Gusto Wallet

4.8 (16.8K)
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Gusto, inc.
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2 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gusto Wallet

4.81 out of 5
16.8K Ratings
1 month ago, reesemak
Love gusto
I feel very safe with gusto. I have had many fraud issues in the past and I have been very happy with my experience with gusto. I love the vault features and how you can create goals and split your paycheck. You can get a debit card as well. I get my direct deposit into this account and my employer goes through gusto to provide a space where I can just my money sit there safe and save for anything I need. You can use one debit card outside gusto to transfer money I believe once a month . You can transfer to an outside bank takes a few business days . Overall I’m really happy .
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2 years ago, old_grouse_herder
You have no right to be forgotten with GUSTO
I had to use this app for a brief 3 week temp job as required by the employer. After my job was completed I reached out to GUSTO to delete account. GUSTO conflated keeping tax documents as required by law with my request to delete the account. I then asked GUSTO to provide me the information in the user agreement where they state that once you use their service you may never opt out (including unsubscribing from emails). GUSTO didn't have this information available as it isnt part of the user agreement. So basically your personal tax info etc is open to hacking indefinitely is someone knows your email and can figure out your password. I now have to compel them to fulfill my request possibly by legal means. I would have never had used the app had I known this. Additionally their "customer service" is not located in the US so if anything goes wrong with your paycheck good luck rectifying that. I have sent 7 emails and got nothing but canned gibberish responses which only makes me more concerned about my personal banking and tax info. User beware with this "service" as it is not worth the trouble or risk of identity theft.
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3 weeks ago, azlizzie
User type: employee - wish it had more things
Loading is a little sluggish. Sometimes it fails to clock me in or out which is annoying. Would be nice if edit clock ins screen had radio buttons for common selections so I don't have to type "forgot to clock in" or " app glitched" every time. (Forgive the personal deficiencies, this does happen a lot.) When I need to submit receipts, I can't do it from my phone cause the browser redirects to the app without asking. Most of the time my docs are on my phone, making for multiple extra steps and delays until I get to my computer at work. Inconvenient that the app does not have a document upload option or the web doesn't let you choose to continue in the browser. Otherwise it's fine. It's nothing special and nothing horribly awful. Perhaps a time clock widget could be developed for the Home Screen? Not sure if widgets allow a feature that would still need Face ID to work.
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7 months ago, Aalicia
Don’t expect to get paid on time
Two pay periods in a row my check has not come when it was supposed to. I’ve seen all the other reviews and responses from this company saying that it’s dependent on our employer and when THEY send in our information; but that is completely false. My employer turned payroll in on time both times and when reached out to customer service at Gusto, they very nonchalantly said : “your boss turned in everything on time, but we didn’t see that your employer submitted payroll until the next business day and it takes 3 days for it to you’ll be paid next week instead”. I have bills on auto-draft and I’ve already acquired 2 late fee’s because the inconvenience and I’ll most likely have more. This is unacceptable and if there becomes a third time that this occurs I WILL be contacting the BBB as well as taking legal action to recover late fees due to THEIR negligence. Do not play with people’s money, cuz you wouldn’t like it done to you.
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6 months ago, erika2355
Failure to add new debit card
I have been trying to add my new debit card to my gusto account for over 2 months now so I can get paid and transfer money out. However, I have yet to be able to add my new non gusto debit card. I’ve reached out multiples times and talked to over 4 different people and each failed to help me fix the issue. I was told that the reason is because my addresses didn’t match. However, I checked multiple, multiple times to make sure the addresses were correct and matched and confirmed that with the gusto help center as well. There should be no reason for my card to not get added to my account yet not a single person I have talked to was able to help me fix the issue whatsoever. I’ve tried to keep my composure and be nice but this is unprofessional for me to have to reach out multiple times over months to get a simple problem fixed and not a single person has been able to help me get my debit card added.
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3 years ago, MrOBrian
Helpful when the website is broken
The only reason I got this app is because tax document downloads on the website are broken, and I can’t wait the several business days they say it’ll take just to respond to my support request. Luckily, viewing and downloading of the documents works in this app, but it looks really bad on iPad. Definitely not meant to run on anything but a phone. Also, the login didn’t bring up the normal interface for using a saved password, so with the app open on my iPad and my password open on my iPhone, I had to type out one of those crazy passwords that gets generated when you tell iOS/Safari to generate a strong password. Not sure why the login form wasn’t recognized as something that could be filled in. This app saved the day when the website was broken, but I doubt I’d use it on a regular basis.
