GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games

4.5 (44.7K)
213.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scopely, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games

4.47 out of 5
44.7K Ratings
6 years ago, CareBear~67
A little disappointed
I really do love this game, and play often. You don't have to spend any money to play which is good. But daily bonuses, and millionaire drop are ridiculous. I have never had over the minimum on the drop, EVER! And the most in approximately 6 years I have ever hit on a daily bonus is $10,000. And I only need 2 fingers for those times! Just today I thought, what the heck, I will buy 3 balls on bingo, because I have 6 flashing, I did that and got nothing! I guess I should be grateful for that, because now I will never do it again!! Any kind of bonus or boost in bingo is so expensive that I won't do it. And it is kind of difficult to win any thing substantial!! But I do still like the game and play it, apparently, since 6 years was just a guess on how long I have been playing. Just think you could give a little more to keep people interested and playing! Have to add, that I really like the bingo and the million dollar game, but I do think that if you get a bingo and still have daubs left you should let it play out until you are out. You can always get more than one Bing in any other game of bingo, why not there?? Just a thought! Thanks. Really do like GSN. There are just a few things to think about.
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6 years ago, JRM0010
Great slots
Great app and great customer service when it acts up. Watch your winnings to make sure you get them though! Best slots app and just like the casino. The bonuses on the buffalo, aquarium fish game, and vegas wheel of fortune pay great on odd # days. That's straight from customer service rep. Really awesome people. The downside is you get on loosing streaks right after big wins. Especially the aquarium game. Bonus came one time and hit huge. But never again. After you hit big your setting automatically change to a larger bet. Watch for that. That's what gets you! If you hit a huge jackpot get out of that game and play another. This app is awesome cause their customer service people give you tokens when the game screws up. Watch to make sure your jackpots get added. If they don't, and that happens a lot, then send an email to Customer service and they'll look it up and give you your tokens back plus extra for the trouble. And you do win huge jackpots once in awhile. The buffalo game and the Vegas wheel of fortune pays the most out. But only if you bet 10 thousand at a time. Buffalo slot is awesome! When you get in the bonus it keeps going! I won 2million on a bonus that just kept triggering for hours. I was told it was a glitch but they let me keep the tokens plus 10 thousand more for being stuck. And they track what you win so if you win huge, you lose huge. The new bug fix is supposed to make the jackpots not pay as much! FYI. Good luck! Have fun.
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1 year ago, discriminated against player
I have played GSN games for a long time now, enjoyed playing, now all of a sudden I am being discriminated against. It’s true, because I just played for fun NOT to spend a lot of money buying tokens. Now if you don’t buy tokens you win the lowest amount possible and on the MM drop is really stupid, always the lowest, the hourly bonus is low! I-really do enjoy playing on this app but it seems like I am losing all the time now and I really can’t afford to buy tokens. I use to get a lot of free spins and now, all of a sudden, I don’t get any. A little frustrating but I will keep trying. I am on a losing streak! It’s so exciting to get big win! UPDATE: I have favorite games American Buffalo, Charging Cheetah, Jaguar Princess and Deal or No Deal. I play these most of the time, once again I’m on a losing streakbut when i win it’s good💗 Lately getting three of anything is impossible! Something is wrong when you play for hours and never get 3 and free spins, use to get them fairly often. What’s up?? UPDATE It’s months since I wrote the above update, I am still playing but it’s getting very hard. Still hardly no free spins, that’s where you make the tokens. Oh well, I will play as long as I can. Thank you so much for the gift a couple of weeks ago💗 2/4/23 Why are there no games. Can’t play anything!
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2 years ago, used ti like
Luck of the emeralds
You removed the game I have been playing for years. Very disappointed thanks a lot. Took away the free points for watching ads. Too bad. I just won’t get to play as often. Sorry to see this. Very disappointed. You took away my evenings of enjoyment. Will probably end up deleting this app and finding a new one after 10 yearsall your games are fixed. Stingy with your points worse every day. Nothing has change dthings still the same get to win everyone in a whiletaken away the free points. Thanknothing has really chan. Better than it was. I had to delete this app from my iPad to gain room. So now have to start over. Most of the games I had open to play. Now nothing. I have been playing these games for years now no free points no nothing. Very disappoin. Offer points any more. Sure has changed. Not enjoying my more. ALREADY HAVE A ACCOUNT. PLEASE FIX IT. ThANK YOU. PLEASE. I’ve had one for years. Do not want to start over again!,,!!! Happened agAin. All my points I worked for was wiped out AGAIN
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4 years ago, mapa627
Frustration with games
I have been playing GSN for years and loving it. For the past several weeks it has been very frustrating. Doesn’t matter what games you play, coins are limited in rewards. The greater amount of coins used, the fewer wins. As soon as I reduce my wager to minimal coins, success. I understand I am not going to win all the time, but to lose day in and day out, becomes aggravating. I have favorite games, Deal, both Wheel of Fortune and the Classic Wheel, Buffalo, and of course Video Bingo. (I am 74 years old and play money bingo as often as I can.) When my favorite games aren’t successful, I try some of the others, and fail to see success with those games either. Hopefully rewards will start to blossom soon. In the meantime, I will continue to play, hoping “bonuses” will appear more often. Thanks for listening. I still love GSN games, my favorite being video bingo. I’ve loaded other bingo games, but not much fun. I’ll stick with GSN. Loaded a new bingo game today. Played a few games, then deleted. Just not challenging. Thanks for your response. GSN Casino still my favorite. Just wish I could accumulate more coins to bet higher and more aggressively. I seem to go up, then come back down.
