Guardian Tales

4.8 (37.2K)
303.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kakao Games Corp.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Guardian Tales

4.81 out of 5
37.2K Ratings
4 years ago, yeetematee
This game is really cool
Like this game is deeper than I ever expected it to be and just has a ton of content making for hours of play. There is just a few problems in it. 1. The scaling in power is kinda off like in getting gold from the main base, it’s hella pathetic and a casual player will end up in the millions in like 1 week and the base only gives you like 60 gold per building even when lvled up 2. Very very minor glitches in the system like there is one part in a mission(4-4 or 4-5 I forgot) where you can forget to give the people a pass and you’ll never see them again even with supreme backtracking and it prevents you from getting all the star I think and I like to do thing perfect the first time around soooo plz fix;) and 3. The enemy’s. Sometimes their power can be a lil inconsistent like one time the mini boss can be taken down in like 20-30 seconds while other times it can take like 5-10 mins easy. With you dieing several times wasting hundreds of gems. With a only a ONE LEVEL DIFFERENCE IN THE STORYLIN3!!!!! Like it made me mad for a while but then I just became numb to it plz take the damage and health down like 15-10%and we’re good to go. But don’t even talk to me about the cursed books and cursed pillars or what ever. Oh and the last ghost boss can sometimes be a bullet hell type thing so yea love ya and keep up the good work guys I really love this game and this is my first review plz it I’d love to see some minor changes bye bye😁
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4 years ago, Instagram - Jadiahd
This game really starts off intresting.. Having u pick ur Character, as u start off the Journey 🙌 Starting Campaign like every other RPG similar to Mario “World 1-1”.. Soon or later u find friends offline & Online, inviting them to your party as u upgrade not only your self but your partied and your Hero deck.. TONS of equipments and weapons like bruh! “Swords, Bows, Lazor Guns into Lazor Swords, Magic Bows and Magic Guns”.. Its cool how the whole World 1 Campaign is about finding ur Lost Friend but u do meet enemies who becomes Friends, Friends who has amazing powers who will join ur journey as you start off with a great plot.. Its very addictive as the story of the game gets better and better.. You will LITERALLY travel across the world but rn im now entering world 2 ( Map 2 ).. Literally met someone who has dark powers who saved my life and now she’s gonna tag along.. Its a great connection with people who dont exist but it feels so real.. But again DOWNLOAD IT BRO 🔥 After u beat world 1!!! Ur lobby isnt the same anymore.. Instead of you just chilling at a fire place in the woods, your lobby updates into a huge tycoon where ALL your heroes “even your Character” will walk around, eat, sleep, chat with everyone in the town as u buy buildings, and treat them like your a mayor in the city.. Again!! Can’t change your character, and become one of the other heroes? So don’t forget to download this game! Very, very, very well done 👍
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4 years ago, Jelly_Sauce
Much better than expected
I was bored one day and was browsing through the AppStore when I saw this game. I thought it would be a run-of-the-mill, pay-to-win, ads-every-5-seconds type of game, but thought the gameplay looked cool so I thought ‘where is the harm in trying?’ The tutorial does a good job of explaining the game and story. You don’t need to pay your life savings, an arm, a leg, and 3 close family members to get 3 measly gems- gems come very easily, allowing a paying and non-paying player to have similar gameplay. The addition of simple yet entertaining side quests really helps spice up the gameplay. The Heavenhold ‘base’ takes a bit of time to understand, but it isn’t too much and doesn’t impact the gameplay heavily. One than that surprised me(in a good way) was that THERE ARE NO ADS!!! That really set the game on a much higher level tha almost every game currently on the AppStore I only have 1 complaint and a simple way to fix it. The first time I summoned a character, I got Lucian, a quite powerful dark attacker, and with items I got a 5-star two-handed sword that basically let me sweep through the all of world 1. To fix this, I suggest putting a level cap/limit for summons based on the world you are currently in. Other than that, this is a great underrated game that I highly recommend!
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3 years ago, sumrando13
Fun but very inconsistent difficulty holds it back
The early sections of the game are very fun and don’t rely on gatcha or strategy like a lot of other games do with more emphasis being placed on positioning, story, and a usually fun collection of puzzles and mini-games especially because you’re level locked to ensure some level of challenge is preserved. However, this level locking makes some of the middle world’s areas are disproportionately hard to handle, and this especially noticeable with some of the bosses having some rather annoying abilities, but this isn’t a major problem till world 10 and 11: 10 with a boss right off the bat that you have to solo but if you prep the right hero you can make it through with minimal effort, as for 11 the missions are a bit tricky but are manageable it’s the combat areas you have to beat to access the next mission that seem to have been very deliberately designed to basically unbeatable unless you exploit a mechanic that really hasn’t been explained or been relevant till now and then there’s boss who’s attacks do way too much dmg and don’t give you enough time to dodge even if you have her specials memorized as the exact time of when they go off isn’t exactly set in stone even if their order is especially considering the insta-team-killer attack in the second phase and if that wasn’t terrible enough the boss’s health bar is so ridiculous that it will mean you have to put up with that for about 12 minutes.
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4 years ago, Michael9154
Devs really care about the game community
Wow this game really blew me away in terms of the quality it offers. The gameplay is fun, the script and references are funny, and all the character art, weapons, and attacks are amazing. The gacha system can be frustrating after pulling so much and getting pretty much nothing, but I mean that’s just what happens with these kinds of games haha. Eventually, you do end up pulling some heroes/gear that makes it worth it. The end game is pretty grindy after the story finishes, but I honestly don’t mind it. If you join a guild, join their discord, and grind together, it does make the game a lot more fun. But the best part about this game is probably the dev team behind it. It is so obvious how much effort they are putting into this game. They actively listen to input from the players and are always keeping us up to date on their plans. The recent dev note was very transparent and addressed a lot of issues players were having. There is also so much new content in the works that being part of the game right now just feels pretty exciting. The facebook event with the coupon codes was a lot of fun and i’m excited to see what new content comes out. It just shows how much the devs care about the player community, which is not something you get very often.