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2 years ago, hdkskansjwnbxbdjfnsm
Easily the most frustrating part of my work day
Is when I have to clock in and out using Gusto Wallet. My company switched from Tsheets earlier in the year and I lament that change everyday. The app takes forever to load even when wifi signal is strong but working in a shop with steel beams and metal siding wifi signal doesn’t travel that well. I have a wifi booster right beside my station, but even when Im in the same room as the router I often find myself watching that sanctimonious little porker trot in place while I wait for this barebones app to load. Besides that, the app will often not recognize when I clock out which creates payroll issues because every so often I’ll open the app in the morning to find that its kept me logged in from the day before. Lastly, Im not interested in some app-centric bank account or cash card, but there is no way to get rid of the two ad bubbles advertising the card and bank account.
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3 weeks ago, Builtbaby
This is the absolute worst service I have ever used. Got this app for my job and immediately had issues with clocking in. Now I got my first paycheck which I cannot use because they never sent me a card… I cannot transfer money to my bank account without waiting 7 business days and am unable to use the card-less payment without a PIN which you set up when activating a card (which AGAIN was never delivered) anywhere you go it’s $3.50 for a withdrawal and it doesn’t work without the physical card. Tried contacting them and their “Chat Bot” is incompetent as when you try to be connected with a service representative it says none are available. Sent an email and hoping to resolve the issue but will immediately be letting my company know that we will not be using this service any longer. Just awful really.
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10 months ago, Pat Dave
Poor customer experience management and miscommunications
They discontinued Instant Cashout (a month or so earlier than they promised which I’m sure was not appreciated by people trying to adjust for money they were due for repayment on previous advances) but they still advertise it as a feature in the app images here on the App Store which is literally false advertising. It’s been a year. You haven’t been clear about your instant cash out plans since the day you announced you were getting rid of the feature and you guys still lack the professionalism to update the app images (and left Twitter replies on read from people angry about the sudden change to cashout during your own conference. who is your community manager?)
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3 years ago, ktfl
Super user-friendly!
My company uses Gusto for payroll and I love it. I opened a bank account with them and it’s super user friendly! You can have up to six accounts I believe it is and I have an account for each of my bills and set it up so that it automatically allocates for my bills every time I get paid before depositing my paycheck into my other bank. This way I don’t have to worry or think about overspending money that’s meant for bills as all the money for bills has already been taken out. It’s made managing my finances soo much easier!
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2 years ago, jessilee24
App is great, countdown to paycheck not so great…
I love how user friendly the app is, especially the time tracking functions. As a payroll admin, the loading screen with the walking pig and “your next paycheck is in … days” is extremely frustrating when it comes to new hires, who haven’t logged hours for that “next paycheck” status. Very misleading for them, and then we often get an earful or they assume we simply didn’t pay them because the pig said they were getting paid and they didn’t. It would also be nice to have the option to add a photo through the app vs. getting on a computer. Definitely worth a 5 star rating if the pig would stop telling employees when their next paycheck is coming.
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4 months ago, admiralu
Slow Pay- Great for Stats
Our company switched to Gusto for payroll. Gusto claims we will get paid earlier, not true. This is the slowest paying payroll I’ve ever seen. ADP and Paychex to name a couple make sure your funds are in the bank when you wake up on payday. If your bank had early payday, which mine does, I’d be paid a day or two early. Not with Gusto. Your funds aren’t available when you wake up. They aren’t sent until the actual payday and may take as long as 5PM to reach your account. It’s never at the same time. The app and service are great at tracking your stats, time off, benefits, etc. You have to use a kiosk to clock in. Too bad they can’t get your funds in the bank earlier.
