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GreenState Credit Union
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User Reviews for GreenState CU Mobile

4.46 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
2 years ago, FloridaKeys&me
App rating
Overall it’s good. Some of the way things are set up are difficult to find things. I was expecting on e statements to be able to go in and select if I want e statements or now. Not all the bank. If you pay bills ahead of time it’s hard to find where that is. Scheduled payments should be brought together as a dashboard. Yup me consuming to hunt for things. Not sure about the app on a pc. I use it but many times I end up re logging in. Seems to not be that intuitive to back to a main screen. If you want me to evaluate and help the product team in the future I would gladly help, be part of a pilot. Data engineering and information flow is so difficult.
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2 years ago, Birdybird1389
It works - but not the best banking app I’ve used
The basic functions of the app get you the info you need, but it’s overall somewhat poor quality in comparison to some of the larger banking apps I’ve used, like Capital One or PNC (which makes sense, it’s a much smaller company). I’ve attempted to mobile deposit a check before and it was a struggle, so I just take it to a branch instead now. There are a lot of functions that take you away from the app to a web browser, which isn’t super user friendly on a phone (after all, that’s why people prefer to use apps instead of browsers most of the time). I also have a credit card through GSCU, but you can’t even really see what you can get with your rewards points, and to redeem something you still have to call a branch. Perhaps it’s the millennial in me, but I don’t want to bother with all of that, when I can get better point values from another company, and just use their app to redeem them.
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3 years ago, jenmacb
Updated Bill Pay
Ever since the bill payer was updated, I have lost sight line to the payments I set up for our joint checking account and my history. Not only this, the app doubled issued a payment (for over $600) that I couldn’t even see in bill pay! I called about this today and was told since my husband is primary on this account, I won’t ever be able to see those reoccurring payments (that I set up under my individual login) or any bills he pays. This is crazy that they cannot resolve this issue as it used to work! I’m furious that the app won’t function correctly when the old one did. Does Green State not test functionality before rolling things out? I was told a supervisor would call me back today about this issue. No call. Not only is it poor customer service, it’s sad that a credit union who is as big as Green State is cannot make their app function correctly. Maybe it is time to find a bank or credit union that understands that it’s 2021 and people need applications that are intuitive & user-friendly?
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1 year ago, Nicole Dentlinger
Love the GreenState app!
I have been a member with Green State Credit Union since 2003 (when it was still the University of Iowa Community Credit Union) and have watched it grow in those 20 years. The app is amazing because I rarely have to visit a branch location to conduct my banking/credit union needs which for many years was wonderful since I moved from eastern Iowa and did not have access to a branch often. Even with a local branch location, I use the app to track my spending, keep updated with my credit score, and move money freely between savings and checking. I also love how quick and easy it is to deposit checks to my account right through the app. The ease of using the app makes it user friendly to everyone!
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4 years ago, Seriously, no name
Rating for GreenState Website
Hello! Overall, I like the current website, but if I was able to have some influence on how it could be improved, I would suggest a couple of things. 1. A change in font. Why? It wouldn’t have to be much, but it would be easier for some of us who are “mature” to see it a little bit better! In fact...that leads to my next suggestion! 2. It would be lovely if, for example, all posted transactions came in “highlighted”. As we check our accounts for things returned/notated, then give us a check box, which would then erase the highlight, thus giving us a better overview of which items are still outstanding. Of course, I’ll muddle through regardless, but wanted to let you know what would make things easier for me! Have an awesome Monday (and every day!) Kate Cheyney
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2 years ago, cgapperi
What’s not to like?
Frankly, this is a shining star of mobile banking apps. They have done a great job implementing a mobile version of the website. I find it so frustrating when the mobile version of a bank is a complete disconnect from the website. This NOT the case here. Everything is exactly where you would expect to find it coming from the web version. This, of course, makes going from the mobile to the website more fluid, too. As with all the other GreenState related: Well done, and thank you! The dedication to your members shows. I am so glad to be a member!
