GTA: Liberty City Stories

4.4 (7.9K)
1898.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rockstar Games
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for GTA: Liberty City Stories

4.41 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Morphizn
Crashes on mission: Calm Before The Storm
If you don't skip the cutscenes on that mission, your game will crash. On the 2nd one, there is no avoiding the crash, which makes the mission impossible to complete, which makes the whole game impossible to complete. I have been trying for a decent hour trying to avoid the crash and nothing works. You can try anything but there is no avoiding the inevitable crash. I will give a 5 star rating when it is fixed because I still love this game. Once again, please fix the crash on this mission, as it is very annoying. Thank you Rockstar if you read this. *Edit: The bug has been fixed for quite a while, but I never edited this review. This bug is no longer an issue.
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4 years ago, Kerryoops
Crashing crashing crashing.
I am running the latest IOS for iPhone 7plus. I had no issues with “Calm Before the Storm” glitching or crashing, however after getting to the second island and doing a ton of missions, it decided to crash after I completed the last mission for Leon McAffrey and received a call from Donald Love to go meet him. The “D” appeared back on the map - then it mysteriously disappeared, and I can’t complete anything else. Only icons that are showing are the Church bell, gun shops and my apartments. I can’t even do the Church Confessional missions, the app just closes. So now I’m stuck with money and guns and nothing to do except drive around and listen to Reni talk about nipple clamps (not I don’t love her commentary, but still.) I saved my game to the Social Club slot. I deleted the app and re-installed it and still no luck. The game was fun and brought back the memories from when I had it on my PSP... now it’s just a big disappointment. I have no issues with bugs or crashes with San Andreas on my iPhone, but this game is so frustrating. I am giving three stars in hopes that this can be fixed with some kind of update and because the game is fun - until it crashes. Edit: Bugs/Crashes are gone, I am updating my review two years later but hey, why not. Five stars for a great nostalgic game!
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5 months ago, MaxxOnTheBeat
Amazing graphics, in settings bugs
This game is beautiful, from the graphics to the mechanics. It almost feels like I have this massive CPU on my phone; by how well the game is well run. However, there’s a lot of little/big things that need to change. For example, if the game is so greatly defined on graphics and gameplay, there should definitely be more in-game settings. There’s really only three options, besides the restore function. There should definitely be an auto save option. Which it definitely needs considering if and when this game crashes, everything you did 5 min prior to the crash, is non existent. Another flaw this game carries is when you fail a mission, you aren’t given the option to restart it, not even to your last “checkpoint” or a retry function. If you fail, you have to die, in order to get the taxi to restart your mission… and last but not least, the screen view position. How is it that your analog sensitivity is synced with the view position? I have to slide my finger in the center of the screen a hundred times, to get him to look 90 degrees. If I turn up the sensitivity, my movement analog then gets altered as well. That needs to change too. I think it’s something we deserve considering we have to download the app, than make a in-game purchase to play. Other than that, this game is 90% well put.
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7 years ago, ianaarongrapesryanivan
Beautiful Game
This game was really well done 5/5 with a great story, good characters, and intensely beautiful remastered graphics. I love the 60 fps which makes the gameplay amazing, the things that you can do in the game are endless, the outfits are really cool. I think the superhero outfit is suppose to reference the marvel superhero "Daredevil" because the outfit is mostly yellow which daredevil's suit used to be yellow, the outfit has a holster which sticks would fit inside since Daredevil uses sticks, the outfit has a letter on the chest which Daredevil has 2 D's on his chest, the outfit's mask has the mouth uncovered exactly like Daredevil's mask, the outfit's model is exactly like Daredevil's ,but except missing the horns, and Daredevil is in New York while this game is set in Liberty City which is coincidently based off New York. Overall this game is a masterpiece, it is better than GTA 3, and I recommend buying this if you want to experience what a masterpiece feels like in the palm of your hands.
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8 years ago, Minecraftlover1111111111111
Great game.
