4.4 (20.6K)
24.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Greenshades Software
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for GreenEmployee

4.45 out of 5
20.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Ligram63
I am not able to down load my pay stub hours just perdiem need help
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3 years ago, ant3394
No help
It doesn’t really help as much as it should I mean if I get paid two days early I can’t see my stub tell the next to so how am I gonna know if my hours are short den why can’t we get a preview or the hrs and money it is our money rite we worked for it we or hr a week before pay so why can’t we see the preview of it like a two direct deposit notice so we can add our hours and see if there’s something there so the higher up people will know immediately rather then late I just feel like it’s useless without the preview and having to wait days just for a pay stub of the hard enough cash I work for I wish some thing can be change and happen
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1 year ago, YoBoiPieGod
It’s a pain to log in
I downloaded the app specifically so I can leave a review for the pc green employee. It’s an absolute pain to log in no adding a bunch of random safety precautions like the most recent one of “when did you start and which department do you work in”. And now I have to answer that every single time I log in. Also wish they wouldn’t change the setup of how you log in cause now it takes even longer when I’m waiting for my work’s computer to boot up. Cause with the old one I could just type in my email while it was booting up. Now I have to wait till it fully loads so I can click on the box to start typing.
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5 years ago, DNToone
Good, but buggy and limited features
The app works well as a system in which to log in and out. However, it is lacking in many features. It would be nice to see the amount of hours accumulated weekly, or during the pay period. There is also a major bug with the iOS version. When entering a password, the app will not accept the + symbol in the password. When logging in using the web service, these passwords are acceptable. Other than these few issues, the app generally works well for its intended purpose.
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3 years ago, charlie bo bo
My opinion about this app.
This app has been very beneficial to me and my family. The one function that has been helpful is the posting of my paycheck in advance of my payday. I am able to budget before hand. The only problem is there is no consistency in the posting. If only this could be addressed it would make the app the total package.
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2 years ago, gauqkrbf
Not fast enough
If the app would show the paystub when the money is deposited that would be great. I have to wake up at 3am for work sometimes and when I do and I try to check my pay it isn’t even showing on the app yet. I have to log on to my bank account to see the amount, and if I have any questions I either have to call my main office or wait until greenshades eventually makes my statement available for me to view.
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5 years ago, Quacie
A little annoying
I like the app, I think it’s a good thing but there is such a thing as too much - you require too many pw changes. Gosh, my bank doesn’t ask me to change my pw this often. Also, why not prepare my taxes for me? I mean, you have all my pay info. You can prepare the preliminary return, allow me to add other expenses such as school, donations etc. then let me pay you in the app to file. You could even add a ‘return tracker’, suggest withholding chances etc... just a thought.
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1 year ago, combatfreak
Horrible, is it even legal!?
I’ve quit the job and now I can’t change my address to get my w2’s cuz Popeyes don’t want to do their job and this app is set up in a way that if your an inactive employee in the system you can’t access certain features, I don’t have access to my previous address cuz it was an apartment fire and since then I have moved. So you can see my problem here, it’s not legal for y’all to do nothing about it and and give me my w2s, I’ve done everything on my end at this point.
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5 years ago, Ssvierck
Doesn’t work well
After I downloaded the app it worked fine, for the initial use however I went back to open it up again to look at paystub and it won’t open so I deleted it and download it again and it worked fine initially and than the next time I tried to open it, it stoped again and this is the process that keeps happening on a daily basis. I have an iPhone XR so it should be working just fine and it doesn’t. I literally have to keep deleting the app and re-downloading it to get it to work.
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3 years ago, bfrank862
Good to see check stubs
It’s a good app to see check stubs and tax documents…but nothing else. It would be more convenient to be able change my direct deposit information, change dependents, or update my personal information action on the app. It’s just basic. It’s good for viewing your pay history and not much else.
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5 years ago, K4KW
I have the same problem with the app only working once after I installed it but I figured out why. It will continue to work fine until you check the “Remember Me” box at the sign on screen. As soon as you check the box the next time you try to open the app it crashes. Just don’t check that box and it’ll work.
