4.4 (1.6K)
252.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
DargomStudio Co., Ltd.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for GunboundM

4.42 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
4 years ago, GuyFuryRd
Miss this game but not quite the same
I remember playing GunboundM Revolution years ago on my laptop, I was a bit obsessed. I was happy to find this game on mobile but it’s not quite the same. One gripe I have is the length of the one on one battles, on average they end long before an S shot is acquired. However, I think the biggest problem when it comes to the social aspect is how difficult it is to add friends. Like, why is it that I can ONLY add people via their unique 8 digit ID and not by their customized names? I can’t remember 8 random numbers, not to mention I’m not paying attention to that during the game. I find myself wanting to add someone after the match has ended and even though I’m supposed to click on their profile image to show their ID for some reason this isn’t possible at the end of the match. Why!? It’s just irritating and not intuitive in the least.
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4 years ago, MLG360NoScope21
I miss this game
I missed playing Gunbound on pc and always hoped they would make a sequel for console. Mobile is good enough. Not a huge fan of the gacha stuff, but everything is accessible eventually even if you’re ftp, like myself. In the battle Royale game mode I wish there was an option to select random gunmechs(or whatever you call them) and to have the players positioned evenly throughout the arena. As it is now, everyone just lands on top of each other because they all want to spawn on the edges, and if you spawn in the middle everyone gangs up on you. The other game modes are great though. The dungeon is really cool and they added a bunch of other content that wasn’t in the original. Also, there’s plenty of people playing online at all times of the day so you can always find a match without waiting too long. All in all, it’s a great game.
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7 years ago, Justynpikachu
Friend v. Friend?
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I only stopped playing it back in high school cause I got a Mac and it was no longer supported by that OS. It brings back such nostalgia, and I can’t wait to see new features get added such as adding your friends, being able to challenge them, chat(maybe) and possibly 2v2 or even 3v3?? I would’ve given 5 stars if those features existed. Also: they need to explain the store system with the gems/gold/gears/cards. It looks wildly different than what I had on the PC version, and if you want to monetize better shouldn’t the store front easily be the only thing that doesn’t require you to think ??? I would love to say SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY right about now, but the store is so confusing I’m afraid since I don’t understand it I don’t wanna spend money on the wrong things.
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6 years ago, theshogun22
A classic, rethought.
I really enjoy GunboundM! I’ve been playing it for a few hours now and have a hundred or so matches played. The ranking system is really neat and motivates you to want to play, haha! Never have connection issues and usually can find matches quickly. The way they make mobiles and avatars, plus jewels is completely different from the OG Gunbound and leaves a lot to be missed. Sometimes I don’t fully understand why I can’t use certain things I’ve received and there aren’t any manuals I can find. I’m sure if I googled it, something would turn up. Anyway, obviously there are micro transactions and besides the two for 5 bucks and under, I wouldn’t plan on buying that. Also, great to play on high or low speed data connections. Fantastic find, keep it coming Sotfnyx!
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3 weeks ago, Jcarlolive710
The New Update
The new update makes it so my tank in corners can’t turn and can’t make nearly the same angle shots. Basically a few times I’ve just straight up got stuck where normally I’d be climb over or it just wouldn’t be able to move or turn. In corners I easily would’ve been able to before. And the lag changing turns, And moving your tank, Its really bad lag. Also sometimes even moving you’re firing angle lags but definitely when you get too close to a corner. The new update really messes it up. I really hope this is a bug you guys could fix. 🥵😱😭 i’ve been playing this game since 2006 when I was in high school. Best game ever. Don’t mess it up now! Thanks Ground team you guys are the best. Much love. ❤️ 😊🤙🏽🔥
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2 years ago, iam such a fan
I gave it a 5 stars because I never thought that this game still exists and is on mobile. I remember when I was in 5th grade which was around 2006. I did play this game on the rental computer shop. I was so obsessed and loved it so much! I’m so happy that they didn’t change the soundtrack. It really brings back so many good memories of my childhood playing with friends. I hope you can let players chat while playing the game instead of just emoticons. You can also add more funny emoticons to make the game environment more fun. I’m so glad I looked for this game again! I surely thought that it was discontinued. I hope I can also download it on my laptop. Can you please make the app available on Microsoft? Thank you!
