H&R Block Tax Prep: File Taxes

4.8 (112.3K)
95.3 MB
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Current version
HRB Tax Group, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for H&R Block Tax Prep: File Taxes

4.79 out of 5
112.3K Ratings
5 years ago, LDUBC4me
Second to none!
This app is amazing! The layout of this app is perfect. The simplistic layout of the app makes it easy to focus on the task at hand, and the easy to understand instructions (with added helpful hints - just in case) make this app stand out from its competitors. The flow from one page to the next is flawless and when/if you have a question as to whether or not you qualify for certain breaks/exemptions, you can rest easy knowing that they guide you through that process by telling you to select all of them and their software will calculate your information and let you know whether or not you qualify. They also include the option for live chat with an H&R Block tax expert should you need it. All in all, this is the perfect app for people who don’t have the time or luxury of scheduling and upholding face to face meetings or standing around in long lines waiting to see a CPA. Oh, also worth mentioning is that they offer all of the same benefits that you’d get filing in office. You can purchase identity theft/fraud protection as well as audit protection. Both of these options can be added independently or as a combination for a small (and extremely fair) fee. I’d recommend everyone take advantage of these options, however, it is nice that they don’t pressure you into purchasing these options through annoying pop-up ads and instead ask you just before you proceed to the final step of submitting your forms via e-file.
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1 year ago, Illyanna C.
Easy to Files Taxes
As long as you follow step by step and self educate on the basics, it is easy to use and not difficult to file your taxes by yourself! I recommend for college students or for low income individuals/families who need their taxes done and would like to receive a refund free of charge instead of other tax pro offices. The app is easy to follow and if you do need help from a tax pro you can easily access additional help for a fee online as you work on your taxes from home. Compared to other tax professionals, I trust H&R Block as a result of first starting with a simple office visit for my first time doing taxes independently. Their tax pros are very professional, hardworking, and courteous. It’s also convenient if you don’t have time and your finances aren’t too outstanding and difficult, you can use the chat to get additional help for a fee right at the comfort of your home or wherever you decide to finish your taxes on any device (computer, tablet, or mobile device). If you’re busy, introverted (like me), or have very low income, I trust H&R Block whether I’m filing my own tax using the app or going in for an office appointment. Saves time and filing is easy. I also like that they have many different tax pros and it shouldn’t be hard to find a tax pro that you’ll trust and keep coming back to for assistance with tax returns.
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2 years ago, Norman-Reedus-Love
Fantastic Service, quick, efficient, quality and reassuring
This app is extremely user friendly. It walks you through literally every scenario. If you don't understand something, you can click on a link below what you're looking at for more information. If you still have questions there is another section of frequently asked questions. If you Still need assistance there is a chat available with many options, as well as chatting with a live person. Beyond that if you still have questions (depending on what type of return you choose) you're able to email, message, chat with or speak with a live Professional Tax Return representative. The customer service is amazing, efficient, friendly, professional and prompt service. The price is affordable and fair. I saved a ton of time, money and stress by being able to use this app and self service but with the Peace of Mind knowing that not only the system looked over my work, but that it was double checked by a live human being. And I have the reassurance of knowing H&R Block has my back if any issues arise or if there's any type of IRS audit. Just an overall exceptional service.
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6 years ago, ChiefMac82
Reliable, Quick and Easy, Tax Consultant Support
I enjoy using H&R Block to file my taxes. I have used H&R Block software for several years and before that their TaxCut software. Being able to do your tax return and home is a major plus. Much better than gathering all your documents together and going to an account or tax prep office. The app or software guide you through in a quick and easy process. I use the Deluxe edition to itemize my taxes and I’m typically finished within two hours. I also like the H&R Block app or software maximizing the amount I receive in my tax return by providing yes or no questions and, select all that apply check boxes. After answering the question, you are taken directly to the sections that apply specific to your situation. As you move quickly along, the app or software show you a real-time total of the return or owe amount. I also like the option to have a live tax consultant available to me 7/24 and a representative with me if I were to be audited. Thank you H&R Block for making a typical stress for task quick and easy from start to e-file with a tax refund in my bank account with around a week to ten days!
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1 month ago, 1234$slots
Always easy!
