Gulf Coast Bank Digital

4.5 (939)
26.3 MB
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Current version
Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gulf Coast Bank Digital

4.55 out of 5
939 Ratings
4 months ago, BIG G ☃️💰⚜️
Brandon Hebert 💯%🙏
I would like to thank Brandon Hebert massage fantastic service and opening my account. He’s an extremely valuable employee, incredibly nice person and a pleasure to do business with Gulfcoast bank and trust you will be proud of this young man. He’s very professional and I really appreciate him everything he has done for me, and made all the transactions so smooth sincerely, Grant Bennett Sr💯%
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1 year ago, Docholiday !
I think it’s pretty sad how a bank tells someone about getting a app that it’s Free snd limitless if one down loads it just for it to never work properly always malfunctioning just so they can charge me hundreds of dollars in deceptive fees when I specifically asked about banking fee before opening account and was lied straight to my face about it ? Anytime I needed money , I could never move it via my app along with consistent frivolous charges always taking money out of both of my account charging me fee on top of fees ? Even when going to deposit money into the ATM I was charged a fee along with now having the rest of my money taken out of my savings account which I’m being told is now has a $0.00 balance so how is that when I had $10 in it ? Pretty sad that banks have to deceive customers who are still trying to recuperate from Hurricane IDA & the Pandemic did to Corrupted incompetent politicians especially in this corrupted stats I was born in live in , Louisiana ! It’s sad and pathetic how the simple mam always has to be the target of the greedy , deceivers and the selfish !!!
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3 years ago, Heleva
iPad Pro 2019 doesn’t seem to work with Bill Pay
I use my iPad as an Accessibility device and the whole app especially Bill Pay doesn’t work either through the app or when I log in on Safari for iPad, Chrome, or Firefox which means it is a developer issue NOT ME!! Please fix this soon I have Made the Bank a LOT of money in the past seven years since I became a client. It is not unreasonable to expect the app to work as though I were on my regular computer or like any OTHER BANK’s APP I PATRONIZE. Some LSU BS - CS probably paid off his student loan developing this so the Bank Should have a full fledge deliverable that works without clients writing scathing reviews like this on a Holiday Weekend at the end of the Month trying to get their business done.
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5 years ago, Slash308
Doesn’t handle “daily limit”
If you try to pay bills and the total or a single payment is over an arbitrary limit that’s not published anywhere, it will say “Exceeded the limit set by Gulf Coast Bank” and the app basically crashes. Thought the bills didn’t go through. Paid them on the website with my laptop. Half or so did go through. Great. Now I’ve got $9500 in duplicate payments. NSF Fees, bounced checks, I get to feel like a loser when people who work for me can’t cash checks I wrote. If this happens to you, don’t bother trying to call about it. You’ll meet a combination of ignorance and indifference that perfectly explains why the app can do something that stupid.
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3 years ago, Patty Stout
Gulf Coast Bank
I love being able to do my banking on my phone. I can deposit remotely, transfer funds even to external accounts, send messages to the bank about questions I have, and have all my accounts listed in one place. They also have excellent customer service in that you can call and get real people on the phone. The Bank That Cares About You. Really.
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3 months ago, dr.Christianmontngomery
Gulf Coast Bank is the best
I’ve had the privilege of being a Gulf Coast Bank customer since April 2021. It is definitely the friendliest bank I’ve ever been involved with. I am so grateful for each thank member who has helped me over the past two years. Everybody has been very helpful, friendly, and professional each time I have a concern or a question it is always been addressed, there’s been times when I needed things to be speed it up or exceptions to be made and almost every time Gold Coast bank comes through with my unique need. Thank you, Gulfcoast bank more banks, should be like you! God bless, warm regards, Christian
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3 years ago, RevBLT
Just “eh.”
I don’t use the app very much, because I only have a savings account at Gulf Coast. But I can say that there are issues nearly every single time I use the app. I love that they are always working to improve it, but I have found that I can almost never accomplish what needs to be accomplished and end up having to just go in to a bank. I chose GSU because they are local. I still choose them for that. Unfortunately, “convenience” is not a part of their mobile banking experience.
