GuitarTuna: Tuner Chords Tabs

4.8 (106K)
236.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Yousician Ltd
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for GuitarTuna: Tuner Chords Tabs

4.79 out of 5
106K Ratings
7 years ago, shorty0979
I really like this app!!
I've never personally tuned a guitar,- I've always had to have someone tune it for me when I briefly owned several guitars many years ago. At the time, I had bought them for my (now) ex husband so he was the one who always tuned them. But unfortunately, when I eventually left him- He got rid of them all instead of giving them to me since I paid for all of them. So needless to say, I've never really had the chance to learn how to play much at all. Recently, I was given another guitar from my sister, & knew I needed to learn how to tune it so I downloaded this app. I find it extremely easy to use & very helpful. Now I can tune my guitar (& maybe??) FINALLY learn how to play like I've always wanted too!! I LOVE Music & have to listen to it daily, it's my "Escape" from the world, my life, & all the problems or stresses that I might face daily. I've always wanted to learn how to play for as long as I can remember, so that I could eventually learn to play (at least some??) of the songs I love to listen to everyday or maybe even some that I grew up listening to as a kid. I'm thankful for this app so I can begin my journey towards reaching my goal/dream of learning how to play guitar & music. Thank you for making this app so very easy!! I Love It!!
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1 year ago, NelGrande
Used to be a good app
This app used to be a good tuner but now it’s bloated with useless features and a subscription. This is the problem with these types of developers, can’t leave well enough alone. They think they are doing a great thing by bloating the software and adding a subscription. Could you imagine paying a subscription to a tuning device bought at the music store? I want a comprehensive tuner, not games and play along lessons. Split the app in two. A separate tuner and a subscription based teaching app. If I remember correctly, it was a small fee to pay for a different kind of tuning like drop D. I would be happy just to pay a small fee for a particular tuning and be able to keep that. A subscription for a tuner is cost-ineffective. I’m starting to think this app was designed by a physical tuner company pushing you back into buying and using a physical tuning device. I am not going to pay a subscription just to get drop A tuning for my seven string guitar. It’s not going to happen because I’m not using any of the other functions. I’m not attempting any free trial that tricks you into actually subscribing either. Cut the fat and make a simple tuning app without the bloated features. I’ve noticed a handful of reviews being lowered, because users from the app’s early days have come back and found the bloated app with a subscription to be less than satisfactory.
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2 years ago, Blue Beowolf
It does exactly what it needs to and has more
I’ve never used the extra features but from what I’ve seen they seem to work really well though I don’t pay the subscription for any of the extra stuff. They don’t bar any of the base functions behind a pay wall instead they have extra completely optional features that you can pay to get and they still take good care of the base app. It’s really useful for someone who just needs to tune their guitar really quick and is a lot less tedious than carrying around a tuner. Not to mention a physical tuner provides no more benefits than this app. I recommend all guitar players have this in their back pocket. The only thing it can’t do with the base app that I don’t like is that it can’t tune the strings in notes other than standard tuning. Though even so considering it’s free it’s still a really good tool to have considering the convenience it offers since you’ll have your phone on you most of the time anyway.
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2 months ago, Flightsimdude111
Overly capitalized and bloated
It’s a guitar tuner app. You use it to tune your guitar. You’d think that would be enough as it is but no, they have to blow it up with frankly laughable amounts of bloatware, useless features, and paywalls. Like seriously, who’s the genius who thought it would be cool to lock tunings behind a subscription paywall? Not just a paywall - a subscription one. They literally want you to pay a recurring fee for the privilege of tuning your guitar to some tunings. Or to use the chromatic tuning mode like if you wanted to check your intonation for example. And the bloatware, holy smokes. Devs, it’s a tuning app. Leave it at that and just make a separate app for everything that’s not related to tuning my guitar. The sheer volume of bloatware in this app means it is slow to start up and then you have to X out of one or more popups trying to sell you on more features you never asked for in your tuning app. Also, why on earth does my tuner app need to track my location by across platforms? Someone please explain this to me. Oh yeah, the advertising. Why do we need to generate so much money from advertising? Because we sunk so much in development resources implementing all this bloatware and useless features and now we need to sell your data to make up for it. Never in my life did I think I would say the phrase “my guitar tuner sells my data to advertisers for profit” but here we are.
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2 years ago, Mr. T-Wrecks
Completely RUINED a great app
I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that I downloaded this app (years ago, mind you) because I needed a guitar tuner. The app filled that need. It was great—open app, app opens (immediately) directly to tuner, the tuner worked, and the app stayed out of your way—perfect. Unfortunately, the dev has now introduced a bunch of features that have made the app slower and intrusive. Now, the app opens to a loading screen. You sit and wait. When the tuner finally comes up and you can start tuning—Hey! You know what’d be great!? If a modal (popup) window overlaid the screen (and the tuner, which is dimmed due to this) prompting the user to use one of the new features! You know—the features that the user intentionally skipped and didn’t go into the menu and select because they didn’t want to use them—they simply wanted to tune their instrument… Yeah, wouldn’t that’d be great?! If you think so, you’re in luck! Because that’s exactly what the app does now. Oh, what’s that? You want ads now too?! Boy, have I got the app for you! The dev will likely try to justify the ads by saying that they pay for the development costs… Yeah, the dev costs of the new features literally no one asked for. There were no ads when it was a simple app. It could have and should have been left alone! I already deleted the app, as have all of my friends. Colossal misstep, devs!
