Hair Cuttery

4.8 (8.3K)
64 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ratner Companies L.C.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hair Cuttery

4.84 out of 5
8.3K Ratings
12 months ago, __SunBeam__xo
This app is soooooo helpful! Not only do you see all the stylists- but it allows you to search thru dates and find a time that works for you- I also have a hesitation problem soo talking on the phone isn’t the easiest for me so this allows me to make one peacefully and I also work all day long so this allows me to make an appt without having to leave my desk to make a call- and hair cuttery on chapel hill has excellent service and a comfortable atmosphere I definitely recommend them for your hair ✌🏻🩷
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1 year ago, Stungtoomuch
Zero to Hero
I have nothing but terrific things to say about Nadia. When I walked in the door, I was a mess. As women get older, unfortunately, time starts taking instead of gives . And what time takes from us, we really wish we could have back. Hair loss is a sick joke. Nevertheless, when I left her chair, I felt a whole lot better… I won’t have anyone cut my hair but her.
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1 year ago, JazzGal 24
Great service but my current hairstylists adds hidden charges
I’m switching hairstylists as current stylist adds services that I don’t need. I get the color package which includes a classic blowout. However, I noticed on my receipt that I was charged for a deluxe blowout which is for coarse or curly hair (I have thin straight hair, shoulder length). I usually don’t ask for my receipt so that’s my fault but I’m going to switch hairstylists and see how it goes. Moral of the story is make sure to check your receipt as not all hairstylists will ask before adding unneeded services.
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2 years ago, Jaesparkle
Ehhhh App
This app used to be better, but within the past few months has gone downhill. I can only have 1 person as the account. My son’s hair needs to get cut quicker than mine so his name is the account person. If I need my hair cut, I have to use his name and luckily my stylist sees an adult haircut added and knows it’s me. The opening screen also is just stuck on North America and the make an appointment button does not work on that screen. The options and back arrows aren’t always on a clickable part of my screen. I usually get frustrated and have to quit the app and start again.
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6 months ago, Bowen_away
Continuously the worst app I have ever used.
First of all if I guess my pw wrong even one time I am notified I will be locked out for an hour. if I attempt to reset my password, and I correctly follow all guidelines for passwords. I am still shown an error that my password does not match those guidelines BUT that notification pops up behind a continuous loading pop up so you can not dismiss the notification that your pw is not acceptable. This renders the app entirely useless until you force close it. This apps only saving grace is that the website is even worse. I wish I could give 0 stars this is insane
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10 months ago, NJ_Sue
The best hair salon!!
I have been a customer at Hair Cuttery in Sewell for all of the 16 years I’ve been living here. Every stylist I’ve seen has been fabulous-never had an issue with any stylist’s professional skills nor making me feel uncomfortable in any way. It is a pleasure to come here, knowing I’ll be walking out very pleased, satisfied and happy.
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10 months ago, 🌻Summer Child🌻
Good App
The app is super easy to understand and it’s so easy to book an appointment right from my phone. As someone with crippling anxiety, being to cut out the phone call to an establishment makes so much of a difference. It also adds the appt time and place right to my calendar so I don’t miss it. Very happy customer :).
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6 months ago, Unsatisfied customer, Lin
We LOVE Lexi!!💕
We’ll see you Monday 3PM. You’re going to love this ……I couldn’t stand his long hair and he didn’t want to go, so I cut some of it…..bad job…you’ll see. Also did mine. Awful and can’t make an appointment yet???? Too embarrassed. “0h these old people, make you laugh but ya wanna strangle them at the same time!!!! See you soon. 🥹😉😊
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3 years ago, kattayF
Don’t bother downloading! Find other services!
Scheduling an appointment is hit or miss…you may have an appointment or you may not! I have made appointments for myself and children…only one time was I able to change names…I have made several appointments over the last couple of years and the app either doesn’t work at all or you receive a confirmation email saying you have your appointment only to show up and the shop has to record of your appointment! Save yourself the trouble and find another salon!!
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3 months ago, Risky Biz 64
Suggestion for booking tool enhancement
Suggestion: add functionality so I can choose a time window and see all of the stylists at my salon who are available during that time range. I have more than one “preferred” options at my salon and hate having to go through all of the stylists individually to see what slots they have available.