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3 years ago, Kris Hunt
More Difficult to Use than Necessary
I’m going to guess that 99% of this app’s usage is employees clocking in and out. With that in mind, the screen you see when you launch the app should show the Clock In/Out button immediately without having to scroll. Right now, the first thing you see is a menu with too-small touch targets, and the Time Entry option is the fourth one in the list. That’s stupid.
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5 years ago, rhondaRHON
Make updates soon if possible.....
Sometimes the app could be down, a couple of times I have to delete the app and reinstall the app. Maybe the app needs some updates on it I don’t know!!Besides that it’s a pretty good app.
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2 years ago, ccc0309
Wonderfull concept. Creating my account, and gaining access through the app was a bit tedious. After a few hurdles, the app is quite friendly and convenient. 👍👍👍
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6 years ago, wick3dmama
Can’t clock in or out
Have used this app for two years with no issues, now, I can only access pay stubs and w-2’s. I can’t clock in or out like I used to. Normally, this is not an issue as I just use my work computer, but when my internet has failed or my computer is down, I prefer to sign on or off at the correct time so my supervisor doesn’t have to make adjustments for me. Very frustrating and virtually useless.
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5 years ago, JEzusistheonetruekingofallofus
It works once then crashes
This app usually works great but now it’s opening once then crashing.. everyone at work is experiencing the same thing on iPhone. I hope they fix it soon!
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5 years ago, seangray1993
App is force quitting on its own
I’ve had this app for a year or two now and it’s always worked great until the last few weeks. I open it and almost instantly it kicks me back to my home screen. I’ve tried removing the app and redownloading it but I’m still getting the same result.
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5 months ago, JamiekayRen
Our payroll manager has been working on these for over two weeks. There are uploaded now but of course we can’t access them. It doesn’t matter to me, but we have over 400 employees and many of them are relying on those for a potential tax return. Please get a hold of Richelle Solorio SWO Payroll Supervisor as soon as possible so she can enable access to the electric version. Thank you. Jamie Renville, MBA SWO Chief Financial Officer Trainee
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6 years ago, and i aint going back
In the know
Great information about your business and what going on in the company and it keeps you up to date with your business and finance.
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6 years ago, Ger1122
Can’t get pay stub
This app was great up until this week where all of a sudden I can’t download my pay statement. Don’t know what happened that all of a sudden it stopped working.
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3 years ago, Tanner Remboldt
This app has a lot of glitches and doesn’t work correctly.
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7 months ago, Onyxrosez
Employee can’t see PTO balance, Vacation or benefits
I wish I was able to look at the app and be able to see my PTO balance and benefits. I have to ask my GM for this information. I’m not sure why and employee is denied this information on the app. It would really help for making appointments.
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5 years ago, rcjohnson26
Keeps crashing on iOS 12.2
This app would be awesome if it didn’t crash every time I try to open it. If you delete it then re download it, the app will work 1 time. The second you close the app and try to get back into it, it crashes and will not open back up. I have to go to the web site to get into it. Please update and fix the bugs. Thanks.
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5 years ago, leichqkcivlsmcbeyrb
IPhone X App now crashes
iPhone X when going to open the app again after checking the remember me box, the app now crashes out. We’ve been using GreenShades as a company for years and I’ve never had this issue. Uninstalled/reinstalled a few times. If I do not click the remember me box, app opens fine.
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3 years ago, liame13
This app barely gets me my paystub. The only interactive feature is the ability to add a picture. No thanks. I know what I look like! Really bare bones. I give it two stars because it does function ok for getting paystubs. But honestly I don’t need an app to do that. Thanks for reading.
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1 year ago, Phat tail
Check studs please
I’m trying to get to my check studs I really need the last two please
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5 years ago, ANP56
Does not work well
After you download the app and open it, it works fine. When you close the app out and try to open the app again, it will not work. It glitches out and backs you out of the whole app itself. If you delete it and reinstall the app it works okay the first time. It just gets annoying after awhile.
