Grumpy Bears

4.7 (307)
117.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Grumpy Bears

4.65 out of 5
307 Ratings
4 years ago, hunter000003
This game is one I started playing a year or so ago. I fell in love with it then and got addicted and got the max level on everything. I was really upset when I got a new phone and forgot the name of the game and couldn’t find it. I was stoked today when my girlfriend found it. And realized once I downloaded it all my previous progress was still there once I logged in. AMAZING.
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4 years ago, billybob😎😜😜
Awesomesauce 100 percent
This game is sooooooooo coollllll!!!!! And very kid friendly too. ( like how could ANYTHING be more kid friendly then murdering bears by throwing explosives out of the back of a truck at them??? ) this game is reeeeeeaaaaaalllly cool. I got addicted as soon as I started playing it. It’s just sooo much fun. So yeah people, get this game. It’s totally 5 stars 🌟
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7 years ago, jaxfan10
Major Bugs
The game is taking away progress earned. i.e. Rubies earned that I've not used. Since the last update, the game constantly freezes and once you get the game going again any progress you've made is taken away and whatever weapons you've used to in your forward progression isn't returned to you. Now since the last update, the mallet doesn't respond as it should and when it does work you get sent to the App Store. Now the game is constantly crashing!! The game doesn't work with ios8. No more mPoints for this game? mPoints are not working again on any of Fluik's games. I can't add the points I've earned from completing achievements on any of the games. It would crash at first when I opened the app; it started working after trying to open a couple of times. Today, as soon as I try to open the app, it crashes immediately.
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7 years ago, jcav2016
Grumpy 😡 🐻 bears
OMG this is just like how I played it when it first came out! It brings back memories of playing the game and having fun playing it! Get this game so much fun and every time you battle the boss and defeat it you get 1 gem 💎 but you can get them in chests too! GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!
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5 months ago, Junbo88
No music
The game has no music I check iPad setting all clear delete the app and install it again even the game music setting nothing works
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6 years ago, Girl Gamer 💙🍩🍬
Grumpy Bears is so fun! The graphics are great and I used to have a old phone and it worked great on my old phone too. It now works great on my I phone 6s. Me and my best friend always play this. You should definitely download this! ❤️ 🐻
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5 years ago, Frank Cambron
Years of fun
Played it when it came out. Still enjoy it. Now that I have little one they play it too and laugh their little butts off because they think it’s funny.
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2 years ago, asdjjmggf
This game is amazing
I’ve played this for years and the only thing I would love is if they updated the graphics
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4 years ago, jfguyogehdjjrd
I love this game!!!
I give this game five stars!!! it is so awesome!!! you should really get it! but…I think you should really make some holiday stuff, like for Halloween you should get a pumpkin! PLEASE do this.
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3 years ago, masonisakiller
I’m still a kid but when I really little I would play this game all the time and now that I found it the game gives me nostalgia
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2 years ago, Stardust Man
A classic
I played hours of this game when I was but a wee lad and I have to say this game is it thank you for making such a good game.
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4 years ago, RussdAdeSTroyer
GB review.
All I want to say is that Grumpy Bears is a great game. My only complaint is that the “Bear Tombs” level is too overpriced. I mean, 99 gems!? I only get like 10 gems every two weeks. And also, you should add more levels.
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4 years ago, papa_smirk58
This game is awesome I played it so much my hand started to hurt its kinda hard at first but once you get the hang of it it’s really fun but sometimes it gets repetitive but other than that I loved it.
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11 months ago, Rarebadgamer999
Thank you
I love this game is nostalgic for me I played it a lot when I was little I’m thankful I found it 😂
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7 years ago, Andrew😎59:]
Isn't the same
I love this game to death but 3 years ago the tranquilizer darts were unlimited once you unlocked them. Now they are limited that's the only thing I don't like.
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3 years ago, adri saldi
I love this
I remember playing this when I was 5 and this is still good
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3 years ago, A 2.0
Needs an update
This gave us fun but it’s been 3 years since an update they need an update with the things you throw at the bears and more bears and boss bears
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3 years ago, Mann0402
Okay but a little boring
The game is okay, but it can get boring. I play a couple times a week to stay interested. Sometimes I don’t play for weeks. Not sure they can do to make it better.
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4 years ago, Yihjjkkjhg
Buy it
I was trying to find this app for so long
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5 years ago, toufic hanafi
Hi good day
Please update the game for a new Bears its my lovely game don’t have more time to update please thanks to you all
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5 years ago, jo plays 27
I played this game when I was around am 10 and it’s the same.i absolutely love it
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5 years ago, Nicholla
Fun game
Love this game. Runs great, doesn’t crash and I have to say I love throwing things at Bears..... especially Fire! 😯
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4 years ago, official Grumpy Bears
I miss this game also goooood
I miss this game I last played it when I was 6 really good it’s a good childhood game
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2 years ago, twjwtbFnztvzyjramhz ekfa fj
I remembered this game and I’m happy it’s still on the App Store
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4 years ago, Jon Wysack
Needs more bears!
I’m up to level 169, you need to add new bears at higher levels!
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6 years ago, MaryRazMiller
Fun game if bored or on a road trip. For people who like explosions and bears flying all over your screen
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6 years ago, sad kid got bullied
Super good
No bugs no crashes really good me favorite game
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6 years ago, Black Coffee46
Grumpy Bear
Work Great. Still waiting on next bear and at level 125.
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10 months ago, chdifjduhddufndjjdjs
I have been playing this game since 2016 and it’s so much fun
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5 years ago, JELLY JAM JAR
An amazing game
It is a fun n and cool game that you should definitely get
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3 years ago, CarrotKP
i played this game when i was younger and really liked it. it’s a good game to play when u want to past time.
