Greater Iowa Mobile Banking

4.5 (752)
44.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Greater Iowa Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Greater Iowa Mobile Banking

4.52 out of 5
752 Ratings
2 months ago, CHIEF GREENFIELD
We have been members of this credit union for over 55 years and have utilized every aspect from loans to savings accounts to CD's and safety deposit box. We always felt welcome and a member of the family. Loan rates were always competitive and many times lower than other institutions, savings & CD rates are above market averages and GICU pays you to keep your checking account with them( no hidden charges)! I love the GICU and I speak from both sides of the counter, I finished my working career as a specialized loan officer! Their mobile app is very secure and easy to navigate with no glitches! Try it, you will love it!
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4 days ago, ahassall
More convenient than the website
I have a checking account and a credit card with the credit union, so I manage a majority of my finances with the app. I find that this app is more convenient than the website and gives me the information that I would go to the website for. I have actually begun using it when I am balancing my checkbook at the computer because I get logged on easier and don’t get the request to verify by text message like I do when using the website.
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5 months ago, Yolandaalonso
Good app
I’m a minor and this app is useful since I like to spend money. I’m able to see the balances in my savings and debit. I’m able to manage the money I receive from work all with in the app. Being able to transfer money from one account to another. Which is all useful and helpful.
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4 years ago, DaltonChan
To many glitches
My app doesn’t allow me to see anything other than make my car payment. The home page says this down below. It has said this for maybe 6 months and it also says it on my Apple Mack book when I pull up the website as well. Wish it was fixed so that I could see my payoff on my auto loan and see what the app has to offer. I have deleted the app multiple times and still nothing. We are currently experiencing an issue with connectivity which should be restored momentarily. Please attempt to access your account again. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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2 years ago, me and my GICU
Greater Iowa Credit Union banking app
I think the log in system is great. Easy to find functions on the pull down menu. Easy to execute remote banking with the reminder to sign the check in correct way. I don’t do very many check deposits this way so, the reminder of endorsement with specific phrase is helpful.
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1 week ago, TheTreacher
Exceptional & Banking Ease!
I have had the app from nearly the beginning and have been exceptionally satisfied the entire time. I encourage every member to use because it is very secure, multiple tools at your fingertips, and truly is “25” hour banking with ease! Try it today!
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1 year ago, LillianCG
It’s ok
The app overall works. It has the basic options finally. The check deposit feature is the most annoying it always says the back picture isn’t readable but it is. And I have to retake the picture 10 times and then I get an error saying check has already been deposited but it never gives me a message saying it’s accepted. Could be better
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5 years ago, Plumber_chic86
It could be better
My phone blows up at 3:30 am every morning letting me know that’s there were x amounts of transactions done from my checking and savings and I would like a text sent to me right after my card is used or when there is money taken out of my accounts. I have friends and customers that get texts right after any money is withdrawn out of there accounts. Maybe I just don’t know how to use the app but it’s annoying at 3:30 a.m.when I get a ton of texts.
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2 months ago, wildbill141234
Great app
Easily accessible, everything at your fingertips. Communication to your bank, money transfers etc. the only thing lacking is the ability to transfer funds to my bank accounts that are not with greater Iowa
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5 months ago, Mamachuk
Phone app for greater Iowa credit Union
This is the easiest app to use – – in someways easier than the online computer version! I login with my fingerprint and can check my balance instantly, transfer funds easily… Thumbs up!
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3 days ago, cmon i gotvstufftondo
Like everything nowdays passwords although quite necessary have become a quagmire of always changing & coming up w/ new ones you know you’ll probably forget it. at least this one gives u a last minute option & for me it’s very helpful
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4 years ago, Kat22212
Great functional app
The app works great. I chose my credit union five years ago because of its online banking and haven’t been disappointed. Give years later, still very happy with functionality and efficiency of the app!
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5 years ago, aliciaahenry
Poor User Experience
There are a lot of issues with this app that could be fixed with some user studies. Simple things like transferring money between accounts are needlessly complicated. When I was asked to reset my password after an update, it did not store to Face ID and I was locked out for days. I called in to customer support and it was quickly resolved during business hours, but it could have been avoided from the beginning.
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7 months ago, KimGCampbell
Best banking app
Of all the banks I use or have used, this is the best. It loads quickly. It lets me do everything I need in banking. However, some of the font colors are hard to see but still usable. Overall, still the fastest and easiest app I have for banking.
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1 year ago, seluagehya
Love the convenience
I didn’t know it would be so easy or so reliable. Glad I got it. I love it even more now that I’m older. I don’t need to out as much and Face ID means no mistakes when I type!
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2 months ago, metaljungle
Fussy front page otherwise fine
It’s too sensitive on the accounts list page and keeps resorting when I’m scrolling through my list. Otherwise the app works as planned for me.