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4 months ago, verynotfunny
Your app is awful
Well it Seems I’ve sent this message several times to no avail will still keep doing the same thing not winning a lot and you change to one of your old things. What happened to the times when you have things to match the time of year. Still very disappointing and I don’t play U2 often also I never buy any coins from you it’s a waste of money do u ever read these reviews? And why don’t u ever answer!You never responded to my other correspondence however I would like to know what is going on with that what depends I don’t understand that name at all maybe you can explain it. Here I go again. I have been playing this travel game forever. It’s boring it’s annoying. I can’t believe you don’t have anything else in your repertoire. I really don’t play the game too often. Playing the new game do not like it at all. and this is probably the most awful annoying game you’ve ever come up with. Well here I am again. This is the worst game you have ever come up with. It is annoying and I don’t play it as often as I used to. well, I’m back again to complain. The bingo cards are out too small and once again, not winning enough I will never give you money or buy anything from you, but since it doesn’t cost you anything the least you could do is let a person win a few more times. Once again the whole format is terrible and I only play it when I’m bored with my four or five other games
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2 years ago, PatMc53
I have recent photographic proof with date and time stamps that GSN steals tokens from players accounts, and in my case MILLIONS of TOKENS on numerous occasions. I have filed numerous complaints to GSN about this issue and their position has always been less than helpful, insinuating that I have no credibility. NOW I DO!! Secondly, I have been constantly harassed by GSN employees who MONITOR PLAYER ACTIVITY. These eyes in the sky show up on the top, bottom and sides of the game screen in the form of an inverted "V". Day after day, the GSN " big brother" has watched me as I play games. It's like they are playing a game of cat and mouse with me as I watch the "V" come and go in various screen locations. This is an invasion of privacy, and IS ILLEGAL!! Thirdly, for those who have multiple devices, such as ..smartphone, tablet, and or laptop, GSN has just recently linked the tokens you have to your devices. In the past, when a player purchased tokens, those tokens applied only to the device used for the purchase. You could conceivably have different token amounts on each tablet. Recently, I was relieved of over 200 Million tokens by GSN on two devices. The next day, both devices had the same token balance, which was "0". In summary, I am in the process of obtaining a Class Action suit against GSN and also intend to bring this matter to public attention via the media. Patricia McBride
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3 years ago, Aunt Mac
Downloaded back in 2005. Have had a few problems but they were normally and quickly fixed to my satisfaction. I play almost daily. At times it has become a problem. The family will say I’m addicted, better this then something dangerous. I try to not allow it to take over my life. I also credit this app for helping me to deal with my depression. When the world seems to be collapsing all around me. These games, especially “American Buffalos”, my favorite from day one, help me to play and deal with what ever is bothering me. With their help I can usually, not always to be honest, pull myself out of that black hole. I don’t play aggressively with my coins. I consider them my money and play accordingly. When I run out I will just get the free coins, until I had enough to start playing again. Today I can in 2nd in a tournament. I never expected to ever win anything. I recommend this app to everyone. I have had many many years of pleasure. Coming in 2nd on this tournament is the cherry on top. Thank you to those who have developed and worked to bring this game to us. I am very greatful too be able to play on it. It is one of, if not, the best gambling game.
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4 years ago, Mawmaw Barb
Slot Machines
I’ve been playing here for several years & used to win. 6 months ago I was actually slightly over $1 Billion. In less than 6 months, I’m down to $32 million, and that’s even after buying tokens 2 separate times. I don’t bet the max ... generally $100k to $200k per spin. I normally play here 2 hours every night & a few each day of the weekend. But I’m really not enjoying it anymore because all of a sudden, I rarely win. Tonight I played Precious Gems, betting $180k tokens per spin. I would win $100k after about every 11 or 12 spins & once in a while I would get $600k... it took me about 30 min to lose $20 million. Then I got my chance at the Millionaire Drop twice & as usual, I got the minimum both times. Once my current tokens are gone, I will be too. I’m not buying any more when I don’t even win enough to keep me playing. This time it’ll be your loss ... I’ll be looking for another site to spend my time (and maybe even some money) at. If I could give you less than 1 star, I would.
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6 years ago, GrannyKat I
This is an update to my original review in December. Folks don't waste your money, it has only gotten worse I was assured if I sent in screenshots I would be compensated they have only replaced half.....millions and millions of tokens still owed. This past weekend was the big billion challenge that is a purchase was made you would be rewarded with tokens, received nothing and as usual no response. I will never spend another dime here. Complete rip off and sub standard customer service. I am a platinum member and thought it would make a difference, well it doesn't matter. (End of follow up warned folks!)I have played this games for years and have enjoyed it. So I started buying tokens and there is where the enjoyment stops. I play in the tournaments and if the tournaments end with free spins the tokens get added for a few seconds and are then removed. Does anybody have this experience? I have lost literally millions and millions of tokens. Sometimes they replace them mostly they don't . They make it seem like you are just trying to get free tokens and sooo not true. I just want what I earned. They want proof and pictures and I sent the pics and no response from them and that was a 66,600,000 loss of tokens. I have in all honesty lost ten times that in tokens and I am lucky if they replaced a tenth of that amount. My patience and good nature are done. At least respond.
