Guess the Movie: Icon Pop Quiz

4.6 (12.4K)
100.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Games for Friends LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Guess the Movie: Icon Pop Quiz

4.62 out of 5
12.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Cinema Teen
Movie Goers Won’t Want To Leave!
I have been a long time movie goer and have always enjoyed playing the game where you get your popcorn where you guess what movie the poster displayed belongs to and you have to name it. This isn’t the exact game but it’s pretty close. Some are pretty easy and although they are indeed, the game’s still a lot of fun to play! I enjoyed it so much I wasn’t upset when the ad that comes in every one or two guesses popped up! If you see a lot of nostalgic titles and a few modern movies, you won’t want to leave or quit! It’s a lot of fun for even people who DON’T go to the theater! It is THAT GOOD! If you love that theater game I was talking about, FIND AND DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. You WON’T be disappointed EVER!
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5 years ago, Brie .m
The great game
The game was too hard because there was too many hard levels and I couldn’t beat them. But the game was fun and the other levels and I still enjoy the game but after a while it sort of gets boring and there’s a lot of bugs it doesn’t work out it kicks me out I think it’s just the device I have but you need to keep updating it. Also some of those were too easy but that’s a good start, Also if you need something it’s always challenging this could help. Also I would recommend to the developer who made the Game that you would fix the bugs and make it more updated with new movies. Thanks read my feed!
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7 years ago, Hayley Woolwich
How awesome this game is
It is not to easy and to hard and I know it probably will get really for me further on since it my first time playing. But, overall this game occupies me and is addicting to keep knowing by fewer taps upon the squares and knowing knowledge upon movies and such on. I hope this review helps all in need to know. Thank you so much for your time and effort. Sincerely : Hayley Woolwich
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4 years ago, EsvCalvinist
Needs less ads, but not what everyone says
I read the reviews to this before I downloaded it, and was wondering, this is easy. Just be careful, you’ll need to know how to spell names to movies. some r hard, but so far there’s only one I’ve been stumped on, I don’t understand why people said it was hard, maybe bc they haven’t seen or heard of all of these. But, there’s a lot of ads! There’s one every time you finish a level. If u get lucky, u can do two levels, AND THEN THE AD. I think it’s annoying, but the game is fun if u get passed those. Hope this helped.
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5 years ago, username12341234
Like the game a lot ads after every level not so much
I like the game that’s not really where my issue is to have an ad after ever single puzzle is really annoying I’m not say remove add i just think see the same ad every time you finish a leave is just not fun make it ever four or five not ever single one. Some people might not care about that but it’s frustrating you can’t even enjoy the game fully cuz you know your gonna get an ad mind you the same ad over and over. I don’t know might just be me
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6 years ago, reasonable answers
My point of view
This game is kind of fun you get to touch squares and see a picture and then you guess the movie👍🏽👍🏽 Every 15 levels ( 15 guesses) you get a star⭐️⭐️⭐️. So far I've gotten two⭐️⭐️ I've gotten a regular star and then I got a lava star because I was on fire because I know my movies well😂😂😂. This game is fun but the levels get harder that doesn't mean you should give up it means you should keep trying and reaching for all the stars😂😂😂 Do get why I said reaching for all the stars because your literally trying to get all the stars😂😂😂👍🏽👍🏽👎🏽👎🏽😕 that I for reading my review have fun....
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6 years ago, Killviking
OK game
The game I would consider OK he didn’t realize that it was press buttons to open do you a scrabble type game to pull out a movie poster then people that I have dyslexia or trouble spelling movies it would be easier if this game actually had choices or at least start pressing one square to know that you’re ready then start going divide dissolving the squares and giving people options on how 43 movie titles or five that’s what I thought this game was it would’ve been but it’s not
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7 years ago, Whit0410
Super fun!
I love playing this game because I am a huge movie buff. Even if you are though, it's not always so easy. They get harder and harder and all you have to by is the picture. It's really fun though and I like that it makes me think because it has all genres of movies not just one specific category! If you love movies, you will love this game
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6 years ago, Liv 😁
Love this game!!!
Super fun, not to easy not to hard. I give 5 star because I love this game! I play it 24-7! Awesome game, u should have it! It’s not a game that makes u pay a lot of money for more coins or tickets. not add filing, there are adds at moments but they are no more than 50 seconds ( at the most ). Definitely love this game! - liv ❤️
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4 years ago, Party Jude is hear
Supper fun but 2 big problems
This game is supper fun but there are 2 problems. One is too many adds you play for 2 minutes and then you have like 3 minutes of adds! 😡 And also if you play on a friends phone and you get to higher levels than in your own phone you will know all of the answers because they do not change all of the apps have the same order!!
