Guess The Emoji

4.5 (34.3K)
167.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Conversion, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Guess The Emoji

4.49 out of 5
34.3K Ratings
3 months ago, Sophia potatoes
Amazing game but only 1 problem
I am addicted to this game and I love it so much! BUT there is 1 problem that makes me annoyed when I am playing: TOO MANY COMMERCIALS! Please fix this problem because the commercials happen every time after I finish guessing 1 thing and trust me it gets worse and worse every time I play the game. Well I was reading other reviews and most of them were about the ads/commercials playing a lot you guys said you would make a cheap no commercials thing but other kids like me don't have any money to pay for the no commercials. So can you guys please make it free? But other than the commercials thing I LOVE this game! (Please read this I used a lot of time to write this review and I don't want it to be wasted and I mean the app developers to read this) You guys don't even want to know how many times I have had to rewrite this whole review!😔
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4 years ago, MuseMusic1
Fun game —- BUT. The ads come in the middle of games, and you claim to have the option of watching an ad for 10 additional coins or just moving on with no ad for 3 coins. I click to just accept the 3 coins because I don’t want to watch a 30 second ad on a game streak, but I’m still forced to watch an ad. And then with only 3 coins given! It breaks the fun flow of the game and there is no option to get rid of the ads completely. Every game has the option of getting rid of ads. I will have to delete this fun game if we can’t get the amount of ads under control. It’s way too many ads. STOP THE CONSTANT ADS, PLEASE MAKE AN UPDATE. Plus, the ads are for games I already have... which are NOTHING like what the ads are showing. There is a bad trend of fake gaming ads going around, and it’s puzzling. If an advertiser things the games they promote are more interesting to a viewer than the actual game, then why not make the ad the actual game? I thought false advertising was illegal in America? Guess not. Anyway that’s my rant for the day lol. But ***STOP THE CONSTANT INTERRUPTION OF GAMING TO PLAY AN AD. Stop it please. You are ruining the game. UPDATE IMMEDIATELY!!!!! ***
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4 years ago, fake dani
It doesn’t give you all your coins if you get off the bonus or any other why to get coins but it’s still awesome. Thx so much you keep me busy all day just guessing. Maybe you could make some a little bit easier because I spend two or three days guessing or just getting coins.i give you 5-1= hmmmmmmm.......4 so hope you read this delopers because this took my entire night to think of and I hope you fix the things.😁😁😁also can you put the daily reward on for the whole day I sometimes don’t get it because I don’t get on it at the time it gives it to me.😝😝😝hi
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4 years ago, chicky🐥🐥
Good for all ages
Ok so this is a great game it is just like the ads say it is good for waiting in a doctors office or being in the car and it is good for all ages but there are a lot of ads they are ads that are appropriate for younger kids but the thing is there are so many even if you press that you don’t want to watch an ad for 10 free coins it makes you watch one for no rewards also an ad pops up after almost every level you complete Over all this game is fun and every game has a flaw I think the people seeing this SHOULD get the game but just for a warning lots of ads thank you! PS I have only had this game for 3 days and I feel do addicted to it so get this game if you are looking for a hobby or just for fun thanks PPS I have heard people say to make it easier please don’t it is fun when it is hard
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5 years ago, tjamlover
5 stars cause this:
This is awesome and I can’t believe you came with a game idea with this! You got to Guess The Emoji! I mean you get to* ok well anyways, I appreciate this emoji experience, one of the best emoji apps/games ever invented so I give you a, 1 star, wait no, 2 stars, ahh nah to weak, 3 stars?, nope to simple, 4 stars maybe yeah?, wait no gotta find something higher than that, hmm let’s see if you take the 1 from the six then you get.......,hmmm........, Oh yes! 5 stars! 5 stars completely awesome rating! Yep, wanted to give you the best rating yet! Here are my reasons why!: 1, I love guessing emojis, 2, great experience with no lag and hints! 3: S, u, p, e, r, G,r,e,a,t, G,a,m,e,! WOO YEP IM HYPED UP! Welp there’s my reasons why! I L.O.V.E. This game! Welp, thank you developers read this review, please do I wasted half of my time 😩!
