Group Text | Mass Message

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Mass Text LLC
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2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Group Text | Mass Message

4.44 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Carlson Jr Senior
Can I not just use phone numbers?
I need to group text customers for work, so I’ve been desperately looking for a feature that lets me just use phone numbers instead of contacts when I’m creating a group. The customers are always changing so it’s not practical to create contacts for everyone every week, and it’s certainly not professional to save customers personal info like that. Am I just no finding this feature? Or is it not even there? Seems like all these apps require contacts, but having the ability to just type phone numbers in seems like a no brainer for a group texting app. Am I missing something???
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4 years ago, pharmit
Great tool
My daughter was recently diagnosed with leukemia and we needed a way to text family and friends for updates. Exactly what we needed. I have multiple groups, family, school, friends, and can send updates to appropriate groups. Each message can be private if set up properly and nobody sees everyone else’s information, responses only come to me. It is a valuable tool because some people don’t have “SNAP” and some people don’t get everything in email because of filters. Update: it’s been a week now of twice daily usage. Works as expected. Groups of up to 60 people, however, If you stick to all text it works great, but...sending emojis 😀 may cause text to not be sent individually, also read carefully and follow guides to watch the size of the group and pictures, but still working great 👍👍
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5 years ago, Evabobeeva
Best group text app I’ve found!
As a small business owner with over 50 clients, I need a dependable app that I can send messages with, where customers’ contact info and replies aren’t shared with each other. This app allows me to do exactly that! There were a few kinks I had tk figure out in the beginning, but the customer service I received was very helpful and easy to get ahold of, which made all the difference. I tried a few other similar apps before this one that either didn’t work, or had poor customer support. This app makes my job easier and it’s nice to know I can get assistance if I need it as a paying customer! I highly recommend this app.
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2 years ago, fbsnskaow
Some annoyances
When sending a personalized text, you have to click send for each one. I really wish I could hit send once and have it send individual texts to all the group members. Also, I don’t know when I got to the end of the list. So some people got duplicates accidentally. You have to manually delete your last message before typing a new one. Membership is the groups is easy to manage. I like that I could buy the app once and not go for a subscription.
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2 years ago, Peabody3807
The Best Group Text App on the Web..
Many cell providers in the United States limit texts to a maximum of 20 contacts. This app will allow anyone to easily add, delete, save, and send along with pictures to multiple 20 person groupings. Great for communicating with family, friends and business associates without having to scroll through your contacts each time. I’ve been using this app multiple times a week to stay in touch with over 160 friends in minutes. Developer responds back very quickly… Works great! and so easy to use… Hope this helps…
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1 year ago, Jpa11
About as easy simple as It can Get…free
Nice to see there is still a group text messaging app out there. This was the only one I could find that would allow me to create groups for text messaging. I can name them and then add any from my contacts. It does limit the number you can have to 15 or so. I have just created 2 groups when the groups exceeded this. You can unselect numbers if you need to send a text without a particular person on it. Just the features that are needed and very simple. Great App if your looking for a simple free SMS group messaging App.
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5 years ago, Ceco-1
Great for getting the right message to the right people
As a store manager, I despise having to say the same thing many times to many staff members. Group Text gives me the ability to set up groups and send out texts at once to those who need the information. While the free app limits the number of people that can be sent to at one time, the Pro version is inexpensive enough to not place a burden on you. The convenience of the app makes the small price very affordable. The support staff is very attentive to help requests and gives prompt, courteous assistance. I highly recommend this app.
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2 months ago, Addy1207
This app is really great, I handle coordinating alumni events for my job so I need to reach out to over 100 people every month. This app is perfect for what I need. I can send a single message to over 100 individual contacts in less than 5 minutes and it’s so easy to navigate. Also doesn’t show as a group text, which is more personal and I can edit the text for each contact - for example putting their name in the message to make it individual to them. It’s $40 a year but well worth it. 💯/💯
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4 years ago, maxwood100
I have tried forever to get my iPhone to create editable list of people groups. It is just plain stupid to have a group of 75 people and when someone wants out have to do the whole list over -without them. I thought certainly something as sophisticated as an iPhone would have such an important tool. But oh no -it does not. Who would believe such a thing? I spent several years trying accomplish the editable group task without success. Enter “Text Groups”! How great to to have list for my various groups that I can send messages to and edit! This is fantastic!
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5 years ago, Cleansl8
I love this amazing app!!!!
