Guess The Person?

4.5 (10.2K)
45.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Richard Buckingham
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Guess The Person?

4.5 out of 5
10.2K Ratings
3 years ago, kikiandpipper
Love this game
So I’ve only seen Des like 1000 times on an ad so I decided I’m just going to get it over with and download it and I don’t know how to stand for two days this game today’s and I think that it’s a five star rating so what do you do in the game if you basically ask questions and you guess who you think you can do it you can change from blue team to red team go red team from blue team red red team blue team so if you go to the settings the ranch then you can change your settings to two red or blue and so I think you should download it and it is the best game download it
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1 year ago, Mrjombi
Badly designed
I downloaded this from a nostalgic love of this game growing up. The game plays like the one I had and the AI isn’t excessively difficult to beat (a way to play different strength levels is needed). My biggest gripe is the main component of the game, the faces. They are bizarre looking and not very clear. Does this person have glasses? Hard to tell because the face is so squashed. Is this person female? Have to tell by checking the name. And lastly the faces are just unpleasant to look at. I wish they didn’t seem to be some last minute thrown together face but some work had been done to make them clear and not overly comical, as in the board game. That’s the reason I’m deleting this version and seeking a different one, I’m just not excited a bit playing this and those very unpleasant faces.
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5 years ago, #Subway
Sebastian is Love, Sebastian is Life. Praise Sebastian He will bring good guesses and luck to us as all pick Sebastian do it I don’t have problems you do Issues: Sometimes Sebastian won’t be in the game if so restart game it’s not worth going on with the king himself I sometimes dream about Sebastian wondering how and why such a perfect chad being was ever created. How can Earth handle his tremendous power. Who will save us from this tyrant or maybe he is a good king because he is all knowing maybe the only way to really win guess who is to pick Sebastian. Is The Who Sebastian is Sebastian so powerful that we mortals can not pick him. Is he so strong that he destroyed the guess because there is no more guessing he is the one true who Overall 11/10 because Sebastian
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5 years ago, CJbreaker
This game is cool but it needs improvement
I love the game guess who? But if I try to look at more games it won’t work, why can there be two player? All you have to do is whenever it is some ones turn the other players board flips around and the person has to flip there own character around so the other player can’t see there character. When I downloaded this I really wanted to play two player which my mom but I couldn’t so we couldn’t play Guess Who. This was NOT supposed to be mean or hateful in any way. Please fix this. Thank you
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6 years ago, raven 19
Great Game
This game is basically a take off of the Milton Bradley game guess Who !. It is very fun to play and even better than the new apps out there "Guess the Person" which basically makes the whole thing a card game. I like how intuitive the AI is and how the choice is up to you regarding which questions you ask and in which order. Will definitely be purchasing the premium version.
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12 months ago, djfvfjfo
This game is really fun to play I have nothing bad to say. You can play with 1 or 2 players. You never know who is going to win. It gives you new people after you win rounds. This game has you on your toes never knowing who will win. It’s not really like your playing with a computer. (Not impossible to beat) (Not easy to beat). I love this!! Finally something fun!!
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5 months ago, the best Emery
I recommend this game because you get to choose if you want a animal or a person and if you win and you were playing by yourself, IT GIVES YOU A NEW PERSON! You can play by yourself or with someone else and it is so much fun! I like the game a lot and you should definitely get this app! When I am bored I play this! PLEASE GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, #savvycute
Somethings wrong
I love this game so much but the cpu was like glitching or something it came down to one possible answer on who they were and it was not right I went back where I could see all the cards but it always came down to one person and it was not right and the cpu one when ever one game is over it should at least show who both of you were even if you win I also think they should continue giving new cards to play with
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6 years ago, GamerLover<3
When I downloaded the game, I thought this was going to be so fun. So I was playing 5 games. But, the 'CPU' (computer) won all those games. In two of those games, CPU asked me two questions about my hair: brown and blonde. I said no because my hair color was orange/red. Then CPU GUESSED MY PERSON. Like what the! In the other 3 games, CPU asked "Does your character have blonde hair?" I said yes. AND HE GOT RID OF 16 of his cards! There are only 5 people with blonde hair. -_- CPU won all of the games I replayed. Also, the ratings are fake. Tons of 5 stars? NOPE. I looked in the ratings and there are A LOT of dislikes. So, THIS GAME IS RIGGED. If you make this fair, I would give a better rating. Goodbye.
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2 years ago, guess who fans
Guess who😀
This game is fun and entertaining. When you done most of the people they bring some more people. After you’ve done someone they won’t let you do it again so they give you at her people to pick from.
