Grocery - Smart Shopping List

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Conrad Stoll
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Grocery - Smart Shopping List

4.51 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
3 weeks ago, Lrjv
works but not quite customizable enough for me
I shop for 2 houses. So the ability to have multiple stores (location 1) synced to a single list is great, as is the ability to have another set of stores (location 2) linked to a different list. Having the lists built on Apple reminders lists is great too because A) I use the Paprika app for recipes and meal planning, and export lists from there into apple reminders, so they can automatically populate a shopping list in Grocery app, and B) not everyone in the house uses Grocery but they all have Apple Reminders. However, when you’re stocking pantries in 2 locations, the inventory and “keep in stock” features seem useless. :( If the developer takes feature requests, I’d love to see 2 things! First, have the “households” feature include the ability to switch between more than one household, with separate inventory, history, & “keep in stock” data for each household. And second: would further love to have a single store’s list display items from 2 reminders lists (or show items from an Apple Reminders Smart List), perhaps with color distinguishing which reminders list each item comes from. Why? My 96 year old grandfather makes a shopping list in Apple Reminders and shares it with me. I need to be able to see his list while i’m shopping, and check stuff off of his list in the same shopping trip that i’m checking stuff off of my list, but not confuse him by having all of my shopping items show up on his Apple Reminders list.
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3 years ago, Tim6868
So much potential...
I have tried over 40+ grocery/shopping apps, and this app has SO MUCH POTENTIAL. It’s feature rich and has some great functionality. However, like most app developers, use-case and actual usability seem to be an afterthought—which is paramount for any successful app. Features mean absolutely nothing without that! The sync function fails consistently and is poorly planned. I’m required to manually force a sync to iCloud and pull data from iCloud to update shared data on other devices. As a result... we have abandoned use for family and sync function. I have tested this with multiple devices and new data and all problems are easily reproducible. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled to confirm the short list of issues. There is a definitely learning curve, which could be easily remedied. Emails to developer confirm that you are likely to not get a response, another failed use-case example. It’s easy to open a free support & ticket tracking system to receive the list of issues to be prioritized and worked on, establish a roadmap for features, and get this back on track. I hope that the developer takes this app seriously for future updates, enhancements, and builds up its potential. Again, because it truly has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.
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3 years ago, xhat1964
Set up is confusing
I’ll preface by saying I’ve just downloaded the app and am working through setup, so some more noodling on my part may make things clear. But initial impression is that Store setup is confusing AF. Instructions are minimal and written from the perspective of someone already intimate with the workings of the app. Somehow I wound up with two iCal DAV entries (or maybe two Reminders entries... It’s, like I said, confusing AF). Trying to do a grocery list and it appears as though the second store I set up has become a kind of master store, underneath which the first store I set up is like a sub-store. Like I said, it’s confusing AF. Better instructions are needed, or perhaps, better presentation of stores. Good rules of thumb for instructions: 1) Assume the user does not have a high-level conceptual understanding of your app. The user didn’t design it, so won’t be intimate with the consequences of choosing setup options. 2) Include a how-to guide, with step-by-step instructions, rather than a 10,000-ft level overview of the process. Update: cancelled subscription, deleted app. The interface with Reminders makes zero sense. I deleted the two stores I had initially set up so I could start over to understand the set up process. To my surprise, a whole other category of Reminders (all geo-fenced reminders with names of fav servers/bartenders at my favorite establishments) showed up as a Store/List. What the fuuu...??
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3 years ago, E.M_
Learning Curve, Huge Gains
A fantastic app, yet you need to learn how to use it. The only thing that this app is missing during its planning is friendly UI but I don’t expect it to happen for quite some time as this will require for the app to go through an overhaul and perhaps it will be the third version of the app. With that said this app is amazing once you fiddle around and learn how the features work. You can actually set up what you need from each individual store (especially if you are price shopping or can only find certain items at a certain store). I must add that having the ability to set reminders on when things expire is a must have feature because if you aren’t like me having the time to clean out the fridge and pantry every week then this will make it easier to know what needs to be replaced or thrown away. These are just to name a few but two that I found to be lacking in most other “shopping” apps. Give the app a try and you will find something a feature that will benefit you. To the the developers, it will be great if there was a section to add a link of the weekly ad at the grocery store someone is shopping at.