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2 years ago, artofrisik
Solid App
Lots of info and service options, could be overwhelming to some but I like it. Very clean. Desktop-style layout means less nested menus to click through to find what you want to see, but that means smaller text overall, could be harder for older individuals to read. They offer a “high contrast mode” setting under accessibility, which isn't nothing. But the app overall lacks a zoom function or the ability to change font size. Causes no problems for me but would be something they could add to expand their ease of use for more customers.
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2 months ago, km47056
Buggy and is slow
My accounts take more time to load than they did prior to the “upgrade” made to the app. The UI is not as easy to navigate and the card control features are mostly pointless. The only one I’ve used is to turn my card on or off. The “offers” section of the app also shows that I am preapproved for a loan, but then it states “Sorry, no offers are available right now” right below it. It’s janky. GreenState as a Credit Union is great, but the app itself and the website need an overhaul. To request a credit limit increase on a credit card I already have, you have to fill out an entire request and you can’t even do this while logged in. It’s the same process as filling out a loan application or credit application from scratch.
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2 years ago, xc56vb67kh98
Doesn’t work consistently
Drops the name of my payees. Does not accept instruction to pay a Bill I enter for payment. Pays once when I select to pay monthly. Requires an account number even tho I have none; no other options allowed. Then again, sometimes it works just fine. And, the fun part, I never know if it accepted my instruction until I discover my Bill has not been paid- typically requiring a late fee or other penalty. The bank says maybe it isn’t as good as using a computer…well, my smart phone is what I have; my smart phone is what I use; smart phones are what the app is written for. I think it is the most obtuse bank app I’ve ever used from any bank. Whoever programmed it needs to go back to school.
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3 years ago, Jjwoohoo
Great bank great app
Easy to use it provides everything I need and most everything I want. My only complaint is that I can’t print like a list of transactions from x date to x date or all transactions that equal x amount or from/to a specific business. I have to do a screenshot then print that which is ok but awkward. I’d like to be able to print to pdf to add comments or redact something I don’t want others to see should I need to email a list or whatever. I miss the square thingy with the up arrow in it. Overall I’m happy with what’s available.
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2 years ago, Moniquea
Needs better flow and functionality
I have attempted to make transfers with this app without success multiple times. I wish things like credit card payments were more accessible as well. I have to take three extra steps to pay my credit card. But I must say that I’ve never had a mis-transaction with that portion of the app. Just the transfer from external verified account to loan payments. I also bank with BMO and their app is way better set up. It is more intuitive and user friendly. Y’all should take a look at how they have their stuff set up and make yours more like that. Please! I may actually end up cancelling all my accounts simply because of how much I dislike this app.
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1 year ago, libhop
Depositing checks causes crash every session
Commercial account-Every time I attempt to deposit checks there is some glitch. Often you get to the final stage to click complete deposit and the app crashes, shuts down, you have to log in again and try again. Sometimes the check did go through. Sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes checks you think went through didn’t. It’s imperfect for probably the most important remote function we need as a business that is not close to any branch. They tell us to remove and reload the app and try again but I have to do this every time I do deposits. And we have to check the online site to make sure which checks snuck in before the app crashed. Please fix!
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2 years ago, Gzzgng
It's okay
The transactions I complete at this credit union are significantly slower than my other credit union. So, it would be a lot clearer in the app if processed internal transfers appeared in the account that they are destined for as transactions with a status indicator as soon as they are submitted/processed rather than only found in a more obscure location. At present, when I move money between accounts there are several days in which the money moved is absent from my balances completely as if the money was lost, despite it technically remaining within my two accounts. Also would be nice to have a dark mode.
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7 months ago, WayfunCarol
Don’t bank here
I was yelled at since I had some overdraft fees, “You have online banking correct? Why didn't you check it?” I had never checked my online account everyday, however since being told to I did however it was always in the afternoon and when I noticed my account was going to have overdrafts that day I immediately posted a deposit the same day but got the overdrafts anyway, and when I called even though i made my deposit during business hours the same day i got the overdrafts like I was yelled at by this bank’s employee it didn't matter and they only fix your overdrafts once. Im searching for a better bank when I get a day off!