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7 years ago, Charles Bailey ~
Versatile and very usable
The tuner provides great visual feedback during the tuning process, and is rapidly responsive. It is a bit sensitive to environmental noise, even using a contact microphone, so works best in a relatively quiet setting: people in the room are fine, but several instruments tuning near each other is a problem. I'm guessing the iOS sound input system has a lot to do with this; perhaps the best the app can do is try to focus hard on the pitch with highest amplitude. In terms of design, the tuner is very informative. Being tied to an instrument profile allows it to give clear direction, though it may mean that you need to purchase one of the profile sets to get the data for your instrument. The only thing I miss for this function is a chromatic tuner, since it's sometimes nice to place a pitch you're hearing. The chord library is very rich, if you play a guitar. The metronome is handy as well. I don't use the games or song exchange. The topics look interesting, though. Overall, if you're willing to make the modest investment in the expanded tuning profiles and don't absolutely need the ability to display an arbitrary pitch, it's an excellent choice as a tuning and reference utility.
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2 years ago, bobbypickin
Great visual tuner- my go to tuner
I have loved this tuner since the first time I tried it maybe six or more years ago. I mostly use it for acoustic guitar and lately for ukulele. Obviously the free version (which is what I have only used) has ads and other irritations (and locked functionality) that would undoubtedly disappear for the pay version. But you generally do get what you pay for and for me when my clip on and other three dimensional tuners either have no power, dead battery or I lose trust in their accuracy or my own ears this is my main go to. As with any of the tuners using built in microphones for input, as long as you can have relative silence when tuning this tuna is tops. Great visuals too - reminds me of kicking the football straight through the exact center of the goal posts to score a field goal or extra point after a touchdown. Except a bell like tone rings in E and both posts light up when you are exactly in tune. Kinda like when the football referee signals a touchdown - holding both arms straight up above him clearly letting the crowd know the team scored - and your specific string is now in tune. Get the free app.
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2 months ago, Sepulchre823
Good App, Unfortunately Ruined By A “Feature”
I’ve used this app for tuning all of my instruments for a very long time. It does what it says on the box, it has a large variety of instruments to choose from. It is precise. That should be enough. Unfortunately the developers have added “features” that I did not ask for when I originally paid for the app. Lessons, song tabs and chord charts are all great but I don’t use them or want them really. What has truly driven me to now using other apps instead of this one is that once the app considers your guitar “tuned” it randomly selects a song for you to begin playing whether you want it to or not, whether you are done tuning or not. This “benefit” is incredibly disruptive and very annoying, particularly when all I’m trying to do is use the tuner and move on to what *I* want to be playing, either from memory, paper or ultimateguitar. So far I haven’t discovered a clear way to turn this off while retaining all other features I enjoy and paid for. I check the app from time to time hoping the developers have added the option allowing me to turn this terrible feature off, but as of April 2024, I am still waiting.
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10 months ago, El muñeco 94
Ads ads and more ads
For context, I got GuitarTuna years ago when it was free before it was acquired by yousician. Even though standard tuning was free, I play drop tuning a lot and purchased it then for about $4, and thank god I did. Now I am diving deep in experimenting with tuning and when I checked to purchase open for what I assumed the same price. They wanted me to pay $8.99 a month just to tune the guitar, ridiculous. But okay, fine, they have to make sales whatever, so let me just use the power tunings I have available? Nope. When I open the app, there’s an add inquiring me to purchase full access for a bunch of features, dude I just want the tuner. I must’ve closed the ad about a thousand times now. And you’ve guessed it, if I don’t want to see it anymore I’ll have to pay $8.99 a month for something I already purchased. Even more annoying, after I’m done tuning, the system recognizes it and forces me to try and playa song with chords, so I have to put my guitar down, walk up to my phone that’s in my desk and press the x. Super inconvenient and tacky way of trying to force someone to makes purchase. They should have the option to remove ads for someone THAT ALREADY SUPPORTED THEIR BUSINESS AND MADE A PURCHASE TO REMOVE ADS ALREADY
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3 months ago, *~Snowdrop~*
Inconsistent tuning and teaching
I had this app downloaded a couple years ago for tuning and recently found my way back to using it again. It doesn’t seem to be reliable anymore as I would tune once to everything being “correct” but then if I tried to using it again right afterwards, the tuner would say my guitar is out of tune. It seems to especially struggle with my 6th (E) cord? When it comes to the learning features, the app doesn’t do a very good job with recognizing chords. When I held the strings I was told, the chord wouldn’t be marked correct. An example would be where I was told to press strings 5 and 4 down to play the “Em” chord the app wouldn’t recognize me playing the chord correctly unless I pressed 6 and 5 down. I even checked back on the videos showing the instructor pressing down on the same strings as I was. As a beginner this is very confusing; am I playing correctly or not? I understand the app won’t be 100% perfect but it should be somewhat better if you expect me to pay for continued access. I’d rather pay a personal instructor at that rate. The concept for this app is good but it doesn’t seem executed very well.
