2.8 (369)
640.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.1 or later
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User Reviews for GunSpin

2.77 out of 5
369 Ratings
2 years ago, some white hat
I found a bug that makes the game unplayable forever
So I was using the shotgun and was above the screen and when my gun came down it glitched under the map and went for infinite meters, I had to quit the game to start a new run as it went forever and when I came back I went to my armory and it crashed same happened when I tried to play and I think it was because I had gone about 200,000 meters in. Devs if you see this please fix the bug and my game as I can no longer play it. (Edit) I found out how to use this bug. If you shoot perfectly you will go insanely fast and if you go fast enough the ground glitches and if you hit the ground you will get like stuck in hyper speed forever… devs please fix this bug. Also I have screenshots of this glitch and can do it again for proof. Devs text my discord Ghosty Tml #5665
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8 months ago, Lil Johnny 1891
Simple and buggy
So, first things first, this game will take you less than an hour to unlock all guns. The second thing is a bug that occurs when you are going faster than the map can generate and it causes you to continue going for an endless amount of time. You can’t get out of this glitch other than closing the game and starting it up again. At this point that distances you traveled, you can’t cash in on it. You may get 200k in distance but it’s lost once you restart the game. Lastly, ammo boxes, they don’t give you additional ammo they just give your gun a boost. These ammo boxes and a well timed run are the two things you need to make this glitch happen. Find your rhythm where you are constantly gathering speed and collecting ammo boxes and eventually you will get this glitch to happen.
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1 year ago, Salamander 16
Disappearing obstacles
I like the game. It’s very fun, not going to lie. But I’ve seen a bug that the floor that you bounce on just fades into another universe and we are useless but to go with it. I don’t really going to say it’s giving this game a bad review but I think that’s what is keeping the 5 star in another person’s hands. You could literally go until it has 5 million meters and still going. I don’t like it because it keeps everyone away from what they need or want. If the developer is reading this, please fix this major bug that everyone sees.
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2 years ago, Seishino
Fun, but broken on start and broken on end
Gun Spin is a fun little game with surprisingly… I’m not going to say “deep” gameplay but there is more meat on there than you would expect. It’s one step past Tiny Wings in the depth department. However, it crashes on load if you don’t go in through the armory, and it glitches out if you go too fast. So it’s a great game that is a pain to start, and which should end in a high score chase but it breaks if you try. It’s a fun little hour or two, but I REALLY wish the devs would fix it.
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1 year ago, the best game is among us
Pretty good game
Honestly the game isn’t to bad, but there is on bug that you probably haven’t seen. So basically when I go to shoot of the wall it’s all normal until you get a high enough speed the game decides to glitch and you usually get a new gun but also get a higher score. I have gotten this glitch seven times in row, but over all it is a pretty good game and I will keep the game and tell any more bugs or any issues I have with the game.
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11 months ago, Ko11ateral
Fun but short
Premise is pretty good and it’s quite satisfying to play if you’re bored but it’s extremely short with very little replay ability. I reached the end of the game in about 20 min and went so fast i clipped under the map and had to restart the game to get out. so there’s no point in even going for a high score since you basically just get infinite score if you get to the last row of guns
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1 year ago, breakermillion
It’s fun but it took me 3 hours to finish
There should definitely be more guns you can unlock it didn’t take me long at all to finish the game, i do love how there is 0 ads it makes the game 10x better. The floor glitch is really not that big of a deal at all the other reviews are cry babys you can literally just restart the game and it’s fine the game isn’t “unplayable” but yeah adding more guns and maybe even more than one level would be cool and way more fun.
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1 year ago, Lovemyboys23
Found out a way for it to work on mobile
Once you loaded in go to settings and turn everything off restart the game turn it on again the wait ten seconds in the main menu the ten more on the upgrades place the click tap to fire
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2 years ago, Seth gallman
Crash fix
For those unable to play, instead of clicking the tap to fire button to start. Open the armory and click the gun you want to use. You only have to do this every time you open the app, after that you can use the tap to fire button. Hope this helps!!
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2 years ago, epicgamerover
Please fix this
Hello so far I have been really enjoying your game here but I ran into a problem. The random generation of the terrain would stop working after the gun starts to go too fast which then leads to the gun going to far down with nothing to stop it where it leads to the gun infinitely falling down so you can’t claim any of the coin’s you have earned previously so please fix this so I can enjoy the game once again.
