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3 years ago
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User Reviews for GRIS

4.43 out of 5
707 Ratings
5 years ago, Grrrrrrr!!!!!!
Bit of a rant, sorry.
So I’m reading through the comments and I see everyone mentioning the controls being a big issue. First I think if you’re going to write a critique on what needs to be fixed then you need to put what iPhone model you have. If you have an old model then it may need to be optimized better for your device. Second, all you need to do when you start is just go right. It’s basic video game knowledge to go right. It started with Mario on NES for crying out loud. This game is all about exploration and discovery. I mean if you want a game to hand hold you then play candy crush. Now, if the game needs to be optimized for your device I get it but if you have a new device and are just mad that you don’t know what to do because the character doesn’t auto scroll move then try another game. That being said this game is great. I have a little bug on the iPhone XS Max though. The top and bottom frame doesn’t fully extend to the edge of the phone.
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4 years ago, Dokyan
Beautiful Masterpiece.
I just wanted to say that this game earned 5 whole stars. I would ACTUALLY give it more if possible. I completed this game in a day and it was WORTH EVERY PENNY. The ART and DETAILS put into this was excellent and blew me away. I saw this game originally from TikTok and I was so curious to see what this game was. I didn’t expect this to be this BEAUTIFUL, so I was about to leave the App Store but I decided to read the description on what this was about and I clicked the buy sign right away. I got a little bit confused on where to go, so I recommend a path on where to go after you touch those white specs/ constellations. (This doesn’t do any harm to the rating.) But I finished the game and I realized how BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING this game was. The ending blew me away. When if finished, I also realized how this could connect to real life situations. The girl was lost in her own world. (Anxiety and depression in real life) but at the end when she was taken away from her dark side (Anxiety, Bad thoughts in real life), she met the beautiful and happy lady statue (Happy and loved side in real life), she found her true colors and feelings again. (Cure, love in real life). This game was the most worth it game I have ever bought in my whole entire life. Worth every single penny. Beautiful.
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3 years ago, whyrethenicknamesalltaken
Perfect in every way except…
I downloaded this game after a friend recommended it to me. I started the game and it is absolutely lovely; the music, character design, and story are all so beautiful. I really would love to continue playing it, but I have not been able to get past the green level for weeks. There is a part in the game when you are in a circular shaped area with a suspended block in the middle that you must jump on with the aid of red butterflies. I know that you must double jump to get a boost from the butterflies, but they completely ignore me every time. I have looked up videos and tutorials, and I am doing everything right, but whenever I double jump over the butterflies, they do not notice me and don’t lift me up. I can’t tell if this is a glitch or if there is a technique I am missing, but it breaks my heart that I cannot progress and experience the rest of this incredible story. If possible, it would be amazing if that portion of the game could be fixed and that the butterflies would respond to my character.
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4 years ago, Muffin_gmx
Great game, huge understatement!
This game is awesome. I just got the ability(PSA: ONLY THIS SENTENCE CONTAINS A SPOILER)to sing by swiping up and holding down, which opens flowers, and changes some colors of vines/foliage red, etc.. I hope there’s a lot more, but It wouldn’t surprise me if I’m getting close to finishing. I played a game called Amina in which you, the protagonist, are on a journey. If you took that game and gave it steroids, a facelift, and the most extreme makeover possible it wouldn’t even come close to Gris. My only regret, in regards to the game, is that I hesitated for a couple months to get it. For me It’s been pretty much a flawless and wondrous experience. Thank you for everyone’s hard work. I am always following Y’all now for new games because, with out a doubt, it will be something incredible, especially if it fits the type of gameplay I prefer. I completely understand why it is an “editor’s choice” game. Again, thank you for this!
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4 years ago, Violet Inc.
an actual review 100%
As a 16 year old that games everyday I’ve come across many different game designs, but this is the best I’ve seen so far. The art in this game is visually stunning and carries such an impactful meaning. Gris made me solve puzzle’s that weren’t too difficult or easy. They were just right to where I didn’t get angry playing the game. I was constantly in aww and would even screenshot moments just because I saw it as art; it had me speechless many times. I’m beyond impressed, though it is short for a story mode game it’s worth it. Many people complain about getting stuck and have some things to say about being confused, but these are people that haven’t played games. If you don’t play games often or only have apps on your phone it may at first be difficult to get a grip on, but use your creativity and I promise you will make it through. Again best mobile game I’ve ever come across, I don’t say that lightly.
