Green Dot - Mobile Banking

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Green Dot Corporation
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5 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Green Dot - Mobile Banking

3.51 out of 5
11.3K Ratings
6 years ago, 5689436
Works but not for me
I tried this out for a couple of weeks and it wasn’t bad. It does what it’s suppose to do. You do get 5% cash back on qualified purchases but unless you run your card a lot, I don’t think it’s worth it considering the $9.95 monthly membership fee. I knocked it down 2 stars because support is awful! I had questions on getting set up for mobile check deposit and they were very vague and could never give me a direct answer. They kept repeating the same thing each time I reached out via email and told me to refer to their FAQ because apparently that is where I can find all my answers. I scoured through their FAQs from the beginning and nothing in there would help answer my questions. When I asked them to direct me to where I can find that information they said they actually don’t have instructions on how to get set up with direct deposit. It turns out it just takes some time before you are given access (I discovered this on my own). If they would have answered my initial question of “does this take some time to go though or should I be given immediate access?” It would’ve saved a ton of back and forth! I decided to just stick with my current bank at this point and am closing my green dot account. I could see it work for budgeting if you can stomach the monthly fee.
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4 years ago, Nnessie
Green Dot is AWESOME!!!
I’ve had Green Dot for over 9 years and I love it. I get my direct deposit on it and as long as you get over $1000 direct deposit or make a certain amount of purchases the monthly fee is waived. I like the fact how we have that option. I have had issues with getting a hold of customer service but the good out weight the bad. That is why I kept it at 5 stars. I recently had someone get my card information and charger over $100 before I was able to catch on. I was having a hard time talking to a representative but was able to submit an form online. Green Dot was so good in returning all my money and issuing me a new card. Over all I trust Green Dot, my boyfriend and sister use it as well. I love how you are able to send money to people who have green dot and even pay bills. They will send a check on your behalf to whatever bill company you are trying to pay. Money is taken out right away and pends for a few days just like it would for a regular bank. I have NEVER had any other probs like everyone else is claiming. If I have cash one me and need to add funds I like how I can go to 7 eleven, Walmart, etc to load it for a small fee. Overall I am please with Green Dot and how it’s worked for me. I def recommend this to anyone. I have the regular gold one.
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4 years ago, Savleigh11
works but not for me
I have used Green Dot since November of 2019 and this November I will be switching to a different bank. You do get 5% cash back on purchases but once you reach $100 in cash back, it stops and you can’t receive that $100 until you have had your card with them for a whole year. There is a $9.95 monthly fee and when you want to deposit cash into your account there is a $4.95 fee that you have to pay. Another negative thing about Green Dot is that majority of poplar businesses don’t accept them or have this “bank” as a option. For an example, you can not use Zelle because they don’t have Green Dot as a option. I can’t use Green Dot to pay for my renters insurance because Green Dot doesn’t qualify. I personally don’t like Green Dot, but if you’re okay with the unnecessary amount of fee’s, the inconvenience of not being able to use your card everywhere, and not getting your cash back until a year later, then you’ll like this bank. I would recommend just banking with a local bank or a credit union if you don’t like big corporate banks.
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6 months ago, Bad employees
what a disappointment
Well first and foremost I used to love green dot I had the bank over 2 years it was really good the cash back was great also the overdraft was good until my account was scam that when the problems began I didn’t even know my account was scammed until I notice no money on my account the results of that was me have to close my account and get a refund only in check which the company employees had me currently waiting 6 months different people on the line telling me different lies oh that I was gonna get my check in the mail in 10 business day or 2 weeks everytime I call back they say my request was never put in and that there gonna send me an email that I never get the employees are rude and of course if your frustrated they will hang up on you and basically I lost my money and a frustrated 4-5 months waiting for nothing but lies and dreams so I don’t get too mad I decided to let it go And let god deal with it But I don’t want anyone else to lose any money because you will not get that money back please take this as a sign to not get the app or bank go somewhere else please Save your self some long troubles from and easy bank that can get scammed east or fraud activity play ground all the employees who are responsible for fixing problems or talking to customer needs too be fired y’all need a whole new everything
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3 years ago, MoCA_38
Not Worth It
When you try to call the customer service line they state that there highest priority is your account protection, I’ve had to call the dispute department twice this year. I had to make sure that I paid my bills first due to the fact my direct deposit is loaded on this card because they automatically cancel your card and you have to wait 7 business days for a new one. Today I was eventually hung up on after being transferred back and forth, there customer service is TRASH even though is the dispute department that disconnected the call after about 35 minutes. All I wanted to know was if they had some sort of authentication text when a charge is processed and if they do have one sent to me so this won’t happen some much and for that I get hung up on (dispute had NO answers and incompetent to say the least). While filing the dispute, they told me that if I wanted provisional credit I would have to mail a letter to the dispute department about the dispute that they are disputing on my half due to there HORRIBLE EXCUSE FOR PROTECTION, Green Dot’s security is a JOKE!!! IF you don’t want your hard earned money to be safe, DO NOT GET THIS CARD. They lore you in with the cash back and the two day faster direct deposit but if your money gets stolen and there only recourse is sending you a new one after 7 business days, is it really worth it? NO!!!!
