Grids: Giant Square, Templates

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4.6 (27.1K)
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6 months ago
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User Reviews for Grids: Giant Square, Templates

4.64 out of 5
27.1K Ratings
4 years ago, maryjo882
Update Previous Review
The app hasn’t most definitely improved over the last two months!! It’s fantastic! I appreciate having the option to work with up to 5 squares high and much more ability to tweak images to get them just perfect. Also most important, I no longer have an issue with the downloaded grid squares looking blurry...they are very crisp! My ONLY WISH is that there was a capability of saving the work in progress. Sometimes I need to come back to make a change and it’s a pain having to rebuild my collage. Highly recommend this UNIQUE app!!!
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2 years ago, ShiningLikeTheSun
Don’t bother. Underdeveloped.
Downloaded out of hotel curiosity after seeing an ad. Don’t waste your time if your have a basic skill set. All the things on here can be done in other apps that most people already use. Canva, Preview, and even just Instagram itself. Even with the pro version, I saw every possible option in the app in under 10 minutes. If you’re very new to everything I guess you could use it, but you’re better off just being authentic and showing what you got without all the try-hard bells and whistles. I feel bad for people who are paying for this. There is some hidden potential in this app, it’s just very underdeveloped, and it seems extremely irresponsible to have people pay for it in its current state, but I mean, hey, that’s their choice. I hope they know what they’re doing. And I hope this app leans into more unique things like highlight covers and stickers. And perhaps the way they streamline the story process. Make it unique.
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2 years ago, Ang8411
Just wanna put other this app is doing really well I really enjoy the usage my Instagram page has definitely come up since using this app my only indiscrepancy with it is that I cannot title my projects which makes it difficult to be able to search for different projects that I would like to reuse. If this could be an option that would be greatly helpful because it’s really hard to delete and find different projects because you can’t tell which is which if they’re all the same name. This also frustrating because you might delete something that you really wanted to useor work on later! Please fix! Otherwise great app
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4 years ago, Marina Sky
I like it but they didn’t fix z bug I asked them a year ago
I like the app. It serves me well. I do wish it had more options thought. It seems to me like they do not update and upgrade it. It’s the same identical all I’ve subscribed for a year ago. In fact, a year ago I emailed the support team about a bug. They asked me to send them a screen video of the bug. I did. They said they will look into it and nothing was fixed. Today I run into the same issue and this is annoying. So the app is good and does crate grids but that’s about it. They don’t fresh it up with anything new. No new features or effects. Same. Other apps I pay for do a great job by constantly adding new things.
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7 years ago, aaronchuck
Won't read created folders
I have paid for the upgrade. I have created multiple folders on my iPhone. The app will not see/read any of these folders. It only reads the existing folders created by Apple or other apps. This is super frustrating as I have created folders specifically so I don't have to scroll through my main photos folder for posting images to Instagram. And even if I do go try and grab photos from the "all photos" folder, if they are to far back in time, the app won't read them. The timer just keeps spinning then the app freezes up. This is absurd. What happened to my upgraded pro version that I paid for?? It’s gone and replaced with another app your trying to make me pay another $5.99 for? What are you guys doing? I’m calling Apple and talking with them about whatever it is you are trying to pull on users.
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3 years ago, Peter5821
Such a great app!
I have tried numerous apps of similar function, only to be incredibly disappointed with either what they can do, or the amount they charge you to be able to produce anything usable. Even the free version of this app is amazing! It is easy to use, intuitive, and provides you with lots of great templates to choose from that you can use to give your profile a total facelift! I have gotten so many positive comments since I started with Grids and I’m gonna keep using it!
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3 weeks ago, HersheyBomb1234
New User
I downloaded this app without knowing much about it for a small business I manage. It is quite user friendly and easy to navigate, though before paying the subscription it was quite limited. I am excited to have become more familiar with the app and expand my social media presence with it! I do wish that the app would follow the orientation of your device - for instance when i use my ipad or iphone keyboard, I must look at the app with my head turned to the side as it is stuck in place like "orientation lock". Otherwise I do enjoy this app!
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7 months ago, SahaaraArts
I just enjoy working on these grids to give my insta feed a stunning look. I am an artist and it’s the art that has to speak volumes. Grids helps me to showcase my art so beautifully!! Thanks to you team for such a fantastic app. Also the easy way to upload it to insta by giving proper numbering helps me not to lose track of what I have posted or missed… very clever and smart implementation. Kudos to the design and development team .. All the best guys :)
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5 years ago, Etniesboi4
Other apps are free, what’s it worth to you?
I like having the option, like anyone else, to save money. I’m glad this app has a limited version to be able to try it out without having to payout right. I have another app that was free and does a very limited grid but this app can do more so if you’re looking for more, you pay for it. Put it this way, you only pay for subscription if you are making the time and effort for it. If you’re not seriously about social media (I at that because some people make a loving off of it) then save your money.
