GRID™ Autosport

4.5 (2.3K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Feral Interactive Ltd
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for GRID™ Autosport

4.5 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
7 years ago, ZipMtb
Graphics are detailed but experience is not
I wont repeat what others have said about the graphics because they are amazing and the pay once price is the best bargain in the App Store. Also, I actually like the tilt controls on my 12 inch iPad Pro. It seems pretty direct and more like a real driving experience. What I I don’t like and am very surprised is missing are a few details that would help. First there are no useable rear view or side view mirrors. How can you find out who is behind you or beside you when overtaking. There is on view that kind of give you mirrors but they are obscured and not useable. This is probably my biggest complaint. Second, is there are NO DRIVERS! It’s kind of surprising and kind of freaky to see cars go around the track with no drivers. Given the level of detail in all other aspects I can’t figure out why this detail is missing. Either way it is the best game in the App Store but would really like to be able to see around me when driving not just ahead of me.
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7 years ago, Spudanky
Best racing game on iOS. I’m an arcade racer nut! So dipping into more of a racer sim is a new experience for me. What a great experience! I like I can play when I want, without having to slog through a pay to win progression. Because I’m free from that type of over used progression model, it’s helped me to ease into this racer genre more easily. The game looks great, but some textures are still a little jank up close. The free DLC HD texture pack has failed for the inside of your car tho! But overall it is a beautiful looking game. The controls feel solid. When I mess up, I know it’s me, thanks to unforgivingly tight controls. I successfully use both tilt, and a wireless controller, but prefer to use the wireless controller exclusively on this one. Not true for other popular arcade racers, where I can’t control the car at all using a controller. With Grid, a wireless controller is a pleasure. CON: It makes my iPhone 7 hot fairly quickly. In terms of performance, it seems to run better than some people’s experience on latest iPhone. Performance is overall pretty good considering my dated phone, but I definitely will get minor frame rate issues at times. They can definitely do with better with optimization. PRO: Driving at high speeds down the streets of San Francisco. Definitely recommend as a great racing game, but also as refreshing old school approach to selling games. Respact!
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6 years ago, Darkdusk87
Love the pay once approach, hate the game..
I love how this is a stand-alone game where you pay once and you play to your heart’s content, just like a true console game would be.. But wow... They claim that this is supposed to be more of a “simulator” style game, but I have driven many cars, and have never had so many issues just trying to drive in a straight line! NO car on earth drives like these in the game. It honestly feels as if you’re driving a boat with how slow the game responds to your attempts at turning, but it gets even more “fun” once your car starts to turns finally and suddenly it’s as if your whole car is driving on a solid ice patch with no traction whatsoever.. The cars control horribly. The graphics are okay, I wasn’t blown away by them, but I also wasn’t upset with them. Also, I haven’t seen a single option in the game for any kind of customization to the cars, or even any option to try to buy new cars. I may be wrong on that though, because after an hour of giving this game a chance, I just couldn’t bring myself to continue playing it. But I know that I never saw any options in there for it at all.. Overall, I love the fact that they are not trying to do the stupid in app purchase garbage, but playing this game felt like more of a job, than anything I would consider to be fun. I personally would not spend the money to buy it. The game itself gets 1 star from me, but I added another just because I like and respect the pay once aspect of it.
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3 years ago, klickbean
I will preface this review by saying controls for this game outside of a paired physical controller are useless. SO PAIR ONE FIRST BEFORE PLAYING! I don’t ever write reviews but what codemasters have done here is really something what a car enthusiast and driving enthusiast would appreciate in a mobile driving game. Variety of control options and the use of force touch is nice for throttle and brake control. Now this game has NO MICROTRANACTIONS and includes free dlc bonus cups and hd texture packs free! Now the real treat of this game is THE CARS! Every type of variety from so many different eras. E30, Mclaren F1, 1 Series M Coupe, RX-7, DC2 Type R, NSX R , a friggin HONDA HSV-010 GT CAR, it’s really ridiculous the awesome selection of cars and the crazy thing is you can try them all out from the start as they are all unlocked and ready for you to try in time trial and custom cup modes. I haven’t dived too deep into the career mode but judging from the small bit that I have played it feels like it is going to be long and very detailed one that would get anyone new to racing games build to a good understanding of the sport. Get this game, just pure awesome!