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3 years ago, HappyGoLuckyJJ
Simple Incredible.
As a thirteen year old, I have a pretty short attention span. Puzzle games, especially ones that can be as challenging as this one, frustrate me. But for some reason, I loved this. No in-game purchases to ruin the immersion, and I swear that this is the only thing that successfully saves me from every panic attack. I’ve been able to claw my way out of so many possible relapses, and this game is truly beautiful and breathtaking in every way. Cant recommend enough. I was in the middle of playing GRIS when I just HAD to take a break to come write a review because of how overtaken with love and emotion for this game I was. PLEASE GET THIS! It might not be a game for everyone, but I honestly can’t imagine not adoring it. I was a little confused right off the bat, but it was honestly so worth it to keep playing. Definitely up there in my favorite games of all time. Incredible.
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5 years ago, TheDelayFish
Terrible OOBE - but great thereafter
After an interminable intro and credits sequence that can’t be skipped, I’m left with a character slumped on the ground and only a single instruction to swipe and hold. So, I swipe and hold over and over and over again. I try up, I try down (sideways doesn’t do anything). Occasionally I get her to stand up, but then she slumps down again whenever I try to swipe to the right. I then remember reading app reviews by others having similar issues. So I try again, and I finally get her up, but she only moves to the left. This takes her to some stairs, at which point she’s totally stuck. This is not fun; only frustrating. After nearly giving up and deleting the app, I muster up a little compassion and figure I’ve just hit a bug. So I force quit, restart, and start a new game. This time I ignore the misleading instructions and just hold down my finger on the left side of the screen until she slowly gets up. Then while still holding, I move to the right, and that’s when the game begins. Once I got past the rocky start, I discovered a beautiful, engaging game. She can’t die, only fall. The puzzles are subtle and interesting, but never infuriating. Clearly a lot of work went into the last 98% of this game, but did anyone actually try to play it from the start? A little QA could’ve saved us all a lot of frustration. The intro gets an F, but the rest earns an A.
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4 months ago, gae-kae
Beautiful, original, a tad toothy short, story cryptic. All worth it
Yes, the story isn’t apparent enough. I'm sure there is a concept behind the story line. It's too easy to miss I find. Half the time I wasn't sure what I was trying to achieve. And though there are levels, it’s not easy to understand what they are as one plays. Or know where you are progress wise. The art work and the vibe is amazing. The game has some unique qualities I have not seen elsewhere. The controls are a little tricky but not to the point when it becomes frustrating. I do wish it was a little longer with more happening within the large space. There are some dead zone one wonder if it was a good way to spend the design time. But overall really kudos for the game. It is still worth it if just for being transported in an other world. I would want to see a part II :)
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5 years ago, xXTakeMeToChurchXx
Beautiful Game
Gris is by far the most gorgeous game I’ve ever had the privilege to experience. The art is beautiful, and the storyline, though very vague, is touching. Watching and being able to endure the pain that Gris feels is invigorating. Fortunately, I got the version of the app that doesn’t emit a screeching sound in your ears. The music, on my behalf at least, was beautiful, and pulled heartstrings like never before. “Friend,” (the rock being that helps you in the forest) was by far the cutest thing I had seen. It took me a couple of tries to learn to feed him the apples, as it took me a while to learn how to do much else. Her singing was gorgeous. I couldn’t stop making her sing, just to hear her voice. The colour contrast is beautiful, whether it’s the simple black and white that makes you terrified, or the lustrous red, to the dark purples and blues of the under water landscapes. While I’ll admit some of the running scenes were long, they were gorgeous and well worth my time. As some other reviews will tell you, some people will need a stylus. I, however, had no such problem. Gris moves easily and the controls weren’t at all hard to understand. I definitely would recommend this game to anyone who wants a gorgeous game that can be played over and over. Thank You for taking your time to read my review. ~ IPhone 8+ user
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3 years ago, Ms.Softie
iPhone SE
As everyone has already said, this is a STUNNING game. Impactful. It beautifully illustrated “grief” without any need for words. The music 😘 Visually, one of the best games I’ve played along with Monument 1&2. Highly recommended! The controls were easy to figure out and I didn’t mind wandering around because that’s kinda the point - to enjoy this piece of art. However, 1 point off for the pure frustration of playing the game on iPhone XE. It was extremely frustrating to control the character’s movements. If I could’ve saved my progress through the different chapters, I wouldn’t have minded but since we can’t do that, all the repetition made it vexing sometimes. —— it is hard to be relaxed and immersed in the feelings of the story when you Java to repeat sections so many times
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3 years ago, Via ☻
I’ve never cried after finishing a game.
