Gulf Winds Mobile Banking

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Gulf Winds Credit Union
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Gulf Winds Mobile Banking

4.73 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
6 years ago, SugarRay01
Convenient, Fast, and Accurate
If I could sum this app into three words those words would be: CONVENIENT, FAST, and ACCURATE. It's convenient if you have multiple accounts, need to transfer funds, or even deposit checks. The app is FAST. If you need to pay a bill, or check the status of a transaction, the app rarely freezes up on you. It's VERY ACCURATE. If you have a question, Gulf Winds will always answer it through the message center, which is secured by the way. The app is simple, clean, and straight to the point. I have been a member for several years now and I must say I LOVE this app. Thank you Gulf Winds for all that you do for your customers!
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6 years ago, fmc6181
Simply the Best! by Me2You
I've been a member of GWFCU for years and in my opinion they can't be beat! They have all the bases covered. They've kept up with technology. Their employees are knowledgeable, thorough, courteous and warm. If one of them is having a bad day, you will never know it! I think it's great that GW does surveys often. It's keeps them sharp and in tune to what their customers need. If something isn't quite right, they make it right eventually and most times very quickly. Their app is the only way to go! All of my banking info and needs are literally in the palm of my hand. Super!
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6 years ago, Willindeed
Better Than Ever!!!
The app allows me to deposit checks without having to go to the bank. Even though Gulf Winds has a lot of convenient branches, they are still a drive away. With the Gulf Winds app I can deposit checks securely and easily without leaving home. Since I deal with scads of checks this feature is an incredible luxury. I've never had any check not clear immediately, which saves me time and headaches. For my purposes this is a great app for, and from, a great Credit Union.
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6 years ago, GKeithW
Great App
This app is great for doing all of your banking including making payments, transfers and checking your balances. The only issue is that if you leave the app and go to a different app, the screen occasionally will be open to the place you left off when you go back to the app. This could be and issue if someone found your phone. Other than that, it works great. Gulf Winds is a wonderful and friendly credit union. I'd bank there even if they didn't have an app. It's not all about electronics and apps. Relationships with the friendly employees of Gulf Winds means even more!
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3 weeks ago, Kimmers1972$$$
I have been a member with Gulf Winds since 1996. I have always received the best customer service whether it was in person at the Monsanto Credit Union located at the plant in Cantoment, and other locations or by phone. The customer service representatives on the phone have provided excellent service and go above and beyond when there is an issue, if they aren’t able to help, they will get you to the right person.
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6 years ago, Mrutherford15
Almost two years ago, I switched to Gulf Winds from another local credit union and couldn't be happier! The mobile app is convenient for me as I am a busy mom who also goes to school full time. I love that I can see all of my Gulf Winds accounts when I sign on and I don't have to login in separately to each account. Anytime I have a question, I am answered right away through the secure message center. I love love Gulf Winds and their mobile banking app!
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1 year ago, inkydark
Convenient and Easy to Use
This app has saved me so much time and hassle. I can check my balance, shift money between accounts, and even connect external bank accounts from outside banks to it for an easy way to send money to people without having to go withdrawal it from an ATM ( or get cash back with purchases) to give to them. I’d rate it a higher than a 5 if I could.
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6 years ago, MindaMarie
Easy to Use, Fast, Accurate
I have been a member of Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union for several years, but have only needed to visit the branch a handful of times thanks to the convenience of the app. It allows you to stay updated on the transaction balance of multiple accounts, transfer funds, and even deposit checks directly into your account from your mobile device. Best of all, it's easy to use! Thanks Gulf Winds!
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6 months ago, algator32507
Extremely convenient and easy to use!!!
Being a regular user of online banking using my phone, I am so pleased with this app! It is very practical and multifaceted. I have made deposits using the camera on my phone, made a stop payment for a lost check, transferred funds, and found answers to my questions. I highly recommend this app!!!