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1 year ago, kmsinchrist
Easy to use!
So far this app is really helpful in helping me create beautiful posts for my IG! I’m able to add photos and text in fun ways. I didn’t know how people made these awesome looks before but now I do and it’s really helping me set the brand for my small business! So far it’s easy to use and I am just playing with the free version for now but I have plenty of options to still be useful.
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2 years ago, TalentDirector
Way to soon to write a review
First the whole pay before you even play and the strategy of hiding the free version button…leaves a bad taste and then the super limited version. Are you asking me for money before I even know if I like it enough to download it for free then bam 💥 by slapping me with your free version scraps??… geez I have to even ask you to sale me on this, after agreeing to check it out for a minute…. “Change? You got change? Sir! Sir! You have change? Sir! Can I talk to you for a minute?” That’s how I feel after a few minutes of playing with your left over scraps that’s not paid. One last thing. I respect the gummies out of an app designer, developer, and so many other aspects of the coding that takes place for a real professional app to make it this far…. This is salin out… salin out your homies. Well let’s see if it gets any better. I’m done in the bathroom so I should head out.
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6 years ago, Banks0089
This is absolutely ridiculous. I paid for the pro version of this app last year and used it multiple times for my posts. Now for some reason the version I bought and downloaded to my iPhone has somehow been removed?! To make matters worst, you’re charging me $5.99 to get the pro version back?! Even when trying to make do with the watermarked version of the app, it keeps closing on its own when I’m getting ready to export an image. After shutting itself down, the app automatically removes itself from my phone and back into the cloud. I’m so frustrated with the whole thing, I have no idea how their development team is ok with any of this.
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5 years ago, ios_user2018
Such a cool idea, I was looking for this app for so long and finally found it! My feed looks SO dope now, I feel like I finally can create something special and totally different! I’m beyond happy that all the creative people like artists and designers can express themselves in a different way. And I love that you can use different backgrounds for your photos, there’s a plenty of them so you can experiment and play around with your style
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2 years ago, Yoyomygogo
Great for creating grids
I’m using the free edition of this app. It’s for sure the best free edition for creating and editing grids at no cost. I’ve downloaded many others and this is my favorite. Easy to use and great options for the basic level. There is a monthly subscription, if your willing to pay, I’m sure that it’s even better than the basic!
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1 year ago, fdfrog
Good app, not worth having to buy things
I understand they have to make money but I just wanted to make a few simple advertisements for my instagram. I didn’t even use their digits designs or templates, just the grids and had to write this review to get a free grid and I just think it’s unnecessary to have to pay for something so simple that is just as accessible on other apps. I do like the grids though, without the pesky ads for subscriptions it’s easy to use, fast, and professional.
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5 years ago, Thee Kreator
Great app
This is actually a cool app. I used it to test a new look on Instagram and it came out nice. Unfortunately I was not ready to spend money weekly on this app so I only did the free trial. THERE IS NO OPTION IN THE APP TO REMOVE THE TRIAL... BUT... if you go in the App Store -> click on your profile -> manage subscriptions, you can cancel it from there. Also you can see they have a 2.99 option and 6 month plans etc. Other than that, it’s great. I might consider paying the yearly amount in the near future.
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4 years ago, fotopatshotme
Size does matter
Paid for the app. Now that we’ve gotten that outta the way let’s talk about how things have changed - rapidly. At first just under about a week ago (March/April2020) I was able to cut my images in their entirety and post to my page. Today? The app, for some reason fails to acknowledge an entire IMAGE SIZE forcing me to abandone the image or just go with a partial posting (which drive me nuts because I want my viewers to experience the full image). Can any of you developers place your finger on this issue within your app and within reason to get a rapid-fire reply to me so I can bump your rating back up to five?
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4 years ago, ttttbev
Be careful, tries to trick you into spending money
I downloaded the app and used one of the free grid making options. Did not use the app for a week and then found a $6 charge on my credit card. I do not approve of the design that has either falsely charged me or maybe it quite easy to accidentally subscribe to it. Wish I could give it less than one star for that design element. Otherwise the developer has an excellent application. Would be 5 stars and would still be on my phone if it were easier to use with out accidentally spending money. Hell I’d consider buying it if it weren’t so jacked up.
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5 years ago, MisterSirCode
This app is extremely Useful, however...
The app itself is fine, Ive been using this to split my images into resolution specific handlers, works amazing. One problem! After barely 1 or 2 creations, it requires you to pay for a premium... I have seen similar apps with the same functionality which dont require premium, and I would love to see the restriction on image splitting removed, but keeping the restriction on stickers, text, and other add-ons (I know that developers need money, but surely you can understand)
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2 years ago, Jurrens
Intuitive, Needs more Designs
It seems simple enough to use, but it definitely needs more designs and stock photos or stickers. Also, even the paid version forces you to leave a review to unlock certain features, which is borderline criminal. I’ve almost given it a one star for that aspect alone, but I feel it unfair to the app is it does seem to live up to its promise and is easy to use.
