Grid Money

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Hatfield, Inc.
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Grid Money

4.67 out of 5
17.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Daemon2021
Easy Setup and Access to Money!
Grid is super helpful when you need money in advance. All you do is link your bank account information with Plaid, super secure, and then they offer advances between $50 and $100. You can choose to have that advance instantly deposited to your account if you link the debit card associated with your account and pay a $2.99 fee along with the amount of advance in two weeks or have it ACH deposited with no fee and just repay the advance amount in two weeks as well! Very helpful if you pay your advance, they make it available for withdrawal again after repayment is received. I’ve had no issues so far with them and will continue to use them when I need to advance a few bucks. They also offer a secured credit card where the amount you deposit, up to $3,000, becomes your credit limit for those seeking to build or rebuild their credit. I haven’t tried that feature so I can’t say much about it regarding that experience.
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8 months ago, Stephaniemarie8
No Suppprt
Update - (it doesn’t get any better) I have been trying to change my bank account since last Friday and cannot. I’ve emailed support to cancel my account 3 times in the last 48 hours since they don’t work with chime banking. And only response I get is to try to get me to stay for the grid credit line which they have told me numerous times is not available in my state. I can’t be much clearer when I say cancel my account. They’re so desperate to get that $10 month subscription pay. I have been messaging support for two days now with no response bc I had an unexpected bill to hit and needed to cover it. They’ll instantly take your money when you repay but won’t allow you to advance for at least 3 business days. I repaid early by 4 days (money was taken out of my account immediately so I’m counting that as day 1). If I had known about the bill, I wouldn’t have repaid the advance early. Regardless, don’t expect much help from support. They have ignored me all day. Their PayBoost is not accurate either. I purposely have more taxes withheld from my paychecks every week to get a refund. Payboost is claiming I’m underpaying. IRS estimator is claiming I’m overpaying. I was curious to see how well it works considering nothing else works like it should in Grid. Don’t waste your time. This is actually my second go around with grid. I was really hoping they got better over the last year bc the things they promised sounded great but they have not gotten better
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7 months ago, LynnsheaC
Great Services! Highly recommend!
I am very happy with all services provided. Direct deposits have been as early as 4 days. The credit line and credit repair service has been a game changer for me personally. And support is direct, effective, and responds quickly. And the redeemable point system is great and actually incurs extra cash every month with an opportunity to earn 2x the points with a direct deposit each month! But as nice as that is, this also where my only complaint comes into play. 4 stars instead of 5 only because of the opportunity to earn 2x the points activates for the month after a direct deposit. So those like myself with direct deposits occurring in the last 4 days of the month will only receive 2x points for a couple days before it resets on the 1st of the following month. It would be nice if a direct deposit activated 2x points bonus for the following 30 days. There is a $10 subscription fee to access all services but the point redemption has covered that fee 3x over at a minimum every month. Overall Grid is a great option for those needing a bank, credit repair, and extra cash.
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7 months ago, Babyjmma1
Best by far
I absolutely love Grid. In all honesty, and like most people when trying something new, I was a bit skeptical. It sounded too good to be true. But this app has turned out to be all as stated, very reliable and helpful when you need an advance. Times are tough for a lot of people, although the advance amount wasn’t that great, just having access to a few extra dollars was/is a blessing. Especially when buying food. Grid app has all the features and functions needed and very easy to navigate. The colors are perfect, no neon disco colors that are hard for the eyes. No crazy cheap advertising within the app. Suggestions yes, but no “buy from Crazy Dave’s discount emporium” type advertising. Once again, I love and appreciate this app. And as Tina Turner says “simply the best, better than all the rest”! So, if you’re reading this and wondering if you should sign up, the answer is YES! Do it, you will love it as much as I do.
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2 years ago, MARCKUS 12
Good App that could be Much better
I like Grid I have been able to get 5 cash Advances over 7 weeks. However I have paid each one back with a debit card and it is always 3-4 BUSINESS days before I can get a new advance? It states 1-3 business days and I have asked who gets one business day? Since I have a track history and pay with a debit card I would think a new advance should be instant or no more then one business day. Today after 4 business days I took a new advance and paid the $2.99 for instant deposit. It took 5 hours to get to my BofA debit card. It was nerve racking. No help from Support I requested help at 4am and 6 hours later have still not heard from them. They state after you write a ticket 1-2 days before they reply. That’s a VERY SLOW reply rate and they don’t have a Phone # So Support is very slow and dismal . It should not be this difficult to get an Advance. Nor should it take so long to get any meaningful support. Grid should learn to improve itself instead of getting worse. It could be a 5 star company but with very little support and issues getting advances out. It’s more like a 2 star
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1 year ago, Greygoose_jetta
Best bank and credit card to use!!!