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4 years ago, Souyl
Good but has many issues that need to be fixed
The game is good. I wouldn’t say its great but the content is very enjoyable and top tier. The content is put into a very unique route of puzzles. That’s one of the things that make the game stand out. However what I am personally experiencing as a player who completed World 7 and most content in the game is that there are issues that need to be addressed such as lack of stamina and awakening materials. I think these two are the most critical ones among the many that I have personally experienced. End game is heavily dependent on PvP. In order for the game to continue to flourish at least some of these issues need to the addressed because it prevents the players to enjoy the game to its full potential. Due to the lack of resources even though I have units of the highest tier from gacha I cannot raise them. Furthermore with the lack of resources, this makes me have no incentive to summon for newer units. Why? Because even if I managed to pull a new unit, there is absolutely no resources to raise them. There has to be a good balance between the f2p and p2w. If resources weren’t so scarce and the game is made more f2p friendly, people are more willing to spend. I purchased things in the game but that is because I enjoy it but moving forward it is very difficult for a person who has spent and is progressing in the game to continue spending if these issues do not get addressed. I hope to see this game be successful in the long term.
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4 years ago, A Classic Gamer Reviewer
The Game that shines in mobile games
Hi! This is mainly my first time doing a review, so I decided to do this game because the game is very interesting. This game is by far one of the few games that has no ads and it’s a amazing thing. I’m used to so many ads that this game really helps after a long day. The fact that there’s a interesting story and way to do puzzles is a really good and fun idea, and the tutorial is short but effective. I would give it 5 stars but there’s a small problem that needs to be fixed, one of them is lack of XP, Awakening Stones, and gold, the resource dungeons doesn’t supply enough of those items to really help a character near the end game, the game strongly pushes towards multiple combos of teams but we can’t do that if we don’t get enough resources form dungeons, what I suggest is to add a quick loot button or double the loot gained from the rift dungeons, finally why do healers have a limited amount of heals to use through the dungeon? This game gets crazy tough near the end and the healers limited heals are a little annoying because a lot of people die due to the enemies high attack, now I’m not saying that limited heals is bad, but what I would do is like reduce healing by 50 percent, but have the heals slowly regenerate over time. So yea this game is amazing, but if you made it a little more f2p than that would mean a lot to the many people that adore this game!
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3 years ago, AndeGib
A mobile RPG that stands out among cash grab duplicates
I love this game. I play a lot of rpg games and mmo’s both on mobile and pc. The main difference is that rpg’s on mobile typically aren’t able to keep my attention, are duplicates of each other, are cash grabs, or have me invested in stories or even have any builds you could try. This one has all of that (minus the dupes and cash piece) plus the benefit of being able to have multiple things to do. In addition to this, you don’t need to spend money to have fun (though it can speed up the “power increasing” process) and the devs had responded immediately and fixed a bug right away when I asked about it after an update. My one complaint is the stamina. I wish there were more ways to get it to actually do these events. I understand this is to probably slow down the speed runners/extend the grinding process as well as get people to pay for stamina or use their diamonds (I think for 250 stamina it costs about 1,600 diamonds which aren’t toooo hard to grind, but require activities that require stamina being used 90% of the time). Other than that, I love the game despite stamina complaint, while I can live with it, I would love for the devs to consider some adjustments.
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4 years ago, robotnine
Absolutely fantastic
This game is so good, it’s amazing, I’d even go as far to say it’s almost as good roblox mobile. It’s really good and it’s probably one of the best mobile games I have ever played since mobile roblox when it first came out or near there. You guys really just made me go wow. At first, when I saw the ad I was like “oh look another boring game being advertised” I decided to download it after it look some what good, and when it was done, boy oh boy weremy expectations of the game were blown off the charts. I literally played for days on the game and I have made to world 4 it 2 days. It’s just amazing and spectacular. Although as every thing, it has it’s flaws. But beyond those flaws, is a very very great game. I’m honestly surprised it’s not 1# in editors choice, game of all time, and what we are playing this week tabs and ranks. Also saying it’s up to roblox and even Minecraft, all though like Minecraft over every thing, it’s still up there. I never make reviews very often, let alone giant ones. And when I when I make reviews I they are most likely a mad review I made while being mad. But this game is so good I just had to break the barrier of my standards to make this. This game gets a sss++ in my book. Thank you for your time.
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3 years ago, Voidihaha
Best gacha I ever played
I played easily hundreds of gacha games in my life from noname titles like Tokyo ghoul darkwars up to big names like one piece treasure cruise and everything in between but this game is different. Just the story alone gave me so much emotions I even cried at some parts ( I never cried in any gacha games before) you feel the story of the characters and the world so much it makes you summon for heroes who aren’t even meta. This game has everything from live pvp to coop, guilds, events, active community..... The rates are normal gacha style so very low but you can get the characters just by playing it and using the items you get just for summoning. The game has of course his negative aspects too its very grindy and it takes time to max your characters and your teams which I personally don’t dislike I like to work hard for my heroes because when I am done the feeling is even better. I hope they never stop with the game it’s the best gacha ever with one of the best peoples behind it who are making the game every patch more exciting and giving us free gems. Thanks for reading. PS: i Hope you make more pvp stuff for the future like capture the flag or tower defensive stuff.
