Graph Paper

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Adam McElhaney
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.1 or later
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User Reviews for Graph Paper

1 out of 5
7 Ratings
6 years ago, Bait face
Fake reviews
I purchased this to simply enable me to put rough diagrams of frame work on a house I'm renovating. Sorry but I've got to say this app is rubbish. Very poor at everything including drawing a straight line. Even moving the grid too a new section of paper is difficult if not impossible. The measurement tool is awful. Making two lines the same length is impossible. Even tapping the screen puts "ghost lines" in that you don't even intend to make. There are free apps that are much better than this scam app. I do not recommend this and would appreciate it if I would get a refund. The app is trash.
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6 years ago, Caille
Used to be good...
I really liked the simplicity of this app when I first got it, but each update seems to mess it up more. Now I can't even get the cursor to start ON a grid line. Very frustrating.
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6 years ago, clutterbuckfordham
Absolutely Horrible
Trust me when I say this app is app is Impossible to use. In my opinion The owner is stealing money from people.
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10 years ago, Signori Carne
Can't get it to do simple things
I just purchased this app to make knitting graphs. It does not have the ability to simply touch a square and fill it in (at least that I can figure out). You have to drag the line to make the square, which was nearly impossible to drag to fill in just one square, even with a stylus. Whenever I zoomed in to try and make it easier, my iPad restarted. Again, all I want is to be able to tap a square and fill it in, but I can't. I've kept trying to use this app, but it is worthless to me. I can't even make the simplest pattern. And using the erase feature sometimes takes over ten taps to work. I expected at least the simplest and basic of functionality, but no luck.
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8 years ago, Kholt1807
You get what you pay for
This is a very simple graph program. It's easy to use and has a few very nice features, like color line/fill, and assortment of tools, including a measuring tool. It took me less than an hour to explore all the tools and layout a floor plan of a house so that I can buy and arrange furniture. Easy to layout floor plans, just as you would do with pencil and paper, but erasing and filling is quicker. You can save drawings in several formats, and email them as PDFs directly through the app. If you are looking for an elaborate drafting program, this is not it. But I think it's great for simple sketches. Didn't crash on me so far. If it does, I'll update my review.
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10 years ago, Bazinga98
Worth the Dollar; Change Needed
I absolutely love this app. The design is simple and easy to use. Nothing is too complicated, and easy to pick up on. But, there are several ways this app can easily gain 5 stars from every user. 1. The save feature is a bit messed up. Whenever I want to save my changes to a pre existing drawing, I have to rename the document, which is quite annoying. 2. Drawing, for me, is an annoying adventure. As I use the app more and more, I get used to the drawing aspect and I pick up some tricks. But sometimes my finger slips and I mess the line up. Maybe you could make an editing tool? 3. The words are a bit glitchy and when using numbers, they appear tiny and look very strange. All in all, this app is definitely worth the dollar, there's no annoying adds, which make this app 100x better. Also, it's beautifully crafted yet simple and easy to use. I give this app 4 stars, but once these issues are fixed, I'm coming back to write a 5 star review. Thank you for this excellent tool.
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11 years ago, 303walker
So I'm not sure how this got into the App Store as a paid app but even for a buck I feel ripped offed. I got this app to graph frequencies (by hand, yes) WHICH THERE IS NO WA TO DO!!!! I would happily give this app 5 stars if it had at least, AT LEAST the basic features of MS paint. Otherwise this app is B.S. and should at least be free. To the developer, your ethic in asking for money (in any amount) for something of such limited use is careless AT BEST, and greedy more likely. FIX IT, OR MAKE IT FREE period.
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10 years ago, Shank0060
I use it everyday!
I use this app every day in my business. I have found it extremely helpful and have appreciated all the updates to date. There was a problem with saving to Camera it would save it as a mirror image. I sent an email to the developer and was pleasantly surprised when I got a response within minutes saying that he would take care of it. If you make for floor plans or landscaping plans this is a must-have app!
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10 years ago, Jim Shepard
Best app ever
This app is exactly what I was looking for and so much more, it offers a super simple and elegant use, along with a bunch of nifty settings that help get your ideas out faster. It is by far the best out of all the ones I have downloaded, I highly recommend it
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10 years ago, 3clypze
Nice App, still has bugs
This app does pretty much everything I need it for, mostly designing things in Minecraft or RPGs, however, anytime I try to draw a line while zoomed in the program crashes. Sometimes it crashes the program and sometime it reboots my entire iPad but it always crashes. A little more work and this app will be perfect.