I usually don’t leave reviews for banks especially a app bank! But today I’m making an exception because this company has been so grateful to me and has opened many doors for me that I couldn’t open myself. What started as a cash advance subscription turned to a full credit card subscription and I love every aspect of it. The app is very user friendly and very well laid out and easy to navigate. I setup my direct deposit through them because they offer checking account as well. As you use this debit credit card you earn points and increase your credit line by paying back your credit line balance which increases your credit score. This is a all in one package deal that is amazing and a great deal. Definitely recommend you giving them a chance and maybe you’ll be offered the grid card as well!!
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2 years ago, spooneyd48
Don’t use this app
I would give this ZERO stars if I could. This is a scam. This company will charge you 9.99 mo EVEN if you ask to cancel the subscription you have. I sent them a message asking to cancel my account after I had paid back my $50 advance. I thought they had closed it but they have been racking up charges for all these months saying I have never asked them to cancel my account when I did. And if they think you owe them money they will not cancel your account until you give them what they think you owe them. Also they will not let you remove your banking information until you pay them so they are essentially holding your bank account hostage by doing this. The “Grid Team” only sends back generic responses to your request but no one ever does anything to address your request. It looks like I am not the only one this has happened to though by looking at the other reviews. I have reported them to the better business bureau. I encourage you to use another cash app if you need an advance. There are other legit apps out there that work well and are not a scam. Don’t get sucked into this one.
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7 months ago, Brandy Coffey
Grid has saved me on so many occasions! Especially if I find something I love while shopping but I didn’t budget for it…. I can take an advance. I can monitor my account and tools to help ensure I stick to my budget. I LOVE Grid! They are on of my 1st go too’s…… They also pay Packcheck Protection! When I heard they started offering it in Oct, I immediately signed up. The 10$ monthly fee is well worth it while you have an income. However, if you’re like me and lose your job unexpectedly because of unfair health reasons you can simply upload the proof that you have, and they will review it for 2,000-4,000$ to help you during the hardest time of your life especially when it’s along the Holidays :( I will give Grid another review or update this review once they HOPEFULLY approve my funding that I’ve been waiting on to let you know my final thoughts asap, choose Grid!
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4 weeks ago, stuy2
You’ve been warned!
DO NOT do any business with this company! I requested an advance to only not receive one and after contacting the company I was told I would still have to repay the advance even though I never received one. I requested to have my account closed about two weeks ago yet they are still trying to force me into business with them by only replying that they are changing the date for my advance to go out…they have “changed the date” 5 times and I NEVER received any advance. After asking, begging and even to the point of frustration and cursing them out I am still being told pretty much that they aren’t going to close my account. They don’t have a customer service number for the advance service only email which can take 3-4 days for them to respond and it’s always someone different who has to readdress why you are asking for your account to be closed only to want to give you a new advance date that you are t going to receive. Horrible company, horrible technology and VERY horrible customer service and I have the 50+ email threads to prove it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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2 years ago, Shavonne Pounders
Do Not Trust This Company
I made a payment on October 18th in full for the amount due and the status on my account went into pending but never credited the account. Today the account magically went back to showing I owe the full balance with a new due date never having credited the account. The payment shows clearly in receipts and shows that it cleared; however, they conveniently will not explain why this is or what has happened to my payment. I had to file a dispute with my bank today and when I attempted to ask them to close the account they said they can’t because it shows I owe money ironically. So my next step is to file a police report. There are no live reps or chat despite it stating there is a chat feature and when they respond it appears to be computer generated responses. There is no way to contact anyone and when they draw off your account it doesn’t show the Merchant it instead shows your name and debit as though you’ve withdrawn money from an ATM. Also, this account changes with every update which in my opinion made it worse and worse. Do not trust this app!
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4 weeks ago, clburky
If I can rate this app zero stars I would. I first started using it a couple years ago and would use the cash advance system and it was working pretty well, I decided to start making direct deposit to this account and upgrading to the credit line, which I’ve been using for over a year and have had no problems. Grid has been going through a lot of issues with its partnering bank the past year, and when it does, you cannot use your money, transfer money, or even get PAID. Your grid card gets frozen and it’s like your funds seize to exist. The app has been down since last week and I got paid last Tuesday. I still have yet to see those funds. and my minimum credit card payment is coming up in a few days. What are they going to do to this? OK, I’ll contact customer support and try to get it resolved… nope. The only customer support they have is using chat and sometimes it takes them two days to respond. Right now all they are saying is sorry and there’s nothing they can do for me to get my money. DONT USE UNLESS YOU LIKE NOT GETTING PAID.