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7 years ago, MissippiGirl
Love it!
Love this game. Started playing this morning and I've been addicted all day. I wish there was a bonus for revealing fewer tiles. A lot of them I could guess by revealing one tile and I still get the same 5 coins. That's my only complaint. Other than that it's great! Different genres, old and new and fun!
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7 years ago, LasVegasEyes
Just Plain Fun
This app is a Great way for bringing you and your kids together through movies... We team up and play the board together sometimes I get the answer first or they get the answer first... We all have fun and high five at then end and that's why this app is a five!!!
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7 years ago, grishesmoni
Good game!
We enjoy this game, we see lots of movies so it's fun to see what we can guess with as few boxes revealed. Couple things I don't appreciate is how many coins required for extra clues, the small number coins earned when solved or after watching ads and the inability to skip if you don't know a movie. Also sooo many ads.
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6 years ago, TaraNotTahrah
Did it all for the free coins
I’m four puzzles in and it bribed me to rate them for free coins, so, here I am. I have no opinion yet other than I’ve breezed through the first four with only one tile revealed. Wish I could comment more... Three stars as an average rating. Developers - you might want to give users time to play the game before sending out the bribe, if you care about legit feedback of course.
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7 years ago, Zaphod01
Me Likey
I've just started playing. But so far so good. I like being able to earn points instead of trying to get us players to spend fifty bucks or so for a yearly access. Hopefully as I get further along that will remain the norm. Thanks
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6 years ago, wtfiretruck254
What’s up with me not being able to play the game ????
I can’t honestly review this game because i haven’t been able to play it. I’ve had the game for a total of fifteen minutes, and have yet been able to actually begin the game. I’m not sure if it’s just me; but every time i open the app it freezes, and i try to press the “start” button the game is frozen. I have played games like this before & im very sure i would enjoy it if it didn’t have this major bug.
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7 years ago, Keyboard-tasic
Awesome and challenging
It is a fun entertaining challenging family game. That you have to figure out and challenge your mind in accomplishing the goal of figuring out the movie. My family has amazing time challenging their brains and working hard to complete our goal.
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7 years ago, Senseydog18
Good game!!
It is a very good game if you are a big fan of going to movies and have a good memory of them. But the only problem I personally see is that the costs for help is very huy and the money you receive for win is very low; but other than that it is a very good game
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7 years ago, Jenlgraham
This game
This game will get me stuck sometimes but it helps me get further into my game. If you don't have this game please get it because it is really fun. And it makes you guess the movie so this game is giving a challenge to you!! Please get this game and rate
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7 years ago, BethReader
Worth a try
Cute game. You uncover pictures of movie posters, and have to guess the name (the title is scrambled below). It can be a bit more challenging than it sounds - you can only uncover a certain portion of the picture. The only frustrating thing - you can't pass on a movie if you don't know it/can't figure it out (or at least I don't know how to).
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7 years ago, lajpkxj
Quick and Fun
Fun game to keep you busy when having some time to pass but wanting to keep your brain busy guessing and thinking more than doodle jump but less than Scrabble or something. Ads are annoying. I would pay to remove them.
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6 years ago, Your mom 122
Would be a lot cooler if you got more coins the better you played. Nothing stops you from immediately using all 25 tiles to reveal. No matter how good or bad you are. You still with the same amount.
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7 years ago, Sophia1826
Really good game 😜👌🏽
This game is very fun!! I think it's entertaining for me and other people! It also makes you think! You can see the movies that you might like! It's not to easy and not to hard! Good job for the people who made the game!! And it's free!! 😜😂👌🏽😋🤑 #FREE!!!!!
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7 years ago, Glasses05
Good, but volume...
So the game is great and works fine except I am playing it in the early morning with my volume off. The volume of the game is still very loud. I tried this with other games, and I couldn't hear anything. Just the sound effects. So don't play it in a quiet area.
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7 years ago, Quietstorm❤️
This game is awesome the only problem I have is the fact that level one freezes my phone and that I think the coins and help buttons and things like that should be unlimited but other that those two problems this game is cool
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7 years ago, Talahashe
Great escape
It is an amazing game!! It's it's real brain teaser, and even good for school because it ask you questions you probably don't think is irrelevant and then you teacher might ask you about it the next day!!
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7 years ago, KF4PLD
Fun Game
It is a fun, sometimes easy and sometimes difficult, and challenging game. Makes you use your memory of movies you’ve seen or just trailers to figure out the hidden picture behind the squares.
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7 years ago, Just an Oklahoma girl
Love this app
Love this. Awesome prices. Don't take long to ship to my house and never had a mess up or anything getting to my house also. I diffently recommend this app for all the people that live to shop online.