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1 year ago, Kmichellevsop
Great Experience
With having all natural a lot curly hair it is hard to find a hair salon that would do my hair. I was able to find this hair salon that not only took on as a client but made my hair healthy and looking great. Thank you Shana for everything 🫶🏾 Book her!!! 💙
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9 months ago, Smolangrybat
Good improvement
This is heaps better then the old app. However I would love an option to choose a day and time and see which stylists are available vs having to click through each one I like and go through the options each time I find out they don’t have the time and day I want
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2 years ago, ThatNicknameIsTaken.TryAnother
App fails after update-no appts visible
After the last update my appts are no longer visible. The screen glitches out. Also, the app keeps signing me out. Before the update it would use Face ID on my iPhone. I can no longer see my currently booked appts and I can no longer make appts. Please fix this glitch! The button outlines are there but no words. If I click where I KNOW the button is to view my appts I am taken to a white screen with a few of the words normally in the background but nothing else.
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3 years ago, RNData
Most Useless App!
This is the most useless app ever! I enter 2 different guests’ names (my kids’ names) and the first guest always defaults to my name! The confirmation text and email only shows 1 guest co formed. There’s no way to edit my appointment details. So frustrating! I end up having to call the salon, which negates having to use this useless app!
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5 months ago, RVR57
Good app BUT…
the app is easy to use and works every time, BUT… The app is using notifications to push advertisements! Even after I turned off all advertising notifications within the app. Using push notifications are for alerts NOT ADVERTISEMENTS! If I continue to get advertisements from the app it WILL BE DELETED!
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1 year ago, Oyveyious
Update broke the app
When the app updated it logged me out of the account. The app wouldn’t allow me to log in, even after a password reset. I did not unsuccessfully try to log in three times either. And what’s the point of locking someone out of their Hair Cuttery account after three attempts? Nothing in your app is that important. So after that didn’t work I created a new account. Made all my selections to book the appointment then the app said can’t book.
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4 months ago, Kathleen Katsoudas
My favorite place for my hair!
The salon is clean, warm and comfortable. The hair stylists are professional yet very down to earth. The ladies show great teamwork. I really look forward to the time I spend in such friendly ambiance every six weeks! Very, very nice salon!
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3 years ago, Dazz913
Easy way to book hair appt
This app makes it so easy to find a salon, schedule an appointment and find information about different services and products for my hair!
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2 years ago, rosanne99
I have been going to Meldy for many years. She always does a beautiful job and is able to give me suggestions if I want to try something new. I also enjoy her company.
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2 years ago, 0rangepace
The app has improved tremendously with the recent updates! Much better interface.
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1 year ago, SoMDDani
Booking an appointment
I like being able to schedule an appointment but it would be helpful to be able to schedule by day vs just by stylist so you dont have to click on each stylist to see openings.
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2 years ago, Daddyrule5
Most Enjoyable Cut
II used to hate having my hair cut now I actually look forward to the next time i can show up and spend time with the Great men and women at the Berlin Haircuttery.
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2 years ago, TonyGinFL
Poor User Experience in iOS
This app does not render well on iPhone 12 under iOS 15 versions. Navigation is over blown in the top margin behind the time/status notch. Previous versions of this app allowed for multiple family member profiles -those are now gone. Apps should bet better, not worse over time.
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9 months ago, TJGoldfish
10k 5 star reviews is a LIE!
Absolutely no way ten thousand people are giving this terrible app five stars. The password reset function simply doesn’t work. I’m stuck watching a spinner and have never been able to use the app. Not once. I tried to create an account during which it started saying I need to wait an hour to try again because of too many failed login attempts. Not sure why it says that when I haven’t even finished trying to set up an account. Sent an email to support and all I hear is crickets. Terrible app with bad support. Run away. Complete waste of time. Too bad to. My local shop gives me a great haircut every time.
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2 years ago, Redblacktrev
Need a “today’s stylists” feature
App is pretty good. Would get 5 stars if instead of guessing which stylists are available during the current day it actually allowed you to select the day/time first and then select from who’s available.
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2 years ago, Joebacca121
Completely useless
Constant error message saying there is an “invalid therapist id” and I cannot update my profile and schedule an appointment. Even after sharing location, it defaults to showing salons in Virginia when I’m in PA, and the app doesn’t scale properly for my iPhone 13 Pro Max screen. Just overall a terrible, terrible app. Don’t know how it has 5 stars right now.
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2 years ago, GookinWheeler
They work with you to get a hair color, though it doesn’t always work
I keep trying to get one that’s true blonde (not ash) and end up turning reddish even tho we try different things. I like the red now! Lol
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1 year ago, heatherazz
love the stylists but this app is a nightmare
Since the new version of this app was release, I can’t login to my account. It blocks me for an hour after 1 attempt. This also coincides with the website. This is absolutely unacceptable. I don’t have time to wait as a walk-in client with 3 kids. Basic functions like booking appointments is a MUST for me and this app FAILS at delivering that experience.
