Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker

4.8 (450.9K)
186.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker

4.77 out of 5
450.9K Ratings
2 years ago, person who is writing review#2
Great app! Lots of ads though.
This app is great! Totally amazing and if you are looking for inspiration or if you’re just bored and want to make some music, this is a great app choice if you come across it! I’ve had this game since like, 2020 and I’ve loved it ever since. I don’t really play it much anymore though because of school and stuff, yet from time to time, I would just go on the app when I’m bored and make music! There a various genres and it has different choices to pick from in the genre. Though, the only problem that does bug me is how many ads there are. You also don’t need to pay for the app since there is a little x at the top corner, and you can pay or watch an ad to play the genre of music you want. Now, about the ads; I love the app but there are just too many of them. I could see and hear a genre I like and I would have to pay or watch an ad. I would pick ad and then after you watch the ad, sometimes another ad comes up right after and sometimes not. That’s the only thing that makes me upset since it takes up more time. You can skip the second ad most of the time though or they are really short. Then, when I’m done making the beat and tittle it, another ad comes up! I know the developers are trying to make money off of this but like, cmon, I’m just tryna enjoy a game and then I see 3 ads just from making one beat. Though, it’s still a great game! Do recommend 😊
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2 years ago, cwaltz75
Love it :3!
So I’m not a person working for them just saying ‘get this buy it I love it buy it’. I got this app and loved it I feel like a true DJ omg it’s so awesome! I love it the lessons are simple even though there’s only a few oh well it’s awesome I’m literally only 10 years old and this app works for me right u don’t need to buy the stuff there’s good thing please respond to this. My old rating was 4 stars, but I had a hard time getting around the app and that was all. There are some details kinda missing, but it’s still an awesome app! Could you add some things that aren’t premium though? And I know you need to support the app but, really, every five minutes you need to watch 3 adds to go on making your own music and there are a lot of adds overall. People complain about having to watch two adds per lesson. BUT for me I only need to watch one, if even any. The lessons are also a bit short, could you add a few more (free)? Thanks for looking at this I could totally recommend this game ;D!!! *update* So yeah I can’t believe this but they actually removed half of the adds! Probably bc more ppl are buying premium. (Thank you) So ye this app has even more good things about it now love there’s update every week these ppl making it don’t deserve haters just randomly saying “adds every 5 seconds” like so random. Thanks for this awsome game :3! (P.S.: srry my review is so long lol-)
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4 years ago, dolphiiiiiiin
No reason to not like it!
I am just going to start off by saying, I love this app, I have had it for not even a day and I have already made eight songs! (I accidentally deleted one when I tried to delete it so I actually have seven) before I even downloaded the app I was reading the reviews and they all said “TO MANY ADDS!!!” I was thinking “I don’t mind a couple adds.” But I kept reading reviews and I found they all complained about adds! I almost said screw it and didn’t download the app (but I didn’t) I noticed that the first thing I saw on the app was an add, I was a little disappointed but on the add there was an “x” so I tapped it, and as I began to play the game I noticed the adds weren’t so bad, there were ways to get around them! The reviews made it sound like only 25% was a game and the other 75% was adds but it was opposite! Another review I read complained about how the app should be a game but I thought that was stupid “if you wanna play a game download or bye a game, not an app. All I am saying is if you are reading this, the other reviews are lies or just plain dumb. And for the developers, I dunno the game is sorta perfect. Maybe more sounds? Aside from that don’t change a thing (I guess you are aloud to get rid of a couple adds 😄) thank you for taking the time to read my review and I am looking forward to making more songs.
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2 years ago, bailey.eb
I love this game so much I rarely ever writ reviews but I felt like I had to this time this game keeps me entertained for hours and hours is so fun to make beats of my own and save my records and share them with friends and family I gave this a five star because it is just awesome making beats is so much fun Groovepad is definitely a really good game it’s been like a year since I’ve wrote review so I feel like this game was the perfect game to write good review The lessons help me so much on the game there are no ads in the game which that is extremely very very good because I hate ads but I love the game SOOO much I really don’t know how to explain it all the other beat games I downloaded don’t have affects and stuff that this game has I wrote this a five star it is an amazing game I definitely recommend you download this game and practice your beats and have so much fun I know I did this game is so fun to play thank you to the people who created this game for everybody this game is amazing goodbye five stars if there was more than five stars I would do more than five stars I would rate it more than five stars I love this game so much is so entertaining everybody should check it out I think you’ll love it again thank you to the creator of this game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, whiplash137
Just incredible...
I’ve had this game for two days.. and I already have six well-produced songs. I think it’s clear that Groovepad is by far one of the best music-producing games to date. I learned quickly that the Subscription is optional (though, I think you should bring it down a notch about advertising it), and the game is very easy to understand. Even better was finding out that the sound packs can be unlocked through watching ads (which is a very good trade seeing that you keep those packs afterwards). A lot of the sound packs there are pretty cool, too. But after all of this, I’m still hungry for new music, and I’m sure others are too. I’m just suggesting more sound packs to be added. Maybe adding some sort of rough Dubstep with a few soft elements, like how some of Skrillex’s songs are. Or even a new genre (oh, Idk... maybe rock?) that introduces more sound packs with even more electronic/organic sounds to it. And another cool element some might like (which might be completely optional to the users) is to add an option to listen to songs shared by other people. It would add another layer to this game that (in my opinion) will launch this game beyond just a “music game”. I don’t know... maybe I’m asking a bit much, but consider these suggestions and decide for yourselves.