This game is very good if you own a new device. If you play on a iPad 2 or something like that it runs like garbage. Once you do the game you can do side missions or get hidden packages. Only one complaint is there is no multiplayer, on the psp there was and it was fun. Could free rom,race,and pvp. So in a update or even vice city story's you could add this in. Even if it is just local, online would be amazing, just playing that hunter mode or playing around. Can't wait for it. I would play that all day. Thanks for reading. That is why the Mobile games where so fun. If you had someone to play with you could do a lot of things, kinda like gta online. Bluetooth or even lan is great. Made them special for having a real multiplayer where we can move where ever unlike gta sa where your stuck on one screen and have to be near each other. Adds hours of game play to a already fun game.
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2 years ago, PopTartIV
I actually think this game is a perfect re-make of the original. I didn’t have any problems with it crashing except if I was trying to jump out of a vehicle that was on its side and I was up against the wall. And even then it didn’t crash it just had me stuck in the air and I could not do anything. But I went right through it beat it and started doing the little side missions in races. I do wish rockstar would go ahead and put out the remaining games they had in the past so we can play it on iOS. especially red dead pistols.? I think that’s what it was called. It’s the first in the series of red dead redemption. I want to say it was on a PlayStation 2. anyways this is a great game of beating the other ones they have redone now I’m lost without any more GTA on my iOS. Please add more.
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4 years ago, MiniPekka19
Mission Bug
I bought this game one week ago and everything went well until I start a mission for Maria or Leone. When I start the mission, the game crash, and one time I spend 10 minutes just to see if the game comes back to normal but not. I paid $5 just to play a game that crashes during the missions. I have to do the missions to unlock the full map and besides that, the game is not playable without any missions because it doesn't have a multiplayer option. I don't know if Rockstar Games is gonna fix the bugs in these games because I think they quit updates them and that's sad. They focus more on Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer updates and forgets about the games on iPhone/iPad/other androids. Hopefully, an update will come sooner or later, looking forward for any advice regarding how to fix this bug. Hopefully, they will add Grand Theft Auto Vice Coty Stories because that's the only GTA missing from the pack. Grand Theft Auto 4 & 5 won't be for a long year's, that's for sure. I gave 1 star because I want to get Rockstar Games' attention or anyone else attention.
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7 years ago, Bobaaganoosh
Great Port from PSP! Looks Amazing!
I remember having this game on my PSP back when they first came out. It was the first game I ever had for it. It looks even better on my iPhone 7. I really don't remember the game looking this good on my PSP back in the day. It looks reeeeallly good now on here. To me, this one is better than the original GTA 3. The mission are better, the graphics look good, and the characters are more likable. There's more side stuff you can do like be a care salesmen to make some extra money on the side. You can also change your clothes in your apartment. If you're a fan of the GTA series at all in the slightest, get this game. It's worth every penny. Now all we can do is hope they release Vice City stories.