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7 years ago, ❤️Daniella❤️
I ❤️ it!!!!!
This game is so fun, and easy, (the more you think about it the better you'll get.) I just started this game for a second and I'm already on level 2!!! It's such an addicting game. Whenever your board play this game it will really relax your brain it's so fun to play once again. Go Dowland this app right now and rate it a five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ please go and rate it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5 Stars) 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 tell me what you think about this game by using the hashtag ( # ) #Daniella❤️ I want to see everyone who has this game go rate it a five star to make #Conversion,LLC a better gaming System!!!!! ( NOBODY TOLD ME I HAVE TO DO THIS, I JUST LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH) make sure to get " GUESS THE EMOJI " to 200- 7 Billion people playing this game!!!!! Thanks for reading!!!
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5 years ago, CarieFitzi
Fun game but way too many ads!
This is a fun way to pass the time but half of the time spent playing this app is spent watching ads! There are ads at the bottom of each board - which is fine - and the option to watch ads or videos for coins (which are then used on hints & cheats); this optional ad watching is OK too, because you at least have the choice on whether or not you want to sit through annoying ads for coins or try to solve the puzzle yourself. But after you complete a few boards/puzzles, you’re forced to sit through a 30 second ad in order to continue. It’s ridiculous, especially in earlier levels that go quicker. I’d rather buy an app outright personally, but I won’t waste money on a developer who thinks it’s more important to bombard players/potential customers w/constant ads. There are plenty of apps out there that don’t do that; I’d rather pass time using those. Next.
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4 years ago, euly102
When you first start to play, it’s a decent amount of ads, but still bearable. After you get to a certain level there are so many ads it gets annoying and makes you not want to play the game. It gets so bad that an ad will literally pop up in the middle of you solving a puzzle and interrupt you. Smh also everything cost you watching an ad. How can you call something a free gift but make me watch an ad to receive it? I’m pretty sure if I have to do something in order to receive my “gift” it’s no longer free nor is it a gift. The game is fun, but please fix the ad problem. It literally makes the game lose its integrity. If making money off ad cent is the most important thing, develops an app where users just watch ads all day and get paid to do so. I think that would be fair for all parties involved.
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How fabulous is this app?!
I LOVE THIS APP. My friend and I are really into the Netflix show it was based off of, so I am in love with it. As a kid, I don’t understand some of the movie references, but the Emojis are pretty strait forward, so I don’t have much trouble. I also have seen lots of reviews saying that there are too many adds, but I only get like one every 7-10 minutes. That’s pretty good, considering some apps have one after each and every game. I love your app, and will certainly continue to play it. I suggest this to everyone, it’s so addictive for people who love word games. All I ask is to maybe add some movie ones that a kid would understand, like Disney. Thanks!!
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5 years ago, chahl
Best Games Ever😍😍
This game is so fun! I have only had it for 10 minuets maybe, but still!!! It will start you out easy but other then that!!! Best game ever!! I will totally recommend this games to anyone how likes emoji’s! So people may think guess the emoji games are for girls, but I disagree! The makers of this game have created it for not only girls but also boys! I think the emojis are proud because of this app and the makers of it! If you are a person out there who is looking for a game and just need’s some time to relax, then download Guess The Emoji!!!! 😃😃❤️❤️❤️ My favorite part of this games is that they use emojis that I have never seen before like for example,🗄 Did not know these were filing cabnents
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6 years ago, final boss simp
I really like how there seems like there are endless possibility’s and I also like how in the middle of the app it doesn’t just say “Rate us!” because most games I have would do that but also this game is really fun. I really like how u can do best of 2016 and 2017 but the first one for 2016 was pretty challenging and I had to use a quick solve because I couldn’t figure it out (answers at the bottom 👌). But overall it was a really good game and no I’m not finished with it I literally just got it yesterday , lol, but all I’ve played was really fun! Thx! (The answer is Pokèmon Go!)
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4 years ago, Cutiepie2442princess
I love this but...