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2 years ago, it's terrible😕😕
I want to know why y’all hate this app so much
So basically, I want to know why there’s so many people like being really rude like the people that work for this app are trying to make improvements on this app, and then there is just people being really rude about this app like this is a really bad app for like no reason at all they’re like“well I see that there are more than 300k+ reviews and y’all still only have 4.8 stars” like for real there are people like you trying to get this app a bad review and I bet most of these people don’t even have this app. Like y’all need to stop I have had a good experience cuz they fixed a lot of the stuff that y’all are complaining about and there are still people going on still saying there’s so many ads. They fixed that problem. I understand why there are reviews for like years ago because I did have this app a few years ago and I would play all my cousins phone as well so I understand why there are those from that long ago, but I also saw one that was like not even that long ago was like a few weeks ago I’m pretty sure that they fix that problem like a few months ago actually. So I just wanted to put it out there, so yeah.
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4 years ago, KallMeDaKing
Cool App But...
Very cool app, I like the sound packs and effects but I feel like there should be more genres to choose from and that there should be an editing feature to where you can edit a song even after you’re done recording because I don’t like having to restart ENTIRE songs just because one instrument wasn’t playing or something was off beat or whatever the case may be. I feel like that’s a very big struggle and so the editing feature would make it waaay easier on everyone. I also know I should probably email y’all about this but whatever. On the sound pack Wobble Trouble the sounds aren’t loud whenever I tap on one of the instruments (like if I was to tap bass or spooky, it would be a lot quieter than what it’s supposed to be and my volume is turned all the way up and I’ve went through my phone settings and have cleaned the speakers on my phone.) I hope y’all are gonna read this and add those features and if possible fix the problem with Wobble Trouble. For whomever reads the reviews I just wanna say that this is a cool app with loads of potential and you should try it out.
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5 years ago, Anxious&Obsessed
Best Music-Maker For Beginners, Doesn’t Need A Subscription
I’ve tried countless music makers, from GarageBand to Edjing Mix. None of them even come remotely close to Groovepad! I found Groovepad through an ad that actually caught my attention and immediately downloaded it— best spontaneous download on my iPad. It’s incredibly user friendly, easy to understand— I’m making songs after just a day. I saw some reviews complaining about a “forced” subscription— there’s actually an X hidden in the top left corner you can use to get out of the ad. A lot of apps like this have it, it’s meant to make you think you need to subscribe, but you never have to. There’s not as much freedom as say GarageBand just because the loops are all pre-installed, I wish there was an option to delete loops you didn’t want or add your own or edit them, but for basic music this app is excellent. My only complaint is the ads! They are so abundant, I’ve learned to expect one every time I close a sound set. I didn’t mind at first, I get it’s a free app, but recently I’ve had Call of Duty ads pop up. If I wanted to see people’s heads get blasted, I would download the game, not be making trap music on Groovepad. Is there a way you could filter the ads or just make them a little less abundant? Overall an excellent app, glad I found it!
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3 years ago, TheGamingNinja329
Great! But a few things.
So I LOVE using this app. I love making music! In fact, me and my friends started a music band called the Canine Felines not too long ago, and I’m the one who has to create the background music! So of course, I was looking for an app like this. I downloaded it and couldn’t stop using it. Until... after a while. And here’s why. So number one: Everything that I press except for the music buttons pop up ads. For example: If I just click “download” on a music pack, an add will pop up. If I exit a music pack, and ad will pop up! It’s kind of annoying, especially when they are thirty seconds long. Number two: there aren’t lots of options when going onto a music pack, and wanting to play the music. Like there are eight options of drums and that’s it. But the first drum, aka the first blue one, is always the same on every music pack! I don’t know if that’s a bug or glitch, but it’s kinda weird. Number 3: There are some things that cost the membership to use, and are important tools that you need to use when making music. It’s kind of frustrating, but I can handle it! Thank you so much for taking your time to read this. I hope you understand my thoughts :) — ThunderBlazePlays
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3 years ago, Ju-lietN
Money Grabber?!
The first time I downloaded this app, I was so excited when I saw that there was so many free albums to use in order to create my own music. However I deleted it because I was lacking inspiration and didn’t want it filling up space on my phone. But when I wanted to try again, I was excited and I had all of these ideas I wanted to rest out with certain albums because the music I created the first time were pretty good! However I was met with confusion and frustration. Now most of the amazing albums are premium for a subscription that you gave to pay in order to use a specific type of album. There are a few free ones but it’s just not the same anymore and because of this I might end up deleting the app again because this app has become a money grabber at this point which is really disappointing. Yes lay, the free ones you can download...they aren’t the best. You can still make decent music but not amazing ones like before when it first came out. Now the ADs don’t bother me, which was one of the features I really liked. Yes it got a bit bothersome but I soon got over it because it was in a way for me to feel like I ‘earned’ it by watching the ADs that helped this app. This was my most favorite music making app and it was a good app for beginners like myself. Key word ‘was’. If only it wasn’t a money’s sad.
