Hairstyle Makeover

3.8 (1K)
71.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hairstyle Makeover

3.76 out of 5
1K Ratings
7 years ago, Brooks777
Four stars- revised
Originally I gave this app 1 star- After I bought the in app purchase it wouldn't even open- even when I deleted and re downloaded it. They posted a response below but I was not having problem with the purchase loading. ****The problem was when I tried to open the app it immediately quit and would not open at all!******( But only after I had made the purchase ) Revised- its been for months since I downloaded the app and I just tried downloading again. there have been alot of changes to it. It seems to work now and has really nice features. Giving four stars- almost perfect but there is a tiny glitch I noticed but all in all very nice and better than some of the other similar apps ive tried.
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6 years ago, jbish31
I didn’t stay on page while my purchase was downloading. How do I restore purchase?
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6 years ago, Single Em 😘
Honestly this app was awesome. I am thinking about cutting my hair very short. I am not sure how I’ll look so I wanted to use this app. It didn’t work for I wanted it to. I really wanted to be able to change the color and maybe get a few more styles for free. Otherwise this app was awesome. Had a blast with my friends trying on hairstyles and having fun.
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4 years ago, BrolexKX
What the app is like
It only has white people hairstyles and the app is just you putting a picture of the hairstyle on top of a picture you took. It’s not like a filter or anything. It only gives a couple hairstyles to choose from, there aren’t that many and it ask you money to unlock the other hairstyles. It’s not actually trying on a hairstyle, it’s just a picture of a hairstyle, it’s like when someone is making a meme and they edit someone’s hair on something else to let you know that it’s the person they’re making a meme about.
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3 years ago, ChicagoGals
Highly recommend
Basically solved my hair style conundrum. I no longer have to wonder what would I look like with bangs do I go blonde or brunette and so on. It worked wonders for me. Fantastic app. Definitely worth the purchase.
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4 years ago, ImBeckyIlikeeBay
Bum app
No color choice. One color for each hair option you can chose a color or tint but it make unnatural options No color matched my own. No back option, If you go to another feature but hairstyles stays the same. It has to be deleted with every new hairstyle, that’s really time consuming and results aren’t worth it, even though I bought the complete pack. Not helpful,
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3 years ago, lc0777
I wish I could give 0 stars. Does not work. Made purchase inside app and customer support (in other reviews) said to restore purchase if you leave page when downloading. However, when you hit restore purchase it wants to charge again. Tried to email and wouldn’t even send to the customer support. Went to their developer website and filed a complaint but the site looks sketch too. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!
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1 year ago, antied77
I wanted an all like the Sephora makeup app which is live video with overlays. This has images of hair and you place them over a picture of your face. They all looked dumb on me. And you can’t change the color so there’s that.
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4 years ago, Ironman611
Inefficient , THUMBS DOWN
The inefficiency of this app and lack of time/effort put into development is apparent. You must go back and “reinvent the wheel” for every function. No auto face detect feature or background removal. Wastes a lot of time and would be a fan of getting my $1.99 back, since it will take me way too long selecting and editing every hairstyle I would like to try on. THUMBS DOWN
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5 years ago, Goldy122
Unless you want to pay money for the in-app purchases, this app is useless. You get maybe 4-5 hairstyles in each category; the rest you need to pay for. Not worth the money. This app seems to have less functionality than other free hairstyle apps that give you ALL the same hairstyles for free. Deleting this app and finding another.
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3 years ago, dkofpxoeko
No. I’m sorry just no.
Okay, let’s get one thing straight. If I could give 0 stars I would. There is only hair for white people. I have dark skin so none of it works. Another thing, you barely even get a significant amount of styles to choose from. It’s a terrible app I don’t recommend.
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4 years ago, Insta rox
Free hair cuts are ugly
Free hair cuts are ugly. Even the paid ones aren’t that great. The style editing tools like cut and color are garbage. Cut is literally an eraser. There is no “color”, there’s just “hue” and “tint” which have no information in them, just a scroll bar that turns your hair pink or purple and it won’t go back to a natural shade. So confusing. Skip this app in my opinion
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6 years ago, Needs gas!
Not worth the $$
Fun for about five minutes then it gets frustrating when the style options don’t fit your face in a way that helps decide on a style. Should cost .99$ and just be for fun. Maybe it is but that’s not what I expected.
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1 year ago, Amy80'sfan
Horrible SCAM
I’ve tried and tried and tried to “restore purchases” and the content I paid $5 for never appears. The hairstyles are all still locked. Very frustrated. I’ve waited until it said complete every single time, and it never works.
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3 years ago, Buyer9870
Not enough and old choices
I bought the complete choices package. I quickly discovered this app is a ripoff. There’s very little choices and what there is is out of date haircuts. Additionally, the change color feature is worthless.
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6 years ago, 189princess
Completely Useless
The one star is for the ease of use, but otherwise this was a waste of time. The available hairstyles were just a few (4 to 5); everything else is locked and you’d have to pay. The ways to style were also cumbersome. Seriously, don’t bother.
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4 years ago, Inkik31
Terrible app
I bought it thinking I would have many choices of female styles but not really. Adjustment doesn’t work properly, you can’t really chose color unless you want to go green, purple or blue. I regret this purchase and time spent trying to work it.
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3 years ago, RKC1915
Waste of money
Made the mistake of purchasing and am not able to use the features I paid for. Restoring the purchase and waiting on the same page until it is done doesn’t help.