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6 months ago, CreativeMindImagine
DO NOT USE: Kept Overcharging Me
At first Grid was amazing for me, however after a while I had forgotten about the app and hadn’t used it, and every now and then it would charge me for ten dollars for the subscription it has that I signed up for. I didn’t think much of it and kept meaning to go back and cancel. I also did owe a repayment but I did pay it back, however this recent past few days they have charged me ten dollars about 4-5 times basically taking out 50 dollars out of my account, at first I thought it was because my repayment didn’t go through and they were charging bits of it towards that; however it did go through and they essentially took another fifty dollars from me, taking about 100 and some change out of my account. And then their support/chat wasn’t much help, taking forever to respond back about canceling the subscription, and STILL haven’t done so! They’ve been taking money out of my pocket in these small ten dollars charges within the last few days with no support team being able to speak to me, like an actual human. WILL NOT BE USING AGAIN
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8 months ago, Asktimshannon
There when you just need something to hold you over
Grid is a game-changer for managing your finances. It's an all-in-one money app that covers a range of financial needs, from boosting your credit score to racking up rewards and quick access to funds. The standout feature here is the potential to earn up to 2% cash back on every purchase you make with your card, no matter the category or type of purchase. This flexibility is a real plus for anyone who wants to maximize their rewards. The app's user interface is sleek and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and manage your finances. It simplifies the complexities of handling money, allowing you to focus on making the most of your transactions. One drawback might be that Grid's availability could vary by region or country, so it's essential to check if it's accessible in your area. Additionally, like any financial app, it's crucial to understand the terms and conditions, including any fees or interest rates associated with using the app and its services. Overall, if you're looking for a comprehensive financial app that offers rewards and simplifies your money management, Grid is worth considering. Its cash back rewards on every purchase provide a compelling incentive to give it a try.
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1 month ago, C'AiraC161
The 3 party bank is filing for bankruptcy and accounts are being frozen
I’ve been trying to get assistance for two months now concerning issue in the app. I was unable to redeem my earned rewards for over 60 days. And haven’t received my credit line increase as promised for the past two months. At this time there is an error in the app stating there are delays with 3 party bank and I’m unable to add money to my card. Or use my card. I have direct deposit going to this account and won’t have access to my money and no clue when issue will be resolved. I highly recommend doing your research before using this product. I’m really scared that my money isn’t safe and that I may not get paid. They messaged me in the middle of the night letting me know the 3rd party banking partner has frozen our accounts. I had to research online to find out the company filed chapter 11 my direct deposit never arrived and my account is frozen. They lied to me for months and as a result I was not able to make the proper accommodation. This bank is a scam you’ve been warned
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2 years ago, Ms.NoOne
Pretty cool and easy to use (direct deposit review)
So, I started with getting a $50 advance (which repayment is 2 weeks from when you get it) they don’t go off paid day so be mind full of that, but I did 2 $50, then it upped me to $60 which I did 2 of as well then it went to $70, just did that once and then it turned into a $80 credit line, so you repay and it helps your credit and you get it back which is cool. FYI it can take upTo four days for your repayment process especially if it took out on Friday and you cannot request a new one until your repayment has fully been processed I did set up direct deposit because supposedly it will start giving you higher credit limit and they said you get 2 days before (Wed night) which I was ok cool because where I had it going I was getting it Wed night, but it didn’t hit Wed night, it actually didn’t hit until about 2pm EST. Which is why I gave it the 4 instead of 5 starts. I would have gave it 5 stars but the help chat was not helpful and didn’t answer my question so I was a little worried I was getting scammed on my direct deposit but it worked out and I don’t mind it being Thu afternoon instead of Wed night I just would have like better communication and help. Other than that, this app has been helpful and saved me a few times when I was in a pinch.
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2 years ago, KingAndrews
More than a lifesaver!
Let’s keep it real; at first I assumed this was one of those payday loan apps that makes you apply & apply & apply, just to have your inboxes flooded with spam emails & text messages about loan offers you really aren’t approved for. BUT I’m fact; Grid has been my go to for last minute funds when in dire need. On more than one occasion has Grid had my back. Repayment is a breeze since they pull when they say they will AND if you don’t have it all available to repay, they will take bits & pieces gradually until you have paid them back, AND it doesn’t effect the next time you need an advance. Grid stays on the forefront of my phones home screen always as a just in case. & they haven’t failed me yet!
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1 year ago, kacilynn2222
Waste of time
I was late on a payment, which I paid for and my subscription was due of $10. I paid, and now it’s saying I am not eligible for a cash advance. Hm, ok i’ll contact customer service. I text the customer service, it took a whole day to respond back. Once James responded back, he only said 2 things and never replied back to me when I still needed the help as he said “ Thanks for reaching out with Grid+ support, my name is james and took a look at your account to assist you, You should be able to request another cash advance by going into the cash advance button. Thanks for being a grid member.” that’s all. I responded with a screen shot of what’s happening, NO response. Their customer service is suppose to reply within 12pm-9pm Monday-Friday. Get better. I shouldn’t have to explain to myself why I was late, because it’s a legitimate reason, and i paid my $10 membership, yet I’m not able to get any cash advances anymore? Why am I paying for. membership if I’m not able to be eligible anymore.
