Hair and Beard Styles

3.9 (1K)
47.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hair and Beard Styles

3.93 out of 5
1K Ratings
7 years ago, Garminski
I like it !!!
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1 year ago, half_brain_bill
Do not get!
Not a free app but is cheap. The hairstyles are not good and don’t remove your actual hair so the one you “try on is on top of whatever is already there. So if you’re not bald and clean shaved yo just get a very bad looking wig and fake beard put over your face. Just use a marker on a picture of your own face to get the same effect. Also the prompts to advance along the process is inconsistent at best. Very bad app in all respects.
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3 years ago, Johnny6229
Almost nothing is free
Almost the entire app’s content requires paying… just make it a non-free app if you can’t use it without paying. Saying in app purchases is a bit misleading if you can’t try a single mustache without a purchase.
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11 months ago, Johnjones702
Do better
Might as well go to the Solon and try wigs on because this app doesn’t give u any point of view on what your going to look like. Snapchat has better hair filters then this app dose and u want me 2 pay to see what I look like or what I’m supposed to look like in a chad hair cut
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7 years ago, Smith88888
Fun app. Especially for ideas!
Quality is nice. Hair samples are fun. Yep have to pay for all hair. But you know it's not expensive. And it's fun. I'll prob upgrade.
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2 years ago, lenoranzi4
Great Fun
If you are ugly, you’ll still be ugly after you use this app. Actually pretty good app
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3 years ago, Shaving my beard
Just Terrible
You might as well just let your hair grow out or shave whatever you have to see the actual hairstyle you want. Wanted to see how i’d look without a beard, but i’d rather just cut it off and find out than use this app.
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1 year ago, Needs a vacation
One size doesn’t fit all
The default head shape cutout unalterable no matter what your actual head shape is so this app is pretty pointless i’m getting any sense of what is actual haircuts to look like on your head shape and you. of a joke, Photoshop at most.
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7 months ago, lewanne4ever
I don’t know what to say I have a baby
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2 years ago, urpair1
This is like a child’s game. Don’t get it if you want to actually see how you’d look with a different haircut. You will be wasting your $2.99. When I think of a terrible app, I think of this one.
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2 years ago, Inspiration addict
Looks terrible and only a few free options
I have a longer face, and it wouldn’t allow me to line up my beard. And it only has a few free options.
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4 years ago, Including Judas
Are you kidding?
My wife can’t stop laughing. I thought there would be modern attractive cuts. Think Chris Evan’s cut is in here? Think again. Get ready for: “The Odin”, “The Bieber”, “The Richard Simmons” and a whole bunch of “man-Karens”. She’s still laughing. We bought the 2.99 expansion pack. So stupid.
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2 years ago, shoompies
Fun app!
Messing with your friends hair is so much fun!
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6 years ago, hurtig<3
False advertising
Why say the app is free and then when you attempt to use it you can't do anything unless you pay!! Just sell the app in the first place!
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7 years ago, Roshan Soni
Pretty aweful app
Do not recommend this app, I tried it for about 10 minutes trying to get it to work to figure out anything you actually want to try costs money! DON'T GET THIS APP!!
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4 years ago, KPDoheny
Lame app. It gives you 9 free hairstyles that are ridiculous and if you want to see more you have to pay for it. Don’t waste your time with this one.
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1 year ago, juliabfbm
Don’t get
You have to pay for all the hair and beards, the filters aren’t realistic in the slightest. Keep looking.
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2 years ago, memo democh
Spending all my money???
Making you pay for everything and honestly just not a good “photoshop” app
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4 years ago, michaelmp14
Money grab.
Almost everything is locked behind a pay wall.
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4 years ago, JjYy999
Worst $2.99 I ever spent
I was hoping to see how different haircuts could look on me. Very bad effect (think gaming avatar haircuts on real human face) and no decent fashionable stock photos. Please save your money.
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3 years ago, Othnar
Useless with out paying
The most basic hair starts around $3.00. Everything else is behind a paywall.
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3 years ago, Fans892671993
Money milkers
Yet another app that requires money to have more than 9 styles including hair color and such
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2 years ago, Zfahad
Very few
Very few options
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7 years ago, OnE ShOt KeEl
really asking too much
having to pay 2.99 for any other more ideas than just 9 styles is way too much. i understand you need the money to update the app but there won't be any app to update if you charge customers for anything as subtle as hairstyle ideas.
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7 years ago, Amplife83
No good.
Can’t even try different stuff on. You have to buy stuff to use. I don’t recommend it. Uninstalling now.
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2 years ago, merros user
Short sided
I guess black people don’t have hair. This app seems to be white people only
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4 years ago, hoogie03
Wish I could give 0
Can’t do anything less you pay
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5 years ago, Billybobbubushka
Funny but scam
They give you 9 styles and you can’t do anything unless you buy it.
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7 years ago, 3322hc
Not worth it
Asking to pay 2.99 for the hairstyles you want is way too much. Don't recommend
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4 years ago, kobyjohnsd
Racist deserves negative 0
It’s designed for crackers!! App is pure garbage low resolution Poor quality and filled with ads There’s no textures for black people
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3 years ago, 2$2$2$3,$:782$2!2:
Don’t waste your time downloading this
Show more
4 years ago, Kittenlover480
Crazy beard
This is a funny great app!!🤪
Show more
4 years ago, inclusionist
No hair styles for black men
Only hair styles available for black men are an Afro and some stupid corn rows.
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7 years ago, Adin876
Completely useless unless you want to spend 3 dollars on any hair style. Completely misguided me to think it was free. DO NOT BUY THIS APP
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2 years ago, Travelin' Horn man
No free preview
Every picture costs 2.99. Not doing that.
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6 years ago, kyle bay beee
Terrible and not free
The app looks terrible compared to other options on the App Store.
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4 years ago, znzkshxxgjsaj
I don’t know how this has so many stars. This is a scam and false advertising
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5 years ago, Disneyfam
Looks so bad
Looks like you put paper hair on your head
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6 years ago, Wade Lackey
I garuntee all of the 5 star ratings are by the developer. This app is awful
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12 months ago, dsgsysge
i dont really know what this app is i just wanted to make the 1000th review
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7 years ago, Unción De Arriba
Very fun and awesome app
Love it
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2 years ago, t da g B fh
Don’t like
Don’t like at all
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6 years ago, uncle bold
it was so funny i made my uncle bold
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4 years ago, Bruiser227
Not a good app
Terribly difficult to use.
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1 month ago, shaen the YouTube lover
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6 years ago, jsydjd
Don’t waste your time or money
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3 years ago, 1_Whistler_1
Weak scribbled facial hair
This app is weak. The facial hair looks like it is scribbled in with pencil.
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5 years ago, Echoside76
Not free
Pay wall app
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5 years ago, MilitaryManAtItsfinest95
Paid actors or they high 😂 this app dumb.
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7 years ago, Thomaseriphen
No African American haircut styles. 👿
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