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6 years ago, Dirtybirdsoaps
Easy to navigate
App is easy to navigate. I can switch easily between our checking, savings, and credit card to see any balance/activity. I also use it constantly to use the bill pay feature which has been a life saver, especially when I was out of town unexpectedly for a month. Been a member for 10+ years and haven't been disappointed.
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5 months ago, Kstevens1341
Gulf Winds online app
I like the updates to the online app. It a lot more customer friendly. The staff is so professional. If it’s on the phone or in person. They are pleasant even if not what you want to here. I like that cause it does not make you feel like a loser. Just the way the handle the situation makes think about how to improve.
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6 months ago, Bri.Haskell1
For it to be 2023, this app is very outdated with keeping up in real time. I’ve worked at a previous CU who was still old school in a lot of ways but even their app stayed up to date in real time with transactions, drafts, or automatic bills coming out of your account. It will take sometimes up to a week before I see a bill that I know has been paid, post to my account. So if you bank here or use this app, definitely keep a separate log of transactions so you accurately know your balance. Not worth it imo when other CU’s can take that hassle away for you.
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1 year ago, ashr221
Dissatisfied Member
The app is so outdated and it is always different sign on pages when logging in. Has to be either manual log in or Face ID, it’s never consistent. The features and functionality are not up to date or user friendly. Depositing checks are a pain 90% of the time. I have other financial instructions, like Navy Federal, that have mobile apps and online services that are more self service and up to date with the time, even showing my credit score and helping me plan for credit improvements. Gulf winds online service and app is way behind the times.
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5 months ago, Tribleyz1296
Helpful and straightforward
App is pretty easy to utilize and I’ve had no problems. The only thing I wish there was was a way to pause my debit card or cancel it, whether for lost or stolen reasons, because other banking apps can do it and it’s really convenient, though that’s something gulf winds is lacking.
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5 years ago, FrogiiBoi
Time to Change Banks
This app constantly docks my information. Every time i try to log in, it requests I set up Touch ID. I have previously had it set up, but I’ve constantly had to change my password because it never allows me access after I try to set up Touch ID. It’s been so bad trying to access my account and my information that I am changing banks. I am tired of this and I am tired of having problems that cause me to be advised over the phone to come in to resolve it. I don’t live in Tallahassee anymore. Clearly this bank isn’t meant to assist you as well as it could if you’re local. I’m genuinely done.
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6 years ago, Bamcclure19
Super easy and convenient to use
I've been using this app for a while now and haven't had an issue yet. The mobile check deposit is by far the easiest and most convenient function to use. Who has time these days to run over to the bank to deposit a check when you can do it instantly through the app?
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6 years ago, MT-REX
Very user friendly
I love all the features available on the GWFCU app. The app is very convenient and very easy to use. I would like to see push notifications added for every time a transaction occurs on o e of your cards. I also would like to see the freeze card option added as well. That would be the icing on the cake for an already great app.
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6 years ago, alex:thebetterone
The app is very sleekly designed and is easy to use. It has great functionality, and I especially like the mobile design. I do wish, however, that we do not have to write "For Mobile Deposit Only." Unless I'm missing something, I don't see that listed on any instruction. Sometimes the app has trouble recognizing the authorization regardless if its correct. That would be my only suggestion.
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8 months ago, BossMan696
Very Convenient!
This makes life so much easier when checking my account balance and making mobile deposits! I love that feature and use it often. Having an instant view of my account status allows me to make better decisions with my finances.
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6 years ago, Tigaja
Great App!!! By Tena G
This is an easy app to use. I love it!!! I have banked with Gulf Winds for many years and I have been pleased with the service I have received. Everyone has always been so helpful and friendly. This app doesn't replace the personal contact from the employees but it is so user friendly and has made things easy for me. Once again I love this app!! Thank you Gulf Winds!!!!
