Hairstyle Try On With Bangs

4 (1.2K)
173.5 MB
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Current version
Jorge Gregorio Martin Bello
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hairstyle Try On With Bangs

3.98 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
3 years ago, ErinNT
Good styles
The app has a lot of good styles and the ability to change the length and width which is helpful. I wish it had the ability to remove existing hair from a picture before adding new which is why I knocked it down a star. Still great though. There’s plenty of other apps to make someone bald before using this app to try different styles.
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3 years ago, CraisinSalad T-T
Works horribly
I wanted to know what I would look like with different hair styles so I searched of hair filters this was the first result so I clicked it, once I opened it up I was just spammed with little sentences like “we recommend you let app track” “are you enjoying the app” “let app send notifications “ “turn on location for the best experience “ all of the usual things this wouldn’t have bothered me if they had come through with the questions over a period of time not just spamming the questions the second I opened the app. Reason two for the review was the photo part is just flat out strange I am not the most tech savvy person, but I can usually figure out a simple app for my iPad, but the moment I took a photo the first picture worked but it didn’t let me do anything to it other than put one hair style on the photo, then I clicked the button with an eye dropper tool over the hair image just out of curiosity but then it said “app does not allow this in portrait mode on photo” or something like that so I simply took a new photo this one being landscape style but the app then told me “cannot use photos not in portrait mode”, that was when I decided to delete because I think this is so stupid that I can’t do anything to portrait style photos but can’t even use landscape style photos!
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3 years ago, 000055445
Not worth it
I downloaded the app and was hit with ads right away and throughout the entire experience. It also kept asking me if I liked the app, yes or no, continually. You had to answer, couldn’t close out but then it asked if you wanted to tell customer service your answer. So annoying. The free hairstyles are awful, so I purchased the rest for $4.99. After purchasing, it still didn’t unlock the hairstyles until I deleted the app and downloaded again. I wish I could say the paid options were better, but they weren’t. In addition to bad hairstyle options, the hair color choices were fake looking. The app kept glitching so I had to delete and download again. Once downloaded, the app said I didn’t purchase the additional hairstyles so I deleted the app and lost $5.00 bucks in a matter of minutes. What a waste. Makes you wonder if Apple even previews the apps before offering.
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2 years ago, PinWasNotHere
Best app
This app is the best! It helped me find out new hairstyles that I seem to rock 10/10! I love the one where I became a Karen and I absolutely loved the one where I became Rainbow Dash. This app is so realistic it looks like your real hair! It doesn’t look photoshopped one bit! This is a great app, all you people that are looking for a new hairstyle with bangs, this app is perfect for you! I’m not lying at all when I say they made the hair look so realistic. Best app ever! /j
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2 years ago, Traceyy-y
Good Options
This is a great app for wanting to see what you’d look like without fully committing by chopping hair. Lots of options, and even ones or celebrity hairstyles which I think is my favorite part. Four starts because hair color you click on isn’t accurate to what shows up on the wig, so to speak.
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4 years ago, The_Peskyest_of_birds
Why do you have to pay?
Why does this app make you pay for testing out hair styles? I don’t understand, because I wanted to know if I would look good with more shorter hair, but it makes me pay for the hair style that I want. Plus some of the colors don’t work correctly, like I tried to make the hair black, but it turned it into a light gray! I don’t like this app at all. If you are looking for an app that makes you pay for the hair styles, some of the colors don’t work, then this is the app for you.
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6 years ago, hurleythurston
Good virtual option to try on bangs
I really like that it starts with a tutorial. Pay attention to it. The fact that you can adjust the length and width of the style is great. A different tool allows you to move the whole hairstyle, as well. I knocked a star off because it has been difficult to get a natural shade. Maybe I will get better at that.
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5 years ago, User13321
Helpful app!
I was thrilled to find an app that lets you see what certain hair styles will look like before committing to them in a salon. For some reason I didn’t receive the initial tutorial that others mentioned, which would’ve been helpful, (this the reason for 4 out of 5 stars) but I’m figuring it out as I go along.
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3 years ago, s'mores 125
Good App
I think this app is amazing, any age can use it and it has great quality. I’ve had this app for four years and I haven’t found one bug in my entire app experience. I highly recommend that any person should get it.
