4.4 (89.2K)
318.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dennis Vukanovic
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Granny

4.36 out of 5
89.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Yolo1010
This game is Awesome
I love this game so much! But maybe add some more hiding spots downstairs also add something in the extreme mode where you can choose a time limit maybe? Or in easy mode make it where you can choose how fast or slow granny moves, also make it where granny says stuff randomly even if she doesn’t hear a noise that way u know where she is. Make it where you can choose how many locks you want. I think you should make it where you can hide in the cabinets downstairs in the kitchen. Also there could be keys to help you in the game. (Outside door key, bedroom key for the 2nd day, stuff like this.) you could hide them in books or on top of doorways? If you could PLEASE make the house bigger! I know you just added the garage but maybe make more secret passageways that granny can’t get into, they could be closed off in harder modes maybe. Please make the main floor not so hard to get to/look in. Most all the time you have to tranquilize granny to check there. Also make it where you can choose to have a grandpa call him pop-pop or papa. I think that these ideas would be nice in granny. But mostly make granny have her own bedroom where should would spend her time if there was no noise going on. Oh and one more thing. Make it where you can play with other people who are online that would be super fun!!!! Please if you will do any one please do it where you can play with other people!!!! I love this game!
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6 years ago, TheDerpHurricane
I love you, granny hates you, we are all trying to escape.
Best game in the world. What to know how. I got nightmares from it. First time playing it the night I got it I got nightmares. Here are some suggestions. First, add multiplayer. Come on it’s the best. One multiplayer is online were you need WiFi and local were people near you can play with you. Add mode were you can play as granny. As granny you need to kill all players in your house. To see them you either have to here a sound they made or you see them. When you here a sound or see them there will be a sprint button that come up to run faster. It is the same objective but more people. Two more things, add an insane mode of more pro people. The second thing in the options before entering the game, add an option to two have more granny’s to make it harder. OMG I forgot one more thing add another mode called outside. In this mode your objective is when you escaped the house you need to find your way back to civilization. But before the game there are five boxes. One is for the difficulty, the next one if you want multiple granny’s like I mentioned before, the next is if you want slenderina in it, the other is if you want slenderina’s mother to be in it, and the last one is to have all of them besides difficulty. You can only choose one of them the difficulty and one of the last four. That is it. That is what I want new in this game. I know it sounds a lot but it sounds fun doesn’t it.
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11 months ago, LuckyLucasGamer
Bug Report + Game Review
Game Review: After discovering this game shortly after the backyard was introduced I’ve been playing ever since. The game is similar to Hello Neighbor but is better in every way. The puzzles are simple but intuitive, the stealth is like no other. I’ve beaten the game many times, most notably on Extreme and on Normal without being seen once. The updates added new found fun every time I played. It’s too bad in my opinion Granny: Chapter 2 is worse. Too add insult to injury the 3rd and 4th installments aren’t available on iPhones due to “low quality”. This game is amazing and I can’t give it enough praise. Bug Report: For the current version (1.8) on iPhone I have discovered a visual and gameplay oriented bug. The visual one is during the end sequence by going out through the door. In the cutscene Granny’s bat turns neon pink. I’m unsure wether this is due to me killing her prior to escape or standard in all escapes. The second is a major gameplay bug. If you lure Granny to a bed while she is chasing you, and begin to go in and out of the bed rapidly she will not attack. She will become locked in a state where she’s unable to hit you, and she will just turn to fave your direction. During this time she will not move either. This can be reverted by killing her or dying in the variety of ways the game offers. This can be done on every difficulty from easy to extreme excluding practice mode.
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1 year ago, BEST : By Taylor Kate
this game could approve a lot and a lot of things could change but overall it is a good game. one thing I think that should change is the mode I feel is we have had the same practice , easy , hard , and extreme mode for a long time and maybe we should add a new mode the mode could be harder or easier than extreme. the next thing I think you should change is having to go back and forth to pick up items from the place you’re escaping from or in general. I feel that instead of walking back and forth we should be able to pick up at least three things at a time to make it easier. another thing I think should be added is an option for spider mom. in hard and extreme mode it doesn't have to be a option but in easy normal and practice I feel that there should be an option for spider mom. I thing I don't like about spider mom is in practice mode she's there.. it's practice mode so I feel there should be no type of enemies trying to kill us. another thing I don't like is that Granny stopped spawning in the basement like she used to and now she just spawns from anywhere like random rooms the bathroom , downstairs. I feel if she's just going to spawn from anywhere it should at least be a button to the side where you can see where she spawns at the last thing is the lady where you put the book down and then she starts crawling that's so unrealistic. maybe just add where spider key is somewhere laying around the house. not anywhere to hard to find tho . somewhere easy.
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6 years ago, catubub
Not enough updates (I got ideas)
I think the backyard should be bigger. Make more rooms. This one idea I though would be cool. Have a another room with some type of bird. Every time you go in the room the bird would make noice and granny would come in, but there should be a mask you can put on then the bird can squeak. Make different kills other than the swing of her bat. There should be a baseball you can throw at her then it can say “Granny is happy with you for 30 secs.” That could be another way to have some free time. Another thing when you get killed under the bed she should drag you out then proceed killing you. The closest should do that to. Make more secrets you can do slender man somewhere. Do something with grandpa. Have some sort of back story. Make more endings I like the to you have, but there’s time for more. Do one with the crossbow. If you have spawned slederina have her be in it. Add more details to the house. (Back to slender man) when you spawn slenderna she could give you a key to slender man’s grave. Which you could have a shovel to look for. Next and last give credit to the comments on here. Give there name and give thanks. Last thing add more things granny can do. (Add to the menu as well.) *If you are reading this thanks for using time to read this. I appreciate the kindness. I hope theses updates will come out. I’m asking this to make the game better. Thank you again for taking the time to reading my comment! Bye!*
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5 years ago, Dabmaster the lll
Best mobile game of the decade! Also, detailed multiplayer concept!