Update in 2024 filing 2023 taxes! I am so completely disappointed and confused with this new programming and language that I probably won’t use H&R Block this year. I’m already late in filing and to sit for an hour trying to figure out how to claim my husband who was off work all year and I provided all his support is impossible and it even states that I can claim him at the beginning!! Anyway, I’m just gonna try another tax prep site because I’m not feeling it with this new tax thing that is offered it doesn’t seem thorough enough for me compared to before. I have used H&R Block online free file for years and occasionally gone in office. H&R Block has been and will continue to be my 1st choice for doing my taxes because I have always received excellent service and the maximum return due to me! The ease in which the app provides makes me comfortable and the tax check it has at the end gives me a sense of security when I do my taxes myself! Thanks H&R Block!
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1 year ago, Duchess & Danger 4life
Fairly good company
I’ve always love H&R Block because it does seem like they didn’t have your back. The only thing that I have a problem with as I never get discounts. The way they claim I’m going to get and I’ve been with you guys for over 10 years filing self-employment still no discounts well actually they did a $25 discount which took my grand total to $65 but they always tell you about this $35 thing that you get but I’ve never got it maybe I just misunderstood it but I think it should be already put on your account especially being that I’ve been with H&R Block so many years I still believe they’re good company I just believe the prices are a little bit too high for filing especially with the pandemic, so many things have been going on with the economy this year especially had some type of deal for their customers have a heart H&R Block and where it was easy to file self-employment it’s a little harder now he did seem difficult when I first started, but then I now they changed it up to many and I know it’s just to help people but sometimes it makes a little bit difficult. Thank you God bless.
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4 years ago, Bigpete67
Poor online and phone service
In the middle of filing my return online, I somehow was upgraded to premium online assist and there was not a way to take it off. I originally signed up for only premium as I had done the previous 7 years. I used the text feature asked about having this corrected online, but the person directed me to a 1-800 number and was no help. After being on hold 45 minutes, someone finally told me the only way to “downgrade” my plan was for me to completely start over. This was not an option considering I was completely finished with my taxes and found out my plan had “changed” somewhere in the process when I went to pay and file my taxes. I asked if any discounts could be applied to online assist, a service that I never once used, and after putting me on hold to speak to a supervisor, I was told no and to downgrade and start over if I didn’t want to keep what I had. I’m highly disappointed that my rate increased $60 (from $49 to $109) without my consent or approval and I wasted an hour calling about it only to be told I had to start completely over. I paid the $60 but will be giving TurboTax a try next year!
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2 years ago, nikkiestrada22
Thank you H&R Me and my family thank you!!!
Thank you H&R Block for your protection all year round. For your awesome prices, I’ve been going through you since 2018 and I wouldn’t turn my back on you even if someone offered their services free of charge. Your tax professional’s that you have onboard are the most caring, knowledgeable, Understanding, patient and speedy individual’s I have ever experienced since I started filing my taxes. I went through my first 7 years of filing my taxes unsatisfied, worried if someone will get ahold of my child or my information. Worrying about getting audited and having no money for representation or no one by my side to help fight the IRS. But not no more thanks to you H&R Block I can be at peace all year Round and Me and my family from the bottom of our heart’s Thank you. All of my sister & brother’s and Mother Go through you!!! And we wouldn’t change it if you paid us!!!😉😊
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5 years ago, Sue12345!
Horrible experience 2 years in a row-SCAM!!
I have had a horrible experience two years in a row. Last year I filed with hr block and was erroneously credited a refund of $3000, hr block made a mistake and I actually owed $190. Ok fine, I paid the state tax with much difficulty. The next year I decided to use hr block again mainly because they already had my information and it was easy. Now in the middle of closing for a house my mortgage loan Officer is saying that my taxes that I filed and printed 3 months ago are not filed and state taxes are not paid. The third party website has not paid my taxes 3 months later and when I try to call the phone number for the third party payment company I get nothing but adds for direct tv and oil changes. Then after 6 minutes of that they say that their phone number has changed. So I have now paid state taxes twice ($1876) along with paying over $3500 initially for $3355 in actual tax liability. At this point I have paid $4465 to pay $3355 in tax liability. And it is my responsibility to try to get my money back from the third party where you can not actually talk to a live person. This is a scam I will never use hr block again.
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5 months ago, Christian Pankow
I Never Saw Myself Reviewing Tax-Filing Software…
…At least not positively! But I’ll admit, they got me. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between them and TurboTax for years, usually going with whoever gets me the biggest net return. But something has seemingly changed philosophically with H&R’s (who usually wins anyways) software. It felt as though they made the process significantly easier, quicker, and painless. It took me maybe 15 minutes at most. It’s genuinely just good UI and a well-functioning platform. I was perhaps most impressive, though, by the fact that they seemingly aren’t trying as anymore hard to trick you into unnecessarily buying the premium version. It asked me, but provided straightforward responses to choose from, which is a departure from H&R and TurboTax over the past several years.
