GuitarTab - Tabs & chords Pro

4.7 (6.2K)
66.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Markus Schiessl
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for GuitarTab - Tabs & chords Pro

4.71 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
7 years ago, sahmahnthahh
Love this app
Disclaimer: I'm a beginner and mostly self taught with the help of books. That said, this app works very well for me. It saves me from having to search google for free tabs, and has a solid variety of songs as long as they're not extremely recent, since most seem to be from contributors/other app users. And most songs have multiple versions--for example, for a single song there may be 1 containing bare chords, maybe 2 or 3 with complete tabs, and one with sheet music &tab(these are labeled "guitar pro" in the app. The others are clearly labeled as "chords" or "tab"). Depending on the song popularity there may be 9 or more versions. It's not a problem finding the one you were studying thanks to the history and favorites features. I don't need an in app tuner or recording capabilities--I use this app to find tabs and for that it's fantastic. Well organized, easy to navigate, good search options. Aesthetics aren't great, but that doesn't really matter to me.
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4 years ago, Dynamite Guy
I’d give it 10 stars if I could
This is my favorite guitar app. It’s very rare that this app doesn’t have tabs and chords for a song. The free version is fantastic but spending $5 for the pro version was the best $5 I ever spent. Any tabs I find that I like, I can print them and carry them around. Easy to transpose songs to other keys. Change the tempos of tabs. It’s wonderful. You can save your favorite tabs and chord sheets super easily. Don’t waste anymore time looking for another tablature and guitar chord app because this is the best one by far. It will show you chord diagrams for chords too which is awesome. If you are a avid guitar player or plan on being one, spend the $5 on the pro version. The stuff this app offers you is worth 5 times that! Couldn’t recommend it more.
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5 years ago, bruce & susan
Very useful for performing musicians
I've used Guitartab for just a few weeks, works as advertised. Great for setting up multiple set lists (playlists) and for those songs not found I save them to my Dropbox account and roll them in. The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to access my favorites or playlists while offline, some show up others don’t? I’ve now been using the paid version for quite awhile on my iPad and Kindle.
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6 months ago, kidd kilo
Print Chord diagrams?
Pretty cool app. I found everything I was searching for. I haven’t used it much since I just purchased today. I printed a song with chords, not a TAB and the chord diagrams didn’t print. Is this a feature that you could add. I’m a long time use of Ultimate TABS site and a paid member. I have to use a computer to print the TABS there as it doesn’t work so well on an iPad. I was hoping that this app here would be a way to print using iPad. It’s ok if you know all the chords; but helping my couple of students, it would be very nice, again, to print the chord diagrams with the song. Thanks for your hard work on this app. I love it so far; just that one thing missing IMHO. Keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, mittttt romney
I loved this app until I paid 299 hoping for the transposition function. Now when I select a song form my favorites it comes up instead of Being in the key it’ll be either +4 minus seven or whatever it seems rather random. The other problem is I’ll bring up a song and it’ll have a completely different song under that title. For example I brought up bringing in the sheaves and instead of that being what was printed out it was he’s got the whole world. So it’s usable but I don’t love it I only like it and only part of the time
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2 years ago, blues3000
Great app
I use it a lot and like this app and versatility. However I have a problem with the song index font and size. It’s too small, and I can’t adjust it. I also think that the last two fixes caused various font and sizing changes to the songs, I.e. bigger spaces between lines and font changes to various song.
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2 years ago, Airesso
Some good, some bad
Overall I really want to like this app. There’s a lot of great features and it really has some great content. However there are some glaring issues that make the app aggravating to use. On my iPad mini it’s almost impossible to press the blue button, you have to hit like two pixels. Most of the time it works fine, but occasionally a song will continue playing in the background no matter what and your only option is the exit the app.
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7 years ago, Fan of RC
Solid app for guitar - plenty of song tabs
I'm just starting out learning guitar and this app is my go-to for learning to play all types of songs. There are so many to choose from which makes finding the song I want really easy. What makes it even better is that many have both guitar and bass tabs. So a bass player can play a song
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1 month ago, secretsofcode
It's handy
After searching online videos for song tabs i find this application very handy since you could config how instruments sounds shows chords on fretboard and i'm left handed so i could change it to left hand. it is something that every guitar player should have.
