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Helpfeel Inc.
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5 months ago
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User Reviews for Gyazo

2.84 out of 5
69 Ratings
2 years ago, zombietopfrog
Better on a computer
This is a handy desktop app but as for mobile it seems it’s not a well maintained app. I use this on my mobile phone to view or access my desktop screenshots, but I tend to have a lot of loading issues even in a good connection when trying to access photos or videos. The photo thumbnails will load but sits at a blank page when you open it.
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3 years ago, MatthewwDevlin
Doesn’t crop to iPhones with a notch.
The app isn’t cropping to my iPhone XR properly.
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6 years ago, xBearHugsx
Update requires access to camera
I have been a paying customer of gyazo for almost 3 years. I loved using the app but with a new update I can’t even access my account because it REQUIRES access to my camera. I do not need this app to take pictures or use my phone camera. This was not required before the update and wish I had never updated the app. I will be moving to another service that does not require permissions that I don’t want to give in order to use the app.
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3 years ago, 7718 umop apisdn
Stop requiring access to cameras!
I saw the reviews from three years ago that people gave feedback to stop requiring camera access. It is NOT needed to capture from the screen. I downloaded the app in hopes that this had been fixed-alas, this is not the case as of Feb 2021. I am a paying user on my laptop, but I won’t allow you access to my iPad camera. Uninstalled and if I could give fewer than one star, I would.
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3 years ago, SplashNoodle
Very happy about this!
I’ve been looking for ways to turn images to links for so long that has a URL for phone. I’m great full for this app and this should have more ratings!
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1 month ago, rumbleplayer
used you and it was quick easy and wasn’t a pain
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3 years ago, Bryce Stavely0707.
Very Effective App
The app works perfectly, it’s helped me out in so many video and photo submissions, thank you developers!
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2 years ago, ImbratorJr
Terrible slow app
If you’ve been a member for over 5 years paying for the service and having so many pictures and videos. Avoid scrolling as it takes forever to load on mobile.
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4 years ago, anthonyhuynhh
Good but...
The app overall is good but I think gyazo should be able to capture a short video
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6 years ago, XxForcexX
Great App
It got the job done fast and easy, just what I was looking for.
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2 months ago, barboona
Does not function.
Works well on desktop but useless mobile app that can’t load your cloud library of screenshots.
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3 years ago, Jupitah
Requiring access to camera? Yeah no
Downloaded app. Required access to camera just to access screenshots I took on desktop? Uninstalled. Plz fix.
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4 years ago, Froster Water
kicks out
Kicks you out of the app straight when using it, needs an update
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4 years ago, FC BarcaMadrid
Good for Discord.
Apparently I can use this for my discord.
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6 years ago, ☹️😵🙃🤔😗😲
Really useful for discord!
This really helps!
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3 years ago, ec17777
App crashing
Can’t even select a picture without the app crashing
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10 years ago, Ryan1025
Efficient and Amazing, crashes
Very good app until it started crashing recently. Did typical troubleshoot uninstall and reboot, still didn't work. Hopefully it sorts itself out. Really liked this app a ton.
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3 years ago, Flyb0y72
Good app imo
Nice and easy to use
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5 years ago, FixGyazo
Why the heck does it keep saying “allow to camera” it’s already allowed
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3 years ago, kenncann
Kept crashing and could not upload
As the title says, I couldn’t use the app.
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2 years ago, Barracho y loco
You don't need access to my camera
See the title, then repeat!
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8 months ago, BosssOne
Terrible update
Nod I have to log on 2-3 x and verify my real? I’m a pro member. You have ruined this app
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4 years ago, rjgrace
This app is seriously broken in iPad since iPadOS 13
Seriously needs updated. Totally nonfunctional
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3 years ago, genji dragon
this app will not upload my videos. i’ve been trying to make my videos a link, but it WILL NOT WORK. 0/10.
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4 weeks ago, Adrianpetetson282828mvp
Fix the app
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5 years ago, Nickeynice1234567
No good
I have no idea what this app does. It asks for a pic and then what. A waste.
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4 years ago, Bee hive finder
Easily the most unintuitive app ever
What the title says
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6 years ago, 😍Enchantsa😍
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2 months ago, ihatemylife3
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10 years ago, Joey[Seph]
I've been using Gyazo for a while now. So have my friends. Very easy way to share your screen on Skype or whatever it is that you need to use it for. With the iPhone app, it got even better :-) now I can immediately send pics from my phone to my PC and share with everyone. Gyazo is awesome. I hope it gets a lot of recognition and blows up. You guys definitely deserve it.
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9 years ago, MegKamikaze
Recent glitch otherwise super useful
This program is so so nice for sharing pics. However recently, I noticed that when I click on the link for my phone pics, the app freezes then kicks me out. So now I can only use gyazo for the last four pics I've taken or have to take a new pic. I hope this glitch or whatever can be fixed ASAP! It's really annoying and only half as useful now :(
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9 years ago, pigsfromspace
Works fine, just one request
I love that I can sync my photos from my PC to my phone now, my only request would be that I could view all my photos in a tile-format as apposed to them being so large and me scrolling through them. I have a lot of photos and would like to be able to view them like how I view them on the Photos app.
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10 years ago, Andres I. Camargo
Spectacular and easy is the solution.
Love it since I've owned my MacBook Pro and now synchronize all through my iPhone even got better. Thank you made life simpler for me. Andres c
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10 years ago, BlackWyvern
Love the app.
The app is great! Can you maybe add multiple uploading of photos from a device all at once?
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10 years ago, Slashno
Great for uploading pictures whenever, automatically copies to clipboard which is awesome. 5/5 stars
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7 years ago, Erisckuno12
Needs better utility
You can SEND photos to your pc, but you can't SAVE photos from your pc.
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8 years ago, Ghfhfgf
Never tried this before
But I hope my 5 stars are worth it qq
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10 years ago, Riggidd
I've been waiting!
I gyazo'd something on my computer and I saw the announcement that there was an app! I was sooo pumped for this man.
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10 years ago, K-Rob333
Not what I thought
I thought I'd be able to take screenshots of certain parts of my screen. Then the app won't work unless it has access to your location etc. Computer version is great. This isn't. Insta-delete.
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9 years ago, hieurock
Great app!
Very convenient way to send photos. Thanks
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10 years ago, Foamyyy
I have been a fan of gyazo on PC for a long time now and I'm glad this app was made, it's great! -Foamy #Top10Reviews vXFOAMYXv
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8 years ago, RealManjeremiah5454
Flippin Awesome
It's a great app for sharing photos quickly.
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10 years ago, Ruyusaki
Its ok
Its ok. But sometimes it doesnt load the pics. I havta delete it and reinstall it and this is my third time doing so.
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10 years ago, The critic101
Nice app just like the one on the computer!
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8 years ago, Calebman 84
Have a 5 star for the help
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7 years ago, Mckenziecole111
Horrible application
Horrible quality application, would not recommend using.
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10 years ago, Isaac.Nagel
I'm a trickshotter and I usually use gyazo. It's very helpful
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10 years ago, zDivah
My app is starting to crash. It was working well until today.
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9 years ago, mwolfgr
Very good
Nice mobile app
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10 years ago, Jruxy
Great tool!
First to buy :P what do I win gyazo?
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