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5 years ago, Jr8846
Lack of customer support
Normally I love H&R Block. I’ve been using them for years. I even used to go into the office and had them done in person. But this time was ridiculous... I accidentally selected the wrong plan. I selected premium when all I really needed was plus and you can downgrade but someone from the tech department or whatever has to reach out to you and they wipe the slate clean and you have to start over. The only problem is your sitting in chat hold and if you set your phone down for a second and your screen times out or you accidentally lock the screen it closes out the chat que and you have to start the whole process over. One time I was in the air and finally got 3rd in line and a message came up saying chat service was closed. Are you kidding me??? It wasn’t worth the headache to save $25 so I just kept the Premium plan. I was planning on buying a couple of their up sales at the end but decided against it since I already over paid.
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6 years ago, Sicarius8
No Way to Print
The filing process worked pretty good. This is my second year using it for my taxes so I am familiar with the app. I usually file manually or through an accountant. I would like to see more information available for deductions. For instance, mileage and mileage rates. Aside from that, the biggest flaw that I cannot find a solution for, is that I see no way to print from my phone. When you follow the option to print tax forms or your receipt it loads them both to your screen fine. But, there’s no print button. I have a wireless printer that I use all the time with other apps and thought it would be that easy. Apparently, that part of the app was never finished before release. Now I cannot get a hard copy of my return. At least I chose the e-file option so I was able to complete my return. Please fix this. With the print feature repaired I am changing my rating. Thanks for the quick response.
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4 years ago, Bookworm&CatLady
Attractive, slick, comprehensive until...
This year while trying to complete my return using an app, any mainstream app, on my mobile service was one failure after another. This one I tried third in line of viable tax prep apps. It is very attractive and moves along smoothly, seeming to ask all the right questions to not miss the pertinent information. Unfortunately, however, this stored being the case at the very end of preparing my return. I live in Minnesota and part of my state tax return involves what we colloquially refer to as the "renter's rebate." When I began to fill out this portion, the app kept reporting an error with my entries on the rent paid, property identification details, and landlord information. I couldn't get around it to complete my return. I even signed in on the website through my computer, but the same error kept coming up. I finally just gave up and moved on to using a different app for preparing my taxes. Big bummer and a significant waste of time!
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4 years ago, Jeriahswill
Why does this app require IOS 11?
I have an older iPad that I've used to file taxes every year since 2016. I don't have a working computer, so the iPad is my only option. For some reason, H&R Block decided to make their app require IOS 11. My iPad will not let me download any update since IOS 10 for lack of space. There is something backlogged or stuck in the memory that is sucking up around 8gb of space, and I've tried everything to fix this, short of a full factory reset, which I don't really want to do and can't anyway without a computer. So now this app has been rendered useless to me and I don't understand why a tax filing app would require IOS 11 when not a single one of the other apps I use do. Why not offer an older version like most all other apps do? Also, your other app that also for some unknown reason, lets you view all the information involving your taxes, lets you use the camera as a scanner, and does various other things, EXCEPT letting you file! Why do you require a different app to file? That makes no sense. This is very aggravating.
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2 years ago, Akashasev
2022 glitch?!
After all the work of entering the information paying the $29 all the way to make it to the end just to be foiled by a security measure that shouldn’t even mess anyone up… Along with myself and many others have files our returns are a season email receipt of confirmation of payment and also an email confirmation that I have filed my taxes e file The one I log back into my account it says if I never started a return and I’m not about to start another one. I would like to know 100% if I’m getting my return along with your captcha It’s not working on safari an iOS devices and other uses reported using Chrome and I had to wait a very long time for the image to even load. I tried refreshing the page just eventually get an email 15 minutes later as I was waiting as it said saving just to get anything. Can you confirm that I have a e-Filed my return?! I have also emailed Support. Just because it’s the last day to file doesn’t mean anyone should have issues filing online!!!