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2 years ago, ApexDestroyer88
Was Good
I have been using Groovepad for at least Two years and i have LOVED IT. I loved all the sound packs and how easy it was to make good music. However recently they have been removing the best sound packs that were available. I tried emailing them and all they said was that they were removed. No confirmation as to why they were removed or if they were coming back. On top of that the sound packs that are coming out now are not as good as they were. When i joined GP, the sound packs were high quality and sounded awesome. But as time progressed i have noticed that they are not as good anymore. The sounds are not as good, and each new pack makes it harder to make new remixes of the original song. My point being that on the older packs you can make multiple songs in one pack and they all sound different, while with the newer ones they all seem to have a certain theme to them making it hard to make something different each time you use the album. I hope that something changes and that the older packs come back. Thanks for reading. If it helps these are the packs that got removed that were really good: Bass Invasion, Iron Fury, and Blood Stream.
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4 years ago, Zach Attack 101!
Great but could be better
First, the reason I rated this five stars is because it’s by far the easiest and best music making app out there and that by itself is awesome, also there are lots of super cool and different options to choose and make music with, overall its a great app and it’s super awesome and cool...but it could be way better. First, you should get rid of all the ads cause there are way to many ads. Second, I know you can either get the premium and stuff to unlock music or watch an ad, don’t get me wrong I like being able to watch music just by simply watching an ad, that’s cool and all but you should have more unlocked without watching ads or getting premium. That’s why I named the title good but could be better. Overall i like the app and I think more people should download it. Cause it’s by far the best one out there for the type that it is. That’s all I wanted to say. If you can get rid of all the ads or at least the majority of them (besides the option to unlock music with ads, don’t get rid of that) than that would be great, thanks!
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3 years ago, grurgdhfu
This is a fun app to make music with, and it gets updated every week or two with a new sound collection, but there are a few things I’d like to see fixed. 1) Song saving. I had 50 songs that I hadn’t saved onto my phone but had saved into the Groovepad app. After a recent update, I lost all my songs. This was triggering since I had put a lot of effort into them and they always brought back nostalgic memories, plus I can’t find the collections they are from, so maybe they could add a feature where you can save the song to your files. I don’t want to lose any of my new songs to another update because those 50 were hard to make. 2) Collection download time. If you want to get a premium sound collection, you either need premium or you need to watch a 30 second ad. After the ad, the download takes like a minute and a half and it’s frustrating because you can’t use another app or sound collection otherwise it will cancel. Please fix these two things, if they get fixed I would rate 5 stars ✨ but it needs to get fixed please. Thank you for reading this review, if Groovepad sees this please fix it. Bye and I hope you have or had a great day!!
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4 years ago, Saaaaaaaaamy
Great game nothing wrong with it!!
Best game ever, I saw an advertisement about this game and I saw it looked really fun so I thought to just give it a shot. Before I downloaded this app everyone kept on saying “Too many ads! I cant’t take it anymore it’s so annoying!!” I thought well I don’t really mind a couple of ads when I opened up the game I loved it instantly! I love music and too make my own with just a couple of buttons was so much fun! So about the ads honestly I don’t see any ads?? I am so confused on why people put a bad review on this game for ads when there is none the only ads I see are he ads on the bottom of your screen I and if there is ever an ad that covers your whole entire screen hen just close the ad and press the little “X” button is it that hard? The only problem I have with this game is that you can not do a lot of beats because a lot of them cost money and you have to buy the membership. But honestly I don’t really mind that I mean after all how are they gonna make money? Honestly I love this app no reason to not like it! 💝💞💞💗💗💕❣️❤️ 😁😁
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3 years ago, KŌŌTÉR69
Try this app before reading the reviews you won’t regret it
Okay so I’ve had this app for several months or even a year I lost count but all I’m saying I love this app bc I get the make music and song and all my friends like them I haven’t had a bad song I haven’t made yet I love this app and there is a lot to do and for people reading this always get the first before reading comments and reviews Bc they might like it but you might at first I was like nah I’m not getting this but then it kept popping up on my phone and then I said screw it imma give it a shot I have this other app where I can download my music over there and listen to them and I’m about to try and get my music out there but other then that this app not game but app is awesome pls give it a try and if you like it like I do keep it bc it’s the best app for road trips when your board and trynna do something so pls try this app and don’t listen what other people say about this app bc I haven’t found one thing I haven’t liked about it what so ever.
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4 years ago, vegasandcasi
I Deleted my favorite app because I wanted to have this game because of that I no longer have any progress on the game it keeps on kicking me out do you not fall for it OK I was a little mean there But don’t get me wrong it’s a good app But it has way too many ads and my favorite game It’s gone forever just because I wanted this app If you have it you better buy an app purchases or else this game is going to be a bad choice for you you destroyed my favorite game I mean I’ll do a review on my favorite game so that you know which one it is because it’s a great app but I don’t need this that app because I wanted Was wanted was a DJ app that was great I got the worst app ever please do not get this app unless you’re going to buy the In app purchases Do not fall for it please I don’t want this to happen to you I have very little storage on my tablet so I deleted my favorite app just know don’t get this game at all please I don’t want this to happen to anybody else. * gasp*😡😭🤯
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4 years ago, Jamie O'Rourke
Don’t Get Me Wrong, But Ads!