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6 months ago, Actualpct
Title is so confusing
Calling this app Gusto Wallet vs something more intuitive like Gusto Payroll is so confusing and frankly brand-damaging. The wallet feature is an upsell, adjacent business to the core payroll functionality where you have 90%+ of your users. Your 90% use case just wants to mange their payroll etc with cool features, not be upsold to other services. You’re abandoning your core use case to focus on growing the pie. No issue with your expanding your business, brand or use cases but you’re doing it at the expense of your core, and you’re confusing people and eroding your brand. When people think of Gusto they think of payroll, not wallet features. Stick with what you’re good at. It’s too early for you to assume users will make this leap with you.
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3 years ago, ShawnTheFamous
Poor Customer Service / App Not Working Corrctly
When it comes to people’s money you better have the kinks worked out before you launch. This isn’t a fun gaming app, this app is meant to track and mange TIME AND MONEY! After a week of no email response from customer service, I felt the best way to get their attention is to address my problem in their public forum. The app is not accepting documents at this time. Documents that are necessary to get paid. Neither my boss nor I know whether I will actually receive a paycheck next week, and I can not reach a human at Gusto to confirm, we’ll anything. You get 2 stars because the app design is awesome, but functionality is low at this time. When these problems get fixed, so will my rating.
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8 months ago, DeziPlace1st
First review I’ve written since owning an iPhone
Well, I’ll start off by saying this app sets itself aside from other payroll types by being extremely easy to use and incorporating functions that make life easier. Whether you’re trying to submit a time off request or pull up a paystub or perhaps you’d like to check out your benefits all of that is at your fingertips. I wish I knew a start up company that I could suggest use it so that I could collect their $600 referral bonus, I digress.
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2 years ago, ThatHvacGuy
Good app but once you set your payment split there’s no going back.
My company uses this as their way of payroll the app has been good for it and I always get my checks timely however when I first set up they account it asked where I wanted my checks sent i put 500$ to gusto and the remainder to my bank. Now I have tried to update this every week so that it can all go to my bank account and not gusto and for the past 2 months have been unsuccessful able to change it and it is quite irritating at this point. It’s like it’s only willing to send the money to gusto. If this can be fixed and I can just update my split I don’t see why this app can’t have five stars but that’s a huge disservice.
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5 months ago, Carlohernan
This is not a good company
They don’t seem to know what they have gotten themselves into. Their debit card never works, the phone number on the card doesn’t lead anywhere, and they will take two weeks to respond to your email. They seem to have taken too big of a step without any kind of infrastructure. Do not use this company for anything. There is a good reason my company is leaving their services. I can’t access my information. Edit: Their “customer service” department said I could email them to see if they could fix the issue. I emailed that weeks ago and never got a response. Now I am literally inside a doctor’s office trying to use my HSA card and it declined. What a horrible service and company this is. Avoid at all costs.
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1 year ago, Alicia 802
Efficient and easy to use
I would recommend gusto to anyone , based on my own experience using it for the past couple years. I love the ability to create separate savings goal accounts and name them whatever I want! Also being able to split my direct deposit up into multiple accounts based on dollar amount or a percentage, really has helped me start to save and not even feel the pinch, so to speak! Awesome job Gusto ! Loving it in Vermont 😊
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7 months ago, NLA ZR
Fix your app!
The amount of issues I’ve dealt with from an employee and normal person point of view is staggering. There are plenty of times where the app is non functional like today. The app opens but displays a message saying that it’s “unable to reach Gusto at this time”. This cheap platform constantly has issues making it hard to either access your money, get paid when you expect to, or even use the app! And they do nothing to address these reoccurring problems but force those unfortunate enough to have to use the app, to wait for them to be resolved. The frequency rate of the issues is the worst! Bad app, Bad quality.
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1 year ago, vgigdryijfeuokcfsgi
Not worth it.
To set this up the app clearly requested the authorization to credit or debit your account. If hacked they will be able to empty my account. If they go belly up they can empty your account. No other app I’ve worked with has requested authorization to debit. Second this apps policy can deposit your money at anytime over the course of the day. Even after business hours. Every like app I’ve worked with the money is available Friday at the start of business. Meaning it is possible for any auto payment to hit prior to your check deposit. Technically if it was too late your money may not be available until Monday. No thanks.