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3 years ago, kijpjv t
Used to be better
I’ve used greendot since about 2007. I used to really like them. They had great customer service at that time, it was a great card to use for extra money while traveling. Now it’s terrible. It can’t be used outside the USA. The customer service has really changed for the worse. It’s impossible to speak with an actual person. When you finally get through their hands are tied as to how much help they can actually provide. If you need to speak to a supervisor it’s always a call back, they’re never available to talk when you ask for them. Then they don’t actually call back in the two business days that they say it will take to get a call from a supervisor. I’m still waiting for a call back from a supervisor from 2 years ago! When I got the app and this new card it offered up to $250 back, right as I reached that $250 reward, from the 5% cash back feature, greendot dropped it to $100… I have yet to get an answer as to why they stole the $150 from me. The cash back reward is now capped at $100, even if what you’ve loaded/spent should be more. Now they’re limiting how much you can load onto it each month… The card still has some usefulness to me otherwise I would have given on greendot a long time ago. I recommend not using greendot to begin with.
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4 years ago, Grubby Gator
I cant stress how much I hate green dot. I bout one of their refillable cards from walgreens with $70 because i needed to purchase something for $50 online. Well i wasn’t aware the monthly fee would be deducted away from my account at the start of the month. which is around $7. and ironically i had made a $15 purchase online the day i got the card. so obviously, there wasn’t enough cash now to buy my $50 purchase. I looked at the card and found out how i would refill it. simple. just go to a store, hand the card over, u have to put over $20 in to refill (bc of their policy) and +$5 for refill fee. One of the places that green dots website said i could do this was walgreens. it didn’t work. the walgreens manager recommended i call the number on the card. i did, followed their phone procedures. They ended up saying my card didn’t exist and my identity didn’t back up. I tried cvs. same thing. i tried downloading this stupid app and log in to identify the problem. says my identity didn't exist and that i must log in online. I want to know what’s wrong with my card. On top of all this, i tried recently purchasing something else online and it was declined. but strangely, it worked the first time i made an online purchase. this company doesn’t know what it is doing. i’d like a refund before they do another overly priced monthly fee.
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4 years ago, Roshawna Baker
0 Stars
I Had recently made an account with green dot . I received a replacement card because the first one never came !!! I saw on the card it said Easy activation so I logged into my account to activate the card. I went out to eat and it got declined I then went to the grocery store it said unauthorized. I tried to contact them via chat and it was terrible they told me to look on the back of my card for a number to call which it doesn’t have a number. They then provided me a number and I called the First Lady was so confused and I got transferred to someone else. She tells me I have two accounts and the new card I received wasn’t linked to the account I just put money in !!! WHAT ?! Maybe if you guys had a way for people to see Which card number they have on their account they wouldn’t make mistake as to putting money in that account . I wasn’t aware of me having two accounts because this was the ONLY card I received. I then asked how can I take my money out because I don’t want the bank anymore I just got it and it’s already problems . She tells me I would have to wait for a replacement card in 9 days but as a courtesy she would have it expedited to me for 5 days like that makes a difference . This bank is so inconvenient and complicated . All I want is my money that I went to go deposit not knowing this was the correct card linked to it !! NEVER AGAIN !
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5 years ago, Brezzeebrie
Amazing app
I lobe green dot bank app and the card it was super easy to sign up and took just a week to start getting my checks on my card. ASAP direct deposit allows you to email yourself or employer your account and routing number. With one simple click I was able to get it setup up and that very next check loaded on to my card. I didn’t even have to wait for my card to get here to set up direct deposit it just allowed me to see my info and then my card arrived fast. It took two seconds to register my card on the app so I could use it anywhere. I don’t like carrying cash so I always opt for a card. I choose this card because of how easy it is to use. It is compatible with Apple Pay which is very handy for me personally. Earn cash back for purchases I even earned cash back for paying my Netflix bill. The best card I have had. I get paid before anyone else. As soon as they get it you get it. I use my card for everything and in doing so waived my monthly fee. Great customer service and always you to earn 3% interest for moving money into your savings which is easy to do and free. Very happy I decided to get this card.
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1 year ago, Supermaltese
Cannot verify identify
In the Greendot app, I attempted to link an external account in order to transfer funds from another account into my Greendot account. When I click on the button that says BANK TRANSFER I’m immediately given the message that tells me Greendot odd unable to verify my identity. I’ve initiated a chat session within the app and was told I would need to call. I called and the agent I spoke with told me she was escalating my case and an account specialist would get on the phone. The specialist then told me it was a technical issue and a technical specialist would call me. It was several days before that call came. He told me he would need to further investigate the issue and someone would call me again. I waited to weeks and received no further call or email follow up. I called again, went through so the same steps with several agents who said they had no record of my case. This is not bad enough, but Greendot agents are very difficult to understand. GreenDot customer service is the worst. It’s been months now and my issue has never been resolved. Over $100,000 passed through this account in the last 12 months but I’m taking my business elsewhere and I strongly suggest anyone reading this do likewise. This company does not care and they employ tactics to discourage efforts to address issues and conflict.
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3 years ago, Sdarling12345
This has been the worst experience. I purchased the visa reloadable card and put $50 on it. Got home to set it up. I downloaded the app. Set up the card and entered all my info. Hesitantly added my social. Not sure why that is even needed. Then it told me that it could not verify my identity even though the info I put was correct. It said that since it couldn’t verify my identity that I would not receive a card in the mail and I can not reload this card. So I was asked to log in. The app keeps telling me I have to go to the website to log in. I tried several times and the sign in button would not work. Finally was able to sign in and I can see my balance but I can not find where I can fix the identity problem. It still will not let me log in on the app. So I tried to email green dot to try to get some help and then received a “ we are unable to process your request at this time. Please login and try again.” I haven’t even had the chance to use it but I can already say I am over it. I will never try this card again!! The website has the worst user friendly set up and has very little options as to what you can do. I hope that they will maybe reply to me this way so I can get this figured out or at least help someone to not make the same mistake!!