Ads. There have been so many hate comments on games that have a ridiculous number of ads. Developers use those to make money, so it’s understandable. I don’t want to seem like one of those people who play a little, see a bunch of ads, and write a bad review on it, but this is more than that. Ok, done with the disclaimer, now onto my whining. Developers, you’ve got a free trial, then a subscription. I don’t pay to play games, so I’ll just take the limited options. All of the favorited things were subscription only, which made me sad. OMG, this is the first game that gives you a choice between paying or an ad when you want to use the pack. So there’s my praise. However, you don’t need both a subscription AND a bunch of ads. At that point you’re just money hungry. Please, either take out some of the ads or make it so there is no subscription required. This is a 5 star app, but please just lower the ad count, but don’t take away the ad-instead-of-paying option, because that’s what makes this app so good and unique! If you’ve made it this far, sorry for the long rant, and please consider my words!
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3 years ago, cotten candy milk blossem
It’s awesome but a problem
It’s really good game and it makes me happy when I can make my own music and listen to it! And maybe a lot of people like it o hope,, I do and I can tell the creator of this game worked hard to make me smile like I am while I listen to the music I made ir like no offense but the only thing I don’t like about it is: the ads!, there is way to many ads just to get an sound and I don’t like that so to the creator can you please change my problem to make me more happy and give you a 5 star to this game so I’m being polite enough to be nice to you creator and pkaee change the ads for me pretty please 🙏 you don’t have to thought I’m just saying so your game can be more nice and complete! Maybe all the other people are complaining about it also! So I’m probably not alone.. and if you get hate comments then ignore them because they aren’t worth any part of your game or buissness just mine 😳 so please fix that problem. This is a really good game though 🤩😜😏🤗🤭🥴🤤😽👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🙈🙉🙈🙉🙈🙉🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🌸🌸🌸🌺🌺🌺🌹🌹🌹🌻🌻🌻🌻💐💐💐🥀🥀🥀🌷🌷🌷🍁🍁🍁💫💫🌈🌈🌤☀️🌤☀️
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4 years ago, Cjemstar
OMG download right now!😍🤩😋🥳👍😸😂🤣😃😆😁
Hello my name is Emma and I really got to talk to you! It will always calm me down when I am frustrated OMG! OMG! Listen to the reviews that say five stars and say OMG this is so amazing do not listen to the reviews that say I want to give this one star I hate it. You can make up your own song! OMG so amazing 😉 hope you’re doing better making the app better! Just make apps similar to this. make people have five stars on this app. I gave you five stars because the music is so relaxing 😎 hope you’re doing better making the app better! Bye! 🤗👋|🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😉😉😉😉😉😆😆😆😆😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😻😻😻😻😻😹😹😹😹😹😺😺😺😸😸😸😸👍👍👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗🤗😃😃😃😃😃😃😁😁😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😆😆😄😄😄😄😄😄😊😊😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😋😋😋😋😋😋😜😜😜😜😜😝😝😝😝😝😛😛😛😛😛🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘(The ads make me go crazy 😝😜🙃fix that first and unlock some more songs 🥴😒🤡please that’s the only problem/issue I have well it doesn’t matter I still give you five stars for your amazing app!) Sincerely, Emma 💝 {5 stars > 1/0 stars}
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4 years ago, hellothere2009
I have had it with Ads! I just got it and got a problem. TOO MANY ADDS. So many adds I can’t even do the app. “ all access “ I didn’t read it, but hopefully it includes NO ADDS! This game is great, but when I play, it’s like you can’t even see a single music that isn’t limited, please make less limited and more unlimited? Also take away all the adds! I will find a unlimited and it will ask for a save name even if I never recorded! And before that? ADD! Before I can press cancel on the name save it makes me do ANOTHER add. I’m starting to get SERIOUSLY disappointed. Then when the add finally ends I get back to the screen and it’s a dark grey and it froze. Then I have to restart and it happens AGAIN! Please fix! Hello! Yes, I’m back. 🤣 I felt kinda bad I felt as if I was being a little mean. I’m really sorry and the problem has stopped on my app. This game is surprisingly great and yes, the ads but I seem to not mind. As long as I can let my mind wonder like a kid... ( well I am a kid so uhm ) review in a nutshell. Welp Okay so thank you so much you guys are great I love your game, I’m sorry I was being a bit mean. I was really tired that night. Premium looks pretty nice but I can’t buy it and watching adds is okay too> at least it doesn’t expire after watching ads like when you watch a add, get it, and when your done with the app you shut it off, the next thing you know you play it and have to watch the ad again. Well Yeah. Thanks again! Bye! 😊 👋 😃
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5 years ago, GetratMinecraftHater
It is a good app, but the ‘offered’ free trial is not offered.
After seeing many of the ads and watching videos not things people have created, I decided to download this app. However, as soon as you open it is asks you if you want to do a free trial. Okay so exit out of this right? NOPE. The only way to use the app is to use the free trial and have a chance of not canceling it in time. From what I am seeing, this is just a scam ‘feature’ to get some easy money of people who end up forgetting to cancel their subscription. Free trials are things that should ALWAYS be optional. This app forces you to use the free trial or else the only page this app shows is the “Use our free trial” page. There is no option to use the app freely without using the “Free” trial. It is horrible what I am seeing be done and it seems like this app right now is intended to be some free scam money. Please either make their be an exit button to the free trial or remove the free trial entirely. Or you could just make this be a paid app. But the worst thing you could do is make a fake not optional free trial. The free trial is not an opportunity to try out the premium features of the app and later canceling. Instead it is a forced thing you have to do to be able to use the app.