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5 years ago, nimo18rtr
Great, but could be better
My biggest complaint is the nearly 6 gigabytes this game takes up with the dlc’s, yet it still takes an eternity to load into a race. What is all of the 6gb doing if it isn’t already loaded? There is not nearly that much content in the game for it to be using that much storage. The graphics are ok, but, again, not 6 gigabytes good. All of the cars always sound like you’re riding up against a wall with the reverb sound, besides they sound pretty bad to begin with. Surprisingly though, the R35 sounds pretty accurate. I’ve noticed that it’s hard to make minuscule movements when steering and often my car is stuck in its own racing line at certain parts of the track. Just a few tweaks to the handling would be nice. As far as content, I’d love to see some LMP cars, (Porsche 919, etc.), and some LMGTE cars such as my favorite modern race car, the 2016 Ford GT LMGTE PRO. Obviously I’d love Le Mans Circuit, Nüburgring Nordschleife, but it seems as if the content additions are done, especially since the game is entirely free after initial purchase. Overall, great game, console quality is a bit of an ambitious statement, unless you’re comparing to PlayStation 3, but still the best racing simulator for mobile.
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2 years ago, S.s.StashGlass
Best racing game out there!
Ok so I completely am satisfied with this game. It’s well worth the one time cost and I have very few complaints. The only complaint I can come up with, and it’s more of a suggestion than a complaint, is it would be really nice to have a better replay feature. Especially having a TV camera replay view. The only option for this is the view that toggles between multiple views. If would be much better imo with a stand alone TV broadcast camera view. Also it would be cool to have either a drone or helicopter aerial view as well. Other than that I can’t really complain. It’s a perfect game and you can tell the Deb’s spent a ton of time on the details One more suggestion, more options for the demo derby. This could include more tracks and car selections. The camera suggestions above would enhance the derby too imo. Tracks like a common figure 8, and even oval racing. additions to this could make this game even better.
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9 months ago, Michael10452
This is a PC game on an iPhone
This game looks like it was made for a PC, runs like it was made for a console, and somehow plays on an iPhone. I thought this would look worse plugged into an external monitor, but somehow it genuinely looked like I was playing on my PC. I showed a friend without telling them it was my iPhone and they said it looked sick thinking it was a PC. ON A PHONE?!?! I would pay for this game a second time just to keep playing it… I literally love this game. Also on top of that they have a pay once play forever model, which is rare in these days and telling of not only how incredible their game is, but how honest their developers are. I wish there was a way to donate money to this game and to their developers. If you add such a function, I will gladly do so. I hope whoever developed this is this reading this. Thank you so much for making such an incredible game, I don’t know how you do it but we appreciate you.
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5 years ago, Kaffeyerr
controls are frustrating
Tilt control has always been a part of mobile racing games which is surprising to me because it’s a concept that doesn’t work well. So I was hoping that the arrow controls could fix that and help me enjoy the game. However the arrow controls are a mess. The game won’t let you accalorate by yourself, and braking is very frustrating as you have to reach for the middle of the screen which could really send you into the grass on tight turns. The fact that the game doesn’t even give you the option to change the layout of the arrows and maybe also add an acceleration button is beyond me on a $10 racing game. Other than that the game is alright but I would still have to give it 2 stars because controlling the car is about 80% of a racing game. I really hope to see the re arranging option in an upcoming update. Edit: what a joke of a developer response. The fact that they try to put a bandaid over this joke of an overpriced game by writing “thank you for your purchase” like they have done on so many other 2 and 1 star reviews makes it feel like they are laughing behind their screens and tells me that there will not be any promising updates in the future.
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7 years ago, Keenraven
Very impressive.
Feral managed to port the full GRID experience, with a much improved UI, to a phone—pretty darn cool. The tilt controls work surprisingly well, the “force feedback” on bumpy roads is a nice touch, and the graphics are stellar. Two criticisms—these games always use the external view as the default, which I think is a mistake. I went from terrible to pretty good, just by switching to the bumper view. You can’t get any sense of your speed with the camera hanging high above your car. Frame rate is an issue. I’m using an iPhone X, and things start out fine — right around 30 FPS. About 3-5 minutes into gameplay though, that frame rate takes a nosedive — down to a nearly unplayable 15fps. I suspect there’s some thermal throttling or something going on, but it’s enough that it hurts my driving performance. Please tweak the game, even turn down the graphical bells and whistles if need be, to get steady performance.
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4 years ago, Squeeeeeeeeeeps
This is an amazing game....