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7 months ago, Stooblime
When I got this game, I thought it would be a soul knight ripoff but it’s actually like, WAAAAAAAY better than soul knight! The events are so awe inspiring and I love the way the combat flows so smoothly and gently! I would be willing to bet this is the best mobile game ever created. One of the best parts, ITS NOT PAY TO WIN! All you have to do is learn how to stock up on in game currency and spend when you really need to! The difficulty is incredibly challenging and a bit hardcore after world 9 but with the right setup, I’m sure you can all do it way better than I ever did. The hero’s are so amazing! Not just because of their art style or design (even though that’s also amazing and high def) but because of their storylines and gameplay! Each and every hero has a storyline which is just so amazing! I never expected to love such a small part of a game! The only downplay to this game is the gacha mechanics. Sometimes it’s a little tricky to get what you’re looking for when pulling gacha, but it’s worth it when you get the hero. I hope this message got out tk all of you amazing people out there. Ps, if you see this kakoa games, plz leave a note. GOODBYE! DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!
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3 months ago, A Random Kid With A Opinion
10/10 game
This is the best gacha game I've ever played: the summoning & pity system is incredibly nice; the story is integrated incredibly well with the gameplay instead of boring visual novel dialogue for 10 minutes and then unrelated gameplay. There are a lot of bugs due to how often the developers update new characters and world, every few weeks theres a new character! The puzzles require thought and after world 9 the battles become challenging but it is incredibly worth it for the satisfaction of beating them and progressing the story. The developers are incredibly generous, making it easy to get millions of gold and a few thousand gems for summoning along with many maintenance rewards or rewards for bugs along with so many rewards for just completing the story and other game modes. There are also so many references to popular media and many funny scenes. I probably sound like a bot with all the praise but i’m just somebody who's been playing for over a year and has had nothing but a good experience (aside from raging over extremely difficult enemies!) I cant believe this game is free and made for mobile devices wow!!!!
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4 years ago, TheGachaGuy
Yea, we’re gonna talk about summoning in this game. I’ve played every summon/gacha game out there. This game is actually kinda nice with giving you a free 3* after a certain amount of summons. ((Only Once)). Don’t expect to get another one that’s for sure. Spent around $150 so far for nothing but duplicates. Now duplicates aren’t bad in this game but to get them constantly is annoying. I’ve pulled two 3*’s and they are the same character. They have a mileage system but you have to spend $320 ish just to get 1 single character or weapon. Also don’t expect to use the team you want since none of the followers can use weapon skills. So you have to base your team off Airborne, Injury, and downed states. However, overall the game is impressive. The way the world is intertwined and the multitude of well written characters and their stories are all stunning. The team here did a fantastic job! If you want a fun game to play on the side then it’s addictive. I’d recommend not to spend money unless they fix something’s. Shouldn’t cost $25 just to do one 10 pull. They need to fix the amount of money that’s needed for mileage. It’s appalling for mileage to be $300 Should be $200. If someone is gonna spend that kind of money on a Mobil game. The rate for 3*’s are fine but I can’t express this enough, $300 for mileage is insane.
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2 years ago, BigJoe the Big
Great game
I absolutely love this game, with its great storyline and the interesting puzzles. However, some of the maps get very repetitive, sort of taking the fun out of it. Also, it is sad that there is a noticeable lack of resources for character/hero advancement later on in the game. I love the art, and I’m really into “collecting” all of the characters from the gacha, then raising all the 5-star characters that to max level. However, because of this lack of resources, I find it hard to even level them up to level 62-63 ish, much less limit break and advance the ones that I mainly use. Other than this, there are a few minor bugs that do not really affect gameplay. One, for instance, I forgot which world it was, makes it such that players are unable to backtrack to an area (missing pass). I think it was in world 2? If the devs would somehow fix even just the lack of resources and repetitive puzzles, I would be overjoyed to get back into the game - you sort of get burnt out after a while playing the game like it is right now. I do also believe that a lot more players would be attracted to this game should the devs do so. Anyways, thank you for reading this insanely long review, and have a great day! :)
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4 years ago, jvhrhdhurrrrrfgujvxssvhjnnvvy
Wow omg 😱 it’s like the best game I have ever played in 5 years like o m g!
Ok so I love it 😻 and try it and if u don’t like it I don’t know how your momma raised u so plz show ppl this because I’m about to get real ok? Ok here we go.. I love this game because it’s super cute deep smart it is however for 13 year olds so yeah ! Carful if your not 13 u might learn some new words... so um 😐 yeah... AND this game is so fun but I DONT like how if I ask for help on the chat everyone ignores me so that’s sad 😔 😢 😞 but even if nobody is listening I go to my guild and there we are all friends and if I get mad at the game ( which I rarely do cuz it’s the best game I have ever played ) my sister helps me calm dow and if you are an only child or an orphan the u can talk to your mom or friend or just someone who you know and I could go on and on about how much I love this game but words can not tell you how much I love this game so just try it yourself and see please oh and I want more anime of this game I can’t find any anime of this game so yeah thank you for listening and if you just skipped to the end SHAME ON U I JUST POURED MY WHOLE HEART ON THIS IT TOOK AN HOUR TO WRITE SO I AM SO HURT 😭 😞😢😔😢😢😢😢😓😓😓😥😥😥😥😰😰😰😵😵😵😵😵😵so yeah BYES! 👋
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4 years ago, Nate Sketch
Awesome Game
I have been playing this game for a little over a month now and all i can say is wow. This game has awesome pixel graphics and also terrific graphic art for the characters. I love the ammount of content which is always being put in the game very consistantly. Besides the awesome story, tremendous references and easter eggs i would also like to talk about the developers. Not only are they kind but also listen to their fans. They constantly look for feedback in the community and work on it, they also have great contact with their community by informing players whenever there is maintenance or an update. The game itself is fairly challenging. Not too challenging though where you would break your device in anger. I feel that it well balanced. There are also weekly giveaways and other little gems you can find daily in your mailbox that keep the players motivated to continue. All of this while also being a gatcha game! The microtransactions aren’t IN your face and the game can be won without investing a single penny into it. All in all i can safely say that this is one of the greater games on the App Store and i look forward to continue watching this game in its success.