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6 years ago, Xx_DonutEater_xX
Nice app definitely recommended
Hello everyone reading this. This is an app that made my life so much easier. I started playing guitar 4 months ago and I didn’t know anything about the guitar. So I needed someone to tune my guitar for me or at least help me (My grandpa knows how to play and tune guitar. He was pretty young when he started playing on it. But I can’t always ask him to help me). So this app was just perfect for me. It’s free. It shows you all the chords. It’s precise while tuning. And it has little mini-games as well (although if you want more games you need to pay. But it’s pretty reasonable price). So the bottom line than. If you want the basics of the basics on guitar this is the app that will provide you with anything. If you want to learn more you need to pay (But I think their Yousician app is much better if you wanna “master” the guitar). And the best thing is that the app is beautiful, it has a good tuner and all the chords you will probably ever need. (This was kinda too big of a bottom line 🤣) Thank you for reading!
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2 years ago, RainySol
Best Guitar app ever!!
I LOVE this guitar app! I finally started playing my guitar again bc of it. I’m learning songs on it, too! My husband has a banjo that he’s going to get reconstructed so that he can play it, as well. This thing has a ton of instruments that you can tune & play songs with! & it has many different tuning settings. I searched for a long time before I decided on buying this. This is the best app I could find. It shows you exactly how to play the chords, in case you don’t know or forget. & the songs have the original versions & simplified versions. I’m learning a Blind Melon cover of “Pusher”, & im learning so fast. The original version is actually easier for me to play than the simplified version. Some of the lyrics are wrong, but besides that this app is the coolest!! Very happy with it! & im playing my guitar almost every day now bc of it! They show you exactly which string & fret to play on, it’s truly helpful & fun! Thank you for such an amazing app!
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6 years ago, Alyssa P. J.
I love this app!
This app has been amazing! Before I get into detail, this app has helped me learn so much, and I’m so glad I downloaded it. It has been the easiest way for me to learn chords. I first downloaded this app when I began playing guitar, to help keep it in tune. As I became more familiar with the app and my guitar, I started using the “learn to play chords” feature. When I was ready to learn new chords I purchased the full version. One of the best purchases I could’ve made. All of the features expand for the guitar. But, not all of the features expand for the ukulele. This is pretty disappointing. This app has been a foundation for me learning to play and I really wish they had the “learn to play chords” feature for the uke. Hopefully the developers are working on this! Honestly if you’re newer (or even experienced) to playing and are looking for an app to help you get your instrument in tune and learn new chords I’d recommend this app.
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3 years ago, A new soul
Not accessible!!
The idea for this tuning app is a great one! The only thing is, it is not accessible to those of us who are blind. That’s why I don’t pay for a subscription. Not even the free version works that well!! And I have tried to talk to the developers with no results. I have done research and found out that I am not the only blind person who has tried to talk to the developers. Every time I use the app, the tuner stops working and I have to wait anywhere from a few minutes to three days before I get the screen that says allow access to microphone. Even then, it is not guaranteed I will get to the guitar tuner choice on the screen. It is frustrating and annoying I keep deleting it and starting over, still it doesn’t work!!! I use voiceover and I have an iPhone eight. Not only can I not use the tuner properly, but there are many things on the app that are not accessible!! The reason I bring up the iPhone is because my sister has an iPhone 11 and the app seems to work on her phone just fine. At least I know she can get to the tuning part of it. I don’t know about the rest, because she doesn’t use it.
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4 weeks ago, frbggdevntyenddgtgvtrevh
This app is incredible! You must read this review
Guitar Tuna is like our musical best friend! My sister sings, and I play instruments, and this app brings us together perfectly. It's super easy to use and does a bunch of cool stuff. Not only does it help us tune our instruments, but it also shows us the words and chords for all our favorite songs. And guess what? It's all free! Sure, there are some short ads, but they're not a big deal and they never interrupt you while you are playing. At first, it might seem like you have to pay for extra stuff, but don't worry—it's free like it says once you click the x button in the corner. And it works with lots of different instruments, so it's awesome for us. In a nutshell, Guitar Tuna rocks! It's simple to use, does lots of cool things, and doesn't cost a dime. Perfect for making music with friends and family!