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5 years ago, Eddidy 44448
To many ads
Having an add after every level is awful. I feel like I’m watching an add longer than actually playing a level. Make the ads appear every five levels or so. Not every one level. I’ll just delete the app because it’s a waste of my time. Theres plenty of games like yours with out adds every second. Would have been a good satisfying game. But you made it into add royal. Maybe you can fix it.
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7 years ago, nanaruba57
Super fun and addictive
Super fun because I watch a lot of movies and I know ever single movie but I had a road trip with my family and the whole time I was playing this game talking and snapping selfies and pictures
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8 years ago, Moneyloc
Best game ever
This is the best game ever because it puts my brain to work and it helps me remember names of movies and if I haven't seen the movie it gives me a name so I can watch the movie later when I get done playing the game
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6 years ago, co88!es
They made it worse
I’m a real movie buff and I used to figure the movie out in just a couple of reveals. Now, I can barely get the answer after using all of my reveals! They should go back to using the “real” movie posters, not the cartoon imitation of the real thing! I could even get the title once in a while without using any reveals! Maybe I could still do that.....
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6 years ago, Bananabananaluv
Good game!!!!!!
This is a amazing game with hard stuff. By my level it is so, so, hard but it makes the whole family think hard looking in their brains! Also, it makes my movie IQ higher 😇.
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7 years ago, Pebblesj59
Great game!
I'm really enjoying this game! There's new and classic movies to guess. I love how some of the puzzles are easy but only if you hit the right box in the right area. I've actually gotten a few with 1 box revealed!
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6 years ago, Bex286
Fun, fun, fun.. keeps your mind moving and increases in difficultyTo keep your interest.
If you love movies, but find that trivia leaves you confused and searching for answers, you have to try this. You will like this game as it's only based around movies and keeps you on your toes!
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7 years ago, TinaP1126
Pretty cool...
I happen to be watching ads for free coins and this one popped up so I thought I'd try it loving movies as I do and it's pretty cool...IF, your a movie buff, if not then your going to have a hard time guessing...hope this helps
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7 years ago, Lovesmywillow
Cool game
It's a pretty fun game. I play it with my son and we both enjoy it. It's challenging and on movies I don't know he does and the ones he don't know I do. I'd recommend it to anyone. I don't like the ads but besides that it's a fun game
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8 years ago, Adorkable65
It's great
I really like it. It really fun and a great memory test because sometimes I get a movie that I haven't seen in forever and I don't remember the name and kinda just use the letter options to figure it out
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4 years ago, The sexy and stupid one
Good app
I just got this app, and i love it so far! I have not had any problems with it! It is definitely a good way to pass the time! I definitely recommend this game! Keep up the good work guys!
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7 years ago, bossgaming101
Fun and challenging
This is a game that challenges your mind to remember the movies you have watched through the years and it might even make you want to watch some new movies
Show more
7 years ago, ThomasOH
Big nuts
This game is like having really big bolts and you search far and wide and eventually after years of searching you find really big nuts that fit. It's great!
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5 years ago, Agamerfofun
Pretty fun!
I think this game is fun to play when you are waiting for something or someone. It’s best for people who know lots of different movies. This game has almost no problems.
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7 years ago, Timbot2
Too short, but challenging.
Keeps the movie list current and not obscure. Has some spelling errors on a couple puzzles. Should have been made longer than just 150 movies of the thousands out there.
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8 years ago, Djredduck27
Not difficult. A little too easy.
One of the better trivia games I've played. The movies are well known. The only problem I have is that it was way too easy, and got kinda boring fast. Good game for long car trips or bus rides.
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8 years ago, Thspence
Need to sync for multiple devices
Just started playing on iPhone and iPad. Annoying to have to go through all the puzzles again on second device.
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6 years ago, Slammin Sammy 26
I love it when you have a great way of saying the first place for me to get my money back to my house and my dad just told my sister and I love the fact that you can get the hang of it
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7 years ago, MissTgG
So Far So Good
I like to give feedback but it would be nice if we got to use the app for more than 5 mins first. I love movies and look forward to playing this. So far I'm enjoying it.
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7 years ago, Love Queen Morgan
Best game ever
This game is very easy for old people and younger people and its very fun and I can't believe that this game is very fun to play and it makes you want to play with your friends and family and with it
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6 years ago, Bambam and pebbkez
Guess the movie
It’s an amazing game to play when you tired and just get home from work or just stressed out and want to play something it relaxes you
Show more
7 years ago, Abbyawesome99900
This game is soo fun!
I am really glad I got this game! It is so addicting! I had it at first then I deleted it but I got it back and I loved it cause I had seen a lot more movies! I really encourage others to play it!
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