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4 years ago, miss brown
Antiquated but coming around
I like being able to have access to my account at a moments notice. And I also like that notifications when I access to the account is denied due to "bad password", but what's not cool is the slow adaptation of modern technologies of this app & the bank. I transact business here and I require a wide variety of ways to accept & process payments, however, sometimes I have to wait 3-4 days for a response or outcome. Praying things will be better SOONER than later.
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2 months ago, mikarah
Using it every day
I think it’s a bit more complicated than it needs to be but I check my balance and transactions every single day. Sometimes multiple times. Not happy that I was charged $5 when I had to replace my bank card.
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2 weeks ago, LJZ4ten
It’s refreshing to be treated as a valued client rather than a number! If you want a bank that respects you no matter the amount of money in your account change immediately and leave behind the huge banks and support small banks in your community!
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6 years ago, Goodvgcn
Terrytown Gulf Coast is amazing!
This app is superb! There are so many features that surpasses any “BIG BANK’S” mobile application. It’s amazing how anything that can be done on a desktop computer, can be done right through the app. Seamless integration between desktop and mobile app. Also everyone is great at terry parkway especially Ms. Pat and Jimmy!! Love them!
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2 years ago, flash 916
They’re useful to transfer all around you to know information about your bank account but highly recommend to download a few bank specific branch
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4 years ago, Andrea 12345654211356435
Very convenient!
The Gulf Coast Bank app is very convenient and user friendly. I transfer funds from one gcb account to another all of the time and it reflects in the accounts instantly. I use this app every day and I would highly recommend it to other people who bank with Gulf Coast.
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3 years ago, Embo1956
Made no contact transfer easy
I have family in Kentwood we spoke at Easter only to find out the were out of work since the beginning of Covid -19 I was able to send them money for groceries and Utilties effortlessly with just her cell phone # Thank for being the best Bank ever
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3 weeks ago, Shawnda McCullough
User friendly, no glitches‼️
Most bank apps are not user friendly. This is easy to manage. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Bravo GCB
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2 years ago, Mrmelie
Need more options and the ability to dispute transactions online in the app instead of calling a representative and also writing a letter too. My old bank chase did everything within the app. This bank did not have my back and a company took my money as a reoccurring service of which I did not sign up for! Disappointed looking to take my business else where
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2 years ago, masayaqwerty
Glitchy banking app
Unfortunately this app has issues when it comes to the deposit feature. There have been numerous times that I go to take the pictures of the front and back of the check and the app just closes itself out.
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3 years ago, Rcdjones
Love This App
The Gulf Coast Bank & Trust’s app makes keeping up with my finances a snap: any info I need is right at my fingertips. It has the same full functionality as the website, and it’s easy to use, too. Definitely a winner, definitely earns 5 stars.
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3 weeks ago, dressmaker10
This app has made banking convenient during this difficult time caused by the pandemic. Thank you for having convenient service available🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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4 years ago, Cayenne137
Worst banking app I’ve ever used. Chronic problems with mobile deposit system even after the recent upgrade/changes. I get kicked out frequently and have sign back in. More than once I have shown a negative balance with 10-20 transactions being in the red and then magically being fixed the following day. I take screen shots and show them to my local bank manager but have yet to get answer as to why this happens.
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1 year ago, allen sammy
Mobile banking
It’s great to use & saves lots of time except there is a limit on number of checks you can deposit in one day
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6 years ago, brittainydregne
You can do everything on the mobile app that you can do on the desktop version. Tons of features to use that weren’t available before.
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3 months ago, A'nese( doodle bug) Brown
Golf coast app:
I love this app from Gulf Coast Bank very easy and convenient way of banking. I love that, You can shut your card off if you want to and turn it back on, if it was ever a lost or stolen. Awesome app
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3 months ago, JV Nola
Easy to use
Once you understand the website, the mobile app is easy to use.
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2 years ago, SomafmOne
Great application
This app has been easy to use from the very beginning. Everything you need is clearly defined and a breeze to find.