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2 years ago, Sbar72
This game used to be fun. I loved the wheel of fortune with the cities. It was pretty stingy but bearable. You would spin the wheel for your daily bonus and had a chance of a million to start off with from what I remember. Now it’s garbage. No more wheel. You get to pick a suitcase from deal or no deal and it maximum amount is 50k. LAME. You usually wind up with 2k or less. So in an attempt to have fun, I watched like 20 or more stupid commercials and had accumulated about 150k. I lost that in two minutes. YOU GUYS ARE BLOWING IT!!! Loosen the the game some and give a much larger daily bonus. ITS NOT REAL MONEY THAT YOU’RE LOSING!!! To pay for credits after seeing how fast they get eaten up would be foolish. I’ve deleted this app because it makes me frustrated. That’s the opposite of fun. Games should be fun. Thanks for answering but it’s not a losing streak. It’s every single time that I play the game. Also random or not you are very capable of making the game easier or harder. Even a Vegas machine has that option. So it’s on you to either fix it or not. It’s not cool to respond to people as if the are stupid. You totally showed zero interest in solving the problem. Matter of fact you made it very clear that will most likely remain the same. I’ll probably play it for about a week and if it doesn’t seem to have been adjusted then I’m out. Thanks
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4 years ago, Housebunny1598
***UPDATED SEPT 2020***I have been playing these games for more years than I can even remember. Now you have locks on the games I used to play regularly, that I can’t now. There should be an option to pay for the app a one time fee so that you can have access to all the games. **UPDATED** As I enjoyed your very generic response, I’m not interested in doing challenges or all the other options you mentioned to get tokens. Let me have something fun (like spin the wheel) or something else. What I want is to be able to enjoy the games as I did before. I would have gladly paid 5.99 Or something like that to buy the app, and still keep playing without losing all my tokens. Maybe that is something you should look forward to in the future.***. PS DO YOU EVEN READ THESE! I’ve had GSN for years, and I loved it! You could be entertained for hours, and always have a nice balance when you returned next time. Now it is IMPOSSIBLE to win anything! If I want to play, I have to keep visiting the hour bonus that is offered which is a joke. I see many of the reviews have similar complaints. Rest assure they will not go back to the old format. I can’t enjoy the games when I can’t win tokens to play. Because I do enjoy them so much, I keep going back. Nothing ever changes, so I’m removing the temptation and deleting the app.
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1 year ago, Wicked❤02
Do you love to light money on fire?
I have loved this game for years, but it’s out of control how bad it has gotten. You have to pay $99 for an amount that is even close enough to make bets that will get you jackpots, but don’t have many hopes of winning, that doesn’t happen much! Do the math, many days it is $99 for 300 m tokens, it sounds like a lot, but 1 game requires a $16m minimum bet to even qualify to win the jackpots. So for $99, you get less than 20 spins????? And I guarantee, that game does not pay off in 20 spins! Customer service USED TO BE great, there were glitches, but they would make things right. Now, there is no support, you usually get a response with the equivalent to a shrug to say they can’t see the problem. Let me provide an example…there is a side game, Lucky Pins, that I have needed 4 gold pins since 57 days left in the game. Guess what? Despite spending BILLIONS in tokens, and a LOT of real money, it is now 3 days left… I still need those 4 gold pins. I’d that truly a game of chance? They will respond that this is a game of chance and sometimes that doesn’t go your way, but unless I am the most unlucky person ever, this is not a true game of chance, you WILL lose far more than you win. So if you like burning money with no fun in exchange, this app is for you!
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6 years ago, i can float
Senior Citizen Discount!!
Love the game, staff help was great when I needed help. Now about the idiot that keeps changing amounts of point you can purchase on different times and days. When you know who purchases points often, then reward them. Why not try a blue light special and give all players a bonus often. I am not complaining about the cost of points, but the fluctuating between 90 and 130 million points for $99. is crazy. I know this is a business, but all businesses give “old lady discounts!” You know you have a captive audience when the player is no longer mobile, all of us would rather be in Las Vegas than in bed or lounge chairs! AND that dumb point machine, does it ever hit more than 3,000 prize points? Do I feel better by adding a complaint? Not really, but I sure would like to talk to the boss!!! I would give this game a five star rating, except I couldn’t win enough to play, just bought points. So now I would give it no stars. Loved the game, just to expensive. Well I am back, was getting to costly, Love the game! But be careful, I’Ts ADDICTIVE!
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6 years ago, mamear3
App is a joke
The daily bonuses is pocket change compared to all the other casino games that you would play- on average you get is about $5,000- (I’ve gotten $50 plenty of times, $50!!)the hourly bonuses is a joke-the maximum is 50,000 but you’ll be lucky to get $5,000. There are many glitches that occur while playing the game- games will freeze during bonus rounds and will not pay out, the loading will sometimes be PAINFULLY slow- and all customer service will tell you is to delete and readd which doesn’t fix it. The multimillionaire bonus game is completely rigged. The “plinko” ball will disappear at times, or land in the most lowest spot, and the ONE time I did get the 100 million jackpot, the ball disappeared and reappeared in the 20,000 slot- and all customer service will tell you is “sorry our app isn’t working for you! See you at the games!” Money that you win will sometimes not add to your total if you hit the spin to play the next round. Compared to all the other games, to purchase coins is INSANELY expensive (one casino game will give you 18 million for $1.99 and theirs is 140,00 for $1.99), and you run out quick. You don’t win at at all unless betting over 4,000 so it’s a joke. For a game that doesn’t pay out real money they sure want you to fork out your real money.
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3 months ago, Bard248
Luv GSN games.