I play it almost everyday but plz add multiplayer 2-5 plays and someone can be granny, I will explain the multiplayer mode idea more detailed here. So one person will become granny and the other 1-4 players will be trying to escape together! I someone gets caught, granny will lock them in a cage in the basement, this is why a new item will be added! A bolt cutter! It can be used on the cage to let someone out! But beware, granny will put another lock on the cage! Also, maybe when you knock out granny she will have a key on her to unlock the cage! When a player escapes they go into spectator mode, which means the can fly around the house to watch on fix their view on a specific person! Or maybe when a persons five lives run out they might become one of granny’s pets! Which means that settings should be available before a match is started by a host, note that players should be able to see the settings of the game before the match starts, and should be able to vote to start! A chat feature would be great for a better multiplayer experience! Players could escape together or alone! Please take into account my idea, a lot of people really want this! Thank you if you even read this! Your game is by far one of the best mobile games ever! I am still addicted to this day! See you at granny’s! Note: players should be able to have gamer tags or nicknames!
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6 years ago, TaytwoD12
Future updates
I love this game so much! I do have a few recommendations for nee updates. My best friend and I have both completed all the game modes, but wish we could play together in the same game rather than separate. I think there should be a granny multiplayer option. This way you and your friend can both play against granny at the same time. Also, creating another game mode or two would be nice. We spent weeks trying to complete extreme mode. Maybe there should be a mode a little bit easier, and then a mode a little bit harder after. I feel like hard to extreme is a really big step up. Maybe make a mode before extreme without the little cage in the one secret passageway. Or a few less creaking floors. An option to even be granny against a computer or a friend would also be really cool. To make it fair, granny will have limits. For example, if you’re playing as her, you can only put down 5 bear traps in every 10 or 15 minutes. Also, you should only be able to sprint or move faster for a small amount of time. Maybe only being able to check the cupboards and underneath the bed a few times. Creating multiple maps would be pretty cool too. For example, Granny moves to Idaho! She has a new house there or something similar to that. These are all just ideas to make the game even better than it already is. I’m sure others may agree or think the same thing(s). Thank you for reading!
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6 years ago, PelicanBoi
I have really enjoyed playing this game, and I have beaten it several times. I would love to see new updates in the future! I have a couple of ideas that might be a great idea I don’t know... Multiplayer: this has been going around for a while now and I hope you could add it in the game. You could add Granny’s pets that can be awoken at some point in the game, they can crawl through the small spaces and grab on to you letting granny have an idea of where you are because they bark so she can hear it. You guys should also add more Easter eggs they are the coolest things in video games. Another thing you could add is another option on the beginning screen of part two where you are outside and you have to escape by finding parts of the car to drive away... that would be like a bonus thing that you can switch on and off. Maybe have a day and night switch too? Idk about that it would let people who were scared not be scared of the darkness. Almost done 2 more... The attic: I’m just gonna say it. It is really bland unlike the rest of the house, you could add more rooms up there with more things to find/ do it would make it so much cooler. And finally there can be a switch on the menu for cameras around the house that you can break with the hammer, or cover with a (cloth) new item for that mode. I personally love this game and hope for awesome updates in the future keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, Rogersfam16
Just to start this game is nearing death, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play it. This game is exceptional by all means. The intensity levels skyrocket when you’re on extreme and you step on a creaking floorboard. The jumpscares aren’t awful, but good enough to startle you when you don’t expect it. Tips: granny drops bear traps. Dropping an item on them will activate it. Stepping on it will require you to remove the trap by looking at it and holding the remove button. Triggered bear traps will attract granny. The car bumper is rigged to fall off when you go near it, so be careful. You can put the shotgun parts together in the garage. The house is rigged with traps, but I shouldn’t say anything else! Update ideas: Save files. I play this game in fragments and whenever I leave the app open too long it closes automatically and my progress is gone. Save files could fix that. Custom mode. You could unlock it by beating the game on a difficult difficulty. Maybe you could have options like where things are, how fast granny moves, etc, and then uploading it to the community to have others play it. Granny mode! Who wouldn’t want to play as granny herself? I don’t think this one needs explaining, and yes, I know this is a mod, but it would be great if you could play as granny in the vanilla game. Dvloper and the devs, please consider. To review readers, download this game! You’re missing out!
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1 year ago, JaxRockBro
New update, new bugs
This game is so good, some things should be changed, but not the music when granny chases u (its good music, Theappaddict) some stuff needed so this would be better if these are changed #1, the glitches. First glitch, whenever you die, sometimes and ad pops up. This is fine except for when the audio for the whole game disappears. Another glitch, when you go to the spider cellar, spider mom will get you through the crouch pathways. You can be in them and she could still get you. Final glitch, the hiding glitch. When ur running from granny, you can go in a room and hide under a bed and she will still get u even if she didnt see u hide. Now next thing that should be changed is #2, granny’s spawn points. The new spawn points for granny are SO ANNOYING. When a new day is started, you have to knock down pictures on the stairs to see where she is. Onto this final thing, #3 spider mom attraction. I hate having to wait for spider mom to pass the entrance so i can get in. We need something to attract her. We cant just peek out while still being in a crouch pathway because of spider mom getting you through them, which is a previously mentioned glitch. And if this is granted, please dont let spider mom see us if we’re in the back of the first crouch pathway. The way it is now is just luck-based. Please fix these
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6 years ago, Benjamin michael Jon camp
One of The Best Mobile Games Developed
Granny is very cohere with my title, except with a few recommendations. I like how the ambience of the game is eerie and sinister. You wake up and your goal is to try to circumvent Granny, find the tools in order to unlock the door, and escape. I like Granny’s belligerent attitude because this challenges you to find the needed objects at certain times. The house is very interesting because you can find the tools many different locations, but they are not always in the same place. I also like how Granny leaves traps. You only have five days, so you really need to be agile with your actions. There are many good hiding places you can go for Granny not to see you, except if she sees you trying to hide. The music is perfect too, which adds to the eerie and sinister ambience. In addition, what I would like to see in future updates or in the sequel is a story mode. This can enable the players to witness Granny’s motives, how you ended up in the house, and choices that affects the outcome. Maybe you can try to get other people to help stop her outside of her house too. I would also like for the developer to augment the side of Granny’s house because we will be able to explore more , and it will be harder to find the tools. You (The developer/developers) did an excellent job to the game and you should be proud of how successful this game is. Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, riley beth
I love granny
I love this app! It is supper fun and challenging and at some points rage! One thing I would love so much in this app is if you could do multiplayer! And join friends and help them escape! That would make the game even more top notch! And could you pls allow the gasoline and the pepper spray kill the spiders I get so close to leaving then I can’t kill the spiders before they kill me! 😬😢 also could you add special clues on where the keys could be that would be cool! Also could you add a question that asks you how fast you want granny to go or how good her hearing is when I stated playing that would have been nice for beginners! Or for normal and easy mode! Also pls pls pls make the house bigger! Like a lot bigger and a bunch more hidden tunnels just for the excitement of it! They don’t have to be fancy or anything just a little something more! And pls add more things in drawers and cabinets cause I can never find anything! Like I find 5 things and say I need 7 I have searched the whole house and can’t find the last 2 because there are no signs or anything like that! And it gets me a little mad! Also could you pls make it to where if you completely ex out of the game it will save your progress and not log you out! I really hope you look at there request! But if you do chose one from here pls do the multi player one! Good bye! Have a great day ❤️
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11 months ago, Aloraishere
I love granny
So this is what happens I love, granny not give me nightmares, but it gives my uncle nightmares and actually I love, granny granny is actually a game you can play there’s like chapter 1 and chapter 2 like the first one is just granny, nobody else but but but granny is like a scary game, but also it’s kind of different than the other games and actually it’s really fun I really love it and I actually like it because it is like the best game I ever had literally when I play it, it’s like awesome. I always play with my brother my uncle and myself it’s actually the best game I ever saw so when I saw the game the first time I was like I want to see this game and actually I thought it was a really scary but actually I did not know how to play before my uncle he watches like these people they are name Fgeetv sorry if I spelled it wrong, but my uncle and my brother like to watch those. So I like this game it’s so if you guys want to download it it is so much fun so download it right now This is the best game I ever played. Actually I love scary games it’s The Best so yeah have a nice day guys and make sure you guys play it because it’s the best game I ever played download right now you have a best time and it’s not a waste of your time, so download it and if you’re scared, it’s OK but this is the best game I ever played. You guys have a nice day. Bye 🖐🏻
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5 years ago, 156The Average Guy
“Granny” is a Must-Get!
