Greenvelope: Email/SMS Invites

3.7 (46)
47 MB
Age rating
Current version
Greenvelope LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Greenvelope: Email/SMS Invites

3.65 out of 5
46 Ratings
2 months ago, Sham_E
Great App!
Love the app i am not the most creative but this app has tons of ideas for tons of themes it allows you set reminders keep count of who attending who’s not who hasn’t acknowledged yet. You can personalize with photos and make needed changes that will update everyone.. only thing is, that if you have a guest list larger than 10 then you are prompted to pay but it’s as you need but overall love the app.
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1 year ago, Maci KZ
Love it, Mirrors Website Well
I’m doing a small celebration following my elopement with family and friends and prefer the email/text method rather than going to the post office for traditional snail mail. I put together everything online in the website and paid for a certain amount of invites and it’s been great! I’ve received a lot of good feedback from the people who have received it. I’ve not had any people reach out saying they’ve had troubles (and we have sent this to people above the age of 75 who prefer traditional mail). I downloaded the app so I could track the guest list and send reminders if needed. My mother-in-law is planning the celebration and occasionally has questions about the count. So this is helpful when I need to access it quickly. I love Greenvelope and wish people did this more often! I have not created an invite in the app and if I need to create one in the future I’ll still probably do it on the computer because I prefer a larger screen.
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3 months ago, maricent13
Really love the app and it’s easy to use. It does take some getting used to but easy once you have it down. Love that it keeps track of everyone who has RSVP and even opened the invite. It let me pick if I want to send through email or text. We chose text and it kept us updated through the day every time someone opened the invite. It’s honestly super exciting. We are using it for our wedding and loving it so far
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3 years ago, gooooooiiiiiiiiid
Super super app
Greenvelope is my go to app for invitation. It has a rich collection of templates - more than you can find on any other similar platform. You have the flexibility to customise the text down to fonts, size, color, location on the card. It’s incredibly how you can come up with a beautiful card in a matter of minutes. Design your card, envelop, even the stamp that goes on. Plus its animated card opening feature is my favourite. You can also add music and images to your card. There is so much you can do. It is my one stop shop for defining seating locations, gift registry - you name it. It cannot get better than that. To top it, they have a flexible trial. Do give them a try.
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5 years ago, MrJGoldman
Helpful, with lots of room for improvement.
It’s nice to have an app that mirrors the information from the website. For the next update, it would be nice if it used more pixels so the font could be consistent with the rest of the OS user environment, thus allowing more information on the screen. Also, when i click/tap on the link to export the response list from the app, it opens a spreadsheet but there is no means of returning to the menu. I had to force the app close to return to it from the spreadsheet.
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2 years ago, Chadloy
It’s my first time using an electronic invite and I did compare it to the others out there. The reason I picked this was because of the variety of beautiful templates to choose from compared to the other platforms and it was easy to customize to my liking. It was easy to use, very straightforward. Happy that I decided to use Greenvelope!
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2 years ago, smartocci
It's an embedded website which would have been fine, but I'm constantly getting logged out. Probably have to log in 4 times a day. If it could hold a session I'd be happy.
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3 weeks ago, mnazgal
Great app!
This invitation app was very easy to use. I used it for a graduation party invite. It has features for sending reminders and messages. I also like how it tracks your invites. You do have to know ahead how many people you want to invite as you pay per invite package size.
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12 months ago, RosieBostonMA
Most invites go to spam!!!
I researched a few different sites and liked the design best here. I sent 200 invitations for an important event. After two days only 20 had been opened. I reached out to a dozen people I knew, and either they never received the initial invitation or it went right to their spam folder. I should not have to go back and individually contact everyone outside of the green envelope system to notify them that they’re getting an invitation.
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5 years ago, B.L. Rose
Beautiful invitations but difficult to use
Greenvelope has some of the most beautiful e-invitations I’ve seen compared to the other e-invitation sites. However, the app interface is very clunky and slow to load. Once my screen locks or if I go into a different app to look up info, I get logged out of the app and it takes multiple tries to get back into my invitation in progress. A lot of user interface upgrades are still needed for this app.
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5 years ago, mbaileyhead
Awesome And Innovative
This is an incredible app that’s streamline and easy to use. The creators and web app/design team thought of everything! We were proud of our personalized invite and got great feedback from our guests. Recommend 110%!
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2 years ago, iknowkungfu83
Great app!
This helped us keep track of our guest list. I received notifications whenever someone opened the invitation or rsvp’d. Designing the invitation was very simple and they looked great.
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4 years ago, destephbp
Could be better, use desktop version
A lot of improvement needed for this app to function. I’ve had to close it out multiple times just to go back a page and even after the app reloads, it comes back to the page I don’t want it to be on. The concept it awesome but really needs some work. Recommend using the desktop version.