I feel like since I am a kid these are way too hard for me if it’s for adults say that!! I always ask my parents and they know right away and I only know 1% of everything in this game can you please make it a bit easier for kids and if so keep my progress could you do that. Ok it’s almost midnight so I’m gonna love you the heck alone well I hope you get this and I hope you lasted this long cya in the morning because I am super tired sorry bout this stupid message at 11:50 o’clock but I will see you later I hope you enjoyed my presentation. Love, won on your players
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7 years ago, SNHDTdancer
This game is one of my favorites. There are so many games like this one, but none of them are as good. With lots of games, you have to use soooo many coins for a hint, but the only way to get a bunch of coins is to buy them. This game is completely different. You can get coins really easily and the hints don't cost that much. Also, lots of games are so addicting, but frustrating. This one is the opposite. It's addicting, but I don't ever get mad at. The only problem that I have with this game is there are so many ads. But, overall I love this game.
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5 years ago, puppydancer45
Awesome game! Only one flaw...
This game is so fun and addicting! It has so many challenging levels that you can play with your family, or by yourself. When I first got the game, I was addicted to it!! I played it everywhere. The only reason I can not play it all the time is because of some of the adult movies, and phrases it puts on the game. My mom has had to explain some movies that were not appropriate for me yet. That is the only flaw to the game.... other than that, this game is so fun and I recommend it to everyone!!
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3 years ago, lea thryr
Awesome 🤩
So honestly the reviews for this game said that there were so many ads but honestly there isn’t that many I mean maybe it’s because I’m playing on a phone but overall this game is amazing some of the questions are kinda tricky but it’s super attractive in my opinion, and this game is free, but I don’t get how you have to watch a 30, second add only to get 19 coins?!?!? I think that they should change it to get 30 coins to watch an add but yea I would give this game a 5 star!!
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4 years ago, 591834
I really like the base of the game but when I mess up and put the wrong letter in by accident it doesn’t let me fix it so I’m forced to use My coins to do it for me and that’s stupid because I know what it is and plus half of them don’t make sense ☕️💔like that one Break coffee coffee break what makes no sense but like I said I love the base of the game the try to fix the emojis into words the only reason I download this game is because it is on Ellen’s games and it looks fun on there were you have to find what the emojis mean but this isn’t very good please try to make it better but don’t Change the game I love the game it just needs some fixer uppers please fix these things thank you for reading
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4 years ago, liah the mad customer
1 Complaint, but SO FAR SO GOOD!!!!!
The complaint is that if your gonna give an option for when you finish a round and it say watch a video for 3+ coins and I click cancel. Then it takes me to a video anyway. There shoukd be no option atvtjis pijnt if your hpnna give an ad anyway. You know what I’m saying??? It kinda like this app is pushing my buttons on purpose and I rly dont like that. It’s annoying, so if that’s like some type of bug, that should get fixed immediatly. Thanks for another good app. Special thanks to the creator of this app.
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5 years ago, iisquidz
• to catmermaid123 •
• okay getting mad at a video game is just... no.. the developers have put so many effort in it and you stick up the middle finger. holy macaroni, 2019 you’re getting drama every second of the universe! to be honest, I actually liked the game. if you like it but you’re ranting some problems, that’s fine, but don’t put offensive emojis or words into that, having a little rant is fine, but I know this is your “opinion” and I don’t wanna have to attack you, sincerely, just a random girl who responds to your reviews. •
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3 years ago, lil werdo
An OKAY type of game...
This game is definitely OKAY, but I am currently stuck on one level. I either have one letter missing for the word that I NEED or even sometimes 2 words. I keep logging in and out multiple times but I still can’t get over the level. It’s a great game to play in the car, and when you are bored! I have been playing this game for a couple days now and it is SUPER addicting. I hope you like this game, even though there are a few glitches in it!
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4 years ago, KrazyKat101217
Nice game, but way too many ads
Ok, I understand that you put ads in a game to make people want to buy no ads. But this games’ amount of ads is ridiculous! As soon as you finish just one of the puzzle things, you get an ad! I mean come on, you solve a 10-20 second puzzle and then you have to watch a 30 second ad? All the time? Besides this ad problem, the game is great! It’s fun and moderately difficult, so you don’t get bored too fast! I would definitely keep playing, but, please, please, please fix this ad problem! It’s driving me nuts!