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4 years ago, nonamezplz
I’m done
I got tired of not being able to contact anyone, being told I’ll get my money sooner but that’s also a lie and app issues almost daily (so many more issues). Under the recommendation of a few friends I signed up for a Chime. If you can and willing; you all should do the same. Update: less than 12 hours later. I receive a check. A big one that helps pay rent because you know pandemic. I cannot even deposit it on the app!!! There wa no capture button nor did it automatically take the photo. And yes I’m in the latest update. I called and no one could help me and told me to call back. And I basically told them what if it doesn’t get fixed tomorrow then they decided to raise a ticket. Why didn’t you think of that solution before? Also I had asked about a deposit because I had received an email from green dot that someone was trying to deposit in my account but because of information got returned from the merchant. Problem is we can’t get a hold of unemployment. I asked them who it was and with even trying not skipping a beat she goes “I don’t know.” I’m literally waiting for a lump sum payment, a large one and you aren’t going to even try but continue to say sorry. To the point that i asked to stop saying sorry because she was making me agitated. This is why I’m leaving. Cannot wait to join Chime.
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4 years ago, loganconnor7
Something about it just feels off.
It all sounds great, looks great, shoot sometimes even works great; but there is just something that leaves you feeling uneasy, like it wouldn’t be a surprise if you open the app to find your account has a $0.00 balance and shows no transactions from the card even though it had been used multiple times that same day. The biggest part has got to be the fact that I transferred 300 dollars onto the csr from another account, the other accounts role in the issue was completed smoothly and easily, however when it came time to check the balance on my green dot card there was none... the transfer was made with the instant transfer option, it has now been four and a half days since the issue first occurred, I have called both services, the sending account shows the transfer, shows it was successful and competed, green dot says there are no pending transfers and that not a single dollar has ever been deposited into the account, oh and it is the correct routing and account numbers. The physical card and subsequent card number were also thoroughly inspected in order to possibly identify the kink in this chain but nothing was found. All signs point to the problem being on green dots end of things
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5 years ago, LovingMobile
Awesome app
We saw the TV commercial and my wife and I both applied. (We had never heard of green dot before). Everything worked great and we had the app set up in like 3 minutes. The debit card (which is a very good design) arrived in a few days or so. Already earned $15 in cash back on just Uber and Door Dash alone in the first month (we rarely cook at home!). We only “chatted” with customer service one time. It wasn’t the most elegant experience in the world, but it was similar to other banks and better than most apps. My wife deposited $1000 in the savings account in the app. It pays 3% interest, which is a very high interest rate. What I like most is how fast everything works. You get notifications on all purchases and also when you earn awards. For us, there’s no monthly fee because we spend enough to qualify for using it free. For some, the $7.95 monthly fee may be too much if you don’t intend to use it very much. But the cash back and interest alone more than pays for the fee even if you don’t get it waived. So, overall, I think it’s a really good bank and have recommended it to friends.
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3 years ago, terrible and furious
Do not get this card!!!!!
Worst customer service. I was double charged. The vendor showed proof they only ran it once. I’ve been on hold twice for over an hour trying to dispute and have gotten nowhere! This is the absolute worst customer service. Once on hold for an hour you get to India only to have a broken up phone call and them hang up on you... and my phone is working just fine with every other call I make! Update... after finally doing it online, which is a nightmare... I spoke to a few representatives. They could do less than online! It was a joke. They literally couldn’t even file a proper complaint. They did zero to expedite or make me feel any better after wasting 4 hours. Why even have a contract with the call center? So they just refer you to do it online yourself? That’s a terrible site to navigate, and what’s the point of having a call center at all?! Literally would take a 5 minute call to reverse a transaction with any bank... I’ve spent 4 hours and need to wait 2 weeks for resolution! Please do not get or use this card. Mine is going in the garbage after my half fee rewards come back in a few months. I will keep it in 1 cent positive balance till then and not use it for anything, and trash it ASAP
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6 years ago, consumer rights 42678
Customer support
Customer support to this app most certainly does have its difficulties there’s nowhere in there to contact green dot when you’re having issues not a website link or a phone number had to Google for the phone number and when I called them I got a very rude representative on the line when I requested to talk to her supervisor she just went and said that I’m only authorized to give you A refund I can take up to six weeks and the user fee and the fees you already paid when you bought the card and the monthly fees that were on the back of the card or not the Same that they are disclosing on their app. I would avoid this company at all cost they most certainly set up to scam you out of all your money. Oh and the card is still in the package and they still won’t do anything. No full refund no prompt refund not even I’m sorry for the inconvenience. And the user agreement on the app you cannot see you until after you registered your card. Yes there is a user agreement when you buy a card but it’s inside the package so you have to buy the card to see it. This is why I say this company is nothing but a scam. If you want to throw money away give it to somebody homeless instead of corporate greed that don’t care about you or telling you the truth. Sorry for the poor grammar.
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6 years ago, Dregstt13
Technical Difficulties
From a company that is getting money thrown at them everyday you would think they would have enough money to fix their website and app, but nope! Yesterday I tried countless times to register my card and would get to filling out personal info to all of a sudden with red letters, “We are experiencing technical difficulties, please try again later.” I would go back a page, refresh, type info again and again to no end. Bare in mind that it did this almost every single time I clicked a button to go to the next step. Not only that, but the easy recaptcha locked me out of the website for 24 hours. I got everyone of them right and it told me I was wrong. Honestly how can you be wrong on recaptcha it’s common sense. So I tried to use their app and guess what happened? “We are experiencing technical difficulties.” I don’t even want to know what would happen if I tried to call them. If you can’t have a working website to at least get you as far as registering your card or at least have a working app to where you can at least log in then I would dare say this company has set themselves up for failure. This is the 21 century a website and a app *THAT WORKS* is essential to having a successful business. My point of this whole review is this, DON’T USE GREENEDOT.......EVER.
