Guffaw Funny Photo Video Booth

Photo & Video
4.4 (16.8K)
43.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shweta Goyal
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Guffaw Funny Photo Video Booth

4.37 out of 5
16.8K Ratings
3 years ago, _Hints_
Amazing 💕✨💕✨
Ok, I LOVE THIS!!! You can vids, pics, and you can change your voice!! I started texting them to my friends, and after I sent 5, they were like “omg, what is that app, I HAVE to get it!” And so now me and my friends text each other funny vids and pics. The only reason I give it 4 stars, is because 1. Every time you take a vid or pic, you have to watch an ad. 2. A TON of things are locked, so you get about 15 funny face-things, and 3 ways to change your voice. You either have to pay for them, or share you makings on instagram and tiktok or whatever, but some of us don’t have those things, but me and my friends still have A LOT of fun with what they give us. Anyways, there’s a few ups and downs about this app, but over all, it’s REALLY fun.
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5 years ago, Ms. Neko Cat
Please change
I downloaded this app, and it’s been really fun to use, but when it comes to changing the voice, it only changes the voice to one different sound. It’s hard to explain, like, I take a video, and then it only changes the voice to one different one for the same sound on all face filters! It’s really bothering me and I’m getting really upset! I wish to not pay for every single affect! Also, ads!! Just way too many of them, it’s very unnecessary. I have to click out of one every single time after I record something, please stop. About importing... there is none. I wish to be able to import sounds and/or videos, and to be able to edit them or add different voice changers to them, or a face filter or something, but there is no importing and there is not a multitude of options for voices. I don’t want to, but I am going to delete this app. It just does not appeal to me, and I’m sorry to say that, but this app is just not that fun! I’m just disappointed.
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Nice but needs more free filters
The game is really good. There are tons of funny filters on the app but there is one problem: there aren’t enough free ones. Either you would have to buy them or do something with the internet, like posting it on Twitter or facebook or rating it on the App Store. It’s not fair because some people don’t have the money to buy the locked filters or don’t want to waste their money on purchasing them. Not saying you should make all of them free but make at least most of them free. I like the option to rate it for filters, though. I guess it would be recommended if you like filters. :/
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4 years ago, gamerboy144590
It’s ok.
I wish you didn’t have to rate or share this app just so you could get some of the other filters. Not sure it will even work. Also, there is a lot of ones that have to have the pro purchased before use. I get it, you need profit from this. Just not so much ok? It is always nicer to not have to pay for everything. Not saying that you have to.... anyway, the app is pretty good with quality filters, at most anyways. They work fine and I don’t regret getting this app, neither do I actually have regrets.
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2 years ago, Noah5000
I think it’s actually gonna hypnotize me. A GREAT way to have fun. Wish it were free to get all the different effects but of course we live in the world we do… where everybody wants to make a buck and nobody cares about fun for fun’s sake… as a struggling artist raising a family… its good but it still Carrie’s that hint of bitterness all power to the people
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5 years ago, ParadiseView
Dfhnr check r I will of God is good idea in the future so we will ee I will of God is so awesome and the funny part of my day happy birthday and I really don't know how much more time with a deep sleep in a bit I don't like it was just the game and the skill and the skill and the funny part of my day happy birthday and I really don't know how much more do you get out early I don't think it's worth the time for all of your help and support the idea of a sudden like to know if you think of anything else
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4 years ago, gslsgsl
Just Okay
It worked fine. It was kinda lagging and without paying a lot of money you couldn't access about anything. The game makers should make it free then everyone would like it much better. It's not worth your time and money. I wish it was free. It doesn't work very well. So many bugs! And I did something that would give me access to something else and I went through all the time effort and work and when I finally finished it decided to not give me what I deserve. Though this app might be fun for a few days after you get it, it turns dreadful and a pain to even have it download. Don't get this app there's so much better ones out there.
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11 months ago, gygggyu
Super funny
Best app for FunnyFace is you definitely have to get it it’s the best I got five in this was the best one. The filters are great. They are hilarious and they are great for making videos. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you take it take it take it take it to the app ticket
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3 years ago, 👍😍👍😌😌😌
Goofy funny video photo voice changer
This app is so funny me and my brother looked like some aliens that drink too much beer at a bar but man this is a whole Larry us app you should get it actually everyone should download this app it is amazing and I love it so yeah thank you for reading the script if you didn’t read it then I want to my mom tried it and she laughed so much
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6 years ago, Bgirlswirl
Haven't had a chance to try it yet...
But as the app insists that I rate it in order to use one of the filters hear I am. So far it seems pretty simple & looks like if you get the paid version there are loads of filters which is nice. If I like it I'll probably by it but as of now, I simple don't know. So, in giving it a neutral 3 stars & if I really like it once I really check it out, I'll come back & update if possible (not sure if that's even possible but that all I've got)
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4 years ago, notakrnkdjrhkdhcnd
How good This app is 😍
This is the best picture appI had ever had. I have a lot of memories and they are so funny. I am on this app all day and night because it is so much fun. They should make more funny filters. You should get it if you feel bored mostly because it is corona.😍😍😍😍😊. And sorry for the name I was little when I had this game and I did not know what to do😁.