This app is absolutely amazing!!!! I’ve consistently been able to send group texts to 100+ people everyday of the work week for over 2 years without a failed attempt. However I do have one question, in the event that I have to exchange phones, or break or lose my current phone, is there anyway to backup my Group Texts lists? Do you or could you offer a cloud backup service? Even if it’s for a fee. My only reason for asking is to prevent me from having to compile a list separate and apart from this awesome Group Texts app. Peace and blessings.
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7 years ago, SefinaHawke
Great for stay connected
A college friend of mine suggested this up to me after she really enjoyed using it with her friends. One of the things I really like is the fact that I can keep in contact with all of my friends and that I can create different groups which allows me to keep my messages organized. It was very easy to use the app and I like to get those no long to tutorial process that I had to learn. The app was well organized and it was very easy to navigate without problems. Overall I'm very happy and I plan to continue to use this app in the future.
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3 months ago, i do not like surveys
Problems with this app
Things I am having problems with Sometimes the app freezes up and I have to start all over loosing everything I just typed. Then there is no method to the madness of the sending process For example sent in alphabet order or what? The text is sent in no certain order so it’s hard to tell where you left off when it freezes up I’m trying to find a more user friendly app but would love to continue using this app if these things get fixed. Also would love for my texts to be saved but if it can I don’t know how to do this. As well as using an email to send as well Not happy with this app and of no response from your company PLEASE RESPOND.
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2 years ago, TRROBO
Super pleased
I have tried other group text apps and this one is the best and costs less than others I’ve tried. I am trying to text over 300 people at a time and this app handles it well. I had an issue with the app today and left customer support a message. I received an email just a few minutes later with some suggestions. They worked! And I got my message out to over 300 people with the click of one button.
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6 years ago, myfoxjr
Needs a tweak
I really like this ap. Makes it easy to send group. Would like to see an “are you sure” button before you actually add ALL your contacts to a group- which is an easy mistake on this ap. Reply to developer. Yes but that’s what I’m saying. Had about 30 in a group. Accidentally hit the add all button trying to add one person. Couldn’t find an undo button. Had to remove them all then go back and add them to a new group. An are you sure button would have saved me a lot of time and aggravation. Thanks!
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1 month ago, MorriseyJD
Best Group Text App
I’ve tried several group text apps and this one has been the best. Very user friendly. I have several groups that I have to keep track of and this app makes it simple. I had one issue that I dealt with for about a month with splitting groups but it was finally fixed with an update. I considered dropping my rating down to 4 Stars but I’m keeping my rating at 5 Stars because it’s simply the best I’ve seen.
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4 years ago, Todd Subscriptions
Great tool, but probs with latest Apple update
From the latest iPhone update to their 14.2, this app is no longer allowing me to send group messages. Yes I have iMessage off and MMS as well. It’s been working great for almost all of 2020 to our church but stopped yesterday after my last update installed. I’m also using latest App version For some unknown reason it will not allow me to hit the send button, or if I select the contacts then I can no longer return to text message area. Only the cancel button works.
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2 years ago, nmalluser
Excellent App & Customer Service!
I have used Text Groups for several years and have the paid version so that I can have multiple groups of varying sizes. The app is fairly intuitive and easy to use. I did have to reach out to customer service for assistance and they were extremely prompt with a response. I would suggest adding a FAQ for the Preferences settings to make these a little more clear. Great tool!
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4 years ago, Mattintally
Essential Settings
U need to have a decent understanding in settings if using iPhone with this app. Someone did email me how to navigate this app after I had posted a 1 star review because I was rather frustrated and getting nowhere on my own. I’m glad they reached out with help because I do need the ability to mass txt customers about our slow reopening after the “shutdown”
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4 years ago, Chromed Up
The app keeps freezing up
In the beginning I would have given it 5 stars. But now I can barely give 1 star. After a couple months, it freezes up more than it works. It so frustrating to type out a whole long text for it not to send. I’m done. I had even signed up for a year script because it worked so good. That money is down the drain. Looking for another app.
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3 years ago, Erol Sabadosh
Spent ages today looking for a way to quickly and cheaply text all 1500 of my contacts, apparently that’s a really big ask because it’s not easy to do, thankfully I found this app after trying a few others first that were useless. It was a little slow to load up the text I wanted to send but I waited and it worked perfectly after a minute or two. Very happy to have this now!
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1 year ago, Opie 372
Good for our group
I use this so I can send the same message to a large group of people, and I can see their responses, but they don’t see each others’. This way I’m the only one getting multiple replies. We all know how much we hate group texts because EVERYONE gets multiple responses AND they start conversations that half of the group could care less about.
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3 years ago, Loveninja09
Great, supportive customer service!