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12 months ago, Jay2023007
5 star app 1 star service
The app is really easy to use love it. I’ve been a gazelle member for over two years five stars on the app. The customer service on the other hand is horrible. I’ve been attempting to get a new card mailed out to me for the last three months can’t get a hold of a live agent I’ve already spent over $600 in the last four months transferring money wish their customer service was as good as the app
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2 years ago, hdhfhhdhhdhdh
This app ruins peoples lives
Just looking at the reviews seeing how many other people have had their money effectively trapped in no man’s land by your app. Unacceptable how many times this has happened. This could very easily be solved by requiring banks to be linked before money is moved into a gusto account. It would be so easy to fix. A very simple change in order of operations. People assume that because Gusto already has their Bank info that it will already be linked (why if you already have direct deposit can’t you link to my account) My guess is that your aim to to make it so difficult for people to access their money that they will just give up and forget it.
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3 years ago, Golf Ekolu
Moving in the right direction
I have been using Gusto for years. The app is another step in the right direction. As I process payroll for about a dozen companies on the platform I would request 2 new adds to the app now that there is time tracking. Geofencing and ability to switch between companies. I have people that work for more than one business and being able to toggle between businesses on the app would be extremely helpful just like you can online.
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4 months ago, KaterinaBella
So I downloaded this app for work and at that time I had a different phone number that I used to make an account, now I have a new phone number and tried changing it to my new one but the only way is to call them I’ve called multiple times and have been on hold for over 30 minutes every time and I had to keep hanging up because I just don’t have time to be waiting on hold for that long. This is frustrating because they log you out of the your account very often and the only way I can get back in is from the number I do not have, so now I can’t clock into my job or look at my schedule for work.
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3 years ago, Tallon Cote
Love Gusto
I love Gusto so much. Every company should use them. I love their UI and all their beautiful design. On top of that it’s so easy to fill out documents, retrieve paystubs and tax documents, save money and budget it accordingly, and keep tabs on all of the companies other stuff. I think with time, more integrations, and the addition of features Gusto could CRUSH ADP and all the others. It’s just overall a way better experience in every way.
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5 months ago, bobbygrig
Horrific customer service. Do NOT sign up for one of their savings accts
Gusto does well with basic payroll functions. Where they fall short is the offering of debit cards and savings accounts. They make it next to impossible to access the funds and if you ever need Customer Service it is a impossible task. They send you the same emails responses or chat responses back over and over again without solving any problems. They also do not offer phone call service so you are fighting constantly with a chat online or emails. It took over five days for them to get me any information on how to fix a fund transfer. I would look elsewhere
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10 months ago, Aishbabe
Do not use gusto
Worst company ever they put a lock on my card I called fraud and they said it wasn’t fraud and to wait till the customer service is open which is only 8am -2. When I called I waited for 40 mins only to be greeted by an extremely rude man telling me that it was fraud on my account ?? And couldn’t answer any of my legit questions but insisted I listen to him as he told me things I already knew and he would cut me off every time I tried to explain my situation in a defensive tone. Don’t use gusto I’m a banker for 7 years and I would never throw the policy in a customers face or belittle them because we put a hold on all their money that they need to live.
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2 years ago, dissapointedsnail
Do not use this app.
My employer sent me a paycheck in October. I didn’t have a bank account yet, so it sent the money to some JPMorgan account. It made this account for me. I can’t access it. I tried logging in through their website but they told me the account number is invalid, AKA doesn’t exist. You’re supposed to be able to transfer funds from one account to the other, but this feature also Does Not Exist. I’ve looked everywhere. Website and app. It’s not a thing. The help guides are a lie. I’m glad my employer had to let me go after my first paycheck now, because that’s $150 I’ll never be able to get back.
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6 months ago, Don’t waste your time&money
Got forced to use this & don’t get paid same time weekly, it’s a guessing game :(
My employer basically gave us no choice. And then to find out they say, you’ll get paid by 8pm on payday. Like wtff??!?? It took me so long to adjust because all my bill payments came out the day I got paid and that day would be 2:30am of payday. Not 8pm. Smh. And nobody will help you to answer any questions. My employer submits pay on Tuesdays and Gusto won’t release it until 11am-3pm. But it does say up until 8pm. I’m sure now that I submitted this they will try to get me. But really to to Quikbooks or someone else. Oh and they don’t pay 2 days early. Bulljunk!