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2 years ago, Mrs. Makuach
I still haven’t received my money.
It’s now going onto a year since I lost my money through the online bank. In March of 2021 I received a payment into my online banking and the money vanished out of my account to someone else’s account. I went ahead and called the online bank to file a dispute. I explained to them what happened as soon as i noticed my money was gone. They file the dispute and contact me throw mail saying they are reviewing the dispute. It takes about a month and I hear back from them in May of 2021 throw mail once again. Stated that it was granted my money would be given back. Since then I hear nothing, I call and I have been given the run around multiple times leading me to be frustrated. I even asked to talk to supervisors and once I’m contacted to them, the phone has complications for some odd reason and the call fails. I myself still have access to my personal online account and the money is literally being taken out monthly for the service charge even though I was told I can’t access the money. I am over it and don’t want anyone else to go through the nonsense. I would like to definitely report this incident to Corporate. I need answers and my money and I will no longer be in contact with this bank.
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3 years ago, shamenamefamelame
My review and opinion
I believe this app and the developers put in a lot of work to make this app grow with so many new features it’s very amazing and easy to use. There really is nothing that doesn’t work only technical errors that get resolved in a very timely manner and their customer service is excellent because i gave attitude while upset but they still did their best in situations that really isn’t their fault or are honest mistakes. Their are also agreements and terms of service with everything those are so easily dismissed by most people even me but if you take the time to read and treat people with respect as well as giving back or just doing good even if your doing bad things it balances out in many ways and yes this general idea goes with everything and also banking in my opinion so thank you green dot for your outstanding customer call center service and thank you app developers our technology wouldn’t be this excellent without them and the programmers and coders and the white hats lol
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6 years ago, Minnie627
Over GreenDot 👎🏼
I’ve had a GreenDot card for awhile but never decided to use them until recently🤦🏻‍♀️ Strike one May 16, 2018 there was a charge made on my account that I didn’t authorize called the customer service specialist and was told my card would be canceled & I’d have to wait & receive a new one which would take 7 to 10 business days & my paycheck was to be deposited that week so I cancel the dispute. Strike 2 June 2, 2018 I’m at breakfast with my family, we enjoy our meal then it’s time to pay the server informs me that my card was declined which was odd because I just got paid. Go next door to Royal Farms to use the Atm & it’s says card unauthorized call GreenDot again and I’m informed my card has been cancelled from the May 16 incident which I was told it wouldn’t be🤬. So again I call GreenDot and I’m allowed to transfer my funds to an old card until the new one comes smooth sailing finally 🙌🏼Fast forward to today the new card comes I call and I’m now told I can’t transfer the funds from the old card to the new one because my address doesn’t match like if I was told this from the beginning I wouldn’t have an issue but it seems like the company just does what it wants I wouldn’t recommend using GreenDot
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2 years ago, MARKY MARK NYC
AWFUL!! $4,000 Balance but Won’t Let Me Make a $300 Charge :(
Terrible. Nothing but issues, and Customer Service is the worst. They barely speak English, and they don’t understand anything you ask for when you call. It’s terrible. I’m trying to purchase something for $300, and I have over $4000 on my GreenDot card. I keep getting declined for insufficient funds. I called and asked what’s going on. First, They told me that my daily limit was $10,000 to spend. I said, that’s great, I’m only trying to charge $300. Then they told me, oh, your daily limit is $5000. And I said, yes, but I’m only trying to spend $300. Then, they told me to try a smaller amount. Can you imagine? I have $4000 in cash on the card, and I’m trying to charge $300. They want me to try smaller amount. I tried $200, and that said insufficient funds. I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor, but they say they don’t have any. There’s nowhere to call anyone in the United States. It’s all third-party foreign customer service. All, I tried! Wouldn’t recommend this to a single person. Pulling every penny I have out. Stay away. Just got open a regular bank account. No issues over there! Dissatisfied Customer Forever
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6 years ago, Nyx0721
Seriously, use ANY other service than this one!
GreenDot is horrible! I do not recommend that anyone use their service! First of all, the fees are ridiculous, and out of this world! Then, for the amount you pay in fees each month, you would at least expect good customer service or fraud protection, but get neither! Every customer service experience I’ve had, has been awful. It takes 20 min minimum to get support on the phone, then they don’t offer any help at all, and can’t answer your questions. Additionally, if they say they offer fraud protection, they’re lying to you. I know for a fact they don’t. I had unauthorized charges to my account almost 2 months ago, and still have not been credited the money, EVEN after the merchant had sent it back to them!! Horrible. So over the holidays, of all times, they keep the money that I asked them to recover because I didn’t recognize or authorize the charges. I’m still fighting with them trying to get it back. Only now the merchant can’t refund it because greendot already received it. So why they won’t release it to me, is absolutely baffling. Please use ANY other service than this one. I promise you will not have a positive experience with GreenDot. It’s your money, not even worth chancing it!