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4 years ago, these games are the best!
I love this game!
I love this game! It gives you so much fun to play your own music! It gives you so much feeling to dance and move around and just have fun! All you gotta do is just press a couple buttons and there you go you are having a fun time! And yeah! Just the music is great! But this might be a good idea! Maybe you can add more music and maybe they will be more inspired So that’s just my idea if you just want to keep it this way that’s totally fine. And maybe you would wanna give them a Good welcome! And you can show them how to play. Cause I just got this game and I barely knew how to play but I just pressed a button and some music just turned on, and I like how you just press Vox and they kinda say words, and I like how you press record and you can make your own music, but I got another idea maybe when you record you can sing your own words maybe thats not that much of a good idea anyways that’s my review and I hope you liked it bye!
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4 years ago, princessViolet1
Try new things?
This app had me want to start YouTubing about me making music on this app this app is AWSOME I play it a lot! And love being creative and trying new things on it! But there’s a few problems yeah I just got this app and I don’t know how to do a lot of things but on the video in the App Store says you can do something or like adjust something but I can’t figure out what or how and you have to buy other music styles LIKE WHY?! This has earned its 4 stars in a good way but I need some explanations quick! Like I absolutely LOVE this app but I would give it a five star if you had that added. I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes this because this is a great app and all but I get bored after playing one type of music it’s sounds the same. It would be an “honor” to play this game in different styles me myself would want to play different music but I don’t want to PAY for it! I’m in love with this app as much as I am with all my others but if you added all those problems I’d play it MUCH more! So plz do! - Anonymous kinda
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5 years ago, i must not show my identity
A M A Z I N G!!!!!!👍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🙂😎😃😂🤣😉
This game in explicit and is really good, and if I were a tester for this great game... I would only so to add more kicks to it, but that is a small thing that doesn’t matter that much and does not affect my FIVE star rating; in fact if there were such thing as a six star I would rate that exordinaryly or however you spell that word. But this game has CROSSED the line cause it is so spending 👍 great, these are so good that I think I should perform it like Alan walker does or marshmello or just people like that that are really good at EDM ! Trust me if you are reading this review this is the right one to read cause this app has different types of music or sounds that I NEVER even heard of like “cosmic pluse” and “ultra garage” so I love this it’s really cool 😎 oh and I can’t forget “upbeat pop!” Groovepad is a good game, in fact, you see other reviews from other people’s opinion, I looked at them and most were five or four stars ⭐️! Anyway bye bye!!!
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2 years ago, zxraii
Amazing pad!
This is a great app! I can make a nice beat or I can make a cool song with these song templates and it literally changes EVERYTHING! I’ve always wanted to make music but it’s just confusing with all these softwares and computer systems, so I’ve been trying the find the best drumpad app and this is probably the only one I’ve found and haven’t rated a bad review on. I recommend this amazing drumpad to anyone who’s interested in making cool beats with easy templates. If it weren’t for this app I wouldn’t be here right now! The coolest part about this, is it has so many different things inside each song! Drums, beat, vocals, FX, etc. This is so cool and it really helps bring out my creative side to make a song for me and my friends and family to enjoy! Thank you for making this app! It has 0 flaws and is amazing. I’m impressed, it’s even better than Beat Looper Pro!
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4 years ago, PenutButter212223678
Such a great app!
This app is wonderful, there are tons of great packs. To name some of my favorites; Chandelier, Lollipop, Synthwave , and even more. Though there may be lots of add wether your getting a pack or stopping your mix, but how many thing you can do in this app makes up for that. You can also always get more packs (either with the subscription which you can easily hit an “X” once you start to use the app or watch a 5-20 second add) and these packs have never disappointed me. If there was any problems with this app it would be the adds that come up if you hit the stop button when your making a mix. But I don’t really mind them. Besides, this is a free app so they have to make money some way. They also have almost hourly new pack and packs with lessons! So, I have to say this is a great app for people who want to make sick beats. Also, this app is great for children and adults so, win-win!!!!!
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5 months ago, madsharritt
Great work!
I love this game but I have school to that is why I don’t play it that much but on weekends I want to show people good I am at music but for sure this is a good game I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself I am Madeleine in elm wood school 3rd grade anyways I still agree that every time I just hit two beats another ad comes up! It is really annoying, but still the ads make it more difficult for me to use my time so because of that I don’t play it that much but I play it after the year when school is over so I have no time to waste because of the ads! But my brothers and sisters play it too so they can be in a musical but the ads make it take more time then usual so developer pls fix the ads it is really annoying but I’m sorry I hurt your feelings but Ty for making the game for everyone so they stand up and feel happy I appreciate it 😊
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3 years ago, britishpro
This is a Must Download
In just 1 day I made 6 songs, 1, 6 minute, 1, 4 minute, and 4, 3 minute. I looked every one of these and I did it all because of this app. The layouts are so good and you can do so much content in a song without spending a dime. I would have one thing to add to give more flexibility. The left and right side of a song starter are really similar to each other, take a lead part one the left side that is on the far left and a far left on the right side, these two sound like they were meant to be together. I understand that, in order to make a song very unique, you have to have many parts of it. But even with enabling all music types there just isn’t much here so you can run out quite quickly. Finally, and this is a must. PLEASE ADD AN APP THAT ALLOWS FOR 1900s and classical music, I want to let in my true self.