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2 years ago, nanomldo
This is the easiest app to learn Chords💜
Hello Guys, I normally don’t even rate app at all but this one deserves a 5 stars ⭐️. I’ve been struggling with depression and my only scape is through music and this app helped me a lot with chords and learning how to play guitar properly. It has a variety of supplies such as Guitar Tuning and Chord dictionary, you are able to change the style of guitar so you can tune it, you can also choose between right or left handed. If you are interested in learning this app is amazing. You can use it for free or you can take it to the next lever and buy premium. This is not a sponsor I’m just sharing my story of how this app has been helping me with my guitar playing so I wanted to let you guys know that is worth it. Try it for a few days and then let me know if you guys feel comfortable 💜. Have a Great one! Everyone!
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1 year ago, Envy 123
You get just enough with the free version and the the subscription just makes things more convenient and easier to learn. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the songs on there don’t really reach outside of English. There’s no songs on there in a foreign language. And I know there’s more on the yousician app but you have to pay for everything on there so why do that when you can watch adds to learn popular songs easily. They also don’t have as many popular songs as expected. It’s a situation where you’re looking for a song not even by a super big artist but one that has a few popular songs and you can’t seem to find their most popular song but happen to find one of their least known songs just sitting there. Besides that it’s one of the best guitar apps to have!
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3 years ago, Kt :3
This app has helped me many times and I have to tune my instruments a lot. I play the Ukulele and Guitar and I never have a problem tuning it.I don’t have the ability to tune and instrument by ear at all so I really needed this. I downloaded a few tuning apps and all of them were about the same. There was chords and it had to listen to try and tell you when it is right. But that’s about it, and most of them had pretty poor audio. Than I decided to use this app because I heard of it but I thought it would be the same and people just overreacted about a simple guitar tuner. Soon after when I downloaded the app my mind changed almost instantly. There were so many instruments to choose from and it has great audio and there is more than just tuning guitars. More musicians should discover this tuning app because this app helped me a lot and without it I would still be having my half sister toon it by ear whenever she comes. Thank you for this wonderful app it has helped me a lot and there is no way to say how good this app is. It is amazing and I recommend this to anyone with an instrument or instruments that they play a lot and need a tuner for. Honestly, this is amazing! -Kt
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2 years ago, The Beatles Heard His Name
I Can’t Believe it’s Free!
I’ve been using this application for years, and just the tuning feature is good enough for me! When I recently had my classical guitar re-strung, the music store employees expected me to tune it myself, with some little bug that hooks on the guitar. I respectfully declined, and brought the guitar home, so could use the Guitar Tuna (funny name!) to help me accomplish this task. I had to use my piano to get the low “E,” but after that, Mah Tuna took over! I was afraid that I’d bust some of the strings, because it was left so flat that I had to tune it up 5 notes, in some cases. Fortunately, nothing busted, including my guitar neck! I love the chime feature, when the tuning is spot on! I’ve been tuning my own guitars for over a half a century, and I can assure all of you that this amazing device works like a charm!!!
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5 years ago, Joshua of Oregon
The King of the Field!!
From all of the tunner apps on the market I’m only reviewing the ones that are free. Being a real musician, and currently having zero to no money, when I type into google ‘tuner apps for free’ I’m assuming the results are going to be representative of free tuner apps.....not apps that are free until you want to tune with them.... Apparently that’s what most app development people assuming is going to work. What they don’t understand is that when I go through all of the effort of finding your app, downloading your app, installing your app, opening your app, and learning how to use your app....only to be greeted with “you must purchase this app in order to get it to work…They not only have lost a customer… They’ve made an enemy for life… I actually have a special spot in my password black book it’s labeled poison… In on this page or only the names of the developers who have wasted my time by misrepresenting their free app… This app, is a breathe of fresh air. You can actually use this app to tune your guitar for free… If you pay additional amount it’ll do a lot more cool stuff for you, but if you don’t have the money to pay for the upgrades, it still functions fantastically as a tuner … Four stars… A+ plus… Way to go guys you’re the best
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6 years ago, Sputnik Stan
Great for any level guitarist
I have played guitar for over 20 years. I love this app. It is a relatively accurate tuner that is always as close as your phone. I play guitar and bass, depending on what band I am playing with and my mood. I enjoy this app because of the versatility of the tunings. Sometimes I play in standard, sometimes half a step down, sometimes in drop C, and open tunings. All of these and more are a simple menu away. I use my Korg strobe tuner with my rig and a needle tuner for setups, but I honestly use Guitar Tuna more often than any other tuner. Plus there are lots and lots of other features for actually learning to play the guitar and work on your skills that I haven’t even touched. Even the free version is great for standard tuning. Drop the money and get the app. You will see that you get more than you pay for!
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7 years ago, Lazy Crative
Best for learning guitar
Have you ever taken a class where the instructor not only allowed smart phones but insisted you download a specific app? Last year at my college I took a guitar class for non music major with no previous experience in guitar. It is called guitar class. So there were other students in it. It was 1 credit hour & I got an A. If you pass that with at least a C you can only take it once. I'm currently in what os called guitar elective. That is a one on one lesson in his office. Elective guitar can be taken as many times as the student wants. The pendulum is crucial to learning & the tuning is crucial to just using a guitar. This music teacher could teach a rhesus monkey to play the ukulele. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in the guitar whether they are a beginner or a pro stadium musician.