Sweet *ss game folks! It has stuff no other mobile games do! And like cars themselves, every vehicle is different and even if 2 vehicles of the same make & model, and year are identical, they are still usually miles apart when they are modified for 2 different racers...modern cars are precisely built for 1 driver, and even for 1 track, and even built and setup for certain weather conditions? Take this into account before you blame the game for poor control and handling? LEARN TO CHANGE YOUR STYLE AND ADAPT to whatever conditions you and your car are surrounded by? Do that and your driving skills will progress very quickly! Complaining is only wasted time you could have been using to practice! (For those who are requesting a refund, would you buy a car without a test drive or or atleast watch videos of others test drives etc? Be a smart consumer, it will benefit you GREATLY! ✌🏻)
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5 years ago, Ccgoerges
Great game
I’m loving the game so far. (Just by virtue of not being a wretched “freemium” game it probably deserves 5 stars.) The game play is fun. Really this is the spiritual successor to Real Racing 2 which I loved. I’d call the following comments rather than criticisms, but they’re worth knowing if you’re considering the game. (I’m only a dozen seasons in, so take it with a grain of salt, I’ve got a lot left to learn.) -I didn’t even know that there was qualifying until I was about six seasons in. I had expected that if there was quali, it would have taken me there first. Not every race has it, but now I know to check. (There’s practice as well, use it) -I’m happy that car setup is available, but it’s going to take you a long time to figure out exactly how all of the settings interact. Which is as it should be for a game of this type. -There is a pretty large jump in difficulty from one level to the next. The nice lady tells me it’s too easy on “professional” but I can’t break the top 8 on expert. I haven’t experimented with the custom difficulty options yet, so know that you’ll need to explore that as well. -I sort of wish the bumper camera view was more like a “grill” view. Meaning it’s really low, and it can be tough to see anything in traffic. If you prefer the other styles of view, it won’t be a problem.
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4 years ago, Gaspatchosoup
Math is hard
So I decided to put this on my phone cause it might be easier to play then holding an iPad. After downloading the game and opening it I wanted to download the extra stuff and then am greeted to a message I don’t have enough room for the 2.06 gigs. So I then go to my settings and see that I have used 42 out my 65 available gigs. It might just be me but I thought 23 gigs is bigger than 2. I’m supper confused. Shut my phone off completely and restarted it and same issue. So tried downloading one thing and turning everything else off and it started to work, got 2 things downloaded then the game started and in the main menu tried to download the rest it made me go to settings to turn stuff on and restore for some reason and when I went back into the game I got the same thing although this time was telling me now it 3.08 gigs I didn’t have room for. App also made my settings app crash while I was messing with custom control settings. You have made a high quality product here it’s a shame I won’t be buying anymore of them. This was such a waste of money and time.
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5 years ago, yaboydavee
Amazing potential
I wanted to enjoy this game so bad. I’ve played around 5-6 hours and I simply cannot seem to get enjoyment out of this game due to underwhelming controls. I am an avid racing sim fan and have spent countless days playing Gran Turismo and Forza so I eagerly purchased this sim hoping to achieve a similar quality of gameplay and graphics and while this game looks stunning, the lack of an intuitive control scheme makes controlling these cars an absolute chore. I tried all options and found the virtual wheel to be best, but still frustratingly difficult. The lower difficulties are easy to win because your opponents turn into snails, but as soon as you increase the difficulty to get a challenge you will see just how unfair the AI will make you feel. Cars are very aggressive and with no proper control scheme it makes these races more frustrating than fun. Unless you have a 3rd party physical controller to play with this game will take you on a very steep learning curve
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4 years ago, Skatestreme
the BEST racing game on the market!
i had recently heard that this game was ported to IOS, and i instantly bought it! and to no one’s surprise, this is an amazing port of the console version! this has to be the BEST mobile racing game you can get, and its worth every last penny. it does burn your battery down extremely fast, but there is a battery saver mode that does the job. the controls can take time to get used to, but you can customize it to your will so anyone can get the hang of it quickly. and if you’re a console player like me, it has MFI controller support. Feral did an absolutely wonderful job porting this to mobile, and all of the DLC is free, of course. if you’re looking to play a racing game on your phone, choose this one overall! you get EVERYTHING at the start, so you don’t need to work for anything. this is a one of a kind game!
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6 years ago, LQ6KO
Great racing game
This ios remake is amazing and on point, but there is still things to be desired, especially for us the hardcore racing gamers: Better details in the cockpit- I play racing games only in the cockpit view and here it looks worst than gameboy advance port with 3 polygons for the wheel and textures as for a playstation 1 game. What makes a racing game good for me is the details inside the car while I race. I will have to compare it to Project cars and Real racing. They have a taste for the this things and made them perfect. The pc equivalent of Grid suffers the same bad details inside the cockpit, please fix this mistake. The controls are weird, I have to admit they are doing their job, probably better with a controller, but for tilt- something is very off. Too much gyro tilting and less steering while doing so is confusing me. I don’t want to compare again Grid to Real Racing, but just check how they managed to make it enjoyable. I know these two are different cup of cakes but still even tweaking the advanced settings don’t make it better for me. That is all I am having trouble with, other than that Wow you did amazing!