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2 years ago, Grandpa III
Fine CU, pretty poor product
I’ve been a member of a few banks/ credit unions who use this same app / company and have grown to despise it over the years. More recently since having to use it again. The app’s navigation isn’t super intuitive, the “in app” options they provide are limited and (in my experience) lacking compared to other money management apps, and in general the user interface continually looks like an app that was made 7 - 10 years ago. The product works, but that’s about it. I’d like to see GreenState work with someone else to build out their mobile services.
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7 months ago, Eric@H-D
It works great for us! We use this daily and it helps us track where we are at with an in the moment snapshot. It gives us all the information we need to know and so much more when we want it. We can look at all of our accounts at once in a glance or we can dig into any of the accounts for more detail if we want to. I would recommend the app and GreenState to anyone who wants banking made easy!!
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10 months ago, KarenMcR
Love Green State app
I have been a customer for 25 years when it was UICCU. I use the app all of the time and love the added services you provide like bill pay. It always works and I trust it to be reliable most of us don’t bank between 8-5 and so I can do everything from the app at 2 am 😊 I especially love the great staff at the bank who help on the occasions I have to make an old-fashioned phone call. Thank you!
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11 months ago, FORMAKESFIVE
Relived, Grateful and Happy
Just moved to Des Moines, IA and I needed a credit Union I could trust that also has ATM for depositing money. Within days I found GreenState credit Union and only after a couple days of using the app, zero glitches, zero delays, everything is fast, convenient and the Face ID feature makes me happy. I appreciate banks being able to modernize like this and making banking the easiest thing ever. I am impressed and satisfied!
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2 years ago, Caseyr4u
Don’t take my word for it
You will absolutely never regret coming to GreenState they have proven over and over to me that they will help you get what you need. My credit is not the best in the world but they manage to help me refinance my car, and they manage to do it now consolidation on my credit cards lighten my load. If there was the score above 12+ they would definitely receive it
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3 years ago, Awhawkeye
Need to log in every time, no text options
No FaceID option for login from what I can tell. Bank does not offer text alerts for withdrawals or low balance alerts to my knowledge. Pretty annoying to have to type in long and secure password each time I want to do anything that isn't offered in a more convenient way. Also, it seems there is no way to name a shared account in a way that both sides can see. This has caused confusion and transfers to/from wrong accounts. Bank had more convenience options in 2010 in my experience.
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11 months ago, i crop videos
Convenient and easy to use
Like the title says, it’s convenient and the UI is user friendly. You cant get lost on this app. The unlock account feature is very good, and the new addition of card controls is just a plus. The chat support feature is admittedly confusing to me, I am not sure if I can leave the app while a rep is being found but it’s a nonissue because I can get on desktop.
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3 years ago, JHKE_cheshire
Incredibly convenient!
So many useful tools for saving and investing. I barely notice the roundups coming out of my debit account. Also the early accounts for my kids are a savvy way to save for them, and they can take control of those investments when they turn 21. That will be a decent down payment for a house that I never had at that age. Highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, Mickala Lynn
User friendly, only one thing I’d change
The only, and I mean only thing that bothers me regarding this app is the fact that the order of your “account” can change so easily. I feel like I barely touch my finger to my screen and I’m accidentally rearranging the order of the accounts. Other than that, this is by far the easiest to navigate than any other bank/credit unions I’ve been with in the past.
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4 months ago, Credit Unions Are Great
Need to make bigger
You need to change the program so a person can make the print bigger. When you send the news letter out a person can make that larger. Should have the same thing when looking at your accounts numbers. Also need to lower the rates on safe deposit box’s. There was about a 17% increase of cost from 2023 to 2024. There is no up keep on the box’s. A box at Wells Fargo ( 5 by 10) is $45 a year. At Green. State it is $75 a year. I would love to move my box’s at Wells to Green State but I can’t for that much cost difference. What happened to the box’s at Best of Iowa building when that building was sold? If you would like call my , Mike Long member of Credit Union for over 50 years. Hope this helps and something gets done. Thanks for asking and enjoy the day. Please vote Democratic come November.
