Habit Tracker

4.8 (98.5K)
296.7 MB
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Current version
Davetech Co., Ltd.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Habit Tracker

4.81 out of 5
98.5K Ratings
1 year ago, ladyjade7013
What a beautifully designed and thoughtful app
I came upon this app after wanting something to help me track habits on my phone. I’m a big fan of Atomic Habits (a book that I highly recommend) that is life changing and this app is the perfect tool for something like that. It is so customizable in colors, emojis, themes and that makes it more fun and visually appealing to use. It also has suggested habits to help if you get stuck. I used to write my habits in a planner or paper but found it was hard to keep up because I don’t carry a planner around with me everywhere I go as much as my phone. This app is so much more convenient and because it has everything I need and I come back and use it daily. That makes it for it to be an effective habit tracker and builder. Props to the development team for being so thoughtful on this app. Thank you!! The basic feature allows 5-6 free habits and the premium features allow more. I’ve been using the free plan for a week and I’m in love with it and am considering upgrading. They are also one of the rare few to let you buy lifetime membership for one price which makes me think of the old days when apps first came out. I prefer that so much more than subscription model I would later cancel when I’m on a budget. Highly recommend this app to build better habits and change your life!
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2 years ago, Ser_Ser_dc
I genuinely love it!
It’s an all around good app! It has helped me pray the rosary everyday. I currently have a 313 day streak so I’ve been using the app for about a year now. It has basically become apart of my daily life. I’m up to over 10 habits right now lol. With my ADHD I find it hard to remember what to do. But when I have to look at it every and see what I have and haven’t done it’s really good. It works especially great with another app great for ADHD, Structured. It is a time management app which is great. As much as I love this app and literally it keeps my life kind of together-ish I can’t seem to add any widgets to my Lock Screen. I would TOTALLY give this a five. But I can’t add the widget so it’s a four. And, when I asked them about it some how they didn’t understand what I wad saying. When I go to my Lock Screen so Edit the widget it brings me to the app and literally nothing happens. I tapped Edit widget and it brings me to the app, then I tapped a habit thinking that even though there was NO indication that I was in edit mode it would still add some how. NOPE didn’t work. If just brings me to the habit where I can edit it or look at my streak. It doesn’t add the widget to my Lock Screen. It works perfectly fine for my Home Screen so I don’t know why it doesn’t work for my Lock Screen. I love this app so it was sad. And I’m frustrated. Hopefully they make it so there’s a different interface when in editing mode. 💕
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7 months ago, C Brandon
An amazing habit tracker!
I’ve been using Habit since it was originally free and it has since then helped me keep track of what I needed to do in a day, consistently. The widgets and user interface are are both understandable. You can take a glance at the widgets and it will tell you all the habits that you have and haven't finished yet. I haven’t seen any other habit tracking app give the user this much customizability. You can change icons, descriptions of habits, what time Habit should notify you about a habit, make the habit timed or a count, and even make habits weekly. All of this customization comes with the free version, although I believe it only gives you 3 free habits to keep track of, unlike the premium version which gives users unlimited habits. I consistently workout and do any weekly chores without forgetting because of Habit! Life can be overwhelming sometimes so having an app remind you of what you need to do can be handy. This app does motivate you to do your habits. The streak system, sound effects for completing a habit, and the mini calendar that gets marked with a completed habit, are all subtle celebrations that encourage the user to keep completing habits. Overall, Habit is a very user friendly habit tracking app with many customization options. It will ensure that you’re consistent with your habits!
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1 year ago, Aninaline
Best habit tracker for iOS
I used the free version of this app for about a year and it has many great features. I recently paid for the lifetime subscription because I wanted the reports and extra features. The subscriptions are affordable and very much worth it, in my opinion. I love that there are so many different ways to track habits, like daily, or 20 minutes a day, or 4 hours a week. I recently made goals for the year and was able to start tracking every single one I wanted to in the app. My one small feature request would be to allow you to edit the frequency/time of a habit after it has been made. Like, right now, my goal may be to practice piano three times a week for 20 minutes, but if I wanted to change it to four times a week for 30 minutes next month, I would either have to change the habit and reset all my data for it or archive it and make a new one with my new goal. Overall, though, this is an amazing app that is getting regular updates and is very well thought out. I highly recommend it if you are looking to set some goals and build new habits. I set one habit on it daily with an alarm to remind me to track my habit at the end of the day, and I have been doing so successfully for months now.