If you are even slightly interested in “Granny”, then please do yourself a favor and get it—you won’t regret it. As someone who’s played “Outlast”, “Resident Evil”, “Alien Isolation”, etc., I can without a doubt say this game will give you shivers down your spine! (I like to call this game a “pocket ‘Outlast’”.) This game is the perfect blend of horror- and puzzle-based gameplay, allowing for tension-filled moments (especially with the new nightmare mode) along with opportunities to flex your IQ whilst trying to solve a puzzle. The pros of this game definitely outweigh the cons, which there are very few of, some of the more noticeable ones consisting of the following: at times Granny’s AI seems way too smart—unfair even—spotting you with her back turned, almost as if she has eyes in the back of her head; some bear trap placements are very unfair and allow for no option except to get caught in it; sometimes items will disappear and get launched across the map—sometimes making winning impossible. There are a few other bugs here and there, but overall, they don’t really take away from the gameplay and immersion—just some polishing issues really—meaning that if these were fixed I’d give the game six stars if I could! The future looks even better for this game (possible multiplayer?), please get this game and support it, it is a lot of fun!
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6 years ago, Diamond_Designer
This game is great. I like how there are different levels to play at. The game keeps updating and I think that is great, because not many games I know do that. My sister originally showed it to me, and I have not passed it yet. A lot of my friends have this game and it is cool to talk about it with them. I have four ideas for this game though. First, I think there should be multiplayer, so all the granny lovers can play with their friends. Secondly, to make the game even better, another mode or two should be added. In one of the modes, there should be two grannies or Slendrina helps her. Thirdly, (this is one of my sister’s ideas) if you manage to summon Slendrina on any mode but easy, she tells you where a key/object is. Finally, (another one of my sisters ideas) There should be a mode where there is no granny or keys/objects. You can just glance around the house. (It sounds like cheating, but my sister feels most people that are thinking to download granny, have seen a video or two online about it) Also, this isn’t really a idea, but I would like to suggest it anyway. I like how Slendrina is in a series (even though I have not played Slendrina, I like how it is a series) And I though Granny could somehow be a series too. A idea for another Slendrina or Granny game is the entire family haunts a area together. Please take these ideas into consideration!
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6 years ago, Anonymous9964
Love It, But I Have Some Ideas
I really love this game. I have showed this game to most of my friends and they love it too. And, I have a few ideas to help this game improve. I feel like this game should have a mode where you could choose to be either Granny and stop the person from escaping the house, or you could play as the person that is trying to escape (how it is now). I feel like this feature would make the game more enjoyable. Also, I think there should be either a man or a woman that is locked in one of the bedrooms upstairs and you could help them escape. But it should require a few steps to help the person escape, just like on the main door downstairs. Basically, you would have to use a hammer and a key to get inside the room. And finally, I feel like Granny should have a bedroom where she keeps important things in there, like keys to open doors around the house. But of course, it would be really hard to get into her bedroom because she would be there most of the time, and because she would have cameras all around. If she looks at the cameras, it would immediately make her run after you. I feel like this game has already improved so much and gotten better and better, but I just thought I would share my ideas. I really hope that you consider adding these features to make the game more fun.
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3 years ago, --Random Person
I have a few ideas!
I love this game. I love the concept and characters. It’s so fun! But I have a few ideas. -A very popular fear is arachnophobia. As you know, there’s usually a required item in the spider cabinet and many people fail to close the cage. I think you can add an option that the spider room isn’t there? And it could be optional for all difficulties, for I know some people adore spiders. -For the car, for an extra challenge, on the difficulties Hard and Extreme, you could lay the steering wheel around the house instead of it already being on the car. That should add new challenges. -Add a new difficulty. Insane mode. Granny moves a TINY bit slower than the spider, but the player moves as fast as Granny on Hard mode. There could be an extra key needed for the front door. -New way to escape the House. Maybe through the backyard. Make a door in the fence (a few feet to the right from the well) with a smaller fenced in area behind that, you need the padlock key to enter. It could serve as a hiding spot (you must crouch to get in) if you wanted to escape through the car or front door. You may need a few extra parts to escape there though. I advise including the hammer for an extra use there and maybe the screwdriver because in the overall game there’s only 2 uses for that thing.
