Granite CU Mobile Banking

2.8 (33)
31.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Granite Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Granite CU Mobile Banking

2.79 out of 5
33 Ratings
10 months ago, Nick Name 4523
Needs moderization
Has some modern features like Face ID and check deposit which have worked fine for me. But in this modern age it's baffling that if I want to transfer money to someone else in Granite I need to type in their account number and suffix (and hope I typed it correctly) every single time instead of being able to define payee or even see a history of payees to select from
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4 years ago, RealDD801
The app has the promise of being good. Eventually...
I have downloaded this app and used for my IPad for a few months. Once I got the bigs and kinks worked out, it was a decent app. The one issue I had, is after depositing the final screen you click to get confirmation of the online deposit would never open. It would just freeze. I worked around this by closing the app and reopening every time. But now there is a major error happening to lots of members apparently where you can’t deposit at all. I realize writing these apps with all of the necessary features isn’t always easy. But this app seems half baked. Not ready for the big time yet. I hope they get the bugs worked out. But until then, without the deposit feature, it is close to worthless.
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2 years ago, MiniCooperMan
Very functional app
I enjoy using this app, especially for quick in and out account checkups. The only problem I’ve had with the app involves iPhone’s Face ID. If I leave the app open and in the active position after I’ve used it, and then click off the phone, the next time I use Face ID to logon the phone the app’s right there and I get auto logged right back on to the website even though I don’t want to. There should be an app pop up that asks if you want to log back in…in that case.
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2 years ago, Tdhlol
No notifications
Whatever the latest update was the app no longer sends push notifications. All my app settings are correct as well as my iPhone setting. Notifications just stopped. Please fix this bug.
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5 years ago, Linksordon90
Login Issue
So I use the auto fill option when signing in online, but the GCU app doesn’t use that effectively. It basically gives me a list of previous account logins. Perhaps that’s a security measure, but I don’t know. It may not be working due to my fingerprint reader being off. I would love it if the app had the auto fill option when signing into my account.
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5 years ago, Honeybees67
Keeps locking me out even if I have the correct password!!
It was great at first but, I have tried countless times to try and remember the passcodes to this app and every time I get them right, however, the app thinks I’m a huge liar and locks me out of my account!.Then I have to bug the bank and beg each time to have my account activated again, I swear they are going to have a sign with my name on it that says “warming, begs too much for account reactivation, if you see her, ignore her” I really don’t like the app anymore.
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1 year ago, mixed expressions
I can’t stand this app. It caused unnecessary issues with transferring money from savings to checking when trying to pay for something. The system stopped allowing me to login and it caused me to leave a business to get cash out from a ATM. Very embarrassing l experience, all because an App wouldn’t let me logging to transfer funds. Plus, it was over the weekend so getting LIVE person on the phones was impossible.
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6 years ago, yanni2222
Version 4.0.27
Cannot save / download PDF statements, only viewing is possible. This is the only app that I have seen in the history of iOS apps that opens PDF files but does not allow one to save the PDF being viewed!!!!
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2 years ago, Rologames24
App review
I’ve been a member of this bank for 8 years now and the 1 thing I can say about this app is just how consistently it’s down and you can’t sign in. It’s honestly not worth the trouble going to this bank if just seeing how much is in your account isn’t possible. Get it together GCU
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6 years ago, R-moble:1
Not the best
This is probably the worst mobile banking app. It’s a decent credit union but online never works how It should. I got another bank account somewhere else also just to take care of money after hours in their apps that work.
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2 years ago, Mo 5150
Notifications don’t work
Since the latest update, notifications stopped working.
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6 years ago, Bart0319
Check Deposit is horrible!
I can’t deposit my checks because it says the picture quality is not good enough. A professional photographer couldn’t take a better photo. Something is wrong with the character recognition.
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11 years ago, Granite customer
Glad to FINALLY have an app as all other credit unions have had them. They still have some work to do with adding bill pay and making transfers easier.
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5 years ago, Fuki1
Bad app
I want to give this zero stars but I was forced to give it one star or not submit a review. I downloaded the app and could not get in. It would not let me sign in. Instead, it wanted me to change my account password. Called GCU for assistance and got none. WORTHLESS app.
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3 years ago, charlotte.toone
Love it!
Works really well! They put a lot of effort into it!
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5 years ago, Jer2019
Terrible App
I can’t say anything positive about this app. Hi have never had such a hard time trying to create a password and after going around in circles I finally gave up.
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4 years ago, lgomez443
Not working since update
Not working since update
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10 years ago, Jaybee84088
Latest Version Crashing
I really appreciate this app, but the latest version crashes every time I try to change the payment date in Bill Payer.
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8 years ago, luminousnerd
In 2016 a banking app still doesn't support fingerprint scanning and the only word I can think of to describe this is pathetic. I will most likely be switching to a bank or credit union that operates in the modern era.
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9 years ago, Dirndls handled
Transferring funds
My funds aren't loading when I am trying to transfer them between accounts
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8 years ago, Fhsbe43
I have to authenticate my account every time I log onto the app! So frustrating! It didn't use to do this...........
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9 years ago, T-rock77
Not functional
It's not loading my user name and password. I get error number 510...
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