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3 months ago, brennan eastep
Ok game
The game is pretty fun in theory, and it is fun for a while, but it doesn’t have many guns. It took me about an hour to unlock everything. There is also the matter of the falling through the floor bug, which isn’t a huge problem, but if I’m on track to have a really good run and then it gets ruined because I fall through the map, it gets annoying.
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2 years ago, T0th3r0w_m4n
I can’t seem to play it on iPhone every time I open it and go to the armory or even click to start it instantly crashes. I’ve read other comments about how to fix it by clicking to start quickly but it still crashes all the same. I’ve also seen videos of the game it seems like it would be a very fun game to play without a doubt I’d play for a while, but I can not because it continues to crash.
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10 months ago, SlingoStarr
Fun but broken
Great little game. Not hard to get the top gun and fun to do but it does break if you go too fast (or something like that). The break is that you go forever with no slow down or obstacles. My previous best was 26k then at the break I let it run to over 250k before closing the app. I made it happen multiple times pretty easy.
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1 year ago, DJ_VoVo
It’s overall a decent game but there’s many bugs. For example, I hit one of the ramps in the exact right spot at the right speed and glitched under the map and got to about 100,000 before resetting, and after I was under the map, i couldn’t get out. Devs please see this and fix the bug.
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2 months ago, NGL_Fraction
Fun, Easy, Calming.
It’s honestly one of the best games on my phone currently but the only thing is I wish there were more guns I got all guns In 10 minutes but the game is really really fun if a get mad I play GunSpin and it calms me down because of how easy it is
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2 years ago, hi???!?!?!!?!,!$;$:'sjshwbh
Fixed way
I figured out a way to make it work. You have to open the app, then hit more games, then tap open on GunSpin then you will be able to play. Or at least it worked for me.
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2 years ago, nameisperson
My thoughts
So when I first started the game would non stop crash till I went to settings on the game and turned everything off. I also got every single gun in less than an hour. So it’s ez but fun
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2 weeks ago, PlutusNS
Great game but 101%?
In the game you have to unlock guns to progress. It takes 100% to unlock a new gun. But I got to 100% and didn’t get a gun? So next time when I looked and saw I was close. I saw it took over 100%, like 101%? Not sure if this is a bug, but it only happened once to me.
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1 month ago, kfrhythyr
Doesn’t let me play
I play this game during school it’s a very good game so I decided to get it on mobile and I downloaded it and right when i was going to play it takes me back to Home Screen I uninstalled and reinstalled it. I was going to play again, but it took me out once again.
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2 years ago, dragons talk
Great game but could have 1 more thing.
Could you add a reset button in the settings to reset all upgrades and guns unlocked? And reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because if you have to low amount of bars the game kicks you out
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2 years ago, AlexZeCommander
The gameplay of this game is fantastic and their is rarely ever forced adds but the crashes in this game make it unplayable. After around 10 seconds after I boot the game up it crashes and this isn’t a device problem since I’m playing this on a iPad Pro. Until the crashes get fixed This game will remain uninstalled.
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7 months ago, Woolfy91
Fun at first then boring
Fun game at first. Once you get to a certain point just gets boring. Especially since I keep getting my gun to glitch below the screen and it goes on forever and I have to shut down app and turn back on to replay. More levels or obstacles would be nice.
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7 months ago, Big Rome #4
There is a bug but it’s was a really easy game
There is a bug we’re you can get under the map but if u get under u can get the gun but not the money. This game was fun and easy to beat it took maybe an hour or 30 minutes but the game was fun to me.
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8 months ago, Spaceduck9
Incredible game with a gamebreaking bug
This game is very satisfying and very fun. I also love that there are no ads. However, if you go too fast(which is the point of the game), the ground beneath you completely disappears and you keep going for infinity until you quit the app.
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1 year ago, AUUUUUUUGH
Broken and needs a redo!
Basically when I got the game it seemed normal, however when I pressed play I got a lag spike but was still able to play. But when I actually start it, the gun bobs up and down making it lag a lot. Then about like two seconds later when I get the 1st shot in, it crashes. Please fix this game or completely remake it so it actually playable on mobile. Thank you!
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1 year ago, candice ^w^
The game is ok
When i started, the game would crash, A LOT. It only stoped crashing after i got better guns. The gameplay was fun and easy. There’s a certain point in the game where you just keep going infinitely. Devs pls fix
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3 months ago, multihousingman
Good buggy and short
Everyone is talking about the bug where you phase through the ground but it is really really short. It took me something like 15 minutes to beat it.