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5 years ago, Shrekfanboy443
For a mobile game, it’s awesome
Ima be honest, most mobile games that are horror related usually aren’t scary and just look awful. This game is not one of them. When I first played this, I was horrified and I just hid under the bed until I found the courage to explore the house. I got the game when it was on Version 1.3 and the house was pretty big at the time. Ok now that my story involving how I think of the game is out of the way, I have a few recommendations that I think are good for the game. First off, please add a multiplayer. I know it’s usually asked from you, but multiplayer on a game like granny would be amazing. Also if you complete extreme mode, you should add something that slows you to play as granny, and when the “protagonist” makes a noise, you can automatically see where he made the noise and you can run to the place where the noise was made. The last thing I think would be pretty cool to add would be another pet. I know there are two pets already, but please add another pet. I think a good pet could be a cat. I think if you give it food, it can help you find certain stuff you need in order to escape or help your self against granny with. This took me like eight minutes to make, but this game is honestly really good, and I just wanted to give recommendations that can perhaps make it better.
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2 months ago, kashmoneywallet13
Version 1.9?
Dvloper, I have been playing granny since I was 7 and I just have to say that this new version 1.8 update has to be the best one yet. I think it's awesome that you brought back an old character (Slendrina's mom spider) from house of slendrina. I love the new chase music (has a good beat) and granny is still scarier than ever. This is a thought I was thinking about this for the next update. So in granny when you place the book on the pedistool, Slendrina's mom falls of and starts crawling, then spits up the spider key. But what if in the options menu before starting the game, you can choose to turn on regular slendrina's mom so that when you play the game, you place the book, she starts crawling, spits up the key, and then gets up off the floor and starts chasing you like granny. It's kinda like granny 2 but instead of turning on grandpa, you turn on slendrina's mom. That's just a thought I had because slendrina mom is my favorite character in your entire horror series. If anyone sees this comment, I would definitely recommend getting granny if you want a good scare, and dvloper, please recommend putting my idea in the game. And can you try too make a granny 4? I think everyone who plays your games wants it : ) Sincerely one of your biggest fans, Kash Wallace.
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6 years ago, 4nnoying P3rson
Amazing game, but there are some improvements it can have..
I like the new update of Granny, where there is a new mode and I kinda wonder if I’m really alone. Even if you don’t have it on the set mode, it automatically has extra props and stuff and Granny’s pet, god it creeps me out. Some improvements to Granny though is, can it have multiplayer mode? My brother wants to play with me at the same time and test some qualities of it. The multiplayer mode would be cool because it would be kind of like a two/one game, or if one of the players was the Granny then it would be cool too. Also, when you fall down the stairs, why do you die instead of just injuring your leg? Possibly the rate of the game is just programmed that way, but I like to try to make games complicated but fun. If you ever got outside, when Granny comes home could you have like this running chance instead of just walking past her in the game? Or the pet was allowed to come down about a minute after you open the secret special room. And upholding the new update, the new mode scares me a lot cuz it seems that whenever your walking around you can hear footsteps even when Granny isn’t home and I like that. Its got that tense vibe that makes you not want to move and just hide so you can’t get to the materials to escape. Good job guys!!
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5 years ago, Aashyn++
The best ❤️❤️❤️
First of all, it is a great app. In the menu section there are so many options to customize your game to how you would prefer, for the pros and the noobs, such as myself. I have been obsessed with this game since I discovered it. But there are a few things that I would like to see in future updates, such as a multiplayer mode. A lot of people have been talking about this and I can’t seem to find how they do it. So I went to the app to see the latest update. But sadly multiplayer had not come into discussion in the update, but in the reviews I see a lot of people have been repeatedly requesting multiplayer. Another thing I would love to see is a chance to select difficulty of map, such as how many secret entries there are in the house. I think it would be a lot easier to play the game with that option. Also the graphics are not the best but they are better than most horror game graphics. Again back to the difficulty I would like to be able to disable the spider. Specifically because the spider is way to fast and when I try to shoot it when it’s still in its den it doesn’t work. And it is quite difficult to shoot the red button. But all in all, I think it is a great, fun, and I highly recommend this app. Thank you for reading!!!
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5 years ago, ThAwesomePro
Good but one thing is missing...
SECRET PASSAGES!!! And also maybe add more places to explore OHHH wait how about an outdoors so when you leave (both ways) you can be outside and you could start like a new level or something OUTSIDE (not in back yard front yard) so granny comes outside her house and you have to survive her and get things outside and also SECRET PASSAGES OUTSIDE And the gate is supposed to be the “door” and the car lost its things again and when you break out with car you break the fence! I love this game so much and granny is super hard to escape even on easy mode. It makes me practice how to do other hard games and could(probably not) help me if that ever happens to me (joking). I like it and even made a song about granny. I made it on Dec. 30. Jingle Bells Granny Smells ,Her Spider Layed An Egg , The Killer Granny Lost Her Leg And The Boy (or Girl) Got Away. Hey! (Repeat Again after that). Please I really want that and put other things like i dont know or maybe a way to talk to GRANNY! That would be weird and remember to keep up the good work! And umm i saw you update the game every month right? I havent have kept track because how good this game is but is every update on the 1st day of every month? If it is im really excited to see 1.7 and i hope you have enough time to do what i want on 1.8.
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6 years ago, TheAngeloftheOpera
This game is addicting!
EDIT: okay, I now have an issue I’m willing to say costs a star from my once 4-Star review. It’s virtually impossible to beat the highest difficulty now, because *spoilers* a barrier now exists in the basement tunnel, preventing you from traveling between the back staircase and the basement. I’ve played so many times and failed. Perhaps (and I hate suggesting things) instituting a way of getting rid of the barrier? Otherwise it’s not even challenging—it’s aggravatingly impossible to beat. I have beaten this game a dozen times and always come back for more. It’s got tons of replay value, with the different item hiding spots and the difficulty settings, and even now, I still get occasionally jumpscared by Granny! My only issue is that there are a few bugs (most don’t affect gameplay, so I don’t mind them—I just get a bit annoyed by Granny hitting me through the wall!). I’ve also begun to recognize a pattern for where the objects will appear when (like, I know where to find the passcode when the melon is in the tub, etc.) so in that respect it can be just a little predictable. Overall, however, this is a great game. I love seeing the updates you’ve added, too! Also, please don’t feel pressured based on all the demands your fans are making, either. This is a great indie horror game, and you should feel proud of how it is now. Best of luck with your future endeavors!
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6 years ago, LeoGaming32
Have a few ideas about granny.