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4 years ago, MommaHolt#1
Gulf Winds FCU
I have been a member of Monsanto/Gulf Winds since 1980ish. Back when you had to have a family member working at Monsanto to join. I have ALWAYS been pleased with GW. The employees are so helpful. I have been approved for loans that shocked even me. The GW app is helpful on balancing your accounts, transferring monies, leaving messages if I don’t understand a transaction. The Gulf Winds on 9 Mile Road in Pensacola FL. ♥️**ROCK**♥️
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1 year ago, Retired n WV
Great App & Great service
This app is easy to navigate and includes pretty much every a available service you would want, all at the convenience your electronic device. I really enjoy being able to check my account balances and move money anytime I need. Thanks Gulf Winds!
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6 years ago, Bubbap1335
Good job
The app made banking through Gulf Winds more convenient. The consolidation of the personal checking and savings account info with the credit card info has been a great enhancement. The one issue that I have experienced negatively, is the inconsistency of the mobile check deposit. Once that issue is resolved then the app will be at the level of large institutional banks. All in all, good app!
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1 month ago, Swoops mom
Brown Sugar
I like the app, I would have a lot of trouble signing in but with the app I don’t have to worry with that. I also like that it takes me to the actual site to see everything as if I was logging in on the web unlike some bank apps
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6 years ago, HW1294
Convenient and Easy to use
Love this app it makes keeping up with my banking so much easier and honestly it's a lifesaver. So much easier than trying to open a browser and trying to log in that way. I use this multiple times a day and don't know what I would do without it.
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4 years ago, Flo5510
Love this App
I use this app all the time and I love it, I'm so glad you got the check deposit fixed, I was having a really hard time with it but now it works like a breeze. Being able to do banking on line makes it easy for me because I'm in a wheelchair and it's hard to get to the bank.
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6 years ago, Cosmo32533
Love my app!!
I only have two complaints..using the mobile app to deposit takes forever to get ur money into ur account, and sometimes my balance goes up then the next day all of ur transactions come out and I have overdrawn my account..other than that I absolutely love my mobile app...soooo convenient! Easy to communicate thru email also..super user friendly!!
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6 years ago, Reba84
Very user friendly
I've been using this for the past year and it's so easy to just use my thumb print to open up my accounts. Transferring money from accounts as well as other functions are pretty simple and only takes a few seconds. Great app for customers!
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1 month ago, mohhgvctrfjjb
Not the best
App often does not log-in forcing user to turn off their phone and then turn it back on to try a second time. I’ve watched this app try for 20+ minutes sit and spin without timing out. It’s frustrating at times. However when it does log-in correctly, everything you need is at your fingertips.
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3 years ago, Mm14y
Nicely organized and easy to use
I like that the app is not overly busy; it does not have a plethora of functions that you would end up not using but rather has everything you would realistically need on a regular basis. I mainly use it to check my balance, deposit checks, and transfer money from my checking to savings.
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3 weeks ago, Di4UA
Love this app!
This app makes my banking extremely easy! I have moved 12 hours away from this bank, and I have absolutely no difficulty in paying bills, depositing checks, getting information, etc. I love using it!
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6 years ago, MommyLuigi
Nice and easy
Using the gulf winds app makes banking so much nicer and it is soooo easy! I love being able to deposit checks using mobile more car trips. I also like option of transferring to other acts and paying bills via the app. Convenience and efficiency, gulf winds has proven to be a good fit for me!
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6 months ago, Jammer032898
Awesome banking app!
This is one of the best banking apps I’ve ever used. It’s well thought out, main features are easy to find, interface is clean and smooth. App reflects the same level of customer service I’ve always seen with Gulf Winds. Thanks!
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1 month ago, ...ok
This App is SO easy to set up and use. You are able to do all the same things as logging in on the full website. Love the way it is organized and how easy it is to navigate. Recommend setting it up immediately!
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6 years ago, OverPE
Very convenient!!