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6 months ago, Cjay3001
Do not bother with this app.
I was able to borrow cash after a monthly fee, which other apps you do not need one and also pay for instant transfer. During the time that of the loan I had my card compromised and the loan was not prodded by card but by ACH. By dong this they flagged my account but they did not tell me or cancel my subscription. I few months passed and I had to borrow again. That is when there was an error and contacted customer service. They said that since the card did not go through before then the only thing that they could to is cancel the plus service and I could not use it again. I asked for a refund for the no that’s that they charged the monthly fee and that I would not have been able to use, they said since I did not contact them before they could not do anything. How would I supposed to know that they flagged me and unable to use there plus survive even though they were still charging me. DO NOT USE THIS APP THERE ARE OTHER APPS THAT OUT THERE THAT DO MOT CHAGR A MONTHLY FEE
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3 months ago, Nick**********
Double charging fees and customer staff unhelpful
This company is terrible, it keeps trying to double charge me for a monthly fee I already paid for and provided proof of and they continue to try to keep charging my account (luckily I have my account locked), so their continuous charges are being blocked. The customer service just keeps repeating the same thing or not understanding the issue at all. It’s been about a week of this now and because of their continued lack of help, as of this morning I’ve asked for my membership to be cancelled. I’ve told them I will pay my last cash advance as soon as the issue is resolved and the extra membership fee is no longer attached to that cash advance payment. I have yet to hear anything back from them. It should not be this hard to solve and issue where proof of payment has been provided. I should also be able to cancel my membership when I see fit, and not have to sit around waiting for someone to contact me to cancel.
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8 months ago, ThatAaronGuyy
Deeply regret trusting Grid
Review for Grid Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5 stars) I was initially drawn to Grid because of their commitment to "financial empowerment" and promises of innovative credit-building tools. Their mission to help people navigate life's financial ups and downs resonated with me, and I had high expectations. Regrettably, my experience has been nothing short of distressing. Despite their claims of building financial products for those most in need, Grid's inability to maintain a functional auto-pay system has significantly and negatively impacted my financial well-being. For 12 months, I diligently paid the $10 subscription fee, trusting Grid's promises. However, due to a single failure of their mandated auto-pay feature – its core function – I suffered a missed payment. This has resulted in a devastating 28-point drop in my credit score, tarnishing a four-year record of impeccable payment history. The consequences of this oversight are far-reaching. My credit standing was downgraded from "Good" to "Fair," causing immense distress and frustration. For a company that claims to be committed to empowering its customers, I feel disempowered, disheartened, and deeply regretful of my decision to trust Grid's credit-building services. The gravity of this situation seems to be lost on Grid, making it all the more alarming. To potential customers: Please proceed with caution. The repercussions of even a single oversight on their part can be profoundly damaging.
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2 weeks ago, efg-1336
Developers are just as awful at customer service
People do not waste your time following up with the developers suggestions of contacting customer support on your negative reviews. I spilled my heart out on my review with complete details to which the developers commented and told me to reach back out to customer service to resolve my issue. I sent screenshots to the customer support chat detailing my comment and the developers response only to have them regurgitate the same thing I complained about in the first place. Your grid membership is not only $10. You will be forced to sign up for Income Protection for an additional $15 a month and when you request to have only that portion of your membership cancelled they will instead cancel your entire membership. This is the most horrendous customer service I have ever experienced. People save yourself the headaches and I strongly encourage other users with negative experiences to leave a BBB review. Thanks for nothing Grid!!
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1 month ago, Stargazerdust
Grid review
I have been using Grid# for several months now and really enjoy it. The advances are nice but what I truly enjoy the most about it is the communication I get from support. Whenever I have needed questions answered go to support. They are very quick to answer and provide the information I need. in today’s age, so much is done via the use of a bot and while they do have that, you can reach an agent very quickly who will provide answers in real time to your questions. The Grid app is very easy to use functional and you know in real time what your advances are, when you will receive them and when your repayment date is. I highly recommend Grid to anyone who needs an advance!
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1 year ago, T51putt
DO NOT USE - Unreliable & Terrible Customer service
Let me make a few notes here: Do not trust them with your money. These 5 star reviews are completely false and sound like a person working for them made them. First off - There’s no proof on how or if this helps your credit. I’ve asked them and I got multiple different answers which none showed how they help improve credit. Second - if you set up direct deposit, it may not show up for days after your payday. They will blame the reason for this on your employer but 99% of the time that is not the case. I’ve had this happen 6 times now and they ask to send them a pdf for proof. Third - if you borrow money from the credit line, watch how much it paid back. They will withdraw money from you account even if it’s been paid already. Yess this has happens multiple times now. Overall - this app could be 10x better but the developers have done a horrible job. Stay away if you can.