Me personally love this game but I think that would be some cool updates and I have some ideas for the updates. There should be a boy that should be granny’s grandson and she and grandson has to watch over you so it gets extra hard there should also be very very hard mode where granny moves as fast as lightning and when she hears you she automatically teleports to you. Also when you get out of the house granny would run after you and she’ll do that slower but still pretty fast. There should also be a sprint mode where you could sprint so that you would be faster than normal but you would make more sound. There should also be security cameras so granny could watch you. I hope you add these in the updates and I have a few more ideas and I just wanted to say it’s a great game. When you come in the house you have a weapon with you but you can only use it for 30 seconds and if you don’t give it up for more than 30 seconds then she runs way way faster. There will also be a time limit that when you’re done with the weapon the time limit goes out. Again I hope you add this I would be really happy if you do and I love this game so so much and I hope you can add other updates people did the reviews on too!
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6 years ago, ReplyingCay
Amazing app but please do these future updates
I love playing Granny! It’s the best horror game I’ve ever played. I love the new updates such as being able to escape with a car and things like that. But there is somethings I would like to be added to the game. First, I would like multiplayer. This version would be so much more fun. You could help each other and even defeat Granny together! Second, being able to talk in multiplayer. If you do multiplayer you should probably be able to talk! Being able to talk would help look out for each other if one person is not paying attention or is about to get attacked. You could also lead each other around the house if you know the best places we’re all the keys are hidden. Third, being able to create your player. This would be awesome because most of us don’t even know if our character is a boy or a girl. I feel like this update would help people not get confused with the gender of their character. Last one more clues. Sometimes when I get important keys or something I don’t know what to do with them. I usually leave them there or in some games, leave them in the playhouse. I hope the developer will read this and I hope they will consider making these updates. Sincerely- ReviewCat
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2 years ago, walt da best
GREAT HORROR GAME,but I have some update ideas
So it’s an amazing horror game but here are some more ideas for updates. 1. Maybe when you spawn slenderina she will be actually in the game and spawn with granny. 2. Maybe you could add more ways granny can kill you,speaking of her killing you how about there is a way to grab her bat and keep it till she finds a way to kill you, Also you can add where you can actually tame the spider or bird and help escape the house. 3. Maybe you can add where you can add slender man too the game by letting slenderina give you a shovel to dig his grave up and he will spawn. 4. Maybe you can add when you get outside you have to find more tools to get out ( cause you can add a gate) and finally escape. 5. Maybe you can add where when it’s sunny outside and granny is asleep cause she is always awake at night and you have free time to find more stuff to get out also you can add a way to get water out the fridge and it’s freezing water and poor it on granny so it gives you an extra 1 minute of her sleeping (she sleeps for like 3 minutes so it would be 4) That’s all the ideas I have I’m glad you took the time to read this I really appreciate it bye hope you use the updates!!!!
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6 years ago, Tic-Tac237
Keep it simple.
First off, ATLEAST TRY THE GAME AND TRY TO BEAT IT.. The pictures may seem cheesy, but you don’t know what roller coaster ride you may buckle into! Now, to the review. Granny is amazing, but I believe you should keep it simple. This is a game about someone surviving a crazed woman related to freaking SLENDERINA, not a game about seeing through walls to find keys... I would like a multiplayer mode, one being granny, but that’s as much as this game needs. I get it, you don’t want people getting bored of the game, so you add more things to happen in the game. This is a gem that has a wonderful future and can strike high on the leaderboard. Everyone is crazed about this game, but making it a GOD against a murderer is way more boring/easy than a brittle person that tumbles it’s way through a house, trying to escape for its LIFE! I respect you learn through reviews, but please don’t let them take over and make it their own game. I’m loving the game so far, and have fun making your games. P.S. A few more deaths could be pretty neat. As the teenager I am, I feel that there could be a couple more game over screens... Maybe she can trap you in the sauna, or gas you out with the car exhaust? I would love to see what you do with this game, or game series? ~Aiden
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5 years ago, ccjvbdf.kknezric.
Love it
I love granny but I think there should be a new update with a bunny that walks around the house. There should also be Easter eggs that are hiding in the house. If you find all the eggs and bring them in a basket downstairs you can get a sharp carrot which would knock out granny. Granny should also have bunny ears. There should also be a room that you get to by going in the locker in the bathroom. When you open that locker the back should be a door. This should lead into a furnaces room. There would be stairs where if you go down them they break and drop you in the basement. There should be a locker in the room. There should also be a way to escape from the playhouse room There should be a fence made of wires that you could get out from. You need cutting pliers to cut the wire. You need a switch to turn of the electricity on the fence. Yes the fence behind the wires is electric. You would then need the fence key to unlock the fence. And the crowbar to ply open the fence. Last there should be a new death where granny brings you up with the spider and you lay there with granny looking down on you. Then the spider would crawl up and eat you. That is an update idea that I would love to see. I would also like to see multiplayer appear in the game. This is just my opinion.
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6 years ago, randomguy1127
AWESOME just a suggestion for another mode
I love everything about the game hands down. But my suggestion is a multiplayer mode where you can play locally with somebody else. The two people can connect via wifi or Bluetooth. Somebody is randomly chosen as granny and the other as the person. The interface of the person is normal. The interface for granny is different, Though. The interface for granny will have a hit button so the player can hit with bat when ever. Whenever a noise is made, an arrow will appear for granny and tell her to go where the noise was(not where person is.). Granny also can't open chests, cabinets or look under beds unless the person came into her sight and went in. A button for granny will appear so she can open if she sees you. Also, for both interfaces, a radar will appear for a few seconds every minute to help both players. And if you can, please devise how the person will look like whenever the person comes into granny's sight. And if teddy is picked up, granny's vision will turn red and will be given an arrow that tells her where the person is until teddy is dropped. Granny can't pick up things, crouch or hit the person of he/she is in one of those little crawl ways/spaces. Thank you, DVloper!
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6 years ago,
Granny is good but here are some tips to improve the game
Granny is really fun! My friends introduced it to me a couple of moths ago and every since we have been playing and showing it to other people. I love how you find stuff and it leads to others. When I first beat it my heart was pounding of excitement but I was shaking of fear. Me and My friends all love to play and are eager and happy when there are updates. You have been so creative with the outside extra locks and more difficulties on the menu. Even though this game is so fun there is some improvements. One thing I suggest is there should be a garage. Since the latest update there has been no other things to explore. I keep beating it so with the garage it can create more of a challenge. The garage can have it’s own key and might have somethings in it including the Mellon cogwheels weapon key and more! It can also have a car and other stuff to explore. The second thing is there should be a shop. You get coins every time you beat granny and you get more if you beat in on Harder game modes. Things to buy can be more affective darts on granny or make her move slower on es different modes. Or even get a amount of hints during the game! These are some suggestions I hope you read this and enjoy my opinions!