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2 years ago, brownie 🥰👀😃😂😁😅😌😍
Guess the person
This game is soooo fun. My cousin introduced me to it and now I am hooked on it. The only part I don’t like is that you have to play 3 rounds to win. It’s a good idea, but if you close the app it doesn’t save your progress. Other then that thank you for creating this app. I love it and so many other people do too!!!!😍😍😍👍👍👍💯💯💯
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6 years ago, Lew Rutkin
This game is so fun and easy great thing to play if your on a car ride or even with your friends!! The only downside is that you can’t play 2 player against your friends ,but you actually can if you buy the upgraded version I have not because it cost real money.
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3 years ago, janine castillo. com
Like it but needs a bit more
So love the game I just think it needs more please can you make it two players cause I want to play it with my sister but I can’t. So overall I like it it’s super fun I just think it need that one thing
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3 years ago, Pinkbuddy1
Love version…don’t like the premium
This is super fun. I wish it had more options the longer you play. I was intrigued by the premium option, so I paid for it. Unfortunately it says you can play with random other people…except there never are any available.
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4 years ago, CSpuccet1258
Please read this game is so awesome I LOOVE it come on HATERS we’ve had enough of your hate you are wrong I love this game and it’s a ok if you don’t like this game and this might sound corny but don’t tell it out loud to the people who love this game and the people who made this game ps I am seven years old so this is gonna be REALLY REALLY CORNY
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4 years ago, hfhfvj
Overall nice game
Gave it 4 stars instead of 5 only because I’d like to have the choice to have more characters playing per game,( i.e. instead 24 characters 34 or 54) definitely more questions/clues available to ask and have more new characters. Otherwise a really nice game. I paid for the full version.
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5 years ago, 💃🏻👯‍♂️👫🚶🏻‍♂️
game is awesome
I love the game there’s nothing wrong with It I just want to complement you on your game I could play this game for hours and hours I could pretty much played all day and I really really like your game there’s nothing you should change about it it’s awesome!!!👌👍🏻
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4 years ago, mona33998
Cheating computer
Three times now, I have found the computer glitching, or cheating and its honestly frustrating. There will come down to two possible choices logically, and I will essentially waste two turns picking both of them just for neither of them to be correct??? This is after diligently re-illuminating people given clues on the left. No possible alternative choice!? Soooo fun game but given this is my first impression, I no longer trust this game to be fair. Unsatisfied and irritated!!!
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4 years ago, Reneé101318
Pretty cool
This game is nice. Really fun and easy to control. The only thing I wish it had is after you lose I wish it told you who the other person chose. That would be cool. But it’s nothing bad. Just a customer being needy I guess 😂
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7 years ago, #*•Best game ever!•#*
Good things and bad things
This app is fun but I don't like it how it said two player but it wasn't you had to pay for it I like this game and it is fun but there is some things that could be improved like undoing stuff but out of a Of all this I like this game hope you do to. So can the maker of this game make some changes to this game thank you
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5 years ago, 🍪🤣🍪
I love this game but...
I absolutely love this game! That is why I think that it should have more updates. New characters, different colors, etc. It just needs more attention. It would be amazing and greatly appreciated! ❤️
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6 years ago, zoeodette
Was pretty excited to see this game because it reminded me so much of guess who. The free version works well, but I bought the full version so I could play with friends on WiFi. We tried connecting, and all it did was say it was connecting but never did. The full version doesn’t do anything at all, other than pass and play but even then the other person can see what you have chosen! This game needs to be fixed.
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1 year ago, the pro guy at clue
The computer is cheating
Whatever I played this game the computer is always cheating when I start like when I pick my character it’s always asking the right character even when I just never get a turn because of the computer can you please fix that And not make the computer guessed right away when people didn’t get to have a turn
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6 years ago, gdhftcj
I love this game i have the board game at home but i feel like the one player be cheating it seems like it knows my person within the 3rd or 4th guess and i be on my 6th guess like a normal person i really honestly think the game is cheating because i know how the game goes
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3 months ago, Emily80811111
This could be the best yet
This might be the best game out there. One reason is that is fun. For example it could get addicting. But there are downsides. There are adds. For example after every round there is one add. But this could be the best out there.
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5 years ago, Disappointed4549
I love this game its super fun and takes the time off really quickly! I play it when my grandmother is driving long ways and I read it off for her as I play. She gets a real kick off of it! Overall its a fun and awesome game!
