GroupCal - Shared Calendar

4.6 (354)
69.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for GroupCal - Shared Calendar

4.56 out of 5
354 Ratings
2 years ago, Count Draculas Sugarbaby
Happy with the app, one suggestion
I like GroupCal a lot. My husband and I use it to coordinate our schedules since we both forget about what we’ve said yes to. If I could add a feature, I would suggest making a button to add an event after you’ve clicked on a specific date. I always click on the date first to make sure there’s nothing going on. It would be convenient to add events straight from that window
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3 years ago, LilShortyMoo
Minor Issue
I’ve been searching for an app that could accommodate with my busy schedule. I’ve been using this app for a little bit and I thought it was great because I could select weekdays because I am often at places multiple times during the week. One morning I woke up and it put Sunday as a weekday instead of Friday. I tried switching the beginning of the week and it did not change anything. A great addition to this app would be if you could choose the days that have the reoccurring events. For instance, instead of just selecting weekdays I could select multiple checkboxes for each day I want. Example: Monday Wednesday Saturday and Sunday.
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4 years ago, LaurieChapman
Good overall, could use a few more features
I would like to see more colors to choose from. I have a LOT of different calendars and need more colors to choose to differentiate them in my master calendar view. Also, I’d like to be able to edit the holiday calendar to omit the ones that I do not observe. Lastly and most importantly, I need to be able to make an event repeat monthly based on “3rd Tuesday of the month”, of “2nd Monday of the month”, etc. not just the 20th of the month. Would also be great to be able to choose “1st workday of the month” or “last work day of the month”. I assume you’d have to set up what days you work to accomplish that...
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11 months ago, Frustrated Watch Lover
Very helpful and organized.
I love this app. My boyfriend and I have two calendars that we share. One for bills and the other for appointments. I even can edit the bills that are due on the calendar and mark them as paid so we can both see what bills have been paid and what haven’t. we have only had this app for a few weeks and it has already taken so much stress off.
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3 months ago, CZ.LYONS
Impressed so far
My husband and I needed a way to be on track as a collective when it came to carrying out day to day with our four children. With us both working full time and going to school our schedules are normally all over the place. This app has helped TREMENDOUSLY! As soon as anything was added or changed the other party received it instantly. We have the free version and I have nothing bad to say about it. You can add your destination and it will map it out Set a timer to remind you before Put your workweek however it works for you Tells what the temperature is for that day And much more! I recommend getting this if you and others need to be on the same page day to day. It is worth it..
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2 years ago, jaygdee
The best
Group Cal is the best shared calendar we have ever used. Flawless, aesthetically pleasing, easy to set up and use. We used to use timetree but the interface was terrible and it added various calendar entries that were obviously sales driven, completely unrelated to our schedules or our lives, without any way to delete them. We are completely happy with Group Cal.
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1 year ago, reviewvsviews
Easy to use and sinks with Google calendar
Probably one of the only shareable calendars that I can actually say I've enjoyed using it automatically sent to my Google calendar and I get to pick and choose who I want to share my calendar with. I like the fact that I can share on a personal and business level!
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1 month ago, _Quart_
Love this!
Best calendar I have found! I no longer have to remind my husband when we have things. He can also look and see what we have going on before he plans something! Just wish I knew how to get my personal calendar to automatically share to this calendar!
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2 years ago, Bananas4Jesus
Awesome Way to Keep Up with Events!
This app is user friendly, easy to navigate, and even connects with Apple Maps when you have the address listed in the event! This has been very helpful for my small group at church, as we tend to have a lot of things come up! It’s been such a huge help in having a collaborative place to have access to the events occurring.
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2 weeks ago, Michelle_Mc
Incredible! The most efficient and easy to use shared calendar
This is a real find!!! I don’t know how the developers don’t ask for money for this incredible product. It’s the first shared calendar which is email free and works similar to messenger apps. So quick and easy!!! Thank you GroupCal team 🤞🙌🏻🔝🔝🔝
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2 years ago, PayPay Plays
Absolutely amazing calendar! I have it set up to where my entire friend group can see each other’s work times, and other plans. We’re all loving it so far. (If you can’t afford for the color changing make everyone pick out and emoji then put it at the title)
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2 years ago, ZooCrew5!
Great Customer Service
I had to email the app about an issue. They responded very quickly, they were very helpful, and resolved my issue faster than expected. The app is great and I would definitely recommend!
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1 year ago, travelinKate
Lots (and lots) of room for improvement!
My pickleball group uses this app to schedule games and drill clinics. Love the fact that anyone can add an event and it’s easy to see who’s attending. BUT I dislike the app very much for one main reason…if I decline an event and then my plans change there is no way to change my rsvp. In fact, if you decline an event it disappears from your calendar forever. This is especially problematic for recurring events. If you decline once, it’s gone forever. Please change the rsvp capability!!
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1 year ago, jenhenkbacru
Helpful Tool
The calendar has helped us a ton in coordinating family activities. Nice to be able to edit or add events. Appreciate the notification reminders as well. Worth the value.
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1 year ago, mrrobperdue
Decent app
The app works really well if you need to share a calendar with other people. The only issue I have is I wish I could transfer what I already had on my phone’s calendar to the app to share instead of having to retype everything.
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4 years ago, Hailey Megs
Great app, one fix
This app has been really great to coordinate -and schedule FaceTime calls with friends who live farther away. My only problem though— when it notifies you that you have an event the next day, it says the time the event ENDS, not when it starts. This is a little bit confusing. Otherwise though, GREAT app!