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2 years ago, bigk_dtw
Absolutely inadequate worse service
They have two different ways to verify income for Cryptocurrency which it is labeled that by entering each individual sale if you had to, it kept asking for the date of Acquired sales but I did not have to enter it because they were short term holdings, so I was told to do a 1099-B instead which the other income is labeled 1099-B that was also giving me issues because it kept asking for a generalized sold/dispose date and there are multiple dates for my proceedings. it’s basically still crypto why do you guys have two different options of income and it’s virtually the same thing this causes confusion. As far as LIVE HELP you’ll end up paying 90$ extra for no reason because they could not help, mines was simply trying to screen share and they did not know why it won’t work my screen share worked perfectly for other tax preparers, not only that it’s confusing switching between Tax and Tech support.
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3 years ago, no real prizes
Absolutely terrible
I tried this app for the first time since tax act took away from taking money out of your taxes. I have talked to 15 different online workers for various reason. If you have a coupon from their website, do it on there and not this app because they say they adjust it but they don’t and when u get follow directions from last support person who says to tell next person to read the last chat transcript but when you do then they say oh there is no notes or other chat transcripts. Then my state kept getting rejected and it just told me to fix my address and school taxes (which nothing was wrong with) after two weeks of sending it (cuz you have to wait once U sent first time) then I contacted them and they said oh it’s getting rejected because u are unable to efile this year. 😡 seriously so now I have to wait til they put it together to find a printer to print. Guess what I’m still waiting for them to email or text me to say file is ready to print. NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER USE THEM
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1 year ago, tv doctor
Making things a little easier
The app gives those with simple tax returns a quick and easy way to file. The only downsides to the app are the same ones I’ve always had when filing on a full desktop page for the last 8 years. The navigation doesn’t always work causing you to have to restart sections and there are some instances where it doesn’t quite understand your specific tax situation so you have to select different answers to get the result you need to have an accurate tax return (which is difficult if you don’t know what you need and just rely on their software to be correct or faq/chat to guide you). It also tries to constantly upsell you to a higher product but they are a business and this happens on the full website and in person so I didn’t expect to not be upsold to.
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5 years ago, ChapoTj
Convenience is key.
It’s not hard to take a photo of your w2. Putting a few details about yourself etc. Have options for direct deposit or getting check by mail. It’s not a bad service. They try pushing their programs that cost money. I went free all the way. I want to try that and see how that works out for me. I spent 60 dllrs last yr with an accountant where the government really doesn’t need us to do our taxes. So this whole process is stupid but it’s the law of the land, I have to comply and H&R made it simple and convenient. Can’t ask for much more. Happy to be done with it but I’ll be happy and reporting back later depending on hiccups or errors etc. For now, is a thanks to the people that worked on this app in the name of this company. I’m a happy camper.
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2 months ago, RGMOORE7
Not a happy camper!!
I’m SO disappointed in this country. And I’m sure this goes on in all countries. But EVERY single thing that says FREE ALWAYS has a little loophole to get money. And H&R Block is not the exception. You advertise free~~but there’s always something. Some form that HAS to be filed w/ your taxes and you charge $30-$50 or more for it. For a piece of paper. Not even that because I’m e-filing. I just don’t get it. It’s bad enough that I only made $20k last year and I STILL have to pay taxes. For the first time in 39 years!! I’m at the poverty line yet the govt feels like I owe them even MORE than the approximate 12% that they’ve already sucked out of my check all year. It’s absolutely rediculous on every level. So I’m gonna have to say a big fat NO!!! I’m NOT satisfied w/ H&R Block. Not satisfied and not impressed in any way! Everybody needs to try s little harder! This used to be a great nation………….not so much anymore.
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3 years ago, Beetlejuicetaxseason
Never Again
HRB has been a hot mess this year. Will never deal with them again. I’ve been a loyal satisfied customer for 9 years. The chat option is a joke. The agents mise well just be automated response robots. They know nothing. Feels like I’m in beetlejuices waiting room: HRB sent tax returns in before the IRS tax season opened causing millions of tax returns to be sent to the error department. In the middle of a pandemic Im stuck wondering where my money is dealing with condescending HRB representatives who have brought me to tears. JulieAnn M. Told me the only way you get text alerts from HRB is if they are tying to steal your identity. Got a good laugh I suppose.... nothing works right haven’t received the tracker I’m eligible for nor the texts I signed up for. I had to ask over and over for a supervisor. She was ignorant and just kept telling me that they was going to tell me the same thing. The last time I asked she didn’t say a word. Back. JulieAnn just disappeared after 10 minutes of being stuck in limbo not knowing what was going on I finally got a new representative.