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2 years ago, 20040
Not good do not get
DO NOT GET THIS APP it is not good first off it doesn’t have much choices for hair color and doesn’t even have dirty blond! Also when you try to get black it just turns back to the original color, and it’s the same thing as the black! It only has one choice of bangs, I really want to see what I look like with bangs so I tried this app and it was HORRIBLE it didn’t even have my hair color! It is not very good. The hair “die” is just a highlighter! If you just want this app to mess around with or style your hair or the models hair then get it! But if you want to see what you look like then don’t! I really wish I read the reviews so If you see this then DONT GET IT Have a good day -ladybug
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4 years ago, Alina hernandez
Okay, so I basically download the app and once it downloaded I was super exited to open the app! But then, this is where I start to hate it. YOU HAVE TO PAY MONEY!! I totally understand this and all, but seriously, who’s gonna pay an app just for hairstyles that look super fake??? I mean cmon, really? It literally only lets you access to ONE basic and not very appealing hairstyle, for free. It’s honestly just a rip off. Please don’t get this app, it’s not worth it, unless you filthy rich, and have nothing better to spend you money on.
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2 years ago, marley the mooooo
Good but has its bad sides
This app is really fun and the bangs look really realistic to me but the thing is that it’s really glitchy for me and sometimes if I’m on over 10 minutes it will shut down but it’s a really good app.
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6 years ago, Juicypoopoo
I honestly just love this app and I’m really happy that it has a tutorial in the beginning..I originally downloaded it just to see what hairstyles I’d look good in because I’m tired of the same thing all the time but I also wanted to see if I would look good with bangs💜
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3 years ago, garnet0
Here’s my feedback
Okay, so, I was wondering what I’d look like with bangs, but it only gives you ONE option! Otherwise you have to pay, which I think is ridiculous! You should at least give ten options that are free, I think that would make the app a bit better, at least. Also, there aren’t any shades that match my hair, and the bangs look fake and ugly! (No offense) I’m very surprised this app had ANY good reviews! All I’m saying is that you should put a lot more effort into this app.
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2 years ago, DnahAnn
Very limited hairstyle choices even with purchase
I am an older woman who wanted to try out multiple shorter hairstyles before actually getting my hair cut. This app had a limited number of styles, def not worth $4.99. Also awkward to use. Every time I wanted to start a new hairstyle, I was forced to re-load my face photo-the app did not save it. I do not recommend, waste of money.
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9 months ago, JBinagia79
Love, love, love this app!
By far the best app for trying out a new look before making such a huge decision. I most definitely recommend downloading this app before your next big mistake. Lol
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1 year ago, mrtoadjr
Thinking about a change?
This app will save you from tears! Allows you to try on lots of different styles and share what you are thinking with your stylist.
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2 years ago, zseh13
Great App!
I am wanting to cut my hair differently and have been going back and forth about curtain bangs. This app makes it so much easier to decide which looks go best with my face shape! Thank you so much!!!
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3 years ago, kalypsorose
Cool app
Has a lot of different styles and colors to try out. Much more user friendly then other apps. With same great selection. With more accuracy I would say.
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4 years ago, Monarchy15
Fun and useful!
I’ve wondered for a while how I would look with short blunt bangs for a while and this app was very useful to help me decide to do that big commitment. Looks like a long bob will be my new spring haircut!!
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5 years ago, oof.ava
4 star
I was thinking about getting bangs but I wanted to see what it would look like so I got this great app! It works great and I love it! I dropped off one star because it was a little difficult to find the right shade for my hair. Overall it is wonderful!
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5 months ago, Linda D. Lopez
Super fun!
A great way to try on different hairstyles without regret. Obviously all the styles aren’t possible depending on the texture/volume of your hair, but it’s still fun to swap out all the different hairstyles.
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9 months ago, Suzq2642
Good app to get idea
Don't get all the styles but it's really easy and gives you a good idea - tried a style I wanted forever and it was awful but I found a new bang I love and it worked really well!
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6 years ago, CreativeMickey
Very new to app
I am writing this review probably sooner than I should be, but truthfully, the free pack of hairstyles was too tempting to pass up the riding over you now. I’ll be back later to provide a more thoughtful review!
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4 years ago, Music2b4us
Fun app to try hairstyles before scissors!