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4 years ago, thejohana
Switching between mailings is awful
Going from desktop to app is a huge downgrade. Switching between mailings only works less than half the time. Everything loads extremely slow. And pretty much have to sign in every time the app is opened. They may want to see how Paperless Post app has done theirs.
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3 years ago, mikyu14
Need to constantly relogin
Love Greenvelope but the phone app requires Relogging in every time and makes it a nuisance to use.
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4 weeks ago, Lyss__99
Not great but not terrible
UI isn’t great
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5 years ago, ChudLS
You can literally buy real physical invitations for the price they charge per invite. Overpriced and they charge for everything!!! Look elsewhere! Save the dates $$$ then invites $$$ thank you cards $$$ about a little to invite 300 to invite 60 people! No thnx!!
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7 years ago, CrystalxLynn
Doesn't work
Just downloaded app and it keeps giving me an error when I try to make an account. I cannot get past this in order to make an invitation. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
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4 years ago, kathy22223
love this app
not only can you completely customize your cards, but it’s easy! this app is the best
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6 years ago, Ness586
Needs fixing
The app is nice and all but I feel like the invites are overpriced for 1. And for 2! It’s soooo slow it’s annoying!! Please FIX YOUR APP!
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6 years ago, DarfNader
No App Backgrounding Support!
NEVER AGAIN This service is a fleecing and this iOS app is just another disgrace to their overpriced, underwhelming service. Consider that even planning a basic wedding will cost you $1.00 to $1.50 PER PERSON. (I repeat, this is not per invite... it’s for each name that appears on each invite- ludicrous!) Worse, they up-sell sell you “features” that are nothing more than design elements to the invite, much like adding gold leaf would cost extra on a physical paper invitation, except there is no physical invitation. You’re not paying for premium card stock or hand-calligraphy. This is an electronic invite that costs the same to send no matter what it is. In short, any company that charges you a premium for adding a visual element like more colors to an electronic image is one you should stay far far away from! (This reminds me of the joke about the person who thought if they made the font size smaller it took up less space on disk.) Sadly, by the time I learned how this site was a racket, my fiancé got us in deep by adding our guest list and paying $50 just to send the “Save the Date” message. In short, it’s yet another company that preys on the foolishness of people getting married. I am unable to explain this phenomenon where people willingly pay extra money for the exact same things they would ordinarily pay a fraction of the price for, but have been somehow convinced that more money spent means a more “special” experience. My lovely fiancé (bless her soul) got suckered like so many other brides and grooms to be. Im sorry... you’re here to read about the app, not the service. You only probably already know how much of a fleecing Greenvelope as and are using this appp begrudgingly. I’m sorry to say, you won’t find any satisfaction here. Aside from all of the various complaints people have about the service and how the app works, by far the most noisome problem with this app is how you simply cannot pause this app without losing whatever you were working on. Even doing something as minor as changing the volume or screen brightness will mean all of that text you spent 10 minutes typing my is instantly lost. Basically, don’t use this app for anything except for if you have an emergency or want to check status. Otherwise, be prepared to be infuriated. To be blunt, the lack of multitasking support by allowing the app to be put in the background makes it worthless for doing anything useful with it. If, for example, you have to do something predictable like switch to contacts to get an email address, Greenvelope will lose whatever your were doing no matter how long you switch away. The instant you suggest you want to adjust anything with the phone, the app will reset and reload which in itself takes 5-10 seconds. This is a colossal fail for any mobile app. What is this... MS-DOS?!? How this got past product team indicates they do not have a product team or they just don’t care about user experience. Considering how convoluted and awkward their web app is, they may simply lack knowledge what UX even is. The most commonly used controls for managing your event such as viewing your guess list, editing your event details (like directions, external web links, etc...) are so obfuscated that even after using this service for the last two months I still struggle trying to get around. Of course the button to upgrade your service is huge and present on every screen. It’s so ham-handed that I actually feel embarrassed for them. Still, in spite of how lame the app is, the real indignity is how much you’re going to end up paying. When you think $50 is a lot of money to manage a wedding invite, you realize very soon that you’re just getting started! After you get done editing your invitation and add a modest amount of customization to their electronic Invitation options, you’re realizing all to late that the for invites to 150 people that you’re spending $100. That’s right- an online tool that sends electronic invites and keeps track of RSVPs costs $1.50 PER PERSON. (I hope I made it clear how absurd this is in the first paragraph.) Had I known how ludicrous this was I would have vetoes this app but this is what my fiancé picked! Lesson learned... and NEVER AGAIN!!!
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4 years ago, Jelly69!
Can’t swap to a shared invite
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