GSB Mobile Gorham Savings Bk

4.8 (3.7K)
103.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gorham Savings Bank
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for GSB Mobile Gorham Savings Bk

4.78 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
4 years ago, h@wkes
Need to work out the bugs
I have a iPhone and the app hardly works. I have the face recognition and nine times out of ten it has me put in my password instead because I need to set up for my face in my settings per the message. So I go to settings and see that it’s not clicked to be used. I select to use the option and log out and go back in later in the day and the same thing happens again. Also it’s super annoying that every time I log in it wants to give me tutorial of the app as well. My husband has a Samsung and he has zero issues.
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3 years ago, Dr.sanfo
Unable to read credit Union checks
This app has been unable to read checks from Coast Line Credit Union for at least 3 years. I receive regular disbursements from this credit Union and always have to deposit via bank branch because both the App and ATM are unable to read the account information at the bottom of the check. I do not have this issue depositing these checks to my other institutions, please fix this issue.
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4 years ago, BlackBearAl
Latest update crashes often.
The latest update GSB made keeps logging both mine and my wife’s accounts out after only a few minutes. Then upon attempting to log in again, it says our credentials are wrong. I’ve reached out to tech support and they reset both our mobile accounts, but the same issue started happening a few days later.
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4 years ago, JWM67
Easy, friendly, convenient
I’ve been using GSBs app for a few years now, and have had a consistently positive experience. I love the check deposit feature and the ease by which I can move my money around right on my phone. In a life full of complicated technology, this is one of the easier things. Thanks GSB.
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1 month ago, john44$
Bill pay
All is great at GSB but the bill pay needs attention for automatic payment amounts from who is sending the bill to me like CMP maybe I am doing it wrong but I have set it up before and it worked sense the new up date a while back it has not worked Thank You E Bishop
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4 years ago, ParadiseInMaine
Best local bank
I like the way they handle business and transactions. Never ever worry about overdrafts with their business model you know if you are going to overdraw and have until 5 pm to put cash into your account or do what I did and attach it to a savings account.
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6 years ago, KJLDL
Cannot take photo for deposit
Please fix this bug...this app was working fine for deposits but now has a glitch when trying to capture the check for mobile deposits.
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3 years ago, Molly1224
Would like to see changes to "bill pay"
I like the convenience, but I would like for the bill pay function to be more user friendly with the app. I would like to be able to edit payee information within the app, as well as set up recurring payments without having to log in from our laptop or other computers.
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6 years ago, Stacy_Foster4127
User friendly
This app is very user friendly. Any time we receive an update there is a three step swipe tutorial and that is fantastic for Learning to use new features or just finding out they exist. :) great job team!! Keep it up!
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4 years ago, lhasenior
Easy to use
The only minor inconvenience was enrolling and then allowing mobile use on the website. Otherwise easy to use and to set up a paypal through.
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4 years ago, Joycie B.
Gorham Savings Bank Remote Deposit
Nothing was intuitive. If my husband hadn’t already figured out how to use this app I am unsure whether I could have discovered how on my own.
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2 months ago, Astro_rose
Best banking app!!!
This app is the best banking app. It’s reliable all of your stuff is accurate and available and the customer service is the best I’ve ever seen! Take my word bank with Gorham
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5 years ago, Sabino Canyon
I appreciate the functions I can use on the phone but do wish I could have access to everything on the computer.
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5 years ago, Jerzi girl
I love having access to the app, but have trouble logging in many times and have had to delete the app and reinstall 3-5 times.
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1 year ago, cartographer2
Mobile deposit task menu hard to find
Please make sure task menu is visible on every page of the app, even when you just login.
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3 months ago, Supa Dave Bernard
Love GSB
I enjoy all of the services that Gorham Savings Bank provides, I have actually moved all my families accounts to them, I use the Gorham branch and everybody there is amazing to work with.
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2 months ago, Hoohokum
GSB Mobile
This is a great service offered by the bank and very helpful for those of us on the go every day.
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6 years ago, Zonjy
Mobile Check Deposits
I like the service but I am limited to 10 checks per day and I don’t understand the limitation? Thanks.
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2 years ago, biz accounting
Multiple deposits take forever. The EXACT signature, the need to approve each one and start over with the next, all take much more time than with my other bank.
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6 years ago, Noah_Barney
Super Helpful App
Easy to transfer money between accounts and keep up to date with your balances!