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4 years ago, dj nickell
Wonderful for expressing your creative genius
This app is great and the sound packs are pretty solid but I must say there is a bit of difference between Apple and Google play store version and I’d say it’s enough to make you want to get Apple just for the app if there’s one bit of constructive criticism that I can give towards the game though is that you should be able to combine up to two different packs at least so that you can truly make something that nobody else has made because that seems to be my only issue with the app is that regardless of what you made there’s a pretty good chance somebody’s already made that sound and therefore you can hardly be original when everybody is using the same packs together if you could add something for at least the people who have actually paid for the app so that they could combine two different sound packs together that would truly make this app the best on the market
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5 years ago, kdmdhkfmfiuf
Music is the key
Listen I may be thinking crazy and you can believe that you can believe that all you want but this game is amazing I just love it and the best part is I can express myself for what music I like I get a pick the music I get to pick the harmony I got to pick the Beats I get to pick everything and I can make up my own song and that’s everything to me and I really hope that you guys feel the same way with me it’s so amazing you guys can’t believe it like one time I got on this game I was really bored like my head was really hurting I went to this game I put music on l suddenly felt better and after a couple of minutes I just love the beats I was making music I was so happy I want to show everybody what I was doing and they were impressed of how this game could do so much thingsI really hope that you buy this game it’s amazing bye
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2 months ago, 🫥🫡😭
More Genres please
Okay I really do enjoy this app but I do have a few suggestions. As a young singer/songwriter after downloading this app I was devastated that the genres I write and sing were not available for me to create. I write and sing country and pop but mostly pop. I have some songs that I am very passionate about that just need music to them, but I cannot do that unless the genres I write are not available for me to use. I am using this app specifically for me to create background music for the songs I write and I cannot do that. Don’t get me wrong, I love just messing around on this app for fun, but I downloaded it to help me with my career. It isn’t a bad app but it needs more options. Please take my suggestions into consideration. I would love to use this app to help me with my music, but if I cannot work with the genres I write I will have to stop using this app and find a different one. Thank you so much for reading. Have a blessed day!
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4 years ago, cheeseheadrap
A work of art
So, this app is amazing!!!!! I love all the selections that are provided, and they are all high quality. And now, there are free, FREE lessons!!!!! Wow! Also, there aren’t a lot of ads, it’s an offline app too. I have no complaints what so ever! But, I do have an idea. For one of your music types you can add, can it be like 8 bit type music or music like Tokyo machine, like his music or something. That would be wonderful to have as an added/extra music type to have. These are just ideas, but I would love it if you add them. I have had this app for two years now, never deleted it once, and never will. So developers, thank you for reading my ideas and thoughts, and maybe consider giving it a try! It would really make me, and hundreds of other people happy! Again, thank you!
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1 year ago, sydney pup
My last review was old so I made a new one ( shorter version at the bottom)
Thx for reading!! So anyways I’ve been playing this for like 3-4 years (you can tell by the title lol) and can I just say—OM MY GAWH THIS APP IS AMAZING 20 OUT OF 10 RECOMMEND GET IT NOW YAY!!! You can tell that there was lots of work, thought, and love put into it (even though I skipped the lessons 👀👀👀 ngl here-). I don’t understand why so many people don’t like it because there’s no reason and they probably can just get past it, like if you don’t like the game that’s your problem hon unless it’s actually terrible don’t write about it. I will say however there are a lot of ads if you can’t run off your Wi-Fi (which I can’t cus there’s too many others connected to it 💀💀) or if you don’t own vip but get past that because we’ll you should since it’s considerate? aNYWaYS if your still reading your awesome so keep going pal because yea 👌🏾👌🏾.. I do have a couple suggestions for future updates developers!: 1. More R&B and throw in some more genres because why not? 2. I need some more vocals in my song PLEASE I BEG ✨✨✨✨ 🤏🏾Short review!🤏🏾 Get this app now it’s amazing get by the ads and please consider my recommendation thank youuu!
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4 years ago, theericgoodmanmargaryan
groovepad please read.
Overall i think this app is not bad. But the thing is. DPM is getting more recognition and more packs more often. Overall this app is good. But please add more good packs. And key word Good. Most of the things in DPM either have a drop or actual good rythm. Only good dubstep on this app is riddim, only good trap is beast , and hip hop, well none. DnB i dont use. Electronic honestly ok but seems like some knockoff chainsmokers playlist lol. But what im trying to say is please add more beat drop sounds more rhytmic sounds. Not sounds rhat come out of nowhere. And please make a discord server. More easier to balance your app. But please listen to add more packs more often not just weekly, thats pretty annoying , beat drop sounds, , rhythmic packs would be great. But overall i feel like this app just started and DPM is the one that started a year ago. So please look at the things i wrote closely, and understand it. Thank you. -Eric Margaryan / DJ Intelligent
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4 years ago, Jayla's Imagination CuteBirdie
It’s Magic!