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5 years ago, Jsr75
Works but can be aggravating
So I’ve been a GreenDot user for over 5 years. I usually get direct deposit but I got hurt at work. So I started using the deposit check feature. The 1st few checks were fine the time it takes to clear is insane. Then I deposited a check and it said it would need time to look at the check. Keep in mind that you are required to not only sign the check but you must write FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT. So after making the deposit I almost immediately got an email that said the check was not accepted and to contact the check issuer. I contacted the issuer and they were dumb founded. So now I have a check that says for mobile deposit. Now I can’t bring it to any other bank and deposit it. I asked my brother if he would mobile deposit it he did check cleared no problem. So not sure what GreenDots issue was. Any check I have ever deposited has been through the same company & never had any issues with the checks. Not sure why it takes 7 days for a check to clear but that is super aggravating. Thank you J Taft
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10 months ago, scotyyy238
I wouldn’t suggest you used this bank at all
I got my account a month ago I haven’t used it since then until recently I decided to have my employer deposit my paycheck directly into my Greendot account my payment was sent yesterday morning to my Greendot account i just thought I couldn’t trust them for some reason after the notification I couldn’t log in unfortunately i was later able to log in my money was there I instantly sent it out to a friend who later brought cash for me and my employer told me I’d be getting my next month payment early today Just minutes after sending it out yesterday my account got restricted I uploaded my drivers license several times they kept rejecting it i got tired and continued today just to get a mail that my account was still restricted minutes later i got a mail that my account has been closed Just like that i was supposed to receive $1900 today on the account they decided to close it now I’ll have to work next month without any payment because my boss confirmed that they already made the payment yesterday This is the worst one I’ve ever tried
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4 years ago, Reese 🌻
A struggle
everybody on the website it said the servers are down because of a high demand of people using it 24/7 so it crashed but even before that it's a struggle to log into my account through the all i haven't been able to log in for a while now and i see everybody else is having the same problem i tried to check my balance but it says it can't log in to my account and it having problems and before that it took sooooo long to long in i had to try 5 times back to back to even get in . if you want to just see your amount of cash you have in i suggest signing into the website but all you can do on there is check your amount or call and go through the automated voice message other then that your out of luck w. the app . i can still make transactions though at least thank goodness. compatible with apple pay , paypal and venmo .
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6 years ago, Starrdust2000
*Day One: This app doesn’t reset itself, it takes a long time to receive verifications, and it bumps you out when you leave the app to receive their verification codes via email, & text. I’m currently locked out of this app. Hopefully the developers will fix these glitches. Also, this card is not accepted at a lot of places, mainly the purpose for purchasing this card was not met. At this point in time, I wouldn’t recommend this card, nor app to anyone. *Day Two: Tried to reset my password, & I’m locked out of the app, again. These are pretty basic programming issues. I’m surprised this app went live before they had these basic functions covered. You must leave an app to check your text message, or email to receive the codes they send to reset your account. Each time I was bumped out of the verification process, & was asked to sign in again. After trying three times, I’m locked out of my account, again. This is absurd! I will not use this card again after the initial balance is gone. This is the worst debit card in the world, & the app is absurd!! I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS CARD AS A DEBIT NOR CREDIT CARD.
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6 years ago, Volstorf88
Mix feelings about this company
I work in a call center and there are always policies that the companies don’t mention that you end up finding about later. I switch from a bluebird to GreenDot. I get charged $10 a month just to have the line open. Most real banks charge $5 a month. Also they arnt 100% on giving you your paycheck early. There’s a chance they can process your direct deposit up to two days early but it’s not guaranteed. They will hold your direct deposit like any other bank if it fits their company needs. Today is the first time in almost a year that I’ve put up with greendot, that I was not paid a day ahead of my normal pay day. With bluebird it was alway guaranteed that they would release your money a day before you paydate. I hate bluebird cause it’s through AMEX. No one likes to accept them. But I might switch back after this. With a 10$ a month membership fee and not being able to guaranteed I get my check early I might as well find a cheeper card service. Also stop sending your call center jobs overseas. It doesn’t make me feel better when I call in knowing my call is going overseas.
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5 years ago, Ice Hockey Religion
Idea for extra channel of revenue
The app is great. The one swipe to get a quick glance of your balance is genius. I’m thinking it would be good for steady customers to have an option of getting $100 or $200 even before the paid date with a fee. Example I know there’s another few days or a week before my next deposit but need $100 now. You could zap the $100 in with agreement for a fee of $5 . Provide $95 out of the $100 so your fee is already taken out then when deposit comes in, simply deduct it before you release all the funds. This would be utilized often and you’d be earning an extra $5 with every transaction because you know people will need to utilize this function. If only 50 people use it a day that’s an extra $1750 per week which is nearly $80k to $100k per year low balling the figure, basically mailbox money. Just a thought
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6 years ago, KaplankGames
Do not buy Green Dot cards, they steal your money.
After a lot of time setting up the card because it makes you sign in every time you change pages on the website, and you have to enter all your info, I finally get the card set up. Here I am, chillin with my $40 card, excited to do some shopping. Right after I set up the card it tells me “Hey, we’re gonna take $10 out of your card every month and after the first transaction”. This makes me a little upset cause they’re pretty much just stealing $10, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Next, I download the app on my phone. I click login, put in my details, and it says I can’t login on the mobile app, and that I must use the website to check my balance. So this makes me even more upset. Just wasted some time with a mobile app that won’t work with my account. Good times :). Finally, I’m ready to make my purchase. I put in all the info the same as my card, and guess what. Card declined. I tried the card on many sites and it didn’t work on one. Thank you for stealing $40 from me green dot. If I could rate this 0 stars I would.
