Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual

3.7 (5.2K)
270.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rockstar Games
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual

3.74 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
9 years ago, D. Hill
Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual
This is the kind of application every great game series should have. An application where users can read about the game, the characters, the settings, the music, tutorial guides and more. Not only is this app informative but the aesthetics are high quality with a sleek streamline interface, navigation to each section is made easy with a pop up menu on the right side and text that is easy to read although for those who can't see that well it would be nice to have customization. From the start the app sets you on the right course as you choose what platform you are playing the game on and what language it is set in. From there you are able to explore the app as you see fit. There is a good wealth of content included in the application concerning information of all kind. The only area that I can tell that could use more data is Grand Theft Online. Maybe in the future this section will be beefed up. Besides that the app seems to fire on all cylinders. If you are a owner of this game, you need to own this manual.
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2 months ago, Gaspatchosoup
I have never done this before
But after reading a lot of the comments on this app I could not not do this. I have downloaded this to post a comment. The shear amount of single digit IQ in these comments is insane. This app is called GRAND THEFT AUTO: THE MANUAL. Meaning it’s a MANUAL or a companion app to the game. This is not the game. Maybe in a few more years you will be able to play this game or you might be able to play it on the cloud right now but when all these reviews were posted years ago. There is no way you could play a game this massive and graphically intense on your phone. You have people asking for gta 3 for free from a company that is out to make money. You have people that say they have this on their ps5 but now they are not at school and stuck at home. Lol so then play it on your ps5. These comment are just incredible and make my head hurt. I also have no hope for humanity if this is what we got. Learn to read it will help you in life and understanding basic things like the word manual.
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3 years ago, David Adam 16
Very good manual
I think this manual is very well put together, it really helps during gameplay to find cop shops and other places otherwise not listed. One thing I could see making this all the more better is maybe a map where you can put your own locations down? If there was a spot I liked to hide out when wanted or anything of that nature, it would be awesome if I could go to the map on here and find my marking, instead of finding a location each time. Other than that request, I think the manual would be amazing!
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4 years ago, goodnaess
Pretty good manual
I think that this is a great manual especially when using the map feature. It is helpful for finding various things that are not shown on the in game map like police stations. I especially like the satellite feature for the map to actually see what the map looks like instead of the gps style map in the game. Don’t listen to the children that give this low scores because they thought it was the real game. If you don’t know what a manual means, then you shouldn’t play a 17+ game.
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2 years ago, the true revuer
Add to mobile
I see YouTubers play this game all the time. But I don’t have a pc, PlayStation,Xbox, anything like that. So, I need you to add it to mobile so I can play. It looks super fun when I watch YouTubers play it. So please just add it to mobile.
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4 years ago, puche14
GTA V’ The Manual: 5-Star WANTED Level...
This manual is an ultimate guide into the great and grand world of Grand Theft Auto V. Every single person who owns the game shall own this! It feels incredible to play the game and just click on the app whenever you need to check something out like the map. It really helps you know the game a little bit more and explore Los Santos and Blaine County. There is literally nothing else to say about this but that it will definitely help you throughout you playing the Story Mode or even I believe Online. Get it, it’s FREE!
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2 years ago, pinkklady19
Great app for first time players
This app will tell you just about, if not everything you need to know about GTA5. I’ve been playing this game for years and wish I knew about it when I was new to playing it. Also, for anyone upset over this not being a cheap mobile version of an $80 game created by a billion dollar company, learn to read, it says “MANUAL” for a reason. Stay in school kids Anyway, great app👍🏽
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2 years ago, iiiiiį¿
Really good game and heists but gta the manual is bad but it tells the story of the game
I’ve been playing gta5 on my laptop and it’s really fun but one thing somtimes crashes but is really fun to play you can have cars and flying bikes and stuff gt5 is the best game I ever play payed it’s really fun I like the casino and Cayo heist all of the heist are so fun have a great day bye! Game so good but bye!
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4 years ago, Riker00001
I really like the game maybe but can you please fix this
For some reason i’m not able to get into the game and is there a button and also when you click on platform I play on mobile can you make a choice of Mobile on the platforms button
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4 years ago, Progamer2019
Seems like a good manual
The only thing it’s missing for veteran would be a building transfer analysis for it, and by that I mean if you have building A with customizations B D E A B but want to transfer to building B with the same customization but need to know if you’ll make money if you do it
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3 years ago, zhvjfugghJdkkekedjid
A lot of one stars are pretty dumb…
People, This game is THE MANUAL! There is no game! Stop leaving terrible reviews about “No game”. But the manual to it is perfect, You’ll see things you haven’t seen before, (Stores, etc.) It’s perfect for people who need some help with the game.
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4 years ago, phxogxphxpjxyxtx
good for people who got the game
It’s good, I recommend it for beginners. And for the 6 year olds saying it’s not the actual game I have an advice for you... ‘ 1. Read the title. 2. Ask your mom or dad what a word means if you don’t understand what it means.’
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7 months ago, peterhajskikrolikowski
Dear rockstar games
If your reading this rockstar I paid money for your games on my Xbox account but I don’t have a credit card setup on my Apple account so could you make gta lll free
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2 years ago, Brinkkiersten
It is okay
Well first of all I all ready have the map in my house so I don’t need the map,But I might need it for when I go to my friends house.I will give the app four stars😺.
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9 years ago, Johnnyboyseal
Its alright
Ok so rockstar is tring to help is with stuff i get that but in gta online we get no help from rockstar for people on old gen because of modders if they would help us with that it would be amazing and i suport rockstar so 5 stars!