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4 years ago, ajmaster1
Would recommend to many
This game is a very good app game for what it is. This game is fun for people who like a good game to pick up and put down at will. Stages feel fun as you play through and there are a lot of fun references to different games and movies as you continue to play through a pretty interesting story. It is an energy game but energy is rarely a problem. I’ve never had to stop playing all together because I was out. I haven’t shelled out money into it yet and I’ve had a really good experience so you don’t have to pay to enjoy it either. The game is fairly generous with the “real money” currency so if you are patient you can save enough for most things. In game gold is a little rough at times as later in the game things begin to cost a lot and it takes a bit of grinding to get but with how abundant energy can be, you can set the game to auto battle gold quests to get more. The power creep on enemies can sometimes skyrocket on you as well so auto battling becomes a bit regular thing at times. All in all this is a good game. It has a few rough areas but it still has kept me entertained as they continue to add to the story.
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3 years ago, HarmlessBeast22
Last update really hurt the game for me.
This game is really cool and I have been playing for quite a while. Before the latest update, I had over 4,000 stamina without spending a dime. Never spent any real money and earned it all by playing the game normally. After the latest update, my stamina will cap at 3,000. Okay, that’s fine. It’s mildly annoying, but it’s not that big of an issue. What is a big issue is that if your stamina exceeds the amount of 3,000 (I have 3185 and levels require only 10-15 stamina to play so it will take a while to use enough stamina to get under the new limit) you cannot get any mail of any kind. Even if it isn’t stamina. The devs give everyone free gems after a patch or at the start of a new season? If your stamina is over 3000 the game will not let you have those free gems. To explain this further, let’s say that the devs gave everyone 10,000 gems for free that went to your in-game inbox. They never would do that, but what if they did? If your stamina amount exceeds 3000, you cannot have them. The game will not let you have them and it is frustrating. I earned that stamina legitimately and honestly. Why does it feel like I’m now being punished for it? I can’t be the only one who is having this problem.
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4 years ago, TitanKat
Best Mobile Game
This game stands out from the rest of the games on the market due to solving one issue I see in most mobile games: breaking out of the monotony of solely focusing on combat encounters, day in and day out. The combat in this game is simple, straightforward and fun enough, but the game shines in putting various OTHER things to do other than the combat: whether it’s hunting for secrets, finding collectibles, solving puzzles or looking out for NPCs just to hear their quirky and fun dialogue, this game breaks out of the blandness of a typical gacha game. Most mobile games nowadays are all about the numbers and not about the passion of making... well an actual game with heart. This game feels like ACTUAL human beings made it rather than a quick cash grab like the other big titles on the market, feeling like the original 3 Zenonia games at times (a time period in mobile gaming I do miss greatly). Definitely recommend for a fun mobile gaming experience that’s also F2P friendly and has a team that likes to listen to their community. Haven’t been captivated by a mobile game ever since I quit investing time into Battle Cats, and this was what finally caught my eye.
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3 years ago, DJ slither
It’s Amazing!!!!
Honestly this game is just really really fun I never feel like I was under leveled or my weapons were not doing enough damage I always had a ton of fun and yeah so many different characters does take a while because you need to grind crystals but it’s honestly really good so yeah I’m giving this game five stars (there’s only One real complaint I have to say about this game and is that the hit boxes are way too big see if there’s one mini game where you need to go through you know lava and honestly it’s pretty easy but at the end it does get hard because they put you on a narrow path and yes I know you need to be careful but your hit box is so big that yes probably just hit the fire without even being that close to it it’s the same with a couple of other different mini games I even did a test where I ran by a tree and I was on the side of it yet I somehow touched it even though I wasn’t even that close to it so yeah that’s really all I had to say but I hope you enjoy the game and these are my opinions so if you don’t have the same problem then I guess it’s only me)
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4 years ago, Ed Hann
Other ways to get exclusive weapons
All in all, this game is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played in terms of story, gameplay, and so on. I know the main way of getting things here is through the gacha systems. But, I personally think the rates especially for the weapon gacha is too low. I think that if there was another way to get exclusive weapons such as specific character quests that you’d have to do to get it or some other way, it’d make it a lot easier and balanced to obtain them. So far, I’ve rolled the weapon gacha around 7 times and haven’t gotten any exclusive weapons and it’s pretty discouraging. Maybe another method for getting exclusive weapons could be a similar way to Crusaders Quest and their SBW (Soulbound Weapons). Although they have a SBW gacha similar to Guardian Tales, they have another way too which is through ‘evolving’ old weapons with different materials. There are specific old weapons like the old sword, old hammer, and etc. When evolving it, it randomly turns into a SBW of that weapon class ie. an old sword would turn into a sword SBW. I think that this is another great way to get exclusive weapons without making it too luck reliant.
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3 years ago, scorpionportal
This game is so fun and cute but…
First off, i loooove this game but there are some major flaws that i feel could be better. First off, the gacha system. This system is so ridiculously horrible and its basically impossible to get a good hero or weapon from the gacha and not buying it from milage. Second, the amount of female heroes is so drastically high to the male heroes, and most male heroes arent even good. Third, the heavenhold tower is very difficult, like the stages where you can really only use a select few of characters (especially the one where you can only use akayuki…), Forth, the game gets kinda boring if you cant beat a level and you can only build your character. Fifth, the costumes are so expensive when they dont even do anything besides look cool. Sixth, the super costumes are impossible to get without reaching pity, and you’re really unlikely to get the one you want or the one where you actually have the character. Seventh, getting diamonds is a slow and painful chore since you can only really earn the most from world levels, co-op, or arena.