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10 years ago, Retainthecup
Finally, just what I've been looking for. So simple, quick drawing, no half circles, but perfect for drawing quick pictures with finger. Able to save in camera roll and insert in email. Great deal unless your expecting cad. Thank you.
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11 years ago, WendelGang
Needs a few more features to make it really worthwhile...
Fairly functional, but its missing some key features that it needs to compete with any drawing app: * an eraser (you can cut a full line, but you can't erase the middle of the line, really?) * diagonal lines (straight lines only, come on) * support for iPad rotation There also seem to be a few bugs: * redo button doesn't work (if it doesn't work, take it out of the interface, please) * any kind of multi touch (more than one finger) causes the cross-hairs to freeze It would also be nice to be able to do the following: * color fill or wide brush * move lines
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10 years ago, Xinara
Can't load saved designs
I loved this app until it kept crashing to my home page when I would try to open a saved document. To add insult to injury, if I double click the home button I can see my design in the smaller floating thumbnail, but if I click on it, I get the blank page again! Very frustrating! Otherwise you would easily get 5 stars.
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9 years ago, Li'l Boss
Adam, please help!
Adam, your apps are good. Please update them - especially for iOS 9. I am heartbroken that iScanner Tricorder no longer works with the iOS 9 upgrade. It is my favorite app! Please fix! I hope that you are able to do so!
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10 years ago, Eric Torres
Started out fine
I started drawing out a floor plan and was happy with my design. I had a few glitches with the square and circle tool. No big deal. Saved the design... good. Closed the app. Reopened the app. Tried to open my last design... app quits!! Every time!!! So it's basically useless unless you plan to start and finish any sort of design, otherwise you have to start from scratch every time you close the app. sweet...
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11 years ago, XD flashbang
Could be 5 stars
Just like everyone else has said, this app is great except for the fact that it doesn't have an erase button. If you want to undo a line, you have to undo all the lines you did after that line first. everything else works fine and does what it is supposed to do.
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7 years ago, Very happy2
1) it will not change orientation. I like to use an iPad stand and if I have to charge it while using this app, I can't due to the fact that the cord is in the way. Please fix.. 2) Icons don't respond well. When you tap on them, it takes several taps to get it to respond, and that's if they work at all! Could be a good app, but it failed.... Frustrated
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11 years ago, Kartinghelli
Needs a text box
I am a property adjuster and have been looking for an app just like this as I need to draw quick floor plans in an insurers home. The only thing this is missing from being perfect for any adjuster using an iPad is a text box to put line measurements and labels. If you added this you would be my hero!!
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9 years ago, mkmuehlbauer
Your Call
I recently downloaded this app and I wasn't too impressed. It worked okay and all but it was really leggy. My advise: go out and buy computer software that will make your print look nice and professional. It a great concept for an app but it wasn't working and their are better alternatives to purchasing this app.
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6 years ago, ZAIR12345
Would be nice if it allowed one to change a dimension by keying it in and it updating the size of the object. Would also be nice if there was more options besides inches, like feet. Would also be great if you could enter in equations on the lines. Not be able to solve them, just be able to show them. To limited so I gave it a 2 stars.
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10 years ago, swart65
Almost, 1 flaw
I love the simplicity and accuracy. I found it very useful recently traveling and doing a quick layout. Simple, easy, accurate. Problem, SAVED files don't reopen!!! For this reason, I can't rely on it. Please fix and I will make sure to re-review. Thanks!
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7 years ago, IAPyrodoc67
This app is actually pretty good. However do NOT buy the dlc's. You do not need them anyway. The app serves its purpose well and is simple and easy to use. 5/5 stars, I recommend this app.
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11 years ago, mp537
Missing features
The help section states that the pan and zoom tool(kinda critical) is on the toolbar however it is no where to be found. Otherwise this is a nice graphing app but lacks much needed features. +1 for partial line delete.
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10 years ago, MaxwellTiberius
Not bad actually
Latest update (April 2014) crashes on ipad2. If you select distance, it will crash every time. I unchecked angle, and several othe R options...distance still crashes.
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11 years ago, T0NY14000
Good, but
I like this app, but the email doesn't work and if I want to use this program to run my business, then I need email. Please fix the email feature!
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10 years ago, Absolute Justification
Just purchased
Just purchased this app today; keeps cutting off once I try to open a saved document; great app, but please fix this soon.