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4 years ago, RoseDollAlaina
It’s so fun and addicting! It’s a great game and I recommend it!!!
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3 years ago, Dickandbutt
just played and i instantly threw up the graphics are horrible and it’s like this game was made eight years ago
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5 years ago, Carolinashore
This is (arguably) the best game by the developers. Love it! The satisfaction of blowing up teddy bears with dynamite, rocks, hay bales, even stinking nukes! BEST GAME EVER!!!
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3 years ago, ROBLOX BEAR
My fav animal is a bear
My favorite game.
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4 years ago, whasaas
Good game
Read title of review
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6 years ago, LuizElNopal232
this game”s great
i love this game!!!
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5 years ago, MotoMotoMLG
It’s too repetitive
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4 years ago, XIAN PRO
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5 years ago, ghhdjfj
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10 years ago, Chungamanwonder
🐻😡 !My Favorite App! 😡🐻
This has been the one game I've had longest that I still play. It always keeps me entertained and it's not one of those games that you absolutely HAVE to spend money on to have fun playing. I love the different choices of weapons you can use on the bears too. I have just about everything on this game, and the only thing I wish is that there'd be maybe one more map to play on instead of only two and maybe some more bears. Maybe like white bears chasing you in Antarctica (polar bears) lol. Maybe beach bears chasing you in a tropical area like Hawaii or something. Maybe even Koala bears chasing you in a zoo or something haha. Even though there are only two maps, I still love this game and will continue playing it, and I look forward to any new additions to the game!
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9 years ago, Terrytot
Great app
I don't leave reviews often, but for this particular app, I wanted to leave my 'two Bears', so to speak. I don't appreciate apps with in-app purchases, I would've gladly paid $2.99 - $4.99 for this app. I've seen plenty of games where you need to purchase coins, rubies, gems, etc., to move forward in the game. I did notice that you are able to watch apps for coins, which I appreciate. I also would appreciate it if you could receive 2 gems as your daily bonus. The good thing is that if you lose, you are able to continue to play even if you are out of coins, that is of course, you don't mind watching 10 ads for coins. Or you could always purchase more coins and/or gems. That being said, I would've gladly paid $2.99 - $4.99 for this app without all the in-app purchases. It's a great app, but for the reasons I stated above, I can only give this app 3 stars. It's a shame too, this app is a fun app.
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9 years ago, Cougarliciouskat
LOVE Grumpy (homicidal) Bears!!!
This game is AMAZING!!! My only complaint is that big bear w/the ruby needs to GO!!! It is an interruption in an otherwise PERFECT GAME. You should eliminate the big annoying bear & make critical hits rewarded w/rubies. I love the different levels introducing new cute bears. I just purchased honey at walmart for under $5. Theses bears should wise up...for the cost of repairing their motorbikes they could just head down to the local walmart or trader joes for some honey & cut out all the DRAMA!!! Thanks SOOOO MUCH for this addicting fun-filled escape of a game!!!
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11 years ago, RazorKisses
Love this game...
I'm super addicted to this game with out a doubt...I especially love the new update with the new scenery...needed a change from the same old thing and the missions are pretty cool too...I only wish the new bears didn't stop at 50 I'm getting close to it and what happens after that? Don't know what the diamonds are for but hopefully the game keeps going or ill be upset bc then I have no reason to play anymore..but I def recommend this game to anyone
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11 years ago, Lizasmamma
Please fix the crashing!! It crashes all the time now. Can't get through a game. I am on level 450 and it keeps crashing. I have been trying to play this morning and it crashed 13 times in 15 minutes. I have spent money on this game. Problems since last update on October 8th. Today has been the worst!!
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9 years ago, Shariten
So I have contacted App Support and written a review about how my game doesn't even open anymore but I have not heard back. So I finally decided to risk losing all my earned levels, coins and rubies by deleting the app since I couldn't play it anyway, and I downloaded it from the app store again, and it is still crashing. I remembered that my son also has Grumpy Bears on his iphone but he is at a far lower level than I am with much less coins and gems, and guess what? His works! So whats the deal?? So my current status is that I have deleted the app but I want it back. Help me!
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8 years ago, Scarsdale surprise
Pretty cool
I get it. It's cool it gets a little boring Cause u do the same thing over and over again but I still like it. I like the big teddies cause there cool and u get gems... But I think it should give u more stuff cause it takes 3 tries to kill big Teddie so it should give like bombs and stuff. It would also be cool if it showed how many times u killed big Teddie.
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11 years ago, Zombie highway liker
Great game!
This game is great! Great graphics and great swipe controls but what it is missing is more scenery like maybe a snow world or a desert world because I become tired of just looking at the same forest background also please add a better supply of weapons like maybe adding anvils or rubber chickens or crazy stuff like that and this game will be awesome! Thanks And keep up the great work fluik!
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11 years ago, JenniPoP
Pointless fun!
I hate this game! Why? I can't stop playing! Instead of passing the time when I can't sleep, this game is keeping me up! It's now 3:30am and I'm finally tearing myself away. In all honesty, it's a great game. Simple, addicting, and fun. Ongoing missions give you something to work towards. Great time killer with cute graphics, and lifelike physics. Definitely a 5 star game!
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11 years ago, TheOriginalMetalRose
Fun game!
I love trying out new games, and this one is both fun and challenging. I enjoy all the different weapons that can be used to fend the bears off. My only complaint is sometimes the bears don't fall off their motorcycles even with a direct hit, but it could be that my weapons aren't fully powered up. Regardless, cute and fun game!
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