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1 year ago, Sai_reddy954
I used the free version of this app for about a year and it has many great features. I recently paid for the lifetime subscription because I wanted the reports and extra features. The subscriptions are affordable and very much worth it, in my opinion. I love that there are so many different ways to track habits, like daily, or 20 minutes a day, or 4 hours a week. recently made goals for the year and was able to start tracking every single one I wanted to in the app. My one small feature request would be to allow you to edit the frequency time of a habit after it has been made. Like, right now, my goal may be to practice piano three times a week for 20 minutes, but if I wanted to change it to four times a week for 30 minutes next month, I would either have to change the habit and reset all my data for it or archive it and make a new one with my new goal. Overall, though, this is an amazing app that is getting regular updates and is very well thought out. I highly recommend it if you are looking to set some goals and build new habits. I set one habit on it daily with an alarm to remind me to track my habit at the end of the day, and I have been doing so successfully for months now. I’m
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2 years ago, Amy in peru
very comprehensive!
today’s task was to find a way to organize and track tasks. compared to several others, feature to feature, habit is a really great app! the free version is very useable all by itself. even tho i’ve only just set it up, i already know i can recommend it. still, it must be made part of daily life for it to be helpful long-term… that is up to me & yet to be seen. i plan to check back after a month of use. all in the free version! ▪️fully customizable list format with color picker & large selection of icons.▪️fully functioning daily to do list & habit tracker both with options for daily/weekly/monthly goals.▪️reminders▪️list entries with a time goal automatically feature a synced focus timer with both stopwatch & countdown timer + several focus sounds. ▪️5 habit limit - still, with full functionality. features i will try soon: ▫️invite friends▫️simple stats in the for purchase version: 💲unlimited habits 💲set multiple reminders for each habit💲more comprehensive weekly, monthly, yearly progress reports💲icloud sync💲added security💲ability to skip a habit without penalty while the free version is superb for simple needs, the lifetime version seems worth it. i’m also checking out their other app MinimaList.
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4 years ago, Jen1018
Great for ADHD
Has basically all the features I need to keep myself on-task. I have every part of my morning and night routine in here, organized in the order I should do them and viewable by time of day. I also have my weekly chores, and it’s super easy to make “daily” tasks that only occur once or twice a week on a specific day. Love that I can make a note after I swipe something done, so I can keep track of days where I called it done with some caveats. UI was pretty easy to figure out. You’ll definitely need premium. 3 habits per day for the free version is basically useless. But a) the one-time flat fee is a great option that most other apps don’t have and b) the annual subscription price is very reasonable. Nice that they offer a truly free 7-day trial, instead of forcing you to sign up to be billed at the end of 7 days and need to remember to cancel, and that signing up for the annual subscription still includes the trial. I used to use Productive for this purpose, but it’s so buggy! Every update added a new bug and they would take weeks or even months to fix it. Went hunting for an alternative and this app has almost all the same features and more. Here’s hoping the devs for this app leave the core functions alone when updating.
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6 months ago, Anon36463635464
Fantastic app to track habits!!!
Seriously the BEST habit tracker I found. All the other ones are “free” where they limit you to nothing except opening the app before they spam you with upgrading to a $9.99/month subscription. This app has an actual free version that’s very usable, and beyond that a lifetime purchase is only $5.99! Extremely fair and reasonable, and a price I was more than happy to pay for how polished, clean, and useful this app is! The app itself is very clean and modern looking, as well as very easy to use. Lots of customisability, great graphs and insights and gorgeous widgets! My two favourite things are the yearly overview where I can see all my habits on one page and how many days out of the year I’ve completed them, and the second is the widgets so I can easily see which habit I still need to complete and I can easily tap it and mark it complete from my Home Screen. Overall this app feels very polished and clean, works great and has really good detailed stats on you habits that make it a joy to log everyday and keep you motivated. That, along with a non-subscription model and a price of just $5.99 for lifetime access makes it one of my favourite and most used apps!
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3 years ago, Queen arts, games and crafts
It’s pretty good
So I just recently downloaded this app and it’s great. Overall the app is very good and I like how you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to. You can do pretty much everything the same even if you pay or not. The only difference is you get like better notification. I’m trying to keep this short, but I only have 4 goals/ habits set. So I don’t know what really happens when you do a larger amount. You have a large variety of habits to pick from. I personally use the drink water, stretch, exercise, and eat fruits. I use these to try to keep a healthier body. You can set times you want to be notified and times of how longer or what days. Overall it is a very good app and I recommend it to anyone who needs a app for this kind of stuff. Before I found this app I tried many different apps and you had to pay for over 3 goals. So once I downloaded this I was very impressed. One minor problem of mine is that you can’t write/ make your own goals. But there is a large variety to pick from so there should be no problem of finding a goal to set. It’s a great app and if you do want to pay for the premium it’s very cheap. I recommend thanks for the great app !!!
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2 weeks ago, joemyzster
BEST Habit Tracker in the App Store!!!
This is by far the best habit tracker I’ve ever tried in the App Store! Of course, I haven’t tried them all, but I’ve tried a lot of them. This one is so well designed with soooo many customization features and yet it is so simple and easy to use. Every new feature I stumbled upon I was in awe that they thought of something so minute but it really does make all the difference since there is so much you can do. I love the simple design aesthetic as well. Everything is just so well made and works so well and I am so happy I found this app. It has already helped me be more productive in only the past few days I’ve had it. I’ve used trackers before but was never able to keep up with it. I have no doubt found the best one for me and I am super grateful. Plus you can buy a lifetime subscription for super cheap!! Which is amazing. I don’t mind paying for apps, I just hate when they try to lock you into a subscription service forever. I love supporting the developers and have no problem paying for things, I’m so grateful there was a lifetime subscription at all, never mind the fact that it is super super affordable!! Thanks so much!!!