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2 years ago, stoney504
Much room to grow
I notice constant nightly crashes of the system leading me to a “there are no accounts to show” message. I believe the ability to snap a photo of a physical check to deposit into an account would also be a good addition.
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2 years ago, RSB727
Very friendly in person also!
The ladies that wait on you in person are also very friendly and professional.
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4 days ago, JFabreK
Great App
This is a great app. I have had no problems with it and I no longer keep a separate check program on my computer.
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3 weeks ago, Yoon Andersen
My favorite bank
Amazing customer service. Great apps. Wish the Zelle would allow more than 1k! This is definitely my favorite bank Jon
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2 months ago, no tech support to be found
App is good for what I need - HOWEVER
Asking me to review multiple pages for your updated legal documents is absurd when the only device I have to do this is an iPhone. Besides that, I would have to be a Philadelphia Lawyer with excellent eyesight to read and understand your legalese.
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3 months ago, The Chevalier de BB
I embrace simple and clean
what can anyone ask for in a banking app: it is simple, efficient and you stand firmly and assured in a parlor of security which has never compromised me.
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3 months ago, Wenzicle
Mostly good
App is fast and accurate, but I’m unable to deposit checks. I just don’t have the option despite deleting and redownloading the app. Works great for everyone else I know who banks with GCB.
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3 months ago, pinky1517
Easy to use
Good app. Responsive. I have had no problems with this app and have used it for several years now.
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1 year ago, Jaynetwork
Gulf coast Bank
I fairly agree that this app deserves a 5 star rating! It’s very responsive and reliable when dealing with my funds , thanks for the service !!!
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4 years ago, Crockettbayou
I am elderly and I can use it. That means it is easy and clear . If a make mistakes , I can phone the wonderful electronic bank helpers and they straighten me out and get me going again. This gives me confidence. Thank you, GCBank.
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2 months ago, Cruise Bird
Love your app
I enjoy the convenience of online banking and being able to check my balance. Thank you Gulf Coast Bank’
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1 month ago, King keron
Customer service
Customer service has been extremely helpful and dependable
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3 years ago, Helpfull Kirk
We have 3 accounts and the ease of accessing all of them at once is great. All 3 balances are shown and reviewing each accounts activities is seamless.
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3 weeks ago, TwerkBass
Convenient and easy to use
It’s both those things.
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6 months ago, My Weimie
I find your app easy to use and provides me with an opportunity to keep up with activities going on in my account
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3 weeks ago, absolutelynottaken
The app makes banking very convenient for many of our everyday banking needs.
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3 years ago, Linlop
I live having the Gulf Coast Bank app on my phone. It’s convenient and feels very safe. I can check on my account any time. It helps me to keep track of my debits and credits. Thank you GCB.
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3 years ago, Coachzfsg
No Issues
Works just fine, and gives me the ability to move money in real time.
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2 years ago, Joyce in Fairhope, Alabama
Gulf Coast Bank
I didn’t appreciate how amazing this bank is until I moved and did business with Hancock Whitney… They are in the dark ages compared to you! Joyce Tujague
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3 years ago, BKC8
Great and convenient app!
Since GCB fixed most of the bugs the app works pretty well. At times the app will not connect, it never happens frequently.
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4 years ago, ccijr
Great app
All of my info at my fingertips. Love being able to immediately transfer funds between accounts.
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6 years ago, keithj007
On par with all the Big Banks
Super easy to use and you can do everything on your phone, same as the computer.
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6 years ago, inglind
The current app is several back steps from the last one. At least in the old app, I could transfer money from my accounts and it would immediately show up, just like a debt does. I also have big trouble logging in, this is the ONLY one that I experienced this issue with. I have nothing nice to say about this app.
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2 months ago, Juan David K
John D
My only issue is being reseted and locked out after already having password and Face ID activated. I think it’s been fixed. Not having any issues. Keep it Updated! Thanks.
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9 months ago, Chuck 112
Gulf Coast mobile app
The app has issues. I have had call and report problems with it not accepting my deposits, exceeding daily or monthly deposit limits, and others. Biggest problem is it not reading my endorsements on check deposits.
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