I have spent a lot of time and money playing mobile games, but this one is by far my favorite. I’ve never even considered writing a review for a game before this. I have never felt so connected to a character and so immersed into a world that isn’t even my own. Everything about it is beautiful, the score just blows me away and the art is fantastic. Yes there were a few times I got angry at the controls, but there’s plenty of reviews about that. I finished the game tonight, and when I tell you I’m crying, I mean I’m CRYING!! The ending has no dialogue and I know exactly what she is feeling, I fully understood the intention of this game. As much as I tried, I could not hold back the tears. She is me and I am her, and the next time I lose myself in my grief, I will come back to play again. I will never forget this beautiful masterpiece. Thank you <3
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5 years ago, Sammyyyypoiy
Dying for an update!!
This game is so beautiful and I want to play it so badly!! Unfortunately I’m having the same horrible audio issues as a few other people. Out of absolutely no where and without warning, a horribly LOUD and scary shrieking static noise cuts into the games audio and doesn’t go away until you exit the app. It scares the absolute crap out of you so be careful when using headphones not to put the audio up too loud. I jumped out of my skin on the train when I was first trying to play this!! Also yes, I’m having trouble with the controls too. I know how they want you to operate her but it’s really difficult to figure out during the first 10 minutes of the game. I’m even down into the red area and I’m having issues. I keep having to restart due to the sound cutting out and it’s waaayyy to loud of a glitching sound to ignore and keep playing. I’m dying to get to the puzzles and stuff and the game is so so beautiful so I really hope an update happens ASAP so I can play. I’ve been waiting and had this game preordered!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
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5 years ago, Sophie2433
A wonderful, spiritual experience.
I never write reviews, but this game was just so beautiful that I had to. As another commenter stated, despite other reviews, the controllers in this game are actually very easy to understand/maneuver-including the controls under water. I had no difficulty with them throughout the game (of course this may be because they resolved the issue later on, but as a mere consumer I don’t know). If you are considering purchasing this, I recommend that you do. It is a very emotional experience, and the artwork and music are absolutely perfect. The story revolving around Gris that they take you through is so touching and, on a deeper level, so relatable that it honestly made me tear up a handful of times. Again, this game was truly lovely. It is something that I have never experienced before and I look forward to future games from this company!
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4 years ago, Petrified Spoopy
one of the most beautiful games ever
This is a fantastic game! The touch controls, (for all of the playable options) are top notch for a platformer puzzler (on an iPhone XS). While there is no dialogue, the gorgeous art and the super engaging soundtrack tell a very deep story. This type of game is ideal for the completioner (you know who you are,) as there are switches that have to be activated throughout the entire world (and if you get all of them, rumor has it you unlock a secret ending!) It’s also for the casual player as each of the stages are not very long, and the game has a pretty reliable auto save feature. Most platformer style games have challenging elements that most people might find frustrating, but the touch controls are seriously great, (and intuitive). If you’re looking for a game for your iPhone or iPad, I can’t recommend this one enough!
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5 years ago, frkee
Extraordinarily well-done puzzle platformer (brilliant controls)
This is a nicely sedate platformer with beautiful, well-designed levels that provide a thoughtful challenge. The controls are easy to get comfortable with, the game eases you in. They become quite natural, for me it’s the best touch screen controls I found in a platform game. Even after a long break from playing, I picked up the controls again in just a few seconds. The levels are fun to explore but you have to meander wondering what to do next, sometimes. You are encouraged to explore and figure out the current challenge to make it further along. And there is a lot to explore. Oh, one suggestion for the developer: at app launch please don’t force us to wait while you slowly fade in various logos. It’s so tedious and annoying to wait for every time the game launches.