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3 years ago, Ryguyblackmustanggt
Simple the best
H&R Block really come through for me. This app works great. It was really easy to use. I was able to chat with a live tax pro instantly win there was something I didn’t understand. It was my first time attempting to do my taxes on line so I was worried about using the app but I’m now 100% confidant in doing my taxes online. I tried a few other apps and ran into road blocks but I completed it with H&R Block. I believe they found every last penny I had coming back to me. My refund is better than it’s been in past years and they were 70% cheaper than my last tax service. I should have tried there site earlier. I’ll be using them again next year. Thank you for getting me a nice big refund!
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4 years ago, Honey, you're pretty
Tried and true
I have used this app for the past 6 years, and truly appreciate the ease of use. It gives me the ability to work on what info I have, or have time for, and return to it later. I’m not sitting in a cubicle for several hours while the tax pro does my data entry. It’s a huge time saver and time efficient manager for me. I truly feel like the questions are easy to understand and if not, there’s an option to click and learn more. Brilliant! I’m a loyal customer and I tell all my friends and family to use this app for themselves. One last praise for the Stride app that is offered. It’s awesome! Such a great, easy, convenient way to keep my numbers in check all year without a shoebox of receipts I can’t manage! Thank you!
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4 years ago, 1ps9
Pathetic Service and Policies
I have been filing my taxes with H&R for so many years and you will be satisfied until you get into an issue. My taxes got rejected by IRS for some reason and the customer services representative was not able to identify what the issue is and was not even knowledgeable enough to understand some basic tax terms. I paid ~100 for the Deluxe service and the response I got from the representative and his Supervisor that since the tax got rejected by IRS you need to print the taxes and sent to IRS by mail and wait for the office to open post Covid issue is resolved. Per their policy a refund cannot be issued since it is the problem from IRS end and I have used their service to submit the taxes. No matter whether IRS approves it or not if you use their service you will be charged and no support from their end to resolve the issue. Tax filing services like Credit Karma gives better platform than this and is totally FREE to file taxes. #H&RPATHETICSERVICE
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2 years ago, Breonrj
Going back to the software version.
Each year I have downloaded the software version. This year I thought I would switch to H&R Tax Prep. I entered the personal information it requested, and discovered there was no way to import the previous year‘s data. I upgraded to “Plus” thinking that would solve my problem. It did not. Tech support told me that since I had answered the first few personal information questions, that I would need to set up a new account with H&R Block in order to be able to import the previous year’s information. I am guessing that H&R Tax Prep is just a lure to get me using H&R online. I strongly suspect that I will need to upgrade to fairly expensive features after I get going. In fact I was told that the online version is a lot more expensive that the software download. Therefore I am switching back to the software version. I will probably lose the $29 I committed to for the “Plus” version.
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4 years ago, LindaHomeAgain
First Time Myself
The reason I greatly appreciated this online service by H&R Block was because of its simple easy to understand language and step-by-step process. There were frequent places along the way where I could have obtained additional information or answers to my questions if I had needed that help. I had not filed my own tax returns in a great number of years, since my financial situation had been so complicated. Therefore I had used an in-office tax service, also with H&R Block with which I had been pleased. Because of that I was really dreading doing this by myself this year when my life had finally become simpler. I was pleasantly surprised however, and very satisfied with the process and the price.
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2 years ago, rocketscience76
Very disappointed
It forced me to use their tax professional as it could not complete my taxes due to cares act 401 k deferred taxes. When it transferred the data to the tax professional it apparently did not transfer all the information I had input, including that I had input information for both of my kid, and I only ended up with 1 listed on my taxes, so he come an amended return. Also, once I had to transfer the return to the professional I had to send a lot of the same information that I had already input. I have used the HR block software for taxes since it was the old Tax Cut software. I should have just went to a in person tax preparation service or used turbo tax. Update received an email through Apple from HRB developer, asking me to contact, I did and have heard nothing. Meanwhile, my HRB tax professional prepared my amended return with more errors, and is now out of the office for a few weeks. Very poor service.
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1 year ago, 2BeAFitMom
App needs some work
I’ve found h&r to be easier so far to use. The app does have some quirks. If I could have got everything done at once without getting logged out it would be much smoother. But I get logged out and every time I have to sign back in it takes forever. I feel like the app isn’t responsive as it was before and I get this loading circle after signing back in and it just does nothing. Just so frustrating when I want to finish the tax stuff that I just don’t want to deal with anymore at this point. I want to add I tried a different company first and it didn’t work but I think I must’ve put in a few things in wrong and h&r was able to get around those errors and that company wasn’t helpful with what needed fixing. So I think I will stick with this app.