Great playing on GSN. Most of the time, everything goes well but there are times when glitches keep me from getting the reward. For instance, I was in MM and just as the ball was going into the winning slot, the game blinked into a completely different screen. By the time I was able to go back into it, I received ZERO for my jackpot. There are other times when my tokens are simply not added to my tokens bank. I love to play poker on Deuces Wild but when I do, I gain no entries into the other games and Piggy doesn’t incur tokens. My biggest COMPLAINT is when I am playing, say 5K or 2K, then go away for a minute (or second), my bet is raised up sometimes as much as 100K!! When I go back to play, I don’t notice that my bet has been changed & my spin sometimes wipes out my entire tokens bank. This does not prompt me to immediately buy more tokens and many times angers me to the point that I want to DELETE GSN ENTIRELY. Nobody likes to be cheated. I play for hours at night until I can go to sleep. Thank You
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5 years ago, pall66
Very hard to win
I’ve played GSN games for years and have purchased a significant amount of tokens. However, the games are getting tighter and don’t pay. Frustrating when you spend 20 bucks and can only play for 30 minutes before your broke again. Their bonus offerings are small amounts of tokens, small bets winning is very difficult. I will now only play with free coins. A few weeks ago through a stroke of luck while playing I was able to build my tokens up to 200 million. I was playing a game with auto spin, my bet was set to 300,000...the game stopped and appeared as if it might reboot but resumed on auto bet had been drastically increased automatically by their system (I didn’t notice)and 3 minutes later when I checked my balance all but 8 million had been wiped out. GSN has a annoying habit of setting very high initial bets when entering a game and I always adjust them downward. I immediately wrote to customer service, I was advised they do now restore large balances and awarded me 10 million and gave me a lecture about watching my bet....that was the last straw and I will no longer purchase tokens. For games with no real cash payout this vendor is very greedy. They have some fun games, but not worth the aggravation!
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2 years ago, MAK 82
All GSN Games
Your games are so tight, spend money each day, no win. Can’t even come close to winning anymore. Going to have to find different games to play. At least you could give players a 1/2 hour of fun with purchases. What is wrong with being kind, let us win a little. God Bless ♦️ We will all die soon from virus, money will be of no value to you or your family anymore. Is God going to say, you go to heaven cause you have robbed people of there money for your enjoyment?| July 2, 2020. Lost another 30 Million. You app just said something gone wrong and puff, 30 million tokens gone. Left with 60,000. Tried of being robbed of tokens, is my little bit of winning making you rich. I purchase a lot of tokens , God is going to punish you. I’m 83 years old, enjoy playing. I don’t want to be cheated. 🩸 Well, I took my Credit Card out. No more buying for me. I need more flexibility in token buying. Win/Lose Can’t just keep taking my money with no enjoyment involved. You have to let me win more so I could play more. Almost one year since I wrote in. Us old people need a little compassion. God Bless 🕊
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2 years ago, lallyoh
GSN games.
While I enjoy playing your games. I do not appreciate the way you change your games without any kind of notices. Another thing, you guys lower the number of tokens calling it ‘a sale’ that’s a bunch of hogwash since one spends more than is gained when buying tokens. Check out how many dollars I have spent with you. I’m sure its in the hundreds. And then the game where it was possible to win $59+millions disappeared off the screen and a new one was put up to where you could win $29+ millions on completion of the game. I had only two of the needed puzzles left to complete winning that game and enough time. It’s just not fair. I am thinking that I should leave GSN and go elsewhere. Furthermore I should be given that 59million+ tokens because I still had time to complete the whole thing but lo and behold it disappeared. Do something about false advertising. If I can recall the same thing happened with the first game and I didn’t complain but this time I have to.
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3 years ago, dayzee mae
OK are used to love this game until July 12, 2021 I went to Kroger‘s and got a iPhone card I put $15 on it all the money I had I I brought it home put it on my phone I had credit $15 I went and hit the button for $9.99 worth of tokens and it would not let me have it so it said it that my card was declined so I would like for you to put my $15 back on my card as soon as possible it’s not that right now because I did buy some tokens that cost$1.99 I think four or five of them but you can put the rest of my money back into my account also when you took my money from my account it made my debit card overCharge end it says declined so now I have to call my bank tomorrow and get it straightened out so I’m hoping on your end you can straighten it out or someone is going through all my bank $32 overdraft charge and it’s not going to be me because I don’t have a job this is a game that I only play and I love this game so I hope you can refund my tokens as soon as possibleIf you go through my account I have been using iPhone cards here lately so this doesn’t happen to me I am sure it does again so I hope you can get it fixed because I have no more money and I love this game thank you
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4 months ago, don’t want 1 wo
So sad and disappointed
I have loved gsn for so long and lately it’s has been so sad you can’t even login without a million that pop up, and not just once this happens every time you get out of a game, then every time you send me a bonus for the day or whatever it does not give it to me you guys have cheated me out of at least 3 million in just a week if not more this includes the bonuses I am looking into another game to play because can’t stand it anymore, how sad because I love gsn but it’s gsn that doesn’t like me I guess!! I use to love gsn play for hours but now get into gsn and can’t even play I’m off in ten minutes because you guys cheat me on my points and can’t play!!yes but what does gsn sending you a bonus everyday and you can’t get it! The bonus does not go through! I don’t think that has anything to do with luck!! But if it makes you feel good saying about some days you have luck and some days you don’t WHAT EVER!!! Do me a favor quit sending gifts that you do not intend on giving out!! It’s a joke and STUPID on your pat!!it has nothing about the games it has that you guys send gifts a Monday gift Tuesday and so forth well I click on it and I NEVER get that gift but whatever!!
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2 years ago, Ran94gers
Hours of Fun
The best part of this app is the high frequency of winning. It is easy to build up tokens without spending cash. And, I've bought millions of tokens for as little as $4.99 taking advantage of the daily bargain offers. Also, the sound effects and brilliant colors make these games a high sensory experience. The variety of games, from Bingo, Wheel of Fortune Slots, to Deal or No Deal Slots keep my interest and provide different scenarios within each game to make the game more exciting. I really enjoy the monthly puzzles and extra token rewards associated with Video Bingo. And I'm motivated to play the different games through the daily challenges. This GSN app provides me with hours of enjoyment with a minimum risk of losing. And I look forward to my daily bonus tokens just for opening the app. I highly recommend this app if you enjoy games of chance, revel in great sounds and colorful and realistic visuals, and excite in building up big bank accounts. Enjoy!