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4 years ago, Yelpster11
Having problems now
I was an early adopter and tipped the developers early on. I loved the Apple Watch syncing and the easy single list approach. I happily paid the annual fee to keep the dream alive. But I think since iOS 13 I t’s become the iTunes of grocery lists. It’s bloated and trying to be both a cookbook and a list. Go back to basics and make a list that works for multiple stores and stop. Right now it’s far to busy, will not sync after several restarts and reinstalls. Please organize the app for regular people and not just computer scientists. Edit: Almost all of my issues were resolved in May 2020 update. Thanks! It still needs to be simpler. Make separate lists for separate stores easier to set up. Grocery lists have been doing this for awhile. Come on almost there. Edit 2.0:The app is now where it’s supposed to be! I can separate lists easily. Not sure if average users like to poke around settings but I do. Congrats!
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4 years ago, porfavornomas
Multiple Lists
Disappointed the app forces all of your lists at all stores to be the same unless you enable the app to use your reminders to set up different lists. So your list at the hardware store will have all of your groceries on it too...not much of a time saver if you have to scroll through all of your food items to see what you need for tools. For an app that claims to save you time, this is a serious limitation and a duplication of efforts (in other words, you could simply use your reminders as a shopping list in the first place without having to purchase an extra app that is going to force you to take the extra step of setting up lists in your reminders anyway). Reminders also lets you check them off and you don’t need to set them up twice. Rather disappointed that a shopping app does not enable you to edit the lists in the app per store without an extra (outside) step. Any shopper knows that “Carrots” and “carrots” are NOT the same thing because some stores will charge triple and you want your common grocery items to be on the list for the store that will be the most cost effective for your family.
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3 years ago, xXD4RK1Xx
Learning Curve, Problems Pasting
So after fiddling with the app a bit, there definitely is a learning curve, though thankfully not a huge one. I love the feature to basically have recipes and to add all ingredients to the shopping list! I also like that the premium content can be purchased with a one time payment and has the inventory feature so I can record when things expire. The only real issue i encountered is it seems as though you can’t paste words into the app when making a Step or Note for some reason. Honestly would be really handy to fix or add since it would make moving recipes over much easier. Some features i would like to see are: 1. Syncing through the app itself and not requiring Reminders. I know Out of Milk does this somehow and it’d be great if this App could do it too. 2. A section in the Lists section to add a link to the weekly ads for grocery stores.
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2 years ago, ianbogue
Wish there were one free light theme
I downloaded this app last night and wrote out a recipe. After figuring out how to do different things, it’s really quite easy and will provide a uniform experience through any future recipes I add/create. I haven’t had a ton of time to test the other features of the app (the grocery list) but one thing that immediately stands out to me is that the only theme available without a subscription is a dark theme. I do use dark mode on my phone in the evening, but I believe in some environments like a bright kitchen, it would be much easier and faster on my eyes and brain to have a light mode offering as well. This doesn’t seem to be the case on macOS. Maybe that’s a bug, but I really hope it isn’t cause it’s just kinda stupid.
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6 years ago, jpwinkle
Cannot make separate list for separate stores
I have to agree with a May 7 reviewer that, for me, success means I can make separate lists for different stores. I list an item & it appears on the list for each of the grocery stores on the store list. My primary store doesn’t carry an item on my list. Another store has a sale with BOGO items I want to buy. Several factors account for shopping at multiple stores for items on my lists. If I cannot make my grocery list specific for a certain store, then I must make a note which store beside which item? Not practical for me. In trying to figure this out, I became quite confused with the headings ‘store’ & ‘lists’, especially when tapping the header store/lists brought up a couple of the stores. I am pretty smart with a good thought process, so tapping the store & then the list would bring up the store & the list for that store. Your app is neat, nice looking, & convenient for many, but for me it isn’t doing the job unless I am somehow not seeing something staring me right in the face. Thank You. Jp
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5 years ago, jubesz
Fantastic App
This app is fantastic at what it does and I especially appreciate that it uses Reminders as the back-end data store. This makes sharing easy. Many of the reviews here which are complaining about items, lists, and stores are from not learning how to use the app. For me, what works is I have a Grocery list and a Hardware Store list. The Grocery list has two stores (the two nearest locations of H-E-B are what I use). When I shop, I select the store in the app that corresponds to the store location I’m at and voila! The grocery items are sorted in the order I typically go through the store. Obviously, this works best when you tend to go through a store location the same way each time. Likewise, my hardware store list has a Blue store and and Orange store each corresponding to the hardware store chains bearing the respective titular colors. Great app!