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7 years ago, FreemanSun
King of mobile racing game
I did say GRID:Autosport is a good-but-not-as-good-as-it-can-be game on Steam when I played it first on Steam, the handle is a little strange with both keyboard and controller, the game progress is a little boring because back in original GRID, we can actually build a team...but when I play this game on my iPhone, OMG... First time to truly experience the concept of “grip” on a mobile game. And, no in app purchase, yeah! Ok I know this game has bunch of paid DLC on PC or whatever, at least I know they are “DONE”, may be they are off to holiday, may be they are off to brewing a brand new GRID, that’s all good. Better then sitting on base they built years ago and keep sucking money out off your account, yes I’m talking about “Rich Racing 3”, who just fail to keep the throne. Greedy king got overthrow by other competitors, I wound how many time that happened in history...
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4 years ago, Adam Skjervold
Good game, entertaining physics
The preset controls for this game are absolute garbage. Feels like the car is driving itself, but once you do some adjusting of the acceleration and saturation of the accelerometer and put the driving mode on at least simulator pro it gets a lot better. There are a lot of well known tracks though less so with the cars, not as many cool cars but some unique ones and they cars all feel different which is really important. This game honestly feels very much like project cars 2. The cars tend to slide a lot on the asphalt but it’s not terrible and for the platform it’s on, the physics are actually great. Overall worth the money, just like real racing 3 back in its day, this game does the impossible and makes a smartphone game look almost like a console game, while still having good physics and a rewind feature.
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4 years ago, Infinite flight reveiws
Man.. What a great game
Ya know I just bought this game a few months ago and I’m pretty impressed. This is the first time I’ve seen game almost competing up to Forza motorsport. I mean, yes, people are saying that the steering seems a bit off and I had that problem turned a setting on and it was pretty normal from there. I like how there going for a more “Simulation style than other racing games” and I really like that. It brings out the heart of racing. I mean there’s a few bugs here and there but you gotta expect that it’s a game there’s always gonna be bugs. Overall it’s a great game and if you looking to buy then you should it will impress you if your looking for a good racing game that’s console quality. But if your looking for something easier then you should look for something else thank you for reading and have fun racing!
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7 years ago, Remy L
Easily the best on iOS
This is hands down the best racing game on iOS. Not just racing sim, racing game. Forget RR3 and it’s pay to win or spend hours waiting for your car to repair after a race. Pay one reasonable amount up front and you’re good to go. They could have charged $60 for this game and it still would have been a better value than anything else out there. Great graphics, great options, great everything. I’m only starting to scratch the surface but I’m already way happier than with any racing game before it. Can’t wait to see what else it has to offer. It may take some time to get used to the controls (like 3D touching instead of only tapping, which is genius really) but you’ll get the hang of it and within minutes won’t be able to put it down. Definitely worth the price of admission.
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5 years ago, N-A-M-8-8
By far and one of the prettiest games ever to grace iOS
If you want the best racing game on mobile by far and one of the prettiest game ever to grace the platform, stop reading and go buy this game right now. Why? It's simple, really. GRID Autosport is a fully premium experience with content that will take you forever to complete, a ton of ways to play, fantastic visuals, and highly customizable controls and difficulty level that will suit every player out there. Feral Interactive has really brought a console-quality game to iOS. The port of the game is almost perfect, but expect your battery to drain faster than the gas tank of a supercar and also the rare frame drops when visuals are turned up (even on an iPhone X). Despite these small issues, GRID Autosport is a fantastic game and one racing fans have been craving for.
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6 years ago, Wdoqabel
I’m giving this game a one star because they do not give the option of zero stars. I read the reviews before I purchased this game thinking it can’t be as bad as all those negative reviews said, thinking, maybe they just did not have the car setup correctly according to the reply’s back from the developers. Turns out, they were right, you cannot control the cars even in ‘rookie’ mode with all the driving assists turned on, the only time you can truly control the car is just before the race starts and you are stopped at the starting line. Once it starts, (if this was a real car) you better plan on dying. I did not try it, but, ‘demolition derby’ mode might be fun, at least there you are supposed to crash! I can see why they do not have a free version to start with to see if you would want to buy a full version, they would not make any money. This is a game for those that do not know how to drive because they would not know difference any ways or know how bad this $10 game really is.
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7 years ago, Juanjohn04
Needs some optimization
Game looks good and I enjoy playing it with a controller, but I’m having issues with the game slowing down anytime I’m around several cars or taking turns at a high rate of speed. I’ve been playing it in my truck with the AC blowing cold air on my phone so it’s nice and cool, but it still runs slow. Maybe the game could be a better optimized for each device or the graphics can be turned down a bit by the user with a future update. I’m playing it on a 7 and I’ve got over 100 GB of free storage. Anytime that I pause the game to send a quick iMessage, or leave the app, it needs to boot up the game again when I go back. I was wondering if there are settings that we can change while playing to help with this. I love that it’s a one time purchase and look forward to future improvements. I bought it soon after it was released because I feel users should really support this type of game vs those that nickel and dime you.