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5 years ago, stop scamming familys
I ordered a card online and used the info to get my taxes directly deposited. I never received a card. I can't even report that I didn't get it because they ask for 4 digits from the card I don't have. Now green Dot has my money won't respond to any of the several attempt to contact them and have since learned they do this to many many people with tax returns. I'm going to keep posting and look into legal action this is theft and fraud and unexceptable. I am unable to contact u with # on back of card cause I don't have one I can't get thru using ur website or the contract is thing u have recommend to others I need a real way to talk to a real person and get real answer I can't even set up an online account cause I don't have the 16 digit # asked for cause I don't have a card. Please do the right thing and give me a way to contact someone directly ex Email address phone # with option to speak to a person somewhere I can go to fix this. U have my money and I can't get it u have no right to steal it from my family. Im depending on that money to survive and ur company has made it impossible.
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5 years ago, Sasha2199
I opened an account less than a week ago. The app on the iPhone constantly fails to work. When you try to transfer money it says not available. So I couldn’t do the initial transfer. Finally that worked. I did the initial transfer of 100 dollars. I also setup a transfer from my back to green dot. Now today it says my account is blocked pending review. Unbelievable. No one to contact. Just take my money and then block me. This feels worse than PayPal which I no longer use because it feels like a couple kids pretending to run a company. Fix your app. Stop giving worthless errors. You’re a bank, act like one. I never have these issues with Bank of America or chase bank or any other normal bank. If this place is just going to block you for no reason and give you no one to call then I call that a scam. They should be investigated by apple and terminated from the apple store. When I try to send for support, it says my email address doesn’t exist. The one I signed up with. The one they used to send me email. Unbelievable. I can’t believe this scam is on the Apple store.
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4 years ago, ernievibezzz
I have had this service for about a month now and I wish I never signed up. First of all, I lost my debit card and reported it lost. They told me it would take 2 weeks to get my new card in the mail. So basically my money is their hostage for 2 weeks. You can’t even buy a prepaid one at Walmart and link it up. Second, their chat support which says 24/7 is a lie. I’ve been trying to get in chat for the past week and it always says unavailable or agents unavailable. Third, their customer service is the worst. Every time I call I get someone in a call center in the Philippines and they’re not knowledgeable at all. I’ve been trying to get a hold of them so they can expedite my card but no luck. You’ll also be on the phone with the automated system for a good 20 minutes before you get someone live. Once I get my debit card in the mail, I’m withdrawing all my money and closing the account. Never putting my trust in a prepaid service ever again. Stick with your normal banks like BOA, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. At least you’ll get someone here in the states to help you out.
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4 years ago, Godsonn75
Needs a lot of boatload improvements.
Two stars because you do get your money sooner. Used to be a pretty cool card but.. Horrible customer service!!! Can hardly understand the representatives, they place you on hold come back and without saying a word place you on hold again, and then come back and say “hello? Hello?” And then hang up. It took three calls three different times in the course of a month (in which I had to repeatedly go through a bunch of prompts to even get to a live representative) to tell me that I couldn’t use the MasterCard with Apple Pay that I had to use visa.. cool but then the go on to say that they couldn’t send me one but I had to go to the store to buy one and have it activated. Too many shenanigans for me.. could go on but I’ll stop. I’m researching other prepaid accounts so that I can drop this one in the shredder. P.S. pay attention to the ratings and reviews !!! Don’t be fooled by the reply to the reviews as if they really care about you and your money as opposed to their reputation. 😡! Get it together GreenDot.
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6 years ago, dpaige99
Not worth it.
I was given this card as a gift from a family friend for college. I am out of food and was thrilled to find the card, set it up and get my gift activated so I could go buy groceries. The card only has $20 on it so I expected my full $20 being it was a gift and I thought the fees were paid for so I get ready to register the card and it has a $9.97 dollar monthly fee?! I’m not even going to use the card for a month! I’m using the card at Walmart in ONE trip so I can buy food while the card is literally taking half of my money! I tried to call customer service on the supposed “24 hour live customer service line” and pressed every single number possible, tried calling four separate times, and never got to speak to an actual person. I only ever got to speak to an automated message that constantly asked me to punch in numbers and then hung up on me when it got to the end of its instructions. I just want to talk to a person about my issues, that’s all. I’m in college with no food and this card is taking half of the money given to me which is ridiculous.
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2 years ago, 584eazy
Bad option
Why use Green Dot and pay an outrageous fee per month? There are literally hundreds of other apps/online banks/prepaid cards that do exactly the same thing better. Out of those hundreds of other online banks more than half of them charge zero fees. Cash app gives you a sign up bonus if you get referred by a friend, lets you send money to other cash app users (which is nearly everyone now), allows to purchase stocks and bitcoin. As well as send bitcoin! All on their app. They offer online banking from Sutton bank and you can get direct deposit. A debit card that gives you cash back at wide variety of restaurants, grocery stores etc etc… The only thing they charge you for is adding cash at a store to your account. Cash app’s probably the best. But Chime is good. Varo. Dave. Money Lion. The list of better choices than Green Dot goes on and on. Just check out a few others and you’ll see. Greendot is a perfect example of what banks have been foing to customers forever….. Charging them to spend their own money.