This game is amazing. I love it, it’s very addicted actually. Even though there are a lot of ads, it doesn’t bother me because it’s always a great game. But I would love there to be more then just leads beats and ya know. Can you also tell me what time you make the new songs? I would also love a update, not to big, not to small. But just enough for me and other people to enjoy it- because I do! It’s great! All the other music apps are awful and you took it to another level. That’s amazing I am very thankful, thank you so much!! I would also love some sounds with animals lol I know it’s weird but I think it would be cool. And since I cannot pay because it’s not allowing me too, the music still is good. I just wanted to tell you how great this is.. anyways bye -Jayla’s Imagination ❤️
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3 years ago, Pizza Consumer
I LOVE 💕 this app I use this game ware ever I go! I DO need internet to play different beat thingy’s but I can play my regular beats 🎧.I also love 💗 how you have lessons! I would also show my family! They love too?! Yes 🙌! But me and my sister are competing. And she always says meh 😕. So I say meh. Plus I don’t really LIKE hers their kinda weird ( no a fence) I also love how you can record them. You can remember that time you made it too long,short, and made a mistake 😂. And sometimes you don’t like the record,that’s why I delete them. You can also redo the name, so you can have different names! I recommend you get this app. But there’s also VIP. Don’t get it, there’s no reason to. You can watch an ad. So DONT get vip, when you can just watch an ad.1 ad. Trust me, you’ll LOVE THIS GAME🥳
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4 years ago, BrandbassadorAng
Check it Out
Y’all are ruining it with all the Ads. I mean I understand it’s how y’all get paid but I mean I already watch an ad to get the sound-pack and then immediately after it downloads BAM another annoying ad appears. Then while in THE SAME sound-pack if I just hit the stop button, not to exit the pack but just to stop what’s playing at the moment BAM ANOTHER ANNOYING AD. It frustrates me because this used to be such a fun app that I really enjoyed making music on. But now it’s not even entertaining anymore. Oh and btw, having ads pop up on the regular makes me in NO WAY want to pursue what’s being advertised & sway me into getting what’s being slammed in my face every 20 seconds. In fact it makes me hate those products or apps so much that I will refuse to check them out. 😑🤷🏼‍♀️
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2 years ago, stratokaster
Just one problem!
I love this game so much, I just got it today and I’m already obsessed with it! I’m very happy I downloaded this. It’s a great game, really! I very much encourage that you make more like this and produce more packs like pop and mental. I think those versions of sounds would sound amazing! 🤩 Though, I have one problem with this game. It isn’t like, there’s a bug or, it won’t let me do this, it’s kinda more like a request and a thing I’m annoyed about. You showcase so many packs on the main page but none of them are for free! You can’t just automatically click on one without having to watch a 30 second video. I am frustrated with that but other THAN that, I think you guys did a great job on the game! I’m happy all the packs you still can actually download them for free.
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4 years ago, KITTYCATSIM
Dude. People who think this game will suit them, read this.
So, this game is very well programmed and it’s a wonderful app. Keeps me busy all day. My mom and sister like my songs I make, and my sister has the same app. We both feel like this app is too glorious to be entered into the human world. The songs make you feel good (especially the upbeat ones) and you can have fun all day with the music. There’s so many filters, and I like that even if you don’t sign up for the VIP thing, it’s basically normal. I also like the button that when you hold it and slide it to the left, it lowers the sound of the music. Anyone who seems interested by this, should get it. Just one thing, though. There may be to many adds. Please shorten the amount of them, please. But THANK YOU FOR UNLEASHING THIS APP.
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4 years ago, happy fish 11/07/2009
Easy brain easy brain easy brain easy brain
Is the best is the best is the best is the best... but anyway I’m going to tell you everything I think about this game. (sitting here trying to hold a straight face) . Of course I have a lot of things I wish were better, but they’re mostly common problems. There are too many ads but they make it were you can skip 1/3 of the way through them. And they never give you ads while you’re in recording mode. And it’s completely free cause of the ads. If you want different music then just watch 1 AD and bam you have new music. AND ( yes there’s more) as for the music itself the sound is very high quality. Gotta go. Thanks for reading and at least TRY the game.
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4 years ago, user8888711
Great Game! I also have a message to the HATERS.
Many people say “There are too many ads!” Well there really isn’t! I find the ads interesting! Except for the “Call of duty” ads, And “Wild west” ads, they are not child appropriate, so please do something about this! Another thing haters say is buying a trial is FORCED! WRONG! When you first get the app, it will eventually ask you if you want to try the free trial, then look in the top left corner where there is a X! I’m a kid! So if your an adult who wrote a bad review and didn’t notice the X, wow, just wow! Am I smarter than you? You guys must be stressing out the devs! I’ve looked at many reviews, and when I saw you haters reviews, I just got the app and found the X! I knew the devs kept saying it was optional, but NOOOOOOOO you ignored them.
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3 years ago, Joe Salvador
Good app! But needs a little improvement
Love this app so much!!! I used this app to create a theme song for a book that I’m writing and it sounds legit. But I only gave four stars because I’m not so fond of some things on there. There’s tons of adds and pop-ups that are really annoying. Also I’m not a fan that so many music icons are locked. And before you watch yet another add to open the locked ones I really wished it’d have a description of the music to see if the add is really worth it. Lastly, sound delays and effects that you have to have a member ship for I think should be either add accessible or should be a “try out” to see if you want them or to see if you want the subscription. Great app over all! I would totally recommend this to my peeps G’day!