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1 year ago, Marzie_M
An effective and motivating habit tracker
I've been using this app for a few months now, and I have to say, it's made a huge difference in my life. The app is incredibly user-friendly, with a simple and clean interface that makes it easy to track my habits and stay on top of my goals. What I love most about this app is the level of customization it offers. I can set up reminders for each habit, choose specific days of the week to focus on certain habits, and even track my progress over time with graphs and charts. The app also has a wide range of pre-set habits to choose from, which is great if you're looking for inspiration or just starting out on your habit-building journey. But perhaps the best feature of this app is the sense of accountability it provides. I love being able to see my progress and check off each habit as I complete it. It's incredibly motivating and has helped me to stay on track with my goals. Overall, I would highly recommend the app to anyone looking to build new habits and achieve their goals. It's an incredibly useful tool for staying organized, motivated, and on track.
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3 years ago, 11JET
This is soooo helpful!!!
Never forget a goal again. If you want to set goals AND actually accomplish them, you need this app. It’s free! There is a paid version, but I haven’t even figured out what the point of that is cause the free version does everything I need and more. I have put 17 habits in so far and haven’t seen anything about a limit of any kind with the free version. The homescreen widgets are fabulous and keep your habits at the forefront of your mind. This app lets you put timed reminders on individual habits and also gives the option of setting an alarm to remind you to make sure everything has been accomplished. It puts together a weekly report for you that details your number and percentage of habits done, your best streak, and your best day. Love, love, love this app! The only complaint I have is that the habits aren’t very editable. Once you put them in, only a few things can be changed. Some of the things that can’t be changed are things that I wish could be, like the start date, which day of the week, etc. I have had to delete and re-enter habits because of this, but it’s not a huge deal cause it’s so easy to input habits.
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3 days ago, MGV12345
Outstanding service and an intuitive app
I’ve been using this app for almost a year to keep track of various tasks I try to complete on a weekly basis and I really like the flexibility to set things up to be done a certain number of times per week or month rather than on prescribed days of the week. Being able to see everything in one place and track my progress has been a great addition to my planning routine and helped me keep on course with a lot of things I have struggled with staying up to date on in the past. I also want to give a shout out to some pretty amazing customer service. I Identified a bug in one of the report features and reached out, not expecting a response anytime soon. Instead, I heard back immediately, which was basically in the middle of the night, and they had the bug identified, fixed, and an update rolled out by the next morning. Truly impressed all around on that front as a lot of the much more expensive apps don’t have anywhere near that level of responsiveness!
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4 years ago, tommyyazdi
Glitching constantly
I just downloaded this app because of the great user interface and Widget capability. However, it’s constantly glitching and adding more value towards all my goals. For example, I have a water goal and my bottles of water are 17oz each, so when I finish a bottle I put 17oz, right? If I close out of the app the Widget doesn’t update the information right away. No problem, I’LOL just wait for it to refresh and it should show the correct value I inputted. Nope wrong, it never updates and when I click on the widget to go into the app all of a sudden it says I hit my goal of 80oz and I’m at 85oz when I only put in one entry of 17oz. This is so frustrating why it cannot work properly. If I then click to reset the data for this goal for the day it puts it back down to 0 but if I close the app and re-click the Widget it magically has 85oz inputted again. This is a huge problem and I will be deleting unless this is fixed because it makes the app almost unusable when there’s so many problems with the Widget interface and the app recording accurate data in the first place. I tried to use it without using the Widget and it has the same problem when just using the app itself. This needs to be fixed.
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1 year ago, furhdab
The best habit tracker out there!
I started using this at the end of last year and slowly have been adding habits every few days. It has helped me stay on track with things that I have been working to implement for so long! I recently got laid off and it has kept me going on job applications and not fall into a depression rut. I love how it gives you ideas but also let’s you customize it for yourself. Each habit can be personalized with a color, icon, days, supportive message, reminder ring tone and so much more! The widget is amazing. It’s right on my home page so every time I open my phone it’s there to remind me! And it’s cheaper than anything out there. I love it so much! I’ve been telling all of my friends. The only small gripe I have is I wish for certain habits that don’t have a particular day but something that I need to do every 4 days or so like exfoliate, you can really set things up. But I found ways to make it work so like I said small gripe. GET THIS APP if you are struggling. I have ADHD AND THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!
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4 years ago, Anonymous305108
Useful, Motivational, and Well-Made
After downloading several habit-tracking apps that were a complete failure, I came across this unique app. I downloaded it for free and it hasn’t bothered me asking me to buy the premium options. This app is so useful to set goals and habits, become more productive and organized, and receive personalized, motivational reminders to complete your daily habits. It includes so many features you just can’t get out of another app for free. You can create new habits, assign them certain days, and set reminders with motivational messages. I like the fact that the habits can be reorganized, filtered, and color coded. The app even includes inspiration for new habits. It keeps everything neat and organized. I also love that it has many options to personalize the app, including a variety of icons, colors, and themes to make the app more aesthetically appealing. But most importantly, it does its job of helping build new habits. I don’t regret having downloaded this app and would definitely recommend it!