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6 days ago, ICED POP
Ads ads ads
I love this game cuz it’s fun but like there's ads pretty much after every round. Oh yeah and when you watch a required ad to get your reward, there’s gonna be an additional ad afterwards (most likely). I really wanna like this game but tone down the ads a little I get y’all tryna make money, but there are more ads than usual. Games like candy crush aren’t even like this but it does feature in app purchases, which is optional. 😒
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4 years ago, K957638363874937846!;$$/&$
Why are there adds!!!!!!!😬😕😔🤷‍♀️
Too many adds. Too many! I get bored of this game cause 24-7 I’m always watching adds. I’m good at them, so they go by fast and it’s right to an add. If there were no adds this would be the best game I ever had. Why are there adds? It’s losing people in getting this. I want people to be able to play this game cause it’s set-up really well! If there were no adds... please, I am asking, take away the adds. I am deleting this app. Sorry. 😬
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4 years ago, CGN Creations
It’s just okay.
Just downloaded this and played a bunch of levels, and now I’m deleting. First, it’s boring and not at all challenging. Finally, they really need to put the full keyboard of letters below the emojis so you can type your answer rather than hunting for the correct letters out of the few given. This is part of why it isn’t challenging - they’re just giving you the answer, basically, as an anagram below with a few extra letters thrown in. If you’re going to bother to do that, just put the whole keyboard there in the correct order. I hate wasting my time hunting and pecking.
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4 years ago, Marisalynn6
I NEVER write reviews, but I had to for this game. I’m super annoyed because I really enjoy this game and I want to see how far I can go on it, but I play 2 or 3 levels and then there’s an ad. Play 2 or 3 more levels and another ad. I’ve been playing this game less than 10 minutes and have already had to endure more than 5 ad’s. The only reason I gave this game 3 stars is because it is ACTUALLY enjoyable to play and I find myself really thinking. You guys need to do something about these ad’s to make it a better quality game!
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4 years ago, katarina rosey
It’s amazing!!! But 1 problem. ............
This game is amazing😁 but there’s one problem I wish you had a home menu so you can pick witch ones you want to do like when I get stuck on one and I want to do another one that’s easier and think about the one I’m stuck in people will be able to play more💕. Thank you so much for reading have a good day
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4 years ago, RandomViewer400
This kinda stinks but good game.
Well I started playing for like two days, then one day when I press the play button it does nothing. This stinks. Also when I have a chest or want 3 more keys , I press the Ad button but it doesn’t work .But it has time to give me an Ad after each 2 answers! But your game is great when I’m bored ( almost all the time ). But can you add music, it would be less boring. Thanks!
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5 years ago, unicornlover732
Great... but 1 problem
This game is great! It’s fun, easy but there is one thing that’s bothering me. There are to many ads if you could notch it down a little that would be great I’m just letting everyone know if they get really frustrated with ads then this app is not really for you. I mean i get why ads are important but there are far to many so if the maker’s see this please respond and give me your thoughts
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4 years ago, vampcherie
Way to many ads!