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3 years ago, nouseforaname1234567890
Boring after 2 weeks
This game gets boring after 2 weeks. After you reach world 10 the enemy’s become over powered and not fun. It would be fun if you didn’t have to spend hours grinding away in the same dungeons just to get 1 or 2 unique evolution stones a round. 40 to evo. means I could play the same dungeon 40 times just to evo. my character just a little bit. Everything is to expensive, 100 gems is about 1$. One 10x summons is 2700 gems is 27$ a pop. Wasted real money a few times to get gems and get nothing. The past 600 summons I’ve done I’ve got nothing new or exciting, just get stuff I already have that doesn’t help. Mileage takes forever to get something cool, but their should be another way to get the unique characters/weapons. I’ve spent a bit of money on this game and get diddly squat because I can’t choose what I want. I have to summons and pray to god this game actually gives me something I want or exciting. If you want to play for free and spend days grinding the same dungeons over and over than this game is for you. If you want to actually pay money get nothing and still have to grind the same dungeons over and over then this game is for you. The games not boring it’s fun, but when I spend hard earned money and get absolutely nothing it makes the game awful.
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4 years ago, Scariuy
Good game but questionable messaging.
Don’t get my wrong, the game is well made and satisfying with solid story, GUI, art, and gameplay. But I’m really confused with the weird messaging going on. It feels like the creators of the game are trying to force some weird political narrative in the game and it makes me confused. They are apparently super anti twitch streamers and also anti-liberal. I don’t really care what their political beliefs are I just really wish they weren’t in the game. There’s this in-game event called succubus cafe and the premise is running a dream cafe that helps its patrons feel better. It’s a cute premise, but it gets really weird. In the world, greedy twitch streamers steal the life essence of their subscribers and brainwash them until they die. You have to kill their subscribers to advance in the map. Also, for a quest you’re required to tell a group of dancers that they need to eat meat and dress more scandalous if they want to be successful. Some of their voice lines include “I don’t think suits can express our liberal souls” and “We’re kind of sweet herbivore kind of men”. If you don’t tell them to become carnivores and dress different, you’ll get the message “The performance was a huge failure.” It made me really uncomfortable and confused. I just wanna play a cute RPG can it please not include political messaging?
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10 months ago, combo8593
I have a suggestion
This game is one of the best on mobile and after beating world 11 and struggling but still beating world 12 I was hyped to play world 13-World 16 but I always wondered why can’t you play as your party characters in the main story stages and you can play as them in just the passages or levels where it’s just multiple battles in a row. I want to use my ascended Craig and to be ascended Fei, Karina, And Elvira. You can put your first character in your party in the cutscenes and have them in battle in the main story stages. Usually through worlds after world 12. The knight is going by himself or with someone else and if your going to make the players party characters playable during main story stages. Do it like how you did with world 11 where the players first character in his party goes with future princess to get to the top of heavenhold and when a battle starts the other characters spawn to help the player fight. Just a suggestion but in other words this game is otherwise from this, perfect. Thank You 😊
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4 years ago, Shadoxas
Good but not enough
So the game is wonderful, very fun and I love all the new heroes. However I think there should be more of the 50x summon events to keep people in and keep playing. Arena still needs a bit of fixing and personally I think we need another way to earn more gems then just mainly doing pvp. It is already hard to earn through pvp and I think maybe if we had a PVE coliseum with tiers would be an ice way to earn gems. Like going up a tier rewards a bit of gems and gets higher and higher till max tier. Also the summoning is fine however adding in new hero’s every two weeks is a bit much, doesn’t give us enough time to even get the hero we want. Like today only being given 3k gems wasn’t enough to get anyone a good unique hero, and today the future princess came out and everyone has been wanting her. However, the lack of gems is the problem. I know it’s supposed to be gatcha, but seeing the previous events like the 50x summon, I think we should get more of those. It keeps it fun and players interested. As of now, it’s hard to earn gems and guild raids takes forever. I still love the game and will continue to play, just wish we could get more gems or more 50x summon events.
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3 years ago, Knut nite
Unrecorded World parts 1 & 2
Fun writing, likable characters, no annoying ads. This should have been a 5 star review, but the difficulty curve becomes a wall at a certain level (unrecorded world passages), after reaching a point in one of the final levels for the main story (season 1) Enemies become absurdly tanky, AI teammates are ground to a pulp in seconds, and several enemies have instant kill attacks that reset the entire level. After becoming so invested in the story, leveling my characters to max and trying to find useful combos I’m beginning to dread every new level to the point which I just want to delete it. Even while running the current meta build the final levels feel borderline impossible and have left a bad taste in my mouth. It feels like the devs said “let’s make it unfair for the fun of it” and frankly after coming this far in the game it just pisses me off. I genuinely wanted to see the story to the end but I doubt I will after struggling through “Unrecorded world 1” to then find there is a second part to this awfully set up segment. I feel like there’s nothing I can do to beat this other than leave my fate to RNG and roll for only Light heroes that may or may not be in the monthly rotation…
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4 years ago, duckc0
bad rng/ summoning, p2w and luck based
My brothers and I play this game, and I have uninstalled it because of the poor summons I have been getting. My brothers and I are on pretty much the same level in this game, and every time we have summoned they usually get unique heroes and the unique weapons. However, after many 10x summons for me, I haven’t gotten anything. I watch them pull Vishuvac, Lahn, Marina, and some other weapons all in maybe 60 summons while I get nothing unique. When I did get unique white boxes in other cases, they were always the sub-par heroes. I’m put a severe disadvantage because of this... in pvp I stand no chance against anyone, and in the normal storyline things take a lot longer to complete than my brothers who have rolled everything good. After many 10x summons in a row, all with the orange chance sticker, I had expected at least one to contain a unique weapon but none of them did. This game feels too luck based or p2w on this huge aspect, because if you summon nothing good like me, the game will inevitably sharply decline. The main reason I found this game even remotely good was for the summoning, it would be cool to summon good stuff. However after summoning so many times and exhausting almost all of the gems I could get but getting nothing good, the game just started to plateau and decline.
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4 years ago, mediocreghost
Amazing !!!