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2 months ago, -jordiel-92
So far so good!!
Adulting makes it hard to get together with my lifelong friends l, this calendar helps us keep each other in the loop and plan get togethers better🤗 so far we’re really enjoying it!
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2 years ago, To000000
Fiancé and I tried using it. When she added recurring events it would show up for the first week then nothing after. We tried looking in the setting and everything we could think of and couldn't figure it out. Then when she went to delete the account the app wouldn’t scroll far enough down where she could actually delete the account. Kinda frustrating.
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2 years ago, pcs56
Just starte
My daughter and I synced our calendars so we would be on the same page about events and appointments. Just downloaded two days ago. Looks good I just have to remember to use it, lol.
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2 years ago, miguellitoo
Great app
We use this app to schedule jobs in a very small landscaping company. This does everything we’d wanted to do and has a lot of extras I’d recommend this for anyone owning a very small business.
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1 year ago, Darci K
Group Cal
Works great for me, but wish there was a few more customization options on the free version. Overall, definitely recommend!! Helps me and my family keep our busy schedules on track!
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3 years ago, Dominicankat
It’s so easy to use. As an adult diagnosed with ADHD it’s really Heidi hit at times to stay focus and remember my appointments. This really helps me to stay on track and not have to worry about forgetting important dates. I can share it with my husband to help me stay on track.
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2 years ago, Will & Shelbi
Extremely useful
The best calendar app we have used! We love the versatility and being able to share with multiple users🙏🏻
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4 years ago, SuperFlyCutter
Forced invasion of other app info...
I cannot add an event to the GroupCal calendar unless I allow it access to my personal phone calendar. I want to keep the apps completely separate. WHY IS THIS A FORCED REQUIREMENT? It should be an OPTION. Please don’t respond that it is for the user’s benefit. Please disclose how your company benefits from this forced invasion. Fix this for a new rating. Until then, I am sick of companies invading every aspect of user privacy.
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3 years ago, Ggames1
User friendly
All your calendars in one place! Sharing one specific calendar with a group of friends makes my life easier.
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1 year ago, faithyoso
So far very handy
Helps keep multiple jobs records straight with time, date, weather, and notes.
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1 year ago, SandMan#2
Great for my business
We use this app for scheduling and it has worked wonders for us. Paperless is the way to go. The alerts and reminders are away!!
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2 years ago, MetiuMetiu
Amazing Shared Group Calendar
This is perfectly set up for a shared calendar platform. I work with a team of 5 and we use this daily to facilitate our workflow. Thanks GroupCal!
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2 years ago, moments 1
Works great!
I like the fact that my son’s Dad and I can see the calendar add/delete. It makes our lives so much easier.
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2 years ago, Ashleydl8
Needs different colors
It would be nicer if everyone could change colors to match a category of events. Ex. : Red-Working days, Orange-Holidays, Yellow-Birthdays, ect. Other than that, fantastic app! Just needs more colors.
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2 years ago, GamerGirlNC
Love it!
Very great way to get a calendar out and have multiple people communicate plans more efficiently!
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7 months ago, BarbieBBBBBBB
Days are not right
Like the app but I have an I phone and my co workers have androids and the days are off on my calendar by a day…. Example They have M-F off and my calendar shows S-Thursday off???? That does not help when scheduling time off
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3 years ago, bossgirlllllllilovetiktok
It’s a good app I just wish that we could all have our own colors instead of everyone sharing the same color.
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4 months ago, GiftGiverMom
Advertisements now showing all days
Brown advertisements are now taking up every single week and they do not delete until you delete and redelete and redelete them at least 5 times. It is ridiculous. I want this feature GONE or else I will need to find a new calendar.
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2 years ago, fotofilly73
I use it for multiple rental cleanings and the calendar keeps my life in order!! Tip top.
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2 months ago, WizardPanda69
Used this app for my job for years. Now all of a sudden, every job title has disappeared. Nothing shows up no matter how many times I delete the app and reinstall. This needs to be fixed ASAP
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2 years ago, ddinobaffeti
Best group calendar
It’s very easy and update any changes that are make I love this app
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9 months ago, Ccruz188
Family Knowing
Love this. My family knows who has what and when. THANK YOU.
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4 years ago, John-NI
Allows me to connect my calendar to others. So much easier!!!
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3 years ago, gvonhoch
Be very careful
Great easy to use calendar that can be shared between multiple people to start. Latest update asked me to re-verify. Problem is first few times the last two words were not English. Last time I tried it was totally not English.
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1 year ago, beameupscottie
Everything I need for me and my assistant at our fingertips
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10 months ago, frstbby
Very well laid out and organized.
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2 years ago, scandaddyy
Best app ever
Me and my girlfriend use it causes much less arguing thank you so much
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1 year ago, grt4work
Perfect solution
Very happy I’m using for my business and it’s great!
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1 year ago, DumpsterGuy36363773388382
Great Free App
Extremely useful for a free app. We run multiple $1M plus operations off this calendar.
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2 years ago, RevAus
Used to be awesome
I love the old version! The new version made it all go to crap. Not as user friendly for my team as it was before. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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1 year ago, Michelle_Mc
The BEST shared calendar app!!!
so easy to use, so nice, so helpful!!! thank you to the developers of this app!!!!
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3 years ago, Will R. R.
Awesome and easy to use
I love this App lots of functionality and easy to use
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2 months ago, 30Kid133
Great App
Very useful app for me and my wife to stay aligned with our everyday task
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2 years ago, Lenina Ebert
Good organization
the app helps you organize everything good
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