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9 months ago, sandyzuko
I was desperate for money, so I started searching for cash advance apps on here and I wish I would’ve listen to the 1 star reviews because now I feel like my information is not safe. They make it impossible to delete your account, giving you the run around in the chat and they tell you in 1-2 days you’ll be added to a support que and from there someone will delete your account. The other extremely sketchy thing is, I did not take out the advance, and whenever I try to delete my bank information from the app, it won’t allow w/o confirming these supposed deposits that they make but you can’t confirm until you finish taking out the advance which requires a $10 membership…meaning you basically have to pay $10 to delete the information, which you can’t even really do because it only gives you an option to switch which bank you’re using, not delete it completely.
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7 months ago, Grid App Review
Ok option for cash advance
Grid is a pretty good app for cash advance and is very easy to use and navigate the app. The reason for my 3 stars is because I feel the app doesn’t work the way they say it’s supposed to. The advance starts at $50 and the app states that for each advance you pay back on time you go up a level (which means they give you $10 more each advance until you hit $100). I paid back EVERY SINGLE advance on time and there were times I waited months to get a higher amount. Also, it takes FOREVER for their advances to clear and get a new one. They will tell you it’s based on your bank but my bank is SUPER quick so I don’t think it’s my bank. Otherwise if you don’t mind paying a $10 monthly fee and are willing to wait close to a week to get a new advance if you need it, go for it.
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2 years ago, jmerch722
Good Service
They charged me twice for my repayment on cash-boost i contacted chat help and the reason why i give 5 stars is because they sent me an email within the same hour informing me they made the mistake and will refund it….that is the fastest response i have ever gotten especially sending the concern through a chat message that i was told i was gonna have to wait 1-2 days to even get a response…..Great Work! even though i gotta wait for my refund the fast response and accountability was enough for me to rate 5 stars keep up the good work……last app i used i would have to talk to 2-3 different people anytime i had issues….this was a easy process much appreciated will continue to use them
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2 years ago, aleichia
I should have read the reviews
Lol I’ve had an iPhone for years but have never left a review. This will be my first. I deposited money into my account (I have a real bank) via a transfer because I didn’t trust the direct deposit. Also, I enjoy my regular bank. I just saw this as an option to build credit. It’s been about two weeks without the money I deposited. I’ve called my bank and reported the fraud so I’m confident it will be handled. After reading the reviews it appears they hold people’s money without due cause. I’m put a fraud alert on my credit after dealing with this company. Customer service has not resolved or provided much detail as to why they’re holding my money. I read a review on here where someone said they were going to be homeless due to using this service and the developer replied basically calling the person a liar. It’s so bizzare. But I’m keeping a record of everything in case there’s a class action law suit.
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2 years ago, CodyLK90
Support will leave you high-and-dry
I am a paying customer who has been using Grid successfully up until this point. It seemed like a reputable app, given many of the rave reviews. But when I need help the most (verifying that my subscription was paid and up-to-date so that I can access Grid+ features), support seems that they can’t be bothered to reply to my inquiries and request for help as a paying customer. There’s no other option to verify my account so that I can access features that I’m paying for, and no other way to reach support except through email (they won’t respond to my messages). So perpetually I can not access these features. Why do this to your customers?
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9 months ago, Nickwturner
Title: Grid: Unlocking Endless Opportunities for Extra Income
Introduction: In today's fast-paced world, finding ways to earn extra income has become a necessity for many. Whether you're a freelancer, a side hustler, or simply looking for additional financial stability, Grid is a game-changer. With its plethora of options and user-friendly interface, Grid offers an unparalleled platform to explore various income-generating opportunities. Unleash Your Potential: Grid is designed to empower individuals by providing them with a wide range of options to earn extra income. Whether you're a skilled professional, a creative mind, or an entrepreneur, Grid has something for everyone. From freelance projects to part-time gigs, remote jobs, and even starting your own, the business possibilities are endless. User-Friendly Interface: One of the standout features of Grid is its user-friendly interface. Navigating through the platform is a breeze, even for those who are less tech-savvy. The intuitive design ensures that anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, can easily find and explore the available opportunities.
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4 months ago, Makomono
Credit Line Will not Increase
I started the credit line process with Grid. And they give you the option to increase your credit line every month , with meeting certain goals. Ive done this 2 months in a row now but there hasn’t been in increase for either month. There’s always an issue with payments at the last of couple of days of the month, there’s either an error or grid has trouble process transactions, in my case I had more than enough money to complete a transaction , but the app keep telling me I don’t have any money in there. I’ve reached out to customer service to no avail and they tell me each time they’ll give me an answer shortly. They told me “ Please refrain from further replies to avoid delays”. And as I said before this is the second month in a row. So this is false advertisement. You’re better off finding an actual credit card company if you’re interested in a credit line.