I run a non-profit where I have to be in communication with my volunteers and don’t necessarily want to text them in a group chat. This app allows me to send messages individually (that can be personalized too!) all at once which saves SO much time. Customer service was super receptive and had a quick turn around in responding to my questions. This app is a great tool!
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4 years ago, Fallenj
This morning I needed to send a group text using this app that I paid plenty for but it would not work. Turned off I message, made sure I had no texts in my previous texts. Shut down and rebooted my phone. It would not change to green for text and I could not send at all. if this continues, I would love to be able to get my money back. Update. I deleted the group and rebuilt. Then it worked. I don’t think this should be. I wonder if I will have to regularly do this.
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4 years ago, ktommul
Amazing app!
I’ve had this app now for a little over a month and so far, it’s great. It has all of the features I was looking for. I’m able to send group text messages but they go out individually. It also helps me keep track of all of the people I usually send messages to. Again, excellent app! You can try the one month before committing.... I’m ready to commit to a lifetime subscription!
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7 years ago, Lena Mirani
Works great!
I usually have to text several hundred people once in a while for major events. What I'll do is break up my contacts into 9-10 groups of no more than 50 people each, and send out my text messages one group at a time. If you're using an iPhone remember to go to your message settings and turn off iMessage, mms and group messaging while you do this.
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4 months ago, smvillal
It worked great at first
But then after a while people started complaining that they weren’t receiving my messages. I send announcements and reminders out for the church so things like “service is cancelled” or “event location moved” is crucial for every single person to get. So, in order to assure everyone was receiving the alerts i had to start sending messages individually one by one. Very tedious and. Aside from that, or before that, everything was great!
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3 years ago, billchurch2019
Perfect App for iPhone
iPhone does not allow editing a texting list that includes non-iPhones, making multi-texting impossible to manage. This App solves the problem! I use it primarily to notify our Men’s Breakfast Group or scheduled events. A feature-suggestion.....Add the ability to email, simultaneously, or independently, and this would be the ultimate solution!
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7 years ago, Nexto7181236
Very excited with it
We started using this messaging application when we were just starting out. We are now sending thousands of messages a day without any problems. They even reached out to give us a better deal, just pay some dollars per month you can happily experience this amazing application. Such a great one, can't recommend them enough. I love using it.
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4 years ago, JodySmiles
I bought this app about a year ago and absolutely love it! I recently had an issue dealing with my phone and the app, and it was easily fixed. The response time was lightning, and efficient. I text almost 200 people daily, over all parts of the country, and never have a problem. This is the only group text app I’ll ever use.
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2 years ago, Brad651
Lately- keep getting people who did not get a text
I use this for my pick up business to remind customers the next day they are on the schedule. I am on the paid version! It used to work fine but here lately, not so much. I am consistently getting 1-2 per a group who say they are not getting the message. Why? I keep my groups under 20. If someone has a better app please let me know! This used to be great, now I need to change.
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6 years ago, Alejandro CubaRican
Customer Support - NO RESPONSE
I have submitted two questions through customer support for the past three weeks and still haven’t received a response! I have an iPhone 8 and when I enable iMessage, my recipients receive the message as a group text instead of an individual text. When I disable the iMessage it says I cannot send the message unless I enable iMessage!!! This is getting in my nerves!
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7 years ago, BStanley79
After the first message iMessage causes non-IPhone users not to receive message!
The first message was sent as a regular text message, but after that one IMessage takes over. I later find out that all the non-IPhone users are no longer receiving the messages. This completely negates the the benefits of this app. At this point all it does is allow you to send one successful message to more than 9 people at a time, but if you plan on using it more than once it’s not going to help you. Please fix, otherwise this was a waste of $!!
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7 months ago, dottynotmyname
Messages are not sending or partially send.
I'm having an issue when I click to send the message I'm getting the group text shortcut message even though it's already installed. Sometimes it doesn’t send of the texts at all. Other times, it sends a few texts but then I get the message the shortcut is not installed and the rest of the messages don’t get sent. I would like to be able to edit the contact within the app without having to delete the group, edit the contact list, and re-upload the list to a new group.
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2 years ago, QdiD
Must have bulk texting app
I was looking for a bulk messaging app so I could send messages to my Fantasy Football League without starting a group chat. This worked well. Compared four other apps and this one was my preferred one because of the ease of use, nice interface, options I needed and the more affordable price.
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4 years ago, Mario & Laura
Super amazing tool for business
It’s really simple to use and you can send a mass text messages and people will receive them individually it would be great if we are able to send a picture and them receive it as an individual text rather than a group text could that be possible??