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4 years ago, junebugg lu
Ima be honest I’ve played all the grand theft autos on computer psp ps3 Nd ps4 and the only real reason I’m actually impressed with this game is because of the graphics hands down idk how they did this updated but I feel like the graphics are better then ps3 and when I’m playing This game I literally feel like I’m playing a ps4 so I wana thank thank rockstar company for supporting real life rockstars with great games like this and I do pray in the future your guys release another rockstar bundle which would have the rest of the grand theft auto games such as vice city stories if not I’m hoping that there will be some kind of crazy awesome update that will ad grand theft auto vice city stories on to this bundle
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4 years ago, Brooklyn Reborn
A Great Substitution for a Real Driver
I am not a, Gamer, by any means. The last and only time I ever owned a Game Center was when Nintendo came out. And once I became bored with its function, I stopped playing and never went back. Until now. But with only this/these game(s). All the GTA’s have fulfilled a hole in me since this global shutdown, I have not been able to drive, which I did as for employment. I have gotten every GTA game out there played on my iPad Pro. There are some issues I have, but not bad enough to complain about. I do not recommend this game to anyone who has traffic rage. All I have to say is I’m am so happy I have a screen protector because of the times I found myself punching the iPad. Twice so far. Cracked the protector twice too. NOT THE BEST GAME TO PLAY IF YOU HAVE TRAFIC RAGE. JUST SAYING. BUT OOOHHHH SO FUN! I really look forward to the next chapter in this series from Rockstar Games. I would really like to have GTA 5 for the iPad. I thank you all who created such entertainment! It has helped so much through this World changing time. Keep them coming and I’ll keep on buying. Stay safe and Healthy. Rankin
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7 months ago, G13Buckets
The driving in this GTA is really annoying you try steering and some times it doesn’t do it for some reason maybe it is my phone but I don’t know but every else about the game is pretty good a little PS2 game in the The palm of your hand the graphics and pretty good too. They should lower the price on it tho a bit change it to like 4.99 I don’t know about 6.99 a bit expensive for the same game as GTA 3 so just lower the price for all more people with buy lower your price get some traction towards you guys. But over all it’s a good game just there is a problem with the driving.
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1 year ago, bradyking655
Best of the mobile ports
The controls in this game are probably the best. You can use auto and manual aim without having to go to the menu to swap between them, and you can also run with any gun. My only problem is when you fail a mission and have to take a taxi back to the mission start area, why can’t it be like the other games where you can just tap restart? Which brings me to another point: Why are these ports so inconsistent? This is the only one that allows both manual and auto aim at once, San Andreas makes you have to swap between them in settings, and Vice City and GTA 3 don’t allow manual aim at all except with rifles.
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4 years ago, lolo713
Happy I get to play these games on my tablet...
So excited that I finally decided to buy the GTA games bundle for my tablet. Nothing better than having the ability to just take my tablet out and start playing literally anytime\anywhere. Not sure why it took me so long to finally decide to buy the bundle seeing as the price is an amazing deal. So happy that I did because I’m loving every second spent playing. Thank you Rockstar games. Love the games you have blessed us with throughout the years. So awesome playing my favorites on the tablet. No complaints at all! If you haven’t yet just do it already and buy these games already! Your missing out if you don’t! 🤩
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4 years ago, fbydvdhshherh
Wonderful Work Of Art
When I first got into the GTA series, I set out to buy and play all the amazing games. When it came to buying the mobile ones, I didn’t have a PSP, and the PS2 ones are too expensive, so I looked into other options. When I saw that GTA Liberty City Stories was on IOS, I was skeptical of it, and thought the controls would be hard to play with, how I was wrong. It was amazing how they made the controls so fluent and easy to use, I just loved it! And that on top of the unbelievably fun gameplay and the top notch story, truly makes this one of the greatest games ever made! Absolutely no complaints! Incredible game!
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6 years ago, Brandonimobay
Fun game but frustrating
This game is extremely fun but still needs some improvements. A better check point system is a must. While on a mission, if you die or fail the objective, you have to restart from the very beginning which is a huge pain if you’re stuck on difficult mission. Another feature I would love to see would be custom controller button mapping. I play the game with a Gamevice MFI controller and it feels extremely awkward the way the controls function as it is. It would also be fantastic if the dev team could figure out some way to make the buttons more responsive but that’s really a controller problem. All in all though, it’s a lot of fun but could be made incredible with these simple touches.
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2 years ago, <(-_-)^
Driving bug for all GTA games except SA
So from what I’m noticing, is that when I drive a vehicle, it drifts to the left or right even if I let go of the controls, the car drifts to one of the two directions. When starting the game the bug isn’t present until a few seconds and these ruin the experience and the chances to complete the game with broken vehicle control graphics, can you PLEASE fix this bug for this game, GTA 3, and GTA Vice city? (Maybe check your other games for something similar like this) otherwise these games are not really worth playing? Other than that every thing is good except one of the key gameplays driving is just horrendous.