Enjoy trying different hairstyles & colors without committing to unflattering styles for my face shape, age, etc. Some look hilarious on my pic so get good laughs too. Recommend to anyone. Good app with reasonable price to upgrade. A++++++++!
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3 years ago, ashleyox90
Love it
Just downloaded this to try and get an idea of what I might look like with other hair colors. I love that I can place any color on a picture of my actual hair and it looks real.
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3 years ago, 💩👻😐
Decent way to tell my friend “no” when she asked if she should get bangs
Sometimes you need a picture to drive your point home. This app does that duty.
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5 years ago, toastmystroodle
To bang or not to bang
This app changed my life. I was debating over whether I should get bangs or not and this application made the choice for me. I will never get bangs. This is the closure that I needed. This is the catharsis that people talk about.
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10 months ago, RollTideGirl69
Great app to try on bangs
Wonder what you'd look like with bangs? Try this fabulous and easy to use app to see using your own photo. Loved it!
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4 years ago, Bardot Bangs
See how bangs look before getting them
This is a nice free app to see how you would look with bangs. I didn’t see where the tutorial was but it is easy to navigate without one.
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2 years ago, Juniper2369
Pretty good
I have tried a lot of these apps. This one is easy and straight to the point. More realistic too.
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3 years ago, buhuc
Don’t get it
OK so I downloaded the app and when I tried on the hairstyles that you don’t have to pay with they look very cartoon like and doesn’t really show you what you would look like try a different app if you want to to look for real
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3 years ago, Danah768
Pretty cool
Still learning but it’s cool to be able to see what your face would look in a certain hairstyle before you make a mistake
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4 years ago, bflhfudotdp
I really wanted to get bangs but didn't was to cut my hair then not like it..with this app I got to look at myself with them and liked it. To this day I have bangs thx to this app
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4 years ago, RoggiesMama
Rocks my world
Easy to navigate and good assortment of hairstyles with bangs! My darn camera can no longer take selfies, but oh well, I can use photos of me taken by hubby. Finally got the Bob I needed! 👍
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4 years ago, bobey o namtor
Pretty good
I think this app is pretty good but I wish it was free. All I wanted to get this app for was to see if would look good with bangs and I have to pay for some of the hairstyles which is a little annoying
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3 years ago, Ninak1288
Great app
Asks for review before even had time to use it. Requires answer before entering the app and withholds use of long hair feature without a review. Really cool app.
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5 years ago, Mrs. Callen
So easy to use and fun!
I’ve tried several of these apps and this one is the most user friendly and realistic!
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1 year ago, Atomic Freckles
Love this app!
I’m having a great time trying on hair styles and colors. I love how I could easily stretch the hair shapes to fit my head shape better!
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5 years ago, jenifermattock
It’s fun!!
My hair has been one length most of my adult life. I’ve been curious to see what I would look like with bangs...and I think I like it! My husband likes it too!! Fun app!
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5 years ago, OohNoOo
Best hair app I’ve tried
This is the best hair app I’ve tried. The problem with most hairstyle apps is the sizing is off. But with this app I can change the height and width of the hairstyles.
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10 months ago, nursejllrn
Great app
Love being able to try on styles and colors from home!
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2 years ago, Laurambp1
Fun app
I’m really enjoying using the app to see different hairstyles. My only complaint is the lack of real hair color options.
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10 months ago, Iheartjillybelly
Very helpful
I’ve been debating getting bangs and the app was very helpful in making my decision!
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5 years ago, Victoria_Mitchell
Great App For Trying New Hairstyles
This app is nice and very user friendly. It is great if you are thinking of changing your hairstyle and want to see what it looks like first.
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5 months ago, travana3
Love the wigs
I just love the different options and getting to form your face is awesome! Thank you good job!
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3 years ago, MomandaHalf
Quick Hair Ideas
Great use for a quick and general idea of what you’ll look like with a different hairstyle.
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4 years ago, Roxydoggie
Awesome app
This app is so cool! I love that you can try on new hair styles AND change hair color to see how it looks on you before actually doing it!
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2 years ago, nicolesheahan
Helpful before making a decision to get bangs
This helped me decide if I want to try bangs or not.
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1 year ago, BeeSting38
I can’t decide if I like it or not.
It gives you plenty of options for bangs and hair colors but it doesn’t look the best when you put it “on.”
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