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4 years ago, e373727282276
Oh man.
I’ve never written a review for anything in my life. But this game is absolutely 100% the best racing game you can get for IOS. I have my settings to simulator (assists slow you down) so it definitely takes a bit of practice to get used to and I’ve crashed out of my share of races but wow. the AI is very intelligent, very quick on the higher settings, graphics are absolutely incredible especially for a mobile game. Ive had it for over a year and the game has crashed one maaaaybe two times. Feral and codemasters did an amazing job here. The only suggestion i have is to allow players to choose their number and maybe put some helmet options. other than that, if you’re looking for a racing game for your phone this is definitely without a doubt the game to pick.
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6 years ago, SuperMacGuy
Controls so difficult
The controls are so touchy and difficult to tweak, to use without a dedicated controller (ie use on iPhone by tilting for steering). There are a lot of adjustments for sensitivity, but none seem right, especially for a CASUAL race game player. I want to play in a semi-arcade mode, not full-on hard simulator. Or work up to full sim as I practice. I've played Real Racing for years and love it, the control is fine and linear. In GRID there are so many more tracks and cars, the pressure controls for accel/brake are great. But steering is just so touchy its almost impossible to handle. Plus, even on a brand new iPhone X this takes foreverrrrrrr to load. Sometimes there are cut screen movies you just can't exit from that take so long. You can't just pick this game up and play a quick couple laps, you need to dedicate 20 minutes - 10 for loading and 10 for driving. Props for such a complete game, cars, track, but without better input control or some kind of "motion smoothing" or "easy mode" it's just not truly enjoyable.
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6 years ago, Bunkeredchimp
Pay Once, Play Forever! An awesome game with a catch!
I just recently downloaded this game on my new iPad Pro 11inch and and I must say the graphics are top tier and might honestly be the best graphics I’ve seen on a game in the AppStore but there’s one issue that makes the game hard to enjoy and that is it does fit the screen and because so it makes for a difficult experience. I decided after trying it on the iPad I would download it onto my iPhone XS Max... it’s perfect. It fits perfectly on the screen and runs super smooth. All I ask is for an update to correct the resolution on the new iPad and hey maybe take advantage of the extra horses under the hood as well to maybe even push the graphics a bit further! Anyways, great game keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, Sane Shane
Best tilt-racer I’ve played
Thank you to Codemasters & Feral. This game has given me so many hours of enjoyment and I’m still having a blast. I’d have paid quite a bit more than I was required to. Like the good ole days, you simply pay a fair price and then enjoy the game...... no IAPs. The endless driving controls and difficulty options allow you to test yourself to greater degrees as your skill improves — which helps to make for an extremely immersive experience. I play on an iPad, using tilt steering and the “flick” method for changing gears in manual transmission. Only improvement I’d hope to see: Those of us that play on devices that aren’t touch-sensitive are at a significant disadvantage — we can only floor the throttle and slam on the brakes. I’d really appreciate a new optional system that allows us some level of control over how hard we push the pedals. Thanks again for a great game. P.S. Your new F1 free-to-play game is an abomination and (in my eyes) a complete waste of the license. A paid F1 game with this game’s physics, mechanics, graphics, options, etc...... would be great. Much of the infrastructure you’d need already exists, so maybe this would be a profitable project?
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3 years ago, Texting Bee
I don't know about you; but I'm tired of all these game developers getting carried away with in-app purchases. Your parents give you a $100 Apple Gift Card; and the next thing you know, you're out of money. Just because these developers can't do something as simple as charge you $10 for the game... once and for all... It's nice to see the people at Feral Interactive agree with me on that. In-app purchases are nowhere to be found in this game. They don't charge you anything extra for additional stuff; it's all right here! Thank you, Feral. For not overcharging us for stuff that should come with the game outright. Hopefully more developers will see your light; and jump on board.
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7 years ago, Pranto49
An iconic game for this platform
To those “devs” (it’s EA of course🤣😂) who implement countless greedy schemes to nickel dime us people who just love gaming, time to learn how to really make a game! No more fear of meaningless “repair” times when banging your car against others, no more fear of stupid “gas” or “energy” or whatever! This is THE GAME to play in your iPhones and iPads! I hope the game gets better with more and more bug fixes and enhancements. I really love to see all of the FREE (yes, all of them are free!!) DLCS. And also maybe there’s a problem with the iPhone X? It slows to a crawl in the middle of a race and times like that. And that home bar on the X... please make it go away when the game is on. It ruins the fun. Nothing unfixable through an update I assume. Thank you for your hard work guys!