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4 years ago, RCC42
Mostly excellent
The app is intuitive to use and very flexible. The only problem I have found is when you have to change your password, the quick access PIN quits working and you have to cancel it and reset it.
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2 years ago, mana diaz
Love this app, easy to use
Easy to use! My husband and I both use it and can access our account easily and have not any problems with it.
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7 months ago, comfyfurbaby
Easy to use
This app makes checking my finances and transactions easy. Transferring money from or to outside accounts is quite simple.
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2 years ago, Go Cyclones!
About all you need
The app has everything you need, and it’s easy to use. Dark mode would be the next useful addition here.
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2 years ago, Manternach-Rus
A clean and professional banking app
I prefer the clean and professional user interface of their app to other banking apps that I have used previously.
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5 years ago, itzz_an
I can make transactions through my phone at home the easiest way and it’s been very useful. I can view my account without having to go to the bank. Very happy about this app. :)
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3 months ago, Lolsmizz
Easy to use
I use them for my car loans and it is super easy for making payments and connecting with other banks.
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1 year ago, Shannon0507
Everything I Need!
The app is easy to navigate, has a fresh look and all the features I need as an out-of-state customer.
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1 year ago, Mk1588
A very good app
I really like this app, which is easy to use and convenient for us. The only bad thing is that I don’t need to go to the bank anymore.
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1 year ago, nicolasstag
It's good but it takes a while to load
The app does everything I need it to do with my money and all that, but it takes a minute to load when I log in.
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1 year ago, Twally21
The app is easy to use and fast. It also allows you to perform all the financial tasks required for personal and business transactions.
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6 months ago, let me review this
I love this app. It gives me immediate access to my most important bank accounts. No reason for unauthorized transactions to go unnoticed for any lengthy period of time.
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2 years ago, JrDisciple
Thank you
Very useful app while on the go away from a desktop or laptop, and it’s easy to navigate.
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2 months ago, iowawa
Extremely user friendly
This app does everything except spit out cash.
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4 years ago, Brookiebabyaustin
Easy to use
I’ve used the app for a few years now and never had any problems with it. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, Rich 550
Works Great!
I really like the App, works great with minimal issues. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.
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5 years ago, VeganApostate
It would be better if I could raise my debit card spending limit using the app rather than having to call given there are times when card services is closed. Apart from that verrrry specific headache it’s perfect 👏🌽
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6 months ago, Piliki Me
Could be better
I don’t like that share checks through the credit union, like savings or mortgage don’t recognize what they are.
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3 years ago, jlbsrn
Deposit check online
Very easy and effective. 10 out of 10. Great service.
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4 years ago, Jenna2011
All around great place!
You can’t get better customer service or products. Greater Iowa Credit Union has always stepped up to meet the needs of its members.
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1 month ago, Dave0394
Easy Access to account
I can check on my account day or night.
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6 months ago, Julie B 1002
Banking, credit card, transfers of money, etc.
it has everything I need and want available at my convenience.
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2 years ago, Jsteven012
It requires me to sign-in every time unless I turn the phone completely off. I have face recognition and that doesn’t work unless I turn my phone off. Very frustrating… thinking about moving accounts. I have had to find numerous nick names to send a comment. Again, this is not customer friendly.
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7 months ago, Phanzon
GICU has an easy to use APP.
I check my accounts several times a day and I appreciate the easy access.
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4 months ago, Go Cyclones!!
I have been with this credit union since the mid 70’s - always great service, and this app works very well for me regardless of where I have lived - northern Iowa, Colorado and Ames!
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5 years ago, TommyKitten
Overall good. Navigation can be clunky
Not all of the features of the full browser site. Responsive and easy for the basic transactions.
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11 months ago, BGR0
Best Account Banking
Very easy app to get used too, and if you need help someone helped me from the number on the app.
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1 year ago, Ms Patty B
New website
I really like the new layout. It is so much easier to navigate.
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2 years ago, JesseJet6S
Check cashing
It would be nice to be able to cash checks by taking a picture of the check
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5 years ago, Zebup9208
Good App
I wish you could “lock” the order of your accounts. Sometimes you don’t realize that you have accidentally reordered them as you scroll. Otherwise 5 stars.
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4 years ago, xxttvvww
I have had the app a short time. It is very easy to use and understand. Should have started using it a long time ago.
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4 years ago, IA Bred
The site is very functional and easy to use. Perfect for someone with my technical skills. (~ Not 5 stars because I never/very rarely rate something as having no room for improvement).
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2 months ago, BrownDouglas
Reliable / Easy to Use
A very reliable app, easy to pay bills, and transfer money.
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1 year ago, mchuskies98
Easy to use!
User friendly and convenient
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