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4 years ago, Martin_Zan
Fix movement and it’s perfect. I have an easy proposition.
The game of course is superb, played through the whole thing on my pc. I was so glad it’s also on the App Store, but there is an issue with movement that needs fixing for the game to be properly playable. I will update my review if fixed!! As a jumping game, movement needs to be precise. For this reason the move left/right mechanic is flawed. Currently you move your finger right or left to move in either direction. While seemingly intuitive, it is not practical. It’s hard to tell when the transition of movement occurs. My Proposition! -> replace or add the ability to click two arrows with a left hand, like on a keyboard, in the lower left corner. It’s simple and allows more precision switching between left and right. Also. Add keyboard functionality. For a game that is normally played on keyboard I am surprised it doesn’t allow it on iPad. Jumping mechanic is good, doesn’t need changing. I really want to get all my non-gamer friends to play this game, and it being on iPad is perfect for this. However, I am holding off until the movement is fixed, since it would be too difficult to play as is.
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4 years ago, srtvarehareiv
Beautiful, but.....
Extremely frustrating! There comes a point where a game crosses the line between being excitingly challenging and frustratingly difficult, and this game crosses that line over and over. It shouldn’t take hours or watching walk-through videos to figure out how to pass certain levels, such as the beginning, the desert, and the disappearing tree platforms, especially for a game that you have to pay for. Other levels, like the windmill, are less about perfect (and I mean, you have to time it down to the nanosecond perfect) timing, and more about solving an intriguing puzzle. Please make it a little less frustratingly difficult (impossible) to finish levels, and more enjoyable.
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5 years ago, Tea berry-blue
Beautiful game, but I’m practically in tears from frustration
I’m on an iPhone XR This game is gorgeous and clever and I loved playing it at first, but the controls are so jittery. Gris will frequently suddenly turn in the wrong direction just as I try to set her up for a jump, and I’ve currently been stuck in the round room with the red birds circling the upside down tree for TWO DAYS. I’ve watched multiple playthrough videos because I was sure I was doing something wrong, but nope, I’m doing the same thing that is working for the players in the videos, but it’s not working for me. I even found another playthrough where the player seemed to have hit the same glitch I did and stopped mid-game, so I know it’s not just me. If a player logically knows what to do and has mastered the basic controls in a game, they should be able to do it. Sure, it’s fine to have a scenario where you have to master a specific jump before moving on, but if the controls are actively working against the player, it stops being fun. I don’t know what’s wrong, here, and I don’t know if I can finish the game! That’s so disappointing. Edit: It’s been over a month since I left this review, I have installed all updates and am still not able to advance in the game and I have gotten zero developer response. Lowering this review to one star until I’m given some way to proceed.
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5 years ago, I'm kinda tired
Great game, except..
Update: I played through a bit (I had already finished it) and there were no audio mess-ups! Plays smoothly with great animation and great music now! Thanks So, as the title implies, I think that this is an amazing game! From what I’ve seen so far, which isn’t much, the animation is great, and the storyline is compelling. I just have one problem. The music, which seems to be the main part of the game, cuts out frequently to be replaced by loud screeching sounds. It’s pretty jarring to be listening to the pleasant, relaxing music, and then have fax machine-like sounds blasted into my ears. I’m not sure if this is just me or if anybody else has had this problem? It would be great if it could be checked out, at least. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Edgecombegirl
What’s not to love?
This is the first reviews I’ve ever written (and I’ve played lots of great games lol) but after seeing the people who rated ONE STAR! So the game is not the easiest. It’s frustrating when you have to start over levels. Boo hoo. It’s a game. you lose sometimes and then you take a break and come back. I loved this game so much. My four year old loved watching me play and he didn’t get frisbee when we missed jumps he just said “keep trying” and I did and I got to the end. And I loved it. I truly loved the game and I hope to see more from this developer. It was just the right amount of challenge, beauty, and gameplay that you should expect from a game of this genre. Thank you for the experience.