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3 years ago, Peregrine Reed
Misleading Company
I had to open an account in order to use a prepaid card my grandma bought for my birthday. In order to use the money on the card, I had to provide personal information like my social security number because it was a debit card and thus I had to open a bank account with GreenDot. After making my account, I was not happy to see GreenDot had signed me up to revive a “personal debit card” that I didn’t want and could not cancel. When I made a transaction via PayPal, I discovered I was charged a $7.95 “monthly fee” that will occur automatically with the first purchase of any GreenDot Visa Debit card. I then transferred the remaining money off the card so I could close my account. I repeatedly asked for a confirmation that all my information was deleted, but the team member I talked to was only able to give me verbal confirmation. I am very disappointed I have no way of knowing wether or not GreenDot is storing my information on a backup hard drive. I am concerned my personal information is potentially exposed and can be accessed by someone hacking into GreenDot’s database
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2 months ago, Arhelios
As a Green Dot user, let me share my experience. When it comes to withdrawing funds, Green Dot's service can be frustratingly sluggish. Waiting longer than anticipated for transactions to process is a common gripe, often leaving me tapping my foot impatiently as I wait to access my hard-earned cash. Plus, let's talk about those withdrawal fees – they feel like a sneak attack, nibbling away at my funds with every transaction. Or better yet not being able to make a purchase at all. $8+$2 of the bat is a scam. Now, onto the online shopping saga with Green Dot. It's like a rollercoaster ride of uncertainty. Sometimes the transactions go through smoothly, but other times it's like trying to navigate a maze blindfolded. Unexplained declines and authorization hiccups can turn a simple online purchase into a headache-inducing ordeal. In summary, while Green Dot offers convenience in theory, the reality is a bit more chaotic. With some tweaks to speed up withdrawals and iron out the kinks in online shopping, maybe they can get a better rating review.
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11 months ago, Mr P Era
Just got the card won’t let me register can’t even use it zero stars
I just got the card put money on it downloaded the app put the card info to register the card it’s telling me we are unable to validate your card. Yall better fix this or give me my money back how you gonna make something that doesn’t even work trying to call customer service no one not even picking up only thing i get is their voice recorder i need to speak someone ASAP Update still haven’t reach no one there’s no email to even actually talk to someone i end up closing this account send me my money green dot don’t make me take legal action im taking my hard earn money to chime this doesn’t even deserve a star if anything negative stars Update still haven’t got my money it’s been over 2 weeks i need a direct email to reach someone cause I call and no one don’t answer the phone be waiting for hours this doesn’t make sense you’re stealing my money and refuse to mail me my check i will be calling my lawyers and taking legal action
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3 years ago, thejerryrodriguez654
Worst customer service I’ve ever experience in my 6 years of being with Greendot. As a quick summary; my card was compromised on 11APR21 and it has now been three days 13APR21 with no help from their customer service. I have been put into the negatives by someone hacking my card information and using my money even after purposely moving my money to my vault and leaving $0.00 in my checking account, and they STILL were able to withdraw and spend my money and put me into the negatives🤨 and for their lack of urgency and understanding, I’ll give them 1 star even though I wish I could leave -500 stars just like my account balance is and they seem to be REFUSING to respond and resolve my issues with my UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTIONS. And for putting me on hold FOUR TIMES FOR 1 HOUR EACH TIME?? THATS FOURS TOTAL IVE SPENT ON THE PHKNE TRYING TO GET A HOLD OF SOMEONE. 1 STAR. You guys derived me of my trust and my money, I’ll derive you of your ratings until I see that this is fixed. And after it’s fixed, I’m leaving Greendot and close my account FOR GOOD. 👎
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5 years ago, NinaAlessandra
Life Saver
In the beginning of October my identify was stolen and the person committed check fraud in my name, stealing just under $1000 from me and causing Bank of America to lock down my accounts completely. I happened to pick up a GREENDOT prepaid card from CVS to use while I was attempting to regain my Bank of America account. Long story short Bank of America took forever to resolve my fraud claim and in that time I’ve fallen in love with GREENDOT. There are no fees unless you need to reload your card with cash in person. They have the highest interest rate available on a savings account as well as 3% cash back on online and in-app purchases. I’ve had the card for less than 3 months and already accumulated over $200 in cash back. If you’re skeptical just google them. Also I have not had any issues with the app or my card not working.
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4 years ago, rbnstln
Beware,do not recommend this service
Received a card as a gift, bought prepaid for $50 to make a few purchases online, called to activate. Used card was declined Registered the card on app. Created an account. Filled all info needed, hit done and got kicked back to home page. Account now showing I haven’t registered card and was told by chat help I need to re-register a new card. What the hell I never even used this service before. This is my first day trying to create anything with this service. Don’t know why it’s already showing 2 different accounts, very disappointed even more so since I’m out what was gifted to me. They straight up stole my funds. The chat help was no help. Didn’t give time to type my questions fast enough and ended my chat in the middle of me asking a question. Only gave me the run around and a number to call so they can give the same lame service. I definitely do not recommend Green dot. I am very disturbed I have given all my info to create this account and feel nothing but being scammed by their service
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4 years ago, Taatmsl
Green Dot
I’ve been using this card for quite awhile. So far, I’ve had no problems at all! This year though, I’m doing something different ... I may have to have a tax preparer from there do my taxes. I’m already a bit behind, but I’m not worried too much about that!!! First, I have to look into how much they charge ... then I’ll go from there. I’ll update as soon as something happens. Has anyone else out there had Green Dot prepare their taxes? If so, how did it go? Where y’all happy with how your tax preparer handled doing your taxes? Also, the app states that “you’re going to get it so much faster” ... my question is, was that true in your case? I’m thinking that because of the Covid 19 going on, it’s probably not going to be coming back quite as quickly! Please ... any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks 🙏
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6 years ago, Tyrhol
Run Away
Simply put, I had money in my account . They charged me a 9 dollar activation fee in which I had no awareness of a service fee every month . I called them and the lady said she was closing my account and issuing a refund. However what she finally said was that she was processing a refund of my account balance and that it would take two weeks before I am mailed a check . When I restated about the service fee, which I was calling about , she said it was too late and there wasn’t anything she could do at this point. I tried calling back , however, the system prompts stated account closed and it was impossible to get routed to customer service without a valid account information . I tried everything, the system phone prompt will not allow you to continue past the request of “ entering account number . That was all the money I had and I had just gotten paid. Now I’m not even sure how to get my cash deposit. It’s a terrible and earth shattering experience, to say the least , I highly recommend you avoid at all costs .
