Guess Word! Forehead Charade

4.7 (26.4K)
23.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Float Tech, LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Guess Word! Forehead Charade

4.69 out of 5
26.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Kristine1981
Love it a lot!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💞🤍💕🤎🤎🖤💕
It is like a really really good game you should play it and this is gonna be a short review it is a really really really really super good game you should play sometimes there is a bit of glitches probably cause my tablet has like eight to like 10 years old he he so you can make your own you can make your own category like you’re gonna Just like just get the game please my gosh like man
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2 years ago, lpzlzl
Guess word has been a really cool experience
Guess word has been a really cool experience for me and my family! It has all my favorite categories to play and is mostly like the board game. It has improved my acting skills a lot and has entertained me and my family a lot. A life with guess word has been full of laughter and joy. Guess word not only entertains you in a good way but also puts more acting and guessing skills into you! I have always wanted to be a detective and here I am trying the first step to becoming one!
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2 years ago, Ava-cado31
Love this game but you shouldn’t have to pay
Okay so first off I liked this game until I realized you have to pay to play more no and I think it is dumb and my mom says it’s a waste of money so I didn’t pay for it it’s a really fun game though its just annoying because people want to play games without having to pay and. But I would recommend it if you are willing to pay money I don’t want to have a big complaint but I think you shod add more categories and have like some that are like VIP categories for people who are dumb enough to pay and also don’t get this game if you don’t want to pay
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1 year ago, brithebest2022
Just now, I downloaded this game so I could play with my little sister. When I open it, I click on kids movies just to get a message that says “I have reached my number free games.” OK. I I thought I just had to pay money to do kids movies. I click on the everything category. Same message. What the heck? I’ve never played this or even download it before like five minutes ago. I'm really frustrated. I told my little sister that we were gonna be able to play this- now she’s crying because we can’t. This is the one kind of these games that I could find that was free. Well, I guess it’s not free then, huh? 😡
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6 months ago, and unethical
WORST APP EVER!! I don’t even know where to begin. First of all the app is just way to fun. It solved all my boredom and it solved my families too. Don’t even get me started on the fact how sleepovers have never been more fun. My freinds agree. So rude of this app. If is also something that makes me think and laugh. Such a bad trait for a app to have.🤣🤣🤣 This was a joke if you couldn’t tell. Amazing app.
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2 years ago, janicelightsey
Love it!
My husband and I where camping and I come across this game. Ya’ll my husband isn’t the game playing type but we really got into this. It really is for everyone. So much fun and worth the 3$ a month. I’m going to purchase the year pass when my first month is up. I can’t wait to play it with the rest of the family. Check it out. Super cool super fun!
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6 years ago, LyonO2
Pretty fun.
The game was a hit. Bought the premium for Christmas Eve family get together. Paying is a monthly subscription, but the subscription does not show up in account settings. You actually have to unsubscribe in the email they sent you when you purchased it....VERY IMPORTANT! If you don’t, you will be bill. Every. Single. Month.
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3 years ago, kdknfjfifbdhshdhsb
Subscription issues
I love this app and it was so fun to play, so when I saw that I reached my limit of free games I bought the LIFETIME pass. However, I was recently playing it and it did this again even though I bought the lifetime pass. This means that in order to use the app again and gain unlimited access I would have to buy it again. This is disappointing because I really do love the game! Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!
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2 years ago, alexis_lexx
It’s a okay game
It’s a fun game for like the first few rounds it will only give you a limit until you have to pay to play the game, that’s why I gave it a 3 star. It’s fun yes but when it says you have to pay for it to play more it’s kinda annoying. I hope y’all can take that off because then it’s not as fun anymore. Overall I wouldn’t recommend downloading it unless you want to pay to pay more rounds.
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1 year ago, Caliber 1234
You should. Get this app
The reason you should get this game is because it has so much activities and options and that make it more fun and interesting to pick or choose it is fun with more then 1 person playing the game highly recommend you to get this app
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6 years ago, Oojmeister
Credit card scam. Do not buy
Once you buy the premium option, there is no option to unsubscribe. The app settings and FAQ are a joke. Cannot unsubscribe in iOS settings. Their support site requires you to register but the registration doesn't ask for your password. Then when you can't login without a password, their password reset says I am not a registered user. So I try registering again and they say my email is already taken by another user. Going in circles here. I am afraid if I delete the game I wonder if my card will be debited monthly forever.