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7 years ago, XTINE (NRRZHES)
Brings back memory
I love this game! Brings me back to my happy place when I used to play Gunbound on my Pc. I know you guys are working on it but please make battling with your friends the next priority! Needed to edit my review because I forgot to mention I always randomly get "connection to channel server" error and it ends my game and I lose my coins.... what is that error?? It needs to be fixed. also, bots during battle training SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED to have so many boosts, how is that even fair, during a normal game you only get 3 so why is the bots allowed to have multiple shields and multiple duals... so annoying
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6 years ago, MeiCongShen
Balance issues - double aduka , pay to win
Game is great overall, a lot of fun and mechanics are for the most part not infuriating. With the introduction of 2v2 and the ability to have two of any mobile on the same team, double aduka has become an unstoppable combination. By your second turn, Thor is already level 3 and aduka becomes the easiest, highest damage mobile in the game with a ton of health and mobility to boot. There *needs* to be a nerf to aduka for this reason. Make it so Thor can only be leveled once per round. Increase the damage requirement to level Thor for every additional aduka in the game. Any of those changes will at least address this ongoing issue. Oh, and they recently doubled the amount of in game currency required to buy gameplay enhancing items by doubling the cost of a pack of mobiles, basically necessitating the purchase of gems if you want to play competitively. That wasn’t very nice.
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2 years ago, W34 is dead
Final straw
I always go to the most critical reviews first to dismiss any that are from people who are trying to play games on ancient phones or who clearly don't understand the app or its requirements. I usually dismiss the ones whining about pay to win, those types usually don't understand the game mechanics or are lazy. I do my best to give apps the benefit of the doubt and as I said that usually starts with understanding the one star reviews. Gunbound back in the day was by far my favorite game on any platform. The chat, the bots, the worlds, the planning and was amazing. I gave this app a 3 star rating originally I think as a nostalgia thing. I had played a few dungeon spots and messed around in the game a bit. I wasn't impressed, nor was I completely disgusted. That balance didn't last very long. The current developers, owners, whatever they are to this once-awesome game, have completed gutted anything that makes it enjoyable and have metastasized it into something pitiably disgusting: one of the most blatant nickle-and-dime cash rakes I've seen since War of Nations. (At least WoN is up front about it.) This review isn't about the game, we're so far beyond that at this point. This is personal. To the people who one of the best games of all time: Go to heII.
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6 years ago, HowieJu
Great return but not as charming as Thor’s Hammer
As my title states, I’m so glad to see a return of a great nostalgic PC game. The game is well made with new functions on a new platform. However, I feel like this new version has lost its charm compared with the original Thor’s hammer and its other successors. Maybe I am just too old school and attached to the original concept, but I really wished the mobile version would be more similar to the original. With all the new functions, items, and aimbot like feature... it feels like it has deviated from the original. Less to say, I appreciate bringing the nostalgia back. However, simplifying back to the original gameplay would not hurt. I think Playgendary’s new game Tank Stars got back original Gunbound’s better than this new GB mobile. I hope to see a more original version one day.
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5 years ago, tingybai
Disappointed as a OG fan.
Downloaded this game because of nostalgia, but the game changed too drastically for me. For one, I miss having one character that I could equip with different avatars riding the mobiles. Woulda been a good way to monetize the game by making cool looking avatar cosmetics, but I feel like they dropped the ball on that. Now I get to see random characters riding on mobiles with no way to customize them. The UI is very confusing and frustrating. The auto aim feature is terrible. I wish they had just kept the old game mechanics. The power bar was way more intuitive than dragging with my shaky fingers. I’m not hating the game because it’s different, but the changes made were sloppy and make the game unplayable for me. Too bad there is no way to play the classic gunbound I grew up with.