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1 year ago, RPSteelers
The best slots …. Very disappointing payouts
I have been playing GSN slots for several years I believe! This app offers the best variety of slots In the industry. Solid games that are as good today as they were when I started. And you are always coming out with creative new slots to keep things fresh. But despite all that, the GSN games offer less and less payouts. I have played Buffalo Slots more than 300 times and never see a bonus … Ditto with Mount Rockmore, which seems to a land on five bonus payouts but never the needed sixth. And Bingo … very, very difficult to cash! It seems impossible to win, which leads to purchase after purchase. I I know that is good for you, but is a lose lose for me. I cannot continue with the endless investment. In 2023, I will be trying other slot games that are far less attractive to me, but allow me to play endlessly without a purchase and that cash much, much more frequently. I would love to see GSN re-evaluate it’s games to make play much more fair. Love the product; just difficult to afford it! Thanks for listening!
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3 years ago, casinoplayer10
Millionaire machine
I enjoy the millionaire machine, it’s a time when you get enough tokens to play higher amounts. The problem is you run out of tokens and usually they don’t last one day. Then you only get them every other day. It gets tiring to wait for them and they are gone so fast. I cannot buy tokens, as that is the reason Yoru don’t want to give them out. I wish you would be able to have the millionaire machine keep running and not have to wait a day till they are available. I hoped you would make more tokens available through different games but no such ,luck. I will have to play something else. Even when you get the chance for the million you get 20,000. That last 2 min Hope you’ll finally going to find a way to give more tokens.i don’t have to add any information it says it all. I did not lose tokens I never get enough to play. The amount you give out does not give you enough to play for long. ThenMM gives out tokens that is not much to play with. I’m sorry to complain but feel you should understand the feelings of most people.
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2 years ago, Univera
I love the sight but I hate that I have to log in at least once a week I go there every day . I also do not like that we do not have as many prize balls and bonus ball when you play video bingo I don't like it that you added another card and you now don't get to see your bonus balls you just add them to the ones that you start with. I don't like the way you get your daily bonus either I liked the old way better. Then you added the puzzles and took them away in a week. I don't play as much as I use to because of all the changes. Now with the new puzzles once I get off the sight I have to start my puzzles all over again with #1. It does not save my puzzles so I can add the pieces I have earned when I want to. In February I played puzzle #1 at least 20 times because it never went to puzzle 2. It is doing the same thing this month which is March so I don't play much anymore.
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6 years ago, MsBlucher
Entertaining...And Mighty Purty, Too
Been playing here (on an iPad) for a couple years now and like it just fine: loads easily, rarely crashes or freezes, entertaining even w/o spending any $$$, good - increasingly great - graphics, and a wide range of games. (Especially fond of the new Video Bingo type which includes various tokens at the bottom of the card which 'float up' and earn you points independently of getting a bingo.) Only thing I don't understand is why, given all the time and effort they seem to put into developing/acquiring new games, they never put any of their new ones into the two-tiered four-game Daily Challenge, which only ever includes the same handful of familiar older games. I'm not saying make it ALL recent additions, but why not slide in ONE of your newer games every day - if only to get them some exposure and make sure us loyal but low-key players don't overlook 'em?
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2 years ago, Mrbreeze 55
Biggest Rip Off Game On The Web
This game use to be fun once it was first started. But the creator started getting greedy. It will string you along enough to get you to play and then strip you of everything. Also, found that right in the middle of a spin it conveniently looses connection giving you a option to continue or go back to the casino home page. Either way you lose your bet and the happens often. Not to mention it pops up for the million dollars drop game which occurs during your spin. All are designed to mess up your spin and you lose again. Rest assure they have gotten my last dollar. There are far better games on the web that a person can enjoy without having to buy more coins to continue to play. I have a suggestion to the creator of this game. You want to act like you are a casino, then when people win, you put money back into their account.
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3 years ago, chunx deluxe
Watch your chips!
I had fun playing at first - the graphics are nice. Leveling is fairly effortless during the beginning. However, that only lasted the first two days. As more machines open up and the max betting increased, chips began going fast - it would be nice being able to bet my max more than one time before losing all my chips, but betting minimum can be just as fun (just takes *much* longer to level-up). Thankfully, there’s daily bonus chips via GSN Casino FB posts. I only snagged a few bonuses before noticing the chips weren’t crediting. But I eventually found a winning streak on my favorite machine, Precious 777, but the machine would boot me off or the app will go offline and a message will say there’s been some kind of problem and all my winnings would be gone — I’d lose hundreds of thousands of chips at a time — and this happens frequently only when I’m on a winning streaks. I was considering purchasing a chip pack, however, after having my winnings vanish, bonuses not credit, and virtually zero chips left to play with, I changed my mind will likely delete this game and try something else.
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3 years ago, Pazzknow
Took games away
This is a fun app I’ve enjoyed playing for years. I don’t usually rate things, but can’t avoid rating this app any longer. I play a few select games that I enjoy very much, and am pretty frugal with my chips. Out of the blue, a recent update now requires many games to be “locked” until you reach a pre-determined level. It’s unclear how I was assigned my “level” but it gave me level 20 (I had almost 3million chips after over 5 years) and the game I play the most is not unlocked until level 25… I have spent almost 2/3 of my chips slogging through games I do not enjoy but am “allowed” access to, only to have gone up 2 levels; WTH?! That’s how a long-time player is rewarded- take away the game they enjoy and play the most, force you to spend hundreds of thousands of chips to move up one level because payouts STINK, and this app is NO LONGER ENJOYABLE. So for years I’ve looked forward to playing my game for fun and stress-relief after long work days, only to now have to “earn” my way back, losing 2/3 of my years-long accumulation of chips. Thanks for NOTHING. Not sure how much longer I will continue to even try.