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4 months ago, Ariannafire
The first time i ever felt the urge to review an app
I love this app so much, it helps me keep up with my day to day tasks that i usually see as mundane. I can't even begin to express my gratitude towards it lately. This last summer my dad/step dad got in a ATV accident and he obtained a spinal injury. Because of this, my family has been tight on money trying to cover the costs of rehab and hospital bills and I dont have a job because I'm waiting til I turn 16 to get my license. I really wanted premium so that I could add more habits to help out around the house more since my mom is going back to school to become a nurse practitioner, working a full time job, and dealing with four kids. Because of my circumstances I can't afford premium. I sent in a request with little hope and the intention of reviewing the app either way just waiting until I got a response back to make a full review. I couldn't be happier to say that my review was accepted and I hope to use this app to help out as much as I can! THANK YOU SO MUCH HABIT 🫶🫶🫶
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1 year ago, 9000x
Excellent App and Just What I Need
What a great App! Everything I need is right in one place and it’s a great tool to help you build and keep habits. It’s not like one of those apps that gives you a hard time if you aren’t able to complete a habit one day. It’s a motivational tool that gives you the ability to set up a few habits and do your best to stick to them. A lot of habit apps have too many options and too many unnecessary features, then charging a stupid expensive fee to track more than one habit. I feel like this app is just right. The free version lets you track up to five habits. If you’re building new habits, that’s a pretty perfect amount. It also has a SUPER reasonably priced yearly and lifetime fee if you choose to upgrade to premium. A lot of these habit apps want to gouge you as much as possible for just tracking more than one habit. This app doesn’t do that. It seems like they really, really care about the emotional and financial well being of their users.
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1 year ago, Bearprincess24
This is literally the perfect app
I came upon this app because I was looking for a way to keep track of taking my meds and brushing my teeth in the morning. This tracker has fit all of my needs and more. It’s simplistic and doesn’t overwhelm you with too many functions, like I’ve found from other apps. It lets you skip your tasks without any guilt tripping or forcing, which is a function unique to this app honestly. It also is ad free and generally very unobtrusive. While it does have a premium function, you are never bombarded with reminders about it, and none of the necessary functions are locked behind a pay wall. If you do decide to get the premium, it is extremely cheap and adds a few very nice extra bonus features. This app is now the reason that I never forget to take my meds or brush my teeth, it also helps me keep track of how often I do certain tasks such as showers. Generally it is a 10/10 app and I really do recommend it
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2 years ago, Bo2474
Great but needs features for breaking habits
This app is great and does almost everything I need to keep track of my habits. I would like to be able to rearrange the order of the habits after making them by just drag and dropping them. If you want them in a certain order then you have to create them in that order. There is no way to rearrange them as far as I can tell. The other thing is that I would like if they added a feature when making a new habit where you say whether the habit you are listing is good or bad and then change how that habit it treated based on that. For example, I want to not eat out more than once a week but there isn’t really a good way for me to track that in the app currently. I can set it up for a once a week habit but then if I eat out more than once a week there would be no way to input that. For now, I use this app for habits I am trying to make and “Way of Life” for habits I am trying to break.
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4 years ago, gigidevoid
The most intuitive and lovely habit app
I’ve never written a review before, and I rarely find apps I like enough to buy the premium version, but I bought this one within the first few days of using it and am so glad I did. It’s highly customizable but easy to understand, and the interface is beautiful. The scheduling and frequency targets are more flexible and more clearly explained than in any other app I’ve tried. Habits are easily grouped with tags and each one can be given a custom unit name. Now that home screen widgets have been added, I love it even more! The only things I’d like to see added in the future are the ability to export data to CSV and the option to create negative habits (e.g. for calorie tracking—I’d like to be able to hit my target by staying under a certain number rather than exceeding it.) The developer does a great job at keeping the app updated & consistently improving it, so maybe those options will be added in the future, but I’m still very satisfied overall.
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5 months ago, MBella14
Idk what I did before this app! I’ve had it for 2 months and it is absolutely amazing. I use it daily (plus have Home Screen and Lock Screen widgets) and it helps me IMMENSELY. I have ADHD & mental health challenges in general and this app single handedly helps keep me on top of the habits I need for a better life. I even track things I need to take care of for my dog, like brushing his teeth or park time. The colors, the emojis, the FULL CUSTOMIZATION of every detail is literally beyond belief. So much kudos to the developers because this app is truly beyond words. It is such a part of my daily life now that it doesn’t even feel like I’m using an app to track my stuff. I can say with certainty that there are so many things I would not be getting done if it weren’t for this app. I will be a user for LIFE. No joke. Thank you guys so much for making this beautiful tool!! **UPDATE: I’ve had this app for OVER A YEAR NOW and it is still a game changer in my daily life. Thank YOU DEVELOPERS.
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9 months ago, Marz173
Extremely useful
I’ve had this app for such a long time now and I don’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. When I first started my journey on wanting to become more organized I struggled finding an app that was simple to work with yet had so many options. I used to be the person that would put a bunch of alarms on the phone, for me, and never really helped keep track if I actually did what I needed to do or not. The reason why I like this app so much is because they allow you to keep track of everything. Especially me being a college student. It is great to be able to track my study time for each class. they also give you options like keeping track of your water intake and they have sections like how to save money, how to be a nicer person and etc. In general, I just think this app is amazing and if you’re looking for something simple but with a lot of options check this app out.🖤
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3 weeks ago, LunarLights8
Almost Perfect!
