helped me build upon an essay I was working on last night, but at the expense of my computer. I have an 8GB M1 Macbook Pro, and when I installed and ran the extension, my RAM usage immediately shot up to 7.5 GB making my computer extremely sluggish and sometimes unusable. Just uninstalled it today, and my RAM usage is back to 5.5 to 6.3 GB. It's great, don't get me wrong if you're looking for perfect grammar or pursing the rubric of your teacher - but don't get it if your computer is like mine and RAM is limited.
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4 months ago,
Getting only worse
Although the tool could be useful -- yet we see a constant urge to 'improve' the interface (which is typially easy, yet useless fixes) vs. improving the performance and capabilities (which is truly difficult). A little nasty widget that constantly flies over, screening the most vital content is annoying at least. There is an incearsing number of issues with the app that were never addressed: (1) The app DOES NOT keep track of the wrong corrections it wants to enforce even within the same document, but keeps asking to do the same wrong corrections. (2) Very bad command with the hard science texts -- LaTex and Word files with formulas are just a no-go, although recognizing the formulas is a trivial task. This is a critical issue and that is why I'm dumping this for much better and less expensive AI tools. The performance with Safari is ranging from poor to fragile. (3) As usual, greed goes above the service. A year-term discount is miniscule, and there are no reward points for the continuous use.
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2 weeks ago, Mike-N-Tosh
Needs major improvements
Pros: It works with more applications then it lists, including Pages and Scivener. Cons: Overall use is more about nagging you to upgrade than doing its proper functions (Upgrade pricing is MORE than ALL competing products which work better!) It consistenly misses basic punctuation mistakes (especially commas). Incorrectly tells you to add commas where they are grammatically incorrect. The "Free" Premium suggestions are often what's supposed to be included in the free product (e.g. grammatical errors, incorrect word(s), etc.) To add insult, it often claims you used the "Premium" suggestion when you didn't, because it pops up when you simply put your curser there to retype/correct something. The AI submissions often come back exactly as submitted, claiming it changed from passive to active or vice versa. Several times when this happened, I hit "Try again" only for it to return the same exact text again and again.
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6 months ago, DameLiberty
Interface not Mac friendly
I am using the interface in Safari and it is not easy to navigate. After installation quite a few "help" popups appear and pressing X, Dismiss, or OK on them did not get them to go away. Instead context menus from Safari appeared; search the web, look up, and other menus. When attempting to change writing goals the interface would bring up the option then quickly close it before I could do anything. It is slow, cluckly and definately not for the feint of heart. -Update Devs I'm not. your beta tester, I've given my issue in a concise enough fashion for ya'll to replicater it. I've since moved on.
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2 years ago, JR@NYC
Paid Version - Great App
As a Doctoral Student, Grammarly comes as a big blessing. Even my Professors recommended this service. It helps you to write concisely, provides extensive feedback, and provides multiple suggestions such as correctness, clarity, engagement, delivery, and even plagiarism. In addition, it offers precise corrections in terms of grammar and style. I am reviewing the paid version - which is very different from the limited free version.
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3 years ago, lyteyz
Love it!
I love this app. It makes spelling and grammar so much simpler. I tend to type faster than my brain can think and so there are always spelling/grammatical errors and autocorrect doesn't always correct to the right word, which gets very frustrating. I love how this gives me alerts for corrections. I just have the basic version, which is free, for now. I wanted to see how often I used it before investing in an upgraded version. I really love this app.
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10 months ago, Bonnye
Super confused
I don't want a browser extension, I just want an app to provide feedback on my word documents. I super dislike the fact that to you grammarly I have to have it integrated with safari and give it access to read everything I write, including passwords. Nope! deleted it. There are enough info leaks on the internet already, I don't want to risk trusting my sensitive information to another program. Gave three stars because maybe it works, but I'm not interesting in finding out with this barrier.
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4 years ago, M. Valentino
Love love love!