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4 years ago, GreenArticuno
Glad I switched
I’d been using TurboTax for the last two years and was sick of having to pay to e-file everything together despite being free. I searched around and saw that H&R Block had good ratings and their free was really free. Admittedly, I was rather hesitant about trying a new product and was worried it would be a pain. H&R made it super simple and pain free. The only problem I had was my Walmart W-2 but that largely because Walmart prints them out weird. H&R only asked about the premium once which was fine because they have bills to pay too. However, they didn’t nag or pressure me like TurboTax would. I felt like my taxes were in good hands. I’m glad I made the switch and I’ll definitely use this product from now on.
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5 years ago, O246
First time using an app for taxes
I have been using an accountant for a number of years and was paying over $400 for my tax preparation and it usually took the accountant several weeks to get to my taxes after I dropped off the documents. I was able to complete my taxes within a few hours while watching tv, and it only cost me $50 for using a deluxe version of the app. It was easy to use, and I was able to load a pdf directly to the app for investment accounts. I had no problems navigating back and forth through the app, and there were typically explanations for the various questions asked. I will use this app again in the future.
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6 years ago, maegantoo
Total scam
I have used this software for ten years. It used to be great! Now, once you have selected the payment options they advise to file the forms you need, you cannot change it, even on the screen immediately following your selection! I even called Customer Service for help (terrible experience), and was told there's no way to change this selection once you've hit "continue". They had all of my previous years' data, and without my Adjusted Gross Income from the previous year, I couldn't e-file. I know, I should've printed my forms... But, I am poor, have only an iPad and no access to a printer. I saved my money, waited until last minute to save enough to pay for this software, and filed. With my ridiculously low SSDI benefits, I easily qualified well under the poverty line in my state, and filing anywhere else would've been free. But, H&R block held my data hostage. I will NEVER use this App again. Find an honest company, not this one!
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4 years ago, milkiie_turtle
First Time Filing Taxes, Ever
I wanted to start filing my taxes, and after looking around, I found H&R Block. I’d read negative reviews on other e-filing apps like Turbo Tax and TaxSlayer, and was a little skeptical of H&R at first too, but my mom said H&R seemed the most decent of the three. I don’t make anything big, and I didn’t use any special features, so my filing form was the free one. I can’t speak for anything made for high files, but for a first-time tax payer like myself, it works just great. Used the app on an iPad and didn’t have any major troubles, except that I had to close in an out of the app maybe once, but after that I didn’t experience any other hiccups.
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6 years ago, Milly_88
This app is terrible.
I can no longer attach anything to messages within the app. The tax professional isn’t listening to me when I keep telling her that and keeps asking me to sent attachments via the app. I have sent attachments to her work email twice and she is unable to open them. I feel like I’m on a crazy bus going in a circle here. I paid $60 and would really like this to work a lot more easily than it has been. This is my first time using H&R Block and so far, it has been a miserable experience with a flawed app and a tax professional that doesn’t seem to understand what I’m saying. I’ve always had a much easier time with Turbo Tax and I’m so close to requesting a refund and going back to them. The tax professional I’ve paid for so far hasn’t done anything for me. I’m not sure if I should blame this app or this tax professional, but either way, this seems ridiculous for filing taxes with.
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2 years ago, High Cheef
Worst service
DON’T USE THIS APP. USE TAXACT! I went ahead and used this company two years in a row both years my return was significantly lower than what I was expecting. This year they were going to get me $506 in return, and the only way I could even see if there was a way to get more was to pay $35 for an upgraded version and then be charged smaller amounts for additional help. I decided let me try something else. I went to the IRS website and they recommended TAXACT. Not only is it TRULY free to use, they were able to get me over $3500 for the same return this service would only get me $500 for. Terrible service I can only imagine the amount of money I have missed out on the last 2 years. Companies like this is what keeps working class American citizens from prospering. I hope someone reads this before filing this or next year.