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6 years ago, thebanjitarninja
Solid Tuner
Lemme start with the one flaw: WAY too many ads for Yousician. I've heard great things about Yousician, don't get me wrong, but it just seems a little silly to have a whole section in the toolbar devoted to a different app. Now that my complaint is outta the way, I have to thank the devs. Like, seriously. Thank you guys. I am by no means an avid musician (I just picked up banjitar a month ago, and the only other musical knowledge I have is choral), and this lil app right here has helped so much. The tuner itself, the initial reason I got GuitarTuna, is phenomenally precise, even in my old iPhone 5c. I'd swear by it. There's also the super extensive chord library, which I will never have the expertise to fully delve into. GuitarTuna has helped this awkward, musically naïve teenage dude begin his journey down the road of banjitar enlightenment. This is one app that will always have a place very close to my heart: in my phone.
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2 years ago, Friend Requests
not as simple as it used to be
I am a paying premium subscriber. Before they did a major overhaul on this app it was perfect. Then they added in a bunch of useless learning features that belong in a separate app. EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to the tuner I get an annoying ad to buy an additional service I don’t need that I have to skip through and hit the very faintly hidden X to tune my guitar. Once I’m “finished” tuning (the app thinks I’m in tune but 1 or 2 strings are still out of adjustment so I still need the tuner) I get ANOTHER pop-up ad for playing songs on their publishing section. Extremely annoying, and should not even be presented to somebody who already pays for the app. The cosmetic changes they made with the overhaul are fine, but the overboard unavoidable advertising and useless features that belong in a separate app are super aggravating when all I need is a quick tuneup.
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10 months ago, patriciathepianoplayer
i love this app, only 3 complaints
i frequently use this app to get the chords for my piano, as it is just the same as playing the chords on guitar. i use it about every day, and i love it. there are a couple things that i do not like about this app though. 1. you always have to watch adds before every song you play and it’s super annoying 2. it’s always asking you to sign up and pay for yousician, and you have to X out of that option every time, and it pops up every time you open the app and after every song. there’s not even a place you can hit “don’t ask again” 3. you rarely ever get the songs you request for anyways, I overall love this app, but if these few things could either improve or get fixed/changed completely, my review would no doubt be 5 stars :)
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9 months ago, John#85
I can tune a guitar but I can’t tuna fish.
I have had this app for a few years now. My guitar is tuned like no other. The only problem is…I can’t play it worth a crap. My aspirations to be a rock star were fueled at an early age by the 80’s metal bands. I wanted the fame, the party life, the chicks, the drugs and yes, even the long hair. The only thing that stopped me was my short stubby fingers and my inability to learn how to play my instrument. I did become a good drummer but it wasn’t enough to catapult me to fame. I did do the rehab thing like most 80’s band members that survived that era and my life has been blessed by the grace of God. But I still can’t play my guitar very well. I do have Smoke on the water down pretty good but only the very beginning of the song. So to recap, the app is great, I am not!!
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2 years ago, Mxshroomgirl12
This is the best tuning app ever!!!
Okay so I love this app for plenty of reasons. I had gotten a ukulele for my birthday but didn’t know how to tune it so I tuned it based off of hearing so it wasn’t good, but then my grandma tried tuning it for me but it just made it sound worse. So I never touched it again till months later. I decided to give it another go so I went on the App Store in search of an app that would work, the first to didn’t work but then I got this one. It works so well! You press the chord name, for example A chord, and then you play the string on the ukulele and it will listen to it to figure out if it needs to be tuned up or down! It doesn’t only work for ukulele but also guitar, bass , and even violin! Definitely recommend it’s amazing!!
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2 years ago, JohnnyGalaxies
Saddest Day :(
I have used this app, for so many years. Since they released it. I would have continued to use it due to how convenient it was. I would have even payed a flat rate for it. It’s a portable tuner on your phone, you can never lose it!! The problem they have created is they’ve made a monthly subscription for a tuner. That completely ruined the app, I would be very open to come back to this guitar tuner, if there was a flat price. I would pay 40 dollars, the price of a normal tuner, because I know I’d never lose it. But paying a monthly subscription. Its simply because they added all of these crazy features. I know tons of musicians that have dropped the app and feel similar about the app. Drop the monthly subscription. Because I can’t even use it anymore. I even used the yousician app and payed for it back in the day. I’ve always been loyal to this company, but keep the tuner and everything else separate. That’s my opinion. And that’s why I must go find a new tuning app.