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4 years ago, Thenoob93
Playing this game is to me even better than playing on console. The creators did everything right. The graphics, the real tracks that I have raced on other Grid games. I have found no flaw. The only thing that I want these guys to do is make a Dirt game. If they made a Dirt game for a similar price I can almost assure you that it would be a hit. I personally use an X-box one s remote to play this so I do not have the trouble in the controls that others may have so to those out there that are having trouble and have a blue tooth controller at all I would recommend trying that. All in all I would gladly pay dabble for this game and I have for much worse. Keep up the amazing work, and I am looking forward to more games from you.👍
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7 years ago, ELEeobichonanico2822
My IPhone X burn in my hand
This game has one of the most detailed graphics out there on a mobile. It make your iPhone explode too much processing. And when it get hot the FPS goes between 5-7. It takes 25 minutes. Then you need let cool down, battery drain like a shot of water on the dessert. Aside that no micro transaction you get what you paid. For the developers, you really did an amazing job! You put the iPhone X processor to work more than it supposed. I don’t like the safe battery mode. And the drop frame rate. If you guys could adjust a lit bit more the game adaptation with the same graphics On IOS, Many of the complaints that I and many other would dissaper. Keep up the excellent work and all the Best! God Bless You Guys !
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4 years ago, Evooooolve
Amazing game!
I was looking to scratch an itch for something like forza to play on my ipad while sitting in bed, and this game is the solution. I play with my ipad held up by some cheap flexible mount and an xbox controller and let me tell you what, it is pretty dang close to console quality. I’ve only played career mode so far and it has a slight mobile zing to it. The racing itself is incredible, but I wish there was a little more diversity to the cars. It feels like I’m using the same cars over and over, regardless of what sponsor I pick. I really wish you could purchase your own for each type of race, and upgrade as you go. With all that said, for a $10 game it’s 5 out of 5 stars without a doubt.
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5 years ago, nathaniel09
Superb racing sim with small limitations
I’m so happy that this game exists. Having a realistic racing sim on my phone is insanely cool. I mostly race with the Formula cars, and they feel as close as you can get on an iPhone to the formula cars I’ve raced in PC sims. Really great game, well worth the 10 bucks. Notes to the developers: There are a few things that I don’t understand and wish you would update, such as how you can only race at night on a couple tracks in endurance mode. I get it might be too much to have night mode for all tracks, but why not make the few night tracks available for all cars? Abu Dhabi for example would be so much fun to race in a formula car at night. It’s such a small thing that I believe shouldn’t be too difficult to update, and it would improve the game a lot. Also, don’t underestimate street tracks in formula cars. I’ve raced every track available in the Formula A car and Chicago and Paris are by far the two most fun. Allowing races in those tracks in the Formula series campaign and time trials would add a lot. Thanks for creating such a great racing game!
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7 years ago, ToddM7
Don’t buy it
After looking at the demos, I thought this game worked like Real Racing but with better graphics. The controls are completely different from Real Racing and are very frustrating. You have to apply pressure continuously to the screen to make your car accelerate. Turning corners is very difficult if you don’t slow down properly first. It’s like trying to turn on ice. The game overall is really complicated. I buy apps for their fun, but this one is more like a task. If the developers would add a mode, so that your car automatically accelerates and slows down for the turns, like Real Racing, it would be a fun game. Controlling the acceleration and braking by pressing buttons on the screen while your car slides all over the place is not fun in my opinion. It doesn’t appear that the developers had anyone test the game first, to see if it was fun. If they gave you a refund it wouldn’t be so bad. I just wasted $10.
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2 years ago, CelticEddieL
New update creates more problems than it solves.
I have knocked this game from five stars down to three. Here is why. This is the first time I have been right in the middle of a race, and the game kicked me out. So I lost all progress in that race. Maybe the problem is with the latest IOS update. Also you never addressed my question concerning when you give your partner instructions, wether they follow them or not. There is no longer any audio confirmation. You guys very rarely fix the problems we complain about. You need to update your game a little more often. If you fix these problems it will go back up to 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Lamar310
Console quality race game and fun
This game is the real deal and I’m not even trying to overhype it. It has depth, a learning curve, and is realistic. This isn’t like other games where you just mash on the gas and ram into other cars to win. You must use racing techniques and skill to win which makes each race feel different and unique. Lots of cars and lots of tracks and lots of ways to customize the game. I was happy to pay $9.99 for this game and this is exactly what’s been missing in the App Store. I’m tired of kiddie games with micro transactions and love console style games with full levels and those are the developers I’ll continue to support and rate high. Graphics and sound are both 5 star.