Grammarly was quick to prove its worth. It's the particular refinement, subtle but sharp, that makes it indispensable—polishing the edges of stubborn bad habits turning good into extraordinary. I can't imagine sending any important communication without a once over from Grammarly. Even the smallest of punctuation adjustments or nudges in syntax transform the writing. It won't make laureates out of Luddites, but it can be the difference between sounding like an Audi or sounding like a Porsche. A fantastic bit of kit for any professional.
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4 years ago, NashvilleReader
It just doesn't work right anymore
For months I had this and loved it. But, then I lost all my history. NOW the grammerly app changes regular emails into their own page that looks like letters. You can't close it out anymore (you at least used to be able to close it). Now you have to close out the whole email address and go back and try to find that email. Open a "new" email and hit the grammerly spinning icon and it will at least allow you to answer an email. It's a fricking mess! I've tried everything to change the settings to get rid of it. I can't - it just takes over my computer. I need to get rid of it so I can do my job.
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3 years ago, Stupac123
Huge Fan BUT>>
I love Grammarly have been using for years. I have to concur with all the other reviews about the use with Safari. In a word it doesn't work. The sad thing is before the last update Safari was fine. Please pay attention to all the Safari users and get the bugs out?! For other users my fix is to keep a grammarly window open in a pinned tab, then copy my email or doc into the home Grammarly page. Works great- just takes a bit of extra work. Good luck!
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1 year ago, DtATL
Great daily tool
I think people forget when reviewing applications that there are many factors to consider. They expect a free tool to give them enterprise features and functionality. Grammarly is an effective, convenient and useful DAILY tool. It helps by letting your thoughts run when you are sending emails, write documentation, or anything that you do in your daily life. It lets you write your thoughts get out without focusing on grammar, spelling and structure sometimes and it will help you put in a understandable way fully checked. I used have to reread emails and everything and I hated it to a point where I just didn't care if it was misspelled. I opted for the paid version because it saves me time and effort with the writing I do digitally.
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4 years ago, 5705XXX
I give up!
In the beginning it worked for years with updates. I year ago it stopped working when using Yahoo it started telling me I needed to update when I tried it would not allow me to update. Then I started getting the message “Login to used” yet when I checked I was already Login I logged out then logged in again same message. Can’t tell you how many times I contacted so-called Support with no results even when I complied with requested “Try this, I need this screenshots..” I took it to Mac store support person saw messages he followed throughs with samme results I am making errors on purosses. as I rit this to prove it’d not working working now I give up….
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1 month ago, megdvm
something happened...
Grammarly has been working very eell on my Mac until the past one-two weeks. Now, it suggests corrections but when you select them, nothing happens! That is not useful. Seems like an update must have happened that is broken. PLEASE FIX IT! FAST! I use Grammarly all the time and this adds double the effort. Also, it doesn't work inside Word,which is a bit annoying. I find I write it in Pages and transfer to Word. Must be a better way.. Thank you! Mary
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3 years ago, jessmford
Great Product. Horrible Safair Extension
I have been a longtime Chrome/Brave Browswer user. I recently switched to Safari because of my new M1 Macbook and the release of Monterey. Of course, I never expected Safari's extensions to live up to Chrome's as they are transparent in their efforts to develop their extensions. That said, grammarly rarely works as an extension on safari. The google doc feature simply does not work on my new M1 Macbook Pro. I'm sure this issue will be resolved in the future, but for now, don't expect the extension to work properly. If you really need it, stick to Chrome.
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3 years ago, ℝ𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕓𝕠𝕨 🌈🌈🌈𝟚.𝟘
I have used Grammarly for a couple years now but then, out of nowhere, I was told my poem was redundant. I am disclosing my poem down below so you can see what was called redundant. The cool wind blasts through my hair. I feel memories of you in my veins. You are my heritage, I remember you from years ago. Matsada resting in the red hot afternoon, Awassi sheep, strolling by next to a run-down barn. The camel’s haughty expressions as you drive past. Aromas drift into the dry desert air, Falafel with chickpea hummus, a dark green inside. The shouts of vendors, in Hebrew and Arabic, accompanied with flashy signs. Massive blue jellyfish, like sharks appearing out of nowhere making you laugh and scream as you attempt to run out of the water-- bobbing up and down. The Mediterranean, a deep, jovial blue. Piercing, brilliant, old as night. Floating in a sea of salt. Feet burning on the race to get to the water. I will return and make new memories, I said. I know I will. That was my poem. I hope you enjoyed and I do not reccoment grammarly to anyone.