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5 years ago, mudhustler 55
Totally Amazing
I want to be quick so I don’t start rambling. The premise is very creative, I love all the twists and turns, the art and animation is beautiful, I love the level/area design, the music is great, the puzzles are tricky as they should be but without getting too complicated, and I loved exploring every bit of this game. The only complain I have is about the controls on the one water stage, where you’re completely underwater. In other areas my controls were fine wether I was in water or not, but everything went loopy there for some reason. I managed to pass it though and haven’t came across the issue again so I don’t think I should take points off for that.
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5 years ago, etchpet
Impossible to play
This game looks awesome. Hell, it even sounds awesome, and from everything I’ve seen, it should be a really wonderful game. But the character will not move. I get a circle sometimes, but you can’t do anything with it. Worse, there’s no tutorial, and I haven’t been able to find anything online. This was a complete waste of time and money, and I’m very disappointed. Also, the music randomly turns to shrieking static and then cuts out. This is very, very, very loud, happens without warnings, and given the fact that I’m wearing headphones, is very, very painful and I ended up having a panic attack after it happened the third time. I did eventually get the character to move, but because of the endless static shrieks followed by periods of silence, I either would have to play with no sound at all or face intense pain. I’m very, very disappointed, and plan to see if I can get my money back. DO NOT RECOMMEND
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4 years ago, Arenita_Petalo7
A Beautiful Work of Art
I love everything about it from the visuals, music, characters, obstacles and the message of hope. I downloaded this game to take my mind away from all that was going around us. This game has really helped me so much mentally. I will say there was places where I was stuck for while not knowing what to do but it kept me going. I wanted to see what was ahead. I have played this game twice now and still brings me to tears at the end. The beautiful Message of hope is beautifully portrayed. I might start the game again ahaha...I hope the team that worked on this is proud for what they have created “A beautiful work of art”. Gracias! Thank you!
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2 years ago, XMEN FAN 4364
One flaw, but great progression.
At first, this game was boring, but over time, the color in the temple, forest, Green temple, Light temple, and the ending had got me into this game more and more. Although, you could’ve used more pointers on what to do at first, and could’ve added other paths to take. I have seen everything in the game, and a sequel would be the best thing in my entire life. Please add At Least a few megabytes worth of content.. it would add a more interactive compensation and comprehension for a game that is a story to truly behold, especially for a 7th grader with autism like me.
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2 years ago, Aribecca22
I cried at the beauty of this journey
Preface: The last time I held a video game controller was somewhere around 2006. I do not tend to enjoy, or be good at, video games. But for Gris, you do not need to be. Absolutely awestruck doesn’t begin to describe it. I first encountered Gris on a Nintendo Switch, and it was so relatable and therapeutic that I cried multiple times throughout the course of the story. It isn’t a game; it’s an experience, a journey of self-empowerment and healing. There are no life counts or items to buy, nobody to fight against, and nobody to save. Just a girl trying to repair the world around her and restore its beauty. When you jump into the abyss, you don’t get hurt or die. The character slowly heals her emotional pain by improving the world, and she gains abilities as she heals. I loved it so much on Nintendo Switch that I had to get it for my iPhone as well. I’d love an extended version from Devolver that explores some of the game areas in more depth and pitches the world out further. Absolutely revolutionary in the “video game” space.
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5 years ago, Michelledvm
Gorgeous and lovely
I hardly play any video or phone games, but this is one of the most beautiful and wonderful ones I have ever come across. I have to admit I’ve needed to cheat and use an online walkthrough guide a couple of times when I got stuck, but that was less frequent than expected, and overall it is laid out in a very user friendly way. It requires enough use of my brain and puzzling things out, as well as exploration without getting too frustrated, to really keep me going. The underlying story and images and art are stunning! I would definitely play more games like Gris, it’s my favorite game on my phone, by far!
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4 years ago, AresMassage
This is an artistic masterpiece of a game.