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6 years ago, Vibing
Pls fix - save file corrupted
This is awesome racing game and been playing for last few weeks and everything was great till the new update corrupted my save file and can’t continue. I have iPad Pro 2 12.9 which the file is corrupted, but for some reason it still works on my iPhone X. Pls fix ASAP! Thx Edited: this really bites as I tried to follow your instructions to email help from the game. So I tried to get passed the saved file to get to the main menu, but had to start a new game to send the email. Now my iPhone X saved game file is also corrupted and lost all my progress and have to start from the beginning!?!? I love this game but to have to start from the beginning and spend another 20 hours to get back to the same location really s*cks! Sorry but I’m not going to play this game till it’s fixed otherwise it might happen again.
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7 years ago, Rockman557
I can’t believe how amazing the game is! I’ve been playing it for a few days and still can’t get over how incredible it is to play. It’s also nice that you don’t need to pay extra money to advance in the game! Jump in and race whatever car and track you desire. Also how much fun the additional cars and tracks are in the additional career section. Thanks to the developers for that and again what a pleasure to play, graphics are amazing and it really is the best car racing game on iOS! For all of us that have been playing real racing 3, come on over and save “literally a bundle of cash and away from greedy developers” theirs a new game in town and it’s called “Grid”
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6 years ago, SmiteMatter
Best mobile racer, but missing key elements
GRID is very good for sure. Excellent tilt controls and fairly realistic responses from the cars. Cars look great from the outside. Tracks and races are plentiful and fun. The various race disciplines fit whatever mood I may be in, and the pacing is just right. But! The car interior models are sad at best. Very low quality interiors and this spoils any sense of an immersive experience. This is a straight up racer where you are just a driver. No car buying or collecting, no painting, or customizations. You are just borrowing the cars for the race, and you do not choose your vehicle for the race series you sign up for. I suppose those classic premier racing game features being missing for mobile can be forgivable as the attention to physics and an overall enjoyable racing experience is excellent....again, for a mobile racer. GRID ain’t Forza and it’s not trying to be, but a lot of the fun with these types of AAA racers is buying your cars, and racing from a realistic cockpit perspective. Both are absent in GRID. Still, this is a much better alternative to the absurdly expensive and shamelessly price gouging Real Racing 3.
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3 years ago, RudeeBoyDgaf
Amazing Just Needs Multiplayer
Overall a great gaming experience. Honestly fulfills that need to play Forza or Gran Turismo. Real Simulation racing at its finest on the IOS no doubt . The only thing that’s missing from this is in game multiplayer . Got a few friends onto this game and would love the opportunity to be able to race them as well as race the whole Grid Community and I know I can’t be the only one that feels the same . Literally just needs that one aspect and this game is a solid 5 star title for sure . (Really wish I could give it 4.5 out of 5 honestly a great with or without the multiplayer BUT would be a GREAT addition to this already amazing driving simulator!) Great Job Guys !!
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5 years ago, NaturalHatty
Here is the TL;DR rundown on this game: If you have a Bluetooth game pad you are planning to get out every single time you want to play this game, by all means, buy it now- it will be one of the best $10 you spend. If you plan on using solely the chosen platform on which the developers released this game, i.e. an iPhone, then don’t waste your money- the controls are insufficient for the platform, lead to a poor user experience, and the developer is either too stubborn or lazy to update them to the arrow controls other iOS racers as well as the player community have become accustomed to over the last decade. You will have a bad time, never want to play the game, and eventually delete it like myself and thousands of others have done, chalking the $10 up as a loss.
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4 years ago, (Not the omnipotent) Q
AirPlay to TV for max fun!
I screen mirror over to my AppleTV and play with a gamepad. Make sure TV is in “game mode.” I tell you, I can’t believe the quality we are getting from a PHONE game. What’s up on my screen easily looks and plays like an XB1 type game. The biggest dilemma I see the devs and games at this level having issue with? Content. They can’t make these games 10gb+ in size. So this is the one area you feel the “phone-ness.” You want more cars, more tracks, but unless they do DLC packs to let you grab them over time and slowly fill your phone, not sure how else to handle it. This game and EAs Real Racing 3 are my favs this far! However, this might be my #1.
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3 years ago, JohanTanaka
Best quality racing option in the App Store
I’ve been playing racing games all my life (and in all devices, consoles, PC’s and this game is by far the best option within all the other options in the store. I feel like I’m playing GT on my PS4 Pro. Superb graphics (if you play in a good device) performance mode 60 FPS and I always play with the Xbox controller and the game runs smooth as if I was running it on PC. Extensive career and options. Button mapping is amazing. Amazing game. Hopefully they keep making more like this. No ads of course. For the price I think is a bargain for such a high quality port. Thanks to the developers for this piece of work.