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5 years ago, danny1971jdw
This app is superb!!!
I absolutely love this app!! I don’t rate apps much on here, but I wanted to on this app because it has helped me out so much on learning new songs on the guitar. I don’t know how to read tablature but this app has the regular chords on it showing you how to play it. Basically, if ya want an app that teaches you how to play songs that you grew up with, than this is the one!
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6 years ago, Stingray359
Great App!
I have been playing guitar for almost a full year now. Never took any lessons, but decided to teach myself chords. I was stuck playing the same songs over and over. This app is really helping me feel more comfortable with both trying new songs and using tabs. Now, I can play anything I want.
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1 year ago, c. Trusty1
On it!
If there is ever an issue, support seems to be on top of it and it is resolved quickly. The upgrade is well worth the price and I have downloaded the app several times on different devices with no problems.
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3 years ago, god & guitars
Guitar Tab Rocks
This is the Best app ever. The amount of songs in their catalog is endless. So far anything and I mean everything that I have ever searched for I have found. This is so much better than all of the other guitar apps that are out there. If you download this app your fingers are going to thank you. Rock On Peeps.
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1 month ago, Wild blues man
Good quick reference
Usually most chords are right on of course sometimes people disagree on it exactly! But it is a great quick reference especially if someone requests a song !! Bang just like that you have the chords and lyrics even if you know the song but haven’t played it in a long time!!!
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2 years ago, Coolwhipl
Great Support
This is a new app for me. I haven’t even used it yet much. I’ve seen other reviews so I’m expecting good things. What this review is about is the support team. Very fast response to help and resolve my login problem. Totally both thumbs up!
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5 years ago, A Water Fowl you might know
Bass Pro?
The app is great for guitar, but is there any way that a bass pro version could be made? As far as I can tell, there is no auto play version of tabs, so if you are trying to learn a new song, and that makes it really difficult to feel the rhythm out.
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2 months ago, someone random 2580
This app is so much cheaper than other tab apps! Def worth the 6 dollars and it’s a one type purchase so that’s a plus. Although it doesn’t tell you the strumming pattern most of the time, its easy to search up on google.
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2 years ago, Dshazam
Clumsy to get around
It is very frustrating to move around different songs & artists with this app. It wants to force you to use that same artist or song in your next search. The only option is to completely exit the app and start over. Otherwise the content is good
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9 months ago, Guitarman 5150
My Journey-The Guitar
This tab app has helped me remember songs I had forgotten, learn songs I didn’t know, and helped me through my journey to playing Guitar… it is my passion, thank you for helping me through the tough times and the good! Kurtis Mullinax
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6 years ago, Seageesea
Great site for tabulation music
I can not read music nor play cords very well. I can read and understand tab music, this site works great for me. I find most of what I like and want. Highly recommend it for any level of guitar knowledge you might have.
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4 years ago, JoshTh3Legend
Thank you!!!
Thank you so much!!! It’s so amazing to finally see an app that allows us to get good and accurate music for free!!! I’ve had 0 problems with the app even though the interface could be slightly improved. Other than that THE APP IS PERFECT!
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7 years ago,
Just what I needed
I used to carry around a stack of lyrics wherever I planned to do some playing and singing. Now I use GuitarTab. It's exactly what I needed. It gives me flexibility because it lets me have access to so many more lyrics than my curled up coffee-stained stack.
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7 years ago, Drakemeetslara
If you're someone who just started learning that nuances of guitar, this app is a must have for you. It has incredible detail in refining your guitar playing skills. Please do yourself a favor and download this app.
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4 years ago, sparky9923
My review
Over my maybe three years of playing guitar this app has helped me the most. GuitarTab has helped me so much I owe most of my guitar playing to them. Whoever started this app. Bless you
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2 years ago, 1972Dobro1947
Old tab
I have a subscription to tab but the new subscription is so confuising I can’t use it can you help me ?