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5 years ago, SimplyLargeFan
Great games! (Just needs more updates/plot)
What I was thinking is have a kind of story like how Evil Nun has. Meaning you could add an item and a secret room. In order to start the story you would need the item and access to the secret room, which you could gain access by beating it a certain amount of times, or by adding a special item for the room, which Granny has on her at all times, so you need to knock her out to start the story. You could then have the person that was there before you down in a cellar below the garage, which is locked and has an elevator leading to it for the guy to give you items to complete the chapters, but, for each chapter, a new enemy could be released to work with Granny. Apart from the story, you could add more rooms overall, more NPCs, more items, and another couple escape routes, such as having a chopper, jet, or hot-air balloon on the roof, or a hidden room leading to the outside. The NPCs could be more enemies like Granny, or some such as a dog to chase you in certain areas and alert Granny where you are. As for the rooms, you could add multiple, such as a dungeon far below the surface, the roof, rooms hidden in other hidden rooms which are behind locked rooms, or simply more bedrooms/rooms like the teddy area.
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6 years ago, Kpsmom85
I love the game but...
I do agree with the other people but if you add multiplayer the people that gotten killed in granny like how there is blood in the sink blood in the bathtub and meat in that closet near the stairs where it leads to the basement or up the stairs to the bedrooms and there is blood on the beds the players that are playing as the people that are dead have to be healed by the player that wakes up in the bedroom that has the table that says five days and has a thing that you hide in and the door closes and has the The other thing that opens and it says leave this house in blood so what I was saying the player that wakes up in that bedroom has to find the people hidden somewhere and when you find them you have to heal them and then they help you and one of the players be granny which one of the people on the review said and all the other things that they talked about is a great idea it is fun and it does add more help and these things that they said sounds like a great idea also we might need another added game over scene and I hope this gets added so that might make it good so I think I ran out of ideas so see you soon if it’s added good luck if anybody sees my review and agrees thanks a lot so see you soon.
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6 years ago, Wishappwouldload
Scary as Heck but Fun
I just started playing this game a few days ago and I love it. The fact that you have to find all this stuff in order to escape makes it very interesting and intense. Also, the game does not lack on the scariness. Granny is CREEPY!! The only thing that I wish this game had is like a training mode where you just try to escape without Granny chasing you. That way new players like me would know how and where to find the stuff needed to escape. That way they could spend more time worrying about Granny chasing them and less on how the heck they are supposed to escape if they don't know where anything is. Also for all of the new people who are gonna get the game I have some advice. If Granny sees you go under a bed she can still get you. Don't be as scared as I was when she does. Also the little hallway between the basement and the stair cases leading down is a great place for hiding in since Granny can't crouch down and get you. If you drop something at one end you can wait for Granny to come and then sneak out the other end and explore a bit. *UPDATE: I wanted to thank the developer of this game for using my idea about a training mode. In the new update there is now a mode where there is no Granny so thank you!!
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6 years ago, Kimo J
IDEAS: 1. Also please make a granny 2 where the player goes against her. Please don’t make it cost money because I’m not allowed to pay for games and granny is a good free one. There are ways to glitch granny now, which either helps you (invisible) or can leave you with locked doors (freeze). There should be a special key to open all the locked doors without granny. For example, hiding that special key I’m like the well, playhouse, or inside/with the teddy. Should also be a part two where granny is in the woods with you when you escape. You have a flashlight. You have to find missing parts to fix your car and a key to drive and go home. You will also need to watch for granny and hide behind trees and bushes. Should also be able to use hammers to break in locked rooms. Granny should also have a realistic run AND face. We should be able to collect things like special fruits that can make us have a little 3 second look where she is. There should be a little clip in the very beginning that shows us fixing our car and her coming next to us. There would be buttons we can click to try to fight her off, but she wins every time. Then the game starts. SORRY IF THIS IS A LOT OF WORK BUT IT WOULD MAKE THE GAME EVEN MORE EXCITING!!!!! VERY GOOD TO BE A FREE GAME THO
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8 months ago, spider facts kid
Phenomenal game
I’ve been playing granny for years and years, and I have always loved it with burning passion. It’s a simple mechanic and premise and the randomly spawning items make it great for replay ability. The various updates make it feel more like a full game, without them I feel that the game is incomplete. That being said, you hardly get a review without some sort of criticism, and that is what I am here to talk about. The most recent update to the game has added a new area to the house, one where granny cannot get in and instead you are being chased by a spider mother. I personally think it’s cool but do not enjoy playing that segment much myself. I feel that this ruins the game a bit as you are often required to go to this area to retrieve items to escape. This should be an option, as many such as myself only want to play the granny we know and love without the extra challenge. I can’t enjoy the game anymore and content that I made of this game that had a good following is now dead. Please only make this area an option. I’m practically begging, give us back the granny we all know and love. We never asked for this, so don’t gift it to us.