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4 years ago, Jordo80
4/5 great game play
The only missing star is the fact that this game is the same price as san andreas. There are some major differences between the two games. San Andreas had better mission movies and story line, longer cinemas, the ability to lock on to headshots at close range, the skills stat sheet that showed weapon skill and sex appeal, WEAPON OPTIONS... alot can be seen and felt in the ammunation... this one is gta3 style ... san andreas speaks for its self. The app is great it gets a 5/5 the game gets a 2.5/5. Very very similar to gta 3 so far, i am early i the game still but friggen A i shudda bought vice city. Plan is to burn through this dud and get vice city.
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8 years ago, Crossbreed Priscilla
Wonderful. Can't wait for GTA VCS for IOS!
GTA SA for IOS was Okay, but that was an extremely glitchy game. Though it was so big. This games world size isn't big and you can't swim, but what exists in the world is polished to the maximum. Wonderful cloud saves, the graphics are amazing. The iPhone 7 is a big upgrade in terms of power, so GTA VCS is going to be amazing. I'm sure with the power of the new devices, the next game will trample every other game. Plus vice city is my favorite area. Though please add a d-pad for directional controls. I don't like analogs and GTA LCS did good with an aim button but please add a d-pad like MCPE or something.
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1 year ago, Stevrev59
Awesome game
I never got to play LCS back when it came out and after recently playing and completing 100% on this game (as well as San Andreas and Vice City), I am thoroughly impressed with this game and I didn’t expect it to offer so much for having been a PSP game initially. But they made a full blown GTA game for this one and it is amazing. ROCKSTAR: WHY didn’t you make a Vice City Stories mobile port for iOS?! I am so bummed and saddened by this. Words can’t describe how much I love that these GTA titles are available to play on my iPhone. I just wish I could play VCS on it. :(
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3 years ago, HinkaDinkeDrukan
Hands down one of the best gta games in my opinion
This game has been nothing but fun for me. So far I managed to do a boat load of missions and they’re really fun to play. Yes I’ve had trouble doing some missions, but this might be the only gta game that I’ve played on mobile that I might just be able to complete the story for. The game is also fun with or without cheats. It’s a shame that GTA Vice City Stories isn’t available on mobile. It would be a helluva lotta fun playing that game. Overall Rockstar Games has not failed to disappoint me of the missions that involve shooting. 10/10
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3 years ago, Huugfrgj
After downloading the app for liberty city stories for iOS, it crashes every time I tried to open the app. At first it was a technical issue so I have to restart. After loading I attempt to open the app again and it still crashes. So I delete the app and download it again when I open the app it crashes yet again. Then I deleted it again and wait for a while to see it will work again. So the next day I download the app and open it and same thing as yesterday it crashes. I tried a few more times and it keeps crashes over and over and over again. I paid $6.99 for an app that crashes, I want someone to get this fixed or I want my money back. Also is there’s an app where you can play games on the digital keyboard.
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7 years ago, S@m77423
Runs like a dream😁⚡️🔥
To start this review off, I'd just like to say that this game is crazy fun, has great graphics, and lastly runs like a dream on my iPhone 7. It is constantly running a strong 60 fps, as advertised in the description. Although older devices may experience slight difficulties running this game, I would still recommend purchasing. The devices I would without a doubt recommend for purchase and gameplay are iPhone 5s, iPhone 6,6s, iPhone SE, and any iPod iPhone or iPad above those standards. Great job rockstar! You never fail to impress!!! 🔥💎🤘👌🤘⚡️😁🤣
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7 years ago, Karl Yonan
GTA's always welcome
First I want to say that I hesitated a lot before buying this game because what has been said about the game only running well on iPhone 6s or better but eventually I decided to give it a shot and man I got surprised! Never thought it would run decently on my iPhone 5! Surely when moving at high speeds it lags considerably but otherwise It's good enough for me. The game itself is obviously a classic and feels a lot like Vice City and GTA3. I have always wondered how LCS was like and it didn't disappoint, more GTA is always welcome! Rockstar, make VCS next please.
