Hacker Online RPG

3.3 (213)
20.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gennaro Coda
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hacker Online RPG

3.31 out of 5
213 Ratings
4 years ago, gsnomad
I have no idea how to use the game so is there a tutorial or something or something because I don’t understand
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6 years ago, King BooBah
Great game but seriously lacking content
As most others have said, it’s a great game if you take the time to learn and understand it. But despite being a great game, the amount of features and available missions/activities are a killer in my opinion. Made it up to level 12 and i have no more missions to achieve. Player base is low/average for an app but rewards for hacking other players are minuscule, making it almost pointless to do so. Also there should be a way to steal GG instead of just exp. idk this game has alot of potential but not enough to it to keep a steady playerbase. Don’t take this review the wrong way, i love it. Only wish there was more to it than what it is. Not many mobile games can keep me invested for more than a day so I stand by my 4 stars and hope some improvements are made.
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4 years ago, pigman killer Yt
There’s a game breaking bug (updated)
This game is much more fun than you think but there’s a problem with mission 7 (I think). Every time you put in the command to create a music link, the game crashes. It may be my trash service but I’m not too sure. Please fix this. All I can do right now is the games and stuff. I can’t even hack anyone yet because if this bug. Edited part: well I gave you a three star for the glitch up there👆🏻. But I found a way around it so don’t worry too much. Anyone reading this and find the mkmusic bug, read this: it’ll take a minute but go play a lot of tic tac toe. You get 10xp if you win. Go look up some yt vids on tricks to win it but I have my own trick that works a lot. If your looking to hack people. You may get do for doing so but I donno so be prepared for anything. You won’t be able to do the missions until they do fix the bug or a glitch happens, I had one happen and it canceled my mission so it helped. If you do get xp for hacking Players, yeah you can do everything without the missions Great game Gekko👍🏼, but I would check some stuff -PMK_YT
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3 years ago, SnowStorm1711
Lost money
I’m a programmer and this is a good game if that’s what your in to. I wish more games where made like this. My only problem is I spent some money for ggcoins and never received them. I’ve looked around trying to find out who to contact for fix this issue and have found no resolve. If your a programmer it’s a good game, just don’t spend any money on the game.
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6 years ago, Awesome I mean
I can’t do anything
The only freaking thing i can do is the dir command and nothing else! You could at least make a list of how to do these commands.
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6 years ago, Butt & CO.
Update Now!!
Autokiller virus command no working please fix. Also add mor missions ran out at 31 come on you can do better than that.
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3 years ago, 16653218904321
Don’t Bother
This game is seriously broken. You can finish mission 7, mkmusic, sort of. But the command does nothing and there is no file created for you to play to satisfy mission 8. At this point you cannot progress further. Showed some promise, but has failed horribly.
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7 years ago, sshoup88
Losing Coins?
This is a great game, BUT, it seems as though every time I finish a mission I LOSE ten GG coins rather than gain them. This is a little insane, so, I recommend fixing it as soon as possible.
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1 year ago, xx xhd
The game looks great but I need a tutorial because I’m on the first part I didn’t even get a mission
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4 years ago, Secret Famous Youtuber
I need help
The music is broken please fix it would have been so cool
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4 years ago, i hate banuba
How do I play?
I see from most reviews, that’s it’s a good game, but can you PLEASE tell me how to play? I don’t know any commands or how to start a mission. I DESPERATELY NEED HELP!!!
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5 years ago, Eveniegamer 123
Need tutorial
This is a great game but you should give a tutorial because I'm confused plus where is help commands
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5 years ago, tyler_1996
Mission 28 won’t let me complete it
Mission 28 is broken, I’m playing music but won’t let me complete mission. Fun game if it would work
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4 years ago, kingCharzard
Good but
It’s a good game when you understand how it works. But I’m stuck on the tutorial of creating music links because it crashes when I put in the command. PLS FIX.
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4 years ago, Biggamesjames50
Help with mkmusic
I can’t complete make music because I have no music on my iPhone
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3 years ago, nick11223399
It’s trash don’t download it
Once you download the app and open the app the app don’t give you any instructions at all on how to work the app it’s trash don’t download it it’s a waste of time
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4 years ago, Keyzlt21
Doesn’t work
So basically the game boots and all I see is a green dot in the upper right hand screen and the command box but nothing happens when I put in a command please fix
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6 years ago, barettfiftycal
Ok so I didn’t gain any gg coins I lost them like how if I’m passing missions please fix this it’s a pretty cool app and I’d like it to stay that way
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4 years ago, app atlas
Really like the game but every time I enter the command mkmusic it crashes
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4 years ago, Dats_11
Is this actually a HaCKER game
Be cuz if this is actually a real hacker game IM GONNa TROLL MY FRIEND LOLOLOL if this is real I’m hacking my friend
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6 years ago, Gsomniac
Losing gg for no reason!
I complete missions and I still lose gg when I return to the app or when I accomplish an achievement. It's ridiculous.
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6 months ago, Renodil
Can’t get past mission 8
Every time I attempt to play a music file it crashes.
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5 years ago, FortNight_BeyBlade_Girl
What do you do?
This is a good game but all you do is type things in the command box. My experience was bad. I would not recommend getting this hacker game.
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4 years ago, ll.ugo
you nerds are a angel sent from heaven best app, few flaws but it’s beyond best
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5 years ago, pzm35
I am a real hacker and this is purity good I have a question does this hack you ? Well I did hack into the control panel and this did have lots of bugs owner fix it
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5 years ago, DigiTecno
Text size unreadable on modern iPhones
Probably a display density issue if the app was never updated to handle newer iPhones correctly. But the text is aliases horribly and unreadable.