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5 years ago, AHsu42388
Takes me back
I had played GB in my youth on PC. It’s nice that it’s on mobile now. Sure, it’s a bit different and sure, it doesn’t take as much skill as the PC version (don’t get me wrong, it’s still challenging and frustrating) considering there isn’t a power bar that you have to start/stop to fire/launch attack. The conjunction of knowing the amount of power with the wind strength and direction made the PC version so challenging but so satisfying to master. I still play this game any time I have. It takes me back to my youth and entertains me even as an adult. The new bots are definitely fun and challenging to learn. Maybe one day the power bar will come back? Wishful thinking >.<
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7 years ago, Bruce Bruce cuhz
Thank goodness it's back
This game is such a dope game. I remember playing this thing back in high school. At the time, you could earn and use your points to buy different avatar pieces that would boosts your stats during game play. I remember feeling nostalgic and I tried to download the computer version last year and I couldn't because it was only compatible with like windows 97 or something. Their mobile take on this app is really great so far. I definitely think this game can be developed even further by the software developers to make it bigger and better. We'll have to wait and see though. I definitely think this game can be a mobile classic.
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6 years ago, Orehnje
Waited to make this review till now!!
So ive played gunbound since the original pc version many many years ago and my all time favorite mobile was J.Frog! Even when this mobile version didn’t have her I still loved this and how nostalgic it was. Now that they have added her, PLUS the dragon mobiles on chance this game is finally starting to feel like it used to. I still wish the aiming system wasnt just drag and drop I miss the old manual input system. It took rather tough skill and felt accomplished when you made a dope shot! This game STILL has the swagger though and I love every minute of it. Thank you for bringing j.frog! Any chance of kalsidon now? Then well be complete!
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5 years ago, Repzol
Trying to be the same but not
When I first heard the original opening music I was extremely excited, but soon realized it’s just a shell of the real gunbound. No customizable avatar gear and no more chicken to dragon level up system, which were the 2 main reasons I kept playing the game with friends. Now there is no incentive to win or even play because it’s just too repetitive and lacking. Before, I would put many hours into it just for one special hat or to be a higher rank than my friends, but now I can only stand a couple minutes before finding something else more interesting to do. This game needs more customization, rare items, special events, old og maps, and no pay to win micro transactions(can pay for more dmg basically...)
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4 years ago, bI0wm3
Ms vet 2002
Well I’ve played maple story pc years ago got really into it MapleStory m doesn’t even compare umm lots off difference in both I liked the fact you could build your own char in maple story pc pretty much with different avatars and stuff maplestory m their already built for you maplestory m is pretty much aimbot if you were good at the pc version CuZZ it already shows you angle and direction of shot and a line all you got to do is make up for wind difference like if the wind is at 5 directly across you just move the square 4-5 squares I don’t know I don’t have a computer right now so maplestory m is passing the time not the same at all though
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4 years ago, PrismBeam
Lost its magic
I love it back when I played it on the PC. The game feels different. For starters this Mobile version does not even have 3vs3 not to mention 4vs4, I remember the 4vs4 Aduka was a blast. You get 1vs1, 2vs2 or 4 free for all. And the shield elements is gone, l love the mage tank back then when you regen some shield after each turn. I don’t like the new drag shot mechanics use, I feel it is less skill. I like the the arrows >> or expressions people makes in PC, but you rarely see ppl talk in this game. Maybe because it is Mobile version, should of add quick chat or something. Anyway I can only give it a 2 when compared to the PC version. If the developer can not add the missing elements from the PC version, I am afraid this game is not going to be very popular.
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6 years ago, LeDubSide
I love this rendition of the game. It makes me happy seeing a game I played years ago get brought over to a modern platform of gaming and for the fact that the game was fun for me to play at home years ago, now I can play this on the go whenever I want, home, work, in between, on the subway, in the bus, family get togethers. Matches are so quick and easy that they can be squeezed in between any time period available. To see this alive again makes me believe that the developers still haven’t given up on the game. I’ll match the commitment on my end.