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6 months ago, shipt88
Subscription scam
They will tell you that you’re approved for an advance and you have to wait 2 to 3 business days to even receive it, which is purposeless for cash advances in general. Additionally, when you pay it back, you have to wait another 2 to 3 business days to be able to request another advance. And then the cycle repeats. This is the most useless app for a cash advance if you’re going to make people wait days on end. Additionally they have a subscription of $10 that they charge you for whenever the money is deposited into your account. So no matter what you are forced to pay an extra $10 on whatever advance you receive even though they claim that there is a free version and even if they claim that they canceled your subscription the minute the money hits your account. Once again you are automatically signed up again and forced to pay $10. Read the fine print. SHAME.
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2 years ago, destinymaree1129
This app is a lifesaver
I live grid because it’s incredibly user friendly and has helped keep me afloat numerous times between paydays. There are no hidden charges and it’s completely free. They automatically take the payment from your account on your payday and give you a receipt then you can get another advance right away. If you’ve been thinking about giving grid a try I definitely would! You can even connect your payroll provider so that you have access to your paycheck early if you choose. I honestly just have nothing but good things to say about this app and I am so appreciative of the help it has given me when I have really needed it.
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2 years ago, groms77778
Deceiving Customer Service and App
This company is horrible . I was told to use this product I would have to reactive my account . In reactivating my account this company told me I was able to use the services . Due to using my previous account I was unable to use the services and was not able to get a refund . I literally purchased this product cannot use the services and they will not refund me as I am in the billing period of the month .. I purchased this a couple days ago . It is very unfair to customers who may think you can use their services and you receive $5 for a membership. The customer service is through chat you never talk to a live person and they seem to communicate on their own terms . What they are doing is frustrating to customers and they have lost me as one . I would like a refund of my purchase . Wow I used your product for nothing , can’t use it and am still being charged a membership fee . I had this for a whole three days . Because I , “attempted “ to use this product I can’t get a refund . Well I attempted and can’t use it so what is the purpose of having it . Yes , of course anyone would want a refund. Customer service who knows if they will even get back to me . They seem to pick and choose and responses could be immediately or days after . Horrible app. Really such a SCAM.
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3 months ago, xantimassx
We assert our entitlement to just and equitable compensation for the substantial losses and hardships inflicted upon us as a result of the company’s actions. It is incumbent upon the company to provide restitution commensurate with the damages incurred, including but not limited to emotional distress, financial setbacks, and reputational harm. We steadfastly maintain our position that fair and adequate compensation is necessary to mitigate the adverse effects of the company’s wrongdoing and to facilitate our path toward recovery and restoration. We wish to assert that we are actively represented by legal counsel who will facilitate the process of seeking appropriate recourse. Our legal representatives are diligently preparing to file a formal complaint against the company on our behalf. This action underscores our commitment to pursuing justice and obtaining rightful compensation for the damages suffered. We trust in the expertise and dedication of our legal team to navigate this matter effectively and to uphold our rights and interests throughout the legal proceedings
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5 months ago, Jabon250
Previous loyal subscriber
I am super sad to put this on here that Grid does not recognize loyal subscribers in that after two yrs of consistent on time pay history, when they change the due date every advance period they cancel me as a member due to not being able to pay my advance back through my debit card and had to pay it back through ACH w/ my checking acct but it was paid, now they say that as a result of my card not being available for paying the advance back they state that I’m ineligible for the premium services, which are what exactly?? And according to most of the reviews on here they aren’t a satisfying service for several others. Just super sad and just really disappointed. They are very shallow and uncaring in responding to the dilemma which w/ being a long term w/ excellent payment history customer I would think they would want more customers like me. Evidently not😞
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1 year ago, dreewweyy
Terrible app- terrible customer service
I joined this app and connected my bank account in order to try out their advance option. It asks you to add your debit card to they can use that to deposit the advance. So it’s not charging you money it’s just asking you to add your debit for when they send you the advance. Simple right? WRONG. This set up is the exact same as Brigit, Dave, Empower, Cleo etc… the only difference is ALL OF THOSE connected easily and work just fine. Grid kept “declining” my debit card which doesn’t even make sense why it’s declining when I’m just adding it. I’ve used this card on several other apps, use it daily, have 0 issues except here. I reached out to customer service 4 times trying to explain and it’s like talking to a wall. They give you short answers that don’t explain anything or try to solve it. Their last response was. “ Your card failed the pre authorization contact your bank” Pre auth for what? An amount? How much? Your app is just asking me to add the card so grid can deposit. Why are you pre authorizing an amount? No clue what they are doing I would stay away from this app because if they can’t even figure out or comprehend a simple issue like this. What’s going to happen when a hacker steals everyone’s info. They are screwed. Stay away