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3 years ago, KMilli17
Great tax filer
H&R Block is a great tax filing option the ease-of-use makes it very simplified it’s very informative and guides you through the whole process my only complaint would be when you try to snap a photo of your W-2 it doesn’t register very well it took several attempts before the picture actually registered and when you enter the EIN if the people are partners with H&R Block it will automatically upload your w2 but I noticed it uploaded the wrong information as well as when I snapped a photo and I had to go in and manually correct it which isn’t a big deal but had I not noticed I could’ve entered the wrong information in my tax return otherwise it’s an all-around good choice to file your taxes
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4 years ago, oops i squirtled
Great functionality. Not free for all
This app claims to let you submit for free, but will populate issues you need to fix before submitting that you can only fix if you pay. It’s deceptive and dishonest. I am very comfortable with tax returns and just wanted the ease of a free service to help submit. It would not let me fill out anything regarding my HSA and then when you get to the end and want to file it populates an issue in an area with fields it never too you to. If you try to bypass the issues, it will not let you E-file, so you would need to print and mail (not doing that). So it prompts you to fix, only to then take you the the HSA page and say you need to pay $50 for deluxe to fix and therefore E-file. A manipulative and deceptive app. Really easy to use though.
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4 years ago, bdgrammy
Inferior unless you enjoy frustration
I have done my own taxes for more than ten years. Last year I began using the app on my iPad, as I no longer have a computer. This year I expected the process to be easier, as I had already used the app. Wow!Was I wrong. This app might work if you don’t itemize deductions. However, if you itemize, it becomes increasingly difficult. Finding places to enter data is ridiculous. Then, if you don’t see a change in your deductible amount, you can never see the data to determine why. Then, try using customer service. If you call you wait on hold for hours. Both on a call, and on an online chat, I was asked why I didn’t just use my computer. The representatives couldn’t answer my questions. All in all, I found the app incredibly poor and the customer service even worse. I gave it one star, because I could not give -5!
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5 months ago, RickyLC
Simple easy to use . But …..
Like on the review title I added Simple , easy to use because it is . Step by step the app guides you through the process . But hopefully in the future there will be options for a refund advance loan without having to go to the actual HR branch locations . That part I do not like since I’m doing the tax preparation with HR block online but in order to get the quick advance I would need to visit the hr block branch ? That means I would have to file with someone there and it takes the doing your own taxes away that I did with help from HR block assistance. So hopefully next year would be more better
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4 years ago, Review Writter 99
Won’t use ever again
The app version only allows you to submit one tax return. I’ve used the software version for years which allows you to submit multiple returns. I expected similar capabilities with the app but was very disappointed. I have three additional returns to file and need to purchase additional tax prep software to do so after paying $50 for one return. I called customer service and they told me, after a 55 minute call and bouncing between customer service agents, that they were unable to do anything for me. I requested they provide me with a software version of H&R Block Premium since that’s what I paid for. This seemed like a logical solution but customer service agents said this wasn’t possible and offered no other alternatives. I will be using another tax prep software and hope others read about my negative experience.
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4 years ago, Mommalo1
The app was way to use. Navigating was easy as well. It’s worth the money
I have used HRB for years since doing my own taxes. It's simple to use and keeps my records from previous years making it even easier. But, this year it requires an updated version and when you select "continue" to update it takes you to the login screen but never updates to the new version. It's frustrating to continue going in and out, back and forth to the App Store but I'm done now and ready to file. Please correct this and you'll be absolutely wonderful... Thanks
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4 years ago, omgAshleyFTW
Definitely preferred
Before I submitted my taxes, I used both H&R and the other main competitor to see which one was easiest and whether the refund would match. All I have is a W2 and a 1098-E (for paying off my student loans) and I consider my taxes to be pretty simple. I noticed two main differences. 1- if you’ve filed on-line before and you’re taxes are simple to a little less simple, H&R is all you need. They ask important questions to make sure you have the right forms and they make it easy to ask questions or to get a definition. The other competitor asked pretty much all questions. One question at a time. Name? Type and confirm. Address. Type and confirm. Over and over agin. H&R provides it in fill-out form which takes A LOT less time. 2- the only “special” part of my taxes are student loans. And the other competitor does not supply the form to file for free, hence $25 for one form and all these add-one that I don’t want or need. A form that is still free on H&R. So, if you’re a student filing your taxes, choose H&R Block.
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5 years ago, Jump4Joy33
Easiest way to file State & Federal Income Taxes!!!!!
I am 150% satisfied w/this app. I couldn’t believe how helpful & very very easy filing income taxes on this site. I e-filed my 2018 federal & state taxes in less than an hour. I recommend using this site 100%. especially since i did not pay a penny to e-file state & federal, completely free to file taxes, & there are also other options that charge fees, what works best for you this site has. I e-filed right from my smartphone, no computer needed, all done right on phone, very convenient. This site deserves 5+ star rating, So thankful I found this site & how easy & helpful filing taxes was for me this year.