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3 years ago, Pelegrin845
Add time tracking please!
Glad to see there is a mobile app for Gusto now. Will be great to check my paystubs on the go. However the biggest need is for a mobile version of the time clock. My employer uses Gusto for time tracking and clocking in and out is a constant hassle because I have to log back into the website and select the right company every time. Having the app log me in with Face ID and let me clock in and out with a tap would be a dream come true.
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2 years ago, GLane00
Love Gusto
My company had been using a competitor for time tracking and Gusto for payroll. We decided to try the time tracking option. We have several “projects” that we need to keep track of daily. It would be awesome if there was a “switch” button instead of having to clock out and back in. Otherwise it’s a great app! GLane00
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3 months ago, jessA0xb
Unless you clock in and clock out immediately this app's time cards are ridiculous. First of all, the scroll is stupid. Let me type it in. It takes three seconds. Also, when I enter time, STOP CHANGING THE MINUTES TO THE EXACT MINUTE IM AT. Why am I entering time for last Friday on a Monday and it's rolling back from :00 to :22 just because of the time it is RIGHT NOW? it's not even the same day! why would anyone spend time making this feature? UX needs help. I gave two stars because I love the pig and how it changes with the seasons, that's all.
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9 months ago, Codamodev
Bad UX and poorly tested
The testing of features like hours entry is poorly tested. You have to add your hours for the day, save them, then go back and edit to add a break. Trying to enter hours and break together doesn’t work, so I assume it wasn’t tested. Now a new behavior has been rolled out where you are given a pop-up to sign up for their spending account after you enter your hours for the day. It’s extremely annoying, especially if you add your hours for the week all at once. The UX is poorly thought through.
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2 years ago, aasaasaaaaa
User friendly
The app is very user friendly. But I would prefer to stay logged in rather than continually logging in every time I interact with it. For something that I have to use a minimum of 4x a day, I spend too much time trying to log in. Also geo fence is way off. The geotag place my place of work about 100 yards away from the actual location. So, every time I clock in or out, I have to explain why I am not at an authorized work location.
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3 years ago, Finkella
I’ve been hoping for a Gusto app since I started using the service and am thrilled to see it finally come to life! I was prepared for a bare minimum app but, like all things Gusto does, it’s perfect. The attention to detail and inclusivity of 99% of the things you can do on the website is impressive. A solid app for a solid company! Thanks for listening & delivering.
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1 year ago, LanceOzminski
Great app
I have no complaints about Gusto. Everything works great. They do a great job of easily managing money especially when it come to managing direct deposit accounts. And making savings goals has made it so easy to save up for different things. I’d love to see support for Siri Shortcuts so I can clock in with my voice
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4 years ago, Jessica1321
New customer
I had some initial problems that had me very concerned about my company using this service for my paycheck. However after a few hiccups the company was very responsive and did an outstanding job with communicating with me. As soon as all of the hiccups were addressed they reached out to make sure my account was setup to receive payment as scheduled. I am excited to work with this company after my experience.
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5 months ago, gevestlusi
IOS force 16 update
You should not force updates on users. Some of us have old phones or doesn’t like the update and with your ios 16 force update, we are not able to use your app. It says ios 16 or download compatible version but when I am clicking on it, it still forces ios 16 update. Why it says download the compatible version to your phone when its still forces ios 16 update. I will be deleting the app even though I get paid through it, just because you force us update and the app doesn’t work if I have Ios 15.3.1
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3 months ago, Bobntodd
Worst customer service ever!!!
Same issues from two years ago. Asked about benefits my company offers and got this reply from AI Misty “Hello Bob, Thank you for your email. Once your team is close to your renewal your group will receive an email with all the information needed for you to enroll. I looked into your groups account and see that you are part-time eligible, so you should be included in the renewal. Best, Misty” The company IS NOT coming due for renewal and when I submitted another request for information on 2/26 (over a week ago it’s still in “progress as of 2/26” They may be great for the business owners. But for those that actually need to use their services in a timely fashion. They lack ANY human interaction or any form of customer service. Place for a call request. “0 wait time” and no call. I don’t think real people work there
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6 months ago, op_sniper12
Everyone saying they aren’t reviewing paychecks
I am one of those people sadly. Full month it’s been since I’ve been paid by gusto. Spoke to my boss and he has put payroll in Friday for us to be paid Tuesday every week and it still has this problem. Says it will pay Friday but it’s supposed to be Tuesday. I’ve had late fees applied I’ve had days where I’m scrimping because this app fails to provide on time deposits like I was told. Are you planning to fix this problem or are you about to close your company down and don’t care no more?
