- Online Snake Game

3.9 (114)
4.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for - Online Snake Game

3.95 out of 5
114 Ratings
5 years ago, love it few things tho...
Love it few things tho
I love this game!! I play it all the time. Sometimes I go right through a person cuz of the glitch and it’s sooooo cool. I just hate that you die so easily when you turn and your next to a snake. And I also do not like that there are some inopropriate names on the leader board. I’m only 11! But this is so addicting! I love how you get big easily, great job on the game!!^^ 😋😉😃😀😅
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2 years ago, Sassy McChassy
Disturbing and Unfair
The game in general is a fun game to use to pass the time and cure boredom. However, the controls aren’t accurate especially when using the dash feature. Sometimes the snake just stops or sends you somewhere the wrong way. Or the dash will just stop working at the worst possible time. But the absolute worst feature are the ads. I don’t know if the game creators get to pick which ads they place but they should at least screen them. This game is rated ages 4 + and the last ad I just seen was some half naked women that said “sex before marriage is wrong…unless you do it doggie style cause everyone knows all dogs go to heaven” and it was for some dating app. ON A KIDS GAME. This is appropriate for 4 year old kids to be subjected to?! I’m disgusted. DO BETTER PEOPLE.
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4 years ago, Pro bloodshed
So many glitches?
When I first got it to see for myself and not just judge it on reviews it didn’t work. Like at all I got it yesterday and deleted it yesterday because first off the play button was glitches out. Each time I tried pressing play it wouldn’t play at all it would just sit there. Then when I finally got into the game I speed only ONCE and it stopped me from speed anytime after that it sucked. So I could not speed up when I needed to and I would just get killed. Then the play button would do the say thing again then when I got in same thing I sped up once then stopped speeding to slow down then tried to speed up again and it wouldn’t. The controls were fine but the speed up control was horrible!! 🤷 I’m not sure if this is a glitch or just part of the game I’ll probably come back to download it again just to see if it’s fixed. Apart from that it was OKAY and I liked the way the snakes looked it was cool, but I don’t enjoy a game if I can’t even play it correctly because of a bug. 🐜 Oh also the turning is awfully slow and there’s no avoiding chance :(
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4 weeks ago, LOb boy
This game is so much better than all the other snake games. First it’s only 4 megabytes so even if your low on storage there are no excuses, second it has a modern smooth feeling gameplay and can be very rewarding. Third the fact that you can boost without loosing energy takes a lot of stress of the game. This is a great game you should download.
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5 years ago, iamgio18
Amazing game
I’ve never rated an app before, but this game is addicting! I’m embarrassed to say I’ve played for more than an hour straight at times. The idea of being a little snake and taking on the big guy on the block, and feeding on his remains as I grow into the top snake is exhilarating. Give it a try! Listen to a good podcast in the background as you play. That way it’s time well spent!
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5 years ago, 123is the girl❤️💜🧡🖤💛💚💙
It’s kinda unfair...
It’s just that when we get food bye making some body touch u I wish ur the only person who can eat ur own food they got from the other that u got player not other people who spot it then take it and why do the big people be so proud they know they can die but can we have other skins And we can have head like a Nyah cat head kittydog cat bunny or like things hanging say charms or like a picture of a thing that’s all I been wondering
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3 years ago, camo the lizard
Like the game, just add a few more things
Ok so this is pretty cool, but I just wish u could edit the snake/worm idk, and give it a new face or patterns and add different colors were you are able to make colors on its head and able to do more colors instead of just one, but otherwise the game is good
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2 years ago, Bigstatik
Great game, one thing tho
This is a great game! You get so big so easily, and it’s super fun! One thing tho, I’ll just be playing, and then it stops turning. I will try to turn, but it just goes faster. Still love it tho!
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1 year ago, clxverrr
Its fun but there is a problem
This game is really fun and I really enjoy it. But, there is a problem and I’m not sure if this is just a me problem. Basically every single time I get 1,000+ dots or whatever, the game crashed by pausing for like 30 seconds and then I die or it says connection lost and mkaes me restart again.