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3 months ago, Vnexz
Pretty fun!
I was playing this game at school on my Chromebook and I download it at home on my phone and it’s really fun my brother really wants to play this and he keeps stealing my phone to play this game really fun four stars
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2 years ago, Reviewing B 😍💅
Crashing game??
I was watching a video and was like “Oh, this looks fun!” But I downloaded it, and opened it. I touched to buttons in the game and it crashed, I looked at the other reviews to see if they could help, but they didn’t! I tried 5-10 times and still couldn’t! This game looked really fun and I wish to play it when you fix the bug!
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2 years ago, Z7X29 fix it now
Perfect but…….
I’ve experienced really think about your game your game is perfect I love it but the ammo boxes don’t seem to work when I get one when I wish because I could’ve got the gun so many times but the ammo boxes keep stopping me!……
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1 year ago, AjsBoy
I’ve been having a lot of crashes and me got the last gun and I tested it out I ran out of and hit the ground and I went through it so I close the app and everything happened all over again and now I cant play bc of crashes pls fix.
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2 years ago, jfjcnfnsleb
Was playing the game just fine one day. Thoroughly enjoying it.. it’s actually a helluvalot of fun. But now every time I try to play it just crashes. No way around it. No matter what I click. Crashes straight from main menu. Would definitely be a 5 star game if I could actually continue to play it.
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8 months ago, Funky boy #2
Can’t get gun
I played on a computer and it said if I download it on mobile then I would get a new free gun,but I didn’t get it when I downloaded it on mobile.
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2 years ago, DanPlanFan
Went so fast I put ran the terrain generation.
I flew so fast I put ran the terrain generation and flew into the void shattering my personal best distance. It’s the best gun flip game I’ve ever played!
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2 years ago, leoE0129
Can mini juegos u the creator make online and u have email accounts I want my progress saved
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1 year ago, asdfgjjtte
Wish you guys fixed the glitch.
The game just can’t keep up with the speed of the gun at some point and it fails to load the “ground floor”. It seriously limits the amount of fun we could have after getting good enough to get insane scores.
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4 months ago, harry113425
Add this
All you need is to fix the crash and make a rebirth but other than that iss good
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9 months ago, _N i c k n a m e_
Awesome game!
This is problay one of the best apps (games). It's really fun. Although it does crash a little as soon as you get it, but really good.
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2 years ago, h4rr
Fun but crashes
Work around the crashes by going to settings and disabling all the sound / effects. Otherwise a fun game.
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2 years ago, atm snacks
Good game
Love this game even though there are bugs anyways i just want more updates
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6 months ago, Dont know what to say jay
This might be a dead game, but if they do more guns and updates, it has potential to be extremely good. 👍🏽
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8 months ago, Love this game one issue
The game only has a few hours of play playability
This game only has a few hours of playability due to the lack of guns by the game. I beat it twice in two days. I do not recommend wasting your time on this game.
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1 year ago, vaedgubc*
I really like it but every now and then it crashes
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1 year ago, Airpod kid
At the beginning of the game it’s fun but after about 30 minutes of gameplay and you start to go fast the game breaks and you glitch through the map
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2 years ago, whydoineedanickname11111
Got the game working just had to disable vibration or else it would crash.
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10 months ago, z33Owner
Great Game
Downloaded The Game And Beat It Within 30 Minutes. Was Fun And Also Had That Infinite Meter Glitch Happen To Me Like Stated Before On Other Review. But was Fun To Beat
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3 years ago, SuperWorm or something
How to fix crashing!
The first time you play, it will crash. But if you mash on your first run (press start and instantly start tapping) it will bug out a bit, but after that you can play the game as normal.
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2 years ago, reviewguy1000
Always a big
No matter how you look at it, this game is filled with bugs… whether it’s going so fast you fall underneath the map, or it’s the game crashing 20x when you start it
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3 weeks ago, black ninja9804
When I start the game but if I press the button the game crashes and on the rare chance that it doesn’t crash it will crash if I get in the game or if I try to level up anything and I know it’s not my phone
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3 months ago, coolhame23
It’s a good and fun game for the mean time
It’s 4 stars because that game was to easy I unlocked all the guns and I want more of this game pls update it it’s such a good game
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