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2 years ago, mariahjane27
Works well enough. Easy to understand and navigate. The ability to add a description to charges would be handy. Ex: on a check charge, my ability to add a label “routine dr appt.” “Mediacom” etc. Even certain edits to general transactions like Walmart : “groceries” “clothing” etc. Also you’re addition of a description to nsf charges would save me many phone calls. Ex: bounce check to:… “Linn county” “mediacom” etc…
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6 months ago, E Man51
Gene Holtorf
5 star credit union in every respect, I really appreciate being able to conduct my affairs 24/7 with the on-line banking! exceptional facilities and excellent customer service. In 20+ years I have never had an unpleasant experience and in the environment we live in today, that is truly saying something special. Thank you for being the best financial institution on the planet😀
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2 years ago, iReview9396
Constant Issues
Why are you constantly having issues doing stuff in the app? One weekend the mobile deposit button wasn’t showing and the option to make a mobile deposit was no where to be found under the menu area. Now the app is loading really slow and every time I tap to make a deposit it giving me an error. Fix your app! I don’t live near a GS Credit Union and no ATM is near me too so I can’t just drive to make a ATM deposit. I’m going to switch back to my old bank which is local if you can’t keep the app from having issues all the time.
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3 years ago, jones_dad
Nice general app
App works great. I have had no issues getting information, transferring money, or getting alerts on different aspects of our account. The one area that the website does better then the app is the bill pay and schedule payment section. In the app I have to scroll to the bottom to view scheduled payments and I can only see a subset. I have not found a view (besides the website) to see all scheduled payments with the dates.
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1 year ago, SkylarMiles
Very helpful
I really love this app, it does exactly what it's supposed to and more. I would like to see more customization options, like changing the display name, different color schemes, etc. I also think it would be easier for new users if they knew to ignore the first few digits of their account number, that's what made it so difficult for me to create an account for the app.
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3 years ago, crashed my phone
Great mobile app
Always has been a a great app but they are making small changes to make it even better. The most recent changed I noticed, is now pending credit card transactions show up in the main part of the app. That is an extremely nice feature for members who have a credit card
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3 years ago, 2cnd 2 None
GreenState App
Hi, When it’s working it’s been adequate. We have been plagued by availability and “if” your GreenState App is functioning when needed. It is frustrating at times and makes you realize how much things have changed. We are concerned about “ if “ and when you need to use this app will it be working”. Don’t mean to sound negative but an App can cost you customers that are forced to look elsewhere due it’s functionality. The people at GreenState are always helpful.
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4 months ago, sher Garcia
Your services are great, your app not so great
I was shocked to notice that for a bank that has an excellent customer service and many benefits that other bigger banks don’t have, your application is terrible!! It opens a tab every time you need to do something, it looks like a bad and old website. Sometimes it just crashes and won’t open for hours. I give it 2 stars just because the chat is a great feature and every time I’ve used it the agents have helped me and solved all my issues.
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2 years ago, fjddhidcji
Not as intuitive as it should be
Although you can do many things on this app, doing it does not always work. I had the bank pay my cable bill. When it was Oxford the payment always made it no problem. I got the bank check returned to me and my payment was late. I had to send my own check. No so good.
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7 months ago, BuddhistAngel
Bad update
This new update is terrible. You can’t see your accounts as a quick snapshot any longer. And the menu is laid out in a very odd format. I’m guessing whoever built this update has never built an app before. They clearly don’t know what they are doing. Don’t let the company lie to you. These changes were not “member suggestions.” They were all internal ideas by a few people. I’m saying this not as an assumption, but someone who knows people. Greenstate has really gone down hill over the past few years. Probably why they had to fire their CEO.
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3 years ago, BLH0001
Good all around app
Easy to use, a lot of nice “extras” with it too. Love the ability to deposit a check with the app and the credit score tool! You can change the layout of your listed accounts and the names on them which is super helpful when you have multiple accounts linked.
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7 days ago, soirnfjdiee
Login issues
Have no idea why it is always so hard to login. I have an iPhone that uses Face ID to unlock my password. For whatever reason, it never works for the GreenState app. Works for every other app including my other credit cards. The regular password feature does not work either. Also- I’ve never had to wait three days to verify my account just to make a payment. You’re not sending me money, so verifying the account doesn’t make sense especially since it’s in my name and through a large bank.
