Guitar Player Magazine++

4.7 (445)
22.7 MB
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Current version
Future plc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Guitar Player Magazine++

4.67 out of 5
445 Ratings
5 years ago, MAB124
Great customer service
Like others, I had some issues with my library of GP Magazine when the app changed. I wrote an email to get support and they responded within 24 hours with a fix that worked! Their support people do a great job. I have been a subscriber since the early 1970’s and converted to the iPad version because I have vision problems; the digital magazine enables me to render all articles into larger typeface.
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4 years ago, Beachcomber Al
Doesn’t work. Zero customer service
I’ve had no success at all with my subscription. I subscribed to Guitar and Bass Player and haven’t been able to access content for either of them. I just get a message stating that “Storefront failed to load”. I’m on a fairly new and up to date iPad Pro. I’ve reached our for help from within the apps as well as through the publisher website. As a long time subscriber to the print edition of Guitar Pkayer, I already had an account with them. After a couple of weeks, I’ve still not received any response other than an automated email acknowledging that they had received my report and would reply soon. I called my credit card company and cancelled payment. The print magazine is quite good. I’m very disappointed.
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4 years ago, Mike from Baileys Harbor
Its been great for a long time
I don’t recall my first issue, but Guitar Player has been a favorite for decades. The old days had Skunk Baxter’s column when he preferred Fenders in case you spilled a beer on the guitar. Thanks for the continued balance of history, lots of great pics and a diversity of genres, nationalities, genders, music reviews. The interviews are incredible and you always ask about the rigs. A fan since the mid 70s.
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3 years ago, 52MSH
Guitar Player
I have been reading (cover to cover) since 1973. It is by far the best journal of all genres of guitar. There are other magazines out there but I believe they had to take their formats & etc from GP. I do wish GP had ALL THEIR issues on a flash drive for reference. All that aside, I look forward to each months issue.
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1 year ago, Bartvandelay
Great lessons and articles
I really enjoy the lessons and being able to listen and play along with the. It has reenergized my guitar playing. I also enjoy the gear reviews which have helped me with a few purchases.
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1 month ago, topanga tom
no text reader for Blind users
I used to get Guitar Player magazine through the Kindle store, but that became an available so I downloaded the app and tried to access various issues only to find that there’s no reader available. This is a real bummer for me and other Blind users please put in a text reader for those of us who cannot read the inaccessible files that you provide.
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5 years ago, thamorse
Where are my back issues?!?!
I previously purchased every issue available on the app, going back all the way to 2011. After the update, all of my back issues before July 2018 are gone. Hopefully this will be rectified.
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3 years ago, sDetu7531
Long time subscriber
I’ve been a subscriber for 40 years and I love reading guitar player on my iPad now.
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12 months ago, Scribbane
Newest update June 2023 crashes
The new system works on Guitar World and Guitar Techniques, but for Guitar Player all it does it crash after the "whilst loading" screen. And they ignored my email. A classic case of fixing something that wasn't broken. (2017 iPad Pro)
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5 years ago, PM1224555
Used to be better
I have been ready GP since the 80’s. Too little in depth articles and interviews, too many pages of commercials....the education sections are good, but then, in today s world with say a TrueFire do I really need this from GP ? GP ran a first page cover on Eric Johnson, when he was basically unknown.....we need more of this.
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5 years ago, bluesmedia
No Fluff
Guitar Player magazine is an excellent blend of equipment and artist pieces, with great instruction thrown in. No fluff, just great stuff.
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5 years ago, DanoR2
Where is my Magazine.
Downloaded the app after being charged for subscription and I’m being asked to pay for each issue individually.... Logged in and out several times with luck accessing the digital downloads.... not happy🤨
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4 years ago, DenverGuitarist
App doesn’t work. Customer service unresponsive
I am unable to even login to this app. It simply displays a message “Storefront not loaded.” But there’s no indication of when the storefront is loaded. My repeated requests to customer service have not been answered.
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12 months ago, Fritzie the Tunesmith
Digital Guitar Player app stinks
Whatever they’ve changed stinks, I can’t access any magazines I’ve paid for. I’ll probably cut the cord on this company that provides nothing.
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5 years ago, Profadrock
Missing back issues
Since update, the only available issues date back to July 2018...??? Where are the rest of them?
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6 months ago, Jlh050965
When I started to read a magazine it won’t let me go past “Add to your collection” Why? Well I canceled my subscription. Rip Off
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4 years ago, Phreddie M
Doesn't work at all
Launches and immediately crashes and now I can't access a magazine I purchased to read on my computer. Nice one. Same thing with Guitar World, btw.
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11 years ago, Bluesdealer
To the idiots that think Guitar Player is giving away their world-class magazine for free...
It's a subscription! And it's not much money for the best guitar magazine on the planet. I've been a subscriber for over a decade and I'm not about to stop, now.
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2 years ago, Rumppled
Guitar Player Magazine App
Poor customer service, dysfunctional app
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3 years ago, TMACK00
Customer service is HORRIBLE.
Don’t buy these magazines.
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5 years ago, Jeng7777
New app is not an improvement
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10 years ago, sundoggy
Performance Pitiful
Content is Great as always. Still my favorite for mainstream guitar pubs, but execution of the app is horrible. Just browsing issues is a waiting game. I usually run for the bookshelf to find the paper version because it hangs trying to first determine if I have a subscription (I do), then whether I have downloaded the issue, if not, a painful waiting game, instead of just downloading in the background like it should. Navigation is horrible. Entire app needs to be re-thought, like many Newstand application. Can't blame GP though. It's time Apple step in to standardize the. UX across the store and publications better, to make it easier to find things, open things, manage downloads, preview. Not that every Newstand publication/application needs to work and be the same, but execution needs to be more intuitive in general.