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3 years ago, 746war
Token loss
I take screenshots of my tokens when I’m done playing at night and again in the morning because there has been discrepancies in the balances. I was down 345,967,500 tokens a few days ago and the response I got back from customer service was they couldn’t find a problem and pretty much accused me of lying. Watch your token balance because something is obviously wrong with the app and no one seems to care. This has been happening for over a year to both my sister and i and we get the same response that nothing is wrong. This was the biggest loss of tokens thus far but it is usually around 2,000 to 5,000 missing. Don’t look for anyone to care if your missing tokens. This review was from over a year ago. It seems to have been fixed. GSN games have been very frustrating lately. The games don’t pay like they used to and because of that it is no longer exciting to play. I had over 9 billion tokens a month ago and now I only have 1 billion 500 million. I can’t seem to win at any of the games. It used to be fun to play but not when you continue to lose.
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4 years ago, maddkat1
Not enough bonuses to play this game.
I love this game I have been playing for years but the bonuses are so horrible.i get maybe 1200 to 2000 every spin it’s not even worth playing. I have numerous other games that give was more bonuses than this game. Please give more coins so I can play and enjoy this game again. If not I will be deleting it from my phone and sticking to the other games that offer way more credits and bounces. Thank you for you time and I hope this helps in determining that there needs to be more incentives to play. This is an an update to my previous review. Now the bonuses are even worse than they were. I buy so many coins so I can play this game and now the bonuses are terrible for the last couple of times I have collected my bonuses they are 2,500 hundred coins. Hardly enough to even spin one time on your games. I am going to delete this game if my boy sees continue to be this bad and not spending one more dim of my hard earned money. I feel like I am being taken advantage of. Please look into this and fix the is issue or you will loose a lot of money from me I will delete this game without hesitation.
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4 years ago, ppiisseedd
What ever
You I found a way to get some free points from this game because they charge you real money to gamble but they don’t pay you cash when you win and in tip of that you buy points with real money and they got the machines odds set so tight it’s worse than a real casino I think that’s pretty cheap and criminal if you ask me so I’m glad I got billions of points from these crooks so they locked up black jack on my device but all’s you got to do is when you first download this app go into black jack it will take you through all different ways to play do the trick is do not play the last hand push the home button and then go into black jack again and just keep doing this I got billions of free points so now I’m deleting all GSN games off my phone and go to the real casino at least you can win once in a while and you can get cash back when you win
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7 years ago, Cinmik
Ok to play, but does not pay like before
I've been playing this game for several years now. It used to pay much more frequently and at much higher levels than it did before. I never pay real money for a game, as it is just for fun. It also takes a long time to download each time you want to play. They did away with the Ghostbusters game, which had been my favorite. Bottom line....I don't play it as much as I used to. Update 2 years later after above review: I stuck with the app because I do like many of the games. The default when you log into a game has a very, very high dollar amount default; if you don't catch it before you spin, you lose a lot of money. I am a conservative player and don't like that feature at all!!! --->Wins are fewer than when I did a review 2 years ago.....and IF you win, it is often a pittance of what you bet, so you don't really get that "winning feeling". Mind you, there are times you can spin 20 times, get a bonus round and perhaps win a couple million dollars, but it is rare. Very disappointed in the app.
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3 years ago, JRE-Cinci
Purely designed to empty your pockets
Similar to actual casinos, they use every trick in the book to get you to buy tokens along with pop-ups every single time you change screens. The “free” tokens you are given are paltry amounts and those with chance involved rarely pay off. The big win scenarios on the slots virtually almost never hit when you bet big but happen with more frequency when you bet small amounts so the payoffs are smaller. This matters because many of the games require you to bet big to even access the larger payouts. I don’t have a problem with developers making money on the game they spend time and effort building and maintaining so I made a fee purchases but paying $99, etc. is just awfully greedy as I’m betting most if not all of these are based on the real slot machine ROMs so a lot less effort was involved. I’m sure there are licensing fees but again, they money people are paying for fake money and minimal amusement is ridiculous. You are better off buying scratch offs or playing real slots.
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3 years ago, dooking ferret
This USED to be a fun site
Over the years on this site I have seen a lot of changes. When first brought out there was a potential for winning. This sadly is no longer the case. There were some wonderful slots that I loved playing. Then came the time when coders came in and started messing with things. When the machines would have a malfunction from others messing with the coding and it ended up getting worse you phased them out. Now about the only thing I play is bingo. Guests keep winning the progressives and why not? It’s not like they buy tokens to win the progressives, they just come in as a guest and automatically get a bunch of tokens. In the meantime I have an established account and used to buy tokens all the time. I’m done with buying anymore tokens and when I do run out of tokens I am going to become a guest so I can have free tokens too and win the progressives. That way I still get my tokens and you get screwed out of any money I would have spent for them. Sounds like a well thought out plan to screw yourselves in the long run. Way to go!!!