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5 years ago, Kristopher D.
Fantastic when it works
This is a simple, no nonsense grocery list app. Lists are easily created, maintained, and shared. Plus, the interface for Apple Watch is near perfect. Everything worked great at first, so I happily paid to support the app. Unfortunately, over the last couple of weeks, the app stopped working as it should. When I mark an item on the list using my Apple Watch, it disappears, which is exactly what it should do. But a couple of minutes later when I check my list on my Apple Watch, the item is back. Sometimes I’m halfway through my shopping only to have everything reappear on my list. At first, I thought the problem was that I didn’t have my phone with me or had a bad cell connection. I tried with my phone on me, without my phone, connected to WiFi, using cell only, the result is the same. The funny thing is, it only does this on my Apple Watch. If I pull my phone out and use it instead, everything works fine. But the only reason I switched from Wunderlist to this app was for the Apple Watch functionality. I have also noticed that shared lists don’t always update for the other users. This results in the minor inconvenience of having 3 packages of cheese or 5 containers of milk, because multiple people buy the same item on separate trips to the store. I love the idea of a simple, task specific grocery app. This would be perfect if the current issues are ironed out.
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3 years ago, Pulse is a minus
Nice idea, poor execution
After spending an afternoon reviewing grocery apps, this one looked the most promising. I love the idea of having a grocery list I could share that was also accessible on my watch. The first problem encountered after subscribing was lists were not shared with others in my iCloud Family Sharing unit. They had their lists, I had mine. Entering a recipe from a scan was also maddening. Not only were steps and ingredients left out. Saving was extremely glitchy. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. After about a half a dozen attempts trying different ways to scan (some of the page, all of the page), I gave up. On the positive side, shopping with this app was pleasant. The interface is pleasing, checking off items on the watch was easy, and having lists separated for multiple stores worked well. I just wish all of the functions worked. Perhaps a future version will be better.
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6 months ago, peekabooyou
Careful when you do your syncing
It took me a while to type out all the things I needed for a Christmas party. I gave myself access so that I could transfer the grocery list from my iPad to my iPhone (it does not sync on its own—that would be too easy). I followed the directions to give myself access, and it synced my iPhone to my iPad, erasing all that I had done. Saw that you can go back and do a restore of the past list, but when I follow those directions, that option is light gray and does nothing when you click it. Spent a lot of time (not to mention $30) to decide that I’m done with this app. It had potential. Just be careful when trying to use it between devices. It’s not friendly in that regard. I did give it 2 stars because I like the ease of entering the items you need. I just didn’t like that I wasted all that time on my big shopping list.
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2 years ago, joe e c
“So much potential”
The top review of the app repeats the apps potential and we probably all agree. That review however, was 1 year ago and there are still major, obvious changes the developers have yet look into. I am not apart of the beta testing committee but hopefully I will be soon; me personally 🫣 some changes I would like to see would include: de-cluttering the recipes pages. Maybe add the option for folders that we name (for smoothies, desserts, teas, breakfast, lunch, dinner) as well as solo recipes. Personally again, I also don’t feel the need for so much text under the title. Lately people been looking showing up for the sales going on at grocery stores. A feature to set a reminder/note for a date to shop would be super benevolent feature on this app. On another note, I got this app for me and my mom to use this and share recipes. The ads blend right in to every page. I like the ads you guys have actually, I was looking into buying a few things you guys were advertising. Please gray out the ads or make a border around them more apparent to signify they’re ads. Great app though, so much potential.
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2 years ago, Mazz2011
Developer Won’t Respond
Downloaded this app with high expectations. I had a question about categories and sent email to developer before I spent $30 for premium version but never received a reply…not a good sign! Not willing to fork out $s if developer doesn’t respond to simple a question. As others have said, Anylist is great alternative, just wish you could collapse categories, especially when you have a couple hundred grocery items and don’t want to scroll through your entire list. Update: received response from developer who addressed my question…not the answer I was hoping for, but did respond. App appears to be awesome, just not what I was looking for as far as features offered.
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12 months ago, people need to go to jail
Great app!