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4 weeks ago, Slithers pro
Could be better
This game is so fun to play but it needs music. You need to. Add updates that would be better. for colors you need to add a rainbow color to choose
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4 years ago, pussslips
Fun but could be better
So the only problem I have with this game is when you and another player are fighting even if they hit your side if it’s in the head it’ll kill you both, it needs to distinguish the winner so you can get bigger and enjoy the game to it’s fullest
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9 months ago, Avaviel
Really love it
How can you add Xbox controller support? Also as for bad names. Consider ***’ing out the ENTIRE name. That way they know it wont be on scores. Or strike them from the high score list.
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3 years ago, Hollidaynsc
Fun but just 1 thing
I love this game it’s one of the best (in my opinion) I mean they could add more but it’s great (A. McMahen- 8 years old)
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5 years ago, kvz174
Disappointed ☹️
I actually love this game because i play it all the time on my computer but I downloaded it on my iPhone and i cant play because it says that the game is in maintenance and that they will be back in a while, but then it says that it is retrying and it goes back and forth one to the other. ☹️☹️☹️
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3 years ago, just tipe
Just a report
Well tell this to me if happen to you well I was walking then some random guy had just spawned in the server and he was right in front of me
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12 months ago, Eddyangueira
Too glitchy
Fun game but controls very often stop responding. It gets stuck going straight and will not let you change direction.
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3 years ago, Ealfaro814
I like dis game
This game obviously isn’t very popular but I find it really fun it should hav more 5 star reviews
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4 years ago, Dutchteq
Update isnt working
I love this game! New update was released and I cant get it to load on my ipad pro 1.
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4 years ago, hofkfjejejrrjejeje
Please remove the sprint thing.
Remove the sprint thing please
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4 years ago, Nicktorius1
Glitchy software, very hard to play on mobile device.
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4 years ago, 🌈😻u҈n҈i҈k҈i҈t҈t҈y҈😻🌈
Ok so I tried playing this game so I saw you guys were on this game and so I waited a while and it was hours and it still is acting like this and please respond! =) Thank you for reading this! =)!
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4 years ago, FunnyGamerA1ex
ADD Bluetooth Xbox Controller Compatibility
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2 years ago, &@$123
Game is fun, but lately I’ve noticed lots of glitches. Not cool
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4 years ago, Jack o'nell
Slow game and fun but still slow
I just wanted you to make it faster
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4 years ago, u8jjguh
I can’t go fast I hate this game because you can’t go fast and other players can go fast that’s rude your a bully
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5 months ago, It so fun and fun
Fake slither io is good
It terribly good
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1 month ago, DeCreater
Connection issues
Overall a great game and far better than the notorious However, lag and connection issues happen often even with a great wired or wireless connection. Its also just a tad bit too fast. Other than that, its great game and fun to pass time.
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4 years ago, IIIllllIII X
Love how there are buttons that don’t do anything
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8 months ago, Sussour PM
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2 months ago, nemojto
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1 year ago, Hehehbgbg. C f ffvfbfbf
Best game ever🤌
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3 years ago, it's not me 99
nice,just nice.
Just got a new iPad some months ago,Game is pretty great! kinda looks like ssssPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
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4 years ago, rjsanders1 review
Developers: please read. I do not likehow if two snakes run into eachother they both die. It is so annoying!🤬 please make it so that only one of them die, also i like how the snakes look, (the heads are way to big tho) but you should make it so there are skins that ate not just one color, or you should make a create your own skin section because it is kind-ove boring having one skin. Other than that i love you game 💕
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3 months ago, Troy boi_69
Such a great game!
I love this game as it is a lot less glitchy than I play this game during maths and it’s just soo much fun
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1 year ago, Z9xsonicyt
I’ve had fun and guys subscribe to my channel Z9xsonic the user on the game will be Z9xsonicYT
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2 years ago, 3rr0r S@n$
Best game ever
I love the game it’s the best thing ever and I like how you can play it offline. I think it’s even better than But one thing that I hope gets added to the game is to be able to have your worm be different colors and to be able to customize it freely instead of having it as one color. I also hope that you could have a trail of whatever color of your choosing to be part of the customization
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3 years ago, tggffhyjnvfrdd
Best game
I used to play snake io and more then I found this game called gulper. And it Is the best!
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