Played a bunch after downloading... I’m done!! Way to many ads. There is an ad after every single puzzle. I get the option to watch an ad to get extra coins, I opt out so I can play. Doesn’t matter I still must watch ads. I’ve been playing app games for a few years, before there were very many, NO GAMES, OR HARDLY ANY ,have this many ads anymore! Developers finally got the message people won’t keep the app. There are way to many game apps that don’t do this. Also after semi working with a game app, I know how the ads work, u do have some control over this. So long was nice for about 20 minutes
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4 years ago, daakery
Ads are now a pain
I don’t usually mind ads. They’re the trade off for free games. When I first started playing you got to play 3-4 puzzles before an ad popped up. They were the “good ads” where you could watch a couple of seconds then skip the rest of it. Now that I’m further along in the game there’s a 30 second ad followed by another 12-15 seconds of them allowing you “to play” the game. Which that NEVER works! It simply takes you to the app screen to install. This happens after EVERY PUZZLE now. Like I said previously, I DON’T mind ads. I DO mind excessive 30-45 second ads after every single puzzle. Happy Gaming! Mel 🙂 Updated from earlier: upgraded from ⭐️ ⭐️ to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Ads have calmed down. Still not quite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Glad I went back to play instead of my “angry delete app”. 😊 Update two: actually got to play about 7 rounds. Now the Ads are back with a vengeance. ⭐️⭐️
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5 years ago, unicorn girl 🦄🥰❤️💕😁
I hate this game because like level 1 is weird and like in the first level they make u waste all your coins and When u try to remove words the just say watch ads or waste all ur coins all over AGAIN and it is now fair please fix that because I’m still on level one.I LOVE IT because when I first got it I was like yay I’m excited it Till all of this happen the 2 first levels were easy like sunglasses and love letter u know I hope u get this thank u for the game and thank u for ur time
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4 years ago, emojiegirl
I love this
I love love love this game it is amazing it is so cool because it makes me have to think and when I do it is more challenging and I love it. This also helps me learn new ways to send messages to people when I am typing and I can’t spell something right or any other problems I learn from this on what I can put!!! This game is great and I think you should totally get it !!!!!
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3 years ago, bball_queen :)
Look, this game is so addicting and fun. I find myself playing it… A LOT! But, as the game goes on, there is so many ads! It’s making me not want to play. But, the ads have options for more fun games just like this. Overall, this game is so fun, and I totally recommend it to anyone! It can also be played by different ages, not just 12+.
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3 years ago, CheesyQ
I NEVER write reviews for games but I would honestly rather do this than play the actual game at this point. There are SO MANY ADS. At first I found it slightly comical but now it’s just downright annoying. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to solve the puzzle because then I’ll be inundated with add. The game itself is very amusing and I have a lot of fun memories playing it a few years ago but OH MY GOSH. I am seriously considering deleting the app just because of all the ads. Less than one star!!! I would say don’t waste your time.
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4 years ago, Gummybear4080😈🥱😇☮️
I mean like a was entertaining for like a week
So this game is addicting for a week i know ppl are saying “this is five stars” “this is so addicting”. Could you please put less ads on. I know you are trying to earn money but the game is not that fun with a lot of ads. You get stuck on them a lot and you feel clueless. And then that makes you feel stupid and like the game creator i clearing your mind. I have to say this game is horrible and has so many ads it brings the fun out of it. Please read this and make so changes.
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4 years ago, Mk Siblings
Great Game-Ad Problems
This is a great game. It’s super fun and challenging. It has your basic categories: food and drink, movies, etc. But my only problem is that you have to watch ads to get rewards but then you have to see ads after every round you play with no reward just thirty wasted seconds. If the company could change that after each ad you get a reward or do something different that is better. Thank you!
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5 years ago, STAR MARSH 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Great Game!
I love this game so much because the game has really good quality and it doesn’t lag a lot and there isn’t a lot of ads which I like. Just one thing is that the game could be really frustrating when you get into the harder levels. But overall, this game is really fun and I recommend you to download this!!🤩😁😃
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4 years ago, Dwayne20012002
Went from Great to Just Ok
I used to love playing this game. But it went from great to just being ok. I loved that you could play and some of the puzzles became tougher as you progressed. You would only get one ad after every 10 puzzles you solve. Now, you get an ad after every single puzzle you solve. This gets to be very annoying and completely destroys the flow of the game. If you can put up with the ads, then I guess it’s ok. I didn’t mind the one ever so often. But this is ridiculous.
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5 years ago, batter bean
Why this is only 4 stars
This game is very fun but this questions are to hard currently me and my friend are sending pics of these and we are helping each other and we are stuck on one for me and I can’t pass this level but otherwise this is very fun so if really like bream workouts than this is the game for u
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4 years ago, KT is cool
This game is awesome! The puzzles have a wide variety of difficulty, which I personally love. This game is really fun! I know some of the other reviews claimed that there were too many ads, but I disagree. Also, those reviews are old, and the game might have changed. Overall, this is a fun game that is definitely worth downloading.