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3 years ago, SUGAR2848
I enjoy playing GSN casino slots online, however I really wish this app was much more generous with their coins to play with! I recently discovered my new joy from playing this Deal or No Deal WILDS casino game including the fiery 7, just to name my favorites, but it would be a generous improvement if players could obtain more free coins especially when the “free ads” are watched! I also think another upgrade should be some kind of a daily log in as well. This would be an incentive for all players to enjoy more time accessing this app! I’m still confused why more free coins are NOT obtained after completing the videos to receive your free coins!Speaking personally, I would log in much more than already do Improving this app with some of the ideas listed would greatly increase the amount of time including users accessing your app GREATLY! Thank you for all your time including your consideration with the improvements I have listed for your app...
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2 years ago, Blond Gran
Who is the dirty employee who removed Red, White & Blue 7’s game? I am loaded with points and that is my favorite game!! Will that game return or is my gambling days over? Look at all the money I am saving!! Christmas, my purchase could not go through when points was 280,000,000, next day my purchase was approved! You owe me 70 million points! Maybe you should fire your crew and hire someone who has customer service accomplishments. This old girl plays your games, highest credit rating, and money no problem, but I don’t like hip joints, and your staff needs to be fired! I spend more on points than you pay your customer service help! Bought points today and good Lord, why is it so important to do 1600% down to 1200%. It’s point to play your game and you have a captive audience, your no good today.
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5 years ago, ***47***
I enjoy playing your games. I do, however, have one concern. In your game of Duces Wild, your odds show for 4 wild cards (4 twos in this game) that you will receive 200x your bet. On August 10, 2018, I hit 4 twos, only to be awarded 16x my bet of 100,000(the odds for 5 of a kind). Is this the way you treat your players. Are y’all a bunch of cheaters? You need to address this situation and correct it. I am writing again about your Duces Wild Poker game. Once again I hit 4 duces on a bet of only 5000. In your payout, you state that 4 wild cards have a payout of 200x the bet. My awarded tokens was only 125,000. That was the payout for a wild royal. If you have no intention of ever paying for 4 duces, why do u put the odds in the payout? Apparently, you are willing to take our money when we purchase tokens to play your games, but are unwilling to abide by your own odds.
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5 years ago, Z1a26
Gorilla game. Rip off, Rip off, Rip off all of the games
Don't play unless you have a lot of money to lose. Every 30-40 spins you get something worth while and in the meantime you can lose a lot. Disappointing. 300,000 spent without as much as a bonus. REALLY. I keep giving this site a chance. Big mistake. They are not willing to even let you win a little. The American Buffalo game is just as bad. So advice, don't play unless you want to lose what you have. I hope everyone learns than GSN only wants all your coins. Just played their new game Gorilla and lost everything. In the course of an hour three bonuses and a total of 5,000 coins after I spent about 100,000 coins. Stay away. I can't believe that people play these games. Started playing Aqarium treasure and spent 2 million points. I won a total of 16,000. The more you play the less you get the bonus. I feel I'm going to get myself hooked on other games this website is a ripoff. Of all the games I play and there are many this is the absolute worst. Don't waste points!
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3 years ago, sunshine2651
How do I rate you? Let me count the ways.
Where is my free daily bonus? Yesterday was the first time in more than 10 years that I ever purchased fake money. And of course a problem developed and we are taking you back to the lobby where everything will be fine and you took my coins. I will never spend real money again. In fact I am going to delete my GSN casino app. And today, no BonusPlay. Three days in a row I didn’t get the daily bonus so I deleted the app. When I reloaded the app everything is locked. I need all of the games to be unlocked, and back to where it was. Don’t get this app!!!!! When you get this app, all games are locked and you have to purchase a lot of tokens in order to play the game to unlock them.
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5 years ago, Specialk712
I have also been a player for over 5+ years and the games are awesome to play but you just can’t win anything to get urself anywhere in the game. I get myself so worked up because I wind up losing tokens by doing the bonus plays. And it’s just getting ridiculous. I only have over 1,200,00 tokens and have been playing that long if that tells you anything. However, I did win the top Jackpot on the Millionaire Machine (100,000,000 tokens) but I got a new phone and lost it all. But somehow, my bonus games for the day are saying for me to bet 9,000,000 to win 100,000 tokens!!!! Where is the fun in that?????? Come on guys, it wouldn’t hurt to give a fair deal on those games. Most of the time I can’t complete because it just isnt worth it. Unless that’s how you’re going about getting people to purchase token packages. Not fun and just about fed up and finally deleting app off of my phone and just finding another app just as fun with better winnings!!!!
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1 year ago, Wish y brick
Annoying and Absolutely a waste of time and money
I’ve played this game off and on for 4-5 years. Maybe longer and every time I go to give it another chance it has been worse than the time before. 1. So many pop ups when you spin you can’t see the actual spin. 2. When an ad does pop up in the middle of your spin you have to hit the “x” icon to make it go away and this stops the reels whether you wanted them to or not. 3. When logging on or even changing between games there’s at least 3-4 more ads thrown at you. 4. You are forced to play some ridiculously stupid add on games like collecting pins. No option to pass on this. The pins pop up all the time. Every 4th or 5th spin. 5. Feed the bear or rabbit or whatever is either one you are forced to deal with. 6. The millionaire machine. Every time you hit drop an ad pops up and you can’t see the ball dropping. 7. If you do hit the center for 1M coins and lucky enough to hit the bonus “bowl” that moves back and forth below it will bounce off it back upwards and fall after the bonus bowl has already gone by. To sum it up. It’s the most annoying casino app from beginning to end. The app developers need to play there own game or get new jobs. I would fire whoever is in charge of game play. I can’t tell you how disappointing this game is. Keep scrolling if you see it. There are cafe better ways to waste time and money.