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4 months ago, Maeshawn
MS users, Don't BUY!
Gramarly is a disaster. I didn't know until I paid $140 that Gramarly makes MS Windows CRASH! until it happened to me and I lost 2 HOURS of editing! AND, it only handles 50 pages at a time. Try that when you have a 270 page manuscript to edit. This wasn't in their advertising. Gramarly wants you to cut 50 pages from your manuscript, paste it in a new document, edit it and then paste it back into your original manuscript! Then it starts moving letters around, words get changed, and ERROR warning comes up, MS crashes and you lose all your edits before you were able to hit save. I want a refund!
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4 years ago, Moth Gathering
Grammerly for Safari - Helpful and fun
Grammerly was recommended for a class I was taking and so far I love using it. There grammar and spelling corrections are helpful. Grammerly is fun because of it's design. A small icon shows up to tell you it’s present and a thumb’s up icon appears when everything is OK. You can level up after a certain amount of time with no corrections. The graphics used and overall flow of this app are top notch. I love Grammerly.
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6 months ago, MacGuru10
It is great, when it works.
But it continues to drop out of apps I use, including my browser and iMessages often enough to be a bother. It also seems to have lost a decade or so of my Grammarly recorded daily ratings. Another bother is the advertising and recommendation popups that occur irregularly when I am writing, interupting my train of thought and losing some words I am writing. Other than that, it is serviceable, but only in the free version. It needs programming polishing before it can be fee worthy.
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1 year ago, Kan3059
Iam a student with dsylexia
I want to clarify the misconception that dyslexia doesn't make me lazy. Despite my condition, I am a hard-working individual who has always aspired to pursue a healthcare career. However, I faced challenges in spelling and writing due to dyslexia. I successfully completed my medical program thanks to the Grammarly application and website. I am grateful to any who works at Grammarly. (I use Grammarly AI to edit my post) :D
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7 months ago, Tallone63
When Grammarly works in Safari it is great, when it works....
THe lasst eyar using Grammerly with Safari has been one headache after another, Half the time it will down download and open. Other times it is complety inoperable and have to restart Safarai multiple times for to work. When that gets too frustrating it is easier to delete it and reinstall the program. The it will work for a few days and start all over again havng issues.
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1 year ago, LeaderOfThePlaque
Slows Safari To a Crawl
The program itself is great at spotting missing words, incorrect, verb, tenses, sentence splices and more. However, it drags page loading on Safari down to the point that I've checked my Internet connection. Turning Grammarly off and on makes a night and day difference. I like the program itself but I need to enable only when I need it. Otherwise, browsing is an exercise in frustration with slow or not-at-all loading speeds.
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2 years ago, kkaayy37
Grammarly needs to change their billing tactics. I thought it was going to bill me $20 a month and I could cancel anytime like any other app but it instead billed me $144 for the entire year. When I was checking out, they didn't even clarify that I was going to be billed that much. They have a rule too where you cant get a refund which I think is absurd. Most of the people who use this app are college or high school students who don't have a lot of money to begin with. I don't understand why their prices are so ridiculously high. It seems like a scam. I want my money back.
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3 months ago, timismakinggreatcoffee
Will not help when writing sensitive issues
How Woke does a company have to be to make its software ineffective when it senses writing about sensitive issues, its algorithms determine as sensitive issues? It's a software that many college students use. Writing in literature and especially in college should be controversial, that is what makes it strong and debatable. Seriously try it for yourself. I bought the premium version to write some letters and editorials but because I wrote about religion and some examples of fictional violence, it won't help me correct spelling or grammer on that. Seriously how Woke is this company?
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