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2 years ago, gogoUwU
Best puzzle game ever
Me and my cousin were always playing this when we say each other we loved it and we couldn’t solv the 2016 one..😞 but we solved pretty much all of the 2019 one we’re experts one that one. Ware was I going with this???? oh ya amazing game and good job not only from me but my cousin too
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6 years ago, gymnast pig
❤️ it but hate it
It’s a fun game but I got to level ten and it asked for me to sign up every time I went into it it was SOOOOO fun until level ten and when I went to click continue in my email it wouldn’t let me 😡 I rated it three stars because it was fun but I didn’t do five stars cause level ten and up sucked I couldn’t even play it so that’s the minus two stars so either delete it or hope and pray they fix it.
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3 years ago, Halo parley
This game is really fun! 🤩
I hear everyone complaining about the ads.. but number one there are not that many adds 🙄🤚. Number two how do people expect these games to make money 😑? Overall it’s a pretty fun game, and people need to stop putting games down because of the adds.
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4 years ago, anna linkous
This app ha WAY TO MANY ADDS. Please try to fix it bc after every level there is an add and it furiates me. Then it hard to find the letters to spell the words. Please fix it to alphabetical order so everyone can find the letters easier. These aren’t being to be needed but they are just some recommendations. Last thing, can you try to make some more levels that are actually harder. Everything other than those things are actually fine
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6 years ago, Ali the Idea Girl
Guess the Emoji
First off, I think that when you get a question correct; you should get 3 coins, instead of 1. In addition, you should not have to pay 15 coins to reveal a letter, nor to remove letters. Along with the idea of having to pay 15 coins to remove letters, you should know this because you created the game, but users can just simply tap onto the letters to remove them so that was not a good idea for you to put that there. Lastly, you should the app have 15 hints that are free, and then start making the gamers pay.
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6 years ago, thank you💜
Please fix it 🙁♥️
This was not for kids I didn’t like that much it but I still like it 😐but again not for kids there’s one that’s inappropriate 😠 so please make that one exposed please 😬 tell me if you can expose it please🙁 and if you do thank you 😊 I hope you understand why I brought this up.
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4 years ago, Laiiyna
3 star rating
This game is a amazing game it is super fun to play but it also has its down effect which is that even though you have the right answer it say it’s wrong then you do quick solve and it’s the same as your answer and that’s all I have a problem with other than that this game is great.
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5 years ago, princess poof
Why I like Guess The Emoji
I like guess the emoji a lot because it is very fun and entertaining because when you finish one the other questions shows up right away so you’d want to do that one then the next one and so on, if there was ten stars I would rate it 10 without thinking.
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4 years ago, eastharbor11
Ad Mania
This game is really fun! But I have one problem. There are a lot of ads. When I first started playing it I was like oh there’s no ads unless you choose ads to get more coins but after like four rounds they started doing ads. After every round there is an ad but, otherwise this a fantastic game!
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4 years ago, davesdinerdiva
It did not work
The game is quite relaxing but on the moonwalk one I tipped it in but did not work! I did the solve thing and it did not change but it DID cost my COINS!! and also ima just say that the coin rolling thing is definitely rigged. I have not gotten a 40 or the biggest one ever, and it is starting to remind me of the my talking Angela thing. The moonwalk thing is starting to get on my nerves. Please fix it!
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4 years ago, 2948(8,3!58;29
Ok so I love this game but them I realized IT TRICKS U, so you know when you think you just don’t know the word because you think it is one word but you can’t find a letter so you use some coins or watch an add to get a letter reveal and ITS THE LETTER YOU WERE LOOKING FOR and you just think oh I must have just not seen it BUT NO, IT WASNT THERE AT ALL I was looking one time until I KNEW what the word was and I took a screenshot and the letter wasn’t there but when I watched an ad to reveal the letter it some how was there so THEY ARE TRICKING YOU INTO USING COINS OR WATCHING ADS
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