I’m really blown away by this game, I downloaded it because it looked like a cute pixel dungeon crawler but it’s sooo much more than that. I’ve played many many RPG on mobile and this one by far is one of the best ones I’ve played. There’s no auto feature so you don’t just sit there as your character fights, which is something I despise because it gets boring so quickly. I’m excited to play each new level because there’s new characters to interact with, so many side quests with nice stories and they give you plenty of gems/costumes for free basically. I’ll definitely be spending some money just because I want to support this game and the wonderful developers behind it. Please give it a try if you’re like me and have been searching for a game that keeps you interested without forcing your wallet open for progress !! I even read the main story instead of skipping it because it’s actually interesting and it’s usually difficult for mobile games to offer this much free engagement. Thanks for the amazing app !! 🖤🖤
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3 years ago, ForeignnXForeign
I have downloaded at least 25 different gacha games in my life of searching for the right one and I have never been so much more thrilled to find the right one, Guardian Tales. This game is BEAUTIFUL, story is perfect, side quests r funny and amazing, combat is fun and simple, characters r lovable, EVERYTHING is amazing about it. This game is perfect, i love how a lot of things r well and thought out and it has a story to everything that happens in the environment and nothing is bland, the characters and npc r interactive and i just feel like i’m apart of the game instead of just feeling dead doing the same things over and over again, i hate reading storylines bc they r boring and i hate doing side quests but this game is the only game where i enjoy doing either of those things. I have never had more fun in a game like this and sometimes i wish it was even on console or offline playable bc i would not be able to get off this game. This game is something else and plzzzzz plzzz just give it a go.
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3 years ago, corgi wizard
Ima big fan
I played this game before deleted the app then suddenly remembered it this is the best game in history I have smalls note book full of stuff about this game you can have fun in guilds pls remove the curse words tho people use them a lot and say inappropriate stuff pls remove it I love this game so much hard work so much time to play I play this for hours and hours even for days if I could I know why you removed bot cause people probably said bot to other people back then but I don’t know anther words that mean bot like bot stuff or is it spelled bout the weapons the characters the evolution but pls make bigger chat so you can fit more than 60 words and pls stop 5 letter thing cause I cant chat with my friend In roelplay please make this game even better also pls fix the shield glitch it pretty much makes enemies so hard to kill I have to quit then I’m not sure if the glitch is gone or not pls fix the shield glitch I do so little damage to the shield glitch on enemy’s Byeeeeeee
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4 years ago, DghdhjfNickname
Give it Half an Hour
Half an hour is all it took to get me hooked on this game this game has something for everyone. You can tell a lot of love went into this game, with all the work that went into it almost feel bad it’s free. One of my favorite things is the fact that stat’s aren’t based on your costume(skin) so you can just wear whatever looks cool to you. Weapons have different strong attacks so you can build your character to your play style, you can customize the size and positioning of the D-pad and action buttons. You have choices that effect your moral reputation, several side quests, puzzles, and very engaging story with plenty of twists, this game needs way more love than what it’s getting. And based on all the customization, fluid controls, console quality feel, and the fact it’s free, I didn’t even hesitate giving this game five stars. This is one of only four games I’ve ever given five stars, don’t you think it deserves a half an hour to try it out for yourself?
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3 years ago, Joseph Shaher
Account retrieval
So I’ve played this game before, a while ago. I’ve made much progress with the account that I used to play through the game and made it pretty far (can’t remember what world but it was in the higher-ups). Long story short, I had deleted the game not long ago for reasons, and recently I decided to download it again and play it. However, upon downloading it I was never given the option to sign in with an account. Instead, I was forced to play through the entire prologue just to simply access the sign-in option, and when I finally got access to sign in, the account email that I previously used didn’t work for some reason and I was given a level 1 account. I am certain I used the correct email, however I still decided to try again with either the same email or a different email. Funny thing is, to try to sign in again, you have to delete the game and play through the entire prologue again just to get the ability to sign-in. Please fix this issue as a simple 1 minute solution to my problem should not require me playing the entire prologue and going through all the waiting.
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3 years ago, offbrabd
Just really solid game
I played guardian tales and wow is the graphic story and gameplay solid. This is probably the best mobile game I’ve ever played. It’s probably the first time I’ve spent money on a mobile game and I think the game is good enough to justify it. The game isn’t completely skewed towards whales, as although spending money will get you to the top, f2p players can get to the same peak with time and have potential to be plenty strong without cash. Cash allows for players to get new gems for gacha which doesn’t completely mess up the balance of power between whales and f2p The only problem I see is that after you play most of the story and hit a roadblock, you just sweep dungeons and play for a small amount a day. It would be nice to have content that has more gameplay or some more storyline to engage in that lasts more than the 10 min I play this game a day. It probably is a little too much to ask for but if the devs pull it off, the game would reach new highs.
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4 years ago, Doom Craftnic
Great Game but One Idea
Its so hard to find anything bad about this game, everything about it is amazing, its easy to get the 10x summons which leads to the excitement of getting new heros, but my problem is the fact that i leveled up heros so much but when i replaced them in my party i had to grind a LOT of Exp for the new heros in the exp dungeon! And this game supports the idea of having mutiple parties of hero combos but i think if your gonna do something like that there should be a way to reclaim levels of exp from a hero to spend on another hero even if it cost 100 gems each time or something, i was going through the game fast which is fun for me but when i hit the exp wall from changing characters from one to another i liked more i hit a really thick wall and am constantly crawling through levels barely making it through, i think this hero level reset mechanic would make quite and improvement to the gameplay and should be added in the future. I rarely write Reviews on games so if you could reply what you think or your opinion on the concept/idea let me know with a reply!