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8 months ago, THE WRITTEN TRUTH
I paid for the app one time then requested to cancel it. I have a lot of charges going in and out of my account every month so if I miss a $10 charge I guess that’s my fault but when you request to cancel your account and don’t sit there and wait for 15 minutes for a “live agent“ to literally ask you why you’re canceling they don’t cancel it. I found out the hard way by noticing the charge this morning going back and working and I have been charged over $100 over the last year and never once use their app when I explained this to them, they told me, sorry for your concern. Is there anything else I can help you with? Companies like these off of people and make their money the wrong way it’s the modern day mob. I will be leaving the same review across every single platform. They are horrible and I would never literally never suggest this app to my worst enemy. Users beware
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9 months ago, Revelyn22
Horrible app
I have direct deposit set up within my account and have a lengthy deposit history within said account. This app is so faulty it didn’t recognize any of my direct deposits. Also, the membership price is unnecessarily high and to top things off they also charge you an instant deposit fee. Apps like EarnIn and Brigit don’t make you pay such a high membership cost or any at all. And they don’t make you pay an instant deposit fee. This all seems like a buggy cash grab. That’s why this app is so low in its ratings and reviews within the app store, compared to other finance apps. It just can’t compare to its competitors. Also they try to scare you into not deleting your account by informing you that if you do delete your account then they won’t allow you to come back and create another one. That one made me laugh. If I could give this app a lower score, I would.
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2 years ago, Stephon G.
Stay Away if you use Direct Deposit!
Let me start by saying their Cash Advance Program is absolutely worth it. It was great and led me to believe that switching to direct deposit to get the credit line would be worth it… Absolutely awful direct deposit services. They take longer than normal to have your funds available, and frequently have additional delays. I have had three direct deposits so far, with the third stating it has been deposited on my payroll app, but the funds are still not available for the recent deposit! Let’s not get started on how abysmal their customer service is. They have no number, just a chat bot that is awful. If it cannot solve your problem, and it will not, then you can email a ticket that won’t be responded to until 2 days later. I will not be keeping direct deposit through this service and I HIGHLY suggest you don’t move your money here.
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3 years ago, ang robinson
What a life saver!!
I’ve been looking for an app like this for a while grid has been a real life saver! it’s definitely came in handy when me and my family have needed it most! All the other payday loan app charge you so much to borrow so little and it doesn’t seem like you can ever keep up. I’ve been able to borrow and pay back my loan multiple times and borrow with just a click! Thank you guys at grid for being there when we needed it most!!!!!! The only thing I could recommend would be supporting non-W2 workers like myself that would help as well but other than that I wouldn’t change a thing!!!
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2 years ago, CardinalMom22
Better BEFORE Recent Changes!
I don’t know what happened to Grid with the most recent update, but PLEASE change it back to the way it was before!! It used to be that you could repay, request another advance the same day and receive the new advance by the following day AT THE LATEST. It was honestly what made them the absolute BEST! Now, you have to wait 1-3 business days after repayment to request another advance and still wait after that to receive it. There was no reason to change what wasn’t broken. I just had an advance that wasn’t even due until 10/11 and I repaid on Friday, 9/30, and I STILL can’t request yet. Nonsense. There’s NO reason for it. Grid WAS my number one go-to app but now they’re just like all the rest. For $10 per month, I expect better.
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2 years ago, chaseyboy_04
Don’t use!!!
All this app provides is a broken promise. You have to do a $10 subscription to even get a cash advance. What’s even worse is they charge you every month! For a subscription that you do not even use and when you go to cancel because you don’t use it and they keep trying to take money from your account you cannot cancel until ALL subscriptions are paid. For example let’s say i bought the subscription for $10/mo in January used it, payed my cash advance and didn’t use it anymore for that month. That following month on the same date they are gonna try and charge you $10. Let’s say it’s April and you say you wanna cancel because you aren’t evening using the app. They won’t let you cancel your subscription until you pay $10 for February, $10 for march, & $10 for April. When you only used it 1 time in January! Wouldn’t recommend to anyone.
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2 years ago, Claudia.Fonseca
IF THIS DOESNT GET RESOLVED TODAY I WILL BE HOMELESS TOMORROW MORNING THANKS TO THIS PEOPLE!!!!! I would give a 0 start if that was even an option. I was supposed to be paid today and on my payroll it shows I was paid, however on my account it’s not reflecting. Here’s the problem, I live in the state of FLORIDA, sadly, and they can give you a three day notice if you don’t pay rent on time. So I was told that I needed to pay before or on 12/09 (today) or o would be kicked out of my home. Which wasn’t a problem cause I was being paid today and everything was going to be fine. WRONG! Turns out this people didn’t post my paycheck on the account. I have been trying to communicate with them via CHAT, EMAIL and CALL, NOTHING!!!! I have left 2 voicemails explaining my situation and nothing. The only thing I got from them was a generic email about how to reset my password. 🤬 WHAT?!!! THEY ARE SCAMMERS, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! RUUUNNN!!!!