As a first impression I like this habit tracker app better than the 6 other ones I tried. It’s also incredibly reasonably priced, so I bought it. Good customization, simple interface, and tracks habits in a way that works for me. However, I think that there are a few things that could use some work to make the app perfect. Firstly, widgets. When you click on a specific habit on a widget, it only opens the app instead of opening to the specific habit. If this is fixed, it would make widgets infinitely more useful. Secondly, the sliding action that increases your count towards reaching your daily habit is great but limited. For instance, I have a habit created for doing 100 push ups a day where you can just slide the bar to increase the number you’ve done so far, but it only increases in increments of 5, 10, or 50 depending on the goal. It would be very nice if it could increase by the smallest increment. Lastly, accessing previous memos is inefficient. It seems you can only see previous memos by going into the habit -> clicking stats -> scrolling down -> clicking on more for memos. I think it would be more efficient and intuitive to create a button for accessing previous memos after clicking the memo button on the bottom next to the “stat” button when you’re looking at a specific habit. Overall it’s a great app that I will be trying to integrate into my daily life for a while! So I really appreciate those who created it! Thank you.
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2 years ago, Harper D🤪❤️🥳💚
This app is AMAZING!!! 🥳
Habit helps me stay on a daily schedule it’s very hot where I live and drinking water is important for me I always get dehydrated and since I’ve downloaded Habbit I felt amazing and I always have high energy. I’m the person that loves to stay on the schedule and this really helps me with that some of the big things in life, it helps me be active and stay healthy. if you’re a person that doesn’t like a schedule then then you might think I wouldn’t recommend this app for you but you would be wrong even if you don’t like to have a schedule this I can still help you. Of course you don’t have to stay on a schedule but it does give you the options to do so. I love habit and it has helped me improve my life I think that you should get having to start making goals for yourself it has made me feel so much better in life already. Go download Habbit now, it’s the best quality app that I’ve almost ever had!
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2 years ago, warhol777
This app changed my life.
I’ve always been scatter-brained, unable to focus on a single task. I decided to make a change and get this app to help track what I’d do throughout the day. Lemme tell you, it’s so worth it to buy the premium for $5. It’s a one-time-payment so you don’t have to worry of any surcharges. I went from 2-3 habits a day at the beginning of the year, and 7 months later I’m up to around 20 habits a day. It’s okay if you don’t finish them all, because if you slowly build up a routine, and you do 5/10 habits, you still did 5 habits you wouldn’t have done otherwise. Be consistent and you’ll get the most out of this app. The UI is pleasing to the eye and customizable, which is also an added bonus. I usually never leave reviews, but after having such a positive impact in my life, I couldn’t help but write one. Get this app and buy the one-time purchase, it’ll literally change your life you’re consistent.
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10 months ago, CEP8267
I am currently dealing with the death of my father and being blindsided by divorce by my husband. Needless to say life is a struggle right now and I am suffering terrible depression and anxiety. This app is helping me to make it through my days by motivating me to just complete tasks that would usually be simple but right now seem impossible. I like how user friendly and simple it is to use and how it has habits to create and habits to break. I only wish that it allowed more in the free version because currently I am off work and can’t afford to subscribe. I did notice that the app offers a “scholarship” which I think is really cool and I hope I will be considered. As of right now this app is literally how I am making it through my days. Thank you to the creators. If you are a person that struggles with completing tasks or just has a hard time getting motivated then you must give this app a try, you won’t regret it.
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5 months ago, Kaye_R
Simple and life changing, excellent design
This app is flawless. I have tried many other habit, productivity, and checklist apps, and none compare to this. I use this app to keep track of all my daily habits, and it is a beautiful and pleasant experience. It allows complete customization of all habits - down to frequency, time of day, build vs quit, color and icons in the list, ect. In other apps I have tried, it can feel cumbersome to update the list or set them up properly. I recently upgraded to the premium version after a long time of using the free version. The premium is very affordable, and now that my habits are more solidified, I was ready to upgrade for more features. I’ve used this app for a long time, but with new commitment at the new year, this app has really allowed me to change my life in wonderful ways. Many thanks to the developers for making something so beautiful and useful for free!
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2 years ago, Samiismalls
I really enjoyed this app because it kept me organized and it was actually very exciting to use. It felt really nice to check things off throughout the day because I felt like I had my life together even if I didn’t really have it all together. I recommended this app to my friend and now she is enjoying it as well! You can check on each others status and it a good way to keep each other motivated! My goals throughout the day are: make my bed, drink water, have a full breakfast, stretch, exercise, write in my journal, and sleep early. It’s a little tough to sleep early because I have so much homework all the time but it’s certainly helping me fall into a pattern. In my Abnormal Psychology class, we constantly talked about anxiety and this app could genuinely help with that because it makes you feel like you are in full control of what you do throughout the day and it gives you the power to be organized.