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4 years ago, Skdjwjdjedkwnfkwjd
This my first 5 star rating ever
At first I thought this game was going to be a hella rip off of Zelda. That was my first mistake. Here I am over a week into the game and it’s amazing how in depth the game really is! I honestly don’t have anything to complain about with this game, but if I were to try to give the creators some sort of tip, I’d suggest better rates for purchasable items in the game. Some things are simply asking far too much money when after a few days of gameplay it’s not even necessary. This goes with the variety as well, I understand with each update your going to sponsor the new heroes and their weapons, but I myself love to be able to backtrack and have options with the older weapons. If you can open another option in the store like a flashback Friday it would top the game up even more! But with this said, everyone who created this game did an amazing job so thank you for the time that was put into making this game better than the thousand others in the market!
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3 years ago, Dhdududb
I’m glad theres going to be a future knight and all but it’s not really you. If you chose female then it’s you if you choose male then it’s not. Why make a future version and not make both male and female? Don’t say it’s my story it was never my story the second I choose the male knight. I’m still going to play the game to see how things turn out. Maybe you will add a future male knight costume but it will never be the same as getting a whole character and art work. If you want the female knight to be the main character all you had to do was make all of us female knight. Nobody would have had a problem and I would have never made this. I would be looking forward to this new character but now the only thing I have is hate. This game went from a 4 star to a 1 star. I think the worst part about this for me is I loved this game I was always hype when a new story or event come out and was always trying to get my friends and brother to play this but now I just don’t care to even say this games name. I never talk about because of this dumb thing you have done. Never give the player the choice to be male or female then make a “future” character where they are aged up and not do one of the two genders because ones more canon.
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4 years ago, Pajaiwjbdiskla
Good Concept Ruined by the Grind
I really love the concept of the game, the gameplay matched with gatcha is similar to dragon’s nest, however the exploration, lack of auto battle, and diversity in combat makes it more engaging. However, the amount of effort you put into the game is not matched by the amount of rewards earned. Despite farming for hours upon hours over multiple days, I’ve only been able to perform 3 multi summons, all of which had trash pulls. The amount you have to micro manage your team and base can get really annoying, and the constant exclamation marks signaling that you can upgrade this or that can get tiring after a while. I had high hopes for the game but I only got burnt out while playing it. Ah, a couple more things, please for the love of god add a static movement stick that appears wherever you place your finger on the left side of the screen. Also, please fix the collision with walls when using all direction movement, I often find myself unable to run through one block gaps because my character is slightly moving towards a wall and freezes up.
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3 years ago, Allsopman
This game is so great
Guardian Tales is one of the best games out there. It has tons of fun, enjoyable gameplay, hilarious pop culture references and humorous situations throughout, lots of entertainment with consistent updates and new content, and several long-lasting endgame systems to keep seeking and working towards. The early parts of the story are easier to allow players to learn the game and systems, but there are some definite challenges later on that feel very rewarding to complete. It’s a gacha game, so there is some random chance involved, however, the rates are much higher than most gacha games. And most importantly, you get plenty of free currency in game that you don’t need to make lots of purchases in order to have fun and keep pulling for the characters and weapons you want. Overall, a phenomenal game with tons of entertainment value and is still putting out good, new content to keep it fresh. 5 stars all the way and absolutely worth a play.
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4 years ago, Roxy1013
I love this game but there is one MAJOR problem
I absolutely love this this game, it has amazing art and characters. But the major issues is that its too unbalanced. For example im maxed level at level 66 and im at the boss. The boss has attacks that don’t make sense. An area attack that one shot me? And and attack to quick and has a massive hit box too the point where you can put me 10ft away from me and guess what. It one shot me again. Another thing is that the tanker does not make sense it has the same defenses and has worse offensive then my second weakest. And one last thing. You make the hit boxes of most the enemy attacks to big. You can’t tell me that its fair to have a incredibly defensive enemy with fast speed and massive hit box to attack, and yet again, one shot me. And what? Have them attack in groups? If i get close to some of them they instantly attack with no warning like *snap. I can be running around next to one of them and blink *bap , ded. Please at least nerf them and make the game less grindy were i have to wait an hour just to get enough ex to level up one character by one level.
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4 years ago, Waifufu
Amazing game with slight glitches
I absolutely love this game. There is so much content that makes this game great, and a very engaging storyline. Getting gems isn’t to hard, and making your characters stronger isn’t that confusing and is quite easy after a few times of doing it. The only issue are a few bugs that I have seen. Sometimes certain NPC’s can take up a very large amount of space, even though they are tiny. It can make navigating around large groups of people hard. The main issue is sometimes the game will soft lock in an infinite loop of the game trying to connect, and the only way to fix it is to reset the entire game, which puts you back in the beginning of the map when you go back in. Only a few internal game issues, but other than that I give this game 10/10 for gameplay, story, and character design. The only issue is that some very quirky and unique charachters don’t have their own art portraits. Other than that, perfect game.
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3 years ago, Jnios
The gameplay, the story, the joy, and the sadness
This is one of the best game that I have ever played. I would even compare its story and gameplay to Horizon Zero Dawn, which is also an awesome game. The quality of its story is very wholesome. There are so many hilarious references to the past or current events. The art is very friendly and amazing at the same time. The gacha system is very generous. You can become top player even if you are free to play. Of course, it will take quite some time to get there but if you are active in the game. Only few months, you can even compete with few whales in the arena or in the colosseum if you are skillful enough. Furthermore, the storyline is such a wonderful piece of art that will let you experience emotionally such as the humor of NPCs, the backstory of certain “heroes”, the playful adventure, etc. You have to try this game at least a week in order to gain a better understanding of what I have said above.
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4 years ago, Ben Schwabauer (SirMighty).
Insanely Great Game!!!