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5 years ago, nancy4679
Increasingly user unfriendly
More and more difficulty signing in to the app and deposit process is not intuitive. More complicated endorsement requirements just add to the burden
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6 years ago, Jimbob2244
Behind the times
This app should have facial recognition. And having to log in with codes is unnecessary.
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1 year ago, rsp13579
What’s the point of Facial ID?
I set up my account and requested to use facial ID to log in. App continuously asks for password. I don’t understand the point of selecting Face ID when password is always required. Password is less secure but the app continuously forces a password requirement. Extremely frustrating.
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3 years ago, colburn brown
Great app
Very convenient and easy to transfer money between accounts.
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12 months ago, Billpay features
Bill pay in app
I wish the bill pay feature worked in the app
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3 years ago, hdidjdvdjfh
For mobile deposit only-Gorham Savings Bank
Writing this out for every deposit is a hassle and seems excessive ...especially since it is not required at at least 5 other banks in the area that I am aware of.
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2 years ago, leecathy
Thank you Tony Bailey
Great service helping us set up mobile banking
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2 years ago, barbinmaine
Doesn’t work on iPad
I do all my bill paying and banking on my iPad, but the GSB app does not work. It only works on my phone.
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1 year ago, maxfoglio889
Gorham Saving online banking always helps me stay on track!!
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5 months ago, Kate H of Kennebunk
Amazing phone support today!
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2 years ago, seachased
Best Banking App
This is by far one of the best banking apps I have ever used!
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4 years ago, jerchavez08
Awesome as always!! Best bank around thank you
Amazing amazing amazing!! I love my bank!!! Thank you!!
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3 years ago, Fw_Bahumat
it does everything you need for a banking app, nothing special. works fine for me
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3 years ago, gujrail
Nice Application awesome features
Good work
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4 years ago, DSC3855
New update errors
Since updating the app, can not login shows error 0014! Please fix.
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4 years ago, Daniel J Zhu
Love Gorham Savings Bank
Very good service
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1 month ago, Nack attacks
Working poorly of late
Won’t save log in info, says I am using a unsupported browser. Wonky, usually great!
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4 months ago, Jcazz09
Time to upgrade
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6 years ago, Shamo Al-amudi
Slaw an no many options.
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7 years ago, Pgrondi2
Works well
Does what it should. Touch ID means no password to type when logging in. Mobile deposit means hardly ever going into a branch. Account info is easy to get and drill down. It makes my life a little easier.
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7 years ago, NSX-Pirate
Text is hard to read
This update is ok but the text is hard to read since it's orange in the account screen.
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5 years ago, Shakejan
Face ID Never Works
I like the app once I’m signed in but the shortcut login never works (Face ID or fingerprint).
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5 years ago, Disappointed859
Touch ID stopped working
Was great but Touch ID stopped working. Please fix. Thanks
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1 year ago, spazstreet
I have to verify and enroll my phone number every time I try to login. It’s very inconvenient. Fix your app GSB!
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6 years ago, JTMCOOL
Needs iPhone X optimization
As title reads, otherwise, the app performs well.
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6 years ago, Mrblazed
Please fix
Can't login on iPhone X device id not found
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2 years ago, leahmacmaster
hasnt opened in months
every time i try to open the app it loads for about a minute and then crahes
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9 years ago, Reallypissedatgorhamsavings
They gave access to my online banking to random customers
During the last update people that tried to login to their online banking were instead given access to my account. These people were given complete access to my online banking Sunday morning. The bank received multiple calls informing them of the issue. Monday I was contacted by another business to tell me what had happened and sent me screenshots of my bank account details. I called the bank to ask what was happening and no one was able to take my call for 4 hours. I told them my account was compromised by their app and they needed to talk to me immediately. When I was able to talk to a manager they said they were unaware of the issue. When I told them another person had sent me screenshots of my bank account their response was "oh you have proof". I was then contacted by another representative that told me they had been meaning to contact me but had been in meetings.
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9 years ago, Hawkesmb
Can't log in.
This app used to be better. Most of the time I open the app I can't log in, no key board will come up. Also, it will crash while loading. Need another update.
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9 years ago, Abblake96
Freezes at open page.
As soon as I open the application and it gets past the initial loading screen to the login info screen, it freezes and does not let me type to sign in or press anything whatsoever. Normally the app works great and I love how convenient it is, but this is the opposite.. 😔
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