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5 years ago, MrMeasure
Useless app
When I need to print out tax forms, there is no print button in the document configuration dialog box. Had to take screenshots on my iPad and print the photos. Also, the app “conveniently” obsoletes your password without providing a proper warning. This necessitates going through the password rest email routine. Totally amateur attempt at an app, likely written by some kid living in mom’s basement.
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2 years ago, baxbby
Not well at all.
This app does not work for my company, but I can view everything on the Green employee website which is weird. Whenever I type in the exact same company that is on the green employee website it is completely blank, the app is completely useless!
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5 years ago, Jva0290
App not working properly
I have to delete the app and downloading every time I need to use it, something is wrong with the app.
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3 years ago, Bossy Rose
It very helpful to get my information from my work
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6 years ago, Jules4296
Password change
I do not like to change my password in my phone. My thumbprint is me
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3 months ago, Lolabear1997
I don't know if this is happening for other companies that use this app but the fact that it will not update to the newest paycheck so you can see it and use it if need be is really get obnoxious and frustrating
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2 weeks ago, Adonis jay
Time entry
I have been stuck on the payroll section is there a way to switch to the time entry side or was that fake
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5 years ago, making sawdust
Maybe hire a developer
This app is extremely frustrating. I keep having to reload it. After I reloaded it works for a day or two and then after that it just opens and instantly closes. Makes me want to go back to the old paper days.
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2 years ago, CR-1971
Get it together!!!
The two-factor authentication takes entirely too long to send codes. Often, error messages are received when attempting to make changes, and the fonts are too small.
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2 months ago, All the nicknames are used!!
I’d like to see facial recognition. Otherwise the app is great! Very detailed and updated information regularly!!
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9 months ago, Robby McKnight
Can’t get help
I called support and no one could help me with the app issues I am have. I’m logged in and it keeps going to my tax forms from the past company I use to work at. I’m trying to get connected with my previous company and it won’t let me it just stays on my past tax form.
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5 years ago, #1stillnothappy
Can’t get set up
I’ve tried again to get on green shades still not working. It’s been a year! Not a fan!
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6 years ago, ichmiych
Won’t download pay stub
For a couple weeks, says failed to download Pay stub.
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2 years ago, jTyeZ
The worst app ever it is not made for easy interaction you cannot navigate or search fill in tax forms and if you are lucky to you can’t zoom out of it to fill anything out the submit is no where accessible so you know you are completing your form it’s just trash
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1 year ago, Darian boyy
App is useless
App doesn’t let you change your tax documents. The website doesn’t even connect to let you change it either. Overall useless website and need to let workday handle all documents as needed
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2 years ago, Awesomesause321
It’s no longer showing me anything.
I refreshed the app and have tried so many ways to try and get it show me my tax forms or even past pay stub it won’t even do that. It’s very frustrating considering I need to see those pretty regularly. Fix this please ASAP!!!!
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4 years ago, K-chicka
App stopped working?
I no longer have access to my work documents. This is unfortunate for me, and I’m sure many other people who have to deal with bank stuff
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6 months ago, Ms. S Valentine
Arby’s of Easley,SC
Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to work with your staff and employees, I really appreciate the experience and the professionalism of the restaurants GM Shina, Tiara and the Area Manager John Polk.
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2 years ago, Dr.Roll
Easier to use
I like to use it, Quick view
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2 years ago, exit one o one
Pay statements
They’re never on time I get paid on Thursdays and my statements are never on time sometimes a whole week later
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6 years ago, ilsotb
No thumbprint login
Would be really really efficient for employees if this app has thumbprint login! Also, I am not sure how well the app and webpage are synced, but then again I did just sign up on the webpage only a couple hours ago, so I guess I’ll find out.
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4 years ago, koech76
Poor continuity
There seems to always be a problem with getting pay information uploaded timely like it used to be before the company made changes. Does good for a week or two and then it craps out again for a few more weeks
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1 year ago, Will/Johnson
This app
Poor app. This is not a copy of your pay stub. Missing info: how much an hour you make and worked, and how much overtime pay was worked. I want a photo copy of my pay check with all info broke down. ADP app does all this and much more
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