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4 years ago, sjracer
Great overall
Thank you for the pay-once-and-play concept that most developers have completely abandoned. If you have a quality product you should be able to have the confidence to charge a fair price and let the game speak for itself. This one certainly does. The car physics are pretty good for a mobile game and the graphics on my 12.9” gen 2 iPad Pro are frankly incredible. Not sure how real world the individual car handling is but if it’s accurate, wow, the McLaren P1 is truly horrible. It’s loose under throttle. It’s loose under braking. It’s loose coasting. The thing just can’t go around corners. What lunatic would drop a cool million on such garbage?!
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6 years ago, Rix IV
Amazing once customized
This is definitely the best racing game on iOS. However, it takes a little bit of customization and tweaking the settings to get the game to run how you want it. There is TONS of customization when it comes to the controls and difficulty settings and you’ll have to spend some time trying out different setting combos to get the best control and feel for me. Once you get everything dialed though this game is great and a pleasure to play. Definitely worth the $10. Also you get tons of free DLC and every mode and car is accessible from the start so you can play how you want right away.
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5 years ago, GDowg1107
Best racing game on iOS
I had $12 left so I decided to buy this. I I saw it was 3.9gb and I was like “wow that’s crazy” I bought it and I’ve been playing it for a bit. First of the graphics are insane. I was blown away. Something I noticed too is that when you hit a cone, drift, and go off road it make you’re phone rumble and I absolutely love that. I can’t think of any other racing game that is this good. Is near perfect. My only problem is that all drivers are ghosts. That’s the only thing think I don’t like about this game. Best app in the store. I’d say it’s even better than Asphalt 9 Legends. I highly recommending buying this. You won’t be disappointed.
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7 years ago, ERAUdarouze
Stunning Achievement!
Worth every penny for a game that has so much content plus DLCs. Best controls and customisability of any iOS game I've played. Force touch analog accelerator and braking allow you to play this like a sim. I highly recommend using the steering position indicator when steering with gyroscope, especially for drifting. Using iPhone X I experience some of the high temperatures that are expected of a game of this graphical quality and only experience minor slowdowns as it heats up, usually alleviated by turning battery save mode on in the game. This most recent patch seems to help as well. My only gripe is cockpit textures since I love to drive from inside.
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5 years ago, AbaddonVolac
Frustrating Controls
Graphics, interface, and progression are all fine. But the only way the user interacts with the game—the controls—make no sense and each have a fatal flaw. I hope the developers can add another controls complaint to their list and please fix or add another option. The driving controls for any Grand Theft Auto on iOS would be great. Left thumb for arrow steering, right thumb for braking and acceleration. The current combination of auto acceleration, incredibly jerky invisible steering wheel steering, and a braking system that requires you to obscure the middle of your screen makes for a very frustrating experience. A shame when we can tell a lot of work went into this game.
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4 years ago, RenegadeBird01
Too touchy
The game has amazing graphics and is probably a great game if you have a wheel or controller but if you want to play from your phone forget it, the 3D Touch feature for the acceleration is too touchy and doesn’t work well making it extremely difficult to take corners without over steering or coming in wrong. I think there needs to be an option where you press the accelerator and it’s full throttle and you just release to slow down( the way real racing 3 is) I realize not everyone would like this and that’s fine, but for 10 dollars it needs to be more oriented for amateurs who haven’t played it before. There was no training races at all it just throws you into the game with no help. Great looking game that falls way short. Very disappointed.
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2 years ago, jakedingusthebingus
Bunch of Dumb Reviewers Here
Feral is an absolute one of a kind porting and development team. People are complaining and artificially reducing ratings for a game they DID not create. Feral ported this game, they didn’t create it. Stop complaining about gameplay and physics unless it’s about the controls themselves. Blame the people solely responsible for the (very few) atrocities in this game, Codies, and leave the folks at Feral alone. Look at all the other port attempts, go play Assetto Corsa and see how trashy it is and maybe you’ll have more appreciation than 2 stars. Love you Feral, keep it up!
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9 months ago, Critt3k
It’s a great felling Simcade. Playing with a Backbone is fine. Not enough in terms of fine tuning controls such as dead zones and sensitivities. Looks good with solid performance. Biggest disappointment is car choices are abstractly categorized and those categories are directly tied to track choice. Secondly is the AI is horrendous and spoils the otherwise fantastic career mode. AI doesn’t obey the same physics and has catchup mechanics for both the player and the AI. The game tries to force you into not winning nor getting blown away at higher difficulties. Hit goes from too easy to impossible. It feels like it wants you to place 5th-3rd even though I’m setting fastest laps.
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