What I LOVE about this app is that it syncs with your reminders list so I can just speak into my apple watch or iPhone and add the groceries I need. The other thing I LOVE is that you can add different grocery stores to the app and whichever store you are at you go to that store list and when you check it off the list it categorizes the item for that particular store layout and so when you get home for the next week grocery list and add things to it the app puts them in order of that store so when you go to the store you are not having to go back and forth on your list or in the store, it’s all in order! Bravo! Finally, a simple app!!!! I paid the lifetime price! It’s so worth it!!!
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2 years ago, Perspicacious3
Slight Learning Curve, but worth it!
I’m using the app to work on being vegan - keeping track of recipes, ingredients, grocery lists, and meal planning. The app is almost too smart sometimes: one thing I would like fixed is that I can’t easily copy and paste url or web page info about ingredients. I like to keep track of their health benefits for when I want to make my own recipes. I make the ingredient profile as a new recipe and try to add a note where I copy and paste the information from a website/other website links. When I click paste, I just get a pop up telling me that grocery lasted from Safari, but no text appears - just a new item on my grocery list of the relevant ingredient.
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1 year ago, Sleepy Joeby
This app is my dream come true
Seriously people, I don’t see any point of your complaints about the ads and prices and stuff. The people who complain and want pro bono? Do you work for free? And it’s only $9.99 for a yearly subscription, that can’t even buy a piece of ribeye steak. This is what I call a steal for what I get . This app perfectly fulfills all my needs. And being a product designer myself, the only thing I’m not 100% satisfied is the interaction design. It’s not that easy to use sometimes and it takes longer than it should for users to complete very high frequency interactions like adding stuff. But great job overall. Keep it up whoever’s behind the product and devoting time into it.
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3 years ago, LordZork
This has to be the most broken/buggy app I’ve used, at least the recipe portion of the app. I have spent hours trying to get one recipe created without having to deal with stuff not pasting, or the app crashing, or the recipe not saving, or any number of bizarre issues where something just doesn’t work. I deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times. The biggest issues I’ve noticed are pasting, saving, snd syncing... all are broken most the time. I can’t tell you how maddening the “saving” experience is. I try to make any change to a recipe, hit save, and watch the little spinning thing up next to the Wi-Fi symbol… I leave the recipe and come back and none of the changes have taken. It’s beyond frustrating… a total waste of time. This is sad, because the app looks great and has great potential, but it is just not usable. And it sure as heck isn’t worth any money in its current state... let-alone the premium price tag for premium features.
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3 years ago, BCsJazz
I’ll stick with my current list app
I decided to check out Grocery as it offered a ‘Stores’ feature in the free version and in the current app I use that feature is only included in the Subscription version. I also was intrigued by the Machine Learning for sort order. First off, I agree with the many other people here that felt this app is fairly difficult to figure out. In addition to the ML, it has a lot of settings for formatting your entries which did not fit with my way thinking about a grocery list. I eventually figured out which setting the problem but still felt the UI was a bit too clumsy so it’s back to my old list app.
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10 months ago, conrthomas
Good, but many issues persist
At its core the functionality of this app is great. I’d say it better than most other grocery list apps. However there are constantly glitches, bugs, and crashes that make it a pain to use. About half the time I open the app it is frozen and either crashes or requires me to force close it and reopen. The auto-sorting function doesn’t seem to pick up how I order the list even after 2 years of weekly use. The addition of an aisle feature is cool but there is zero documentation on how to use it or assign items to aisles. Dragging items to reorder them is buggy and laggy, and sometimes causes the app to crash. If these issues are addressed it’s easily a 5 star app.
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3 years ago, Bud Gibson
Very Usable, some premium features still not working on m1
This is an update of my previous 2 star review where I complained that my premium subscription was not working at all. Now, it mainly is. The app is now very usable. M1 support is still a little janky in places (my two stores have not found their way over yet). An app like this really has a place on an m1 mac. You can quickly jot up your shopping list and have that transfer all the way down to your watch. I'm glad the developer is paying attention to what can currently only be described as a niche use.
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5 months ago, schroedpotter
Exactly what I was looking for
I don’t usually review apps, but not this is EXACTLY what I wanted. I’ve been using a Reminder list with my Apple Watch for grocery shopping. The problem with Reminders is it’s clunky to get to and doesn’t always remain on the watch face. Grocery is beautifully functional. I love that it stays on the watch face, learns your shopping order and automatically reorders your list the next time you use it. And if you buy the same items frequently, they’re available without typing. I don’t need fancy, and I love functional!