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5 years ago, Rizard12
Rip off
I’ve played this game for years, it’s gotten worse over time. It’s glitchy on the millionaire machine if you gave more than one drop saved up, it takes away the next drops by freezing the drop button. It’s free but to play at any higher level you will either need to by coins, or watch a lot of adds, most often you lose those coins quickly. Every few weeks you might have a winning streak, but be careful, the winnings disappear and customer service doesn’t give them back. I lost 9,000,000 and got back 500,000 as a curtesy. The just last night a won 47,000,000 Tolkens, went to the millionaire machine and it froze, went back to the home screen and 25,000,000 tokens disappeared. Ten minutes later the other 15,000,000 plus disappeared. They haven’t answered me but I took screen shots after the last debacle. You almost never get big wins, GSNs answer, take them back. If you bought those coins they’d have a fairly high dollar value, kinda like stealing, especially when they don’t return them.
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6 months ago, mrsdrbrule
Don’t waste your time
Worst app ever made. Games used to be fun but now it’s impossible to play for more than two minutes before you’re out of tokens. It’s impossible to win and if you do it’s only for 100 tokens on a 2,000+ bet. It’s ridiculous, a joke. Only reason for the five stars is so my review will be seen (although there’s plenty of horrible reviews as it is). My initial one star review is hidden (go figure). I’m surprised anyone plays this stupid app anymore. Also, what’s up with the bingo game? Maybe I don’t want to have two cards auto daub and of course, there’s no way to change settings. Y’all are a joke (a really bad joke) 🙄 please don’t bother replying with your stupid “it’s just luck, not everyone wins” template. Spare us all.
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3 years ago, Queenie1914
I have just recently started you games on a friends advise. I am enjoying but have not yet figured out the reward system or why I should gift other players, I have not chosen to play with or join Facebook. Thanks anyway. I already sent you these remarks. I like playing but do not intend to join with other people or Facebook. We do have choices. I rate your games well but have a problem to report. Late in May 2013 I attempted to purchase 75,000 points 4 times not knowing why it was not working. I never did receive the points your site did indicate there was a problem. I am now finally able to relate this problem to you. Can I have my points or refund my money which was deducted from my checking account. I appreciate attention.
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6 years ago, RWV54
GSN Games
Every time you update your app, you seem to increase the odds of winning. A lot of your new games have really crappy payouts that don’t come close to the amount wagered. On most of the games you’ve added in the last year, I can get a match on four reels and not even equal or even half of my wager. So I’m really particular about which ones I play. Also your daily bonus wheel is a joke! The highest number I’ve ever gotten is 5000, and that was only once. Most of the time it won’t stop on any number higher than 1000. And the Daily Challenges... I now wager very large amounts, and the payouts don’t even amount to a small fraction of my total wager for even one spin, so I don’t play those. If you paid out the challenges on a percentage of the wager, it would be more interesting. Bottom line, I don’t enjoy you app nearly as much as I used to, so I don’t play it as often as I used to.
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2 years ago, bet0702
Vídeo Bingo
Its frustrating me more than any other game! It used to be a lot of fun, now it’s become a disaster. I have been playing it for many years and really enjoyed it. To get the bingos especially two or three in a row is almost impossible. The initial bonus is always 2,500 or less. Rarely is it anything higher. What is wrong with you people. I’ve bought the tokens before but never again. It’s not worth it when you use these tokens you just bought and within minutes they’re gone because you haven’t won anything in the longest time. I won’t recommend it to anyone. I have to keep playing with very minimal bets so I can still see if I have a chance to win, but NOPE! The people who operate this game are not the same people who did it when I first started playing it a while back. There were more challenges but higher money given. I’m very disappointed with the game for sure.
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4 years ago, Jeskue
Thanks GSN for nothing I have spent more money on your game than any other game. I don't get the free wheel half the time & I haven't spent any money lately I've not won nothing!' And when I do win you take it away so fast. I can't believe you are now like the rest money hungry!!! I understand that you have to make money but there are a few of us on fixed incomes and so we can only spend so much. You were my favorite game I recommend you to everyone what a let down you have become. I can only give you 1 star at this time. Don't download if you think you are going to win a lot you might in the beginning but if you don't keep spending money you can forget winning. I hope to give a lot better review in the future you have games I love to play. Jeskue
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2 years ago, Mrjombi
Odds steeply against player
I had GSN a long time back and enjoyed it very much. Would have given it five stars. But the recent incarnation is lacking. I won’t comment on the slot games, I don’t play them. Boring. But when I play the card games I notice a problem. They are geared very much against the player, even compared to Vegas. Starting with video poker, in this version there is no chart telling you what each hand is worth, all you know is 2 are wilds. Yet funnily enough two identical face cards are totally worthless. And even worse two pairs is a losing hand! What kind of rigged game is this? In the blackjack game there is no option to surrender, a big house advantage. The sound effects are pretty lame as well, nothing except a coin sound. Finally when I open the blackjack game the starting chip was $50,000! I quickly bankrupted myself before I realized it was set that high. How about setting the default chip at the lowest amount and let us adjust that?
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2 years ago, missahattie
Enough is enough! Christmas is over. Let’s get a new bingo game. Ok time for a new bingo game again. March is over. St. Patrick’s day is long gone. Time for a new game. PLEASE! When are you going to put a new game up????? Game boring and not getting bingos. At least with different levels it makes it challenging. Again the above. Time for a new game. It’s May!! Now it’s almost the end of February. Come on GET with it. Get a new game. Here we are in July and still no new bingo game. I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there that need jobs that could come up with new games every couple months. Your going to loose your players. Well here we are Christmas time and we’re playing Halloween on bingo. Hire some help I’m sure there’s a lot of people that need jobs. We’ve had pet spa before on bingo. Can’t you come up with something new??? Boy do I agree with this person.
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