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4 years ago, Tmalogro
Pay to win
This game is one of the best games for mobile, however, there is a big pay to win aspect in that you can get better mobiles, avatars and even a little pet that all deal more damage by paying your way through the game. This leads the game to be extremely forgiving of the less skilled players and makes it almost impossible for equally skilled players to come out on top unless they too have paid their way through the game. To give you a little bit of perspective: I usually pay what a normal game is worth when I like the game just to give support to the developers, in this case it was 50$ and that wasn’t even half of what I would have to pay to get a real competitive team going. That being said, the game is very enjoyable when you find an opponent who hasn’t dumped loads of cash into the game. To the developers: you guys have a gem of a game and those of us who come from old Gunbound are dying to have a good version of this game ( and god knows that New Gunbound isn’t working ) so please tone down the greediness and at least give us a competitive mode in Wich we can compete on a even playing field.
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4 years ago, JessClark93
Just one Complaint
I was so excited when I realized they had a Gunbound app. I used to play this game on PC even years before softnix bought it. My only complaint is that if you get a call it freezes the app and you lose your win steak/take a loss against you win/lose ratio. It is so very irritating. The app will allow you to briefly answer a text or fb message, but even if you get a call and decline it, it freezes. When and if that issue is fixed I’d be more than inclined to give it a 5 star rating. I also wish they would bring back gifting.
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5 years ago, J.C. Diaz
One of the cleverest games in existence
On a slightly biased angle, I used to play the original Gunbound game on PC many years ago. It grew to become one of my favorite games of all time. The fact that I was able to find my childhood game once again with such excitement actually speaks more about how clever and addicting this game is. It is comparable to games such as super smash brothers due to its innovative gaming model. The game model was so unique at the time that it has withstood the test of time. Just give it a few plays and you will see the magic of Gunbound.
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2 years ago, willanynamework
Gunbound perfection!
Love this game! I was very overwhelmed by all its menus and upgrade systems for a long time. There really are no good video guides on this game. But if you just keep logging in you will get the hang of it all and understand your opponents strengths and gear and it turns into a very deep gunbound experience! Great turn based strategy shooter. Short games make for the most convenient game I play and has become the game I play more than any other. And that includes my super powered custom pc game rig, lol. Great job on this game!
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7 years ago, Matt TKE 501
Great nostalgia
Needs some balancing between the mobiles and either need to reduce explosion area or could increase the amount of land. But otherwise a very good mobile adaptation of the original. I would definitely spend ridiculous sums of money if the avatar system was the same as the pc version. Being able to buy each piece and multiple builds for high popularity for the gold or damage or shield. The customization made your character really feel like your own. Bring that into this game and I’ll make you money.
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5 years ago, iMrPi
Fix this problem please
I love the content of each season. But I find that every morning I play a game online. My game freezes at the moment when the victory or lose appears and doesn’t refresh. So I have to restart the application every time, it only happens in the morning. But overall, this game is awesome. I love the games, clan groups, ways to obtain gears to get the best cars, daily rewards and the perfect game ability. This game reminds me of chess because it’s about strategy and what’s your next move. Thank you
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4 years ago, thiefhuritze
One Request!
I love this game and use to play years ago back on PC. I also have spent tons of money because it is so addicting. There is one issue that I cannot stand though, there is NO option to turn off or turn down the time ticking when you’re running short on time. That would be an exponential add on to keep the game sounds but mute the clock! Also when you rematch someone could you select a different team would be a nice touch for pro battles! Kind regards, -Alex
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4 years ago, Engineer to be
Best game ever but has connection and bug issues
I grew up playing this in 2004ish, great game for pc and they did a great job on mobile! Only thing they need to add is chat! Lobby chat so you can chat with players in the lobby. Also I’m dropping from 5 star review to a 2 star because this game just has too many bugs. It freezes up, just 2 minutes ago I beat a dragon level guy (highest in the game) and it froze at the victory screen. It freezes all the time and glitches out. And it’s not my phone I have a brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max the best you can get. Other than the freezing and connection issues it’s a 5 star game. Fix the bugs and I’ll leave 5 stars!
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7 years ago, Timothy.mok
Honest Review but still 5 stars
The fact that this is an app is amazing. The flow of game dynamics and the graphics are great. Music brings back memories. The English can still use some work, and directions to get to the shop/edit mobiles and drivers/purchasing things with gold or money can be better. But overall the game is great. It saddens me that the skills aren't exactly the same for the mobiles on PC (I believe... I could be wrong). This game is worth downloading and playing. There is PVP and bot games too.