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1 year ago, theylov_me
Love the app but one problem
This app is perfect for anyone who wants to learn guitar at home, best one out there. Me and my friend both use it for guitar lessons in our free time, but there’s one major problem with the app. The ads aren’t working, when you first get the app you have the choice to get like a premium subscription for unlocked songs or not. when you click a song you can either watch an ad or buy the subscription, when you choose to watch the ad no ad pops up and you’re stuck loading. I know it’s not just me having this problem because my friend also has this problem with the app. Once I waited almost a hour for it to load but it never did which became frustrating for me. I hope it’s just a small glitch for us and nobody else has this issue
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6 years ago, TheTenthDoctorIsSexy
More like a blessing than an app
My friend introduced me to this app and since then, this app has been a blessing in my life. With it, I am able to tune my ukulele, violin, guitar, and my best friend's cello. It is so easy to use and is very precise. Even with the free version (which is what I have) there is so much you can do. Not only can you tune your instrument with this app, but you can also use the tools in the app such as the metronome or the chords tool where it shows you the fingering for different chords on the ukulele and guitar. It also has an option in the chords tool where you can listen to the chord to make sure you are playing it correctly. Overall: I rate this a 6/5. This is probably the most useful app I have downloaded on my phone and it is so easy to use. Love love love it!!!
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2 years ago, dodidodidodido
GET THIS APP IMMEDIATELY!! This app is so beyond helpful. Not only does it help you tune your guitar, but it also shows you note names and how to play them. I have learned notes off this app and I also really enjoy playing the songs, most of them are either free or you just have to watch an add to play them. I like how in a song you are playing you can press on the note letter and it tells you how to play it if you aren’t sure. I think it is voice activated when you are playing or even tune activated so during the smart scroll it knows when you are ready for the next verse when you are o playing that next specific note. It has so many good qualities for a free download you won’t regret it!!
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5 years ago, katieyouoldfool
Great, but with a couple annoying quirks
Before anything else, let me say this app is still 100% worth getting and I use it pretty much every day. It’s not just a tuner, it’s everything you need when practicing on your own. BUT there are a couple minor problems that got pretty annoying the more I used the app. The chord library interface is really bad. I love that they have so many chords and alternate fingerings, but really I wish there was just a button for each chord, instead of having to slowly scroll a dial through every note and variation to find the one I need. Also, I think the tuning calibration might be off. In settings, it says it’s automatically calibrated to to 440hz. But, whenever I play something already tuned properly to 440, like a digital keyboard, it reads as a 2-3 semitones too high. I’ve tried this with multiple instruments and used the app on several different devices and it happens every time. You can easily get around this by just changing the calibration to 443hz in settings, but it’s something to keep in mind, especially if you play in a group with other people. Again, I still recommend this app, flaws and all. There are just a couple things I’d love to see improved in future updates.
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6 years ago, SevinStorey
Works very well
As a young boy (in my early 20’s) I picked up my first hand me down flat top and bought a chord chart poster from Walmart and self taught myself how to strum chords enough to eventually start playing parties and small bars. I never did learn how to tune however but I can definitely tell when she’s out. I would always have to ask a friend or count on a small tuner that was easy to misplace or lose but now I can do it on my phone which I always have in my pocket and its extremely accurate as I’ve checked it on tuners and with class act guitar players including myself. There’s no bothersome pop ups (thank God) and it never asks me to buy anything,(again thank God) or I would drop it from my phone. Great deal for anybody out there.
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2 years ago, HomeOfPhobia
I *USED* to love this app…
This used to be my go-to tuning app and I’d recommend it to any of my friends picking up guitar or who needed to tune, but since they made it so you can ONLY use standard tuning and have to pay for a subscription for literally anything else, I’ve come to DESPISE it lol. There aren’t really any apps that tune well and now I honestly just tune by ear using free websites because GuitarTuna is unusable unless you want to waste money on *another* subscription, or are the only guitarist in the world who somehow only uses standard tuning. Even making this app so you had to purchase a “Pro Version” for a one time fee would be do-able and less obnoxious than what the conditions are currently. I’m deeply disappointed by their introduction of this, as I used to use this app religiously. Formerly, I would’ve rated 5 stars, but as you can see, I’m unable to do so anymore.
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6 years ago, MLGsniperclanminecrafter
Great app, extremely useful.
When I started playing Ukulele, I could never keep it in tune, it was a pain, and I had no idea where to start, so when I started learning guitar, I was even more overwhelmed. When I was playing one night with my horrendous sounding guitar, a friend told me about this app. I downloaded it, and almost instantly, my guitar and ukulele were sounding great. A year later, this app is still my go-to tuner, and although I do know how to tune without an app or tuner, this app truly helps me when I’m not quite sure. I recommend this to any guitarist, whether you’re a beginner, an amateur, or a pro. Even if you have a clip on tuner, this app is great for when you leave it at home, or can’t find it. 10/10 would download again.
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5 years ago, smhgamergal
great for learning the basics but...