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1 year ago, Morgan_frymier
Guess who
I love this game because it’s fast, fun, and keeps you thinking. I love that you don’t need good cell service or WiFi in order for it to work. I recommend this app for all ages! MUST DOWNLOAD! 🤩
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6 days ago, S0p¡@
It’s just ok
Well they have no other people to play against me online so I can’t play the game anymore but the 1 round I got to play the person didn’t know that you have to click pass so I had to quit because they would not pass it
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4 years ago, bellathe smarty
Richard u are rlly smart
First I wanna say I am a kid BUT I am a smarty so I hope that. Does not affect this review anyway I just wanna say this game is awsome taking a game for family’s and turning it into an app very smart bravo! Also I like how it look honestly this game is perfect so fun, so cool, so free :)
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5 years ago, Dr. Zachary Smith
Ditch the silly cartoon characters!
The idea behind this app is good, very good. But why must games like this always have silly cartoon characters? I like solid logic games. But I am not 8 years old. I do not watch cartoons. And I would rather that my games not be cartoonish. Suppose that the people in this game were historical figures instead. Now that would be something I would pay for!
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7 years ago, Ntrlelement
Awesome but...
I used to play “guess who” as a kid, this game is just like it and equally as fun. However I have one gripe with it... there are only two genders... I identify as a Level IV Warlock and there is no option for that. Maybe in a future update
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6 years ago, Sfiely
You guys are the best
This is a awesome and fantastic game you should make more of these game win or lose I’m always happy I play this game almost every day and always have lots of fun thank you for having such a good game
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1 month ago, Goodenrapp
I like it because
It is nice because you can see how all the clues match up together and if you know the game guess who it’s similar to guess the person or something and I really enjoyed it
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4 years ago, OliviaLivFolky
Only One Problem...
There is only one problem with this game, it makes sound even though my volume is all the way down. I don't know if that is just my phone but it's really annoying. Please fix this!
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6 years ago, Samantha Ritchie
Great game
A really fun game to play when you’re bored or trying to pass some time. I do wish it was two player without having to pay though, it gets a bit boring playing against a computer
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5 years ago, FUN GIRL EMMA
I Love this game! It is so much fun! I have never played a game as close to guess who as this one! This game is fun for the whole family and is amazing in many ways! I hope you enjoy this game like I do and trust me when I say….…… GET THIS GAME!!!!
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6 years ago, Sunshine2You
Don’t Buy Full Version
Loved the free version so bought the full to get more. However, there is no “more.” 2-player WiFi and Achievements don’t work, and 2-player pass-and-play is impossible to play because the second person can see your chosen character. This game is fun. If issues were fixed, I would give five stars.
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7 years ago, Mega jump 💪🏻💪🏻
This game is so awesome you can play it anywhere you want because it doesn’t require WiFi this game is really addictive and frustrating when you loose but also fun and awesome when you win. DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!
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5 years ago, amyxuy
A bit unresponsive and ads annoying
I have to click the buttons twice sometimes. It doesn’t respond as well as I’d hope. And the ads between every round are very annoying, plus they are sound-enabled so you might annoy people around you.
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3 years ago, Gramma Kim 1958
Love it 😍🤗🤗🤗🤗
This game is a spectacular game and is a very entertaining app if you like apps that involve guessing or mystery games this is the game for you I ready don’t have anything bad to say about the game so thank you 😊 for making it 👍👍🥰🥰🥰.
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2 months ago, Bubba verdi
Best game Ever
This is a great game! You can shareplay it with friends and have fun answering each other question. It’s just like the board game. But portable! You should download it today!
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3 years ago, livstabler
Really fun
I don’t review often but i can definitely see myself purchasing the no ads version of this game
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6 years ago, cidnap
They are so nice to play with me.
The game is so fun but I like other game to they all are fun but I cannot play them all at once.I wish I could play them all at once but I can’t to bad.
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2 months ago, .kay.15
Guess Who
This is a great game to play especially when you have no one else to play with the only thing is it can get kind of boring but other wise it is GREAT!!!
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8 months ago, Jazzyeyes18
In the achievements it’s says something like unlocked the frog character but I keep playing the game and have no idea how to unlock the animal characters on the game.
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6 years ago, Yorks pork
Wow this game 🤗
When I first got this game I thought it was well, stupid but now it’s awesome!Now I don’t have to find the long lost board game now I can play wherever and whenever I want !
Show more
3 years ago, IRONNADS
Says no In app purchases!!
The app is a fun app. But if the app says there’s no in app purchases and then when the want you to buy the 4 person set up. It’s just WRONG!!!!
Show more
4 months ago, jokerxi1960
This game NEEDS custom matches!!
This guess who is very good but the fact that I can’t play with anyone not on the same network as mine is a BIGG downgrade for this game. If it just had that feature it would be amazing to play with friends🙏🙏
Show more
4 years ago, coqui8
Fun to Guess
Try to challenge yourself and guess the other person with the least number of guesses possible
Show more
3 years ago, adnogu
I am giving the games four stars because when I starded to go more in the game the game did not let me guess and this game literally maid me cry because of that is so annoying for me
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