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1 year ago, Jamesnransom
Great app, works well no issues
This is one of the only apps that offers a free version that functions well. I downloaded several others and there is no way to try it out without subscribing to a free trial or paying. Now that I’ve used it, I’ll purchase this app over others for not being annoying.
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5 years ago, anny_marie89776
The best app for dope feed 💯
Can’t thank developers enough for making this incredible app!! I’ve dreamed about stylish and unusual feed for so long, I was so tired of Instagram because I couldn’t fully express myself.. Now I can create the feed that I’ve always wanted and I’m beyond happy ☺️ I’m in love with the fonts and backgrounds and the idea of the endless feed is super dope 💥 Just try it you won’t regret!!
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2 years ago,
Too early to know if this is any good
I’m being forced to write this review so I can make a certain style of grid. So, you’re gonna get what you asked for, which is a review of an app that I haven’t had time to evaluate. You should remove this so you get higher reviews because I’m sure this low review is going to lower the average. I can’t be the only one who feels this way. Maybe after more usage, if I like the product I’ll give another, more qualified review.
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4 years ago, B_is_for_Bryan
The app says free but (like most photo related apps) the feature that people come for isn’t even free, you have to pay for it ( YOU CAN STILL DO A 3x3 grid tho). It gives you a limited version. You have to pay 💰 for the rest. Kind of false advertising but not really anything that I could go against them for. They never really said EVERYTHING was going to be free but still
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3 months ago, Panderzxd
It does what the app says it does
I tried multiple grid apps for Instagram & this is my top favorite I don’t like that it recommends you pay for the app premium before even trying the app itself… but other than closing the app a few times to make that notification go away I was set! Quick and easy I’m able to switch to different grid sizes.
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2 years ago, igbygrl
Better than the other feeds app
This app didn’t give me any glitches or a black screen after working hours on my feed lol. The others feeds app (which basically has the same layout as this app) was a rip off!!!! So glad this app worked. I am planning to switch to the yearly subscription :)
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5 years ago, Royschaffer
This app is really complete and customizable. It has a lot of options to make great instagram posts, you can split a single photo in 3, 6 or 9 photos and even add colors to them. Also have two more sections, one to get inspired to make some great grids and the other one really interesting is collages that is really easy to use!
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6 years ago, TNolan_03
Used to be good
I bought this app around 2 years for $5 and it was worth it. I offloaded it off of my phone to save storage a couple months ago so I could use it another time since it was worth the money and better than other apps. I come back and now I have to subscribe monthly for far more money than before for the same features I bought before. What happened to this? Where is the money I spent? This app is a rip-off and I would recommend any of the other ones instead of this one.
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4 years ago, HMKMAC
Great App!
I like this app a lot it helps me complete the job that I want for my social media needs. I want there to be more flexibility and ease of use however. I think that there needs to be a better explanation on how to use carousels and collages. the inspiration tab is helpful, but some of what’s displayed isn’t necessarily able to be created within the app itself that I have seen and tried
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4 years ago, Bella Scratch
I waited for an app like this...
I was super excited for an app like this where you can create grades but also design in the app. Unfortunately the text looks fuzzy when I try to upload it to Instagram. I paid $40 so I would expect high-quality images. And I know it’s not the size of the picture that I posted because the picture was large and I use the text editor inside the app.I would love to change my rating to 5 stars but that needs to be addressed and fixed. I also tried to contact their support prior to writing this review. I am using an IPhone XR
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10 months ago, 0ph3lia
Definition of a scam
This app is marked as free on the App Store, which is a completely false and misleading lie. When you download the app and open it, you can’t even use it without paying an exorbitant recurring subscription fee (for an app I literally need to use one time). They have a “try it free” button, which is also a lie, as it asks for your credit card information to continue. In my opinion, this level of weaponized deception should be completely illegal and not allowed on the App Store. Do better, Apple.
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6 months ago, VS4Many
Stunning Layout to Standout
Grids gives you an edge in the photo saturated social media platforms! I love how artistic my page looks. Fair warning, your feed will be flooded with seemingly, chaotic-cropped bits of your images, which tends to cause unfollows. I’m using the free version for now until I can figure a way around this.
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6 months ago, Isaiah 1234567
4 stars
The app is nice the platform works and I like the fact that they let you try it with limited access that gives you a way to really see if you want to pay for it or not. The only problem is the price point.
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2 years ago, KendraDeAnna26
Super Helpful!
I have been looking for an app to help me create pics to fit my grid and this is best one I’ve found so far, giving me a lot of different options to choose from and simple instructions on how to upload them to my profile.