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3 years ago, Sofia 😗✌️
Love this game just a couple things i dont like or would like
I love Granny me and my friends saw this game whilw we were looking for games to play together and so we all downloaded it thinking it was also a Multiplayer game but we saw it wasn't but we decided to play it anyways and we all loved it soooo much we just hoped we could all play together. So here are tbe things i would like to be added.. Multiplayer- Me and my freinds wanna play together and some are scared to play alone so they won't play. Saves games- I always get so close to escaping but thwn like my ipad dies or i have to leave or somthing and i have to leave the gamw i hate doing that because it doesn't save your progress and yes i know sometimes it keeps you in the game but i play the game at night and then go to sleep and then in the morning I go to play it again and it doesn't save. Different camera views- sometimes i dont like first person because if i am running from granny and i dknt look back because it takes away speed i would like that a camera view so like i can look at whats behind me. Thats all i am not trying to change the whole game i just would like somw chanhes 😗✌️
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6 years ago, jakepaul1616
Good game, potential of being a better game
The game is perfect and people are hating on low quality and low funded games but I find that the lower quality games are sometimes scarier and more fun. I played a lot of high end horror games and I was disappointed by them but I found this and enjoyed the f out of it. I completed the whole game easy, normal, hard now I’m going to redo the whole game on every difficulty but in darker mode I already completed easy on darker mode just normal and hard to beat. But ideas for the game are outside or a multiplayer mode and when you alert granny I think there should be a indicator that she is coming or just a alert that she is coming. So far there have been like 2 or 3 glitches, 1 when granny bumps into items and makes a noise she just keeps staying in that spot until the item resets or until it is not in her way anymore 2 the crossbow needs to be changed you can repeatedly use the crossbow to knockout granny making the game very easy make where you can use the tranquilizer can be used once on her or only a couple times and 3 when you are crouched you love way to slow make it a little faster. Thx if you look into it and thx for the amazing game
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6 years ago, xBigDx70
Like the game
The game is really fun. I love how they added the new features. One thing that I would like to see added is a times at the top of the screen. I have probably wasted around 10-15 minutes because I can’t remember how long granny has been out and then when I forget about it she always ends up finding me. I liked the new addition of the shotgun. To me it added a sense of reality into it because in real life people would use a shotgun. Another thing I would kind of like to see is a third person view. Third thing I would like to see is maybe a map to show where you are all the hidden locations and passageways, and to show where granny is to show if she is coming to the point where you make noise to attract her. Because I feel like she isn’t coming then I try to make more noise and she hits me then I get really irritated. Final thing I would like to see trying to be added into the game is a door key. This I would love because after the first time she gets me I quit because of the door being closed so I would love if you could make a key that would open all doors like the one to granny’s play area with the playhouse, that would be awesome. Thank you for looking at my review and considering my advice.
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5 years ago, theofficialplayboy
Best game ever and some ideas
Okay okay this developer has definitely probably beat the evil nun but we need one more extra push of scary so like let’s say when we take the boat to leave granny jumps on the back of the boat and continuing through the tunnel grandpa is at the end waiting so he jumps on top and clocks the player so then the player wakes up and has to try and escape again but this time the player has to set an explosive so when they go through boat or out door then the house blows up or like let’s say player leaves through front door and starts running and runs into grandpa then of course grandpa clocks player and you know the player is back in the bed and wakes up. Your creative so you do what you think is scary and I love that grandpa can hear when you drop his vase so both come running to one room and you lock em in. The thing that needs to be added is speed like the player should be able to run a little quicker and move through the small passage ways quicker we should get more selection of guns and this also should be made into a multiplayer thing so you can survive with someone on any setting mode and you two protect each other .
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6 years ago, Assdl
New Extras Menu
This is a great game to play in your spare time! But it gets boring after you beat the game 10 times, if you add an extra menu with new modes like invisible granny or something, that would be fun to beat 1,000 times! I have some ideas, Invisible granny (granny is invisible but the only way you can tall she is there is here floating baseball bat), spider granny, granny places spider webs around the house when you step in them, you get stuck for 10 seconds and you need pliers to cut them open in the web or out of the web but granny is not alarmed when you step in but when you break free she is alarmed, granny the wizard miget, granny is as small as a drum but she has a wizard hat on her head that covers her, when she sees you she puts a spell on you for 20 seconds like slowness or loud feet or maybe with a %0.50 percent chance you get a freeze and when she catches up she throws a dart, dart granny, same gameplay but when granny sees you she throws a dart with a 3 second cool down, and finnaly granny mode, you play against a bot as granny or you play with people online and take turns as granny,have fun updating! Oh and when a player respawns granny is not allowed to hurt the player for 7 seconds,bye!
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5 years ago, pineapple..edits
My sister, brother, and I love this game but we came up up with a few ideas that could make it better. 1: make a multiplayer option so if you have someone’s name or something you can join their game. one single server can go up to max of 4 people. if one person dies and the others are still alive that person will be locked into the bedroom. 2: this will only apply if we get the multiplayer option. being able to design our characters. they will all be wearing the same outfit which is just black pants and shirt for both. the clothes should have blood stains and hair should be messed up. 3: granny should be a little faster if in multiplayer because more than one person is working against her. and just for excitement 4: granny should try and drag every player to the basement (or just hit them with the ending) when players almost escape. players will be find something in their room on their last day that is only able to be used on her when she is taking a player. if you decide to add multiplayer player (which my family really wants to happen) please look at these suggestions, i think they will make the game a lot more fun especially the multiplayer option
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6 years ago, Bluejaysarg
What you’d expect
Granny is a game in which the player is locked in a house with “Granny”, an unnamed killer with unknown motives. The goal is for the player to unlock the front door and escape, coming across numerous inventory puzzles along the way. The game offers 4 difficulties for a varied experience, along with darker mode and the option to add 2 additional locks on the door. Although it sounds difficult, the game can be conquered with little to no previous knowledge. As a horror game, this isn’t very scary. The house is well lit, and Granny really doesn’t pose much of a threat. However, I feel that the strategy needed to maneuver around Granny is a unique, but fun idea. Using items to make noise and deter Granny is one of the most rewarding strategies. Though this is a free mobile game, the idea is executed quite well, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark of being scary. It can provide some enjoyment, though. I gave the game 4 stars because it is fun (and free), updates come fairly frequently (with good content), in general the experience is a good one. However, replay ability is a small problem, as most games play out the exact same way, with the exception of the item spawn locations. In general, I would recommend this game.
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6 years ago, MohibMahatab
Very good game
I have played granny since release, an I can say that this game is an amazing game to play. It might seem scary at first, but after getting used to the mechanics and knowing the map, it won’t be anymore. I have beat this game on extreme mode in 1 day (26 minutes). This game is awesome to speedrun and challenge yourself. The only way to really win is through manipulating the games mechanics. Granny chases any sound she heard (excluding doors). So by using this fact, you can drop items and make her chase that source of noise, because of this, you can very easily sneak past her. KNOWING WHERE SHE IS AT ALL TIMES IS KEY TO ESCAPING. and the ONLY way to know where she is at all times is by doing this method. The only times you will hear granny move is when she is dangerously close to you. The speed running factor in this game USED to be very broken, now the devs tried to fix it and for the most part it worked. But now it puts an even greater challenge against me and after around 20-30 attempts, I completed it. I now wait for the next major update to speedrun again. Playing this casually only gets you so far, the real challenge can only be set by the player.