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2 years ago, Bomber664
Great Game But How Does My Family Get It
Great fun and it says to family members that a family member has all ready purchased and they get it free when trying to unlock the promotion, but it still stops after 5 games. How do they get Premium like I do?
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6 years ago, Lesley haley
Guess word
Very fun when waiting in line we inly buy one section at a time when we r ready I wouldn’t buy the monthly fee one as you only play when u are with groups waiting in line or just to pass the time during a dinner outing... but so much fun
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6 years ago, Hales103
SCAM Do not go premium or do trial
I decided to try out the premium trial to see if it would be worth it. My family decided we wouldn’t really use it so we wanted to cancel the trial. It says as long as you cancel before 24 hours before your trial end you won’t be charged and all you have to do is cancel it settings. However there is no option in settings to cancel, I have looked everywhere to try to cancel and cannot find it! Such a scam and now I’ll be charged $2 per month forever. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!
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7 months ago, jmoneykyr
Thanks for giving me five more plays it helps because I’m tired of listening to my little sister wine all the time and now I can have fun with her
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2 years ago, PortJackson
Different languages
I love the Pokémon category (the only one I’ve played so far) but some of the words to guess are in a different language, I think Spanish. It’s kinda fun to guess what the words are in English, but it does get in the way of playing a little bit.
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4 years ago, rthom5b
Do not install!
You literally cannot unsubscribe! It does not show up in your subscriptions. I read another review that claims you can cancel subscription only through email of confirmation but I never received one. Only received a charge 3 days after trying the game once. This was not even the “7 day free trial”. This app and company is a joke! So angry! Only gave it 1 star because I was forced to, it’s actually a zero star!
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2 weeks ago, Heshejns
Its not free!
Honestly I would rate this 2 stars because when I found this game I thought that it would be a fun and when bored playing game. But when I opened the app it kept telling " youve reached your free limit" but I just downloaded the game. I tried to continue and not pay but i guess I HAD to. But if you would pay then its a great app for you!
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1 year ago, GARKS REVIEW
Fun until…..
I played the game a few times and it was super fun I’d recommend it but, after I played like 10 games it asked me to pay to play another game. This was bad because we couldn’t play almost any of the different themes and it made the game less fun! If your looking for something long term and super fun I would not recommend.
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3 years ago, fgxh&jt
So cool
In this game you Choose a category Hit it and at the top of your screen you will see a play Button hit that and your game will begin have fun by the way the one with the Crown is not Able to play
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2 years ago, Butterbutt1008
It’s ok
It’s a fun game but you only get to do 4 rounds or so before you have to pay to play some more. the best way to play it is to play the rounds and when it’s to the point where you can’t play anymore, delete it and then download it again and you get to play 4 rounds again and do it over and over again. 😕😕
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2 years ago, gdbdhhchs
This app is amazing!!! It even lets you make your own. It has a good selection already. If you think about getting it DO IT I play it with my friends
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4 years ago, Cmedina48
Fun game
This is fun game to play with 2 or more. I like the ability to create your own games too. It was worth paying to get the premium game.
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4 years ago, k.noxmiii
It’s okay but ..
I love this game it’s fun to play with friends and family the only problem I have is while I’m playing it kicks me out randomly and it gets pretty annoying cause it kills the fun ;( please fix the issue I love this game !!! 💓
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6 years ago, Snickers123 Snicks
Could be 5 stars
The screen likes to go to sleep while playing. Fun game but annoying when you’re playing and the screen shuts off.
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4 years ago, Nugget's Mom
No categories!! DO NOT BUY!!!
I purchased the premium, but no categories appear! Just a blank screen and no way to play! Can’t request a refund either because there is no way to set up a password when registering for their support site, no way to log in without a password, and get an error message when requesting a password reset.