It only gets 3 stars because they need to add a feature where you can play the chord practice games without a timer, Because it gets really annoying to have to keep restarting the game if you are a novice trying to learn the chords and can only get a couple before you have to stop and pickup your phone to restart the lesson. I was so stoked to see there was a feature that would teach you the chords and pick up if you were playing them correctly through the microphone and I paid for the full app only to find out how ridiculously obnoxious it is to have to restart every 45 seconds. seriously you need to add a feature where you can just play the games with no timer or with a custom timer. it's messed up the way it is now where you can only play each game for 45 seconds at a time.
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6 months ago, MadBarista24
Rock On
My expensive guitar tuner broke. I tried another app before GuitarTuna and it was not great. Now that I found GuitarTuna, I do not think I will buy another physical tuner. Maybe when I get more advanced in my guitar playing but for what I have seen on this app, I will not need it. I love the noise canceling background, and the little features such as it directing you to tune up or down. I was also pleasantly surprised that when I was done tuning I played a chord and the app pulled up a song by cold play that started with that chord and provided the rest of the chords with the lyrics to play. It blew my mind and I started to look at rest of the app and explored. I’m happy with it. I would recommend it to a guitarist.
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2 months ago, andreashorey
Waste of time
Update: I was told to email support. They asked me for proof that I subscribed and a video of the problem. Then they told me it’s supposed to work this way. So in other words, if you try the Learn portion of the app, it tells you “to continue, subscribe for $8/mo or $40/yr” You think you can continue but you can’t! You start the same lesson and the same song over again and at the same point in the same song it says “to continue, subscribe for $140/yr” Why wasn’t that an option from the start? Why did it tell me I could continue playing the song for $40/yr if that’s incorrect? And then their own tech support tells me this is how it’s supposed to work. lol. So it’s meant to be stupid? Cool. Moving on. ************ I started to use the lessons portion, and 30 sec into the 1st song of the 1st beginner lesson it wouldn’t continue unless we subscribed. It gave 2 options: $40/yr or $8/mo. I selected $40/yr and the free 7-day trial so I can at least evaluate ONE song lesson to see if it works for me. Halfway through the SAME SONG, SAME LESSON it tells me I can’t continue unless I now upgrade the subscription for $140/yr! I can’t even get through a single song or lesson, how am I expected to evaluate this app? What good is the 7 day trial or the $40/yr plan if you can’t do any lessons? Forget it, take your $$ elsewhere waste of time.
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4 months ago, blah blah blah watever
Awesome From SWIFTY BY HEART123🎶🎤
This gutair app is amazing i learned hownto play 3songs in one day .this app also helps me tune my gutair and learn me the lyrics to the songs i learn as well if they don't have the song that i want to learn how to play i request and then in a bout a week notice it will have the song until i got this app i was not interested as much as i am now i play it every day and i used to play it once a month i actually forgot about it until i had to teach my girl scout troop how to play gutair .if i do not know a chord it will show me no complaints at all usually i have a comlaint of every game or app i get but none on this app thanks for reading have a great day
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6 years ago, Sbpoodoo312
So good i wrote a review.
Making the switch to trying life as an all digital, all mobile, iPhone based guitar(enthus)i(a)st ... giving up tubes and pedals for simplicity’s sake. I am trying out many dozens of guitar apps as a result — including tuners — and this one definitely stands out. I wish alternate tunings came free, but its worth the (minimal) price if you need them. Many of the apps i have used have tuners built in to them but — even when i am actively using just such an app — i still find myself switching to this one, and honestly i couldnt tell exactly quite why. Maybe its the fengshui of the layout but this app just has that all around quality feeling that makes it rise above the rest. Yeah, its just a tuner, but it nails the execution.
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2 years ago, Teri O'
Easier than I had imagined!
I’ve had this ukelele as wall decor for years. I’ve never played an instrument but since recently retiring I have time to try new things and took an ukulele lesson. The teacher suggested this app and WOW! Not only did it solve my tuning problem but I can actually play a couple of easy songs already! It has thousands to choose from, which was fun to peruse, and the songs come as originally written or in ‘easy’ mode, which is a huge confidence builder. The songs scroll as you play - or not, your choice. Guitar Tuna may have features not listed here but for now, I’m enjoying what I’ve found too much to look further!
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2 years ago, dfhuyj
Convenient tuner
Times when I didn’t have a tuner. At a dinner party, done eating and see an old beater guitar on the floor in kids room. Had the urge to freestyle a thank you for dinner song .picked up guitar and “wank” it was abused and sad. So had a little talk with my phone and like Superman pulled up the Guitar Tuna. Rallied all the strings to there proper singing voices and walked in with a hilarious thank you for cooking dinner song. Then mentioned the kid won’t learn or want to play if the guitar sounds like a fingernail on a chalkboard, get a tuner for the boy. Of course turned them on to the cake walk tuning of the tuna. Now I’m prepping for my freestyle after dinner song and trying to articulate that a little tuna after dinna ain’t bad!
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2 years ago, Joshua David Gile
If you need simple guitar tuner this is it!!!!
