Gun Sounds : Gun simulator

4.6 (1.5K)
100.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Akhanan Pongsawat
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gun Sounds : Gun simulator

4.65 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
2 months ago, GtGudKid
Wow, I’m surprised I never ran into this sim on the App Store till now. This is pretty neat and it even gives you a little history behind the weapons. Only wish is when you full screen the weapon, you can see the amount of bullets you still have or switch between fire modes and also if you can add auto reload (I know there’s infinite ♾️ button but it doesn’t give the reload sound, maybe you can add auto reload to infinite button?)
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6 months ago, McChickenMcDeez
I really like this game. I like the sound effects and how you can do different actions with the guns. I also like how there's a mode on where you can physically shake your device to make the gun shoot. I think this is a really good game, but I think there should be an update in which you can download the gun sounds, if there is no way to download the sound. The update should make it so that when you click on a gun you want to play with, there would be a button in any corner, and when you press it, you can download the gun sound. This would be really useful in any games that involves making something. It would also be useful in making a mod in any game that allows you to. Overall, this game is really good, but I just want to download the sounds.
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1 month ago, Game was good1945
Was very good really made my friend think he got shot and was sent to hospital survived because no gunshot happened. My other friend pulled out a Glock and mag dumped me after I hit him with this epic prank was shot nine times survived very good gun sound effect and game was very good. I like game cause good sound effect was good and it was good was good was good. I can put in.
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8 months ago, Bravo 08
Not like the ad
So first the guns sounds that have a suppressor sound like one of those s games that you would have for a rip off shooter game and then the muzzle flash is not realistic it again looks like they have not tried to make it realistic and they have guns from like halo2 it is not realistic I Advise you if you are looking for a realistic gun sound game this is not The one but if you want to that’s fine I have no control on what you can And can not get.
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4 months ago, Year round elf
Great but a little frustrating
So this is a good app and most info is spot on but why do some of the irl weapons have a Halo or Star Wars texture? Like the sterling SMG or AR towards the back has the DC15C blaster rifle texture and the last weapon discripts it as a AR when it is showed as a shotgun and has the Halo 4-5 forerunner shotgun. Finally the last misplaced one is the M392 sniper rifle which is the Halo DMR. Ads as well are annoying but other than that great app.
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3 years ago, jjjhhshhsuquwteyeywywysue
I really like this game
So i’m a 9 year ild who is so in to guns and gun games and this one is really awesome one thing i need to say is that the gun sounds do not sound like the real guns in life well some do but I really like to play this app with my friends and it’s like are little shoot out i really like this game over all.
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1 year ago, TottalyNotSaturn
The time
So Me and my friends were at a party and we had nothing to do so I went on my phone and saw your app and we all downloaded it and then made teams and started playing a 4v4
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1 year ago, ldidjdd
Love it and also hate it
So I’m confused how you play with your friends I thought it was like we play a game outside with the phones and shot each other and. It tells you if you’ve been shot or not but guess you just act like Ouse been shot don’t know if anyone can help me that would be nice :)
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1 year ago, Damien_IsCool
This game is amazing I am 8 and I love gun games and I’m never able to find any or if I do they’re low quality but this one changed my life as soon as I got it I started playing it with my friend it was the best day ever
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7 months ago, mdndjjdjrhr
I love it
I’ve been playing for years against my friends thank you for giving us this opportunity to play.
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1 year ago, beast mode21savige
Sexual obsession with firearms
I have had a sexual obsession with firearms. Every time I see a fire arm I want to put it inside of me. I have beat to this game so much in last 2 days my balls ran out of nut.
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1 month ago, Karen Garcia M
People are scared of me now my name is big fick randy and I love this because I want to shoot people but I can’t cause it illegal so I just us a sound affect rather than the real thing
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11 months ago, gdhfjdbdhduevdhcc
App problems
I like the app but my sound stopped working even if I turn the sound on my phone all the way up can you do something about it please.
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1 year ago, JhONnnnnnnny Booooiiiiiiiiii28
Sound issue
For some reason whenever I shoot no sounds come out. One of my friends also had the same problem. I have a iPhone 13 if that has something to do with it and I have tried most of the guns. Is there anyway I can fix this bug
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3 years ago, bio wyvern yt
It is also no need to change anything except would be better to have more guns
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3 months ago, Love it😻😑🫤
I like it
I like this game and It dose not have that much adds so long like it even my little brother likes it so thanks for making this game love it. 🙃🙃😁
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1 year ago, poopy head boi
Amazing Game
Me and my friend had a lot of fun playing this it’s such a fun and realistic game when your bored this is the game to play it’s also super entertaining
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2 years ago, YungYaki
I Shoot with all my friends all day on break and lunch at work we love shooting each other with various weapons and items such as bombs grenades and even guns from fallout & halo !!! This is a great game .