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1 year ago, Novacane24
A life-changing app that’s fun and beautiful to use.
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” There’s value in repetition. And I’m talking about good repetition, the good habits that are formed to shape us in better ways to improve and have a healthy body and mind. When we have a healthy body and mind, we are confident, happy and triumphant. If you are interested in anything remotely close to that, please just try this app to get the ball rolling. You will not regret it. This habit tracking app is one of my favorites so far and this is from testing numerous ones. It is loaded with great features and customizability. In fact, I look forward to use this everything to see my progress. The colors, the UI, and rich features to have something to measure your progress is vital to your success in developing healthy habits, so please use this opportunity to download this app to change your life forever. Godspeed.
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1 year ago, Nanshjdhsjw
Highly Customizable & Effective for ADHD
I was diagnosed with ADHD last year and was prescribed aderral to help me concentrate. A major symptom I still struggle with is balancing my tasks and sticking to a schedule. Using the Habit app has allowed me to track healthy habits that I’ve surprisingly been able to stick to, since it tracks my goals in a fun way! The app is very easy to use. Visually aesthetic. Comes with numerous healthy habits already installed that you can choose from, or create your own AND each habit is super customizable. For each habit, you choose the name, associated emoji, color, when and how many and what your notifications say, the frequency, whether it be how many times a day, # of days and which days of the week and even # of days and which days of the month!! AND YOU CAN SHARE YOUR HABITS WITH FRIENDS! And the widgets to add to your phones Lock Screen or Home Screen are so cute and effective!!! Highly recommend!
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4 months ago, meme147meme
Adults with autism need this
Having been diagnosed with autism has helped me understand so much more of my brain. Using lists helps me know exactly what I have done and what is next to do. Having it on my phones screen right away at a glance helps when I’m in or near meltdown mode. Even when I am freeze mide. Where my brain literally just stops because I am so overwhelmed with things to do I just freeze…. This app is able to help me to know what’s next. I hadn’t heard of this app until my psychiatrist and nutritionist told me about it. It really helps even with just the free version. Someday I hope to be able to buy the full version. For now having reminders to eat and ability to track if I’ve already eaten has helped alot. I can’t wait to be able to know if I have taken my meds, brushed my teeth, ran the washer (or more like switched the laundry because I always forget to do that!)
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3 months ago, Kittens are awesome
*almostttt* perfection!
I need to be able to have more than just five habits. I have so many habits and things I can utilize this app to keep track of. It’d be my all in one if I could just add more habits!! other than that, amazing app, truly a godsend. love that there is an option to apply for a scholarship for the premium version as when your mind is a mess your wallet tends to be as well. I’d also highly appreciate if you were able to add more than one mood for the day. I understand it’s supposed to be overall for the whole day so maybe it could be a separate page where you can input how you’re feeling hour to hour or something.. physically and mentally? - sincerely a debilitating chronic illness girlie just trying to make it through each day without forgetting to do anything important to my health and keep track of all my insane symptoms plus taking medications plus completing physical and occupational therapy routines for easier illness management <3
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1 year ago, hl9731
The only habit tracker that is working for me!
I’ve tried other habit trackers, but this is the only one that is really helping me build better habits. It’s not overly complicated, very well made and functions very smoothly. I love that I can view my progress of the habits weekly, monthly, and yearly. My favorite feature is the visualization of habits yearly, because it is very thoughtfully designed. Each box represents a day, arranged in 7 rows (representing each day of the week) by 52 columns (representing each week of the year). This helps me visually see whether I’m actually making this year a year of better habits, while at the same time showing me how I’m doing each week. Being able to do habits together with friends is also very helpful. I’m also grateful that the lifetime premium features of this habit tracker is a one time fee that is very affordable. Thank you for making this wonderful app!
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2 years ago, Whitestar.57
really good!
apologies for spelling and grammatical errors first off, this is one of the only apps that allowed me to add enough tasks to be useful to me without paying. honestly Id think about supporting this app just because of that, but down to the actual functions easy to use 9/10 its vary clear what you need to do but some functions could be placed better habits to track 10/10 the app suggest habits to add which is nice, and when making your own habits you get lots of FREE and cute emoicons to add next to the action. all it takes to mark down that you completed the habit is a button and a number keypad if that habit can be done multiple times. notifications 10/10 I personally HATE notifications but the app does give lots of options on notifications, when to send them, what habits for, etc. you can also just completly turn them off which I loveeeee visuals 10/10 the app is just super clean and its not overwhelming by any means, you can customize your habit colors too, if you want an even cleaner look data summary 8/10 being completely honest, I barely look at this feature but Im sure its useful for some people. it seems convenient being able to see how many times you completed a task over a certain amount of time, and the canender seems easy to use. Im not sure who the developers are of this app, but props to them.
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2 years ago, _WolfSpirit
Cheap and night worker friendly
This is already a good and intuitive app with many things available. But the things that prompted me to write a review was two things. One, it’s cheap. You can get a year for like 3.50 if you know you won’t probably use it for more then that. But the real kicker is a LIFETIME is only $6. I appreciate any app that actually still offers a one time payment so that’s 5 stars itself. The second thing I adore is it’s night peel friendly. I don’t think I’ve seen any other app that does this. You can choose when to reset. I do wish that it would offer at least one or two more hours. As it stands the ‘latest’ it offers is 5am but I’m still at work at that time. I would love to see it allow at least up to like noon or something. But even without that the fact it even gives up till 5am an option is amazing. Kudos to this app.