I downloaded this game just because I was curious as to if it would play well. I’m so used to dumb Idle games and RPGs that lack so much because they’re mobile games. However, Guardian Tales surprised me! I love the playability and controls. YOU get to control where your character goes and YOU get to solve the puzzles on your own. No holding your hand through this game! If you want a comparison the game feels like an old pixelated Zelda game but with newer graphics and a highly updated system. However, this game is of its own kind. I love that it introduced me to the world and let me get a grip on it just to throw me into a new experience after beating the first world. It feels like a fully fledged game and not just an app. I also love that you don’t have to shell out your entire life savings just to progress! I haven’t spent a dime yet and I have a lot of cool items and heros already. All in all I’d say it definitely deserves champagne bottle, meteorite, and confetti emojis. 🍾☄️🎉
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4 years ago, IstisVayn
Mooncake gm here w my opinions
Game is great. Story is amusing. I never play games for story lol and this grabbed my attention. Devs did a fantabulous job. Is it p2w? In top tier arena kind of. The good thing is they give you enough stuff to actually match top tiers gear, the cost to you will be time. Eventually u will reach their level and gear but it is possible. At the start they give you plenty of materials to build a solid 4 person team. Use it wisely and don't random evolve if you don't understand the item values in the game yet but don't hoard too much that you hurt your progress. Exp gets scarce so chill with just ur four person main team. Play it like monster hunter and be cautious and not to greedy with an extra attack and you will do great. A matched unique hero with an ex weapon of theirs will be stronger against one without. Anyways miniguide for new people. Game is great and fair. Try it now while they have free hero summon event! May God bless you all, i ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
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3 years ago, MintyPepperoni
Love the game but...
The concept is amazing, the storyline, the graphics and all the characters! What I really enjoy though is the Kamazon shop but that’s where I feel could use some improvement. Items can’t be repurchased which I think could be solved by replenishing said items after a time duration. Also a huge issue is the purple coins. After collecting all the coins from each world there is no other way to collect purple coins which leaves the other items in Kamazon shop unable to purchase. If there was a section in the Rift that allowed your winnings to be purple coins from certain world that would be a huge benefit to utilize the Kamazon shop to its fullest potential. Mainly because if you want players to continue to enjoy the game for hours the purple coins allow us to purchase coffee to keep playing the game but without other means besides waiting hours to play for a few minutes or spending money then it takes the fun out of it.
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4 years ago, yetanotherjk
Play for the story, suffer through the PvP
I’ve always loved old-school sprite graphics, and this game handily delivers on that in beautiful, colorful 60fps glory! For a gacha game, the developers lavish players with free currency, and are responsive to player concerns. The gameplay is fast-paced and challenging without being overly frustrating, and the story sequences are witty and hilarious. The ONLY reason I can’t give a top rating is because of Arena. Character balance is horrific, and the matchmaking system is godawful. A generous amount of weekly free currency is awarded via this system, however, so prepare yourself to just deal with it. Get in, accept your wins/losses, and get out. I personally just close my eyes and aim randomly when I join a match, and pray for it to end quickly. But try not to let this one system ruin the experience! The rest of the game—including the gacha implementation—has a surprising amount of polish to it.
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3 years ago, Cap'nFluffy
One Tiny Flaw
Overall, this is a pretty great game! It has fun puzzles, a neat story, and lots of additional quests and stuff to keep you busy while you get your characters strong enough for new levels. And unlike some other games, this game is not super difficult to progress through if you are free-to-play. One suggestion I would have is adding different pronouns depending on what gender you chose for your Knight at the beginning of the game. Kind of weird to be playing the female knight and have every single dialogue refer to my character as a guy. It breaks the immersion of the game quite a bit and is such a simple quality-of-life addition that would allow me to better immerse myself into the story. And since a lot of my experience when playing games is based on how immersive it is, it can make this game really hard to get into for me. That’s really my only criticism though. If that were changed I’d give it a five star rating! It’d also just be a good way to get more female players, expanding your market appeal.
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3 years ago, Jae@lly
Very good game loving it but...
This is my very first time writing a review to a game. I have been playing this game for about 5 months now and absolutely loving this game! Very nice graphics and cute character designs. But there is one thing that I have a problem... I am no-spend money player like some from many that has hard time with world 11. Since the world 10, it feels like the game have pay to win... I love this game and it is hard for not money spenders to but the stages. I had hard time going to through world 10 due to increased monster levels and I my heros couldn’t catch up to it. This was fine due to using diamonds to revive constantly. But in world 11, there is revive limit of ONE. This only means that we need to spend money to but world 11. This makes unfair for me and other no money spend players. My party can’t last long to defeat the monsters. ONE revive limit is very tough. Please consider revive limit to maybe three. This revive limit is the only issue that I want to point out.
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3 years ago, A Fellow Honest Gamer
A must-try game!!
I’ve never reviewed before, but this game is so good I felt urged to do this. This game has one of the most well-written, immersive stories for a mobile game. It’s packed with emotional moments, and it isn’t afraid to introduce dark elements into the story. The gameplay is diverse and enjoyable, with many uniquely styled characters that you are bound to love. The game is enjoyable to anyone who loves great stories, rpg games, and gameplay that switches things up here and there so you don’t have to play only one type of gameplay. You can tell the devs really empathize on quality. The gameplay has a mixture of great games, packed with puzzles and combat similar to older Legend of Zelda games. They also have gameplay that is reminiscent of Fire Emblem (though this is much later, at guardian level 100). Definitely give this game a try!! It won’t disappoint!! I think it is one of the best mobile rpg games out there!!
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3 years ago, jumbodeer
Gacha god
Out of all the gacha games I’ve played this is by far the best, good rates, actual fun story with good dialogue, and an amazing aesthetic. I used to see ads for this game and thought it was a bad game but playing it changed that idea so fast, there is so much content, like it’s sometimes hard to decide on what to do, many towers to scale, side events, awakening mission and etc. The only thing I dislike is how long it takes to awaken characters and evolve them, it takes about a week to evolve them fully and another to awaken them. They need to make awakening quests available for 5 times a day instead of 3. Also the buildings should give way more gold. It’s pathetic how much they give. But for the summoning currency I feel like there are so many ways to get it which is amazing. Just needed to write a review because this game has been one of the best mobile experiences I’ve ever had.
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