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2 years ago, Jud1958
Latest upgrade ruined a good app
This is one of my favorite apps. I see they just made a big upgrade which it is now more difficult to add items to my list. Where I used to be able to start typing and it would bring up choices to select from previous lists, now it brings up choices, but it doesn’t respond immediately to the touch. I have to keep touching the screen o er and over. When it does respond, the “add item” field disappears and I have to click the “done” button in order to get back to the add item screen. Too many touches just to add one item to my list. Is this a bug? Now I went back in there. I realized I had added some items that actually didn’t make it to my list. I pay for the yearly subscription. How do I cancel if this stops working for me?
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2 years ago, TheNgbaka
Doesn’t work
Paid for the premium forever license because the features promised by this app are everything I would need or want in a grocery app. Simply put you cannot share the lists you create with someone. The faq’s and how to’s explain how it is suppose to be done but the menu options that they say are there simply are not. I have taken screen shots and submitted to the developers for help but they do not reply. Even got a message saying they don’t reply. Wish I could get a refund. FYI: Everything else works but for my use of being able to share a list with my wife so either of us could add to it when needed or grab the items on the list when either of us stop at the store was a must. Complete waste of $30. If you need this feature do not buy.
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6 years ago, Choreilly
Missing features
We can’t have nice things. Why is it so hard to make a grocery app? Why can’t I enter multiple Apple entries? There are many variations. I have to name the apples differently from the title to make this work. It should let me use the description to differentiate. Bad design. Why make the item update with one tap? I keep accidentally go into the item update screen. That’s really bad design. When at the grocery store, the app should let me tap anywhere to cross out. Use 3D Touch for the item update process. Or use the swipe left-edit option. That’s iOS design 101. Geez. Where are the isle categorization? Where is the auto filtering options such as alphabetical? Why are all items added to multiple stores? In summary, this grocery app is horribly designed. I can’t even say it’s a good start.
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6 years ago, shrrsn1
A suggestion:
I love this app. I particularly loved the ability to add notes to each item, which I found useful for documenting prices of items. I thought it might be a really useful tool for remembering and comparing prices between one store and another. However, the problem with that idea was the app doesn’t remember the notes I take. So, if I had a suggestion it would be to remember the notes I take about items, and to sort that memory by whichever store I have selected. That one detail would really make this app worth $2 or $3 for me.
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2 years ago, Cypherstream
UI got slow at some point
I’ve been using this app for a long time. But at some point in the past year the UI got really slow. Like there’s very noticeable lag when hitting to add an item to the grocery list. This is on an iPhone 13 Pro Max too, not exactly a slow device. Something is happening behind the scenes when you hit the plus button to add another item. Whatever process is going in is very taxing as of the last few versions. Other than the app being on the slow side for accepting user input, it is still a good grocery list / organization tool for shopping.
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2 years ago, The Mad Turk
A good app, but…
I’m having problems with scrolling in the Watch after one of the recent major updates — I can’t scroll down on the list and make it “stick” anywhere below the first screen. This means I check off things that I haven’t picked yet, and I can’t even scroll down to undo the mistake. I know the app is supposed to be designed to let you tackle the list in order, but that’s not the way I shop. I’ve complained to the developer several times about this and haven’t received any reply. To my mind it’s the best grocery list app out there, but this is still a serious flaw.
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2 years ago, $uper$nake
Good app let down by the business model
The app itself is good. However, the premium is WAY too expensive for what it is. I mean, $4 a month? Or $30 lifetime? For a list app? Are you serious? I'd be willing to pay if it offered a continuous service like video content or weather data at the very least, but like I said, this is a list app. In addition to the not very useful premium features, it also has ads which you'll have to pay to remove BUT that payment falls within the same model. I'd haven been more than OK with paying like $5 one off for an ad-free experience. The way it is right now, I really don't see any value in the app. Shame really.
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5 months ago, AdminT
Many features no longer work!
When I first started using this app, it was great! But lately it has been so frustrating. It no longer pulls up the store I’m entering. Nor does it allow lists for individual stores. If I put it in one list, it appears on all of them. I can no longer unassign it from a store. Granted, I’m using the free version, but I have no way of knowing if these features have been moved to the paid version. I would get the paid version, but I would be very frustrated to pay for it and then find out it still has the same issues! I’m disappointed.