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8 years ago, RasSolo
Best version again
Yeah this plays way better than it did on psp and ps2 versions. Glad they rereleased this one and I can't wait for vcs. On a side note you can tilt the bikes with only touch controls. Wish sa had this feature since its a full game while this was a portable game (smaller). But at least it has my favorite car in the whole series, the hellnback gt. Get this one. I used to get lost in liberty city with this game. Back then it was very detailed with an atmosphere of the lat 90's. Stop reading reviews and get the game you won't be disappointed.
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7 years ago, MFCJ star
This isn't really a critique of the game story wise, but rather how it's been functioning. It's a great game, but i often encounter a specific problem. When I drive, whether on a car or motorcycle, the vehicle tends to drive towards one side instead of moving straight when I'm not pressing the directional arrow buttons. At first it didn't bother me, but it's become a nuisance that I'm asking to be fixed. Other than that, this along with the other GTAs on the App Store are all childhood treasures and a blast to play on my iPhone 7! Thank you.(I will rate this game 5 stars after the bug is fixed)
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6 months ago, 21st Finesser
Love this game but…
Don’t get me wrong I love this game a lot, However my problem about this game is the driving experience. I don’t know why they took off the feature where the camera slowly zooms out while driving a vehicle at max speed. The camera just stays zoomed at one spot while driving. I feel like I’m not driving fast enough when driving a vehicle at maximum speed. It’s like I’m stuck at a constant slow speed. So please rockstar, add the zoomed out camera affect on the driving
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6 years ago, ModusTollen
Please Add ‘Zoom Out’ Option When On Foot
Just like back in 2007 I remember how great this game is. Gameplay is easily playable. You can configure many things, however, the only thing it’s missing is the Zoom-In, Zoom-Out option when on foot. You can zoom out and in when driving but I recall the PSP version having that option when on foot. So please add that into the game because it helps view my surroundings better. I am not comfortable playing while zoomed in on his back. Anyway, GREAT PORT! Better than the original port for PSP!
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6 years ago, Dbsn12588
Beautiful game, but...
PLEASE, update this game to support iPhoneX/Xs!!! I see you guys updated San Andreas to support X/Xs’s screen resolution. Please do the same with Liberty City Stories. This game brings back so many good memories of my younger years... I see you guys don’t reply to any reviews (didn’t check all), it would mean a lot to get a response from you and prove that you guys do read and care about what we have to say about your game. I know it’s a long shot, but even if you don’t, I hope you guys at least update the game soon. Lastly, MULTIPLAYER would be nice...
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8 years ago, Isarito50
Pretty Lit (but a crash)
Being a GTA, it's phenomenal for such an old game. Of course though, not too old as currently it is the latest GTA released on the iOS, so there's more features, and it's probably about ten times better, so if you love GTA like I do and have all their games, then do get this, especially if you like GTA III, and even if you're not a fan, you should try it! It's pretty lit! The only problem is that when I get to the mission "Calm Before the Storm", when the helicopter lands on the building, it crashes.
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3 years ago, GIRLLL204679
Great game but...
First of all I just wanted to say that this game was the first game I played that honestly got me into video games. And everything in LCS (liberty city stories) is how I remembered, however the game crashes often and I mean often. Not that I have a huge problem with the fact the game crashes... but none of the other GTA's I got on mobile crash like LCS! Overall the game is just as I remembered sitting in the backseat as a little girl playing on my PSP and LCS would be the main thing I played. Thank you so much for reading this you wonderful person and have a great day!
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3 years ago, Shokouhi
Best mobile game ever.
I love this game it is way better then Three but on some of the mission they don’t load when you go to them it sits on a black screen then does not let you do the missions this mainly happens on the M mission. But if you have or have not played any other GTA and you are look for a upgrade or look to play your first GTA. This is a great Game it has clean driver amazing graphics and more. Vice city or San Andreas was my favorite game before but this game is better then both of them.