This game is amazing. That art and design; a treat to the eyes. The music creates an emotional experience that made me feel what I was meant to feel. Now, I’ve seen people complaining about the controls, the automatic camera angles, or the undefined plot. What does it mean? Gris is a game that describes a feeling with visuals and music. It’s not like other games that feed on spam-clicking and other stress-inducing factors. Gris is made of feelings, wrapped in serenity. It’s an art piece. Artworks don’t always make sense in a logical way. The gameplay is serene and beautiful- once finishing Gris, I felt awestruck. I knew it was worth it. Others have a more emotional connection to it. Gris is built up from the stages of grief, and that idea has made a big impact to people who have lost loved ones. (from observation) Though I may not have any losses and grudges that hold me down, Gris had me tear up a bit. It truly is an artistic masterpiece. Thanks for listening to my Ted talk! All jokes aside, this game is jaw-dropping and beautiful.
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4 years ago, pbeasi
I’m speechless
Ok, I loved this game. But let’s start with a few quibbles. On screen joysticks are just never great. For a lot of the game I wished I was playing on a console because the controls tripped me up. This isn’t really fault with this implementation, it’s just a fact of life with on screen touch controls. Also at the beginning of the game it took me longer than I’d like to admit to figure out what to do, because the description of the controls was lacking. But those are my only complaints. The visuals and music are among the best I’ve seen in any game ever, period. Breathtaking art and sound really captivate you and tell a story without words. I can’t say enough about this. The puzzles were enjoyable and the platforming was just the right amount. I seldom seek out soundtracks for video games but I quickly searched for this one (it’s on Apple Music). I’m even considering buying posters. If you want a good story with amazing art all around, play this game.
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5 years ago, quazzy12
iPhone 8
This game speaks no words but only sounds🙃....loss for word games like these speaks only in the mind which means figuring out the story without narratives, or characters speaking. It’s so much of a feel with spirituality in this game that is touching with Gris and her dress....connecting your spiritual thought with this game of strategical thinking 🤔 with no need of talking is rewarding. Directions are for you progressing through the game with a strong mind of what is going on and how to achieve further takes patience, thinking, strategy, non frustrated mindset, and spiritual connection with the games meaning. 5 stars to this beautiful gem 💎 piece!!
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5 years ago, textomb
updated review
After a one-star initial review, I’m upgrading slightly. This game is gorgeous, and fun to play. But it has some really serious problems. 1. Almost no tutorials to help you learn what to do, which was a real problem for me, and I can see from other reviews that I’m not the only one. 2. Major crashing problems when trying to load the game. Thankfully, it has not crashed during the game, but it has crashed while loading many, many times. 3. Even when you figure out the controls, they can be clunky. I just got my second round of flight power, and I have had to play some sections upwards of 50 times to get past them, because the controls are so wonky. That’s just ridiculous. I’m just quitting now, because its no fun to try and leap and fly to those red flowers for the 50th time. 4. There are LOOONG sections of doing nothing but climbing stairs or walking. Pretty, but it’s occasionally just filler. Maybe I’ll give it another try in a future update. This really needs work, it when it works, it’s fun and just beautiful.
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4 years ago, sans plays trombone
GREAT! one nitpick
This game is gorgeous, it’s fun to play and has an interesting story, it’s good in all the right ways. I’m just. There’s one thing that bugs me, it’s VERY hard to use your flight ability that you get. I’m stuck at a place where you have to fly using the butterflies in mid air, and the butterflies just won’t let me trigger the flight mode thing. I just fall when i hold up! I’m not sure if this has something to do with me being on the iPad Pro or not, I’m not sure, but it’d be great if I could actually pass this level and see the rest of the game TwT
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4 years ago, SirManifesto
Never thought a game will be as deep
I usually never rate games; but I consider this to be a masterpiece. I was able to finish the game in a couple of hours, but I’m definitely going to play it again to try get all achievements. Whoever sings has an angelical voice. The game had me almost in tears towards the end. If you like abstract combined with puzzle then prepare for an emotional ride. Sometimes a little push can get you through some tough times. If you are living for Gris story, then I hope you find my comment helpful.
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5 years ago, perhapsnot2567
A delightful work of art
I rarely purchase apps but the promo video was just too good! I’ve been captivated and playing non-stop since the other day; I just finished it and to be honest there’s a bit of a void now. The graphics are so pleasing to the eye, the light mazework is so intuitive I feel most people could play, and the music is beautifully soothing. Overall, this game was enjoyable! Anytime a new object or skill was introduced I literally said “wow” aloud. What??? Go UP the waterfall??? This game was so delightful to play and I hope the designers consider making more just like this!