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4 years ago, dyerboy3
Very user friendly
This is the first time I’m filing my own taxes, I’m sure with a tax pro I could have made a 100 or so more dollars for my refund, but then again I’d be spending that to pay him/her. As long as you enter accurate information or just take a picture of your W2’s, it really does all the hard work for you, it does not push the extra sale too hard, but they need to make money so I get there will be fees, I paid about 60 for everything and my refund was what I believe it should be. Definitely recommend using this app. Almost nothing is 100% free, I definitely preferred it to turbo tax.
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3 years ago, ZBarge
Terrible Customer Service Chat Funtionality
The chat function is utterly ridiculous. You can wait over an hour try to reach an associate just to be disconnected because the session times out. I got nearly to the end of my taxes (free version) and I was prompted to upgraded in order file for an additional credit. I upgraded. I didn’t qualify for the additional credit, and there was a glitch where my information was incorrectly imported. I reached an associate to talk about downgrading options. She said she could take care of that for me. What she didn’t say was that it would completely delete all of my taxes - HOURS of work. HRBlock has been my go to for several years now, but they are making it abundantly clear that they no longer care about their customers. Their focus seems to be on their bottom line and nothing else.
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4 years ago, sarkynIA
Outstanding tools and very user friendly!
I’ve used H&R Block software for years and to my amazement each year they develop new tools that make tax preparation a breeze. This tax year I used their online product and by just answering the on screen questions it’s like a tax preparer was sitting next to me. Within about 20 minutes or so my taxes were completed and in less than 20 hours the IRS had accepted my return! Keep up the great work “Block” and I’ll be back next year! BTW I just downloaded your app for my cell phone and love it especially the ability to check my refund status at the IRS!
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3 years ago, taxtime2021
First year from TurboTax
This was my first year using HR Block software after using TurboTax for the past 5 years and I’ve got to say I definitely love the HR Block app much more than turbos. Filing this year was even easier than past years somehow and the software is so much easier to navigate. I switched to them after seeing their customer service when the IRS messed everyone’s stimulus checks up. TurboTax customer service was nonexistent. I don’t believe anyone will be disappointed choosing HR Block, but then again I’ll let you know in a few weeks how my return goes ;)
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3 years ago, Casex
Absolute headache, took my money no product to show for it.
I heard they were better than turbo tax so I tried them out and the messed up my state tax return and won’t help me fix it. They filled out forms that shouldn’t have been filled out and the UI made it impossible to fix. Spent weeks calling people just because the app would t tell me why my state taxes were rejected. Had to call state version of irs to find out and the app STILL resisted me. I paid $30 for plus to get help on chat went on app chat 5 separate times and each time got to front of line after hours of wait and then no one talked to me. Same on phone service wouldn’t answer after hours of waiting. Couldn’t even get to talk to someone for refund and website said AFTER payment that there’s no refunds without ever clearly stating. Use anyone else.
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3 years ago, Otsom86
I will never use TurboTax again!
I was able to complete my taxes, both state and Federal, and file them for free; an option that TurboTax didn’t seem to offer me. The software was easy to use, clearly explained all deductions and benefits, and for the first time in years, my tax return preparation was a breeze! This year’s filing should have been more difficult. I had retirement income, unemployment income and employment income, plus property taxes all to take into consideration. Filing was a piece a cake! I am extremely happy with HR block, and will never use anything else!
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2 years ago, Hassle10
The section covering re-financing needs work. It needs to be more clear on the data entry as I had points on the old loan which were being amortized. With the new refi, I should be able to claim the remainder of the points that had not been claimed. Then with the new loan, any points paid should also be logged for future amortization. I couldn’t tell if the info I was providing for the old and new loans was being applied correctly. Also didn’t see a means to record donated items. First time doing my taxes on the IPAD. I would have to say the PC version I used in the past was better.
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2 years ago, Jkminer9598
App would not let me print. Had to go online web. When found i could not use basic free it would not let me select other version. Had to delete past account which caused me to loose past years. Income adding is not obvious. Had to go through multiple times starting over before finding tab to add 1099. Very frustrating . Should be able to change. With $54 for deluxe and another $44 for state apps this was not very friendly to use. Been using HR block about ten years. Now lost previous tax data. Should be easier to use, find 1099R 1099int . Seems should have been part of free but could not find it. Very disappointed for the first time after about ten years. Ipad version is joke. But no longer have computer for CD
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