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4 weeks ago, KenFalls
Timing is off
Why is it all the guitar pro tabs all have a delay of about 1-1/2 seconds from cursor to sound? The sound is like 2 beats faster than the actual chord, string or whatever is shown. Serious issue that is horrible on the iPhone and to think I paid for this
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6 months ago, Daryl 1970
Guitar Tabs review
I really like using this app to see how others play their songs vs how I play the same songs.
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2 months ago, Gguhvffhh
Hits and misses
The upside of this app is that you can find lots of tabs easily. The downside is that its a random grab-bag of disjointed tab content. Did you find an accurate tab, or jsut some tabs that some dude put togehter? You never know - so happy hunting.
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3 years ago, blascxr
Tabs and chords
Great app right off the bat!! It didn’t miss a single song even Latin songs!!! If you are a beginner it shows what the different chords are!! Really great app I really recommend!🥳
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2 years ago, Andtrano
Stopped opening guitarpro files?
Update: restarting app temporary fixes it Please update/fix. Object error opening guitarpro favorites, iPad Air 4 Other than this hopefully temporary issue this is essentially the best app.
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2 years ago, 707investor
Killer Selection!
I can’t believe it! So many of the song I wanted to learn. And they are all right here. Thank you #Guitartab
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2 years ago, skyler2077
Pretty good for learning
Like the title said, it’s a pretty good tool. My main issue is that it wildly messes with tempos on imported tabs. If that issue were to be fixed it would be a big help to me
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7 years ago, Alican Yardızz
Love it
I can always find something in your app that interests me and makes me want to pass it on to my guitar and uke students. Thank you for the inspiration ..!
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2 years ago, Glide20
Great app . Just about every style of music . Excellent song selection . Highly recommend .
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6 years ago, artfoundry
Awful UI
This might be a great app if it weren't for the fact that the UI is horrid. Buttons don't always respond, no way to get rid of the keyboard when you tap in the search field other than to perform a search, and the app crashes all the time. This is on an iPhone X with iOS 12.0.1
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3 years ago, lamo mccheesy tights
Very good but...
The app is very good with chords AND tabs, but doesn’t have some of my favorite songs, and some songs only have around 12 tabs, and the chords are too spread out, but the outcome is DEFINITELY worth it.
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1 month ago, Michael walks with Yeshua
I’m just saying that you should try
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5 years ago, jumpping joe 007
It great app
Especially when you’re learning guitar. This. App even using other Instruments involved such as keyboards, drums, bass. And even more !
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5 years ago, spudbob
Favorite app for tabs
Easy to navigate. Lots of good tabs and chords. I can easily read and play from the app using my iPad.
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7 years ago, Wafer demon
Great app
It's pretty cool being able to go to one place to find tabs from multiple sites. It also has a huge variety of artists.
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5 years ago, The-lateman
This is an amazing app! I just started playing ukulele and GuitarTabs has helped so much. It makes songs easy to learn! They even have Christian songs like This Is Amazing Grace and Love With Your Life!❤️🎶🎵 Could not ask for more. God bless.
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1 year ago, SailorTravis
So far the free version is awesome! Guitar pro definitely helps bring that I can’t read sheet music lol
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4 months ago, Bad kitty_13
It's just OK
It's just OK. It has frozen a couple of times and it's not really my type of app. But other than that it worked perfectly fine.
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2 years ago, 19Mac59
Play along
Wish app played song as well.
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7 years ago, A.v.m.k.x
Rockin it. Solid.
Greatness is achieved through perseverance and hard work. It seems this app has got the right formula! Great App so easy and helpful.
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6 years ago, G-Muniz
Big selection on all types of music , always learning new songs from hard to find artists !! Great App...
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7 months ago, Howlinknight
Awesome thanks!
Pay the money to access the app! Get a job if you can’t!
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5 years ago, BEEFY#1
Great learning tool
This app hasball the features to help you learn songs. I'm a begginer and I highly recommend this app!
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1 year ago, markfrom1969
Best resource
Accurate in both tab and standard notation. Best that I can find.
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3 years ago, fhgssnktaqybxzdl
It doesn’t have a lot of the top songs
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