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6 years ago, dhhfhhft
How do I get the antivirus
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5 years ago, PrideFam
This game is very very confusing
How do you do any thing how do you level up and actually do things
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5 years ago, Crusaders808
I didn't know how to play, so I used the help command. After, I tried to start a mission. HOW THE HECK DO YOU DO THAT?? The help command was not helpful at all!
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4 years ago, WarlordJIN
Missing comman line
iPhone XS Max doesn't show command line. Willing to change review after update. Maybe add more commands
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7 months ago, Jago1098
Smission 8
I can't get past this mission,i give the command mplay and the file name but yet nothing happens
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5 years ago, Hp player
I cant do anything and the Game keeps on crashing on me can you help me?
Crashing on me can you help me?
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1 year ago, Cameron Games687 reactions
Do not understand
I do not understand it at all help
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5 years ago, Fischer Justin
This app is Virus
Also hacking software that you can get hacked in Real Time of Real Life.
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5 years ago, lololololololololollol
Not good
It won’t ever load and it states a 100%for like an hour and NEVER loads
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11 months ago, tehyaahhhnii
need a list of commands
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11 years ago, Frustrated @ Lost Time
This is fun but has a few unfortunate bugs
I've seen a lot of people create accounts and leave. You guys should really consider fixing this asap. It's fun but the minor bugs make it frustrating. I'd be recommending the app and spending money in game but without the fixes ... I just can't justify that. And yes ... people need to tap the command line to enter commands. Those folks leaving doesn't matter. However the ones who'd stick around and figure things out, end up leaving because its not their fault that the game doesn't work. I think everyone is missing out by leaving the game in its current state for so long. I'm looking forward to an update but the clock is ticking.
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3 years ago, drdjddm ejdn
Ok good
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4 years ago, 1 yeh
What do you do in this game?
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1 year ago, sub_to_expired_on_youtube
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10 years ago, Josh Sed
Too difficult; Also, complaint
Let's get this straight: it's a good concept. However, mission titles are unclear. I can't get past mission 3 level 1 as it is unclear. If I "look your files" it says I can't. I tried doing the same, except changing "your" to "my". The mission summaries make it so I cannot progress, and I cannot change the mission. Lots of work needs to be done on the mission summaries. Also, I have an activated modem, but it thinks I don't.
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7 years ago, Lucienstorm
Could be a lot better
Well, I used through the coins initially given when you start the game, and have to wait 15 minutes for another 10 free coins. And since I can't do anything with only 10 coins, I could write a bunch more on this review. This game has a cool premise, though I don't think it's teaching anything helpful as far as actual commands (no, it's not listed as something that would teach you anything, however with something like this, either it's using real commands, or it's practically useless because you're learning bogus commands that aren't useful anywhere else aside from this game. I wasn't even really able to find out what you're going to end up doing with your computer system in the game, once you've finished learning to use it and set it up. So I don't even know if the game is worth spending a single cent on. Maybe a month from now, when I've collected enough free coins to actually do something again, I will try playing it again. But I'm tempted to just delete it and move on.
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10 years ago, Like the tiki
Fun but...
I liked this app. I bought an item I should not have bought and then I could not progress any further in the game. I had no coins and there was no prospect of getting coins unless I actually bought them. There was no way to earn coins as I was not able to start any missions. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and tried to restart the game from level one, but it would not let me. I want to like this app, but it seems like there is no way to progress. Please fix and let me progress by earning in game coins...let me actually purchase coins if I want to move faster. As an example, give me 5 or 10 coins a day or something so I can keep moving.
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8 years ago, christopher.spencer
It's actually fun!
Don't mind the bad reviews. If you can use a simple Windows command prompt, you can play this game. It's pretty fun. There's an actual learning curve to play. Whomever came up with this game, made it for real techies lol. My only gripe so far is the coin system. Other than that, it's great. Especially figuring out what to do. Some advice, don't spend your coins on upgrades at first. Go through the tutorial. Type "help" into the command prompt. You should be able figure it out... :)
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10 years ago, Eli0913
Start a mission
In order to start a mission, you must enter the following command (without parenthesis): smission (insert mission number here) When you enter the command missions, it gives you 5 different missions. Once you have leveled up, you will get 5 more missions. Use the cmission to find out what mission you are on and what was the last mission that was completed.
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10 years ago, Yougotspyro"d
Hacker online
Gives me the feel of actually working on a real computer console. Im still getting through the tutorials right now, but this app really helps me kill some time. I love messing around and tinkering with it. Cant wait to get past these tutorials and start doing some stuff. If you are bored, definitely try this game.
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7 years ago, -juice-
If you're stuck...
Use "help game" and type the command to show missions for your level "mission 1". Hope that helps :) Now if you guys could please add a better support for Bluetooth keyboards that would be great 😁 i.e. The screen won't move up when I type and I won't have to tap the screen every time I want to type. Please and thank you 😊
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10 years ago, Or,fried,s
Pls fix this
This game is really fun but pls make it possible to skip the tutorial or make it possible to get gg coins without buying them. You could make a timer so you get 5 coins per 3 minutes. Also pls fix the glich ware whenever I try to use the pass crake command it says I need a modem but I have one already
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11 years ago, groupie111111
Love It
I love the game, but I keep getting the glitch where all my stuff resets, and I have to buy it all again, but its not that big a deal. Also, it doesn't let me finish any missions, unless I close the game and remove it from multitasking. AND FOR EVERYONE WHO CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO TYPE, YOU TYPE IN THE "COMMAND LINE" JUST UNDER THE DISPLAY.
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10 years ago, b-norris
Great concept
I was hoping that this would be like a iOS port of the we based game slavehack. Game has a few hard crashes that I hope the dev is working on. Need more people online for the multiplayer function to work
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