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5 years ago, Monetjiah
Horrible 😡👎
Horrible i was waiting on my first card to come in the mail almost two months it was never received. My temporary card started having limited access and i could use my funds anymore. I called the number on the card and the woman issued another and said i should be able to access my funds again. My car was low on gas and my card was still being denied. Couldn’t pay my bills on time this happened yesterday when i called the support number. I called again and the machine said technical difficulties but it wouldn’t affect me being able to use which is a lie. How is my card being declined but the company charging me for a new card to be issued after never receiving it, charging atm fee because i checked the balance and charged the monthly card fee basically just charging me fees and I’m not able to access my own money. The machine hung up on me saying the call volume was high but didn’t give me a hold option. Now saying my new car will come 3/15 which is 10 days away. Awful communication
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3 years ago, why?🥺😢😭
Worst experience
I recently opened the account November 18. Since then they have locked my account right after my first auto deposit through my work. I have been trying to get my money out of my account but I am locked out of the app at this point. They are holding onto $3000 of my money and I can’t even transfer it out or use an ATM to get the money because they have frozen my account for whatever reason. It’s the holidays, I have bills that I need to pay like ASAP, yesterday and I can’t even get a hold of anyone to talk to because they need me to enter my bank card number and when I keep trying and trying the prompt tells me it doesn’t recognize and to try again and then after the third time it keeps hanging up on me. They are stealing my money and I need that before I’m screwed because I also have rent coming up and I have bills that are now late. I’m missing Black Friday and this has been the worst experience of my life, literally.
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2 years ago, Yomomma365_1
First they said they couldn’t verify my identification after asking for my social security number (which was already weird) and that I cannot make online purchases because of that. So after sitting on hold for almost an hour the first time, no one answered they just hung up, second time a woman answered and then randomly hung up, the third time she said you cannot make online purchases even though the card package says “in store purchases, online purchases, and pay bills”. She then offered a refund and then asked for the front and back of my ID, drivers license and a Utility bill. This is insane. So now they have my money, ssn, and now they want my id and utility bills. THEY ARE SCAMMERS PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING THINGS LIKE THIS!
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3 years ago, NamiSavage05
Awesomeness in a hold card
I have used green dot for months now, I don’t understand how people are having problems with the app or the card itself. I make sure I have more than 500 on the card every month so that I don’t have to pay the monthly fee. Yes they charge $4.95 at Walmart to reload the card and gives you overdraft protection So in all reality that is better than paying an overdraft fee of $30+ From a regular bank for over drafting. The app has never messed up on me and it always keeps me updated on how much I have left on the card and instantly gives me receipts when I use the card. I absolutely love green dot and I would really recommend it to anyone that has trouble with balancing their money.
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2 years ago, RyBread39
App is super glitchy
The only problems I’m having with this banking option so far has been trying to use the app, because when I go to use this app it often pops up with a note saying, “there was a problem connecting to Green Dot try again”. So, as you could imagine this is a major issue due to the fact that the only way you can transfer funds from your savings to the unsaved in order to be able to use your funds on the go is by using this app. And, if you go to their website there is no option there to move your funds either and tells you to go to this app in order to be able to move around your funds. So far this connection issue has been happening more often then not and I haven’t been able to be given a straight answer to why this connection issue happens as often as it has been. Very frustrating to say the least…
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6 years ago, Robbed by Green dot
Not recommended
These cards can be bought as a gift cards and I do not recommend doing so I received a $30 gift card for Christmas they force you to register the card do use it in after registration you were informed that you will be billed monthly $7.95 for a monthly fee for this account you then have to use whatever money is left on the card because they immediately take $7.95 off of it upon your first purchase you have to wait 30 days to cancel or they try to Bill you $7.95 again even though when you buy these cards you pay a fee above the amount that you actually put on which I’m sure his taxes and a small fee from the company for buying their product why would you pay money to somebody to use your money go to your bank and get a free debit cardOr if you’re going to give a gift of money then I would just advise to give the money because most of these cards are the same it’s all a scam they rob people of millions of dollars every year don’t buy into it
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4 years ago, AcquireCapital
Terrible App or Scam
I work for rideshare and food delivery services, I had been depositing my earnings in my green dot account. My balance had been at zero and when i cashed out my earnings once at around 5 dollars because i was low on gas my balance was still at zero. 2 more deposits of about 3 dollars i was only able to access 2.99 exactly. Id say this is a scam but if its not its a terribly designed app and banking system. Given that this is a mobile banking organization You'd think at least transactions would be accurate enough to let you know whats going on with your money. I called support and after 10min waiting i told the lady over the phone what was going on and she was just getting frustrated and kept asking me what my previous balance was and Id say zero. She reset me to the directory you reach when you first call. I’ve tested a lot of mobile apps for banking and finance. This is by far the worst one.. The biggest prepaid card company out there and its this bad 🤦🏽‍♂️
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