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12 years ago, DoctorCalabria
After being lured with a free issue that they then tried to charge me for I deleted this garbage app. I've been a subscriber of Guitar Player since 1976 and I thought I'd give the digital edition a try (especially since the printed version has gotten so bad over the years). I would think digital distribution would give publishers a chance to embrace a new technology and innovate, but in this case, a I think not. Guitar Player, you've been an old and dear friend and ill miss you-this experience just motivated me to finally stop reflexively renewing my print edition.
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8 years ago, Not that Andy
Download management is non-existent
While the "stack of magazines" concept is meant to mimic real life, on a portable device, it is awful. Frankly, if I left a stack of magazines in my home, I'd be unable to find anything. It's an awful interface. At the same time, it is impossible to see at a glance how much storage is being used or delete downloads as they get older. My app was taking up over a Gig of space on my iPad, and they only way to clear the cache was to delete the app and reinstall it. I love the content, but the app is horrible.
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12 years ago, JellyHoR
Lost a subscriber
I am having the same problem that all the other reviewers are having. After updating to iOS 6, I had to reinstall the GP app. Now when I try to open it, a pop up screen asking for email and password appears. It says I'm not registered with them, and there is no way to register. I tried restoring my purchases (one year subscription), and it won't restore. GP has just become one big advertisement anyway. The interviews are just for so and so to plug their signature gear. Never will subscribe again.
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9 years ago, Jerkyfro
New interface is JUNK
This new app is junk. Completely disorganized. I like the old interface where I could see all available issues (labeled by month/year), download as needed, and see what had previously been purchased without having to swipe through endless magazine covers. Please stop trying to be slick and hip and go back to an interface that works. I'd rather go back to print magazines than deal with this.
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9 years ago, Simi Dave
Good app, but...
Like so many others, you have to have BOTH the print AND the on-line subscription. The app is great when you have the digital rights. My only beef at all is if you have the print subscription, you should be able to enter your subscription number and get the on-line version as well.
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10 years ago, justinhaughtmd
iOS 8 issues
please fix the iOS 8 issues - thanks
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7 years ago, Vickie the Vegetarian
Why even have an app?
I just subscribed a week ago and was excited to download the app. How disappointing! Why even bother? It's clunky and doesn't make sense. I not even find the "unlock my purchases" referred to in the FAQ. Rather than frustrate your customers, ditch the app and spend your time and energy elsewhere.
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11 years ago, Ofunke
Love the Magazine HATE the app
Downloading new issues is sloooooow, buggy, and unreliable. Most monthly issues require 3-5 attempts before a successful download. Ten tries and May 2013 still won't download. Once downloaded, many pages display blank spots where an image or text should be. Not my idea of how an ePub should work.
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12 years ago, brianabbott
I just purchased the latest addition. I clicked restore purchases twice and it said your purchase has been made but no magazine. If I cannot access my purchase or I am overcharged then I will call Apple for credits. Apple is supposed to only add apps that are functional. I blame them.
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12 years ago, Rumimuse2
Can't access my issues
My issues were available in the old version of your app, but the new one downloads them, but then won't let me read them. It asks for my password, then says I'm not registered. It's a great magazine, otherwise.
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10 years ago, Daveoxe
Crashes when not on wifi
Whenever I am not on wifi the app will begin to open but a few seconds later closes.
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12 years ago, tj.arizona
Can't access issue either
I downloaded an issue and it wants me to log in. It doesn't specify which account and there is no place to register a new account.
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11 years ago, Twoprimo
Bull Crap
Don't fall for it, I've already deleted it! "Free" yeah right... Like a bad prom date that didn't put out! The only thing free is the app to look at covers of magazines that you can BUY for $7 bucks. What a tease. Leave her home!
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10 years ago, John4jazz
Tell me when this app works. I paid the subscription and lost all my money. The app has been down for at least a year.
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12 years ago, Unhappy new player
Terrible change
Worst app I've ever used! Now I won't even read the print version , you email them the problem and they blame it someone else.
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10 years ago, AMWASC
Still won't restore purchases
I am still unable to restore my purchases due to it crashing.
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12 years ago, T0ne hunter
Guitar player mag++
I should have read these reviews first. This app is useless. I am having the same problem described below - "gathering purchase info - please wait".
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8 years ago, vis_fx
Horrible App
Clunky, buggy, slow. I regret subscribing and will be asking for a refund. This app is so bad, I won't be subscribing to guitar player anymore. What a rip off.
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12 years ago, Tony Hay
Doesn't work
It doesn't work. It's stuck in a mode displaying "gathering purchase info". Very disappointing.
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12 years ago, sumrz_98
Can we get a refund on our subscription.
This app is terrible and I can't access subscription.
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11 years ago, Marmis4
Purchased Rick Neilson issue on 7/5 ... Cannot open from my newsstand or store...previous "fix"didn't work
Show more
9 years ago, Zypher66
Can't purchased subscription and restoring past purchases can't be retrieved.
Show more
10 years ago, Jody Salino
Doesn't work any more with the new version.
Show more
10 years ago, Jonathan Cooper
Keeps crashing
And apparently, nobody is interested in fixing it. What a mess.
Show more
10 years ago, tommyvo
Simply nonfunctional
Don't pay for iOS subscription.
Show more
10 years ago, rangertim970
Locked Up...crashed?
This is the first app that locked up my ipad...?
Show more
11 years ago, Puppacup
Soooo Bad
The app crashes constantly - please fix!
Show more
9 years ago, guitarguy1214
I love guitar player magazine! But this app is terrible! Get it together!!!
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