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6 years ago, Em Rm
It is so so so so so so scary!!!! I haven't even gotten through easy mode yet! I think on the fifth day once you escape granny's House granny hears you run out of the door and she chases you through the forest and your surrounded by her bloody fence and yes she has woods in her yard but any ways there's locks on the bloody fence and there is keys hiding in trees and under ground and places like that and before you look for that stuff you have to go back to the basement while granny's outside and you have to find a map of the forest because it's so big and when you get back outside you have to find all the keys to get out of the yard there are 20 locks you have to find each key that goes with each lock then you escape her yard and win the game but it's going to be the same for each level but it's going to get harder and harder. I like it the way it is but that would be really cool to add. I give a 5 star rating. Please add my request to the game because I have 20 friends behind me right now that really want it to be added. Thanks for creating the game! All 21 of us love it and probably a lot I mean a lot of other people love it too.
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5 years ago, MinecraftNicky1216
Granny is awesome, but needs more updates. (I have an idea)
So in granny make in the backyard (I don’t know what the other granny is for in the book room) But you can make something about her. Also maybe you could make another death scene where granny sprinkles bird seed all over you and the bird kills you. Also back to the other granny. You could find a shovel and you can dig up the other granny’s grave and she could help you a bit. And maybe you could have a phantom jumpscare. Where granny’s ghost scares you. But you don’t die because it’s just her soul. Also I love it when you make new updates. And maybe their could be a TV (Television) Remote and it will distract granny for like 30 seconds. And their could be something where it makes granny happy for 2 minutes. And maybe when you first play the game there is a scene where granny finds you and she hits you in the head. Then you wake up in the bedroom. And maybe another death scene could be you in front of the plate where you put the meat and granny puts down the meat and the spider goes after you. Also I thank anyone who reads this and hope that they like granny! Thanks for reading! Bye! 👋🏻
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6 years ago, ℓαку22
Awesome but update
Please listen to my ideas please and thank you. I think it would be better if there is a map and it tells you where granny is at all times so u can get places without her killing you. And sometimes if u shoot granny the map with give u clues where the keys are and how to get out of the house. And once you get out of the house, you could give us 2 days to explore and report the grandma and then she breaks out of prison and disguise herself as someone else and you go to a coffee shop and she drugs you. Then you would wake up and she would be there and there would be levels and as the levels go it would be easier to kill her and finally leave. And on the final level u kill her or put her away for good... Like I said u would wake up and you would be in a different house and it would be bigger, more keys, more locks, more passageways. And whatever else. Thank you. You could also do if you get out you go to a bigger house with more keys and things to find and each time it would be more difficult then on the last day u can then kill her after the last level. THANK YOU AND HAVE A GOOD DAY. Also make it multiplayer🤗
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6 years ago, killer cheetah
Totally The BEST Horror Game EVER
OK Granny may be old but she is more than that I mean Granny can really walk fast and not just only that Her voice is full evil I mean nothing can match her voice also Granny is the best at being evil also she has a such scary house and the attic is just so cool being a true hunted house also she is really scary to look at and Granny looks so scary and I really like her main door it’s so good but it’s also so hard to unlock it I mean we just get at screwing the door open and just as it opens up boom we are dead by the bat. Granny is also looking around her house for us and we try to go down stairs to the door we try to be as quiet as possible but still the pictures on the wall fall and the mean fat old Granny finds us also I think she finds us because she has really fat old ears and really big ones to anyways that’s not the true point that she has big old fat ears the point is that we all love this game and who ever made this I have a feeling that if you made this game then you also made Hello Neighbor and the other horror Granny and PS we can all agree that we love this game keep making like this because we LOVE this game 😀
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6 years ago, Ddawgs201699
Amazing Game, could do with a few updates
This game is so amazing, and I play it with my friends all the time. The only problem is, after you play enough, you know what to do with every object, and it gets a little boring after a while. A few months back you did an update, and you made granny’s house bigger, and that was actually so much more fun because you got to explore the house a little more, and you had to figure out where the new objects went. Another thing, is that there should be a multiplayer mode, where one of you is granny, and the otter is the player. My friend and I have been hoping this for a long time. Another cool multiplayer mode would be having two people in the house, and granny is a lot harder, but you have a huge house, and the two people have to work together to escape. Another update that I think would make things a little more interesting would be a dog or a cat that granny owns, and it can go through crawl spaces, or maybe it barks when it sees you, and then granny will come. I don’t know, that was just an idea. I hope you really take this review into consideration. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Mads✨
10/10 Horror/Adventure Game
I personally don’t play horror games but only when I’m with friends. A few days ago I tried this game and I thought it was like the Slenderman game where all you do is run from him and not look at him, but this game has so many parts to it. At first when I played it I was thinking to myself like why are there so many things to do? How do I get past her? How do I know when she’s coming to this room? Does every item make noise? Or does she come in certain rooms but not others? But once I researched everything and watched walkthroughs (because I was a scared)I tried it out again and it was so much fun! I only beat easy mode but I seriously recommend this game for anyone. I’m dead serious. I was a scaredy cat when I first played this alone, I remember I couldn’t get past the first room, but just watch walkthroughs or have someone in the room with you. I also played Hello Neighbor but that one wasn’t as scary as Granny and that one costs $15 for the whole game (like seriously?). There is a minor problem I have and that’s when the tranquilizer disappears when I drop it. That’s really it. 10/10 horror game.
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6 years ago, Lia Denise
Best horror game ever but it could have some improvements ( you will see what they are )
One thing that this game doesn’t have is backstory and I would love it if Granny had something to do with Grandpa, Angelina, Slenderman, and Slendrina. I also watched this video from DanTDM and he was playing Granny on his pc and there was this button on the top left that allows you to do all sorts of things like turn invisible to Granny, Ant-man, giant, tiny Granny, big Granny, party eyes, random teleport, teleport random things, kill Granny, clone Granny, and kill clone.( if you had watched the video and seen that there was a few more that I didn’t list then I am sorry because those were the only ones the I had remembered.) Anyway, I think that you should add them in the mobile version of Granny. I also had heard of Granny Multiplayer but right when I heard of it I checked on Granny and they didn’t have it so I recommend that you add it on to Granny.( If you are reading this I thank you so much for taking your time just to read my review I also hope that the developers of this game will read this and update Granny, and again thank you for your time. ) Bye!!!
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