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3 years ago, jdhewvhwhe
Really good manual
This is not a scam it really helps me I barely knew how to play and it teeched me how to I’m happy now I can do stuff it’s really good if you don’t know how to play gta V 5 los santos download😁
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1 year ago, Demon_slayer61
Please add controller support
I love this game so much but it won’t let me play the game with the backbone can you help and make it to where I can play with the backbone
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9 years ago, Tableclock21
Its good
It helps for people who are new to the game like me while also finding new areas to explore.
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8 months ago, Love-planes more
New tricks
When I first got this app I started to scroll and look at lots of stuff I’m not a beginner but for beginners this is perfect
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1 year ago, so iuurjruendujdudnudndjd
It’s a one star because I’ve done everything but nothing happened I just went blank and then I couldn’t play the game so this scam this is why I don’t like this game but I really want it and I really want it and I always dreamed about it but I can never get it because of you now I can’t get it
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2 years ago, big_daddy47
Read this
I can’t even start it i think it’s just garbage and fuok y’all
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7 years ago, Danniey
How does this have an overall 4-star rating?
Downloaded it - its useless. I was hoping I could read more about the online mode since the game does an awful job explaining it to you when you begin playing. The "online" section of this app is literally one page long, and explains NOTHING. Thanks for wasting my time.
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8 years ago, Gta help and compliments
Gta 5 build up
I love this app and I've been playing for almost a year so it's helped me with lots of tips also please add Gta 5 Xbox and playstations and all consoles have mods...👍👍👍👍👍👍?
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6 days ago, ggfcnc
Really tricked
It tricked me I thought it was the actual game but it wasn’t so mad rockstar games please put the game on the App Store
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1 year ago, heathpondvance
This game is not fun
It doesn’t let me play on my phone and I don’t know how to get into it
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2 years ago, isabellarainking?
This game does it have a start button I went through everything just to not find a game start. I’ll give you a better rating when you guys let me play the game. Please fix this i will give it a five star if you fix this. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Zanderfordanhordangprdan
Bruh This is really much better then the 7 dollars game
This is 5 Starts and it’s really good the cars Kinda Good But I Liked How I Pick My Charater
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4 years ago, El Rey 2
How do I play this
I got one question, how do you even play this game, I love it and I’m just wondering how you play on mobile
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4 years ago, joy cevon gale
Joys opinion
I also have an iPad and can’t get pass the setting. Also when you choose platform it should have a another option because if you click the options there you will not get past I’d F you have a iPad like me. So in my opinion this should not be on the App Store because of iPad users
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4 years ago, Roge soldier
Don’t bother it’s completely worthless
Seriously the game actually provides more information than this app. The map is useless due to the city background not matching the in game map. It’s very difficult to place any markers. I would of thought it was a joke if it had not been created by Rock⭐️. 👎🏻👎🏻
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2 years ago, find a mate
I can’t get in
How do you get in the game I can’t get into it for some reason
Show more
3 years ago, noursmaybe
Tell me how
I don’t know how to get in the game it just shows the Home Screen but no botten to get in the game
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5 years ago, nikkkiyahjada
It is a kind of game that people like to play but the on e thing I don’t like is that you have to wait for to download ina iPhone 6
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1 year ago, Bfaith2014
Worst game ever
It will not let you get on to play the game it’s a great game for people who will want to look at a screen and tap random buttons and it dose nothing if you are reading this do not download this game. PLEASE Stop making these games if they are a scam This is so frustrating 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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1 week ago, Franklin Michael Trevor
My complaint
I don’t know how to play this game on my phone
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1 year ago, jmijmijmij
How to play the game. I dont see a play button
How do you play the game
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2 years ago, Juan herzfeld rance
GTAV:The game is great and you can do anything on it
This game it’s not bad have a good time and tell me something about it.
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6 years ago, dreamcraigipleir
Good but not for online
This app is good for single play and introductory to online but not buying and prices for online
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4 years ago, nzudnwuxbsuhsauxnaohxuu#nsis
It’s really good but it’s glitchy a little the information is good.
And I just don’t know why it’s soooo laggy
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4 years ago, Hrkshdkdksk
I got played
I thought it was GTA for free but I opened the app and it was just the manual I was like bruh but I guess the manual was informative.
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9 years ago, Edward666taylor
I love this app!! Is sooo usefull!!
Rockstar is always making things easy for us!! This app and the iFruit app are great tools for us to play on the game. Thanks rockstar!!
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2 years ago, dogricewaterploop
It was horrible it would not let me join in after 3 hours and it’s still not letting me join in I definitely do not recommend this they definitely need to fix that bug
Show more
4 years ago, zufelt777
I don’t get how to play it or if you do get to play it otherwise it’s pretty helpful
Show more
4 years ago, rober tober
GTA five
I thought this was the real game but it was just a manual and it had no mobile when you choose what your playing it on and I have a iPad
Show more
2 years ago, RipRizzy
Hello, could you make it so we can play it on ipad pls
Show more
2 years ago, <<>>
It is a bad game because you can’t even play and I don’t have a laptop or pc or a computer which on those it’s more realistic but not on a iOS so plllllllllllllllllease update now so you can play it and to be just be like GTA 5
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4 years ago, why can't a Latina
How cool this game is
I like how this game is so kind of like a joke but this is just cool I don’t know why she’s a doll I love adults help me survive
Show more
4 years ago, Darkberrybluegirl
I am 9 can’t have the app but I thinking it great I saw it before my fav YouTubers play it
Show more
4 years ago, wesly1911
How to play
How do you do this everytime I try not work
Show more
4 months ago, Zhakhi Mack
Once I downloaded this app but I can’t play it on my phone because I don’t know how to play this and because i got GTA 5 on my Xbox and I can’t play it on my phone so we’re not staying in school we’re staying home
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