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8 years ago, lordthree
Calm before the Crash
Like others the game won't go past "the calm before the storm" mission. I've tried skipping the cut scenes a dozen times on iPad and the iPhone SE. Otherwise this game would be five stars. If they ever fix it I'll rate it higher. Such a shame because the game is excellent but most of it cannot be played [EDIT: after about 40 tries I was able to skip the cut scenes- the trick is not spamming on the skip arrow too quick. Give the cut scene half a beat to load before hitting skip]
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7 years ago, John Toscano
Terrible Quality, so many bugs and issues
Very rarely do I write poor reviews, but in this case I have to make an exception. Running an iPad Pro on iOS 10 this game is barely playable. I have weird sound distortion issues all the time, and the game keeps crashing during all kinds of missions and it doesn't save with autosave. I can't pass the mission calm before the storm because it keeps crashing every time I get to the second cut scene. I love this game so please fix this.
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8 months ago, cd5634
So far so good
I bought all your games I’m a huge fan of every game you release and this game brings back memories of playing GTA lll when I was youngster. I like it so far and you added motorcycles! And the graphics look revamped so 5 star but please if you could let us keep the games after being a GTA+ member but can’t afford to keep subscribing that would be a huge benefit and would be much appreciated by everyone I’m sure. Thanks
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8 years ago, Yarnell24
Great game! Plays smooth on iPhone SE
I have this, vice city and SAN Andreas all on my iPhone SE. I upgraded from a Galaxy Core Prime and what a difference the hardware makes for these games. It looks fantastic and I would say I'm in the upper 40's lower 50's for fps. I got this version on sale for $2 and it's the exact same game as on ps2 just like the others. Like I told my wife it's amazing that I can play the full ps2 game on my phone and enjoy it. Now we need GTA 4 ported! If we loose a little of the depth that'd be ok for 4 as it's a massive game.
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8 years ago, Rgthekilla
Read this NOW
Ok what the freak when that social club shows up it takes along time to skip and the game it's pretty laggy but I'm really looking forward an other update that can fix this issue because I know it's a small thing but I really would like it fixed soon as y'all possibly can But in leaving 5 stars because this was one of my childhood games on psp and y'all should know how much this game means to me so please fix this issue in begging y'all
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7 months ago, An1meshn1k :
Why the game is free to download but we still have to pay
I have no questions to the game it self but, Rockstar games why the game is free to download but, we have to pay for full version inside the game. I mean yeah the 7 dollars is not that much but like for a game you can finish in about maybe like 3-4 hours we still have to pay it sounds kinda unfair. Because I sure can pay little bit more in steam for other games I can play with friends or it will take me much longer to finish the game then in 3-4 hours.
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2 years ago, J Ambrose
My review for iPhone se 2020
I originally played this game on the psp back in ‘05 and I loved it it was brought back on the mobile platform with upgraded graphics and cloud save which Is a huge plus. Another great feature is the rapid load times it’s almost like it doesn’t even load at all the only issue I have is when it crashes but that happens on most games so I’m giving 5 stars
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3 years ago, garderate me
Rockstar please fix your app
Every time I play and I try to do the over dose Maria mission or any other mission my game either kicks me out or crashes it is very annoying and I am on the newest version of iOS I tried looking it up but it doesn’t show up rockstar please fix it it will really be a passion to me and to make me feel better that I paid $6.99 for this app and if you fix it it will really be worth $6.99 the story is great and the whole game is great but it’s just the crashes and the kicking out I I ONLY put one star because to make rockstar games see this and to fix the game with the crashes and the kicking out
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4 years ago, Elamtheslimgod
This game is awsome i loved beating it but when i deleted it and than downloaded it back i tried loading my cloud save but when i did it just crashed so i closed the app and tried again but the same thing i also deleted it and downloaded it back but still no luck also when you press the resume button it crashes
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7 years ago, poopsy duffus
Better Than Grand Theft Auto 3
I say it's better Than Grand Theft Auto 3 because tony Cipriani's story is better and he's the better character as well as being about the crime families themselves rather than a drifter trying to become a made man, there's more action, more blood, more gore, more highlights, more grit, and it has plenty of dry humor since it's based off goodfellas. it's a fun game, buy it now :), except for kids though, the series is strictly for the 17 and older gamers.