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4 years ago, DebinJersey
Don’t buy it!
Purchased multiple style packs and when I went back into app the 2nd time, none showed up and the “restore purchases” option made no difference. The styles I bought were all locked again no matter what! Rip-off!
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7 years ago, Itsanicknamebrothaslll
Not worth the time
It's completely useless if you want to use it for anything other than seeing someone with a crude wig thing cropped on them. Not a good visualizer for seeing what you would look like with a certain haircut.
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5 years ago, taylormade1015
I would choose zero stars if it let me
Bought the add ons and it won’t restore purchase. Can’t use anything. Won’t stay purchased. Once it actually lets me try and use them the app shuts down and when I start over purchases are gone. Waste of 5$ that I can’t get back.
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3 years ago, RampantChaos22
Not POC friendly
I was super disappointed to open this app and not see any POC hairstyles represented. Even after purchasing the extra pack of hairstyles for women I saw maybe one hairstyle that’s passable as POC. I never write reviews but I felt like this needed to be mentioned. It’s 2021 and it’s ridiculous for an app like this to still be so whitewashed.
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7 years ago, Brownie1957
Rip off. It charges you and downloads then won’t let you see the styles. Rip off!!!!!!
This is a rip off!!!!!!!!! It says you’ve down loaded he styles and charges you for the download then doesn’t offer you anyway to see the example styles. This is s rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, MorganEvanoff
Get this app
Actually awesome! Cheap and way better than other apps!
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6 years ago, PumpkinDog
It's ok
App itself kinda fun and well done as far as zooming and rotating. Needs undo button. Not worth real money for extra styles.
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6 years ago, ConnieCup
Paid for features I never received
I paid for additional hairstyles that still remain locked in the app. Even tried restarting the app and my phone. If you charge people for content you should deliver that content.
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4 years ago, Susan J Cooper
Cute styles
I love the different styles. Great for special effects photography
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3 years ago, thejonasluver
Doe not work well even after you pay the $4.99 upgrade price
Horrible horrible horrible
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4 years ago, wäffłèś
Little options
You can’t really try out hair styles because almost all of them are locked besides like 6. I don’t think you can change the hair color either.
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3 years ago, leighquindara
Doesnt work - stole my money
I purchased all styles and it didn’t work and kept prompting me to repurchase even though it said I already purchased it. Nothing ever unlocked. Scam! Don’t download.
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5 years ago, doggie,58
Just okay
Hairstyles don't look very real and had a hard time adjusting to my face to get a realistic idea is what style would look like on me. But it was okay.
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3 years ago, iiBreeChanii
I couldn’t even see what the hairstyles I wanted to do looked like on me because 90% of the hairstyles were locked.
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7 years ago, BusySBG
Worst app
I want a refund. Have to re-down load purchase for extra styles every time I open the app, then the styles won't even show up. Just doesn't work!! Waste of money!!
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2 years ago, Smithgurl90
Can I get my money back
I didn’t even use this app for 10 mins
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5 years ago, Just4theetaste
Terrible waste of time and money
How is this app allowed to be in here? I even if your purchase the stupid thing it won’t let you use what you paid for. Unbelievable. Y’all are a bunch of crooks.
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6 years ago, Emmyg1979
Bought extras... keeps saying I need to restore purchase but won’t let me access purchases...
I bought the extra hair styles… But it won’t let me access them at all.
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6 years ago, ghhed
It works but only if you pay
It has maybe two fugly haircuts for each length. Everything else you pay for.
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7 years ago, lcron
Doesn't unlock styles after paying
Their email doesn't even work to let them know. Refund needs to happen
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7 years ago, Tracmt
No Options!
Only a few hairstyles to choose from....and you can't even edit it to fit right..only goes from big to small..
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3 years ago, wons
Hairstyles locked even though I paid
Tried 4x to restore and won’t work. Would like my money back.
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5 years ago, Bizzyfly
Not sure about this one.
Don’t find this to be very useful. Is there a purchase price involved with this APP?
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6 years ago, Kbode
I don’t understand I got this app to see how a haircut would look on me, not to pay to unlock levels, honestly i hate this app and gave it a 1 star rating.
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4 years ago, seventeenbandits
Waste your time
You can get like a tiny handful of things for free but then if forces you to “go to their store” for anything else. It’s just a waste, use a different app.
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7 years ago, Allisonshort
Instantly deleted
You only get like 4 styles to try on and they are ugly af. You can't adjust the color or anything. Super disappointing. Deleted it as soon as I opened it
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6 years ago, mm's
Do Not Purchase!
Dont waste your money!! Women’s styles are not trendy and the colors offered and editing process is terrible. I would like my money and my time back!
Show more
5 years ago, mykella
No diversity
All the hairstyles are for straight hair. Where’s the various types of textured hairstyles for people of color with coily/kinky hair? Useless app unless you have straight hair.
Show more
4 years ago, 96Ds1235
I purchased to additional women’s package. I have tried downloading it multiple times, opened and closed the app... $2 wasted
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3 years ago, AD 01
Purchased premium but they are not unlocking.
Purchased premium but they are not unlocking.
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3 years ago, emjay-2021
This app took my $2 and froze
Refused to download hairstyles and froze. Worst app I’ve used in years. Try another one.
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6 years ago, BronzedMocha
So... did y’all forget that black people existed when making this or did you just not know that they existed entirely?
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