Guess The Soccer Player!

4.6 (375)
92.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
PuzzleStar Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Guess The Soccer Player!

4.57 out of 5
375 Ratings
4 years ago, vxgcbchcch b
Best game
I like this game because I can learn new players in the world just one problem let people use one hint for each question
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1 year ago, m by uh f oh try hyy f v
It’s good
Review is that it’s very good but should have an easy mode for people that don’t know football and it’s called football not soccer
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5 years ago, Fattypatty1234567890
I think this game is challenging bc it is a little old and it brings old players in and really tests your mind. Overall I think it is a good game
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6 years ago, blood sooo wooo
Awesome ⚽️ 🥅
This game is awesome because it keeps me going all the time so I would recommend this app to anyone who is interested in soccer.
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6 years ago, unkown =)
This app is amazing because I get to now more players
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5 years ago, peter627293746378
My review
Guess the footballer is a fun game where you literally have to guess the footballer. I like playing it and it is fun to show your knowledge and gain some knowledge as well.
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5 years ago, ilikestich
Way to expensive
It’s a great game but it costs over $ 1.00 to skip a level
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6 years ago, speedhunter1146
Get it nowwwe
Overall this is fun and tricky
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3 years ago, Sammy ftw17
Doesn’t open
Downloaded it, opened it and shuts down immediately. Haven’t been able to play at all
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2 years ago, osc4e
The game is good there is just One problem o can’t play it just Start the game 5 seconds pass And it kicks me out of the game 0 stars
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4 years ago, Ojibwas
I like this app a lot
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2 years ago, soccerplayer175
I think I would like it if I could actually join the game, i love soccer players but I can’t join it’s just not very good.
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4 years ago, sunito610
Pretty good
Decent game
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6 years ago, Spytt
Good game but gets very difficult
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6 years ago, Mr floorit
I had so much fun. Nice game very good.
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7 years ago, MIRRAROCIO
It's my favorite game
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6 years ago, Marc5s Rojo
Not bad
Some players have wrong names, e.g level 146 Isco is named Saviola
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6 years ago, Atabvb1999999999
Love this
The best game ever seen
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5 years ago, Sarsprettyness
Very nice game
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7 years ago, Official_UnboxTherapy
Ads Ugh
Too Many ads. . .
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4 years ago, boyyy20
It’s okay I like it
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6 years ago, Just dream 1989
Show more
6 years ago, SaraBear8021
Good game
It’s a good guess game
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7 years ago, PSN ID
Good Game
Its good
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6 years ago, ethan holland
Amazing game
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6 years ago, Tex4nz k1d
it’s good
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6 years ago, STLWhoDey
It’s good
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6 years ago, Esteban-Messi10
Great game
Good Game!!!
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5 years ago, gnadirashvili
Show more
4 years ago, also really
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7 years ago, جميل جدا التطبيق وموثوق به
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7 years ago, The only thing that I can do
Love it
I'm feeling a lot of good people on the internet so far but it has to me with a lot more fun than it does it just a lot fun and it is fun fun and I fun and to fun play fun wwith wsaid with well played with the a new game fun and I love got the best and best graphics on a game that it just is a great app with fun game and a lot more great time with great new friends to get new friends for the best of friends fun fun to watch new home and best movie I've seen all of them and the game for a new fun and great.
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7 years ago, Lost in the sea
Bad but colo
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7 years ago, DanielCunha2001
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7 years ago, Boldfc
Why I like this app a lot but have the smallest concern more like a suggestion
This app is awesome you should go get it if you know liga bvba or premier league or it will be pretty hard not very challenging but fun challenge. My only suggestion is to have a voice recognition so if you don't know how to spell very well or lower the coins by or get just a tiny bit more for who you get, and thanks if you read this far.
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10 years ago, oscar avelar
Great Game
For a fan like me, this is exactly what I've been looking for. The only thing I've encountered with the game is sudden crashes and on one of the levels in the 150s, it shows a picture of Isco, but the answer is Saviola. That's the only thing I have to complain about. Everything else, it's been very entertaining.
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9 years ago, Alexin_07
Great game!
I really like this game especially if you are a soccer player like me and that it helps you learn the footballers names. But one thing I suggest is to at least add a button where it can give you a 1 second flash of the name so it can help the people who don't know them. But after all, it is a really good game!
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10 years ago, Boss man awesome
This game
I like most features of this game, a few bugs could be fixed but for the most part it's a really good hard game! 🏆 only thing is get better pics to guess off of plz thank you!
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10 years ago, Janemba123
Just perfect!
If you are a soccer fan, then this would be a rock star game for your ipad, iphone or whatever you have. It is just amazing to play this, competing with your friends or just to spend some time alone! It is just perfect!
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9 years ago, Ujfgnmgrebd
Good game
It's a fun ,but challenging game. I am a huge fan of soccer and even I got stuck. And if you don't have enough coins and don't want to waste your money, so you can earn free coins be watching adverts every 1 minute. I like it and so should you.
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10 years ago, Flakiz95
This is a great game but there needs to be better things added because after a while player come up that aren't even known
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9 years ago, BexonS
This game really makes you think and is fun to learn new players. The only thing to make it better would be to be able to skip the players i absolutely have no clue who they are. Other than that this is a great simple trivia game about the best sport in the world.
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9 years ago, Mmiles26
This game is perfect for soccer fans, players, and even ordinary people. It makes you think back to some legends and some in the making. Highly recommended to download.
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9 years ago, Dxyfudxucyh
A great way to waste time
This game wastes time that i dont make use of, or basically it makes my time useful by challenging my brain with some cool questions about footballers
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9 years ago, Cody11202
Good game but...
This is a really good game but it could use an update because it shows players that are not even in the same team than they are right now...for example it showed that bale was in Tottenham but he is now in Real Madrid
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8 years ago, _carme_
Real Madrid
I love this game because it has my favorite team and its players and I can guess who they are and it has players from different teams like Barca and athletico Madrid it helps me know more about soccer that I don't know about
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8 years ago, Juan_h_7
Guess the player
I like this app so much because I know a lot about soccer and I don't know some players and This game teach me new player so I love it
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10 years ago, Soccer_star_9
Very good👍
For all those soccer fans, this is a great game. It is very challenging and fun. The only reason I gave this four stars is that if you don't know the players from other countries very well, then it is very hard. Other than that, I love this game!
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11 years ago, Soccerskillz15
This is a fun, good and entertaining app. I think they should give u a little more coins when u guess a player right and you should be able to get a new player if u r stuck on one.
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9 years ago, AmericanPharaoh10
A lot of mistakes and a lot of ads
There are way too many ads to make the game enjoyable. It shows a picture of Isco when it wants Javier Saviola, it's missing an "O" in Ruud Van Nistelrooy's last name and an "N" at the end of Jen's Lehmann's last name. It only wants last names for most players, but randomly wants Gerd Müller's full name, Eduardo Vargas's first name only and Lev Yashin's first name only
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