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1 year ago, SanketBaviskar
I recently started using a time tracking app, and I must say it has completely revolutionized the way I work. This app has made it easy for me to keep track of how much time I spend on different tasks, which has helped me become more productive and efficient. The app is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple interface that is easy to navigate. It allows me to create different projects and tasks, and then track the time I spend on each one with just a few clicks. I can also set goals and deadlines for each project, which helps me stay on track and focused. One of the features that I particularly appreciate about this app is the ability to generate detailed reports. I can quickly see how much time I have spent on each project and task, and even generate charts and graphs to help me analyze my productivity over time. In addition, the app is also highly customizable, allowing me to tailor it to my specific needs. I can choose from a range of settings, including the option to track time automatically, manually, or with a timer. Overall, I would highly recommend this time tracking app to anyone looking to become more productive and efficient in their work. It is an incredibly useful tool that has helped me manage my time more effectively and achieve my goals with greater ease.
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9 months ago, cjh218
This app combines a simple, clean, non-intrusive interface with multiple features that I didn't even know I wanted. The premium cost is so cheap that it's certainly worth trying, just to gauge potential usefulness to you. I've been using this over the past few months during a period of mental health difficulty, and it has helped with implementing better habits and providing visual motivation. There are multiple widget options, with good customization ability. The "quit" habit feature is a favorite of mine, it's great for routines you want to stop doing, as you can set it to revolve and just forget about it, only needing to update the habit if you break the streak. I don't personally use the water tracking, but it works perfectly with Apple Health. It's somewhat rare to see an app that combines this level of functionality with a smooth UI and negligible price.
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1 year ago, 45 and more
This is the one you want!
I was looking for a habit tracker. I looked, downloaded, and tried several that we're available. All of those initial tries were deleted for various reasons (difficult interface, not intuitive, complicated tracking etc...) Then a ran across this tool and it could be set up and used without Direction. It flowed exactly as you would expect and daily updates are as easy as pressing a check mark. I will admit I was very selective in picking a tool. I knew if it was not easy to use it would get neglected and be unused. This tool is well thought out with just enough reports and stats to show progress and motivate you to keep going until it becomes a habit. I use it for tracking several items and to-date it has worked flawlessly. It was a great tool for me and it just might be a good tool for you.
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1 month ago, Cupcake Cabbage
Simple app, Inaccurate Tracking
I’ve been using this habit tracker for years and finally paid for the app a few months ago. It’s a simple, decent app and seemed to serve my needs for a while. Unfortunately I started to notice issues with it miscalculating my streaks (showing that I was less successful at my habits than I was) which did take away some of the satisfaction i get from checking off my accomplishments. I convinced myself to take the app to seriously and kept on using it. However, recently I set a few habits to last a specific length of time. Several of those habits I completed 100%. (Example: I’m going to run three times a week for the next six weeks). I completed that example habit, completing those 3 runs, for 6 weeks straight. So why does my end result say my overall rate is 98%? Shouldn’t it be 100%? There are too many habit trackers out there for me to be stuck on this one. Heck, I might as well whip out Excel and figure it out from there.
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1 year ago, Love the game but....
Helps create habits! ❤️
As a college student in the middle of my senior year, I am constantly swamped with hundreds of things that need done. I found this app and LOVED the free version but was sad I could only have so few habits to track. I defiantly didn’t have the money for premium but the company had a line that said please contact us if the price is to much for you because they want everyone to be able to have access to this (or something like that). I sent them a message and they responded super fast and we’re willing to give me premium for free! I was shocked, and so happy! I have loved this app and 10/10 recommend, and the premium version is so worth it! It has helped me organize my life and create habits that I’ve been working on and failing at for years. It’s an excellent app that I think would be beneficial for most people!
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1 year ago, AManoharan
Love it!
As a Ph.D. student with ADHD, I have been using the Habit Tracker app for a few months now and I am absolutely blown away by how helpful it has been in keeping me on track of my tasks and forming good habits. The app’s user-friendly interface, customizable features, and personalized insights have truly made a difference in my daily routines and productivity. I am considering upgrading to the premium version so that I’m able to track all of my daily habits, set reminders, and receive detailed progress reports that help me stay motivated and on track. The app has become an essential tool in my life as a graduate student, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone looking for a reliable and effective habit tracking app. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the app and grateful for how it has helped me achieve my goals as a Ph.D. student.