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3 years ago, Five Crazy Onions
Beautiful game with frustrating controls
This game is gorgeous and the music is mesmerizing. It is my kind of game - a meditative journey that is part puzzle, part platformer, part pure art. I want to be fully immersed in it so much. But it is hard to do when my fingers are hurting from awkwardly attempting the same jump 30 times. The controls should be less frustrating and painful to use. Or the game should offer assistance when you hopelessly stuck. I would much rather focus on the character’s journey through grief and healing than on the fact that I’ve twisted my fingers on some staircase jump.
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4 years ago, Leftylucy13
So deep and powerful
I decided to play this game because of its beauty and good reviews, but also because of the message it was said to portray. I lost my dad two years ago and though I’m usually fine, the grief comes in waves and is sometimes unbearable. There were moments in this game that almost made me cry because I’ve FELT that same emotion. I connected with this game more than any other game I’ve had the privilege to play. The artwork and animation are beautiful, the score is gorgeous and emotion-filled, and the message is deep and healing. I’ve found healing along the way.
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4 years ago, CapnAHav
Would be 5 stars if save worked
I seem to have found a bug. I just lost an hours worth of progress. Every time I quit the game it goes to a white screen that I cannot get out of. When I close the app and re open i am at the same point before the square ability every time. I’ve turned on and off cloud saves, I’ve gone back to the windmill section and tried to quit and again every time I’m back before the I had the square power. I love the game and will try to beat it in one sitting, but would be nice if I could save it.
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5 years ago, beantownkid
Looks stunning but can't overlook audio issue
I haven't been able to play more than 2 minutes of the game because there is a random high pitched screech that occurs followed by silence. The game can continue but given that sound is a big part of this game, it's hard to follow it without sound. The game recommends you use headphones and when the screech occurred, honestly, it was painful. This is the first time I've ever experienced something like this and it is jarring. Given the cost of the app, I'd like to think that the developers are on this issue. Otherwise I will have to ask for a refund. Which would be unfortunate, since it looks like it would be a fun adventure. I'll await an update from the developers.
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4 years ago, Kid backwards
Beautiful story told through a game
I’m already at a loss for words. The esthetics combined with the music is just unbelievably amazing, it kept catching me by surprise. The rock structures, windmills, underwater world, the forest, the fowl, it’s just so good. Plus the game was super fun, there were different abilities I could unlock. Some of the reviews I’ve seen are complaining about the controls, but I’m here to say that the controls were perfectly find for me and the game taught me clearly how to move my character. Also I loved it every time I unlocked a new color.
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4 years ago, Kawaii megumi-chan
Buggy jumps
I love the game overall. However the double jumps can be pretty buggy at times which often takes me a long time to get past a puzzle. It can be super frustrating when you can’t seem to move forward no matter how many times you tried. I deleted the game because of frustration and anger. But redownloaded it again and tried my hardest to get past the obstacles. Especially the jumps in the scene where there’s 2 gravity. When I tried to move forward with my left thumb, somehow the control switches to the smashing one and i kept falling down and I was in a constant loop for 30 minutes.
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3 years ago, Daniels55555
Wow. Simply wow.
I played GRIS with a PS4 controller on an iPhone 7 and this was one of the best experiences I have ever had. That beautiful artwork and music. Just wow. In the ending I had tears in my eyes because how emotional and exeptionally well they presented the pictures. You understand everything without any text. You don‘t need any guides or something like that because you won‘t get stuck. It plays just so smoothly and intuitive. Wow just hands down one of my favourite games ever. 10 out of 5*
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4 years ago, Martiniano
Challenging and fun
Gris ishallengng because it requires you to earn capabilities and then learn how and where to use them. It is trial and error, and you sometimes have to try everything everywhere. I do think that on an iPad, at least, the patch in the circle room on level green needs to be widened. Your timing must be perfect to hit the patch that allows you to move on. The patch is too small and I imagine many people quit playing in that spot. But other wise, the game is clever. I appreciate the flowers opening up (during the last half of the game) so that I know where I have been. Otherwise it would be easy to go in circles forever. Great game. The first time I played it took me several hours to complete over 4 or 5 days. The second time it took about 3 hours but was still challenging because I took different routes than the first time.