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4 years ago, PavenaLee
Man I used to play this when I was a young teen on PC. It brings back a lot of fun memories, and it’s almost identical minus all the new things like avatars and jewels which we didn’t have back then. Still figuring those out. The only thing I wish was different was that we would get matched within our ranks because you really just don’t stand a chance with those dragon levels and you’re just a lil nooblet. Addicting though. Dare I say too addicting?
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7 years ago, Mekrto
Great to be back!
Tried to play the old PC one countless times, in search of playing one of the best games I have ever played growing up.. now it's on my phone?! I will for sure give this game 5 stars so more people will notice it and how great this game runs. Only missing ONE thing, multiplayer! Like how the old gunbound. If multiplayer battles and a friends list is implemented into this IOS version, not doubt will I give this great game 6 stars! If I could of course :) Thanks for bringing it back
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Has so much room for improvement
I played the old Gunbound on desktop and it was amazing. I’ll keep this short. - There are way too many different power up gems. It’s confusing and unnecessary. - Skin items would be much better to purchase through coins or battling for coins. It’d probably be much better for the revenues too. - If you play Battle Royale and perfect shot 2 people, it will bug out by skipping a turn and changes the order of play. - Why are there gears, gems, coins and more? Just keep it to coins. - Game cannot back out on mobile for even a few seconds or will disconnect. - Remove the “minus damage” cloud, why have it? - Your tank will move randomly sometimes after anybody shoots and fall down. Off the top of my head. This has potential to be a game 10X better with simple adjustments.
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3 years ago, FrankP2491
Awesome throwback
This game is big nostalgia vibes for me. I played this in middle school with all my friends back when computers couldn’t really handle games. The music is the same and yea the game has changed some for sure. But this game is still every bit as entertaining. I wish there was a classic mode but i’m not here to complain. Play it you’ll be happy you did
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7 years ago, Veektrol
Its Good.
Dont write many reviews but this game deserves it. The matchmaking is a great system that makes your losses not feel as bad (like Hearthstone does). It takes 8 (EIGHT) losses to equal a win in ranked mode, ignoring the gold entry to enter, which can be earned back up through vs AI games. As many reviews say, the game could benefit so much from a friends list to play friendly games that dont award rewards (until 2v2 mode comes out soon!)
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4 years ago, Lunatic1231
Gunbound Making a Come back
I really love this game super fun to play! And I catch myself playing it for hours just leveling up and owning noobs! But I need these maps to be bigger so it’s hard for the opposite team to hit you! And please for the love of humanity turn off the aim assist makes the game a tat to easy! And let me pick what power ups I can use instead of a random loadout! Other then that the game feels super solid.😎
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6 years ago, Moungmeuy
Great game, BUT.......
Great game, been playing the game a lot ever since I’ve downloaded it. But, I have few suggestions to make the game better! First of all....a 3vs3 online player battle mode should be added, so we as players can play with two other friends. Lastly, the maps should be more expanded...bigger maps means more room to move and strategize. Hope you guys take my suggestions into consideration...keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, GarciaFelipe
Gunbound is fantastic
It's the most competitive and addictive game that I have on my phone. I usually don't like games that lure people into buying items to improve their experience, but Gunbound is so great at creating engaging matches and giving a true sense of victory that the latter is all I need as a casual player. I only wish the game had better visuals, was updated more often, and had an offline mode!
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5 years ago, Y.U.A.
Battle Training Problem
I enjoy this game a lot; however, in the battle training, especially in big foot battles or battles with the dragons, our characters take forever to get super power while in only 1-2 rounds the robotics already got it. This is unfair and we can never win the battle so what’s the point of playing??! I’m losing my interest in playing this game because no matter how hard the players have tried, they can’t win when they have less HP and less power.
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3 years ago, superdanlex
Beautiful Nostalgia
I remember playing this game on pc years years ago but it slowly died out. Im happy to play it again on mobile I’ve had it for a couple years now definitely ones of the first ones haha. A little tip would be to not make the matching more accurate i go against people 5 ranks higher than me.