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3 years ago, hello its g
Lovvve this game
I just downloaded this and I’ve already used it a lottt, I game it a four out of five because when it says you can get something by watching an ad when it just makes you pay for it but that all. I really think you should download this app🙃
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4 years ago, Frre, Easy, Offline!
Not A Lot Available
I like this app a lot, however many voices and face filters are not available or free. There are only 3 voices! I understand the app does this to make a profit, but I think at least a couple more voices and filters should be free. Also, some filters say to rate app for it to unlock, and here I am doing it again for the third time, and I still don’t have access to the filter. Otherwise, this app would get five stars from me!
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2 years ago, Donttakenynane rhb
This game is so funny, every single night me and my sister watch it and we laugh so hard when our mother is on the phone, I just wish there were more free faces because sometimes it gets boring, but if your life is miserable, check this game out! Especially fun with siblings!
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2 years ago, RobberTheGamer
Awesome but.. few questions...
I gave this a 3 star because it’s AWSOME! But you have to pay for literally having your regular voice! It’s crazy! I’m not spending money to take a video with my REGULAR VOICE! Also, like 2 thirds of the video filters cost money! And you only get 3 free audio changers out of, I don’t know like, 30? The 3 free audio changers are also 3 of the worst ones(accept for the beaver helium one, I like that one)!
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7 years ago, Amber niland
This is the best picture app ever I am having so much fun with it and I love the different types of faces I would give you ten times more stars but it only lets me give five stars but that's okay because I give you more then five stars I would still give you ten times more stars than I am supposed to awesomeness job
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4 years ago, Daliasloth
Why this app is grate to use
This app is so grate because it is perfect to send funny pictures and videos if you can’t have Snapchat 🤓. It has police safety but it dose not let you take a lot of pictures and it takes up storage on your phone but it so much fun and I think I will have this app a long time 😃.
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12 months ago, Mojo2nyte
So far
I find it annoying! I have had no opportunity to check it out yet because it is insisting that I rate and review it. I don’t know how I’m supposed to review it honestly if I can’t even test it out. I also had to share it on social media before I can even find out what it’s all about. I might not even try now. I’m so irritated with it that I am thinking hard about deleting it from my phone.
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2 months ago, Benjamin Clay
Great app
This is a great app. I was looking for a app to make me laugh and I tried this one. It has some great filters. It is also very good for memes. The only reason it did not get 5 star is because you don’t have a lot of filters to choose. I hate buying premium.
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2 years ago, Thefuncannon
Too funny
Everytime I play this I try to come up with new ways to be funny. And everytime it gets to me. This game is 100% so much fun. It's like Snapchat but safer and fun! I recommend it 100%. It's also very child friendly. Anyway get this app and have a blast! Enjoy!
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4 years ago, umpalumpa312
This game is the best you can use really funny filters and it gives you the option of beauty and it’s awesome I usually do funny because it makes me and my friends laugh I also do it with friends and family I would definitely recommend you getting this
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3 years ago, 😘Cyndi
It great! The only problem with this game is that you have to pay for some really cool effects. And the effects that you have to pay for are the best ones!!! Also, when you write a review to get those extra like 15 items, it doesn’t give them to you!!! Please fix this. Other than that, this app is pretty good
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2 years ago, agent 1569
This app
This game is super cool I like all the funny videos and cool filters and Voice effects you should really add some new free filters and free voice effects I wanted an app like this for a long time but Snapchat I couldn’t get so I got this and it’s good so yeah. P.S. MAKE MORE FREE FILTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Whatisthisppa
It forces you to rate five stars
To get more you need to rate five star’s game and you get to see it all over the next game and it will get you back in game play and then I gotta is it to play the video game is a good thing to do you think you will get the one that you can wwyyetwyw yyy is yis is the time
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2 years ago, yourmommy12345678910
Pretty cool
It could be a little better, but over all good not great. I really like the voice translator ant especially the chipmunk one. However, a lot of the filters you have to pay for, and same with the voices. I think that if they didn’t charge you for all the different little things, then it would be SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, matty patty 2.o
This is a good app
I really like the app but I don't like how you have for some of it if your are ok with paying for this game you should get it but if you don't want to pay for this game like me either get and deal with the stuff you have or just don't get it at all
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1 year ago, Klynn camltoe
So far so good
I haven’t done too much with the app yet but it definitely looks like it has potential. The only thing is the cost to go Pro is ridiculous. No way I’m paying that amount
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5 years ago, goofypants07
Wish you didn’t have to rate it though. That’s why it’s only 4 stars. Lol my first review. Heheheheheheheheheeeeeee! Wow people can read this that’s so cooooooool. Lol low key laughing my pants off right now! Hi mom if you’re reading this. This is a great opportunity to be able to rate this. Thank you soooooo much everyone for nominating me to do this! Love y’all! LoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL!!!