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4 weeks ago, Sally 😝
Horrible, just disgusting
My friends and I recently downloaded this app for fun and we made a custom topic where we spent a lot of time working on putting down names. When we wanted to play it, the custom topic we spent half an hour working on got DELETED. It was a waste of time. Trust you will be dealt with. 😑
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12 months ago, 12394839398484
Amazing when at a restaurant waiting for food or anytime and fun when your at a theme park waiting in a line!
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2 years ago, MALORI(^ω^)
Nice app, just wish it was unlimited plays
Really good app just hope it would be free after some plays
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3 years ago, PhD in App Critiques
I can’t cancel subscription
You only get five free games and then I subscribed for free for a week but now I can’t cancel and it will keep charging me. Such a scam this is stupid it won’t load the stop subscribing. The game itself is fun though if you have money and want to subscribe because there is a kpop category.
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4 years ago, mantis tobogan MD
Time flies by
My friends and I are in our 20’s and played for nearly 4 hours straight without realizing it!
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2 years ago, Rockford Rogue River
No actual free play
Once you download the app for free, there is no option actually play without subscribing.
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4 years ago, calebsosa
Game play
Love the game and all categories but when flipping phone to pass or correct it doesn’t like to react.
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6 years ago, payjo08
A hit with the family
We love playing with the whole family. It’s the funniest seeing my parents give me clues. Great charades game!
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4 years ago, da luver of games
This is such a fun game and is almost exactly like heads up if you don’t want to spend money then this is the game for you
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2 years ago, Icheer4me
Limited trial
You can’t even play long until they ask you to buy the full version
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6 years ago, Sput64
It’s delete it and you are still charging me every month
I need to know how to stop this app from charging my card from month to month. It was loaded by accident and now that I have deleted it off my phone continues to charge me and I need for this to stop immediately!
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2 years ago, Jeshua92
Don’t waist your time
Don’t waist your time on this app unless you want to buy it. We were not able to even trial a run before it locks the game unless and asks you purchase a monthly subscription. Best to pay $2 for any of the 300 other heads up games in the App Store.
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4 years ago, PolinaSly
Slow, no maintenance
The idea is good, realization is bad. It is not skipping or doing to next word every time I flip the phone, the timer slows down when you go to next word, so you can play instead of 1 minute - 2 or even 5. Small button to skip, if kids playing then may miss it.
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1 year ago, theres a bug 😕
Get this if you want to was money to Play even 1 game 😄
Please don't get this it wants money to choose even 1 category so you basically can't play the game. so either don't get it or pay 10$ to play your choice but i don't recommend it 😭
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2 years ago, PandaMonk1215
The game was fun, the little bit we got to play. Would be nice if it was open about being a trial, though. 4 stars for the game, 2 stars for the devs not being open about it not being the full game.
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6 years ago, Es1109
Me and my friend love this game she showed me it after the like sixth time and I decided to get and it’s amazing so I am happy I got the game I will give it 👍👍👍
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1 year ago, Gloria;:(/
It records without permission.
It is not clear to the user that this app will start recording when you are playing. Deleting recorded videos is not easy. It feels like an invasion of privacy, I decided to delete the app as soon as I learned it was recording.
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6 years ago, pleenie26
Family fun
Fun for all ages! We can play this with our kids or just the adults. Love it
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2 years ago, lilybug2136
Amazing for a theme park
So I was bored in line for a safari at Disney animal kingdom!this cured my boredom and it’s super fun!keep up the good work!!!
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8 months ago, Aleena707
More topics?
I know there is a custom button but may you try to think of more topics?
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5 years ago, Big Joe 1821
Great fun game good for the whole family
This is a great fun game good for the whole family and the fact that it’s free is even nicer
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4 years ago, Waylon's lily
Sadly diaponting
I love it but the game won’t let me play it again I love it and I am not able too play it.
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2 years ago, Sirge13
Game is fun but it’s only a trial. You can record from your camera the people who are giving you the hints about the word.
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6 years ago, jackiemargo
There is no way to unsubscribe from premium. Being charged every month with no way of canceling.
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