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4 years ago, C0VID L00TER
Love it but have one grievance
The new opportunity to earn one heart towards the seasonal event is sometimes for VIP players only. This costs money and there’s no other way to even briefly attain VIP status. I would like to see an alternative way to activate VIP so I could participate in the new daily challenges. Maybe there could be a seniority system where you get to be a VIP if you log enough hours.
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6 years ago, Skinny504
Addicted again =)
Edit after update: with the addition of friends lists and 2v2, its so much better now and offers much more replay ability. I would like to see one function added to the game very soon if possible which is the option to reset your account and start over if you want to. Keep up the good work 😊
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2 years ago, fatassloner
One of the worst pay-to-win games
You will never get good bots unless you pay an egregious amount of money. Everything should cost half of what is it now. Wind algorithm is terrible. High skilled dragon versus other skilled dragon, last few shots and wind turns to 3. Completely ruins the match; knowing fully that high skill paid more money. This is connected to first point but anything but rewards should be heavier. It took me a year to get gear on rewards alone before I started paying. Lastly, no one plays non-multiplayer for any purpose other than getting rewards. Otherwise it’s super grindy and superfluous. MP play is it’s own strategy. If you’re going to keep non-mp at least give us a practice arena with map/wind/bot control.
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7 years ago, olympiusdiaz
You can only even play by spending “gold” which when you run out you either have to wait several hours until your given a bit of gold or you have to pay for more. It was this same greed that ruined the PC version of this game. They made it pay to win and everyone quit. Even in this version you can pay cash for stronger mobiles which takes the fun out of the game if you happened to be matched against someone who decided to spend more money on the game than you. Theyre close to having an awesome game but their greed just ruins it for me.
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11 months ago, FUNKiLLER420
Old Timer
Love this game.. used to play on PC 2005. Finding it on mobile made my day. My interface have problems for the past few weeks. It’s like megnified. Can’t do anything with pets cause it’s covered by the diamonds. Please fix this soon.. got new pets but can’t do anything.
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2 years ago, Æscwine
I remember playing this and Maplestory back in the day. I missed this so much; still had the songs stuck in my head. But finally they delivered the mobile experience! Of course they have to monetize it some with some gacha mechanics but I mean come on they have to modernize somehow.
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5 years ago, Superxtrem3
Reliving my childhood
I was in awe when I saw the game on the App Store. It takes me back to my fun days spending so much time playing as a teenager. I love the game so much so far. However, I would like to see more selections of avatars in the store and I would love to have the developers have more special events and new cool stuff. But overall, I’m inlove with game.
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3 years ago, Asry ghost
I used to play back in the observador days (I was 10), 28 now. I stopped playing when my avatar was grim body, obvy helmet, shoulder bird, and mace flag. Right when Kalsidon was first released. Love this game. Only suggestion would be to let me design a mobile! I have so many great ideas. Where can I submit?
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6 years ago, CheddarMacDaddyChulo
Can’t believe this is for iOS
I used to play this game years ago for PC and have lots of memories with it. Now I can play it on my phone and it’s just as beautifully done? Awesome! I don’t mind the changes they made to make it mobile friendly. It takes some getting used to but I like it.
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2 years ago, Amy.Nguyen89
Can I play Gunbound on Ipad Pro with magic keyboard?
I was playing this game on PC when I was 20s, now i found on IOS and it was awesome,i have tried with my ipad pro but it does not work with magic keyboard. I hope you guys will be update this function. Thank you very much.
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5 years ago, Henrthiei
Childhood game has brought back to mobile devices
One of the best things I can say when it is compared to the original version on computer, I see no hacks after 2 months playing. The game provides you gems, but you must use it wisely or it is just a waste.
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7 years ago, KConcepcion25
Didnt excpect it to be as good as this is. brings back so many memories although i play this only when my ragnarok top up expires lol would be better if we could customize our avatars just like in the game, would like to start out like the actual game with just a tank top and shorts and work my way up.
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4 years ago, Mr. Sam Harrison
Fair, fun, and balanced
IAPs and Ads are truly optional. Skill determines the vast majority of matches. Nearly everything is available for free in a reasonable amount of time, and not excessively expensive if you want to rush it. The easily obtainable versions of endgame items are only marginally worse. I gladly support this model.
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