The app is very convenient and easy to use. The mobile check deposit option is not too friendly, though. It rarely recognizes the endorsement on the check. I usually have to try several times until the app will recognize the check and compete the transaction.
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6 years ago, Mrr1073
This app is excellent. I've had multiple banking applications in the past, and this one has proven to be the most user friendly. The user interface is clean and simple in comparison to other banking components. I give this app a five star rating for ease of use and stunning simplicity.
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3 years ago, Roll Tide 6708
Pretty Good App
It’s a pretty nice app. Needs a few more updates to make it better but seems to work pretty good every day for me so I really can’t complain much. Gulfwinds is a good solid credit union. I just wish I could deposit cash and checks into their ATMs like years ago but now they will not allow that and that is a bad thing for me.
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7 months ago, Arlicia K
Effortless !!!
Gulf Winds make it easy to do banking with the mobile app. It saves me time and helps me keep track of my spending ! I can even take picture of my check and not have to rush to the bank. Awesome way to do banking. I am a happy client !
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6 months ago, Ghost5844
Great app
Great app. Very streamlined and provides me with all that I need for my mobile banking experience. Allows for balance checks and easy balance transfers between accounts. Great way to keep information at my fingertips.
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4 years ago, Billian1
On line banking
Need to be able to pay bills from any account...I have weekly transfers setup automatically to different accounts. I need to use bill pay from each account instead of having to transfer back to my checking account to pay a bill.
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10 months ago, Emersldrose
Love this app
This app has given me a much clearer picture of my expenses and expenditures. I love so much about it. Including looking at my monthly subscriptions. And that They can help with cancellations, costs etc. they offer so much. Highly recommend.
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1 month ago, mccollug
Bill pay
The bill pay portion of the app needs a LOT of work. It is difficult to set up payees and when an auto-debit is posted, the entry is crypric. Nowhere near as easy as my previous bank.
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5 years ago, smileyvelveeta
Mobile Deposit is Hot Garbage
I’d love to give this app 5 stars, but I can’t due to one feature. The mobile deposit is hot garbage and has been since it was introduced. The developer of this app can’t get it fixed and rolls out updates at a snail’s pace. To the developer: if you need assistance with this feature, contact Navy Federal. Their mobile deposit works flawlessly. Or maybe Gulf Winds should just find a new developer. I don’t know. But this is by far this my disappointing “feature” of this app for me.
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6 years ago, rocco biam
Convenient app
I've banked with gulf winds for years now and this app makes it easy to access your accounts. I like how they added the passcode option, logging in is a breeze now. Would definitely recommend this bank and app to anyone.
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7 months ago, Bojaed
I use the online banking at least 5 times a week. It is user friendly. I would recommend everyone to use it. It will make your banking so much easier.
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11 months ago, Atlbourne
Easiest Bank app to use!!
Been with gwfcu for a while. Always have had easy and exceptional experiences using their app. Never had any problems with transfers from this app to other bank apps.
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1 year ago, beardead avenger
Great app - one problem
I can’t figure out why my Face ID does not remain in the phone. Every couple of time I log in it asks for my password. Every other banking app I’ve used kept the Face ID l, and it never seemed to be an issue. Other than that the app works pretty smooth.
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4 years ago, Biddyg
Easy access to account
I love having a mobile app to check my account balance at any moment. Also glad to be able to transfer balances and bill pay. Would like to be able to do mobile deposits, haven’t figured out how to do it from my app.
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6 years ago, Tlhernadez
This app is great I can conduct all my business on my phone. The staff at Gulf Winds are top notch always helpful and eager to help. I had thought about switching over to the larger credit union here in Pensacola , but I just can't give up the service I have received from Gulf Winds, thanks Gulf Winds.
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7 months ago, Sassybannett1
Very Good App
I am writing to congratulate you on your app. I use it to keep track of some very important information! My app pays for my apartment building automatically as as well as my truck payment. Thank you very much!! Douglas B. Long
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