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2 years ago, Pugga2
No longer works on my iPhone 13
I’ve used this app daily for a few yrs, bought the $60 lifetime package. But recently more and more contacts in my church group of 128 says they’re not receiving my text. NOW can NOT send any group text, tried 8 times, yes, following the correct procedures. “Message undeliverable” Just removed app and started new. Same problem. Emailed company this morning, no response…yet. I’ll be happy to rewrite this review if the problem is corrected. Until then… BEWARE. Will not work on my iPad Pro either. This app is a waste of your time and money!
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3 years ago, GrandDivaFee
Awesome tool!
This has made communicating with large groups all at once without retyping the info over and over especially great when you may not want to disclose each person’s phone number and information to the others in the group chat. I’ve only used it a few times but definitely like this app!!!
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4 years ago, CookieFay99
Stay in touch
I want to thank you for making it easy for me to stay in touch with my family at this most difficult time. My husband has a tumor on his kidney and I was getting lots of text from family and return them the old way, by cutting and paste each one. Until I found your app. Thanks for doing what you do at no cost.
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6 years ago, Marty P.
Easy to Use
This messaging app is very easy to use and straight forward with no unnecessary frills. Make sure you have both group messaging and iPhone messaging turned OFF in you phone settings before sending the message to your group. I like the fact you can attach a picture (one) to the group message too if wanted. - Marty P.
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5 years ago, ndixrn
Message send failed
I purchased this pricey app to send a group of 24 an invitation in the form of a photo with big hopes of making other groups. The very first text I sent had an immediate message send failed but looked like it was still trying but never did send. Group text off as well as iMessage off but MMS on. Tried several times but have not been able to send my text. Support did get back to me initially but after trying everything they suggested with no luck, haven’t heard anything back from support since. In my opinion, big waste of money.
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4 months ago, Wilyumm44
Great so far
I just started using it yesterday, so just one day to evaluate it. I have been using another app, “Groups”. “Group text” is much easier to use. I was able to set up my groups in no time. I like that I can include multiple photos which I could not wit the other app.
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4 years ago, tyllc
Defaults to iMessage
It said that it would allow SMS messages to be sent if iMessages were turned off on the phone. But when I tried to send a group text it automatically switched back to iMessage even though the option was turned off on the phone. Only allows up to 20 recipients but doesn’t mention that in the description as a warning that most carriers will not allow more than 20 recipients.
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4 years ago, thuyecg
Very Good App best of its kind
I have enjoyed this app for several months now and it has done very well. I have used other apps of this kind but they were either hard to use or unreliable, (Dropping list members). However your app is reliable and does not crash. I wish it had the option to email as well.
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3 months ago, Thyword20
Best thing yet!
I have been using the group messaging for some years. I can say it does what it says, I send out a group message to more than 100 plus people and it have never failed me yet. The customer service is great all I can say try it and I promise you you’ll love it.
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1 year ago, YAkilov
Very useful!
In my job as a retail manager I am sending many group texts. Groups are changing. A regular text app does not have an option to name groups, which is very inconvenient. This app finally resolved that issue for me. So far everything is just I needed. Thanks to developers!
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7 months ago, tex7117
Useful but a bit awkward
Good app for sending group texts but a bit awkward from a tablet. App functions in “portrait” mode. My tablet (iPad) has a keyboard and functions more easily in “landscape” mode. Most other apps automatically rotate orientation, but this app does not. Also, screen does not auto rotate on my iPhone. Automatic screen rotation to user’s viewing mode would be a good improvement to consider…
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7 years ago, UIMEMO
I loved using this one so much
This is one of the best messaging applications that I have bought. It is not a useless free ones on appstores, this one is absolutely better and I was really satisfied with everything I got. I and my colleagues created one group here to make contact, when at home, we could discuss the work on this group, so cool app.
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3 years ago, ticked and angry
Great easy awesome
I send updates to family/friends once a week about my wife’s cancer. This is the best one for sending to a group. You can make it do one person at a time so a reply does not go to everyone. Easy to work with. Tech support is quick and helpful.
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4 years ago, Three stars wanting five
Group message failure
Works well and then it doesn’t. Can’t figure out why it sends a message as TEXT (recipients shown in green) and the next time it sends a message as iMessage (recipients shown in blue). Group receives message when it goes out as TEXT but doesn’t receive it when it goes out as iMessage. HELP!!
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2 years ago, Thorabunda
Great support!
When I had trouble sending a group text out I reached out to support. They gave me suggestions to configure my settings which enabled me to be successful. They responded quickly and framed their answer in none technical terms I was able to understand. Thanks!
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