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11 years ago, Catesuh
Almost but not quite
It looks like a pad of graph paper.. That's good. But all you can draw are straight lines. I'd like to be able to write my coord down. I wanted to be able to use this like I would a pencil on a piece of graph paper. Add the ability to write on this app and draw lines and this would have been worth paying for.
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11 years ago, wyrdbyrd
Everything I need
I use this app to design needlework patterns and the latest update is stupendous! It's flexible and responsive, and just plain fun. Bravo!
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10 years ago, LDouxMe
Was better before the updating.
I used to be able to draw simple things, dot to count squares, and now after the updates it draws lines everywhere but where I want. Please make it the way it was, I hate using this app now. All I accomplish is frustration. Back to real paper I go!
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11 years ago, MDRixon
While working on intricate designs the "back button" began to fail. Closing the app and reopening to rework a design in progress caused the design to be off the lines of the graph. If you need a lot of space to work but want the ease of a larger graph, you cannot zoom in on the project. Very frustrating.
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11 years ago, solidrock
I was disappointed in the printing. It printed okay, but my image printed off center and therefore a % of it was missing. Tried resetting size of graph boxes, no change. Should be able to adjust printing size. The image I drew printed but the graph lines did not. Odd. Would be nice to rotate objects. There are icons that suggest this can happen, but I was unable to make it work. Good start but needs significant upgrades if it will be worth $0.99 I would like my money back.
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10 years ago, Pnkypwr24
Stay away!!
This app is horrible. You can't write in individual squares which is the only reason I wanted it. It's graph paper but you can't use it as such. Total waste of money which I want back! It crashes every time you try to do anything. Stay way!
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10 years ago, MrDead13
Exactly what I want but...
This is exactly what I'm looking for but it desperately need at least 2 features. Creating larger pages and page scrolling. The crash while zoomed in is also a must fix.
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9 years ago, louh661
Please fix the text function
I bought a color pack, since then every time I try to add any text it kicks me from the app...I feel totally ripped off. Very disappointed, I put a lot of work in creating a I can't add any text to it.
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7 years ago, BarbND
Hmm ...
I just bought this app, I need to be able to fill in blocks to create a pattern. Also need it to be in landscape mode. Simple actions to ask for. I was skeptical spending the 2 dollars, I was right, should have saved my money.
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11 years ago, DJ Copperhead
Too buggy to work
I spent quite a while on a set design, saved it, and now every time I try to open the saved file, the app crashes. No point to this.
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11 years ago, Boxer_craftsman
I saved a simple drawing and when I go back to open it, the program closes. Love the function of this simple app, but does me no good if I can't retrieve my drawings! Frustrated...
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11 years ago, Oxfordranch
Love it!!!!! Wish could add simple shapes, circles or half circles stuff like that. But then it would be perfect!
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10 years ago, Trowsh
Good potential
Sets up prefect for eng sketches. Unfortunately it's still kinda buggy.
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10 years ago, Ane358.,:
Needs some tools
Erase text (at a minimum! Shapes can be deleted but it can't find a way to edit or erase text), drag shapes, adjust sizes / lengths. This could be really useful so I hope to see an update soon.
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10 years ago, 123claudia
Would like my money back
Every time I try to do anything the app shuts down. Maybe the developers can make improvements and I will write a better review.
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10 years ago, Scottybing
Crashes all the time
Please fix the crashing issue. This app has so much potential, but I can't even label a line. As soon as I do, it crashes.
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11 years ago, Comcrapstic
Eraser please !
Add an eraser tool and this is a 5 star app ! Thank you for a simple graph paper app that is a breeze to use :-)
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10 years ago, Michaelew
Constant crash
Don't waste your money it will crash, it won't do what it says, and the company has yet to even comment on this apps uselessness and it obvious theft of the consumers money.
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9 years ago, @rps_duckhunter7
Not efficient
The draw tools are extremely hard to use and take forever to get measurements right.
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8 years ago, Fitzwater
Created a scale drawing of my bar and it crashes when I try to insert words.
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9 years ago, KyPeonie
Don't publish an app that doesn't work
To the app developer: Nice idea but you should not publish an app that doesn't work. And you should be ashamed of charging people for it.
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10 years ago, Jadxia
Even the support crashes
forget it, waste of money, doesnt work and the support page doesnt load
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10 years ago, LCatron
Horrible app
Would give MINUS 1000 if I could. Horrible excuse for graphics creator. Can't control movement, no choices, horrible. One of the worst apps I have seen :( I want a refund!
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10 years ago, HeavyDee
Crash, crash, crash
Crashes every time I try to bring up a saved document on my iPad Air. Worthless.
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