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4 years ago, Jdjjsjsjshsjsj
This is a amazing game but some problems
I Installed this game at June 1st and I loved it but some problems. I am not trying to be mean but first, The day I made this note actually when I was gonna play a Hip hop kind of Music which was Hip hop Lecacy (It’s my favorite so I play that one a lot!) Suddenly, Something Cracked up in the gapressed on the Tablet (Includes getting of game or Shutting down) All will not work. Next, I hate to watch an add when I want a new Music box. When I did Latin Pop! The Ad was 5 mins because I had to watch so many of them that in all was 5 mins of Adds so I decided to do Classic Beat for the 77th time! Other than these problems, I love the game and please install it. You get no adds when you Tablet or I Pad has no Internet. Bye! Note made
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4 years ago, Corgilover7415
I’m going to be honest with you, THIS IS THE BEST APP IN ALL OF EXISTENCE!!!! Everyone says there are too many ads but I think it’s fine and you can just press the X above and then you can go back to making music, I have had this app for 2 days and I already know this is my favorite app/game. I have made about 10 songs and I’m really proud of all of them and I totally recommend this to anyone who wants to make some music anytime, and developers? Don’t change a thing! This is the best game and there is nothing wrong with it and if someone is reading this and considering getting this app, totally do it! All the other reviews are just about how bad the ads are but it’s really not that bad. Anyway, totally recommend! Thanks for making this app/game!
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4 years ago, MEADOWat
I have been looking so long to find a good music maker. This is beyond perfect. You can get sounds free by watching short videos, which is awesome. It’s really easy to use, and for everyone complaining about ads, there are hardly any. This was super easy to use and it has gone beyond my expectations. It’s amazing and it’s really fun too. And you don’t have to pay, that’s optional, just click the x, it’s as easy as that. If there was anything I maybe would want more it would be that you could save the music to the device your using, so that you can post it or something. But other than that there are tons of awesome sounds and really no problems. To the people who made this, this is so amazing and I really respect you guys.
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4 years ago, bananalise09
This is SUCH a great app, but.......
I absolutely ADORE this app. I use the web version of incredible on my laptop since the app costs money. This is SO great for when I don’t have my laptop with me. But the only thing is that even when I do have full WiFi, the beats sometimes don’t work. Like I’ll press on them and they won’t work. Like they’ll just start flashing and not making noise. But I just got this app today and I’ve already made about 5 or 6 songs!!! It’s sooooo great! Overall, great job making this app. Also for the people who said that they had to do a free trial in order to use this app, HERE IS AND IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!! You don’t have to do a free trial to get premium. If u wait a while, there will be an x you can press to get get out if it.
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4 years ago, PurpleZay
Addictive!!! 🏆🥇🎖
Let me just start by saying I have never played a better beat making game. Groovepad honestly meets my expectations, and I recommend it 100%!!! I have made about 10 beats in the span of an hour after I got this game, and not to brag, but they ain’t too shabby. It’s fun, it’s easy to make beats, there are a variety of genres to choose from; it is great. Common complaints I see on this game are the adds, despite the fact that you can just simply click that little “x” in the corner. (My point is, stop complaining about the adds, they need to make money some how). I think, however, you should add more affects when making a beat, other than that, I have ZERO COMPLAINTS. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Did I mention that I really like this game?
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4 years ago, mutton Busting girl
Beat maker
I love this game so much I can’t believe they have free lessons the beat is also cool it’s like you’re making your own music and your a D.J when you move that circle the bad part is that your lessons only go to 10 but then your a rockstar at it my favorite combination is the piano beat bass and strings I I guarantee you like it even though it is 4.8 it’s still a great Game and I love it😍🙂 I always write down all my favorites then I now what beats to play in front of my friends and family I also love dancing to it on family night I play for everyone and I get super 😦 but on this app it tells you when to tap so I’m not nervous anymore 😊 only when you go to your lessons. It always makes me feel better
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3 years ago, Hyphened bean
Great no GREATEST Game EVER.💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Such a fantastic game I play use it almost every day. But I think the best thing that you could do to help this game is you should be able to shuffle/ make a playlist out of your beats so you don’t have to ruin the vibe having to scroll then tap scroll then tap cause that just ruins my vibe so a shuffle option and maybe you should be able to hear your songs outside of the app. I’ve been on some beat making apps that allow you to do this and in my opinion it’s the greatest thing ever. So to go over what I said. I want no We Need!!! A shuffle option and We Need!!! to be able to listen outside the app. But besides that Greet app.👑👑👑🥶🥶🥶
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4 years ago, ghost_467
Ok first off this is not like others second every time I tap multiple sounds and it sounds good what ever sound I Make it just already sounds like a song third there is all kinds of music like EVERY forth I don’t think there’s ads only in getting the music but it doesn’t matter that’s how I came across this and also because they do need money I guess for paying for the music or something idk they deserve it for sure I don’t have a subscription for premium but free is ok with me thanks and let’s go on the bugs I noticed when first started it up it kinda crashed my phone is not the problem I don’t think it’s never kicked me out before and it’s not glitchy or slow so idk THANKS FOR MAKING THIS APP!
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