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1 year ago, MagMarie24
New App Issues?
What's up with the new app update? The new app looks great, but when I pull up a date, it doesn't load times so I can never complete a booking via the app. And there's no additional update to fix this bug. Ugh. The old app looked a bit dated but worked fine. Kinda wish I could revert.
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2 years ago, Richard StLouis
Minh is always kind and takes her time to make things right. I would highly recommend her.
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5 months ago, Ruth with the crazy hair
Lindzey always delivers a perfect cut, she remembers her clients and is friendly, professional and very nice. I would recommend Lindzey to anyone but particularly to anyone with a lot of hair or problem hair!
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10 months ago, hello♥︎ఌ♥︎♡︎✞
100 times better than old app!!
New app is 100 times better and easier to you.
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4 months ago, Mandy B Carter
This location and Ashley , ROCK!
I’ve been going here for years , and I am always treated well-like family. Ash, is my stylist , and I will recommend her to anyone. Thx!
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1 year ago, Kirstie S.B.
5 star service
Tammy regularly cuts my families hair and does an excellent job. I have short curly hair and she knows just how to style it! Highly recommend!
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1 year ago, Katiekack
Can’t update password
I’ve gone through the process of trying to reset my password and every time I do it successfully, when I log in, I get a message that my account is locked because of too many attempts and to wait an hour, but even waiting days and the result is the same. This app is a joke.
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2 years ago, Juanitacrochets
Princess Rocks!
She can do her own thing or whatever you want her to do! She listens to what you have to say and she works her magic. Sooo lucky to have found her!
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9 months ago, Know The Facts
Updated and doesn’t work now
Updated today and now can’t book any appts. Calendar won’t open up on any day of the month to show available times. Checked it on multiple salon locations. Should have stayed with the last one before update. Very inconvenient now I have to call to get an appointment.
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2 years ago, Elaine Gibson
So simple to use
Since I am a very frequent patron having this app saves me lots of time which is always a good thing.
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2 years ago, Mjosey72
The app. Gets stuck I try to make an appointment for a cut it just goes into thinking mode and that’s all it does
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4 months ago, Jcangst
Can’t create an account
Anything I use for a password it tells me that it is invalid, even though it clearly has upper and lower case , special characters and a number. Half the time, fields also become empty when I click submit as well. I’m going back to the website to see if it is any better.
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1 year ago, PNmusic
The App does not work
I tired to create a new account and it froze it seems like it completed, but it did not . I tried resetting password and it allowed me to do it but it froze. Your App is garbage, get it fixed. Nothing bad to say about the staff and hair stylists, they are great . Spend some money to get your app fixed for a better client experience.
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5 months ago, MickyM&C
Great service n incredible service
Appreciate moving here from up NE; finding a great place with all great stylists. Highly recommended.
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2 months ago, Mimucha1960
I love this place and my stylist
It’s always a pleasure and a great experience Everyone is always happy and courteous. Susana, is always professional, fun and accommodating. She’s the best!
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2 months ago, mikes skillz
Danger zone
On the edit profile page at the bottom in re me letters it says danger zone . What’s up with that?
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3 years ago, BMBeach
Wish it worked
More times it doesn’t work then it does!!!
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3 months ago, Kimbokimkimkim
Not well thought out
Why is there no menu of services if I want only a cut and color and don’t want the blow dry as you force me into with the choose for me option because that’s the only way I can choose a service I should be able to remove that service etc if I so choose to
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1 year ago, Jek3637
New update of app is horrible
Love the haircuts and customer service, the new app really is horrible . I’ve now been locked out of my account after “ 3 attempts” fun part is , I’ve only tried once. Then I tried to reset and it said I couldn’t do it.
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3 days ago, Elaine339
VERY Easy to use!
Hair Cuttery App lets me schedule with my favorite stylist quickly! Natalie does an AWESOME job cutting my hair…she listens & obviously knows exactly what she is doing!💫
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2 years ago, grnthb
Designer Leah
Have been going to Leah a long time and she is the best, you can tell she puts her heart and soul into her work. Always love my hair and brows
Show more
3 years ago, Batmantix
This app used to be nice. I enjoyed being able to make appointments and check in with the app. Now I cam't log in, cant change the password, cant register a new account, and customer service does not respond. Worthless app. Take your business somewhere else.
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