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12 months ago, King Leo
Actually a useful free version
I’m always Leary when I hit a paywall the moment I get a design app, but this one was different. The options and instructions even with the free version is very easy to use and helpful. If you don’t care about the branding on your creations or missing out on premium options you will be good to go!
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4 years ago, SindeeLV
Don’t upgrade to pro!
First of all, I already had the pro version of this app until it decided to reinvent itself and required me to upgrade to pro again at a MUCH higher price. Since I liked the previous version, I caved, and subscribed once again (I know, I know, dumb as s$it). Well, as soon as it processed the subscription the app stopped working altogether. Won’t load past start up screen. Deleted it and reloaded it. Still nothing. Besides paying twice for the same app, and feeling ripped off, it’s now completely unusable. :( Don’t do it.
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2 years ago, thatboysmomX2
I love this
My IG feed is becoming so pretty. My info graphics are great as an individual post, but turning them into grids for my IG profile is taking them to the next level. It’s a great way to tease people into checking your actual account and not just stay in their feed.
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6 years ago, Newton Photgoraphy
Not a bad little app.
I love this app! I think it’s fun to switch things up with instagram. As a photographer it’s really nice to get to make your favorite photographs stand out. I just wished they didn’t make you pay a WEEKLY charge to get more designs. I just wish they would reconsider opening up some more designs for the artists who can’t afford that payment every week.
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6 years ago, Akcin11
Horrible support and customer service
I emailed support for a refund due to an issue days ago. I sent an email explaining the situation properly and the only reply was a sentence that did not help me in ANY WAY. This app is designed for cash grabs if id ever seen one. It will pop up a payment option as soon as you open. So if you’re like me who unfortunately had their thumb on the home button when you opened, then tough luck. All you’ll get from this company is a one sentence reply saying: you should just unsubscribe through AppStore.
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11 months ago, Baron RP
Great app! This is now one of my main apps
This is one of the main apps for my business instagram page. It’s super easy to cut a picture into any amount of pieces that you want, but there are also many more features that I use as well.
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4 years ago, Danielle187
Why are there a million different subscriptions?!
I liked the app but you have to pay to use it so I signed up for the cheapest weekly subscription ($2.99) bc for some reason there are a million different options all different prices with no explanations of what each are, yet I’ve been getting charged for the most expensive one each week. $6 a week. I finally looked into what Apple was charging me $6 every week for and canceled my subscription but huge waste of money for an app I’ve used maybe twice
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2 years ago, Dariosolari
As a visual artist and business owner this app has facilitated my workflow for business and personal work posts on Instagram. Only thing I would add would be the ability to “snap” or use guides to align multiple posts. There are already guides to centralize photos but sometimes I’d like to be able to align imagery but not centrally. Also, would probably make the app much bulkier, so maybe this feature needs to be on a separate app but …this would be great if it could support video posts. Excellent work so far, thank you for creating this.
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6 months ago, Plutop05
actually pretty good
i was looking through different apps that would cut up my photos for insta and I stumbled upon this one, it’s actually really easy to use and the photos cut and paste very well. I would definitely recommend.
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2 years ago, Gracie's ipod
Long overdue praise
It’s been a few years I’ve been riding the free grids capabilities, so this review is well deserved. Seamless for making carousel grids, and for a while there, no watermark. 10/10 recommend for a quick and easy job! Definitely helped me a ton in my role as an underpaid social media manager.
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2 years ago, photogKD0120
Software is simple / easy to use
I feel the software is simple and easy to use. They do charge $7.99 weekly however it’s a lot less if you buy the annual plan. I believe all use this in the future to create beautiful layouts to keep my grid on Instagram appearing as organized as possible.
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5 years ago, mahi_hoonmain
Great app
Still trying to figure out how to cinch my photos to fit a specific grid layout. The only option i see is to blur out a certain side of the photo, which doesnt get the whole photo in the frame. I hope someone can reach out and explain. Otherwise, app is good.
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5 years ago, iiskan
Fantastic !
Just amazing I never made a review before, but this app totally deserves! It gives you a lot of options to grid your photos and also some filters and stuffs! The best app for Grid that I saw! Doubts about which is the right app for this job? Just download it and you'll won't regret!
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2 years ago, huleydbx
I love this app!
This app is actually really cool. I’ve had the same Instagram account since 2012 and it’s time I started a new one with my own vibe and this is perfect for getting the feel I want people to experience while exploring my page.
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2 years ago, 654323456
Good but can be better
There are a lot of options for grids and it’s easy to navigate through the app but the prices are just a little too high if you are not planning to use this feature much
Show more
5 years ago, eBay <3'r
Give it a try...
This fun little app has brought a new look to my Instagram page. Makes even the most simple pictures more attention grabbing. I would recommend giving it a try. It’s easy to navigate and walks you through posting the grids you create. FUN
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