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2 years ago, Juelz79
Hate the new bill pay
I absolutely HATE the new bill pay set up. Everything else is pretty much the same and works fine. But the new bill pay looks dumb and confusing. There’s no real way to tell if you have an ebill without actually clicking on it and opening each individual payee. I have to rely on emails to know if a bill came in. Also, the “forecast my balance” option is GONE. Hate hate hate it. Boooooo. Hope they change back or fix this one 🙄🙄
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7 months ago, Disappointed customer#5
Online chat and new app updates
Using the online chat will not allow me to be specific with the employee I chat with. I sent them a screen shot from another institution to get a rate match. I was denied the rate even though I was giving them all the info they required. I drove 30 miles to a branch and now there was no issues. This is not the first time the chat will not work with me. The new App is very slow to open and isn’t as easy to navigate for me. In my eyes GreenState is going the wrong way for customer service.
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5 months ago, DJ Enliven
Easy to use and understandable.
I LOVE this app as it is easy to use and makes you think about on line security. All the information I need is available and right up front. Also, it always checks for security before accessing! I have NO issues with the GrenState app!
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2 years ago, Wfjuydcvnkkkgf
Easy to use
This app is easy to use and you can do pretty much everything with it. The one and only issue I’ve had with it is when depositing checks. Sometimes you have to go through the whole procedure of taking pictures of the check several times before it gets accepted.
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7 months ago, Review VJ
Responds well
App responds well and quickly to accessing accounts and to go to the credit card site. I do wish that transfers between accounts and the card would be real time rather than the 2-3 day delay. I don’t like the new layout. It was easier before with the list.
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2 years ago, former hawkeye
Checking account.
I’m senior citizen, moved out of Iowa 5 years ago. Still bank here. The app is easy to use and I feel I have the easiest to use mobile banking available anywhere and have never had a problem. I don’t know how they could make it any easier.
Show more
3 years ago, bmariaca
Love my bank
This app is so useful, it has pretty much everything I need to check on my bank account although I with there was an option where it can send you notifications of the transactions I’ve made through out the day.
Show more
3 years ago, Jumpjuju99
This app works perfectly, and is very useful
This is such an important service, so it’s great to see that there really are no issues with this app. It works well, never glitches, and communicates any possible issues the app may be having. Plus the layout and design is very nice. One of very few app that legitimately deserves 5 stars.
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2 years ago, CheckDepositer
Deposit Function is unreliable
I use the deposit function of the GreenState about once a week, as the treasurer of a non-profit, and most times the function is either not available (e.g., at this moment) or the app has trouble “reading” my check images and does not accept the deposit. I sometimes end up making my check deposits in person. When the deposit function is working, it is a great time saver.
Show more
5 months ago, Hbdye51
New App changes , not good .
I liked the App so much better before . The main thing I miss is the percentage pie chart . Also I really liked the grand total of all my assets by the percentage pie chart . That way I could monitor my accounts a lot easier . Now I have to add it all up the long way . I’ve told this to bank employees about this and they don’t like the recent changes either . Time to go back to at least the pie chart and grand total of assets one has at Green State . Otherwise I like your bank very much .
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7 months ago, Grateful for JustAnswer
I can do my banking during hours I’m available to take care of business. That’s convenient for me. Yet I can visit a branch when I need to! I have been with the Green State CU since 1979. And I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Oh they have worked well with me through many an event!
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2 years ago, uturnwalksalot
very modern and usable app
This app compares favorably to other bank apps and outperforms every other credit union app easily. I live nowhere near Iowa but this credit union has great credit offerings and savings programs as well as modernized and useful apps. I am happy i switched over my accounts. The app is great.
Show more
1 year ago, Duwmar
Review Green State site
Easy to use from the very first day. Unbelievable. Do I like this better than in-person banking? NO. But we travel so it is very convenient. We’re in our 80s so online banking is probably going to be our only choice if we have health issues. Nice to have a Plan B DuWayne Pople
Show more
2 years ago, 27Corey
Has it all
This app has improved dramatically over the last few years. It keeps up with the fake bank apps and GreenState offers so many amenities that are usable inside the app. Other credit unions should follow this set up
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