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2 years ago, Evelyn Marie 62
Fine grocery list app
This app is what it claims to be. A way to make grocery lists. I would like to see more integration with shopping apps, e.g. send my list to Instacart. The sync with Apple Watch is really nice. I don’t use the recipe feature but it seems handy for those interested. It was a little tough to start cold. It would have been nice to start the app for the gist time with a list of suggested items based on kitchen staples or profile questions like “do you live to eat or eat to live” to identify if I prefer staples or varied recipes/ingredients
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5 years ago, @owells
Everything except the GEOFENCING feature works great.
Simple. Good looking. And well designed. Everything works great except the feature that’s supposed to switch stores automatically when you open the app at a store where you’ve established a geofence. That only works when Location access is set to “Always”. It should also work when Location access is set to “While Using the App”. When that issue gets resolved this will be the perfect little grocery shopping app for me.
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2 years ago, jkdman123
Fix The Apple Watch App!!!
The Apple Watch app for this is highly problematic. When the app is open on the watch and you raise your wrist to view it, if you are scrolled down on the list, or scrolling down the list, the app will randomly scroll back to the top. If you were just about to touch an item to cross it off the list, this behavior causes you touch the *wrong* item a large percentage of the time. I know there’s now an undo feature but that is a terrible solution for this problem. Fix the random scrolling to the top on the Watch app. This annoying behavior is not worth putting up with when there are other apps that don’t cause many unintended errors.
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6 years ago, dude412
Kinda Useless
I mean, the idea is pretty good. It seems the goal is to create a slightly more efficient and accessible wast to create a grocery list rather than just create a Note or put in a reminder, and it does that to some degree. But one of the main reasons I got this was that it also separated the list by store, so that you essentially had a shopping list for each store you wanted to go to. So far as my experience goes, it doesn’t do that. I hope they rectify that soon, because if not, I am most certainly deleting the app. Writing down my own grocery list is really not that difficult and there’s no reason to use the app if it can’t do what a handwritten list can.
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5 years ago, Sonali86
Not easy and user friendly
I used this app for quite sometime and the biggest issue I found is that once you buy an item and you check off, the item disappears from the list. So every week you have to create your list from scratch. Also, it’s not intelligent enough to categorize your items example dairy, cleaning supplies, fresh produce, etc. it doesn’t do by itself. It also messes up with your iPhone’s Reminder app. I don’t know what but it tries to sync with that or something. AnyList app is Awesome! It strikes off the item and is still there so you can click it again and it will remove the strike. Also it categorizes all items by itself and you can also create your own category.
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3 years ago, Cresent
Complications and crashes
1) If you want to share a list with a family member, be prepared to shell out $30 2) If you want to pull up your last list, be prepared for the app to crash repeatedly 3) if you want to look at your most purchased items, be prepared for unhelpful confusion The app tries to do too much, like storing recipes and meal plans, and remind you when to stock up on an item. This is dumb. Just get the grocery list right. One thing.
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5 years ago, Suitesis
Neat idea, but ...
Tried this app on my watch and though it was convenient and easy to use, I don't like how items show up on all lists (maybe when I can get milk and bananas at REI, I'll feel differently). And sharing the list - just wow. What a huge PITA. We went round and round with this for about an hour and finally just gave up. I would think a person shouldn't have to be IT or even super tech-savvy to figure this out; apparently Apple feels differently. Even the how to videos in the FAQ section were no help as they showed what to do to a certain point and then displayed a picture with some Asian language writing on it. Guess I'll just stick with Out of Milk.
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5 years ago, Brett123123123
Fantastic, easy, just what I need
I should also let you know I've started using shared reminders on iOS and it works magically with your grocery app. I have shared my grocery list with my wife and installed your app on her phone so we have a shared grocery list without having to do anything complicated. It also allows me to add things from my computer without having any extra apps or websites. Gets the job of grocery lists done in an elegant way without getting in my way!
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2 years ago, Techslacker
From best to worst
This was once one of my best apps as it was such a complete solution. Now it’s full of bugs making it very frustrating to use. On my iPhone 11 Pro the app won’t even open now. It acts like it is and closes immediately. Also as documented in another review the Apple Watch app is incredibly frustrating now where it scrolls back to the top of the list while you’re trying to select something. This then leads to selecting the wrong item some of the time. Those are the ones that stand out. Since i can’t even open the iPhone app now I can’t look for the other issues.