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3 months ago, )(;555
Horrible customer service dept
I have no clue who runs their customer service chat line, but it is the most poorly run, poorly trained customer service department I have ever experienced. The app works great when you don’t have to get in contact with their support team. They will give you a week long run around and slowly drip feed you the information needed to get the issues with your account resolved, they also have no patience whatsoever. If you need to contact support just make sure you have a week vacation planned because they will not reach out to you in any sort of timely manner, and will disconnect after every message sent. If you use this app, just pray to whatever god you pray to you don’t have to reach out to customer service
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1 month ago, cestella
Unknown charges and terrible support
Grid said I was ineligible for an advance for reasons that don’t even make sense considering my income, however that’s not my issue. Over a month after being denied an advance I’d forgotten about the app. Suddenly I have a $15 charge for “grid premium” showing in my bank account. The Grid + subscription is $10, and my app said I was on a FREE plan, so where is a $15 charge coming from? I messaged them saying I needed my money back for whatever they charged me for, they took nearly 12 hours to get back to me only to say it was a $15 monthly “Income Protection” plan I’m on even though I never signed up, and nothing in my account profile in the app shows I’m signed up for it. Sounds like a scam they’re hoping people won’t notice. If I don’t get a refund I’ll have to dispute the charge and this is just a ridiculous and inconvenient situation.
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1 year ago, not a happy camper00
Not a happy camper
Ok so yes it’s nice that they will loan you the money (at a price of course) but that’s where it stops. They have an auto system that tells when you have to repay and when it gets your payday wrong they say we can’t change the date but don’t worry we won’t every over draft your account…. And then guess what they over draft your account and tell you that you should have had sufficient funds to cover it and it’s not their fault and they can’t be responsible for the fees they caused. Oh and you have to wait 3 days after they take the money to ask for another advance so yeah you are stuck paying the over draft fee, their monthly fee and the fee to have the funds transferred sooner. A really broken messed up system that they don’t want to fix because it’s all good for them.
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3 weeks ago, Maddsterrrrr
GRID Money has frozen all customers accounts
The apps banking partner has mysteriously frozen all customers accounts. I’ve been using Grid for about a year with no issues. I actually really enjoyed the app and would get a biweekly deposit of $80 for my credit line. I never had any issues with reporting or using the card until recently. There is a notification at the top of the app that said all customers are experiencing issues and that they’ll get back to us as soon as possible with an update it has now been close to two weeks and there has been no updates and no deposits. luckily I was only depositing $80 biweekly, but some customers were depositing upwards of 500 from what I read, and they can not access their money. At the very least, we should get a better explanation. Do not download the app!
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10 months ago, Leslie B 68
Grid was great until it wasn’t
Financial hardship is tough, especially when you’re a single woman with no support. I’ve been using Grid for several mths now, never missed one repayment. The last transaction was pulled from my bank account back in early July. I wasn’t able to get another advance bc the app wouldn’t connect my bank account ( I check my bank account & every time I attempted to reconnect my account, I would see 0.0 posted so Grid was definitely able to get thru to my account). I’ve been back & forth w/ Grid for almost a month & the refuse to fix the issue. And the worst part is that they always respond suggesting and assuming that the issue is on my end. This app is unreliable & customer service is sub par, at best.
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1 year ago, Kidkid13
Handier than I thought!
I initially had a hard time getting approval for an advance even though I met all requirements. The app just could not detect deposits correctly. I gave up on the app but then thought what the heck let’s try again so I logged in and immediately I saw that I had been approved for sometime. First advance took a couple hours but the second advance, which was 10$ more because I paid my last on time (they’re true to their word about the increase) took seconds to reach my account. I gotta admit, today Grid was more than just a blip on the radar- handier than I thought. Thanks!
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9 months ago, Dylan410
Objectively the worst payday loan app
As the title says, this is objectively The worst payday loan app, and I have tried a LOT. They force you into a subscription that you can only cancel by talking to a rep, which isn’t unheard of. The amount of money offered essentially never goes up, despite the fact I’ve continually made MORE money each pay period. And the most important to me at least, there is NO lightning or fast transfer for advances, meaning you will have to wait somewhere in the area of 2-5 business days. To me that is totally unacceptable, most people that use these apps aren’t using them cause they want 50 dollars in a week… I would strongly consider either never using this app, or waiting at least until they have a fast transfer option, because right now they may be objectively the worst payday loan app.
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