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3 years ago, Classy1O1
Finally a step closer
I use my cell phone all the time for work related things and mobile apps make it much easier. I would like to see all of the same features on the mobile app. Request time off and clocking in and out would be nice first though!
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2 years ago, salty mover
We have emergency expense(2-3 business days)
Hey gusto, just a novel idea an option to do an instant debit card transfer to your personal bank account because trying to receive your gusto debit card through (expedited mail) had been like waiting on a package shipped from China though fedex. If you can’t add an instant debit card transfer to our personal bank accounts, at least fix your grammar…. You need new terms for “expedited mail” and “emergency transfer”. Expedited means fast. Emergency means there’s got to be some sense of urgency. You fail on both definitions.
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2 years ago, krlpjasdfghjkl
Uh oh !
App is overall super accessible and user friendly. However, I was having connectivity issues with the app so I deleted the app and tried to re download it, but it will NOT download. No message or anything. Just will not download. I see there was an update 6 days ago, and that’s about when my issues started to happen. Any ideas? Hellllpppp
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2 years ago, ani_angel
Horrible Customer Service
I signed up so that this company can track payments made to the contractor I used. Gusto knew from the beginning that I will use historical payments- yet, nobody thought to inform me for months that no 1099 will be generated at the end, since this did not apply to historical payments. They let me know, by accident and after I started searching for information, 2 days before due date. This is ridiculous. Great idea and kind of easy to operate but need to do a real maintenance of all the accounts, and to set clearer rules.
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4 months ago, Josh##81
Gusto support not available
Gusto held all my money in their account and when I needed it the app wasn’t available, customer service was closed, I had no available options.. money was in their account but Gusto dropped the ball and I had to wait till they came back online to pay my tab, it sucked. Of course Gusto doesn’t care, and this review won’t do anything to them, just a warning, transfer everything you get in Gusto ASAP or you may not be able to access it when you need it most.
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1 year ago, catsBooks
Horrible customer service
As a bookkeeper, I have happily used Gusto for about 5 years. About 6 months ago the knowledge of their customer support team deteriorated and they seemingly have put in multiple road blocks to solving clients’ problems. I currently have a support ticket that has been open for a full month. I can’t get them to escalate it. All I want is a 10 minute conversation with an expert in their platform. Then this issue could be over. Their rules only allow me to talk to their first tier customer support team.
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2 years ago, Dtheodore
Not at all helpful
I wish the company I work for didn’t switch to this. Honestly not at all helpful. I called them because of fraud being suspected on my account and they didn’t help me at all. Literally was told you provided your card info to this site even though 7 unauthorized purchases were made in your name that’s something you’ll have to handle yourself. I can admit fault. They were not at all helpful not even with giving the merchants number. I’ll stay with my Cashapp and Wells Fargo....even PayPal is way better.
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2 weeks ago, Rachel Goldzweig
Gusto Payroll App AMAZING
I literally love the Gusto app! I use it for so many things; it has sooooo many useful user friendly features. You can get a Gusto Debit Card, make separate “envelope” savings accounts to save money, it has a discount pharmacy card and many many more features! I’m literally their #1 FAN
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9 months ago, HalesW13
Highly recommend for companies!
This app is not only easy to navigate, but it also has so many great features that many other apps don’t even have! It’s definitely seems more efficient compared to other app platforms👍🏼
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12 months ago, LaceyAngel1
Horrible customer service
My card was locked for insufficient funds. “Banking compliance made the decision to end the Gusto Cash Accounts banking relationship with you. I had advocated for our banking partners to unlock your accounts to allow you to link an external bank account but that was not approved. The bank has closed your accounts and is mailing you a cashier's check for the accounts balance. It will be delivered by USPS mail delivery and should arrive within 10 business days to your address”
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