My brother is the one who taught me to play a guitar and he got me my first iPhone and after we had not been able to see one another for quite a bit we were all at a cabin in Branson and I was wanting to play with him but I didn’t have a tuner with me , but he showed me this app and he loved it because it didn’t cost money to be able to tune the guitar and he was a professional musician and he used it while touring and when it was time for writing songs and he passed away feb 19 and I am never going to use anything else great app for free or the paid version it’s all really good , thanks so much, Joshua David Gile 3/16 godbless
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5 years ago, yum~yum🗿
i got this app when i FIRST started playing guitar and it did its job well, taught me all my major chords and tuned my guitar pretty well, but as i progressed (learned everything the app had to offer) i realized i needed everything else the app had to offer so i purchased the pro version and its 10x more useful. Basically what im trying to say is this app is great for beginners (beginner myself) but you definitely need the pro version if you’re really gonna take guitar seriously and use it on a day to day basis to teach yourself guitar and progress, unless you’re going for in person lessons with a teacher of course. If you're not going for in person lessons don't worry this app will take care of you.
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5 years ago, rainbow chords
More than just a tuner
I downloaded this app cause I didn’t have a guitar tuner and I didn’t want to buy one if I didn’t have to. So I downloaded this app thinking it was just a tuner, and only using it as a tuner for a few weeks. But one day I was trying to learn a song on guitar and I didn’t know one of the chords, so I was looking through apps but all of the good ones had you do the subscription and pay and whatnot, then I tried looking it up but it didn’t help, so I gave up basically. Then I was experimenting around with this app, seeing what else it had, and then I found it! Under games I found a learn chords game and the learn to play chords game and I found the chord I was looking for!
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1 year ago, MissVic19
Early user, lovin it
Super easy to tune the guitar, which is the main reason I downloaded the app. It’s been about 20 years since I last held my guitar and wanted to get back into it. Was a novice player at best but with many years of music experience on wind instruments and piano, to give a frame of reference. The song library is fun, and then it syncs with Apple Music when it’s playing a song. I switched to Apple Music just to remind myself what something sounded like, and when I flipped back to Guitar Tuna, the score started scrolling with the tune playing in the background! Very pleased so far and I’ve only had it for a week.
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6 years ago, Cece8289
Overall great, but missing a few things
Let me start by saying this is a REALLY good app. It’s very accurate, it saves me tons of time with tuning, and it has ALMOST every tuning under the sun to choose from. That being said, for more advanced players who are using less popular tunings like drop G, drop G#, drop F, etc., you’re going to have a really tough time because those aren’t an option. There IS an option to custom tune a 6 string which is great, but does also have some limitations. But I really do wish there was an option to do custom tuning for a 7 string because they only offer standard and drop A for 7 strings (yeah, they’re the most commonly used, but not the only ways to tune a 7 string). But otherwise, really well made app!
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3 years ago, 123123123123123123123123!!!!!
Let me say this:
I really love this app. When I was younger, I really wanted to play a guitar. I finally got one a couple years ago. But I didn’t know how to tune it so I usually had someone tune it for me or I would play it untuned. But, I found this app, and I can finally tune it by myself. It’s really easy to use and I love it! It’s not complicated like some of the other tuning apps are. I also own a Violin. I’ve played violin for two years and I wasn’t able to tune it until I found this app today! I absolutely love this app! If you are reading this, you should really give this app a go. It’s easy to use. I mean.. REALLY easy to use! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, TruthSetsYouFree
Useless tuner
Such a pain to use and I’m giving up trying to tune my acoustic guitar with this app. For example the green bar will never ever settle in the middle of the tune graph letting you know you’re in perfect tune — the notes are always “too high” or “too low,” no matter how much I try to correct it to achieve perfect pitches on my guitar. Since the first method was a bust, I tried relative tuning, trying to get one note in tune by using the app, and then taking it from there, tuning the rest of the strings by ear. That was annoying too, because the notes in the app don’t ring out for several seconds like on a real guitar — this makes it extremely tedious trying to get the low E string in perfect tune since the low E note in the app cuts off after half a second. It sounds unnatural and stupid. Not gonna fuss with this app any longer. I’m just gonna buy a cheap $10 tuner and delete GuitarTuna.
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4 months ago, Audio Precision
Great app, but….
I like this app, it really is great, I pay for the yearly subscription. The ONLY thing I do not like, and the only reason it’s a 3 star instead of 5, IS… when I’m using the tuner, a box pops up prompting me to start learning a song. I have to STOP my tuning to click on the X in order to keep using the app I’m PAYING to use. If I weren’t paying, I’d expect a feature like this. But when you’re setting the intonation on a guitar, then have to stop what you’re doing to “X” out of a nuisance that, in a few seconds envelops the whole screen rendering the tuner useless, and again, I’m paying for it, I DO NOT like that at all. At least let me opt out of this feature. I’m paying for the tuner, let me use it uninterrupted, please.
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