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4 years ago, Luis93838
Thank you for the price.
Thanks for the price for all the guns I had enough money to buy without the deal I couldn’t Buy it thank you very much. I really enjoy this game.
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7 months ago, vttyfvfvyv
Why is this game so good
I bought this like 20 minuets ago and ima already haven’t no fun with the sounds and everything
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4 months ago, Pop opps
Great game I love all the guns it’s super fun to me I can play around with it all day and night I have so much fun on this so many guns to choose from it’s great
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6 months ago, gun sounds is so fun
If I was you, I would download this game
This game is so fun you could play it with your friend pretending you you guys are shooting
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1 year ago, cwoodcool
I don’t have
I don’t have a flash on my phone but my computer has a flash
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2 years ago, jnkkinlgdfOjifvioj.
I like this game sooooooooo much
If friends have this gameSometimes I would like to shoot him and have a war just like weeks ago
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2 months ago, pr1pr11
Great app, but there should be a feature to toggle the flashlight phone feature to the gun sounds 👍
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11 months ago, The_memetrap
My brother is dum dum so when he messes with me I play this app and he stops he’s 13 years old and it’s funny
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9 months ago, hdudkfjjsjxjbcbf
Daddy yes
Best app ever I love pranking the principal last time I did school went on lockdown. When I’m older I’m going to do it with real guns. #School shooter 🩷
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1 year ago, cha3erz
Needs some fixing
For some reason on my phone, it doesn’t play the the sound like I can see it firing, but it doesn’t play the sound please flicks
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1 year ago, Ford F150, 33
Pretty good
I love the bad quality, and it makes for good special effects
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1 year ago, jdbdbehfvjfvdjc
Best gun app ever!!!!
Great app. Ever gun is free and easy to use. No app (with the exception of pop-ups). Wish they’d app a flash option though…
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1 year ago, KorbynAhamm9
Idk why I love this game
This game fun but,It Can Scare Moms It can Make them pass out it could make them think there is a robbery that is why it’s 4 stars
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3 weeks ago, The gun game player
This game is is good
I like this because it is a gun game And I play a lot and if I say a lot it is a lot of gun games.
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9 months ago, LukeMac09
The love the game but it doesn’t make sound if someone know how to make it make sound plz help
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2 years ago, bacalaza
This game is awesome I love it it’s right on awesome sound developers did a really good job Recommended it’s totally worth it
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4 months ago, Rachel Simmigma
This app is unacceptable.
My son, who is 9 years old, discovered this app because of a ad on ‘Mine-Craft.’ This app really scared the daylights out of me, and I wouldn’t recommend someone who has a grandpa with PTSD in the house to play this app… it also shows gun brutality! Would not recommend.
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2 years ago, killer hard 702
Great time
Me and my squad all downloaded this and have great times together 😊
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1 year ago, mason sobelman
I wish that when I shoot for an iPad the flashlight comes out of the front
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2 weeks ago, Hhysdd
Just qow
it is so fun it have all the guns u can play with your friend
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10 months ago, Chrugkfnuf
This game is so good
The things I like about this is that it has the AK 47 and it is really realistic
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5 months ago, needs one
Good game but not ads
So I like the game but not the ads why do u have to pay for not to have ads it’s a scam
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4 months ago, Anonymous13491
I love this app
I act like I’m sooting a pump shot gun from Fortnite and I act like I’m shooting someone and it’s so funny.
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1 year ago, Epearient
why did you remove infinite ammo??? And now there no button that says ADS please fix this PLZZ
3 stars
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2 years ago, apex-guy/day2
Too many ads
Very fun game but too many ads Idk why they keep putting DJ ads on here
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2 years ago, Ry50Ry5
I need help
I can not hear any sound even with phone volume at max
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5 months ago, trance324
Boredom buster
Great app to play when I get bored in class, 5 stars!
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7 months ago, Mia Cardenas Romero
The best
I love this game it is the best I definitely recommend
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1 year ago, uffjnffj
All good except
Everything thing is good about this game except there are wrong info and halo 4 guns that aren’t even that accurate
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7 months ago, htyijvdtuhcdg
It’s a rile good game to play I will play it more than once
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7 months ago, Gee-I-Jo
I like it but one thing…
It says ypu can play with friends but I don’t know how to play together
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2 years ago, BLAKOUT69
Gun sim
I’m so happy you’ve made this app because:it’s good for pranks lol 😂.
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