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1 year ago, R34l Me
Have a strategy guide ready if you’re going for 100 percent
The game is extremely faithful to the psp version besides the radio stations being cut drastically but if you’re going for 100 percent don’t count on switching between apps because this will cause the game to crash randomly other players Han that the game is solid the graphics are even the same from the psp version
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2 years ago, jonandashley
Brings me back
I played this game in the old days when games didn’t need perfect graphics. The best thing about it being on my IPhone is that I can play my Tom Macdonald songs while I play it. It’s great I heard if you have the keyboard you can put the cheat codes in. Everyone knows how fun that is after you beat the GTA games. Plus if you like this game you should love the GTA Vice city game on here as well.
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7 years ago, RealCountryDark
Warn!!Been Broken for Years Now!!
I bought this game a few years ago. It crashed on the mission calm before the storm preventing me from getting anywhere past the first few missions. I deleted it and hoped rockstar would fix the issue. It's been over a year and a half and it is still broken. It is pointless to buy this game unless you only want to play the first 10% of the missions. It baffles me that a big game company like rockstar still hasn't fixed this major issue after having years to do so. I play the game on a iphone6 plus so it's not my phone that is the problem. Be warned if you buy this game don't expect it to work.
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7 years ago, Saulio Bro
Amazing Game but.....
First of all this is an amazing game with all of its missions and features, I would also like to mention the awesome port with this game. It's just that a mission with JD has a problem with it. The mission "Calm before the storm" always seems to crash whenever a helicopter lands limiting us to missions for a while. I also notice that this is happening to everyone, not just me. I will give this game a four star rating and once the crash is fixed it will be a definite five star.
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7 years ago, Vodemotard
Great port
This was the first gta game I played which I originally played on my psp 1000 almost five years ago. I actually have never liked a gta game as much as I liked this one. While the game models aren't super amazing to look at, the gameplay holds up. Plus, the game runs at a much higher frame rate and resolution then on the psp. The only suggestion I have is that if you want to play through all the way, you get a Bluetooth controller.
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1 year ago, Crycass
Would love to see an M1 Mac support for this
Almost all other Rockstar games are available to play on the M1 Macs (with a controller of course) expect for this one for whatever reason. Even Chinatown Wars is available and that game wasn’t near as popular as this one. Rockstar, please just give it a quick update and unlock support for those computers. I would love to play this on the big screen like the other ones!
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2 years ago, Aaronmayer23
Best mob flick game on the app store but a bit pricey
I love this game and it’s the best mafia related game on the app store but maybe if the price was lowered to four or five dollars it would make it even a 100 times better but the story is amazing and the voice acting is surprisingly good for 2002. I recommend buying it but I hope that rockstar lowers the price because after it’s a 20 year old game.
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5 years ago, Wesley has VTEC
Love this game
I’ve been trying to play this game cause last time was probably in 2008 with my cousin on his PS2, I even thought about buying a console to be able to play since I never got emulators to work properly and when I discovered it was available for iPhones a few days ago I instantly bought, in love with the game and this time I get to see the whole story as well!
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7 years ago, KevinJCastillo
This is one of the first games I’ve been trying to play since I upgraded from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone X that works flawlessly. On the 5s the game would automatically close out whenever I was trying to finish the second mission and never let me play afterwards and could not get my money back. Well on this phone the game works amazing! Amazing graphics and no lagging what so ever!
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