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3 years ago, Uturnmyhead
Guffaw Funny
Available free options are lame making you feel like the only ones that might be funny must be purchased yet you really don’t know if you want to spend the $ because nothing you tried was good so it feels like you’d be wasting your money. They tell you you can get access to other faces if you rate them or share them to Twitter if FB. I rated them and got no further face options so that was obviously a scam.
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9 months ago, AIDANza-G047
Good app
There is nothing ring with it but I wish you could do more effects and not have to pay for it or share it just to get the effect. Other than that the app is fine👍
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4 years ago, fmdh h fb
Honestly this app disappointed me, I was looking for something like Snapchat without the social media. I don’t like that you can’t get a lot of free filters, every time you send your vid or pic to someone you have to send a long link with it. The camera quality was not great a I don’t understand why they have to put the app name and stuff at the bottom on the videos.😑😑😑😑 At least it’s funny filters?
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11 months ago, gregywolfpup
I want the clown voice effect and the other past voice effects back on this app, I want all of the other voice effects back for this year
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3 years ago, Leah Ashe #1 Fan
Tatum Williams review
I completely love this app especially if you want to make your friends laugh 5stars and also there’s not that many ads love it it’s completely free unless you want the upgrade
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3 years ago, Thatgirlmaelyne
Best funny thing ever
OK so this is the best funny game ever like every time you make funny faces so real like when you make videos after you listen to your videos sound like a different voice
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3 years ago, AIeswr
Diss game is not bad
Everything is all right except some of them that are blocked and you have to buy them and I really really would appreciate it if they just had all of them available but other than that this game is good yeah my review is very short because I really have nothing to say so yeah bye
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4 years ago, alyvi@
Yes this is the best game and you should buy this app but they should let you get more free faces . many people have money for the faces. The reason I’m doing this is for more faces so if you get this you have to rate this game and then I think you will get more faces.
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7 years ago, Ruffneck8765309
Good stuff kid sorda
Love it..... try it and delete it if you wish....writing this great review to unlock a few more voices... I recommend you do the same if you get it..... HOLD ON.... just tried the new unlocked stuff for writing a review and none of it works.... this app = junk
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2 months ago, ffdbdgb
It happens that people be trying to find like if something awkward happens like their face turns green or something. It’s really cold but only thing is I wish you had a free child but that’s OK.
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10 months ago, Wiggly diggly memes
It’s nice👍
It has like TikTok filters and voices that are fun and you can use so if you just like do the stars and see how many rating stars you want too put it will be up too your advise so it’s noice
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2 years ago, Ikimika
So funny
This is so funny. I tried this years ago and i just happen to see my video of this today again. Now my 4 year old is enjoying this now.
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3 years ago, gamingwith_uimond
Funny App
This app is hilarious this definitely made my family and I laugh and smile. This app is free and you get a good amount of faces. Ofc there are some that you do need to do stuff for like rate the app and buy them you know the usual, but other then that this app is SUPER FUNNY!!!
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3 months ago, DonnaC28
Great App
This app is free, fun, and entertaining!!! We have got so many laugh’s looking at each other. If you want to have a fun time with family and friends you’ll need to try this!!!!
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6 years ago, Jimmy Ramirez Arteaga
Very entertaining
This app is like photo booth except better. This app allows you to make very funny faces on yourself and others. I definitely recommend this if you’re looking for an app like Snapchat or photo booth.
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7 months ago, Parker Schaal
This is the best game ever I make funny videos, it’s cool
Like this game is like the best I get so glad I got a gauge can’t even stop playing like bro. It’s so fun like you make your face weird and like stuff like that you know.
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2 years ago, This game so much is so fun
✨✨Cool App✨✨
This app is pretty cool, just not that you have to pay for some stuff. This app only has three voices you can choose, pretty sad. I think that they should add more voices.. so does my sister, and my brother! My review isn’t so something or I don’t know. But cool app! 🤩
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2 years ago, Elysia behan
Download it!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
This is the funnest filter game that I can find play with all of the filters sometimes you have to buy it but it’s the funnest filters I recommend you guys should download it thank you for reading my sentences😃
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2 years ago, froggo4
A fun app to make videos with friends/family. I got it to make funny videos with my friends it was good, thought there was gonna be more face affects but there still was a good amount
Show more
2 years ago, jftkeisogxgkFnzfk
A great app
This app is great for any mood from sad to happy worries to exited. This is great for when your sad to cheer you up or worried too! You can play around with this app if your happy too! That’s why I think this is a great app!
Show more
4 years ago, cookie102937
Very funny
I really really like this app because me and my cousins have been using it since and we all love it and it is just so fun tho use it entertains you a lot it has entertaining me for hours and i adore it plz keep this app up tysm :))
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2 years ago, oulabob
Fun way to share pictures
Lots of included choices, additional options available.
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