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4 years ago, Back la is
this game is like no other game i have ever played before. the storyline is heartfelt and filled with touching moments, all conveyed through the incredible graphics and soundtrack. above all, the soundtrack is my favorite aspect of this entire game. understanding the story better after completing the game makes every step resonate more deeply, and the subtle design choices begin to make more sense. i understood the story of this game very well, and i think that the deep emotions of the storyline are conveyed perfectly. this will always be one of my favorite games!
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5 years ago, MToby0224
The music is glitched (I have iPhone 8+)
Let me start off with saying that this game so far has been very beautiful. The colors are vivid and the animation is clean however, the music is glitched. When I load into the game everything is fine the cutscene is fine and the beginning gameplay is perfect. After I passed the three bird creatures is when the music stopped and the audio became very glitchy. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app restarting my phone etc. but nothing has worked. I don’t know if the game is not compatible with Bluetooth earphones but if it’s a bug I would really appreciate if you fixed it.
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3 years ago, DearAppleApps
This game is absolutely beautiful. The art style and music are incredibly touching, and the fact that there is no speech (that I have encountered yet) makes it accessible to people regardless of their native language. Once you understand the controls, they are very intuitive and easy to use on iPad. This game was worth every penny (much cheaper than on other gaming systems) and I am excited to play more. I have a feeling this game will get very emotional, and that is an amazing thing from a simple side scroller.
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4 years ago, MuddBeezy
Enjoyable journey!
Cool take on a puzzle adventure. I dig the world design — I thought the colors and textures contributed much to the experience... Same with the sound and music! I enjoyed the challenge of trying to figure out how to navigate the different levels, which required steps that weren’t always clear at times, but it would make it that much more satisfying when you figure it out. The animation of that bird was so sick!!! I’ll probably play it again soon just to that thing move again!
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5 years ago, AlbinoDeer
This game will frustrate you to the point of never opening it again.
Don’t bother telling me the controls, I already know them. I know how to jump and run and look and double jump and all that jazz...but the fact that oooone tiny mistake will take you all the way back to the beginning of a level makes this game basically a waste of time. Unless you’re the type to literally never get frustrated about anything. The controls are easy but if you don’t time everything 100% PERFECT you’re harshly punished....and when you DO time everything 100% perfect there’s no reward besides being faced with another obstacle. Maybe I’ll play again SOMEDAY if I can get my hands on a science fiction device that can slow time. Lol.
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4 years ago, Ypd93
Absolutely Gorgeous
This game is amazing! It’s definitely my favorite. The visuals combine seamlessly with a wonderful sound that sets the mood as you progress through different levels. I made it through the very end and I was only disappointed that it ended. I want to keep playing. The controls are difficult on a touch screen. I would recommend on an iPad rather than the small screen of the phone. I’d likely play again on a regular game console just to see how the controls differ.
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4 years ago, ahchdvdicfdjsksjabahshhdkcjx s
Great game!!!
I just got this game today and I’m already in love with it! There were parts when I got a little stuck but it wasn’t too difficult to figure out. Then there were times when I would try to jump onto things and I would fall right through and I’d have to try a few times for it to work but other than that it’s a great game!! Also if you get this game just a little hint to use your dress when you are stuck it was the main reason I got stuck.
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2 years ago, Cruse Missile
Emotional, evocative, intriguing…. Loved it
Every so often, I find a game I love, and then there are games where I say, “I get it.” So impressed with the visuals, and the puzzles do not disappoint. But then the way the abilities unfold in order to progress the story arc of overcoming and healing are really very moving. I really enjoyed every minute of game play- being stumped, the humor in the way certain puzzles are solved, the fluidity. Really glad I tried this one and won’t soon forget it.
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5 years ago, cta_1
Emotionally Gripping
Take a chance and buy Gris! From the start you are captivated by the beautiful score, scenery, and animation. The gameplay is simple yet it has some of the most original elements I’ve seen. The use of color to convey emotion is handled very well allowing you to relate to Gris with no dialogue needed. As you explore you are left wanting to learn more about this world and the journey that you are embarking on. I can’t remember the last time I smiled playing a video game simply because it made me happy.
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