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9 months ago, MadDabbler
Excellent App
Great app. Love the functions to sort and specify type, quantity and notes. Most of all, I love sharing lists. My parents are older and don’t drive. I set up a list we share so my dad adds what he needs as they think of it/run out and I can check it at any time. Only complaint is that it’s not TRULY intuitive. You have to hunt and explore to really discover functions and learn its capabilities. Hopefully future releases address this.
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11 months ago, Kenney Kaminski
Don’t waste your time. This app has so many issues, and clearly the developers have given up on it (just look at the last time it was updated). I actually paid for a year-long membership hoping they would fix all the issues. I spent an entire year building a library of groceries because there isn’t one built into the app (a huge miss). The app doesn’t categorize (think how a grocery store is laid out), so I had to build in my own organization methodology using the item title. It became cumbersome, and I tried to provide feedback but never saw anything change. It’s best to go with an app that has a better, more seamless interface.
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3 years ago, RotaryTen
Could be great, but buggy
Been using this app for a few weeks and have input several recipes and made a few grocery lists. It’s got the making of a very handy, time saving app, but it’s currently super-buggy. Item order changes for no reason, duplicate items appear, formatting doesn’t work as it should. Saw Apple praising the app and really want it to work as advertised. Hoping this stuff gets fixed.
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5 years ago, Jarik25
I love this app on my watch! I've tried a lot tools to get me to save money and control my grocery. This makes shopping a bit more fun! Also I love the sound after I check it off. I hope this feature never changes. I love sound and to me that's gratifying too. Makes my shopping day better. Even it's low and only for me and my cats. They'd appreciate it too if they could🤗👍🏻. Not using the full version yet but will. Thanks for the simple app.😁
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6 years ago, 360 shopper
Good but...
I really like the app except for one thing that is huge for me. My old list app showed how many items were on each list on the page that lists all your lists. That is very helpful when you are out running errands to check all your lists quickly without opening lists that are empty. For example, I might be in Walmart, which has its own list, and want to check if there is anything on my hardware store list or grocery list that I could pick up at Walmart. It would be nice to just see at a glance on one page if there is anything on those lists.
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2 years ago, perfect_squircle
“Order online” shortcut is amazing
Throughout the pandemic, we have relied on ordering from our local grocer, but their site is frustrating and I needed my laptop to deal with it. But Grocery’s new Order Online shortcut has MASSIVELY improved my ability to order groceries from any device - I just point it at my list of groceries, tap “clean up”, and then fly through ordering online. So incredibly useful!!
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3 years ago, Karen111222333
Confusing & instructions/FAQ don’t help
I agree this app has lots of potential, but there are virtually no instructions on how to do things and the FAQ/Help section is grossly lacking (i.e. “You can assign a Reminders List to a store. Multiple stores can be assigned the same list.” - how do you do this? The set-up only allows one list per store and there is no “assign” function to be found). I’m writing this so you don’t waste your time downloading it & trying to figure it out (at this stage - May 2021). Hopefully developers are hard at work right now and in the near future a revamped app will be available for us to use, because it’s an amazing idea/concept.
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5 years ago, Ryandun101
Really good
This is exactly what I was looking for, for my Apple Watch .... I love the idea of typing on tablet/phone and the just checking off the list with my watch as I go through the store ... I don’t even mind the ads ... they’re non-intrusive and actually have checked out several of the ads and have made a few purchases .... use this app on a regular basis and have had no issues ... I tell Siri to add something and it does without issues.
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4 years ago, Alfonso Bodoyeau
Worked for a month
The reason I wanted it was so that my mother could make a grocery list and I could go buy it for her. The problem is that Grocery uses apple’s existing reminders list. It stopped working after a month. No support. Also, two people cannot work on the same list in Grocery. Grocery doesn’t just depend on reminders for communication. Reminders is a bad grocery list and that is where you collaborate on a list.
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5 years ago, gdkeyboard
The UI is super intuitive. The functionality is unbelievable. The performance is flawless. A very well-thought-out creation. Input on iPhone or iPad is easy. Display of grocery list on watch eliminates phone juggling at supermarket. Display of recipe on iPad makes an easy-to-read display while cooking. And the fact that the data is stored in Markdown text format guarantees the longevity of the data input effort. My life is much simpler now!
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