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1 year ago, LeeMo86
Exactly what I needed
I’ve been using this app for about three months and it has become essential to keeping me motivated. I recently finished my PhD and was struggling to get/stay motivated for writing and editing pubs for submission. I read Elastic Habits, which helped, then set out looking for a habit tracker. I tried a few and settled on this one. I started out with daily habits like “do a research activity” and “write one paragraph” then continued on to add cardio, resistance, and mindfulness habits. Now I have sixteen habits - some set for 3 days a week, some 5 days, some every day. It’s so flexible!! As I swipe things off my daily list, I love seeing my weekly chart fill up! I originally came here today to submit a bug report, and found there was an update to fix it. I’m totally satisfied with this app and hope it sticks around a long long time :)
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2 years ago, kikistuck
Like it so far
I went through free trials for at least 15 different habit building apps before deciding on this one. I chose it for the minimalism — I get easily overwhelmed/distracted by what I consider bloatware, like unnecessary social forum features, articles and advertisements, etc. This app has a very clean interface and no clutter which I love. It’s priced very reasonably and nowadays I truly appreciate a lifetime option, and not getting bogged down in recurring fees. The only issue I’m having with it is it doesn’t seem to sync across devices— my iPad and iPhone don’t currently match up. It’s possible the subscription only supports one device at a time, but I personally didn’t see that explicitly stated anywhere, so I’m not sure if this problem could be solved by buying premium on each device or if there’s just a bug I’m running into. Did contact dev about it but haven’t heard back yet.
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4 years ago, Rocks! ++++++!!!!
Totally awesome
I’m not one that typically writes app reviews but I must take a moment to share that this app is super fantastic! I’ve tried a few others (free version which was limited to 3 habits) and could not get the user friendliness out of them that comes with this one. Even when I had a question the customer service was super quick and provided directions to help address what I needed. I can’t say enough great and wonderful things of the functions and on top of all that greatness comes the price of free. Don’t waster your time elsewhere just use this it is truly a worthwhile download. As they get feedback I’m sure more functions based on user ideas and preference will be developed. One idea whoops Be to get some trending charts to see progress you’ve made. It may be already be there or in development so I’ll just say I’m still looking. Loving the app. Thank you!!
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6 months ago, Lykceb
Almost perfect!
I love this app and the layout of the data when I want to see my progress. Also I love how I can change the times for morning, afternoon and evening to fit my life. I also really appreciate the Apple health sync and customizable widgets. There’s only two things I wish could change that keep me from sticking 100% to it and going back to productive habit tracker 1. I wish it was easier to navigate between the times of the day. Like swiping left/right to see morning, afternoon, evening vs the full filter button 2. I wish the app badge only showed the number of habits for that time period of the day, not the whole day. I don’t want to see a badge for habits I can’t do until night time, I.e. brush teeth in the evening. I have found you all have great customer service and the pay once feature is absolutely amazing. Thank you all for what you do!
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1 year ago, Akb8a
Update: although it wasn’t explicitly stated I’ve come to the conclusion (guessing) that the exercise habit connected to Apple Health is strictly for Apple watch users. So my only feature request would be to have notifications turn off if a habit is completed for a day. Other than that, I really like the app. Updated to 5 stars. There are so many things I like about this app, both in visuals and functionality. One of the more important features for me is that it reads from Apple Health, which leads to the *one* problem I have. For some reason the Exercise habit which is supposed to read from Apple Health doesn’t work for me. I assume it is supposed to read from ”workouts” but I don’t know. If that were fixed I could give it 5 stars. I’ll continue to use it but hope that gets fixed.
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10 months ago, jdespinal8
Wonderful app for people with disabilities
Hi, I’m a 58 year old woman on ssd because of my cognitive decline. This app has been wonderful in helping me remember to do daily tasks. I’m able to be more independent instead of my family doing many things because I couldn’t remember. This app is allowing my family to worry less about me forgetting to drink water, eat, take my meds and chores around my home, etc. The basic is great but the premium allows for me making custom tasks and that would be a game changer. Thank you so much for this easy to use app. Thanks to this app, I am able to function much better than I have in years. I’ve tried similar apps but this one tops them. Additionally, they have mental check-ins which I find to be helpful in helping me to relax and calm down when I’m getting panicked.
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2 years ago, JonT4738
I was looking for an automated custom task tracker and this is definitely the best. I’m able to customize things on a more granular level than other apps I’ve tried. I have all my workouts, health, and learning broken down by the precise metrics as well as custom reminders that make everything work flawlessly. The UI is also great, which allows for a satisfying user experience. Another cool feature is that you can add friends to help you stay accountable. Lastly, the seamless health app integration allows for some tasks (habits) to be automatically updated with calorie count or time durations with multiple exercises available. The Apple Watch pairs great with this feature. There a very few areas that I’d change other than a few minor bugs, but I imagine they are on the devs’ radar. All-in-all, great app.
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2 years ago, AA3120
Just got this app a couple days ago and I LOVE it
I have only had this app for a few days and I already love it. It has been very helpful for my ADHD and I am already noticing a difference. I am so glad I got this app. I have been trying for SO long to find a habit tracker app but all of them either just don’t fit my needs or involve paying upwards of $40 bucks before you can do ANYTHING. I haven’t payed for any membership or subscription and I have access to SO many features of the app. I am so excited to keep using it and I am so glad I found something that is actually helpful without having to spend tons of money. I HIGHLY recommend this app (especially if you have ADHD!) Also, I know this is a review but if you are reading this, I hope you stay safe and healthy and I hope you have a great day💕
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